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A witch, more machine than human, judges the character of the wicked and hands out justice in a ravaged Chicago. John Henry wields his mighty hammers in a war against machines and the undead. Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman rule a country of freed slaves that rivals – and often bests – England and France in power and technology. You will find all this – and much moreA witch, more machine than human, judges the character of the wicked and hands out justice in a ravaged Chicago. John Henry wields his mighty hammers in a war against machines and the undead. Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman rule a country of freed slaves that rivals – and often bests – England and France in power and technology. You will find all this – and much more – between the pages of Steamfunk, an anthology of incredible stories by some of today’s greatest authors of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Steamfunk – African and African American-inspired Steampunk.Editors Milton Davis and Balogun Ojetade have put together a masterful work guaranteed to transport you to new worlds. Worlds of adventure; of terror; of war and wonder; of iron and steam. Open these pages and traverse the lumineferous aether to the world of Steamfunk!Available in paperback and all e-book formats!...

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Steamfunk! Reviews

  • Cerece Murphy
    2018-12-31 03:46

    Some of the most imaginative stories I've ever read. Just a real gem of fantasy, ideas and creativity.

  • Moe
    2018-12-25 04:52

    This was a great anthology a wide variety of styles represented in this very well assembled collection of stories.

  • D.K.
    2019-01-16 05:41

    Creative, thoroughly entertaining and simply awesome in general.

  • Lise
    2019-01-02 21:48

    Steamfunk! is my first encounter with the genre. Like all anthologies I have ever read, some of the stories appealed to me while others did not. No wonder really, considering the span of genres. Steamfunk! is a US-centric collection of stories that love their steam. I keep on wondering to what extent steam could be an energy source. There are some ideas here that I have not seen before.According to Balogun Ojetade the Steamfunk! anthology came about because: The Steamfunk anthology came about from a conversation that I and several authors had online about the lack of Steampunk stories told from a Black / African perspective. We all agreed we would create an anthology in which we would tell such stories. Author Maurice Broaddus suggested we call it Steamfunk and author / publisher Milton Davis agreed to publish it.They chose the correct person to illustrate the cover. Marcellus Shane Jackson has done a great job capturing the essence of each story. There are cosmetic problems with my kindle version, mostly to do with ↵. It’s a distraction from the stories themselves.The Delivery by Milton DavisIn the late 1800’s women needed chaperones to go anywhere. Anthony Wainright paid for one of the puppet-men (steam-powered robot) from GWC Factories to escort his fiancée, Miss Appelgate, from Freedonia to New York City. When they get there, Mr. Wainright has not come to meet them. Instead she is kidnapped by a Beuregard Clinton. Clinton shot the puppet-man and managed to hit one of the steam veins. Mr. Stiles, from the airship, fixes him. The puppet-man is fixed and he and Mr. Stiles must off to find and save Miss Appelgate from her kidnappers.Tough Night in Tommyville by Melvin CarterProblem-solvers Rudy and Boatwright get off the hopper at Thomasville. They have been hired by head gang-boss of the underbelly of Thomasville, Stanford “Rip” Tatum, to solve the problem of Rip’s ex and her river-wolf. Grace Baptiste-Neely and Lloyd “Daddy” Green supposedly hijacked and killed people Rip would prefer lived. Plenty of surprises line up to whack them in the face like a marching band on coke.Men in Black by P. Djeli ClarkThe title does not have anything to do with cockroaches invading earth. Whitewood and Blackwood are neighbouring towns. Mainly whites live in one of them and only Blacks live in the other. 40 years after slavery ended tensions still run high and it takes little to get lynching blood cooking. Laurence, from Blackwood, heard his dad say that this next lynching of a coloured man was unjust. So Laurence convinces Big Walter to see what it is all about. Whitewood certainly gets the surprise of its life during the sham trial.Mudholes and Mississippi Mules by Malon EdwardsGenetic tinkering brought about Aeshna with her compound eyes and insect mouth parts. All she and Petal want is to be left alone. But that cannot be when Aeshna is able to judge a person’s soul and mete out appropriate punishment. Petal is another changed human fitted with a steam clock for a heart and a compost boiler for guts. One day Bald Man Head comes on an errand from the Hanged Man. I liked these two women and the story was fun to read. Especially towards the end.A Will of Iron by Ray DeanA Will of Iron is based on the well-known The Ballad of John Henry. A man is nothing but a man, But before I let your steam drill beat me down, I’d die with a hammer in my hand, Lord, Lord, I’d die with a hammer in my handPeople fighting to keep their jobs from being replaced by new technology is an old and familiar one.The Path of Ironclad Bison by Penelope FlynnZahara and Porter are left in the desert to die. They had both fallen a long way from a steady income with Cross Continental Airship Line. Was all that was left for the two friends a slow and painful death in the desert?The Refugee by Kochava GreenIn the world of Kochava Green humans must extremely careful around bodies of water or they risk the fate of the Lepidoptera larvae. The St. Lauritz All-Mother cloister are extremely lucky in getting a woman from San Lazare wishing to become a novice. The All-Mother cloisters accept women from all walks of life, no-holds-barred. Sister Amelia brings unique strengths that aid in the survival of the women. She, in turn, finds a new purpose to life. Refugee is one of my favourite stories.The Switch by Valjeanne JeffersRevolutions seldom bring change, only new overlords. Z100 was a key player in the revolution that made women property. Because she had been a spy, she was exempt from those rules. But only as long as she did not marry. She was careful in her choice of men by never having humans for lovers. Life-like robots were her get-out-of-jail card. What is easy to forget is that no matter how tight your security is, all security protocols have weaknesses.Benjamin’s Freedom Magic by Ronald T. JonesSlavery is a common tool in human history. One of the many problems with slavery is the de-humanizing of people. In rare cases that might actually work to a slave’s advantage because masters generally do not see slaves or servants. Infiltrating the slaves is the only way our investigator, Sam, sees to find out what Cicero Jensen and Secretary Patterson are trying to hide in Jensen’s barn. In the process Sam learns a bit about himself, his attitudes and how far people will go to keep a secret.Once a Spider by Rebecca McFarland KyleThis was another favourite. Nansi is a shape-changing human/spider. Imagine the size of that spider! Her dual identity is a result of her Trickster father. At night Nansi, the spider, fights crime in the city. She is not the only shape-changer. There are wolves and tigers as well. One night, to protect a new-born baby, Nansi kills a tiger. That choice changes her life and the life of the city.On Western Winds by Carole McDonnellThrough the journal of the Headmistress of a women’s college we learn what happens when the ocean brings a dock, or part of it, to the beach by the college. The dock is to be brought inside the city walls. A short time later, body parts turn up on the same beach. Then a sub-mariner hears a pulse coming from the depths of the ocean.The Lion Hunters by Josh ReynoldsI really liked this one as well. It is time for the initiation of the Masai boy Saitoti into the ranks of lion-hunters. Eleven lion-hunters travel to Mombasa to meet with Ethiopian Bahati Mazarin. She tells them that there are two lions she wants killed. That is, if they are lions. Rumours would have it otherwise. Bahati Mazarin is coming with them to hunt. Saitoti cannot help but wonder why she is coming along with them or why she specifically asked for their group and hopes it has nothing to do with his history.The Sharp Knife of a Short Life by Hannibal TabuClara Perry is on the strangest journey of her life. Unbeknownst to her, Clara’s cryogenic chamber was not sitting in Las Vegas waiting to be opened years into the future. Instead, persons unknown had sent her to the planet Pless to introduce them to technology. It turns out Pless has human-like people on it, people who breathe air Clara can breathe, eat food Clara can eat and behave in a manner Clara can relate to. She soon establishes herself as a woman to be reckoned with. Widow Perry breaks gender roles and class roles enabling her integration with people from the various walks of life on Pless. I really liked this story as well. There is something about realistically portrayed strong women that I like. Not that Steamfunk! is realistic, but I hope you understand what I mean.The Tunnel at the End of the Light by Geoffrey ThorneEvery ‘jack knew that secrets were death on the rim. But secrets had been kept from the younger generations of Breaktown. When a rip tears Kally Freeman from Other Country to somewhere else, Bannecker Jack does not hesitate to jump after her. “Where did we come from?” “How did we get here?” were questions the child Bannecker often asked his mother. He is about to find out.Rite of Passage: Blood & Iron by Balogun OjetadeWarden Clemons tells prisoner John William Henry that he is about to experience the breeze of the Virginia wind and the smell of its dirt again. Only thing is, John Henry will do that by being part of a chain-gang working on laying tracks for The C and O Railway. Oh joy. John Henry uses this as a chance to run away. He is shot but manages to make his way into an opening in the side of a hill.Copied from my blog humanitysdarkerside

  • Sean
    2019-01-12 22:41

    We want the Funk! Gotta have the Funk! Well you need to go out and cop Steamfunk by Milton Davis and Balogun Ojetade. What is Steamfunk? It's blend of alternative history during the 19th century with steam technology creating a world of action and adventure with blacks as the heroes not background characters.Imagine a world where John Henry fights robots on Mars. Or a world where George Washington Carver creates steam powered mechanism to combat nefarious forces trying to overthrow a nation of African Americans with Fredrick Douglas as president and Harriet Tubman as vice president. Anything is possible in this anthology. The contributors come up with a variety of stories sure to please enthusiast of the genre. Highlights include the Delivery by Milton Davis, The Switch by Valjeane Jeffers, the Lion Hunters by Josh Reynolds, the Tunnel at the End of the Light, Geoffery Thorne and Rite of Passage by Blaogun Ojetade. These were my personal favorites but each story in this anthology holds it's on weight.Diverse and well written it was great to see heroes that looked like me in worlds completely fleshed out. I would love to see more in this genre so to all in involved thanks for the Pulpy Goodness. Grab Steamfunk for pure escapism and support diversity in the arts.

  • Monica
    2018-12-29 00:40

    Great collection of short stories in the Steamfunk/punk genre. I'm definitely looking forward to reading more.

  • Catherine Woodman
    2018-12-29 02:24

    Steamfunk can be defined as a subgenre of SF/Fantasy that is aligned with Steampunk. Like Steampunk, Steamfunk resides in an imaginative alternative world in which electricity does not exist; machinery is powered by steam and (sometimes) gas, such as with gas streetlights. And the heroes are African American, and all the social ramifications of that are very real. Some alternate history about the Civil War is one of my favorite themes. Of course, as anyone whose ever read it will tell you, the above is a bare bones definition. Steamfunk is full of marvelous creations…of steam-powered robots, fantastical flying machines and worlds separated by layers of technology and class, all of which are wild and weird and take some getting used to (for me), but were well worth the effort.

  • Andrew
    2018-12-28 02:23

    Another great anthology with some very imaginative stories. Let's hope we don't have to wait too long to see more tales from this genre!

  • Michael Jay
    2018-12-31 21:31

    Stories that build a mythology that stimulates young people's minds fill this book. I recommend it highly. I wish I had had this to read as a young person.

  • Malcolm Harris
    2018-12-27 23:26

    Sci-fi nerd here, and dope collections of stories w/ Black people as main characters/protagonists.

  • Clarissa
    2019-01-14 00:40

    Some good stories, some good writing, and a good range of perspectives. Suffers from editing/proofreading problems (as have a bunch of the indie/self-pubbed anthos I've read recently).

  • Sara
    2019-01-06 01:53

    Kindle edition.

  • Balogun Ojetade
    2018-12-31 02:51