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Fort Reno, Indian Territory, 1878. Glory Halstead faced her captor with the same pride and courage that had seen her through hardship and bitter scandal and vowed to be strong. She didn't know what Two Arrows intended to do with her. But she knew her life had changed forever that fateful night she had witnessed three hundred Cheyenne fleeing captivity at Fort Reno.Two ArroFort Reno, Indian Territory, 1878. Glory Halstead faced her captor with the same pride and courage that had seen her through hardship and bitter scandal and vowed to be strong. She didn't know what Two Arrows intended to do with her. But she knew her life had changed forever that fateful night she had witnessed three hundred Cheyenne fleeing captivity at Fort Reno.Two Arrows wanted vengeance - and he would get it by making another man's woman his own. Yet as captain David Krueger of the U.S. cavalry rode hard and fast with his troops to recapture the woman he loved and the Cheyenne he hated, Glory was losing her heart to a man, a people, and a new life.Now, as they made the brutal journey through the harsh, unforgiving wilderness, Glory and Two Arrows would discover passion as primal and unyielding as the land they were destined to tame......

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Cheyenne Song Reviews

  • Lucie
    2019-05-28 11:55

    10*, This should be one of the best Western-Indian Historical Romance I've read so far... I love love how Georgina Gentry can present this love story with a true story setting...Remarkable!!And this should be one of the best couple & love story I've read... My Hero- Two Arrows, love Glory from the deep of his heart. He love her more than the life itself...I cry in the end of the books...Truly wonderful!

  • MelissaB
    2019-05-16 06:36

    Glory Halstead is a nice strong heroine. She is considered to be a scandalous woman for daring to divorce her husband for beating her. She is a very proud woman who went out west to her father's store at a fort to try to start a new life. The scandal from her divorce followed her which is causing her to loose business at the store she took over at her father's death. One of the soldiers, captain David Krueger, has fallen in love with her and wants to marry her despite her divorced status if he can get up the nerve to defy his controlling father.Two Arrows is a Cheyenne Indian scout at the fort. He has been abusing alcohol because he feels guilty about the death of his wife and child as well as his part in tracking down the Nez Pierce a year before, causing the Nez Pierce to loose their attempt at reaching freedom in Canada. He sees Glory riding around the fort on her horse and desires her. One night she is riding around, Two Arrows grabs her bridle to keep the horse from falling. Glory thinks he is going to attack her and hits him in the face with his whip. One of the soldiers sees this and tells David that the Indian attacked her. David whips Two Arrows in front of everyone. Glory tried to help Two Arrows and takes him salve for his back. Later that night she is out riding again and sees the Cheyenne packing up their camp. The Cheyenne decided to leave the fort where they were being kept to try to travel back to their hunting grounds in the Dakotas, where they would have enough to eat. Two Arrows decides to help the Cheyenne because he wants to be a trusted dog soldier again and not a drunken white man's Indian scout.Two Arrows captures Glory when she spies the Cheyenne packing to leave. He decides to take her with him on the trek to the Dakotas both for insurance against the soldiers and because he desires her. He calls Glory "Proud One" because she refuses to beg or plead for anything and bears everything with strength. Two Arrows finds himself admiring Proud One as well as desiring her. Glory starts to admire Two Arrows for his courage and strength. They eventually fall in love but must still overcome great odds stacked against them - the soldiers (including David) chasing them, surviving cold weather and a long march with little food and provisions. The historical detail was very good and the story itself was enjoyable to read. The romance was sweet and there were some nice love scenes (just ignore the purple phrasing).

  • Rupmala
    2019-05-25 12:47

    Glory and Two Arrows was a sweet story.A strong female and Two Arrows wasting his life away drinking alcohol until he trys to save Glory from her horse rearing and then being misunderstood. As tragedy continues, harsh is exactly was it seems.This war waged between the whites and indians were tragic and this book showcased it.Such greed and unfairness. Georgina Gentry has allowed passion into the hearts of her books giving people who died a moment of happiness, for they deserve it. They did not deserve such unjust treatment, a land that was theirs they could not least an agreement should have been made, and honoured, anyway that is all in the past, and i am rambling. Passionate and heart-wrenching all the same

  • inmypapasan
    2019-05-31 11:50

    I have mixed feelings about this book - I was torn between 3 and 4 stars and decided on 4 since, despite its flaws, I did quite enjoy it.There are aspects of this story that are different than the standard romance novels, yet at other times it felt like your classic old-school bodice ripper. The setting and plot is compelling and maintains tension, and unlike a lot of "captive" romances that come up with really contrived scenarios for the heroine ending up as the hero's captive, in this situation it actually makes sense. However, there are a lot of exclamation points and heaving bosoms, and some of the dialogue is campy and the writing can be a little simplistic. Certain words, phrases, descriptions, and metaphors get reused over and over, often mere sentences apart. Part of me died inside each time Glory exclaimed "mercy!" or we're told about her "ripe body" and her hair flying behind her like a mustang's mane, or the countless times Two Arrows was called virile or I had to read about his "manhood." The first sex scene was anticlimactic, and the rest often veered into cheesy territory. Although, bonus points for creativity in including a blowjob, I can't remember the last time I read one of those in a romance! In many ways Glory is the typical hair-tossing feisty, but she's also 34 and divorced - a far cry from the all-too-common virginal heroines barely out of their teens. Perhaps that's why the personality suits her better than it does many other heroines. Although at times she was painfully, obnoxiously stubborn! She does undergo a true change of heart regarding how she views the Indians; at the beginning she feels bad for them but mostly just views them as pitiful savages, but throughout the story she develops a deep and genuine compassion for them and anger and shame for the injustice and mistreatment they undergo. Yet I still found it a little unrealistic how quickly she declares herself one of the Cheyenne, after only a handful of weeks with them, without the reader being shown much evidence of her actually understanding their culture (aside from how to cook and speak the language.)Two Arrows is hunky and capable but he's also a drunken, disgraced outcast who wants to redeem himself and earn back his dignity. I liked that he was flawed, and not just another noble, powerful, respected chief or something. Although, I was unsettled by the serious consideration he gave to raping Glory, only resisting the temptation not because it's morally wrong but because he feared whites would seek vengeance for it. I have to say, I'm not sure why they fell for each other. There was a shared physical attraction from the beginning, but throughout the story they barely converse, certainly not about anything of any substance... so how did they move from lust to love? I also thought it was a little weird how much we were reminded that Two Arrows loves Glory more than he ever loved his deceased wife. Regardless, the scene toward the end in the snow tugged hard at my heartstrings! I must also add that I liked David, Glory's almost-fiancé. He was three-dimensional - in some ways more than Two Arrows - and I liked seeing the situation from his perspective. I wish we had a book about him.

  • Hollow May
    2019-05-21 08:53

    This was a okay book. I found some parts to be repetitive. I did feel like the ending was somewhat rushed. And if I never see the word 'virile' again I will die a happy girl. I get it, Two Arrows is a virile Indian. I don't need my eyes to be bludgeoned constantly with seeing the word in every chapter that talked about him.

  • Shelly
    2019-06-14 11:57

    2.5 stars I liked the heroine, but the romance was a bit contrived. I liked Comanche Moon much more. Comanche Moon

  • Gee
    2019-05-16 08:44


  • Reading 101
    2019-05-23 14:57

    Some sad parts but realistic.

  • Noel Zentner
    2019-05-27 07:33

    Loved it!

  • Naduah
    2019-05-17 09:35

    Could not finish