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My name is Lyra Heartstrings, and you will not remember me. You won't even remember this conversation. Just like with everypony else I've ever met, everything I do or say will be forgotten. Every letter I've written will appear blank; every piece of evidence I've left behind will end up missing. I'm stuck here in Ponyville because of the same curse that has made me so forgMy name is Lyra Heartstrings, and you will not remember me. You won't even remember this conversation. Just like with everypony else I've ever met, everything I do or say will be forgotten. Every letter I've written will appear blank; every piece of evidence I've left behind will end up missing. I'm stuck here in Ponyville because of the same curse that has made me so forgettable. Still, that doesn't stop me from doing the one thing that I love: making music. If my melodies find their way into your heart, then there is still hope for me. If I can't prove that I exist, I can at least prove that my love for each and every one of you exists. Please, listen to my story, my symphony, for it is me....

Title : Background Pony
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Background Pony Reviews

  • Logan
    2019-01-08 03:31

    I have an understandably difficult time admitting that a confounded My Little Pony fanfiction has changed my life and my entire perspective on the human experience. I'm going to admit it anyways. This book has occupied my time and most of my day-to-day thoughts for a good 4 months now, because it encompasses so many facets of what makes our life so beautiful and significant. Family relationships - Friendship - Heroism - Industry - Pain - The inevitability of death - Love...Most importantly, what it is that forms the core of our being, and what our effect will be on the world after we are gone, even if it is nothing but memories."Do you ever wonder if we forget things because... there are things in the past that are so sad, that it'd be better if they didn't exist at all? That life would be nobler, stronger, and more promising if we simply... marched past it and pretended that history was different?"I'll admit that anybody can find a lot to hate about this book. First of all, Ponies: gag. It's about as large as a "Combined works of Dickens" cake with War and Peace as icing on the top. It tends to be a bit repetitive and dragged-out, particularly before Chapter 6. Parts of it are also so soul-crushingly depressing that any reader will be reduced to a fractured, sobbing wreck (Don't say I didn't warn you). But if those facts don't daunt you, then I recommend this book to everybody. In my opinion, Chapter 12 on its own rivals the greatest works of classic fiction, and it almost stays at that level until the very end.

  • Sam Wurth
    2018-12-21 06:17

    My favorite story. Other authors have, perhaps, more practiced writing, other books may be more quickly recognizable as classics, and certainly others are shorter in length. Nevertheless, this beautiful tale has captured my heart and mind more than any other. I have read it several times, and I still feel the need to read it again.Do not be off-put by the subject matter- the fact that they are ponies is irrelevant to the real meaning of the story. Neither should you lend weight to the author's pseudonym- he (she?) generally writes comedy, hence the odd phrase. Do not idly read the text. Be prepared for the frequent discussion of philosophy.This story has given me hope, despair, joy and laughter- it has fostered in me a deep interest in philosophy and a rekindling of my love for music. It causes me to reconsider the role of suffering in this world, and shows characters and places that have become iconic in my mind as I read of them again and again.If you push through the first few chapters (which are near-perfect in hindsight) you will be rewarded greatly. I know I have. Enjoy!

  • Jordan
    2018-12-25 03:25

    How would you feel and what would you do if you suddenly became cursed so that no one could remember you and all evidence of your existence would be erased? The longer you think about it, the more you realize:- how hellish that situation would be.- the intricate role of memories in human relationships.- how thankful you are for the people who know you as a person.That is the strength of Background Pony. It explores some interesting (and uncomfortable) questions about human nature from just about every angle imaginable. That alone makes it a plentiful reward for the time spent reading all 430,000 words, which is the basis of my 5/5 rating.It is, of course, more than food for thought. The protagonist is a beautiful character who follows a downward spiral of loneliness and ennui in an idyllic village that lives on, unaware of her. Immersing myself in her experience, as difficult as it was, was simultaneously heartbreaking and elevating. The vivid mental images of the last chapter continue to haunt me.

  • A.
    2019-01-02 03:31

    Not a review proper, just some short notes• The plot was very good and I have no qualms with it. Do not want to discuss it in any detail in order to avoid spoilers, but in short: very interesting premise and realistic personal journey, excellent ending. Brings up many very interesting subjects and makes you think - see Jordan's review for more on this.• The language was often much too flowery for my tastes. I didn't mind it during "reflective" parts since it has its charm, however it seriously breaks immersion during dialogue and results in many lines sounding extremely awkward and cringeworthy. The writer constantly uses long, unnatural sentences, and one minor thing that annoyed me was the overuse of "teehee" during speech. While reading, I was under the impression that the author doesn't really speak to much people in real life and primarily communicates through writing. Here are three examples (all these lines are casually spoken by characters):What remarkable and hitherto unprecedented series of microscopic organs inside such a tiny creature could possibly be capable of performing such a scientifically improbable feat?!What say you? Enough pretense! Let it all hang out like your brother-in-law on Hearth's Warming Eve! Let's kick sprinkles and chew gumdrops and not plan the funeral until the whole sad world has somehow forgotten to enjoy the taste of both of them!And just like the four of you, he made his connection — through time and space and firmaments — with a song. A song that he wrote, but — much like those tunes of an unsung realm — it was something I came to discover with much dedication and commitment. You see, I too have a story.• All the "comedy" scenes were (to me) very grating and awful. I'll give an example of a "funny" line underneath - if you don't mind this then it won't be a problem, but I despised the humour. Chapter X is almost exclusively composed of such sentences, and for me it was a pain to sludge through.This little story's gonna knock the socks off you self-inflated, overcultured rhythmtards! And then you're gonna ask yourselves 'Why the heck was I wearing socks in the first place — cuz that's totally last year's overused joke, and besides, ew!'• Really liked the formula used to begin and end chapters. They all start with a series of questions and an overview of what is in the heroine's mind at that point in time; and end with a powerful pointa ("punchline") summarizing the effect the events had on her. This is one part of the writing that was definitely done right.• Unfortunately, the plot itself was to me not enough to properly enjoy this work. If you're good at suspension of disbelief and can buy the type of humour and dialogue I gave examples of, then you're much more likely to like it. Otherwise the experience will be much less enjoyable. I am a great fan of sad stories, but the writing constantly broke my immersion and made it difficult to empathize with the main character, apart from the ending.

  • Balaram Briant
    2019-01-11 08:07

    (beware spoilers)Background Pony is a novel written with foresight and metaphysics that hold fast until the second to last chapter. The book is sterling, and I highly recommend it for its development of a background character of little significance into an altruist of the highest calibre - a character whose understanding of the tenets of Friendship is Magic runs deepest and persists throughout infinite hardship unto desolation. The near-gaudy metaphor is endearing and a hallmark of the author's style, but it may not be appreciated by all. The book is written with such variegation betwixt its lengthy chapters that Lyra's activities and relationships in Ponyville slowly become part of the readers own experience. Ultimately my only complaint was the ending, which I felt was in a way anticlimactic, because the true climax would only occur with Lyra's acquisition of liberty from her curse. Maybe I'll write an alternative ending...

  • Wlsw
    2019-01-09 04:26

    Read this on a whim. The premise of this story was great and the author's intentions to express many of the values that he/she clearly holds to is commendable. However,it seems that the prose is so often punctuated by flowery language that draws away from the message.The author does have many points to get across, but drowns them in fanciful language in the process. It's just too much and shows signs of an author trying TOO hard.I by no means am saying that the author is trying to cover up a weak prose or to sound intelligent. It could just as easily be the intended style of writing, but at least for this reader, it is simply too much.A good read, such as this one, delivers enough emotion to the reader and makes them impressed by numerous vivid pictures, but a great read, stays relatively minimalist, paints the outlines of a scene, then lets the reader paint in the colors.

  • Joshua Echague
    2019-01-04 10:14

    I have never in my life have ever read something as beautiful as this. "I couldn't stop thinking... that a true guardian angel's merit is not measured in what she holds onto, but in what she gives up."

  • Rhece Ehlert
    2019-01-08 06:28

    This book has changed my view on many things it's beautifully written chapters have moved, inspired, and shocked me. I can not give this book justice and that's saying something.