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When twenty-four-year-old dance school drop out Kammy Marlowe is evicted by her mother, she goes to her favorite bar. She finds an unlikely friend in the blunt eye candy, Enrique. But Kammy knows there is no way she and Enrique have a shot because he's her brother-in-law’s brother and has been privy to her wild past. Enrique swears he’s only interested in the person she isWhen twenty-four-year-old dance school drop out Kammy Marlowe is evicted by her mother, she goes to her favorite bar. She finds an unlikely friend in the blunt eye candy, Enrique. But Kammy knows there is no way she and Enrique have a shot because he's her brother-in-law’s brother and has been privy to her wild past. Enrique swears he’s only interested in the person she is today, but their relationship is tested when her ex-husband's drug dealer attacks her, looking for money. With no options and a money hungry drug dealer on her back, Kammy accepts a position as a dancer at a strip club. But when Enrique shows up at the club, their relationship is over. With no reason to stay in Texas anymore, Kammy auditions for the Bolshevik Ballet and gets the opportunity to go to Russia. Only Enrique is determined to stop her. Will she give up the chance of a lifetime to stay with the man she still loves?...

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The Other Marlowe Girl Reviews

  • Kelly Hashway
    2019-05-29 12:51

    After reading The Fate of a Marlowe Girl, I needed to get my hands on this book. Kammy seemed so reckless and wild in the first book, but you definitely see a different side of her in The Other Marlowe Girl. Kammy's grown up and been through some emotional times. Now she's trying to straighten her life out, but that isn't easy when her past is chasing her. Her ex-husband's drug dealer is demanding money that Kammy doesn't have. She's afraid of what will happen if she doesn't pay up, so she tries to get money any way she can. She's also trying to patch up her relationship with her sister Tiffany, who seems to have the perfect life now with her husband and daughter. But since Kammy's ex is also Tiffany's ex, things are more than a little complicated between the sisters.When Enrique shows up in Kammy's life, she can't deny the attraction. But he's Tiffany's brother-in-law, which means he knows all about Kammy's wild past--the one she's trying to leave behind. Kammy doesn't think things can work out between them, but Enrique is persistent.I loved Kammy in this book. Beth Fred does a great job of taking a character that isn't very likable in the first book and shows all sides of her personality so she's a sympathetic character in this book. I was rooting for Kammy and felt bad for all that she had to endure.The Marlowe Girls are very interesting characters, and they make the books very quick reads.

  • Maureen Timerman
    2019-05-22 05:40

    The lesson of a young woman, who did what they do when they are young and foolish! She acted on impulse and married the wrong man. A man that was her sister's boyfriend.Now the path she chose was a destructive one, in more ways than one...that is, bad marriage, destroyed hotel room, drug dealers. It was rather funny, although quite serious how she treated that drug dealer, bouncy check, and cubic zerconia.While she is drowning her sorrows in a bar, she meets quite the Gentleman, who end up rescuing her more than once. He turns our to be the brother-in-law of her Sister...the one she stole the boyfriend from. Loved the coincidence! The book is a very fast and enjoyable read, and you can do it in one sitting. I received this book I Am A Reader, Not A Writer, and was not required to give a positive review.

  • Emily
    2019-05-25 09:53

    Kammy Marlowe has made her fair share of mistakes, particularly her ex-husband who has a drug dealer coming after her for the money. Kammy finds an unlikely ally in Enrique who knows all about her rocky past. Kammy is trying to dig herself out of a hole and having lost the trust of the people she loves most, she realizes she needs to make some changes and hopefully Enrique will be by her side.Another quick read, but a thrilling story to the very end. I liked that Kammy was not perfect. You meet her in Fate of a Marlowe Girl and I can honestly say I did not care for her, but when you begin to read this story from her point of view you get to see a whole different side to her. Another enjoyable read from Beth Fred.

  • Cyndi Hackett
    2019-06-02 07:38

    Great quick read!

  • Callixta
    2019-06-08 12:56

    I couldn't believe in this story. It was very promising with a lot of angst and passion. Where's the passion? and everything is so easy! Voilà une romance dont il sera difficile de faire une critique car rien ne ressort spécialement et elle est oubliée aussi vite qu’elle est lue. C’est un second tome mais le livre se lit de façon indépendante relativement facilement. Il s’agit en réalité de l’histoire de deux sœurs. Le preier tome était consacré à la gentille et le second portera donc sur la vilaine, Kammy, la plus jeune qui a couché avec le petit ami de sa sœur. Nous sommes quelques années plus tard et Kammy est divorcée de son mari qui n’est autre que le fameux petit ami de sa sœur. Le mariage a été un désastre et le mari a été lamentable. Il a de plus laissé son ex-épouse avec un gros problème. Il a volé de l’argent à son dealer et celui-ci poursuit Kammy pour se faire payer.Il y avait de quoi faire une belle histoire. Kammy est, sur le papier, à la lecture du résumé une vraie bd girl qui a fait un très mauvais choix et le paye cher depuis des années. Au début du roman, elle est même jetée à la porte de la maison de ses parents qui en ont assez de payer pour elle mais qui ignorent que chaque sou gagné par leur fille part dans la poche d’un dealer qui la harcèle. Bref, il y avait de quoi explorer les relations de Kammy et sa famille notamment avec sa sœur, son passé et développer une romance avec un nouvel homme entré dans sa vie, le frère du mari de sœur.Mais voilà, l’auteur va écrire une histoire prévisible, sans relief, en affadissant tout. Kammy pourtant écrasé par les problèmes est étonnamment guillerette et réagit sans grande émotion aux coups du sort. Enrique avec qui elle fait connaissance est assez insipide. Il est gentil, veille sur elle mais la passion est absente. Les relations avec sa sœur et son beau-frère sont des plus fades. Soudain, Kammy se rend compte qu’elle est amoureuse d’Enrique et se dit que tout cela ne sera pas facile.... Quant aux rebondissements, ils sont terriblement et peu crédibles.Peu à peu, le lecteur se désintéresse de cette histoire qui promettait émotion et passion. Il n’y en a pas et symbole de tout cela, la couverture évoque la danse. Il en est bien peu question. Décidément, ce roman ne tient pas ses promesses et vous pouvez l’éviter sans problème.

    2019-05-28 06:51

    Both books (so far) of The Marlowe Girls Series are an easy, quick and enjoyable reading.The main characters are the two Marlowe sisters, Tiffany and Kammy. The differences between them are far cry from every angle you’ll look. Tiffany is the tough-minded one, conscientious and Kammy is ... opposite, reaching to give up even at what she liked and did best. The only thing that links them is the failure in love life. At the end of the two books they will get to have another thing in common. A very important one and probably the one they give up to dream about. In fact, another thing binds them: if Kammy wouldn’t have done what she did, then Tiffany couldn’t have the chance to meet Luke.Because The Other Girls Marlowe’s description uncovers the detail, no matter if I’ll say you that "they" are also brothers. Aside from the fact that they are brothers, they are just the guys to daydream of. If they do get to be with the Marlowe girls (and who with whom) I’ll leave you to discover.The stories are well managed, the explanations and the events are possible, though sometimes they have a bit too convenient resolutions. But that will not affect too much the readers’ pleasure, as well the author’s insistence upon the money issue will not bother too much, although at one point it seems to be a minus for some characters. I liked that the author has left (in first volume) ways that she used them (in the second) to provide some explanation for exonerate Kammy in some way.The story’s pace is good, and the style is casual with an easy humor that will like.Not very long, the books are just good to read in an afternoon when you need to recharge your batteries and / or if you want to freshen your hopes and dreams that Prince Charming exists. Regardless of how you are and what is your past, there's always a chance to meet your half ... at least in books. “I’m glad she had a sister. I just wish there was another Marlowe girl, because I have one more son.”I wonder what Marlowe cousin, niece the author will find for volume three. However, if and when it will be publish, I will definitely read it.

  • Carrie
    2019-05-16 08:49

    This could have been a great follow up to the first book as it follows the other sister, Kammy. But it felt like a rehash of book 2 with some added plot intrigue of the drug dealer who wants to kill her.Like her sister, Kammy tries to escape her troubles in a local bar and meets a mysterious dark haired stranger…who ends up being her sister’s brother-in-law. Kammy has no interest in a relationship since she needs to find a job and a place to live. Oh and escape the ruthless drug dealer she wrote a bad cheque to. She refuses to tell anyone her problems, assuming this will keep them safe but some texts from the drug dealer showing her sister’s house tell her otherwise.Enrique learns the truth and wants to help Kammy but she doesn’t want him involved. She’s spent her life as a screw up and decides to finally take action and make some changes. When she is given the opportunity of a lifetime will she take it?I already had a bad taste in my mouth regarding Kammy considering the first book. I didn’t like her as a character and I found it difficult reconciling the woman with all these problems with the thoughtless, inconsiderate party girl from book 1. The fact there was more to this story than just “girl meets guy in bar, falls in love, lives happily ever after” is all that saved it. I enjoyed the added danger of the drug dealer and the continuous mistakes Kammy makes were entertaining. But, it was really similar to book one and I think more could have been done with Kammy as a character to demonstrate her redemption.3 out of 5 starsI received a copy of this novel for an honest review

  • Beverly McClure
    2019-05-30 12:36

    Some sisters love each other. Some sisters hate each other. Some sisters are jealous of one another. Some sisters don’t understand one another. Yes, having a sister can be complicated, especially if that sister is perfect while you’re totally the opposite and everything you do turns into a disaster.THE OTHER MARLOWE GIRL, by Author Beth Fred, is the story of Kammy and her journey to discover who she really is. Kammy needs money and she needs it badly. She balks though at the things she has to do to get the money. Enter the handsome Enrique who seems to take a liking to Kammy, but who she knows would never care for a girl like her except for one thing. Not only must Kammy deal with the drug dealer who may kill her if she doesn’t pay up and the gorgeous hunk that she can’t help falling for even though she knows a relationship between them is hopeless, she has to deal with her sister, Tiffany, and her husband, who hates Kammy. Can her life get any worse? Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out.Beth Fred has created real-life characters that are far from perfect, living in a world that sometimes confuses them and how they deal with each situation, good or bad, they face. Misunderstandings, romance, family, and the importance of honesty blend together to make a quick read about a woman who thinks she can do nothing right and a man who sets out to prove her wrong. I recommend this short story for readers who love a good romance and for those that enjoy meeting a family that might be a lot like their own.##

  • Ellen
    2019-05-26 05:57

    The Other Marlowe Girl is Tiffany's story, Kammy's younger sister. A few years have passed since the events that took place in book one. Tiffany has always been a little on the wild side, which has gotten her in trouble more than once, but when her sorry ex-husband gets himself in deep with a drug dealer, Tiffany finds herself in a really bad place. On top of that, her mom kicks her out of the house. She winds up in a bar where she meets Enrique, who is really hot by the way. One thing leads to another and despite her reservations, Tiffany and Enrique begin to date. Determined to pay back the money she owes, Tiffany makes some more bad decisions that could cost her everything.The Other Marlowe Girl is quite entertaining. It is a novella, so it's really not that long, but there is quite a bit of entertaining romance packed into the pages. I enjoyed getting to know both Tiffany and Enrique's character, as well as getting to see what was going on with Luke and Kammy. This can definitely be read as a stand alone, but I found it nice to be privy to the more detailed background provided in the first novella before going into the second. The Other Marlowe Girl also read like a movie you would see on Hallmark, and I really enjoyed it. Beth Fred seems to have a talent for these kind of stories. This is a really great short and romantic read that contemporary romance fans would enjoy.

  • Dalene
    2019-05-20 07:55

    Again, another beautiful book cover. I enjoyed that this book very well. The writing was a little less rough and choppy and I liked how there was not a lot of recap. You could definitely read this book as a stand alone and not have to read them in order. The love story is also just as amazing as book one. This book also gives you further glimpse into Luke and Tiffany's married life. Overall, I did enjoy the length of this story and was able to learn more about Kammy and Luke. The interactions between brothers and sisters was a lot of fun. Definitely not the outcome I suspected.I would definitely recommend both books to lovers of romance. Cute, sweet and swift romances. Very clean on the romance.

  • Christina M Condy
    2019-06-15 06:59

    I have to say I loved this book and the entire series! I finished The Fate of the Marlowe Girl, and immediately started this one! I finished both books in one day, they were that good!I loved how we got a glimpse into Kammy's life, and how we even got to see how Tiffany's relationship turned out. I have to say I loved how Beth Fred made the girls stories intertwined in both books. I absolutely loved Kammy in this book and I felt so bad for her experiences. The characters in both books are very entertaining and the books truly do suck you in!Five stars for this fabulous series and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a little realistic life story/romance!

  • Lisa(Bookworm Lisa)
    2019-06-01 06:47

    Kammi Marlowe is in her twenties and facing some serious problems. She married a man she thought she loved, only to be divorced a few years later and dealing with a mess he created.She has always ran away from her problems and this time is trying to fix things and make them right. She didn't plan on meeting Enrique and finding a new path in her life.This book is a quick read. I liked it. I really liked that it answered a few holes that I had form the first book, "The Fate of a Marlowe Girl".

  • Adriane
    2019-06-09 10:57

    I really enjoyed this series.The Marlowe girls were sweet and fun and just a little mixed up. Tiffany is the typical older sister. Responsible to a fault and tired of cleaning up after her older sister. Kammy is wild and really doesn’t seem to know what she wants out of life.Luke and Enrique are pretty awesome! They are everything the Marlowe girls have ever looked for in a man, but believed that they haven’t been able to get. So, they do what any normal woman would do and push them away.These were both quick reads with a great romance element to them.

  • Kay Swederski
    2019-05-25 10:44

    I liked The Marlowe Girls. I loved the Kammy who was trying her hardest to make up for her past and her ex-husband. She meets Enrique at a bar and he helps her out of a couple tight spots that night. Then when she makes gets a job at a strip club things get worse. Enrique dumps her and her problems continue. How does Kammy get ahead? Does Enrique and Kammy get back together? You will need to read The Marlowe Girls to find out. I am sure you will like it as much as I did.

  • Angel **Book Junkie**
    2019-05-16 06:46

    Another 4 star Beth Fred Read.I absolutely adored this book! I did not like Kammy in the first book (I thought she was a spoiled little brat) but in this one I half way felt sorry for her. I absolutely adored Enrique and thought this was a brilliant read. Quite strange the relationship to Luke and Tiffany but it worked. I can't wait for the next one in this series to be released.

  • Brooke Berry
    2019-06-15 08:56

    The Other Marlowe Girl was a great read. I found reading about Kammy from her own perspective was insightful. As much as some things are not forgivable you feel bad for the circumstances and consequences of her poor choices. A great read, nothing inappropriate scene wise. A really fun fast read.

  • Annemarie
    2019-05-22 08:41

    meh. 82% dnf. I didnt see the point in finishing it, Kammy was still a pathetic, spoiled fool and the story got more and more silly. Im sure there was a HEA. oh AND at 26% both idiot sister and husband called Tiffany a sly sarcastic way.. I almost stopped reading there.

  • T.H.
    2019-05-29 12:30

    Amazon freebie 4/22

  • Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews
    2019-06-01 07:47

    This was a good follow up to The Fate of a Marlow Girl, but I still like the first one better. It seemed to read faster and this one just seemed different.

  • MissyLynne
    2019-06-05 05:49

    I felt very little for this book. It failed to really keep my attention. She was an annoying character who needed to grow the hell up and axt like a mature adult for a change.