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The death of an island patrician in a warehouse fire puts openly gay Honolulu homicide detective Kimo Kanapa'aka, his partner and their foster son in danger.The beautiful tropical island of O'ahu is filled with predators, from high-flying owls to bottom-dwelling criminals. When the body of an island patrician is found in a warehouse fire, tracking his killers will bring opThe death of an island patrician in a warehouse fire puts openly gay Honolulu homicide detective Kimo Kanapa'aka, his partner and their foster son in danger.The beautiful tropical island of O'ahu is filled with predators, from high-flying owls to bottom-dwelling criminals. When the body of an island patrician is found in a warehouse fire, tracking his killers will bring openly gay Honolulu homicide detective Kimo Kanapa'aka into contact with many of those predators, natural and otherwise. Kimo and his detective partner Ray Donne dig deep into the history of Hawai'i as the islands were teetering on the brink of statehood in order to understand the victim, his killer, and their motives. Kimo and his partner, fire investigator Mike Riccardi, decide to become foster parents for a homeless teen who witnessed the crime, while preparing to become dads themselves....

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Natural Predators Reviews

  • Ami
    2019-06-15 11:34

    3.85 stars rounded upNeil Plakcy's "Mahu" is one of the few gay-mystery series that I read. I enjoy this series for being quite balanced between the day-to-day investigation and the updates of the life of Kimo Kanapaka'a. "Natural Predators" is book #7 -- on the mystery side, Kimo and his detective-partner Ray investigating the death of an old lawyer while on the personal-life side, Kimo and his life-partner is finally moving forward with the idea of having baby with their lesbian friends, Cathy and Sandra.The mystery partThis part is good -- I mean, for those looking for high-speed chase or gun-actions will be bored. Very bored. But for me, it's nice. I'm sure that not all of homicide investigation is pumped up with adrenaline. Some are matters of looking for paper trails and interviewing suspects. The victim was a prime mover behind the drive of Hawaii for statehood. So I learned something new (hey, I'm an outsider yeah, I don't know ALL of the history of USA states :p) -- that Hawaii was given option between statehood and remained as territory.The personal partHmmm, this one, I have teeny tiny issue with. The issue about whether they should have children or not, was already presented in the previous book. As a single child, Mike desperately wants to have one. But Kimo ... not so much? I just feel that each side has quite strong arguments, that when Kimo finally say 'yes' to the whole thing feels rushed. Like he doesn't want to keep going with the same arguments with Mike, and he does love Mike. I guess I am left with certain doubts whether Kimo actually make his decision with 100% certainty. I do, however, enjoy the addition into Kimo and Mike's ohana, when they become foster parents for a gay teenager, Dakota. That part, I approve.There's one short story at the end of this book, called Alpha and Omega, which gives another update regarding the baby issue, since it sets almost nine months later. Oh, and there's an interesting 'update' on Kimo and Ray's professional life. I wonder if this means that the next book will have (view spoiler)[Kimo and Ray working for the FBI? (hide spoiler)] ... since this one is not really written in the short story.All in all, it's a good sequel. I have to reduce the rating from 4-stars due to my disatisfaction regarding the personal part (a.k.a. the baby argument).

  • Ije the Devourer of Books
    2019-06-08 12:49

    I want more. I want the author to keep writing this series for ever. That's how I feel right now and I feel this way because Detective Kimo Kanapa'aka is one of my favourite characters. I just lurve him. I lurve this series. I lurve the setting and I lurrrrrve Hawaii.This series has it all for me : Kimo, murder, mystery and Hawaii. I could actually stop there but I have to try and explain why I enjoyed this book and why I hope for many more.Hawaii is one of my favourite places on earth and to have a series set there is truly a pleasure. I have been to the Islands and found a deep seated healing peace in the beauty of place and in the people. The writing takes me back there, back to the sun, sand and sea of Hawaii. The mysteries are interesting and authentic in the way they portray both the crimes and Island life, but best of all the mysteries keep me guessing to the end.This story sees Kimo and Mike as a settled and established couple but now considering fatherhood. It is great to have followed this series from the beginning and to see them progress through all their difficulties to a place of strong love for each other.I enjoyed the way Kimo and Mike explore the possibilities of parenting and what it might mean for the two of them at the same time as solving a major crime. I can't say the mystery was full of suspense and tension, it isn't a thriller, but it is a puzzle. Kimo knows the answers are just there, kind of shrouded in darkness ahead of him and he has to keep searching for the light which will reveal all. And of course he does that by pulling together with Ray his fellow detective and by seeking the wisdom of friends and family. I enjoyed this. Once again another great story in a really great series and I hope for many more stories to come.

  • Linda ~ chock full of hoot, just a little bit of nanny ~
    2019-06-06 05:34

    This is another great installment in this series. I'm really enjoying seeing Kimo and Mike's relationship develop and grow stronger. They can have disagreements now without them becoming big fights, and they've learned from previous disagreements. They're also thinking about making that next step in expanding their family. And even Gunter gets to have some development in his character and the direction of his life, so it was fun to see how they're all growing up. There's even a possible job change for Kimo and Ray, whose partnership continues to be strong. (Oh, and apparently all that stuff Kimo was trying to keep from Sampson in Mahu Vice is now common knowledge. Not sure when that came to light, if this is a between-books development or an inconsistency. The way this series is written I can handwave it as a between-books thing.)This book was stronger on the character development than it was on mystery. Not that the mystery wasn't layered and complex, because it was. But I would've thought that Kimo and Ray would've at least suspected the perp more than they did, and it certainly took them a little too long to connect all the dots.There's also a short story at the end of this book that makes me wonder if Placky has ever been in (view spoiler)[a maternity ward (hide spoiler)] at all. That was all just strangely paced and felt a little too quickly resolved and too neatly done, but for a short story, it served another purpose that worked pretty well, so I'm split on this one.

  • Kaje Harper
    2019-05-31 05:54

    This is another good installment in the Mahu series, an ongoing gay mystery series about Honolulu homicide detective Kimo Kanapa'aka. By this point Kimo is in a stable relationship with his boyfriend Mike, a fire investigator. They share a home, and a dog, and are talking about sharing even more in the future. This series is composed of one solid book after another. They are definitely best read in order, since the heart of the series is Kimo's progress from being inadvertently outed in the first book, to the solid place he finds himself in here. It's an interesting and not completely smooth journey, and well worth following. The murder plots are interesting, the secondary characters, like Kimo's partner Ray, and his ex fuck-buddy Gunter, become old friends and add warmth and color. There is a strong sense of family, and the stories are imbued with the history and feel of the islands. This book moves Kimo in a somewhat new direction, personally and professionally. It might signal the end of the series, and if so, would leave me happy and content with where Kimo and Mike have ended up. But I will read another, if Neil Plakcy writes it.There is a little short story at the end, after the novel, that wraps up a few loose threads (and gives us a hot look at Mike and Kimo together, where the sex in the novel is pretty much off page.) I wouldn't mind another glimpse of this growing clan down the road, but this was a sweet and satisfying ending.

  • Pixie Mmgoodbookreviews
    2019-06-16 13:39

    4 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviews story is part of a series and is best read in order. Kimo and his fire investigator life partner, Mike, are called to an early morning warehouse fire where a dead body has been discovered. Kimo and Ray, his work partner, have to dig deep into Hawaii’s history to resolve the murder of a high profile patrician, just who is killing off the elders of the Island and why? Whilst investigating the murder, Kimo and Mike take in a teenager who might have witnessed something he shouldn’t have and they try their best to become foster parents to the young man, even while they struggle with the personal decision to become donors to two of their friends.I really enjoyed this mystery that dates back over 50 years and delves into the history of Hawaii. Kimo and Ray work together to solve the murder of one of the countries patrician’s, when they discover the wife of another patrician murdered in the same fashion they begin to realise it is the connected to a murder more than 50 years before. Kimo and Mike have choices to make in their personal lives when two friends ask them to be sperm donors and a young man needs shelter, Mike is all for having a family, but Kimo is worried about the responsibilities that will fall to them. This is a great combination of work and personal lives, both sides are drawn together, but neither overtakes the importance of the other. The way this story is written is really good, we get drawn into the mystery and investigation and we also get drawn into the personal aspects of the story, making us vested in both being resolved. Much to our enjoyment this story is easy to follow, even if you haven’t read all the stories in the series, you still get filled in on the important details that you might have missed from previous books. Neil Plakcy makes good use of all the characters, drawing them into the story in useful ways and making each one important.Kimo and Mike are a great couple and this story shows that even though they are madly in love, they still have their ups and downs, the slight conflict that we see between them is wonderfully done and it isn’t brushed over when they do come to an agreement, because doubts arise when Dakota (foster son) is injured. The mystery side is brilliant, it drags you in as they follow the meagre leads they can dig up, but it also leaves you with a warning… if you are going to commit murder, don’t leave somebody else to clean up your mess ‘cause it just might come back to bite you in the ass lol. At the end of the book there is a free short called Alpha and Omega where it is a year on and we can catch up on Kimo, Mike and Dakota. I am going to recommend this to those who love murder mysteries, learning about another culture, personal dilemmas, deep love and a happy ending.

  • Ulysses Dietz
    2019-06-02 11:32

    Full disclosure: I'm a huge Neil Plakcy fan, so any new book by him has me all a-tremble with anticipation. Most of all I have loved his "Mahu" series, the title based on Hawai'ian slang for "queer." His newest entry into that long series moves Kimo Kanapa'aka in a direction that might not please everybody; but for this middle-aged gay father of two, it went right to where I live.Plakcy's murder mystery plots are always interesting, and always tied somehow into the unique culture of Hawai'i, the US's most distant state. Plakcy's style is matter-of-fact, like Kimo himself. There is poetry in his descriptions of Oahu's physical realities - both beautiful and ugly; but Plakcy's prose is not about description. What really makes his books a joy to read is the people you meet along the way.In "Natural Predators" Kimo is facing two dilemmas that swirl in and out of the murder investigation: whether to embrace a possible move with his investigative partner, Ray Donne, into a collaboration with the local FBI office; and whether to tackle, with his life-partner, Mike Riccardi, the challenges of parenthood. Both of these possibilities mean major changes to the happy, comfortable life that he and Mike have created. And Plakcy's particular skill is making the reader care as much about these personal issues as we care about the murders - disturbing and confusing murders - taking place around him.The greatest treasure in Plakcy's books is everybody else - all that extended group of co-workers, acquaintances, friends and family with which the narrative is richly spiced. The sprawling metropolis of Honolulu seems like a big village, full of characters who are all, somehow, interconnected by the complexities of Hawai'ian culture, regardless of their ethnicity.And Kimo's family is at the center of it all. His relationship with his parents and siblings, and his evolving partnership with Mike and his family, allow us not only insight into the ethnic diversity of "being Hawai'ian," but into the core concept of "ohana," the extended network of relationships that, to Kimo, means family.While this book might signal the end of the series, there are certainly unexplored avenues and unsolved crimes in paradise. But I finished this novel with an even deeper sense that the Kanapa'aka clan - and Kimo and Mike themselves - are folks that I don't want to lose touch with, and very much hope I'll get to meet again.

  • Suze
    2019-06-16 12:59

    I'm sad - this is last full length Kimo at present and I have enjoyed reading this series and seeing Kimo grow as a person. Though part of the theme in this one is Kimo still being immature!It felt a much softer book. The murder element definitely took a back seat for me, and even though there were murders it was much more of an investigation into the past for me. Not as gritty in the police elements as previous.However, this was more than balanced out by the developments in Mike and Kimo's life as first Dakota comes into their ohana and then they have to decide what to do about becoming Dads with Sandy and Cathy.Then there is their own families - though Kimo's brothers are quiet in this one but Kimo does connect more emotionally with his Dad. And Mike's parent appear to have softened and come to the literal rescue big time.And with a bonus epilogue type story at the end tying up baby daddy arc, this is a great spot to stop (though hopefully not forever!)

  • Sharon Cox
    2019-05-29 11:51

    The Mahu series is one that I have followed from the start and it's one that I particularly like. I've enjoyed watching Kimo develop as a proud, gay man and I also really like the mysteries that are presented.I find that these days I want to read longer stories and series so that I can bond with the main character and I have certainly done this with Kimo.Although in this book Kimo and his work partner Ray spend a lot of time investigating the deaths of two elderly characters I really feel that the main focus is on Kimo and Mike as they first become foster parents and then become dads themselves. I downloaded the book yesterday morning and I had finished it by midnight. I've said in other reviews that I feel guilty about reading a book so quickly when I know that the author has spent so much of his time writing it but I really didn't want to put the book down.I'm certainly hoping that Mr Plakcy has other stories planned for these characters as I know that I will be reading.

  • Garrick Jones
    2019-05-30 12:59

    Once more, it was very satisfying to immerse myself into Kimo's world. As usual, Neil Plakcy writes in a fluid, natural style that makes for easy and gratifying reading. In this book, I felt happily reunited with Kimo's partner, Mike. So often, in first person point of view writing, it is easy to be swamped with the experiences of the protagonist at the expense of some of the supporting characters. I felt this a little in the last book, but in Natural Predators the old magic and easy sexuality between Kimo and Mike was re-established in my mind. I was stirred, both in the mind and below the belt, by the suggestive, but erotic way in which the two men interacted. The story? Well, as to be expected, it was very well written and held my attention. Thank you for this treat, Neil!

  • Julie-from-mtl
    2019-06-04 10:31

    This book is a very good example of why I love series so much. We get to know the characters gradually and get a feeling of intimacy without it ever feeling rushed or artificial. I've just spent a great few days immersed in Kimo and Mike's world and couldn't get enough. Highly recommended, as is the whole Mahu series.

  • Susinok
    2019-06-03 08:53

    Fantastic mystery, as always. It was great to catch up with Mike and Kimo and the rest of the ohana. Looking forward to the next one already. :)

  • Murphy
    2019-05-20 09:48

    Love this series!

  • K
    2019-06-09 09:37

    Review to follow

  • Drianne
    2019-05-26 09:59

    Kimo investigates a mystery while pondering parenthood. Reliable story, with all the things that characterize the other books in the series.