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Emma Caine is pushing forty and life is hitting her hard. Her husband has been brain-damaged, she’s lost her job, and she’s about to lose her home. Instead of giving up, Emma starts hitting back. Drawing on experiences from a misspent youth, she opens a domination dungeon in an outbuilding in her garden and sets herself up as a dominatrix.Whipping, torturing and abusing thEmma Caine is pushing forty and life is hitting her hard. Her husband has been brain-damaged, she’s lost her job, and she’s about to lose her home. Instead of giving up, Emma starts hitting back. Drawing on experiences from a misspent youth, she opens a domination dungeon in an outbuilding in her garden and sets herself up as a dominatrix.Whipping, torturing and abusing the wealthy slaves who soon start lining up for her services is surprisingly easy for Emma, especially since she has no sexual contact with her clients. In fact, she believes them all to be sick perverts. The unthinkable happens when she falls in love with one of them – the disturbingly likeable Simon Nel. Fighting her emotions every step of the way, Emma is drawn into a twisted and potentially doomed relationship that will force her to reconsider everything she thought she knew about love, sexuality and power....

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Folly Reviews

  • Nicolette
    2019-05-31 13:28

    REVIEW AND AUTHOR INTERVIEW - published in the Daily Dispatch, May 17, 2013.REVIEW:I PICKED up this book with great enthusiasm, wanting to see how it compared to EL James’ 50 Shades of Grey.You can’t help but compare the two books when you read the blurb on the back of Folly and it mentions a domination dungeon.My verdict: Folly trumps 50 Shades of Grey.Folly is a light, humorous read set in South Africa during the current recession. Emma Cain lives on a small holding outside Johannesburg with her cats and two retired horses. She’s been jobless for a few months, her husband is brain damaged from a car accident and is in a care home. The bills are piling up. After losing her monthly rental income when the Goth-chick tenant moves out of the folly, Emma decides to convert it into a domination dungeon. The inside walls are already painted black by the Goth-chick so setting herself up as a dominatrix is a logical option for Emma who spent some time in London working on phone sex lines in her 20s.It’s not long before Emma has some clients. But then she falls for the handsome Simon Nel. The attraction between Emma and Simon takes centre stage as it forms the exciting, fun bits of the novel. Who doesn’t enjoy a good love story – even if there’s some BDSM thrown in?AUTHOR INTERVIEW:QUESTION: Did EL James’s 50 Shades of Grey inspire you to write Folly?ANSWER: It didn’t so much inspire me as give me a great excuse to write a romantic novel about a subject which has intrigued and amused me for a long time.Q: Being an accomplished crime writer how did you make the switch to erotic fiction? A: It was easy. Although the plot is still important in a romance, the genre is more character based, and it was rewarding getting under the skin of my characters. I enjoy writing about people falling in love, and since sex scenes aren’t able to be fully explored in the crime fiction genre, I had great fun describing what happened between Emma and Simon after the bedroom door closed!Q: How long did it take to write Folly?A: It took four months from start to finish – it was a quick book to write and I found the process very enjoyable. It was almost as if it wrote itself.Q: What research did you do for the book?A: When I was backpacking around the world in my twenties, I worked for a short while on a domination phone line in the UK, disciplining and chastising callers, which was rather eye-opening and educational for an innocent young South African. Before starting to write Folly, I also read a fantastic book called The Mistress Manual – available on Kindle. The author is a practising dominatrix who is also an excellent writer, and she discusses the why’s as well as the hows of domination.Q: In Folly, we see Emma Caine’s marriage to Mark wasn’t great. Do you think this is what’s happening to a lot of relationships today – people are falling out of love with each other? Or do you think people don’t get to know their partner, which leads to a breakdown in their marriage?A: A great question, but one I don’t altogether feel qualified to answer! I think people often end up marrying unsuitable partners because they want to be married – this might not be the end of the world if both parties then devoted themselves 100% to making the marriage work but most times that doesn’t happen – one partner or both are unwilling to make the necessary compromises, and the relationship deteriorates. Q: Why has erotic fiction caused such a stir around the world?A: Erotic fiction has always been a popular genre, and I think the success of the 50 Shades series caused it to come out of the closet, as it were, and become more widely discussed. The internet has played a bit part in this, and so too has the advent of the Kindle and other e-readers which allow people to enjoy erotic fiction more discreetly. Q: Folly is set in South Africa during the recession. Emma has bills to pay and decides to open a domination dungeon. Is it a case of desperate times call for desperate measures?A: Had her financial situation been better, this is not something Emma would ever have considered, but she has run out of options, and is willing to do absolutely anything in order to save her house, retain the loyal employee whose family she supports, and keep the animals that she loves. Part of the fun of the book was seeing how she responded when she was pushed right out of her comfort zone, and challenged with satisfying the needs of rather kinky clients who were far more experienced than her.Q: Although Emma yields power in the dungeon, it’s a while before she learns to stand up for herself. Does society dictate women to be submissive?A: Definitely, yes. We’ve all heard the saying – the male boss is seen as assertive, but the female boss is seen as a bitch. That was one of the challenges I had when writing Folly. Because I turned the stereotypical dominant male scenario upside down, I had to sell the idea to readers that a male who likes to submit can also be a true erotic hero – sexy, powerful, appealing, and just a little bit dangerous.Q: Emma makes some male clients wear female clothes. Why do some people get aroused by being humiliated?A: For a man to be so in touch with his feminine side is seen as naughty and forbidden – it is socially unacceptable, so there is a stigma attached. The irony is that the men who wear women’s clothing usually do so because they hold women in very high esteem. The humiliation comes not from the fact they are wearing clothing which is not good enough for them, but from the fact that they know they are not good enough to be wearing the clothing.Q: Do you think people are scared to tell their partners about their sexual fantasies for fear of being judged?A: Yes. Especially the more kinky fantasies ... male submission, for instance. This is one of the main reasons why paid dominatrixes exist – to meet a demand that some men are simply not prepared to ask their partners for.Q: Would you encourage people to develop a sexual freedom and for vanillas (ordinary relationships) to try domination/ submission roles in the bedroom? A: Domination does not have to mean tying your partner up with leather straps – it can be as low-key as the female taking the sexual initiative with “woman on top”. It is interesting to discuss and explore the concept of power play – and open communication, including talking about fantasies and desires, is one of the secrets to success in a good relationship. There is a difference between fantasy and reality, though – somebody might find the idea of being tied up and whipped intensely erotic, but the actual experience may not live up to expectations. Q: Which do you prefer – to dominate or submit? A: I think there is something very sexy about submitting – but at heart, I have to confess, I think holding the reins of power is more “me”!Q: Like Emma, you also live on a smallholding outside Johannesburg with two horses and cats. How much of Emma is based on your own life?A: I based Emma’s predicament very much on my own life – I imagined where I would be if things had gone horribly wrong for me over the past few years, and then I dreamed up a fictional escape route, based on my available resources, which of course included a black-painted folly (that bit was made up – we do have a folly, but it isn’t painted Gothic-dungeon style).Q: Can we expect more books in the erotic fiction genre from you?A: I’d love to write more of them – it will depend on the market demand. There’s a chance that a sequel to Folly may come out next year.Q: Why must people read Folly?A: Folly is funny, sexy, naughty and at times eye-opening, but the truth is that at its heart, it is a love story, and reading about falling in love is rewarding and heart-warming. What sets Folly apart from traditional erotic romances is that, because of its humour and its would-be dominant heroine, it’s a book that can be enjoyed by men as well as women – I’ve had some great feedback from male readers.Q: What books are you currently reading?A: The two most recent acquisitions on my to-read pile are Rachel Zadok’s Sister Sister and Steven Sidley’s Stepping Out. I’m looking forward to starting them as soon as I’ve finished with Bill Bryson’s fascinating At Home.Q: Anything else you want to tell us?A: Just a thank you. Like all authors I’m immensely grateful for press coverage and for the opportunity to be able to chat about my books to readers.

  • Tracey Turner
    2019-05-30 13:12

    Loved this book. A SA version of 50 Shades from a different perspective.

  • Aղցela W.
    2019-06-10 13:25

    Spoiler Ahead This was a pretty good book that I really didn't think I would like because female Dom's tend to be hit or miss for me. Emma Caine's life is falling apart first her husband was in a car accident and is left with severe brain damage then she loses her job. When the bank comes calling she realizes that she has to do something quick or she will lose her house. After her tenant moves out she turns the little house into a dungeon. After placing her ad her first client is Simon NAL. This was a good book she had an array of clients and the judge was really funny I would have a lot of fun with him. Emma breaks her rules for Simon he liked her and I liked him he was smart sexy and very caring. Emma also got a lot of help from the girl in the sex store. Emma wasn't overly mean while she being Mistress Caine and I liked that. This was my first time reading this author and I just found out that this book has a part two I was wondering because it left off funny. This book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling. I am looking forward to reading more about Mistress Caine.

  • Adele Vorster
    2019-05-17 06:10

    Oh what fun!

  • Siyamthanda Skota
    2019-06-12 06:09

    There is something special about authors who can easily shift to other genres with a huge sense of ease and still manage to write compelling reads in those specific categories, even after years of writing massive novels under just one genre. The billionaire author J K Rowling did it, with her Harry Potter series, and her recently published very first adult novel, The Casual Vacancy. Another massively successful extraordinary author is the late Doris Lessing – who passed away early this week. She moved from science fiction into writing all sorts of genres just under the sun and her work still remained outstanding wherever she movedRead the rest of the review here :

  • Joan
    2019-06-03 12:33

    A quick, fun, spanking good read!

  • Chevoque
    2019-06-07 08:23

    It is enlightening to read a book about a femdom that doesn't take away the fact that female Dominants aren't all b@tches and are just normal ladies.

  • Shanelle Fouche
    2019-05-25 11:23

    Loved the book. A real page turner! Will read it again someday!