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Born in the wrong century, Gwendolyn Braxton is searching for her knight in shining armor. She learns by taking a chance and hopping a plane to England, sometimes fairy tales do come true.Gwendolyn Braxton was born in the wrong century. She submerges her life into the study of the Renaissance Era. She is the resident expert on all things Arthurian in the DC Metro area, mayBorn in the wrong century, Gwendolyn Braxton is searching for her knight in shining armor. She learns by taking a chance and hopping a plane to England, sometimes fairy tales do come true.Gwendolyn Braxton was born in the wrong century. She submerges her life into the study of the Renaissance Era. She is the resident expert on all things Arthurian in the DC Metro area, maybe even the U.S. Unfortunately, none of her knowledge helps her to find her own Knight in Shining Armor. Actually, as a Black woman in Washington D.C., it runs men off like the plague. To make things worse, her mother has stepped in to fix her before she plunged into spinsterhood.Morien Knight is far from home in search of an artifact lost in history, a history he longs to emerge himself back into. His small sabbatical from his mission to participate in the Kentland Castle Resort Renaissance Faire might lead him to exactly where he belongs. Morien learns when dealing with the poetic lessons of his old friend, Merlin, things may not always exist as you expect....

Title : Her Black Knight (Chasing the Grail)
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ISBN : 17318951
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Her Black Knight (Chasing the Grail) Reviews

  • Marta Cox
    2019-05-17 13:48

    This is the first book I have read by this author and I was very impressed! Short but containing a strong storyline that had me quickly hitting the page button!This tale is about Gwyndolyn Braxton who has always been obsessed my medieval knights and the Arthurian legend. She travels to a castle in England to take part in a renaissance fair with medieval reenactment and meets a man who unknown to Gwyn is a time travelling Knight from King Arthurs court in search of the Holy Grail.This book is chock full of passion and a lot better than most short stories I have read recently. Gwyn is a strong character who deserves to find love and Morien Knight is the man to deliver!I received a copy of this free in exchange for an honest review and happily recommend it.4 stars from me

  • Maxie
    2019-06-14 15:05

    Her Black Knight by Vivi DumasVivi Dumas is an author of a spirited short story Her Black Knight piqued my curiosity as I recall The Tales of the Three Musketeers and the era in which these three men who where portrayed as handsome gentlemen and fierce fencers. Three Musketeers centered in Paris was penned by Alexander Dumas. Both talented author's share the same last name and wouldn't it be ironic if Vivi Dumas was related to the renown author Alexander Dumas?Vivi Dumas' writing style is smooth, luscious and well balanced hitting all the elements I relish in an erotic romance. I was enthralled with the blend of current times and historical connections. The scenes of intimacies were beautiful, tasteful that fairytales and fantasies originate. I related to Gwyn Braxton on a couple of levels one the locale of Washington, D.C. with the numerous art galleries and museums. The next level remembering the fairy tales that were read to me as a young child. The dreams of finding a Knight in Shiny Armor is a quest that many young girls from the 1940's – 1970's heard about and that perhaps they would be fortunate enough to find such a man to spend the rest of her life with. Hmmm, Vivi Dumas recreation of this blissful loving fantasy in Her Black Knight was so delicious I investigated to see if Kentland Castle was a resort. I am overdue for a vacation. :-)Gwyn Braxton a beautiful, with honey complexion, corkscrew curls and thirty year old professional. Gwyn would love to find and fall in love with the man of her dreams however she finds it difficult to find him in the museums, art galleries and lectures about ancient art. She worked in the National Galley of Art in Washington, D.C. Gwyn Braxton inherited her love for medieval art, history of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table from her parents both professors of art and history.Fifteenth century Moorish Knight, Morien part of the entertainment that focuses on Renaissance period at Kentland Castle Resort. Morien is on the ancient quest for the Grail and once he locates it the legend states he will be able to return home. Morien is a just shy of a god with his ripples of muscles, sexy eyes, handsome dark olive complexion and standing over 6 feet tall. O-M-G Ms. Dumas paints Morien like a master artist.The festivities held at the Maryland Renaissance are pale by comparison to the Kentland Castle Resorts Renaissance Tournament entertainment.Her Black Knight I lifted me off my feet and twirled me around blissfully like a princess. The adoring encounter between Gwyn and Morien was sensationally illustrated to the point that I felt as if I were in the scene with Gwyn and Morien enjoying the titillations the two lovers shared. I loved this short story and wished it were longer but it is the perfect length for bedtime story to devour before drifting off to dreamland. Ms. Dumas thanks for such a soft, comfortable, sexy narrative.

  • The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears
    2019-05-16 06:41

    *loud squee as I do happy dance*Must read this NOW! Yay, someone has finally read my mind! Black guys at Renaissance Faires (yes, they are there and I should know). Black women who love chivalry! Oh yay! Please be uber-awesome *prays to Bibliotaria, the mighty goddess of books*Bought it. Finished it. Highly miffed that there's no more, LOL.I loved Morien. Morien is handsome, chivalrous and dashing. I've known a few men like that at Renaissance Faires and in the SCA. I loved his passion and his honesty with Gwyn. One of the twelve knights searching for the Grail, he finds himself in the 21st century, ironically playing a knight at an exclusive resort which is a cross between Renaissance Faire, Medieval Times and The Love Boat. He had such an interesting background and I sincerely hope the author plans to flesh this story out more. I'm giving this book a BIG Five Stars because it's different. It's refreshingly imaginative, especially for a subgenre that's in danger of becoming stale. I really loved how Ms. Dumas weaved Arthurian lore and African traditions, and I think readers not familiar with the tales of the Holy Grail will be fascinated learning about the Moorish knights of the Round Table. I also loved that both her characters are INTELLIGENT black people in unusual occupations.As far as Gwyn is concerned...put on your big girl panties and GROW THE FUCK UP! Boo hoo you, you were born in the wrong century. I have never liked sad sack heroines whose entire life seems to be the "getting" of a man. I mean really, She's got a killer job as the resident expert on all things Arthurian in America, and she's the keeper of an ancient legacy. Trust me, she'd be spending quite a few times in England, especially on dig sites where British archaeologists are excavating areas where Camelot may have been. Seriously girlfriend, who needs men when there's adventure to be had? Gwyn should be celebrating her geekiness and hooking up with some of those hottie knights she met at Ren-Faires instead of pining over what she didn't have. To be fair, her mother doesn't exactly help matters since she thinks her daughter's spinsterhood is a big problem and sets out to "fix" it. Mom's intentions are good, but really lady, join the 21st century and support your daughter rather than making her feel inadequate just because YOU want grandchildren. Sent on a holiday by said mom to the medieval-themed resort, Gwyn lays eyes on Morien (and he on her). He's her knight in shining armor. She's the woman his heart has been longing for. Unfortunately there's a catch.Even though it's short and Gwyn is a pain in the butt, this is still a great read. I like this author and hope to read more soon.

  • Jo * Smut-Dickted *
    2019-06-13 07:50

    A sweet romance of Gwyn, practically a spinster, who works with historical objects from medieval times. When her mom sends her away for a weekend at a Castle in England she meets Morien - a Knight of Camelot. Gwyn's family has more ties than she knows to the Arthurian era and Morien's search for the grail comes to a surprising end. This was very cute. A few grammatical issues but nothing major. The story would have benefited from additional information on Gwyn's family history as it relates to the Arthurian legends and a little more between the two characters - insta-love after one night is tough to buy. Here you could see the connection and it needed more time to develop - I was hoping they would interact more during the weekend or days she was at the castle and fair.I loved the touches that show the author at least did research on things like the Metro stops in D.C. which was super nice to see. The love scene was nicely done. I did get confused on Gwyn's looks because sometimes she is referred to as having "golden curls" and in other places sandy brown curls and the two aren't really the same color. Considering she has light gray eyes when you pair that with golden curls and skin the color of honey she just didn't look like the cover. I was curious about her background - she sounded quite beautiful but it was hard for me to picture her! I am hoping this is the first in a series about the women of the Grail - that has a lot of promise!

  • Romance Novels in Color
    2019-06-15 08:46

    If I said I only liked this book, I would be doing it and myself a disservice. This was a beautiful story. I loved it from page one, to the last word.I wanted to be Gwyn; she was a feisty and fun heroine and her love interest, Morien, was an incredible knight in shining armor.He was from Camelot, she was from the 21st century, and they worked well together.This is a short story, and the only bad thing about it was that it had to end. It’s just that good. Morien and Gwyn were so much fun to read about. They played off of each other well; I loved both of them from the beginning.I’ve read one other book by Vivi Dumas and am happy to have read another one, even if it’s a short story! It’s one of those stories that makes you smile at the end because of the happy, warm feeling it evokes.Congrats, Ms. Dumas. Home run!-Reviewed by Khriste

  • Cf
    2019-05-20 11:01

    Cute but very short.

  • Vivi Dumas
    2019-05-31 15:06