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An eternity of passion cannot be quelled by society.  Once upon a time Donovan assured Lily all of her dreams would come true. But how could he keep the promise of a fairy tale when her truest goals could not involve him, though her deepest desires did? Now, Lily has it all—love, passion, a family, and the career of her dreams—with Christopher. But something is lacking. ShAn eternity of passion cannot be quelled by society.  Once upon a time Donovan assured Lily all of her dreams would come true. But how could he keep the promise of a fairy tale when her truest goals could not involve him, though her deepest desires did? Now, Lily has it all—love, passion, a family, and the career of her dreams—with Christopher. But something is lacking. She and Donovan have spent the last ten years living apart, and the soul mates are eager to reunite. Can Donovan keep his promise to give Lily all she desires, even with Christopher in the way?   For Lily and Donovan, the past is a mirror to the future that cannot be shattered.   Donovan is convinced Lily has been his love for all eternity. Determined to unravel the past, they embark on a journey to discover where it all began. For centuries Donovan has stolen Lily’s heart while forced to suffer for his love. How much can a soul endure before the breaking point is reached and a monster emerges? Can the demons of the past be combated to pave the way for happiness in the next life? Or has the abuse suffered in this life already turned Donovan hell bound? Time and again, one woman has destroyed their happiness. It’s time to silence her once and for all...

Title : Time's Forbidden Flower
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Time's Forbidden Flower Reviews

  • Rosalinda *KRASNORADA*
    2019-06-19 06:45

    The past is a mirror to the future that cannot be shattered. Time's Forbidden Flower is the second installment on Lily's & Donovan story. It's really hard to review this one without spoilers so I'll be very vague because I want all of you to give this series a try and I want you to go blind.This is a love story, a special one because Lily & Donovan's love is Forbidden. Why you ask? Because they're siblings which in our society is a huge taboo, isn't it?Diane's writing style is exquisite. So easy to read, like words are just floating in the air and you can't stop feeling what the characters are experiencing. ***Don't read from this point if you haven't read book #1***"Basically, every song is our song" So Donovan & Lily are living very close again and what do they say? Oh yeah, where there was fire ashes remain...They now have their lives, their responsibilities and another significant ones to look after but when your soul belongs to someone else, you can't look pass that fact, can you?"I'll never be in love with anyone the way I am with you"But, is love enough to fight all demons and be together no matter what? Even when you have a family and you need to explain them you're in love with your brother?But what happens when you discover something that proves that this love will last forever? And when I say forever, I mean forever (view spoiler)[ soul mates love and all(hide spoiler)]In my opinion, this was a very well written end for their story. I wish (view spoiler)[ they could have been together sooner but I understand their love was not an easy one.(hide spoiler)] I loved the journey, Diane!Lily and Donovan will always have a place in my heart!P.S. I personally LOVED Christy's review so just in case you haven't read it, go have a look:["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Christy
    2019-06-19 05:53

    5 Eternal Stars!!!!!Once you know how it feels to have your soul satisfied, it’s hard not to crave it, let alone resist caving to it’s temptation.Some people just belong together. They have an undeniable connection, a pull towards one another. They can’t fight it... they are just meant to be. What if you felt this way towards another person? You needed them like you needed air. They completed you. But you couldn’t be together without sacrificing everything... Love’s Forbidden Flower is one of the best forbidden love stories I have ever read. I felt such a connection to Donovan and Lily, I loved them both and I was so looking forward to the continuation of their story. It didn’t disappoint. Years have passed. Donovan and Lily are in two different places in their lives. Lily is living her dream. She owns her own bakery, is happily married with children, but something is always missing from her life. Or someone. As happy is she is with Christopher and her family, without Donovan in her life, things just aren’t complete. She still see’s him, just not all the time. It’s easier that way. ‘I feel so much more complete when you’re around.’Donovan has always known that Lily is the only one for him. There will never be anyone else. He is willing to do anything, sacrifice anything to give her what she needs. If thats a normal family with a normal husband, than so be it. Donovan has worked hard to overcome his issues. He is now a psychologist, married to Anna with a daughter of his own. He loves Anna, but it is a different kind of love. ‘I’ll never be in love with anyone the way I am with you.’After only seeing each other on holidays and vacations for years, they start to spend more time together when their mother is ill. They are there for each other. They stick together. You and me, forever.Fate takes a turn and brings the two of them together, in the same city, for the first time. Donovan gets a great job opportunity and moves his family to the same city that Lily lives in. They are now less than an hour apart. Everything that was ever ‘missing’ in their lives is now coming together, making them whole. It is not all easy, however. It is a struggle. Lily is committed to staying faithful to her husband... but being around Donovan all of the time makes it difficult. To have the person that owns a part of you always around, and not be able to act on it is hell. They spend a lot of time together, trying to be normal. Have family dinners, bring each other lunches at work, etc. They both struggle at times, but they can’t ever forget their feelings. Can’t ever let go of what they had. 
‘Please, Lily. Don’t ever let what’s left of us go.’‘I can’t. I’ll always love you.’‘And I’ll always love you.’As time goes on, it gets harder and harder not to cross that line. When things change, revelations are made, what will happen with the relationship between Donovan and Lily? Will they be able to stay behind the line they crossed? Will they do as planned, stay with their spouses through better or worse, live their lives as brother and sister... Or is it inevitable that these soul mates end up together? The characters in this book are wonderful. My sweet Donovan... I love this man. He has lived such a tortured life, but he is still such a beautiful soul. No matter what, he is always putting Lily first. He is the greatest. There were moments... a few, that just broke my heart. I shed some tears for Donovan... (view spoiler)[ ‘We could have had it, Lily. It was in our hands, and I don’t understand why we were robbed.‘I swear Lily, give us another chance and I will never let you go.’ (hide spoiler)]. 
Lily... I love Lily as well. Though I understood all the choices she made, I’m not sure I agreed with them all. I guess I am still too stuck in the ‘what could have been’ mind set- (view spoiler)[I really wish when all the crap with Christopher went down, when they got the DNA testing etc, she would have left him. I understand 100% why she didn’t... but ALL THAT TIME they could have been together, it just makes me sad that they missed out on so much. (hide spoiler)]. I’m not sure how I felt about Christopher in this book... It’s hard for me to like him, because I am still sour about how things went down. Now Anna on the other hand... I have very clear feelings about that one. And they are not happy feelings... the same with their mother. Worst parent ever. I loved Eric, he was great. And the kids, especially Anotina. The end scene with her had me in happy tears.I know not everyone does, but I so do believe in soul mates. Maybe thats why I love these books so much. Going back to all the ‘past stories’ of Lily and Donovan was intense. It made things clearer. This a couple that are truly made to be together. Their journey was not an easy one, not by a long shot, but through it all, they always had each other. The writing in this book is stunning. The author has such a way with words. Truly beautiful. Lily and Donovan’s story has touched my heart. It’s one I won’t be forgetting. The journey of these two soul mates is incredible, heart breaking, inspiring and fulfilling. The ending left me a little conflicted, but overall, I was satisfied with how it ended. There is only one thing I wish was different(view spoiler)[ I just wanted them to have more time together. It broke my heart that they had all those years apart... all that wasted time. It made me so sad, especially for Donovan. Spending a bulk of his life stuck with Anna. Heartbreaking. (hide spoiler)] but I do understand why it didn’t go that direction, and I am still happy with the way it turned out. I hope more people will give this beautiful, unconventional, forbidden love story a go.(view spoiler)[We will be together again, Donovan. Though all of time you have been my light, my guardian, my love. I will plead our case so that we will no longer be enslaved to misery. (hide spoiler)]**ARC kindly provided by author, Diane Rinella, in exchange for a honest review**["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Johanna
    2019-06-04 01:10

    ^^^3 Love Conquers All Stars^^^ "My love for you is endless and shall never die."What would you do if your soul mate was a sibling? Imagining it is unfathomable but I certainly do love reading about it. In Time's Forbidden Flower, Lilly and Donovan have established some semblance of a normal life with significant others. The challenges that lie ahead are unresolved questions which took place in Love's Forbidden Flower. We get snippets of information throughout the book. But we are held totally clueless when things unravel before their eyes. Even Christopher, has skeletons in his closet. Time's Forbidden Flower is a continuation of Lily, Donovan, and Christopher's journey of personal issues, family crisis, and matrimonial issues. But the bare bones of the story this story is how Lily and Donovan are contemplating their inner love for one another. Especially when finding solace can only be acquired when they are together. I truly enjoyed Lily, Donovan, and Christopher's story but the story felt a bit discombobulated at times. I had a rough time trying to figure out how all these new change of events lead up to the big picture. Unfortunately, I felt no connection to the main characters, and couldnt sympathize with them at all. **ARC courtesy of the author, Diane Rinella, in exchange for an honest review**

  • Mistress
    2019-06-08 08:02

    "Love doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be true."*breathes out reverently* OhWOW!Wow, wow, wow… Reading this book is like living multiple lifetimes. I feel like I actually lived them. I became a part of this book; it drew me in from the beginning. I had the hardest time putting this extraordinary story down. I had several sleepless nights as I stayed up until 5am reading because I just couldn’t bare to stop experiencing this undying love. When I was forced away from my reading, I couldn’t stop thinking about this captivating story, about this miraculously epic love. My heart was crushed too many times to count throughout this journey, but there was always a glimmer of hope. That hope is what I lived for while experiencing this tale of love that transcends time. Oh my, I really can’t do this story justice with my words. I wish you could feel what I feel inside. I have a lump in my throat and tears shining in my eyes as I type this. The sense of all-encompassing love surrounds me and I feel like I’m floating. I know this review is overly emotional, but I can’t help it. This story is different, set apart… it is original, creative, soul-shattering, alluring, and completely unforgettable. I can’t explain that feeling I get when I finish a book and feel like I just read something that has changed me and will live with me always. This is one of the best stories I have ever read. The writing was beautiful, almost poetic at times. I am highly impressed with this author. I can’t wait to read the rest of her books. I highly recommend this enthralling story. I feel like my life has been enriched just by being able to read these fascinating words. "I know you." "Of course you do. You would never forget."

  • Annie Brewer
    2019-05-29 04:06

    One word: INCREDIBLE!!!!Bravo Diane, you rocked the house with this book. I told you, you would. Wow, I'm speechless. So much happened at like the last 30% of this book that I had to keep myself locked up from all interruptions. I needed to know what happened. And again, you didn't disappoint. Aside from the tears and curses, I was ridiculously happy. But by the end, I was a mess. It was bittersweet and beautiful. Both Lily and Donovan captivated me from book 1 and of course that hot novella. And this was no different. Way. To. Fucking go!!! More readers need to experience Donovan and Lily's story. It's heartbreaking but inspiring. I loved every second of it. I think people need to give this series a chance. It's left a gaping hole in my heart now that I finished it! Review to come later...

  • A.R. Von
    2019-06-19 05:59

    Time’s Forbidden Flower continues right off from where Love’s Forbidden Flower left off and goes further into the future of Lily, Donavan and Christopher. A great addition to the Forbidden series that any fans of the series and genre will enjoy.Lily is now almost living the life she’s always dreamed of. She is happy and has accomplished her dream/goal. Now she’s to face many bumps and choices, even more than before. Some happy, some sad. But through it all she still has Donavan…Donavan is now healed up from his ailments and starting a brand new life. All without letting go of his feelings for Lily. I do not believe he could even if he REALLY tried! He knows from deep within his soul what is meant to be in this life and the next, is what will happen.I love stories that have to do with soul deep love, fate and the unstoppable draw of soul mates. This is one of them. I’m sad to see the series at its end but am very happy with its ending. I look forward to more of this authors future works :)

  • Clarifina ~Books Are My Drugs~
    2019-06-06 05:09

     Eeeeeeeeeep! Can't wait for this one! Love's Forbidden Flower left me heartbroken.

  •  A
    2019-06-03 08:46

    I totally regret reading this piece of crap

  • Darla
    2019-06-16 08:55

    Ok wow this book was/is amazing! Diane has done it again. I hate to give spoilers I think you as a reader should read it with an open mind....that being said ill try not to give to much away! This story is told thought out a span of years it starts at a wedding and it ends in death but who's... Was Liliy,Donovan, and Christopher always in life together? Where did it all start and how will it all end??? Read this one to find out :)

  • Dania
    2019-06-22 05:45

    lovely book.. from last year i was debating about this book.. but i was so scared that normally every incest book end with me holding tissue box.. but finally wow it end with happy ending and i m all smiling.. beautiful story about soul mates... and wow i love it..

  • Maureen Mckenzie
    2019-06-24 08:53

    Loved the rest of the story. Left me with totally unexpected thoughts and emotions that I can't explain, and recommend this book. Thank you Diane- I thought it was brilliant

  • Lueniale
    2019-06-23 07:02

    BE WARNED: There will be hint of spoilers below though I'll try to exclude the ending.I want to meet the author and give my thanks to her personally! I love this book so much!I've recently read forbidden love stories between siblings like Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma and Flowers in the Attic by VC Andrews, but both, though marvelous, made me feel hallow inside. I couldn't read other genres anymore. I kept searching for forbidden love stories that could finally satisfy my soul, and here it is!! I had so much fun reading it! Yes, it might be full on drama, but it's the book the I've been looking for, and the only one that made me satisfy despite being forbidden, so THANK YOU Diane Rinella for fulfilling my search! Now I can finally venture on to new genres. Although I'm quite lazy to do anything right now, it feels like a crime if I won't make a review of the book immediately! I want to make my review while my feelings about the book from the beginning to end are still fresh. My time was well spent that I need to give justice by giving this one a review and my 5 stars. As for my feelings for the entire plot.It was bittersweet, and romantic. Lovely!!! It's hard to choose between Christopher and Donovan. I want them both for Lily! Heck! I wouldn't have mind polygamy if it was introduced - Yes that's how much I want Lily to be with the both of them! I empathized with the characters. I could feel their pain and jealousy and there were a lot of times I screamed with frustrations that I've felt "for"and "with"the characters. It made me feel various amount of emotions, but I was contented. It's a wonderful and a marvelous story indeed! It made me hopeful towards love, and it made me believe that love can transcend through time. This book is beyond amazing. Christopher EcclesMy gosh! I even giggled like mad when he was first introduced at the first book "Love's Forbidden Flower" - he was really ADORABLE. He was the perfect gentleman the I've been dreaming of. Sweet, humble, talented, and family oriented, not to mention loaded and BRITISH. What more can Lily ask for? Christopher had his insecurities and issues, yet he kept them, and I guessed it all along that he knew Lily's secret, but he remained faithful with her and trusted her completely. Gosh, this is beyond jackpot! I can't grasp how LUCKY Lily was with Christopher! Although I admit I read the series cause I wanted to read forbidden romances like Lily and Donovan had, and even though I rooted for them before I even started with the book, I just can't ignore how charming Christopher was that I stopped rooting for Lily and Donovan and prepared myself for whatever was in store with the 3 (Lily, Donovan, and Christopher). Yeeeppp! That's how much of a road-blocker he was that you just can't ignore and leave. DonovanHe had suffered so much, that I could feel his pain throughout the whole book! Whenever he sees how happy Lily and Christopher were, I knew and felt he was dying inside and I want to cry for him - which I kind of did. I want him to be happy, I want him to have his happily ever after, I want him to be free! Donovan and Lily were my main reason I read the books in the first place. It was their forbidden love which made me drawn with this book. His character was by far the one I empathized most. His love for Lily be it forbidden, was the purest. His love transcended through time... Lily's only soulmate. All I can really say how their love story ended was... peaceful, happy and I was contented. So bravo!!! You've exceeded my expectations with the ending, Diane! I wasn't left shattered and empty unlike with my previous venture on books that contains forbidden relationships like this. AnnaGosh I don't know where to begin with her!!!! I want to like her, but I hate her, I felt sorry for her, then she proves me wrong for hating her so I liked her, then she goes mental and pulls all of my patience left that I go hating her back with full on disgust!!! Then again, if it wasn't for her....SIGHSo basically she had a major role after all. All throughout the story she was pretty... I don't know, useless? Unneeded? Not important? GAH! Yet she proved me wrong at the end. She was the last piece of the puzzle. The entire beauty of the picture wouldn't come to it's finality if it wasn't for her, and her doings. But I will never forgive her! Even if her purpose is for the best interest of the only person she trusted most, still her actions can never be justified especially after she..*SOBS*.. SIGH!! Damn orange juice and DAMN TASTE BUDS!!!! LilyI can actually relate with her. I too want to be a Patissiere like her. Like her, I too want to hold on with love and forever. I too believe in soulmates. Although there were times I just want to slap her due to uncontrollable instances of infidelity, but she was understood. I too would have probably ended up loving both guys. Christopher already made a beautiful tall and sturdy foundation of their relationship that I knew it was gonna be hard to erase or never to be demolished. On the other hand, there were too many history between her and Donovan *cough* both literally and figuratively *cough*, and not to mention they're soulmates. So I kind of understood her choices at the end. I wouldn't have wanted her to chose otherwise either.I know this 2nd book concluded the story, but I want more of Donovan x Lily x Christopher! May it be in another form of characters! Hopefully the author releases more new stories of them.

  • Jessica (Stuck in Books)
    2019-06-20 02:57

    You know how sometimes you read a book and then you have NO IDEA how to explain how you feel about that book? You just know you love that book so hard and you want to say that and tell why, but you simply CANNOT find the words? I'm having one of those moments. So I'm going to try my best, but I just want you to know that I love this book so much. For real, I can't even.OKAY, so. I also loved the first book, Love's Forbidden Flower, and I was happy to see there would be a sequel. I was excited to see what was next for the characters and I had so many questions about what life would be like for them after all the cluster-fudge of a situation they'd been through. Honestly, though, I wasn't expecting to LOVE this book. I thought I'd like it and have a good time reading it, but holy goodness, this thing caught me off guard by how fantastic it was. Again, Diane Rinella has written a beautifully compelling story, and yet again she has gotten my feels twisted all up in a bunch. Lily and Donovan's situation is still something I'm not too sure about, but it is also still something that is a part of the reason this story is so beautiful and wonderful. There's just SOMETHING about those two...I can't exactly put my finger on it, but I never want it to stop.These characters...I care so much for them. I feel the same as I did before for Lily, but I also feel like I understand her a bit more now. So I'm okay with her, but she's not my favoritest ever. Donovan... I've always felt for him, but I think I kind of love him now. I think that's because I understand HIM better now, too. And I enjoy time spent with him. He's sweet and loving and I can't just overlook that. CHRISTOPHER. Oh, my boy. My boy my boy my boy. I still love this guy more than I can even explain. There were parts where I was like "OHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOO" regarding him and other things, but when it all comes down to it, I love him no matter what. He's just the biggest sweetheart! And his accent does make me giggle.Anna. I hate that chick so freaking hard. Like, if she were to be in front of me right now, I'd punch her in her stupid face. And I'm usually not this mean to characters, even if I don't like them! (Well, except for Blake from the Lux series. I don't care how sorry his arse is, I would punch him.) I should probably feel bad for her or something, but I can't do it. Nope. She frustrated me so much and I can't even explain why because that would be spoilery...CHRISTOPHER. WHHHHHHHHHY. << That should make no sense to you whatsoever until you read the book. Sorry. Actually, I'm not sorry. It felt good to let that out. *cries*The ending of this book made me so happy. And I seriously wish there was more! I know Lily and Donovan's story is over, but still. I WANT MORE. Wah. We got a lot of answers in this book, and things made so much more sense. And that's probably why I'm more okay with Lily and Donovan's situation now, because I understand that better, too. Whoa. I have so much understanding now.Overall, this book made just as much of an impact (possibly even more of one) on my heart as Love's Forbidden Flower did. I love this book, and I love these characters, and I love this beautiful, beautiful story. If you've read Love's Forbidden Flower, I think you should definitely read Time's Forbidden Flower because it is so worth reading. There are so many answers, and it is worth the jumble your emotions will become. Especially the ending. Oh, yeah, that ending was so worth it. LOVELOVELOVE, I can't express that enough!Also, I'm keeping Christopher. <3You can find more from me on my blog: Just a Booklover

  • Katie
    2019-06-19 02:52

    Good golly, what an ending! I thoroughly enjoyed reading Love’s Forbidden Flower; it’s about a relationship that is not acceptable in society, but the true love aspect and hardships the couple go through are eternal. Time’s Forbidden Flower continues on their story and the struggle between their love and the love for their families. Diane Rinella has a great writing style and it allowed me a glimpse inside the characters hearts and minds, even for just a short while. Lilyanna and Donovan are siblings that discovered feelings for each other that are not your ordinary brother/sister feelings. They are stronger and more intimate and highly unaccepted. Donovan and Lily made a very tough decision and knowing that they couldn’t have children together, decided to make families with others. Lily still loves Christopher and accepted his proposal; because he is on the other side of the world, two weddings take place and Donovan finds it hard to walk Lily down the aisle, not once, but twice. Donovan brings his own surprise and tells Lily of his engagement to Anna. Jealously seeps through, but Lily has to remember how happy she is with Christopher and let Donovan create his own family.We skip ahead now and both are successful in their own right. Lilyanna has her own bakery, with Christopher working during the day and band practising at night; they have two beautiful children, Graham and Antonia. Donovan is a psychologist and Anna a nurse they have one daughter, Sunshine.Donovan found that healing himself he could also heal others, although he has set backs and triggers that bring forth memories of his past, they all help to keep his triggers hidden. But Anna seems to have her own troubles and provokes Donovan by bringing his triggers out in front of him. What is Anna’s story?Donovan and Lily have unearthed their love is literally eternal and haves travelled through many past lives. Lily visits a specialist and starts to travel through her past lives to find the point where they couldn’t live happily. Within each life, Lily found that everybody in her present life are also a part of her past and have the same characteristics. Their very first life was in Egypt where the eternal love began, but along the way they became cursed. What happened?The temptation is too high for both Donovan and Lily since he moved to Los Angeles, so they decided to distance themselves. Donovan is finding it very hard, especially with their Mother’s illness and her behaviour toward the siblings.Lilyanna and Christopher seem to be drifting apart as Christopher is getting more involved in his band and the upcoming tour. Christopher has family complications of his own and Anna is having a breakdown. Everything appears to be falling apart.Will Christopher and Lilyanna separate? Will Donovan and Lily ever truly be happy together? What is Anna’s story? Who is Antonia’s (Lily’s daughter) father? Why is their Mother so twisted and hateful? I absolutely love the ending of this book. There were so many surprises along the way of Donovan and Lily’s (or Lilyanna’s) journey and I didn’t have any questions unanswered. The full circle and mysteries were all solved and at the end I was smiling. The complicated premise and characters were brilliant and Ms Rinella is very gifted in her writing abilities. I cannot wait to read what Ms Rinella brings out next.

  • Brandee Price
    2019-06-17 00:44

    **4.5 Stars**Time's Forbidden Flower revisits the sibling soul mates, Lily and Donovan. It is years down the road now, with both siblings involved in happy marriages with children and fulfilling careers. However, there is always something amiss - a puzzle piece in each of their lives missing. Living close to one another for the first time in years, the pull Lily and Donovan feel intensifies. In an attempt to understand dreams and memories of long ago, Donovan asks Lily to undergo past life regression therapy. As a believer in soul mates, I relished in Ms. Rinella's use of this tool in explaining Lily and Donovan's strong connection to one another.Throughout Time's Forbidden Flower, I admired Lily and Donovan's strength. They were determined to stand by their commitments and do the right thing, even at their own expense. At one point, Lily is ready to give it all up for Donovan, but they both always realize the stakes. And they know in the end, they'll be together.There were several plot twists and shocking revelations that had me exclaiming loudly. Lana Beckett, Lily and Donovan's mother, continues to be a force to reckon with. She has continually treated Donovan in cruel ways. The depth of her deprivation was startling. I was appalled at her treatment of her children. What I delighted in most was that Ms. Rinella resolved the situation between Lily and Donovan and kept them true to their characters. Although it broke my heart seeing the amount of suffering they endured solely because their souls were born as siblings in this life, I was elated that both were able to have fulfilling family lives. And in the end, Donovan kept all his promises.Obviously, I adore Ms. Rinella's voice. He writing is fluid and lyrical. And she constructed such a riveting story. Lily and Donovan's is a passionate, poignant and powerful tale of eternal love.Favorite Quotes"I remember all you've ever wished, and I'm going to ensure we get everything we've ever desired." --Donovan, Loc 121"Without him, I will never be complete." --Lily, Loc 1488"We are eternal." --Donovan, Loc 2047"Neither of you have done anything wrong. Honest actions are never wrong." --Christopher, Loc 3085"Love doesn't need to be perfect, it just needs to be true." --Christopher, Loc 3353

  • Lori
    2019-06-25 03:53

    Find this review and more at Lusty Penguin Reviews!Diane Rinella fans will be completely captivated by Time’s Forbidden Flower, the final addition to the Forbidden Flower series. Rinella’s narrative is an emotional tale with absorbing characters who have an intriguing story to tell.Lily Eccles blossoms into a beautiful young woman as she balances her career, her husband’s career, and their children. At the same time, Christopher Eccles builds up his music career, even though it keeps him from being at home from time to time when the band goes on tour. On the other hand, Donovan, Lily’s brother, successfully completes therapy and then goes on to become a psychologist. Rinella does a masterful job of maturing these characters as they age, making these characters even more real. Lily’s married life with Christopher gets more complicated when Donovan and his wife move into the area because feelings the siblings have put on the back burner resurface. As we discover, Lily, Donovan, and Christopher are completely interconnected in this life and in previous ones too, which adds incredible depth to this unique love triangle. Rinella exquisitely develops multiple interrelated story lines, containing heart-wrenching plot twists, to go along with the jaw dropping ones that keep the reader fully engaged.After reading the first two books in this series, I couldn’t wait to read this installment because I was anxious to see how the love triangle would play out, and I wasn’t disappointed. Rinella ties up this original story line, managing to blend the happy with the sad (keep tissues handy) to create a thoroughly satisfying conclusion. Time’s Forbidden Flower is a well-executed, dramatic ending to the Forbidden Flower series.I received an eBook copy from the author for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.

  • Crystal Marie
    2019-06-09 04:43

    Past lives is something that has always fascinated me. There is something about them that does keep me wondering if what happens to us in our past can still affect us in our future. Or even still, will the promises that we make to each other now come back to haunt us in our future lives? In Love's Forbidden Flower we meet Lily and Donovan. Two people who seem to be soul mates because of everything they have in common, and their ability to know what the other is thinking. Throughout the course of that book, we find out the things that both of them had went through. In this book, we get to find out what happened to them at the end of the first part of their story. 10 years after everything happened, Lily and Donovan are getting back to the way that things were before, with some exceptions. They each have their own spouses and children to take care of, but they once again know they can rely on each other when they need help with their lives. In this book, they are able to learn more about their past lives, and find out what it is that keeps drawing them to each other. You can tell the amount of time and thought that went into this story, being able to describe the different parts of the past lives that Lily and Donovan shared together was just amazing. Understanding what it is that happened to them that has lead them to the point they are at now was also just great to finally find out! One thing that I did enjoy about this book a lot more than Love's Forbidden Flower is the fact that the characters seemed more mature. My complaint about Lily's character in the previous book is that she seemed very self centered, in this book she isn't. She has finally gotten to the point where she is thinking of others, and not just herself. That showed a large amount of growth on her part. All in all, I enjoyed this story and if you have read Love's Forbidden Flower, you should really check out this book!Review provided by Crystal's Many Reviews

  • Sarah
    2019-06-09 05:47

    Standing Ovation!I can't begin to express in words how much I loved this story & each character. The author left no stone unturned, by the end there's a feeling of completeness that all is as should be. The writing was poetic, she has a true gift with words. She makes you feel every emotion. The villains make you want to scream at the page & slap them silly while the intimate moments have you either laughing with joy or tearing up from the sweet sentiments. Diane does a beautiful job not only expressing the difficulty yet simplicity of forbidden love but also loving two people so completely. She explores many aspects, doing the right thing & denying yourself for the ones you love. Having faith that their time will come. Never letting go even when it's painful. And...a few thing I will keep in the dark for future readers. It's rare an author can create such a dynamic within these two relationships without coming across as cheap, incestuous or unfaithful. Instead she writes of the purity & innocence of it & the complexities of being split in two. Her heart and her soul. It's powerful and stays with you long after the final page. Their story has become my story by how deeply I felt them with me. And still do. For me, there's no team Donovan vs team Christopher but team Donovan & Christopher. Both men were beautiful souls, what woman could choose between them. I'm still in awe. I wish I could read it again for the first time & I'm jealous of those who will get to. This series is going into my favorites shelf & I will be following Diane Rinella's work in the future. If you haven't had a chance to read the Novella Love's Erotic Flower, and you aren't put off by a more risqué look into their bedroom (because it is steamy) find someone with a copy & request it. I personally enjoyed it very much. Well Done! And thank you again for my copy

  • Rachael
    2019-05-29 01:10

    This is the second book to follow Lily and Donovan's story.Ten years into the future they have both gotten married and had children with their spouses. Lily married Christopher and Donovan married a woman named Anna.Although Lily is happy in her marriage she still pines for Donovan. While living apart in different states they only get to see each other on occasion but when they do, they steal secret moments alone, unable to stay apart.Soon, Donovan moves to California to be close to Lily. Thankful to be close again the pair is together a lot, both with their families and alone. Although they both swear not to cheat on their spouses they can't deny that they're still very much in love.They both start seeing a therapist who helps them travel to past lives. They realize they've loved each other for many, many lives. Some lives being similar to this, where they shouldn't be together but fight for it anyway. Others, they were happy and bask in their love. Sealing their thoughts of being soul mates. They've always come back to each other and always will.I don't want to ruin the end but I was very pleased with how it concluded. I almost wish there was a third book but I know everything ended as Lily and Donovan needed.The author did an amazing job of painting a beautiful picture of love, secrets, wants, needs, sacrifices and eternal devotion. This series does follow a taboo subject line but it questions what and who defines love in its entirety. I highly recommend this to book and author.

  • Jane
    2019-06-17 03:04

    This popped up in the Kindle store a lot earlier than expected, so I snagged it. I have been dying for this book! It didn’t disappoint, not in the very least.The drama factor is high, just like in the first book. Twist and turns hit everywhere you look. Incredible! The author had a hell of a job with this one. There were so many directions it could have gone. I never saw this direction coming. Somehow she managed to keep the story lines fresh. Impressive.In the first book we were left with two men and a faithful woman. How do you handle that and stay true to the characters while adding tension that is not triangle driven? Oh, and the woman and one of the men are siblings. When I step back and see what she did, whew! What a ride. What the author has done with this subject, no one has done before. I’m sad to see the series end, but oh, what an end! It’s epic and left me filled with all kinds of hope about my own life. I also noticed that, even though there is true closure, she could work in a whole new book in a whole new situation. Come on, Ms. Rinella. Give us what we want!If you don't like drama, or want something simple, avoid this series. If you love odd characters and twists you don't see coming, and you are good with genuine sibling love that doesn't harp on the, "but your my brother!" bull shit other books throw in your face, you need this.

  • Sharilyn Dickerson
    2019-06-08 01:43

    Like so many others who have reviewed this book and the last one ("Love's Forbidden Flower"), it is hard to review without giving away any spoilers. Lily and Donovan are soul mates... they are also brother and sister. Their love is a forbidden love and one they do the best they can to deal with while trying not to hurt others. There are so, so many secrets revealed in this book! I can't go into ANY of those without giving away things that you, the reader, need to experience for yourself! Like I mentioned in my review of "Love's Forbidden Flower", this could be a difficult read for some people because of the nature of the love story told. It is full of drama, heart-break, twists and turns, love and loss... and I loved every moment of it. I laughed and cried. I wanted to reach into the book and hug Christopher. I wanted to choke the you-know-what out of a couple of females (I'll let you figure out who on your own). A few times I experienced an "Oh my God!" moment with my jaw on the floor and my hand over my mouth. For me, it was THAT good.The ending? It was AMAZING! I can't think of any other possible way it could have ended that would have been better. Great job, Diane.... you have a new fan!

  • Rabby
    2019-06-14 02:59

    Okay so I'm just about half way into this book, and all I can say is I freaking HATE Christopher!!!!! Jesus, it's like seriously GO AWAY!!!! Lily belongs to bloody Donovan not you asshole!! Don't get me wrong he seems nice, I just wish he'd back the fuck off D's girl! And lord knows I don't trust that Anna chick! Damn this book like seriously, them not being married sucks, hoping this ish gets better real soon!........So I'v just finished it and thank god they got to be together! I mean its sad how it happened, but I was rooting for them, all day/everyday! Kinda pissed tho she went back to Chris after she had died (her sprit), like seriously what the fack bitch!? He's your freaking soul mate no? Or did I misread that fact, like a 100x throughout the book!? Thankfully the epilogue gave me a little peace of mind, cause I did want the book to end with D without his Lil! ... Safe to say tho that I love love Donovan! It's a good read, HOWEVER I still prefer the first one! (:

  • C. Rocky
    2019-06-07 01:07

    Wow... I'm kind of sad this book is over. Maybe because the story goes through a big part of the main character's life, I felt I lived along with them.The beginning is a little slow, but then a lot starts happening. This book, just like the first one of the series, could have been shorter. I'm rating it 5 stars because it made me feel so much... Sad, angry, anxious, happy, even bored. Damn, I hate Christopher! He's so boring!! I wanted to hit Lily repeatedly for loving him. How could she compare her love for him with what she felt for Donovan? Besides he was far from perfect as she thought him to be. I loved the supernatural part of the story: Past lives and soul mates, villains, curses and all. I loved it all. Specially the epilogue (It gave me hope!.) And it gave the book kind of a fairy tale feeling. I wish there was a third part with a new life where they would be happy from the start...

  • Biondatina
    2019-06-22 00:50

    I just finish the book and i have to say :I don't understand why this book has some many lovers...The story is ok, a love story ... maybe with some different but ok...I think the fist book was better and i could understand the unconventional love but the second on.... i was bored... It goes, and goes with a lot of things, and revelations, and incidents, and secrets which couldn't add up at the end of the story... bring more confusion i think.Maybe i was a bit tired from the love triangle or maybe cause was unfullilling love story. Some times I want to hit Lily to make a decision, and others i wanted Christopher out of the scene...For me it was just a romance book. I give 2 stars cause i have give at the fist book 3 stars.

  • Robert
    2019-05-28 01:03

    My friends would not stop BUGGING me to read the first book. They were right, I loved it. I seriously want to turn Donovan. After reading the erotica book I think I could. Seriously, the man needs to cross over. ANYWAY, I needless to say I loved the erotica book and was really excited about this one. I was all kinds of skeptical with the past life stuff. Seemed like it would be a little much but I got sucked into it. I kind of missed the younger, brattier Lily from before, but she was funnier than ever here. I did keep wanting to shake her because seriously girlfirnd, Donovan is all that.

  • Ljohnson
    2019-06-12 01:46

    This book got to me on all kinds of amazing levels. I think I cried like three times, like serious tears. I also found some of it to be really funny, like there were a few spray out my coffee type laughs. I’m really sorry to hear that this is the end of the series. I want more! And dear gawd that end! The end was freaking epic! It could not have ended better, except for it not to end at all. I get why it ended though, I mean, how much can you do before it gets boring? Anyway, these books rocked and I can’t wait for more.

  • Kayleigh Slater
    2019-06-16 01:49

    Once again, Diane has captivated me. In just the first few pages, I was already crying! Diane has such a beautiful writing style that paints a picture so well. While tension was built well throughout the book, I felt the way Lily and Donovan's secret was spilled could have been more dramatic. However, that was easily made up for with the shocking ending to the book. The epilogue really tied everything together and left me content.

  • Augusta
    2019-06-05 08:47

    Once again my friends and I can’t stop talking about a book by the author. When we read Love’s Forbidden Flower together we talked about it for weeks after. This book is no exception. God, I just love these characters more than ever. Someone needs to find a way to bring book boyfriends to life because I just want ot devour Donovan for dinner. There is also a small hint at the end that we could get a more of these characters elsewhere. I really hope so. I need more Donovan!

  • Autumn
    2019-06-20 01:53

    Incredible is not a strong enough word!Full review and giveaway on Martini Times...Review - -

  •  Charlie✰ WLTB Blog ✰
    2019-06-14 01:49

    Omg am a total mess right now what a great book loved book 1 but this was just as great if not better and the 21 years later killed me I really love the characters and licensing Christopher and Donovan and Lily