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The ladies of Butternut Creek Christian Church known as the Widows have always taken pride in their infallible matchmaking. They've succeeded again, and having found the perfect wife for Pastor Adam, they're ready to start planning the wedding. The one problem is that Adam has yet to propose. Clearly he still needs their help. Meanwhile, Adam's sister Hannah, a doctor, hasThe ladies of Butternut Creek Christian Church known as the Widows have always taken pride in their infallible matchmaking. They've succeeded again, and having found the perfect wife for Pastor Adam, they're ready to start planning the wedding. The one problem is that Adam has yet to propose. Clearly he still needs their help. Meanwhile, Adam's sister Hannah, a doctor, has returned from work in refugee camps, exhausted from the horrors she's seen. Though physically weak, Hannah becomes animated when verbally sparring with Gabe Borden, the high school basketball coach. The Widows, however, see sparks of a different kind between them and are soon up to their matchmaking ways once again....

Title : The Wedding Planners of Butternut Creek
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The Wedding Planners of Butternut Creek Reviews

  • Debra
    2019-06-08 03:44

    Another good book in the series! Ms Perrine continued to develop the original characters while introducing some new ones. I experienced many emotions while reading this book, but the laugh out loud humor sprinkled throughout the novel made it special for me.

  • Sarah Adamson
    2019-06-26 02:52

    The third book in the series but my first book. A nice fun Christian romance which many church members will find filled with the characters they know and love from their attendance.

  • Kathleen (Kat) Smith
    2019-06-04 08:52

    I have been in love with the Butternut Creek series from author Jane Myers Perrine since the first novel. The cast of characters she has so lovingly created that live in the small town are rich in humor, love and purpose. If you haven't read any of them, please start at the beginning with The Welcoming Committee of Butternut Creek, then The Matchmakers of Butternut Creek before picking up The Wedding Planners of Butternut Creek. In this small town, are a group of older women simply known as the Widows. Most of them are just that, widowed elderly women who have taken it upon themselves to help the town out wherever needs prevail. The leader, a woman known as Birdie or Miss Birdie is Birdie Macdowell. She is the voice of the entire group and is often strong willed and blunt but she means well in what she does. Her goal since the series began was to find their new minister, Adam Jordan, a wife. In a town this small, where the elderly greatly outnumber the younger, this poses a problem. Especially when Adam digs his feet in and kindly thanks the Widows for their well meaning intention, but he isn't interested. When he met Gussie Milton, he wasn't interested in love, but over time, he found the perfect wife to be in her. But in the time he has taken to get to know her, the Widows feel he is dragging his feet and they firmly resolve to get them engaged, married and procreating to fill up the house the pastor is residing in. Now they simply need to make sure he understands just how committed they will need to be. Armed with more than good intentions the Widows of Butternut Creek are about to move their plans into the next phase and understand there is a wedding in the future. They just need to convince Adam it's time to propose and they intend on helping him do just that. Now that Adam's sister Hannah has returned to Butternut Creek to heal from malaria while working as a doctor in Africa, the Widows have another plan in mind. With the high school basketball coach, Gabe Borden on the available list, they have just added another single woman to their list of eligible possibilities for Gabe. Only they don't realize that Hannah is no match for their "helpfulness" in finding her an eligible husband even if she is more than attracted to him. Oh but the Widows of Butternut Creek are about to have their work truly cut out for them in this novel and hopefully the right love arrows will be placed in the right hearts. I received The Wedding Planners of Butternut Creek by Jane Myers Perrine compliments of Faith Words, a division of Hachette Book Groups for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and the opinions expressed here are strictly my own. I love the entire town and the people like Miss Birdie and the Widows are ones I can relate to. They are struggling to find purpose in life after raising their own families, dealing with the loss of their husbands, and trying to find something to help pass the time. They are filled with love for each of the people who live in town and even Miss Birdie will find out just how much all of her efforts to help people out will come back when she needs help the most. All in all, I hope this isn't the last novel for the Butternut Creek series and hope to see what the Widows are up to next. I easily give this one a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

  • Julie Graves
    2019-06-13 03:55

    Gussie and Adam are finally engaged and the Widows are busy planning the wedding. But before the wedding can take place there needs to be an actual date set. In the meantime Adam’s sister Hannah comes to town. Hannah has been in Kenya and is worn out from all of her doctoring. Hannah has never been one that knows how to relate to others. When the Widows see her as a potential for their matchmaking skills Hannah’s social barrier goes up even more. Gabe has always found Hannah’s picture to be very attractive. He hardly recognizes the shell that Hannah has become. Still there is some spark between them that Gabe would love to explore. Gabe’s looks take Hannah’s breath away. No man has ever done that to her before. Hannah’s faith has been shaken, but in Butternut Creek she has been able to recover from her illness and rediscover her faith. Will Hannah also be able to discover love? If the Widows have their way the answer is YES! I really enjoyed this story! It was filled with humor and quaint small-town comfort. The Widows are quite the characters. Especially Miss Birdie, who as always is stubborn to a fault but cares deeply for those around her. I found Adam to be a very wise pastor when dealing with the Widows as well as caring deeply for his sister and those in his care. He and Gussie continue to grow in their love for one another in the midst of all of the Widows antics. I think they will make a great team as they care for the town of Butternut Creek. I look forward to the next installment in the series which I hope will find the Widows finding a mate for Mattie Patillo the young female pastor in town.

  • Trinity Rose
    2019-06-11 09:50

    I read book two in the Butternut Creek series entitled The Matchmakers of Butternut Creek and really loved it. This book The Wedding Planners of Butternut Creek was really good, but not as good as book two in my opinion. I love the description of Butternut Creek and it reminds me of Jan Karon’s Mitford books, but this story was a little slow and lacked what the last one had. I don’t think anyone would let a bunch of older ladies plan their wedding and tell them what to do and how to do it. It doesn’t matter that they are members of the church or not. Then they try to be a matchmaker to the pastors sister and she is still recovering from illness and isn’t doing well. I didn’t like that part. The part I did like of this book was how everyone helped when a tornado went through a small town close by. How they worked and supported the victims and lent a hand in all ways they could. This was a fine book, but not on the top of my favorites. I will although recommend it for it is full of fun, hardships and love.I received my free copy from Sarah Reck at Faith Words/HachetteBookGroup, for my review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255

  • Aimee
    2019-05-26 03:54

    This was just an ok read for me. The characters were likable and I loved the small town setting but the plot was very predictable and boring. The story really revolves around two different couples and the Widows attempts to marry them both off as quickly as they can. Adam is easy enough for the widows to convince and he is engaged and happy quickly. Gabe and Hannah give the ladies a lot more to work on for another happy wedding to occur. The major problem I had with the book was Gabe and Hannah, they had zero chemistry. There dialogue seemed so forced and painful I had a hard time believing they would ever fall in love. The ending wrapped everything up so neatly and sweetly it just seemed a bit unbelievable to me considering the short amount of time Gabe and Hannah spent together during the book.If you enjoy cozy reads set in small towns with quirky characters you might enjoy this one, if you are looking for a little more I would not recommend this one.

  • Melissa
    2019-06-18 01:48

    The third novel in Perrine’s small-town series is an utter delight. What seems light and fluffy from the title is actually a heartfelt tale of faith, family and what love really means. Readers will enjoy returning to Butternut Creek and catching up with their favorite characters as they search for love and contentment.The Widows of Butternut Creek will not rest until their pastor, Adam, is married. He seems to have found true love with Gussie, but his proposal is not coming as quickly as the elderly ladies would like. Meanwhile, Adam’s sister, Hannah, has arrived home from Africa, where she lived and practiced as a doctor for many years. Recovering from malaria and angry with God about the suffering in the world, finding love is the last thing she’s looking for — but it’s at the forefront of the Widows’ minds.

  • Dorothy
    2019-05-31 01:41

    I loved this book. The wedding planners are nosy and bossy however they make this book the great book it is. No single man or woman is safe in that town from them. They want everyone to be happily married and they even plan the wedding from the colors of the bridesmaid's dresses to the colors of the tablecloths at the rehersal and receptiondinners. They give the pastor (groom) only one cake to taste as they had already chosen even the cake. It is pretty hilarious to watch them in action. This is also a "gentle read" book. This is what my local library calls Christian books. At the reception dinner they have already latched on to another couple to benefit from their interference into their dating and future wedding.This is #3 in a series and hopefully there will be another soon.

  • Eileen
    2019-06-04 04:29

    This story was a really good story from beginning to end. Took a natural disaster to get a wedding date set but now the planning begins for a wedding for Adam and Gussie. Things aren't boring at all for Adam when his sister returns from Kenya and is slowly recovering from malaria. She is an odd duck with little social skills but she does catch the eye of Gabe the coach. Hector is looking at colleges which has him coming over to the parsonage to visit once in awhile.The whole story was engrossing and I just couldn't put it down. I hope this isn't the end because I love visiting the small town of Butternut Creek.

  • Nancy Goldberg
    2019-06-08 02:33

    l loved this book. Loved coming back to the town and characters The tornado scenes were very well done. Having been through more than my share, l could relate to the characters' struggles to get their lives back. l loved Adam and Gussie having to compromise on the ladies' wedding plans.l really liked Hannah and understood her craziness about Gabe. He's a good guy and very heroic.l hope the widows find someone for Mattie, and l'd love to see what happens between Gabe and Hannah and Farley and Birdie.

  • Ann
    2019-05-27 05:32

    A gentle read in a Hills Country small town of Texas. The people and their problems are real in this book, funny incidences , a light read after reading a few holocaust books which I needed. I enjoyed the character of the minister , not too sure of himself and struggling to find himself in a small church with no budget and a group of busy bodies bent on getting him married. His sister, Hannah Jordan, a brilliant but non- communicative physician was well portrayed. This author knows her congregants very well and does an excellent job of writing about church life and small communities.

  • John
    2019-06-17 09:32

    Loved this series so much. I thought The Wedding Planners was as good as the others and in some ways I liked it a little more. The worst thing about the book is as of now it is the last in the series and I will miss Butternut Creek very much. Since this book was completed 2 years ago I am not sure if Mrs. Perrine plans to pen any more, but if she does I will have my pre-order in as soon as it is available. I HIGHLY recommend the Butternut Creek series. Just give it a chance and I bet you will be sucked in from the first book until the last.

  • JennLynn
    2019-06-25 04:36

    A pleasant last visit to Butternut Creek. The inveterate "widows" have finally succeeded with Adam and Gussie. Now they have Adam's sister, a doctor returned from Kenya, to work on. During the aftermath of a tornado, she and the local basketball coach seem to be connecting, but she is a little difficult to get along with. The book doesn't end conclusively, but the Butternut Creek magic seems to be working. Wish there were a book four!

  • Kathy
    2019-05-26 02:38

    This was a delightful book! I truly enjoyed getting to know all of the characters. This is the third book of the series, so I jumped in at the end, but I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The author gave the needed history in a concise way, which I appreciated. I would love to read the other books as well. One thing I especially enjoyed was the humor throughout the book. For anyone who likes Jan Karon's Mitford series, you will love Butternut Creek!

  • Susannah Carleton
    2019-06-03 07:54

    The Butternut Creek series is wonderful, and this story, the third, is a lovely addition. Adam and Gussie become engaged, then marry at the end, allowing The Widows to congratulate themselves on another successful matchmaking effort.I hope there will be more books in the series: Hannah and Gabe's romance is still not quite resolved, and Rev. Mattie Pattillo still needs a husband.

  • Tammy Downing
    2019-05-27 01:37

    A delightful tale of love, romance and a group of well-minded meddling older ladies. I really enjoyed this story and plan on reading the others in the series. The characters are well developed and the plot is very believable. Thanks to Goodreads First Reads contest for selecting me to win this lovely book.

  • Donna
    2019-05-28 04:53

    This book took me about 150 pages before I could get into it and then my attention span wouldn't stay with it. I don't know if it was just me or the book but I couldn't rate it very high. This was a giveaway from Goodreads, so thank you for the book. I didn't really care for the nosey Widows, they were too pushy. This was a Goodreads free book......

  • Linda
    2019-06-02 05:48

    The great thing about electronic books is that you can immediately download the next in the series!! That is what I did with this book.Not much to add about this book except for the storylines were not wrapped up neatly and some characters were dropped towards the end of the book.Hopefully, we will get more stories from Butternut Creek in the future.

  • Joy
    2019-06-17 05:40

    You just gotta love the women of Butternut Creek church, determined to get the pastor married. Filled with colorful characters that will keep you chuckling. I recommend reading this series in order so that you don't miss a moment of the overall story. I'm so looking forward to the next book!I received a copy of this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

  • Cathy
    2019-06-14 08:56

    very sweet read. I've read so many books lately with so much sex in them, it was so refreshing to read a book with sweet romance as well as drama and comic relief. It is helpful to read the two previous books in the series. They are all really good.

  • Robin
    2019-06-06 06:38

    Thoroughly enjoyed this read. Lovely, charming and heart warming.

  • Mellanie C
    2019-06-04 09:42

    I registered a book at!

  • Susan
    2019-06-16 04:43

    Such a precious story of redemption, forgiveness, healing...and much more! Witty and fun too!

  • Pam
    2019-06-25 02:56

    This is the third book in the series and was just as enjoyable as the first two. It reminded me of the Mitford series by Jan Karon and also took me back to my young days in a church in a small town.

  • Julie
    2019-05-28 09:35

    A sweet story of the lives of people living in small town Texas. Everything goes well.

  • Franknannie
    2019-05-31 02:57

    The last in this series. I enjoyed these books very much, and wish there were more! They were sweet and tender. Just lovely.

  • KyBunnies
    2019-06-21 09:37

    And finally the main character gets his chance at true love. Great series! Great story! Love the plot. Love the characters. Sad to see this series end.

  • elizabeth bredin
    2019-06-08 03:51

    Great ending for this town based LaserJetI felt like I lived in butternut creek. I wish I did What a great group of characters. Wonderful stories. Great summer read.M

  • Christina Bell
    2019-05-31 02:52

    I read so many "heavy" books that this was a delightful diversion.

  • Vicki
    2019-06-16 06:32

    Love this series!