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A collection of Neil Gaiman's short fiction; an odd assortment of enigmatic and wonderful tales- including Troll Bridge, Chivalry and Cold Colours - to amuse and delight, illustrated by Charles Vess, P. Craig Russell, Jill Carla Schwarz, Michael Zulli, and Rrandy Broecker....

Title : Angels and Visitations: A Miscellany
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ISBN : 9780963094438
Format Type : Hardcover
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Angels and Visitations: A Miscellany Reviews

  • Sr3yas
    2019-06-04 05:41

    ★★★★✬ 4.5 StarsTo amuse and delightThat's how the Internet synopsis describes this collection of...uh.. stuffs. A Miscellany, as the author has appropriately subtitled this collection, and It lives up to that name with its crazy contents. Apart from the usual suspects: his early short stories (including the famous ones like Murder Mysteries, Chivalry and We Can Get Them for You Wholesale) and Poems, Gaiman included the following literary works in this one:► An article about the nightlife in London,► A Book review,► An introduction Gaiman wrote for another author's work, ► A Christmas greeting,► A report on an experiment.Sounds dull, doesn't it. Belay that emotion, my friend, and please allow me to give you some context that might change your opinion.►In his article about London Nightlife, Gaiman recreated the night excursion's timeline, and I can't help but imagine a young nerd walking around, looking for an experience that he can turn into an extraordinary article. Well, nothing extraordinary happened and he turned the desperation he felt that night into an extraordinary article! Absolutely funny! ►Imagine you have a book report to submit today, and you haven't read the book. Don't know what to do? Read Gaiman's thousand word review for a book he didn't read and learn from the pro, Kids!►For the book introduction, Gaiman created a whole play, complete with numerous characters, about a guy named prologue who proclaims about the book in a country fair. I almost fell off from my chair with delight while reading this remarkable creative piece!► As for the Christmas greeting, he wrote a poem about old Nick! Here is a link to Neil Gaiman reading the Poem-----> I hope no kids read it while they are young. Ho Ho Ho!►And finally the experiment. No catch here, a straightforward experiment with impeccable results. The experiment? Testing the precise effects of alcohol on a creative writer. Gaiman started with a clear head, but after his seventh drink, he sounded... Well, let's just assume I'm that drunk, then I would sound something like this: Tis is a gret book, I lov Gaiman. Only som of his poems are booooooooooooooooooooring, rest of it iz sooooooooooooooo good. Oh, tis is fun. Uh, excuse me, gotta be, wait, oh god.

  • Charissa
    2019-06-15 06:55

    This short story is pretty great: it's funny and creepy at the same time. It's about a guy who suspects his fiancé of cheating on him, so he hires an assassin to kill the man responsible for supposedly stealing his future wife. However, the assassin keeps offering him better deals each time they meet in a bar, and who can resist a good bargain?

  • Rhiannon
    2019-05-28 05:52

    The only reason to pick up this book would be for the illustrations (which are good, it's a nicely put together volume). The best pieces here are reprinted in Smoke and Mirrors, along with some better, later stories. The stories and poems that are unique to this collection read like juvenalia.

  • Ida
    2019-05-19 10:07

    This is probably one of that hardest books to give a rating. Some of the texts are definitely worth at least four stars but others would only grant one star.It's not a book to read if you're about to discover Gaiman but rather one to read if you already know his work, if you're curious about his not so famous texts or if you want to see that even famous, full time, writers doesn't always write all superior things. It actually makes Gaiman a lot more human.

  • Sherri Bell
    2019-05-21 10:41

    Chivalry, Nicolas Was, Babycakes, Troll Bridge, Vampire Sestina, Webs, The Case of the Four and Twenty Blackbirds, We Can Get Them For You Wholesale. Murder Mysteries. These alone are great enough to me to reread. I adore his revisioning of Fairy Tales and Angels and Legends of Heroes long past.

  • M—
    2019-05-23 14:08

    In early February of 2007, Gaiman posted an entry in his blog about the break-in of his favorite local bookstore. The owners of the store are friends with Gaiman and asked if he would please tell his blog readers about this and maybe encourage his readers to help out by maybe buying a book. The store, Dreamhaven, has a really nice online catalog, and I used it extensively when collecting my copies of the Sandman.February is my birthday month, and I hadn't purchased a present for myself yet, so the timing was perfect. I wanted to buy a book by Gaiman, to support Gaiman as well as Dreamhaven, and I when I saw that Angels & Visitations was also published by Dreamhaven, I chose that one.Dreamhaven provides the option of getting a book signed for you by certain local authors, although it delays the shipping until the author happens to come in and be available to sign. So about a month later, I got my package of this in the mail complete with a "Happy birthday" inscription.I love presents. Receiving and giving.The book: Gaiman's first story collection. Many of the better stories were published in other collections, also, and I'm not a fan of some of the book's design (namely the cover lettering and table of contents shadow). But the better stories are still here, and I'm very glad I bought it.Link to Gaiman's blog entry:

  • A.M.
    2019-06-12 13:59

    Neil Gaiman writes the best short stories… and this one is no exception. I saw it on a list of short stories you must read but given it dates from 1989 I reckon Gaiman has written better short stories since then. *shrugs* they’re all good. This one fits in the gaimanesque version of Gothic horror, I suppose.It’s the little things… like Peter spent almost an entire lunch hour choosing the engagement ring that cost him £37.50 and might have contained a diamond… might have.Or the way the pub sign of the Dirty Donkey starts to look more like a pale horse. (Is there really a pub in england called that? Maybe.) But Peter is unlikely to notice. And how a man who would spend so little on a ring would be caught up in a two for one deal that rapidly gets out of hand.Or the fact that the entire situation has arisen from him seeing Gwendolyn enter the stock room with Archie and he has no idea what did or didn’t happen. And his miraculous idea that he should just ask her arrives too late.4 stars

  • Rebecca Johnson
    2019-05-17 08:08

    I always enjoy Neil Gaiman’s writing, so I pretty much knew I would love this one too. His writing is just so clever, so rich, that you can’t help but want to read more.Angels and Visitations, however, was a little different from the other novels and short stories of his that I’ve read. It is, as the title says, ‘a miscellany’, a collection of literary bits and pieces he has accumulated over the years: poetry, book reviews, stories written for this and that. As such, it was a bit of an odd collection, but still full of wonderful pieces that I’d recommend to any Neil Gaiman fan. 4.5

  • Ilse
    2019-06-01 06:11

    This short story kind of feels like a kid's book for adults. I know that probably doesn't make sense. But the story is about Peter Pinter who finds the woman he is engaged to, messing about with another guy. He wants to get rid of the other guy and hires an assasin who has some interesting bargains for him. The build up and where it ends is kind of like it would be way more innocent in a children's book wich I very much like. It's a very fun quick read.

  • Kandice
    2019-06-08 10:51

    Review to follow...

  • Tracy
    2019-06-02 09:05

    'Nicholas Was...." is the best 100 words ever.

  • Jim
    2019-06-07 09:53

    Early Neil Gaiman, his first collection, I believe, of short stories and a few other oddments. Everything ranges from good to very good with, for me, only one exception. Since most of this self-described miscellany appeared elsewhere at some point, this may only be for those who bought it originally (like me) when there wasn't much Gaiman to buy, or those who are completists. The publisher, Dreamhaven, is no longer with us, but were the place to go for early Gaiman. Anyway, good stuff.

  • Johan D'Haenen
    2019-05-18 11:42

    Ik had Good Omens, van Terry Pratchett en Neil Gaiman gelezen en dacht: "Wie met Pratchett kan samenwerken, moet de moeite van het lezen waard zijn" ... en dus begin ik Neil Gaiman te lezen.Deze bindel is alvast veel belovend... bizarre sprookjes, gedichten, verhalen... goed geschreven... doen mij soms denken aan Lewis Carroll (Jabberwocky)...Bepaalde verhalen gaan mij wel een beetje "te ver" in de zin dat ze me niet aanspreken... maar goed, dat is een kwestie van persoonlijke appreciatie.

  • Drunk Guy Mike
    2019-05-19 09:09

    Really more three and a half stars. Some fantastic pieces and some forgettable. But I guess he warned me about that in the introduction.

  • Fabiola
    2019-05-22 13:57

    Always a delight, Mr. Gaiman.

  • Sarah
    2019-06-03 06:07

    This book is long since out of print, but I got a copy through a recent Humble Bundle of Neil Gaiman ebooks. It is the earliest collection published of Neil's short fiction and unfortunately it shows. Quite a few pieces just aren't that good, you can tell that he hasn't found his voice yet.There is however a smattering of great pieces in here including off the top of my head Chivalry, Looking For The Girl, and Murder Mysteries. The better news is that half the pieces in this collection (all the good ones IMO) are also published in Smoke & Mirrors which is still in print, so I'd read that followed by Fragile Things if I were you.

  • Susan
    2019-05-16 11:55

    I quite adore the short fiction of Neil Gaiman. If you're interested in seeing/hearing him read his short story "Chivalry" it's one of the extras on the DVD *John Bolton: A Short Film By Neil Gaiman*re-read 9/14/2013 - 9/21/2013 The Song of the Audience • poemChivalry • (1992) ** Love this story !!!Nicholas Was . . . • (1990) super-short Christmas Anti-Klaus storyBabycakes • (1990) Neil's tongue-in-check "A Modest Proposal"Troll Bridge • (1993) I read this first in the first RoF MagVampire Sestina • (1989) Neil's only vampire "fiction"Webs • (1990) Ick spidersSix to Six • (1990) essay/short about a night experiencing London's nightlifeA Prologue (1989) intro to Mary Gentle's Scholars & SoldiersForeign Parts • (1990) getting VD from self-service, written during the AIDS scareCold Colours • (1990) • poem/short story about using computers and magic in tandem to re-write the worldLuther's Villanelle • (1989) • poem a deja vu birthday presentMouse • (1993) • does he *really* want to catch that mouse?Gumshoe (1989) • book review about a book he can't findThe Case of the 4 and 20 Blackbirds • (1984) • juvenilia a'la Jasper Fforde's Nursery Crime DivisionVirus • (1990) • poem/story about a video game (that kinda sounds like Tetris) taking over the WORLDLooking for the Girl • (1985) • Having her picture (in various steps of nude) keeps a mystery girl 19 years old forever.Post-Mortem on Our Love • (1993) • poem dissecting a past relationship and why it "died"Being an Experiment Upon Strictly Scientific Lines • (1990) • essay/story about how alcohol affects a writer's prose (drunkenly)We Can Get Them for You Wholesale • (1989) • hiring a hit-man Wholesale; kinda reminded me of "One Life, Furnished in Early Moorcock"The Mystery of Father Brown • (1991) • essay about why Neil loved the Father Brown mysteriesMurder Mysteries • (1992) • wow, my memory had totally deleted the twist that's more evident in the graphic novel version of this story...

  • Izlinda
    2019-06-02 09:53

    There were some stories I've already read.For the ones I don't recognize/remember reading beforehand:"Babycakes" - haunting, creepy"Webs" - an alright story "Six to Six" - ?"Prologue" - interesting perspective of prologue"Cold Colours" - intriguing way technology is portrayed"Luther's Villanelle" - I love villanelles :)"Mouse" - So Janice got an abortion and while she was crying about it in bed, Regan slid out of bed saying "I don't have to listen to this. I really don't have to listen to this." URGH. What a jackass. This is no way to behave to someone who's gone through an abortion, particularly if she is your wife. I get that he prefers humane mouse traps and so probably doesn't want the abortion (wasn't clear about that, but it seemed to follow) but still...that line ruined the entire story for me."Gumshoe" - Another ? "Post-Mortem on Our Love" - a self-explanatory poem. I liked it"Being an Experiment Upon Strictly Scientific Lines" - Heh, I found this short story quite funny"The Mystery of Father Brown" - ?

  • Elin Nilsson
    2019-05-18 10:53

    This is basically a short story collection. There are a few other things in there as well, but mostly a short story collection. I've read most of them before in other collections, and just as before I love the general Neil Gaiman weirdness of it all. My favourites in this collection are the short stories We Can Get Them For You Wholesale, and Babycakes. But his drunken experiment was also fun to read. Wholesale is about a man who wants to hire and assassin to kill his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend, but he's pulled in by the bargains the assassin offers and ends up ordering something much larger than a petty murder. Babycakes is almost a poem and it's very short. It tells of how one day all the animals were gone, and instead of using animals for everything that we do, people started using babies, until suddenly, one day all the babies were gone... It's totally morbid, but it gives me chills and I love it.

  • Mayumi
    2019-06-10 06:41

    Algumas citações, marcadas como spoiler.(view spoiler)[I wrote it in a weekend, a gift from the gods, easy and sweet as anything. Suddenly I was a writer transformed: I laughed in the face of danger and spat on the shoes of writer’s block. Then I sat and stared glumly at a blank screen for another week, because the gods have a sense of humour.“Have you got any identification?” Mrs Whitaker asked. She knew that it was unwise to let unidentified strangers into your home, when you were elderly and living on your own. Handbags get emptied, and worse than that.It is not that I was credulous, simply that I believed in all things dark and dangerous.Regan was scared of driving in America: it was like driving on the other side of a mirror.There are words that do things to people; words that make people’s faces flush with joy, excitement, or passion. Environmental can be one, occult is another. Wholesale was Peter’s. (hide spoiler)]

  • Nicholas Whyte
    2019-05-27 05:59 in 1993 and re-released last year as part of the Gaiman ebook bundle which I got cheap. At that point Gaiman had published half of Sandman, also Black Orchid, the Books of Magic and (with Terry Pratchett) Good Omens, and was obviously a rising star but not quite as stellar as he has since become. So a lot of these pieces are journeyman work, but none the less interesting as we see him work out a few ideas whihc he returned to later and better. The story that lingers most with me is "Looking for the Girl", about an eternally young nude model, originally published in Penthouse. There is also some poetry and a couple of essays (one on Mary Gentle, one on Father Brown). There are some lovely illustrations as well. I am not a Gaiman completist so won't look out for this in hard copy, but am glad to have it in pixel form.

  • Paul
    2019-06-09 06:53

    Here's how I saw it...Neil Gaiman goes to his publisher."I have all these little bits and pieces stories that I don't know how to properly publish.""Maybe we can throw them all together in a single volume and see what that gives?""Brilliant!"Just like a cook experimenting with multiple ingredients that normally don't really go together, this book of miscellany incorporates multiple styles of writings into a single blend. In most cases, you get something that doesn't taste or fit together very well. Luckily for us, that isn't the case her. We get a sampling of styles used by Gaiman and it turns out pretty darned delicious, er, I mean pleasing to read.For those interested, P. Craig Russell did a wonderful Graphic Novel interpretation of the "Murder Mystery" story you might want to check out.

  • David Raz
    2019-06-10 07:42

    I got this as part of the 2016 Humble Bundle.As you'd expect from a Miscellany, this includes some excellent stories, e.g. Chivalry, Troll Bridge and Murder Mysteries, some reasonably well written ones, e.g. We Can Get Them for You Wholesale and Babycakes and some... well, juvenillia and miscellaneous.The biggest problem is that the good stories were already reprinted in Smoke and Mirrors along with some newer, better material, leaving this book mainly for the really enthusiastic. Still, I don't see how I can rate Chivalry (in my opinion one of the best short stories ever written) any less than four stars out of five.

  • Alex Sarll
    2019-06-11 09:11

    Various odds and sods of early Gaiman; most of the more substantial were to reappear in Smoke and Mirrors. Some of those I reread - and it surprised me how totally I had forgotten the framing story of 'Murder Mysteries'. He's clearly a less developed, more whimsical writer at this point - if you don't like him now, you really wouldn't like him back then (as against eg Mark Millar, who has mostly picked up his flaws as he went along). The oddments which didn't make the later collection are mainly journalism, introductions, reviews. Some (the piece on Father Brown) remain solid; most of the rest are fine but forgettable. Though I did enjoy reading the piece about how Soho isn't what it used to be, from the perspective of a present day when it's even less so.

  • Lynn
    2019-05-27 05:43

    Some of my favorite Gaiman short stories are in this collection: Chivalry, Troll-Bridge, The Case of Four & Twenty Blackbirds, We Can Get Them For You Wholesale, & Murder Mysteries. There are other stories, as well as a few poems & essays as well. These are earlier works, from the 90s. They're incredibly diverse & incredibly creepy for the most part (except the ones that are silly or sad or unfathomable or all of the above). My sister mostly reads ridiculously huge classics (Les Mis etc) & Poe, but she read a few of the very short stories & all of the poems & insists that I get her this book so she can read the rest at her leisure. That's high praise.

  • Deb Medovich
    2019-05-21 06:07

    This is a collections of short stories, essays, poems and...miscellany. There's a little something for just about everyone. (It's amazing to find out how the consumption of alcohol affects the creativity of a writer. Really. Or do I mean funny...) The short stories do what good short stories should do. They kind of leave you hanging and you're never quite sure what just happened. Or what he meant. Or what happens after the stories end. They keep you thinking long after you finish reading them and make you want to go right back and read them again. The last story in the book is still with me. It was thought-provoking, poignant and just a little scary. What if...

  • Tina Edwards
    2019-05-25 06:00

    This is Neil Gaiman's first short story collection. It's out of print. It took me forever to get a copy off ebay. They generally get pretty expensive. I lucked out on this one. It didn't get to high. Honestly, his second collection, Smoke And Mirrors is much better. The best of the stories from this book are reprinted in Smoke And Mirrors. So, unless you just want to collect all of his books like I do I don't suggest paying the expensive prices to track this one down. If you come across it at a used book store or a garage sale, however, buy it ASAP.

  • Mitch Allan
    2019-06-04 09:41

    This was a collection of some really odd works - some fantastic, some not so. I would definitely recommend for any Gaiman fan. Might bit too weird or bitty for someone unfamiliar with his work beforehand, though. Really enjoyable, had some absolute crackers, and stories that will stay with me for a long time. His introduction, explaining how each work came about, and how he feels about them now, is a great addition.

  • Trin
    2019-06-09 08:04

    A very earlyNeil Gaiman collection, that I think is kind of hard to get now. Most of the short stories have since been reprinted, many of them inSmoke and Mirrors, but what makes this volume cool is that it also contains a few examples of Gaiman's journalism, including a book review he wrote after he lost the book. He mostly ends up talking about peeing in styrofoam cups and elephant come, I believe. A treasure.

  • Jack Ziegler
    2019-05-22 06:42

    I enjoyed this book, but I not quite as much as the other Neil Gaiman short story books I have read. Maybe it was that I was reading this one rather than having Neil read it to me. I did my best to hear his voice, but it wasn't always easy. Also, I think that I like his short stories more than the poems and non-fiction pieces in this book. It felt like the others I have listened to had more of these.