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Gracie has just finished her freshman year of college in Memphis when she takes a job at a local pizza joint in her home town of McKenzie, Tennessee. She is the epitome of innocence when she meets Noah. Noah is unabashedly handsome, intriguingly reckless and just cocky enough to be sexy. Gracie’s instincts tell her to stay far away from him and based on the stories she heaGracie has just finished her freshman year of college in Memphis when she takes a job at a local pizza joint in her home town of McKenzie, Tennessee. She is the epitome of innocence when she meets Noah. Noah is unabashedly handsome, intriguingly reckless and just cocky enough to be sexy. Gracie’s instincts tell her to stay far away from him and based on the stories she hears from her co-workers he leaves broken hearts in his wake. But still, she can’t explain her fascination with him.Noah puts aside his bad boy ways when what he thought was a summer crush has him unexpectedly falling in love. But soon after Gracie transfers to UT Knoxville to be with Noah, their unexpected love becomes riddled with anger, deceit and humiliation.Jake, Noah’s former roommate and Gracie’s best friend, can no longer be a bystander. Gracie’s world falls out from beneath her and when she breaks she turns to Jake for strength. As Jake talks her through a decision she’s not yet strong enough to make, together they uncover a truth so ugly neither of them is prepared for its fallout. Will Jake pull her to the surface or is Gracie Jordan finally In Too Deep?...

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In Too Deep Reviews

  • Elizabeth (Liz)
    2019-01-01 01:51

    4.5 StarsIN TOO DEEP takes an important, often neglected, topic and brings it front and center in this debut novel from Michelle Kemper Brownlow. This story will flying-tackle every emotion you have and forcibly yank out some you didn't know existed!  The road is B-U-M-P-Y for all involved, and I guarantee there will be moments you want to throttle most of the characters.  But, the story is also all too real, and you will FEEL it. That's a promise. Gracie Jordan is the definition of innocence and naivete when she meets Noah her freshman year of college. She's been warned off Noah, heard the stories, and still she's drawn to him in a way she's never experienced before. She ends her relationship with her long-time boyfriend, with Noah's encouragement, when Noah seemingly changes his spots and he and Gracie fall in love. Soon, Gracie is transferring to Noah's University in order to be with him. Not long after, their relationship becomes defined more by Noah's drastic mood swings, lies, humiliation and complete lack of respect than the love they had all too recently declared for one another. Their relationship is on and off repeatedly until one of Gracie's best friends, Jake, who was also Noah's former roommate, feels he cannot stand idly by any longer and let this abuse of Gracie continue. Gracie turns to and leans on Jake time after time. When the reality of the situation finally sinks in for Gracie and the life she was so certain of truly falls apart, Jake is there for support. Together they discover some very ugly and difficult truths, but they may also discover just exactly what both have been looking and longing for.Wow. Well, in case you were wondering, this story is the epitome of the roller-coaster-ride metaphor!! The ups and downs in Michelle Kemper Brownlow's debut will take you on quite a ride, and you better HANG. ON. It is no lie to say that I'm overly fond of emotional, dramatic stories, and this one rang all my bells! What makes all the emotion and drama even better, for me, is when it's based squarely in reality. IN TOO DEEP is just that.Gracie's story is one of emotional abuse, BLATANT and INFURIATING emotional manipulation and abuse. This is a topic that does not get enough attention, in my opinion, and particularly when it takes place in an age group that is already dealing with so much insecurity and self-doubt. I could absolutely feel, almost experience, what Gracie went through while her story unfolded, and I know without a doubt that her experience is shared by scores of real people. I've known a few. I bet we all have. I bet we all *do*, even if we aren't aware.Noah is easy for me discuss. Why? Because I CANNOT STAND HIM! I have no respect for him. I have no pity for him. Noah gets zero compassion and understanding from me. He gets no excuses made for him. He gets a big, fat nothing! He had every opportunity in life and every opportunity with Gracie. Far, FAR more opportunities than I hope I would have ever given him. He gave no thought or effort to changing, and I have no tolerance for that!Jake is easy for me discuss, as well. In his case, my feelings are just the opposite. Jake is probably my real-life dream man. He was strictly friends with Gracie for a number of years before their relationship began to evolve. I loved, loved, loved the interaction between Gracie and Jake (as well as Sam and Stacy) when they were nothing more than friends. I don't know about anyone else, but, for me, that would be the ideal way for a romantic relationship to evolve. Jake is kind, incredibly supportive, funny, genuine, deep and TOTALLY SEXY!! I fell in love right along with Gracie!Gracie is a little more difficult for me. I know full well that her actions and reactions in this story are the very same as so many people trapped in any kind of abusive relationship. For those of us who have never experienced that firsthand (and how grateful should we be?!), it can be hard to understand and all too easy to judge. I don't want to go that route. What I will say is that, by the end, I had new-found respect and admiration for Gracie, and I wanted nothing but good things for her. Strength can come in all shapes and sizes, and it can rear up and surprise us when we think we have no more to give. Gracie is a wonderful example of just that.I want to discuss the writing for just a moment, very briefly. First of all, I want to say that for a debut novel, the pacing, most of the technical aspects and the writer's 'voice' are quite good! I'm very impressed with Michelle Kemper Brownlow and this being her first book!! The one small thing I do want to point out is that, throughout the story, there are numerous spots in the dialog where contractions aren't used. Unfortunately, it makes the conversations and interactions come off a bit stilted at times, and I do wish that had been fixed. I can be very particular about things like that, and, honestly, in any other story, that had the potential to make my rating a bit lower. BUT, this story is so worth reading and, overall, it made me FEEL so much, that my nitpick was pushed aside for the most part. That takes some doing, so I have to give kudos to the author for that miracle ;-)In the end, the only thing I'm left with is simply to tell you to, to ask you, to read this story and form an opinion of your own. If it pulls and tugs and grabs at you even half as much as it did me, I think you're guaranteed one heck of a ride!! **ARC provided by the author and publisher in exchange for an honest review**

  • Kim Person
    2019-01-02 23:49

    In Too Deep is one of those books that had me from the synopsis ~ it was a must have read for me ~ when I got my hands on this one I was totally........I started reading and was already.....Gracie meets bad-boy Noah while working at a local Pizza joint together ~ this boy has a reputation ~ a BAD one ~ he's the one that can have any girl he wants ~ but he's also the one that won't be tied down by a girl. Well Noah meets innocent Gracie and no matter how hard she tries to resist she's tempted and well one thing leads to another and Noah is professing his love for Gracie ~ awww so freaking sweet right ~ well just you wait until she joins him at college cause that's when the ball really gets rolling and believe me I had more bouts of..than I thought possible ~ Noah is the infamous character you just love to hate and there were times where I wanted to Gracie ~ the back and forth ~ the admission ~ the clear cut signs ~ the forgiving nature she had. I was frustrated beyond belief and I thought I was going to....Gracie was blessed to have some good friends, who just happened to be friends of Noah's too ~ Jake is the consummate nice guy but he also is a gorgeous guy who see's how bad Gracie is hurting and always lends an ear to her but Gracie needs to figure something's out on her own before she realizes what's right in front of her ~ Jake will have youhe will make you...but believe me I shed enough..that by the time Jake & Gracie finally realize what's between them I was totally ....but there were a few more times that I wasand then by the end OH THE FREAKING end I was totally....WOW!!!!!!!!! ~ I have to thank the publisher and author for the privilege of this amazingly beautiful story that is so common amongst young people and so heartbreaking ~ emotional abuse/control is so real but what a powerful story this one was ~ I came to realize that Gracie isn't weak for the tears she shed for Noah ~ no in the end I got to see what exactly Gracie was made of ~ I haven't hated a character in a book for a long time and there were things Noah did that had me spiting nails ~ beautiful ending ~ 5+++++++++ star read!!!If you pick one book this year to read ~ just one that I recommend ~ this is the ONE ~ I promise the frustration, shock, head shaking, the OMG moments are well worth it because in the end you are left with a very beautiful love story ~ one that consists of loving and standing up for yourself and finding a love that is BEYOND amazing!!!!

  • Imy♥♥
    2019-01-06 23:05

    ... RAVING REVIEW NOW IN SESSION ...I actually had to double take at the ratings people were giving this book. Sorry, but I just couldn't finish it. I felt the writing was a little immature. Surprisingly not the grammar, just everything else. I believe having a strong and/or confident - Not so weak main female character would have been your saving grace. Literally.The main character "Gracie" well she was the most insecure, blubbering mess of a female lead I have ever read. Who cries that much? Their relationship wasn't functional or sweet in any part of this book. I honestly don't even know why they got together. It was sad to watch. There were no sparks, he didn't love her. She stayed and humiliated herself.Yes, I understand the whole purpose of the female lead was to see her fall and watch her grow and become much more stronger. I have personally been in a very unhealthy and unsafe relationship in my past so I do understand the self loathing and worthlessness the author was trying to describe, but it became complete overkill on the character.This really was just a waste of my time, the chapter names confused the hell out of me, you didn't know where in the hell you were at the time, only until after reading the first page could you place where you were in the story.I will not put so much value into other peoples reviews and ratings after reading this book. I truly did try to like it, but couldn't. I unfortuately do not recommend.

  • Jenee -Jenee's Book Blog
    2019-01-06 23:01

    I sit here speechless, awed, and deeply moved by Michelle's ability to provoke such intense emotions for not two, but three incredibly dynamic characters. I have never read a book that kept my emotions in such a constant state of turmoil while promising a truly beautiful ending.~Jenee's Book BlogThis book was AMAZING! I cannot believe it is Michelle’s first book. Believe me when I tell you, you do not want to pass up the opportunity to read this. You know that feeling when you stomach drops, just like on a roller coaster, because of the pain and emotions you feel for a character? It’s like you know that character has already been through hell and back, but your gut knows the worst isn’t over yet and you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop. Yeah, well I never knew it could take half the book to finally get rid of that feeling. I mean WOW! I have never felt the absolute turmoil a character was experiencing so well. I had planned on reading a little bit of the book and finishing it the next day, but I literally couldn’t stop reading with that feeling of unease and not knowing when Gracie was going to be okay again. This book goes back and forth between the time Gracie and Noah met and fell in love and the present time where Gracie’s world is literally falling apart. The transitions weren’t annoying like I have known some books to be. I think what made this book so different was the way she told the story and the emotions she captured with every one of the characters. The book starts out with the betrayal by Noah. I mean literally she somehow made my heart break on the first page of her book!!! And I loved it! I think Gracie is a character pretty much half of the female population can relate to. Everyone has had their heart broken at one time or another and Michelle made me remember that feeling and I was able to feel everything Gracie felt. And Jake, sweet sweet Jake, was the most amazing friend to Gracie. I wish I had had a hot ass friend when I had my heart ripped in two. Might have made my recovery interesting. ;)I think when Gracie finds out about Noah’s betrayal in the first chapter of the book, her brief description of their story is perfect for this review.“Bad boy meets good girl.First kiss.Bad boy turns sensitive.Love.Good girl gives sensitive boy all of her.Long distance.Flowers. Love letters.Long, sweet phone calls.Good girl transfers to sensitive boy’s school.Sensitive boy becomes fraternity boy.Drunken social events.Secrets revealed.Fraternity boy pulls good girl under.Good girl finds herself in too deep.”Gracie, although in college, is extremely naive. She’s the type of girl who has an innocence that is easily noticed. I think she was content with her boyfriend of 2 years, but not in love. When she met Noah, she was intrigued by the bad boy image. He wasn’t just a bad boy though, he was a complete and total ASS. But he showed her a side to himself that no one else ever saw. He was gentle, sweet, and caring with her in the beginning of their relationship. And I get it, I mean who wouldn’t want to be the one that the womanizing bad boy sets aside his old ways for. Gracie felt special, and just like that he had her hooked on an act he was playing. Gracie gave up her predictable boyfriend to take a walk on the wild side, and like all chances we take in life, sometimes they can backfire. Please buy this book on June 6th! I highly recommend it, you'll love it!Full Review coming on my blog June 17th for the IN TOO DEEP Blog Tour!

  • Holly Baker
    2018-12-25 22:57

    ********ARC received in exchange for an honest review********DEDICATIONTo all the silent victims of emotional abuse,You are not broken. You are not damaged. You are worthy. You are beautiful. You are a survivor. There is a beautiful heart out there with your name written on it. Someone exists who will wrap you in a kind of love you never knew existed. You must free yourself from what holds you down so your heart can accept the unconditional love you deserve. You ARE worthy of that kind of LOVE.What a beautiful dedication, right? It is so true and I don’t think there could have been a better one for this story. In Too Deep tells of college student Gracie, her emotionally abusive boyfriend Noah, and her best friend Jake. Emotional abuse is just as damaging to the soul as physical abuse is to the body. If not more so. Yet a significant amount of people still don’t recognise it as a form of abuse, so I am so glad that it has been highlighted in this novel.When Gracie first met Noah she fell for his bad boy charm and I don’t blame her! He even had me swooning when she replayed their past, but everyone knows I love a bad boy. Only, there is a fine line between sexy bad boy and horrible bad boy, and Noah definitely crossed that line! He was awful! Truly and positively awful, and yet Gracie forgave him, and took him back every time! The guy did some seriously shady things and was at times incredibly nasty to her but as soon as he said he would try to be better, she made excuses for him and acted like nothing had happened.The first half of the book Gracie cried. A lot. Which considering what she was going through with Noah was completely understandable, but she cried CONSTANTLY and I’m not gonna lie, it really irritated me! I just wanted to tell her to snap out of it because he was definitely not worth it but if she had done that too early on then the whole book would have been kind of pointless and unrealistic because let’s face it, victims of abuse often find themselves in a pattern that they just can’t break. Gracie said he was her addiction and I think that’s how a lot of sufferers feel.Then we have Jake. From beginning to end, I swooned all over him! From the very start you could tell there was a connection between the best friends and I was hoping with all my heart that Jake would take Gracie away from Noah. He was everything that Noah wasn’t. Hell, he was everything that every guy SHOULD be. He was sexy, caring, had a heart of gold and he would hold Gracie time after time as she cried in his arms. He was just perfect!Some of the stuff that Noah did, I honestly couldn’t believe it!! He was a little crazy and I would have been so scared to be around him because he seemed so unpredictable. But her knight in shining armour was there for her. There’s a part in the book about soul mates. It completely melted my heart and I fell even further in love with Jake than I was before. For me, the focus on soul mates absolutely made the book. It was just perfect and I really hope that people who read this book hold on to tthat message. There IS something better out there for you. There IS someone out there waiting for you. You just have to have the strength to believe. And after this book, I know I do.

  • Monaliz
    2018-12-27 01:09

    "Again, panic seized my chest. Noah had never given me any reason to distrust him, but that night, something wicked picked at the threads of my heart, threatening to yank the string. You know, the one that never stops unraveling."..what?"I was Cinderella and we had just left the Ball. Of course, we had a detour that got us even more drunk, but soon we were in the castle and my Prince Charming was going to make mad, passionate love to me."..and seriously?"Just ten minutes earlier, we were breathless and panting like animals. He was considerably bigger than me. His body was firm and tough. He wasn't an athlete, but he trained like one. I loved feeling his weight on me as he loved me inside and out."Inside and out? I mean.. SERIOUSLY!? That is just a creepy and disgusting way to describe something."He knew my panic because he felt it, too. His virgin girlfriend of two years would be working alone with a womanizing drunk until all hours of the morning. I knew it would be something Joel wouldn't take lightly."How.. What.. I.. How is it relevant to your job if you are a virgin or if you sleep around a lot? Unless you're a prostitute, but I'm pretty sure this virgin isn't working in a brothel. What the **** is going on here?! Why is this book so bad!?"I turned slowly, bracing myself for the sight of a guy that could be cast in a creepy indie film - greasy black hair, stubble, skanky teeth, rancid smell. ...I was stunned. This couldn't be "Noah". He didn't have a greasy black hair, stubble, skanky teeth or a rancid smell. He smelled.. delicious."We already knew this Noah guy likes to party and sleep with a lot of women. So why the hell would you think of a guy with "greasy black hair, stubble, skanky teeth and rancid smell"!? Apparently that's her dream guy, but usually you would expect a womanizer to be slightly better looking, or at least aware of his hygiene. "I gasped when I heard the door lock behind him and realized I was now alone with Noah. Of course, that gasp caused me to choke on my own spit. It wasn't an easy-to-clear kind of choke. It was an all-out I-can't-breathe-someone-call-911 kind of choke. I was pretty sure I was going to die. Well, at least then I wouldn't be awake to see what a womanizing ass does to the town's virgin by the light of a full moon."WHY WOULD HE DO ANYTHING!? Please, end her suffering."He nodded with a grin stuck at one corner of his mouth. That's when I realized all the inner vibrations weren't Noah's fault. It was my body's reaction to him. I smiled, turned quickly, and walked toward the mess waiting for me by the sink. The sooner I got the dishes done, the sooner I could escape this unsettled feeling I had. Initially, I thought all the humming through my body was a reaction to the fear of almost choking to death. But I don't remember fear being so positively exhilarating. When my little sister jumped out from behind the coat rack, I didn't feel positive or exhilarated. I felt like I could mortally wound her."Please, end my suffering, I am so done.This is just.. someone was daydreaming and thought it would make a great book. No, it didn't make a great book. Please, just stick with the daydreaming.

  • Brittany
    2018-12-31 00:10

    Check back to Brittany and Bianca Blab Books on June 15th for my full review for the IN TOO DEEP Blog Tour!Ok... I'm trying my best to compose myself enough to write this review. I don't think I will go into too much detail about the plot, in an attempt to avoid spoilers, and also so that you are able to experience Gracie's struggle for yourself. This book deals with a pretty serious (and, sadly probably often overlooked) issue-- psychologically abusive relationships. I went into this expecting to cry ugly tears. I'm a huge crybaby and I could just tell this one would hurt my heart. And it did, but it wasn't as difficult as I was expecting. The struggles, both internally and externally, that Gracie has to overcome in this book were heartbreaking, but there was also a very beautiful and sweet side to this novel that makes all of those hard parts worth the read!Gracie, our main character and narrator, breaks up with her stable, comfortable, dependable boyfriend of 2 years to give Noah, a "pig-headed, womanizing ass" a fair shot when he shows her a side of himself that no one else ever sees-- a sensitive side. She's innocent and naive and she falls for Noah and the excitement and "danger" he brings into her life. She falls hard. Shortly after transferring to Noah's college, Gracie's life is turned upside down when Noah reverts back to his old ways. And every time he screws up- which is a lot- and Gracie tries to stand up for herself and call it quits, he somehow finds a way to pull her right back in. He is completely and utterly infuriating. He treats her horribly, abuses her emotionally, pushes her away, then begs for forgiveness-- which she, of course, gives. Then turns around and does it all over again! The roller coaster of emotions that she endures at the hands of Noah are unreal. There were so many moments in this book that I was so frustrated with Gracie for not kicking him to the curb once and for all, but it was clear to see how badly she was struggling. His behavior and treatment of her turns her into someone who is constantly second guessing herself, her actions, and her worth. She is so caught up in Noah and trying to make him happy, that she loses herself in the process.Which brings us to the oh so fantastic Jake. *sigh* There are no words for how much I love this character. Well, maybe there are three. Holy. Freakin'. Swoon! He's perfect. Disgustingly and wonderfully perfect! There are parts of the book where the author takes us through the... "process" I suppose of Gracie actually drowning- Being pulled under, unable to breathe, fighting against the current, etc... as it relates to Gracie's emotional state. I'll get into that in a bit, because I loved it, but there was one part in particular that relates to Jake, and it fits perfectly with how I imagined him in this story."I washed up onto the beach. It was warm. The sand was soft like big pillows. I laid there and listened to the beauty of nature while I soaked up the soul-healing glow of the bright midday sun. This was where I wanted to stay. This was a safe place. Nothing could hurt me here. The darkness was gone."Jake truly was Gracie's safe place. Back when things were good, or as good as they could be between Gracie and Noah, Gracie and Jake became close, as he was friends with Noah before they began dating. As horrible as Noah is, Jake is his polar opposite. He is kind, supportive, funny, and a genuinely amazing person. The unconditional friendship and love he offers Gracie is beautiful and really made this story for me! He is there for her, each and every time, and helps to build her back up every time Noah tears her down. It would have been nice if Gracie had occasionally found the strength that she needed to pull through things on her own, but I just loved Jake too much to even complain about that. The part that he plays in Gracie's life and her story, and the way that their relationship develops is incredibly lovely.As I mentioned, there are parts in the story where the author gives us a glimpse into what's going on inside Gracie's head and lets us see where she is emotionally. She does this by equating Gracie's emotional and mental state to that of someone drowning. Someone being pulled under the water, unable to breathe, fighting to escape the current, and finally breaking free. I absolutely loved how this was written into the story and felt like the visual it provides goes a long way in allowing the reader to really feel what Gracie is feeling. This is such a powerful aspect of this novel for me.I really enjoyed this authors writing style and absolutely cannot wait for the next book in this series. I look forward to reading much, much more from Michelle. I recommend this book to anyone who loves an emotional read and has an opening for a new book boyfriend, aka Jake Rockwell... But who am I kidding? We always have room for a new book boyfriend!

  • Holly *Confessions of a Lit Chick*
    2019-01-16 22:44

    http://confessionofalitchick.blogspot...This is the first book I have ever given 2 stars too. I feel bad but this is an honest review.I understand that in reality lots of women can be emotionally blackmailed into giving up their independance and relying on their destructive relationship. And I know that many women don't have the strength to leave. This book had the possibility to be great! But it was overly repetitive (I will repeat this).I personally feel the plot was overworked, things were mentioned that wasn't needed. And the character repeated the same mistakes over and over again in every single chapter. She was either crying, puking or having sex. (Don't worry it doesn't happen all at the same time! LOL! The horror!!)Now normally I suggest that if you hate the main character then the author has created a great novel. I guess I was wrong.Gracie is so emotionally confused and either crying, breaking up, gagging, snotting, whimpering or getting back together that she just becomes plain annoying. In no way did I end up sympathising with her. Because this happened every other chapter for 338 pages. Normally I demand long novels but this? No this became, I'm sad to say, but it was tedious. I have read hundreds of books and I know the difference of a great one and one that just doesn't appeal to me. But judging by the reviews many did! But if you're like me then I would have appreciated a review that stated how wimpy the heroin is right up until the last 5 or 6 pages of the novel.My spoiler filled breakdown on of the plot (YOU WERE WARNED)(view spoiler)[Good girl meets badboy turned goodhe cheatsshe throws upshe breaks up, criesruns to male best friend cries on himavoids bad boyfeels usedthen gets back togetherthen he F***S UP AGAINslams the door in her face after letting two chicks in. Probably doing the horizontal tango. SHE:SCREAMS SHE'S DONE (something along those lines)CRIESPUKESSCREAMSWHIMPERSFEELS USEDSLEEPS BESIDE THE BEST FRIEND AGAINstarts looking at him thinking your hands are hotthey have sexthen she goes homehas sex with bad boyfeels used after bad boy pours heart outleaveshas 3days of sex with best friendbadboy is now noticed as abusiveafter the sixty thousenth time they finally break up for goodGood girl finds love with best friend. (the soul mate)Oh but we never know if the sex tapes are floating around still though.... (hide spoiler)]

  • Alexis *Reality Bites*
    2019-01-22 05:05

    Review to come.

  • AlbaBookPics
    2019-01-16 23:09

    oh my god...This book...I need a minute or a decade to write a goo enough review for this book...thank you for this book...Thank youThere is just so much a heart can take, a girl can fight, a smile can falter.There is just so much that a boy can hurt, a glare can cower, a word can break.An extremely beautifully crafted novel, a talented author, and a heart-wrenching story. I loved every single word in it!Gracie, oh Gracie, how I suffered for and with you. How I hated and loved you, how I sometimes wanted to hug you while others I just really wanted to shake you.Gracie's character can't even be called a character. I thought of her as a person, as a living person, one who was close to me throughout the whole read of the book. I thought of her as a friend that needed me and yet didn't have me because as much as I wanted to get inside the story, inside the book, inside of all the character's lives... I couldn't.- ...the love and affection I craved from Noah was being dangled in front of me. It gave me hope that the Noah I fell in love with was clawing to get out. I couldn't give up on him now. - Gracie's sweet, innocent, funny, smiley, if a bit shy. But she's a good girl, not boring, not anything that would scream at you "get away I'm a loner" nope. Though she tended to be a bit naive, I could have not liked her more. She's an incredible person with a huge heart and even a bigger mind. The one tiny little problem?She loves the person that doesn't want or maybe doesn't let other people love him.Though, Noah DOES love her, in his terms and his way but from what I could read and gather he did love her and maybe still does... But I think he didn't know how to love her afterwards... When life happened, when school happened, when the distance happened, when one thing and the other came and Gracie's place in Noah's life started to drop in ranking...He didn't know how to lover her and he knew even less how to let her go.And that's when everything fell apart and the story really begins...And you know where does that happen???In the VERY BEGINNING OF THE BOOK!- "... I don't deserve you. I guess in a twisted sort of way, I push you away to save you." -We get flashes of the past in between what happens in the present and there... Among those...We meet Jake, whom I loved from the start.Jake who so carefully and lovingly picked up the pieces when Noah went too far; Jake, who could with just one touch calm Gracie's thoughts, breath and heartbeat; Jake, who with every single word started teaching Gracie her value.Jake, who was simply perfect.I didn't know, I didn't understand why some girls stay in decaying and self-destructive, abusive relationships. But after reading this, I got a glimpse inside a head of one.Sometimes we don't know we're near the waves, sometimes we don't know we've taken that step closer to them, sometimes we don't see that half our bodies have already been submerged in the water...Sometimes it takes trying to take a breath to see that we're in too deep.-My body landed softly, somewhere. I was finally in so deep that I reached the bottom. There's no air on the bottom. People suffer here.-There's hope, there's love and there's trust for all of you who've been there or are still there. Inside, drowning, trying to scream for help...Some will try to reason that they're fine, that the water burns their lungs but not too much and maybe it'll come a time when it'll be too late for them... But for now. For now you can all be saved. You have so much value, you are worth so much more. Pain isn't love, abuse isn't love, sadness isn't love, sobbing isn't love, bruises whether physical or emotional aren't love, lying isn't love.Love is happiness, sacrifice, trust, smiles, laughter, happy tears, fighting together to destroy that which tears you apart.Michelle Kemper's writing was astounding and fresh. Her book was all her, her voice was loud and clear and her description of every little thing perfect.I couldn't have asked for a better debut novel.Everyone should watch out for this author who'll have you with a broken heart in a minute and a mended and glowing heart the next.- When I looked in the mirror, I no longer saw the girl I used to be. I let [...] pull me this way and that way, then finally let him pull me apart, and he left behind only a fraction of who I once was. -We're worth infinite happiness. All of us. Never settle :)My weaknesses?BOTH were put right there on display. The cover is absolutely gorgeous and goes perfectly well with the story and the tittle? Insane and right to the heart of the book. It was IN it as much as it was ON it.A heartbreaking-eye opener debut novel that grabs your heart and mind since the very first page without you noticing until you're in too deep to let go. Raw, happy, gritty, sad, and oh so very real. Michelle Kemper is one author to watch out for.Recommended to fans of Michelle D. Argyle (The Breakaway) & Jamie McGuire (Beautiful Disaster) ^_^"Two people walking in the same direction."I give this book,5/5 if it were a YA book it'd have the 10/5 rating. Trust me.BookPics special rating

  • Tracey (Life and Literature)
    2019-01-07 02:49

    Bad boy meets good girl.First kiss.Bad boy turns sensitive.Love.Good girl gives sensitive boy all of her.Long distance.Flowers. Love letters.Long, sweet phone calls.Good girl transfers to sensitive boy's school.Sensitive boy becomes fraternity boy.Drunken social events.Secrets revealed.Fraternity boy pulls good girl under.Good girl finds herself in too deep.We can all see the effects of physical abuse. It's there, visible on the skin to see. What is much harder to grasp is the effects of mental, verbal and emotional abuse. Words and actions are incredibly powerful things,. They have the ability to make us soar or to plunge us into the depths of despair.In Too Deep is the story of Gracie. She is a good girl. In a long term relationship with her boyfriend, she meets bad boy Noah. She has been warned about him. Warned about his aggression and his womanising ways. But Gracie sees a side to him that nobody else has and she finds it impossible to stay away. She gives herself and her love to him completely. Gracie is a character that wears her heart on her sleeve. She cries a lot. When's she's happy. When she's sad. She loves deeply and is forgiving to a fault. There were definitely times I was desperate for her to stick to her word and get rid of Noah. But letting go is not a quick and easy process.It's incredibly hard to like a character that has so few good traits. Noah has everything going for him on the outside. He is gorgeous, sexy and popular. But it's whats on the inside that counts and that is where Noah is lacking. He is multi layered in his flaws. He has moments of being uncaring and aggressive. Periods where he is distant and detached. Times where he seems to take great delight in the pain he has caused Gracie. But then he has periods of sweetness which allow us a look at the man he could be. And it's those times that keeps Gracie hanging on and hoping for more of that man that she loves. And I admit, there were times I hoped for it too. But with each display of Noah's uncaring character he slowly lost me little by little as well.Jake was, for lack of a better word, hot. *I wish you could see yourself through my eyes. I wish you knew your worth. I wish I could protect you from this pain. I wish you knew how truly beautiful you are and how much more you deserve.And through all of the hardships with Noah, is Gracies best friend Jake. He is her constant. He is there for whatever she needs, whenever she needs it. He is the complete opposite of Noah. Yes he has the outer package but it's his heart that is the difference between him and Noah. Jakes heart is full of goodness. He is caring and loving. He is a man that loves with a passion but treats Gracie with respect and as an equal. He was a true shining light in this book. A perfect friend. A perfect lover. Just perfect in every way.My body landed softly, somewhere. I was finally in so deep that I reached the bottom. There's no air on the bottom. People suffer here.Throughout the book the author lets us feel Gracies pain through the concept of drowning. These were snippets of Gracies suffering and showed us the depths her mind and heart sank to throughout the book and were such a fitting way to show us her depth of despair.Michelle Kemper Brownlow sure knows how to write a heart wrenching story. She's created a group of characters that are full of real life experiences. In Too Deep is an emotional but at times sweet read. Someone also told me that there is going to be a sequel. Oh I hope so!! More Jake!!! If you love a good, deep, realistic story then give In Too Deep a try.

  • Heather Wood
    2019-01-22 04:43

    Oh my word! Gah! This book is infuriating, uplifting, realistic and oh did I mention infuriating? Honestly, I am so torn over how to rate this book that I’m going to do my first ever review without providing a rating.After reading this book, I was forced to consider how to rate and review books. The story itself was intriguing, but I couldn’t stomach the characters at all. I wasn’t fully invested in the characters and it made me not care as much as I should about the outcome of the plot. That being said, I think the author did a great job of portraying a victim of psychological abuse and what that does to the person’s feelings of self-worth.The plot centers on Grace and her emotionally abusive douchebag of a boyfriend Noah. The book opens with this Romeo allowing Grace to service him after he snuck off to another room of a party where another girl performed oral sex on him. Noah admits that he’s been cheating on Grace and pretty much brags about it to her. Because Grace seemingly has a death wish, she takes Noah back pretty much immediately (even agreeing to go for lunch with his mom the next day?!) and the abuse continues.I had a hard time understanding Grace’s initial attraction to Noah. The story includes flashbacks with Grace leaving her nice guy boyfriend for bad boy Noah. However, he came off more as an obnoxious a-hole than a bad boy. He tells her on their first outing together to shut up and calls swirling fireworks “spermies” (be still my heart, gag). There didn’t seem to be much of a honeymoon period for these two.As you can tell, I wasn’t a fan of Noah (which readers aren't supposed to be) and to be honest Grace bothered me as well. It wasn’t her doormat behavior that bugged me because I was able to empathize that she was damaged to the point that she basically let Noah walk all over her. It was her self-righteousness that got to me, i.e. calling other girls sluts, wanting to beat other women up for her boyfriend hitting on them, her constant insistence of being a “good girl.”Jake was by far my favorite of the book and I’m glad the author included a guy that readers could fall in love with. The way he healed Grace was touching and once their relationship took center stage, the book was a much easier read. This book handled a tough subject and I respect the author for trying to bring attention to victims of emotional abuse. There are books that romanticize bad boys who treat women like crap and it was refreshing to see a depiction of when that kind of behavior has serious repercussions.Considering the book garnered such an emotional response from me, I would definitely say it’s worth a look. The author took me on an emotional roller coaster and the novel will likely stay with me for a while.

  • Liz
    2019-01-19 01:05

    5 Emotionally Grasping; Heart Pounding Stars This debut was quite the surprise to say the least. It exceeded my expectations and did not realize the deep seeded story between the pages. Emotional abuse is so common and this book hits the nail on the head, it opens your mind to this kind of situation. It was a constant state of feeling and turning those pages.I was invested in Jake, Gracie and Noah, their story and their lives—I truly believed these were not fictional characters – The experiences were real; you felt the pain, loss and love. I liked, hated, and felt sad for Noah. He was a lost soul having extreme difficulty to cope with connecting with the human race. Learning how to love and to love himself. “His words punctured me and shard of my spirit spilled out” Jake… What a beautiful man. Every girl should cross paths with this man.He is respectful, loving, patient and a protector of the ones he cares for the most. He knows how to give love and is confident. The moment I met Jake, he captured my heart.“Do you realize how long you went without that beautiful curve on your face?” Gracie…. did not know how to believe in herself and settled for potential happiness and mediocre love . She was a fixer wanting to see the positive change that could happen in the wrong kind of person. I hurt when she hurt, I wanted her to not feel broken and beaten down.“My lungs kept breathing, my heart kept beating, but both were burning with a sadness I wouldn’t wish on anyone”“I couldn’t walk away. Our relationship defined me. I didn’t know who I was without him”“The carefree spirit I was once known for had been painfully scraped away” All of us at some point in our life have been subjected to some kind of belittling, self-consciousness, and feeling worthless. I connected with Gracie instantly, and forgot she was fictional. I caught myself giving her advice when reading.—Be strong, you are worth so much more, don’t lose yourself and telling her that this too will pass.“I had to go through Hell to know how beautiful Heaven was” Ms. Michelle did a fabulous job with this debut. It tugged at my heartstrings and I commend her for bringing emotional abuse to the surface.

  • Bree
    2019-01-07 03:57

    The story of Gracie broke my heart. Because I've seen this in real life, and I know for a fact that it works exactly as it's portrayed in the book.Gracie was beautiful when I started reading the book. I absolutely loved her - her heart was crushed but her personality still shone through. I wanted her to learn to stand up to Noah and end the tale right from the beginning.Instead I read, in absolute disgust, as Noah abused Gracie, crushing her spirit, molding her into a person who was terrified to say the wrong thing in case it would set him off once again. Every time she would break free, he would turn into a sobbing mess, telling her how much he needed her and loved her - and her big heart, full of love, would soften her resolve and she'd go back. Again. And again.Thankfully, Gracie had wonderful friends - Becki, Stacy, Jake and Sam. It's exactly what she needed to get from under the situation with Noah, and they were there for her, supporting her every step of the way. Whatever decision she made, even if it was the wrong one, they backed her. They were true friends, and wonderfully written.It was hard to read because it was so realistic and I've lived through this. I haven't been emotionally abused, but I had a friend who was, and could never stand up for herself for more than a couple of days before caving and going back. Long story short, it escalated and we could no longer be friends. So, I know what this story is like from the outside looking in - and this was a rare, heart-breaking view of the inside of that toxic relationship.It doesn't get a full 5 stars from me because I had a hard time believing small points in the story, but overall, it was a worthwhile read, and I'd recommend it in a heartbeat. Just be careful, you will need a stack of tissue beside you as you read, because Gracie will win your heart and the story will break it into a million pieces.

  • Jillian (NetGalley Addict)
    2019-01-22 04:55

    This book is part of a blog tour I received a copy for my honest reviewGracie is everything innocent and Noah is everything that good girls should stay away from, but Gracie despite her instincts and people warning her, she sees something in Noah. Noah cleans up his act and falls in love. Gracie changes schools to be with Noah and soon everything turns bad, but Jake is there to help Gracie. While Jake wants to help Gracie, ultimately she is the one who needs to find the strength to break free. This book was really hard for me to read, the psychological abuse that Gracie suffered was portrayed in a horribly accurate way. Gracie was so innocent and young, she was just beginning to become her own person, learning things and discovering who she was. Then she meets Noah the "bad boy," but he isn't really a "bad boy" that's insulting to put him in that category, he is an abusive doucheater. He twisted Gracie into knots; the things he said and did to her were horrible. You could see the abuse cycle throughout the book and it was gut wrenching. Jake, Gracie’s friend and Noah’s ex-roommate was a great guy. He really tried to help her and give her the strength she needed to break the cycle with Noah. I loved this book it's not a hearts and flowers read it's a book that will show you some of the pain and confusion that a woman who is abused will suffer. The author, Michelle, did a great job in showing that it's not as easy as some people may think to get out of that cycle. She showed that no matter how much another person may want to help, it really is up to the person who is suffering to take some control and get help. In Too Deep is a fantastic book with a great message and I can't thank the author enough for letting me read and review this book.

  • J. McCoy
    2019-01-22 04:49

    I was pissed off the entire time I read this book. Just check my twitter feed and you'll see me blowing up Ms Brownlow's feed. Noah. I want to punch that douche bag in the face! At times I thought he was bipolar. Nope. He's just a manipulative jackass that acts live a little boy. Seriously, I don't like that guy.And Gracie, oh Gracie... grows some balls chick! Noah just preyed on her good girl self and she was too innocent to see what he was doing to her. Thank god for Jake. I liked Jake. Jake can stay. Jake was like the only sane person on the In Too Deep planet. So how do I know that this book was really, really, like really good? Because I was so emotionally attached to it it made me sick. I couldn't put it down. I told myself I was walking away when I just couldn't handle Noah's douche-baggery and that only lasted about an hour. If your kindle doesn't have a protective cover, make sure you put one on it before you read this because I guarantee you will want to throw it at something. Don't say I didn't warn you!4.5 stars for me. i wish we could do 1/2 stars. i gave it 5 because it doesn't deserve 4.

  • Sónia Costa
    2019-01-15 03:51

    You can check the full review here: this was just emotional, raw, painful and happy all at the same time!!!I'm going straight to the point, you all know I'm honestly brutal in my reviews, that's the way I roll, so here it goes.This was painful, this was not a happy read, far from that, this was overbearing, difficult to swallow and straight up AMAZING!I don't even know what to say about Michelle's debut! I mean I do, don't get me wrong, I just don't know, how I'm going to do that without feeling those gut wrench emotions all over again...I admit I was mad most of the book!!!ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review!

  • KAT ⚛ Kitty Kat's Crazy About Books ⚛
    2018-12-31 01:51

    5 Jake stars from me!! *swoon worthy book boyfriend material*If someone asked me why I loved this book so much I would struggle to answer, the story just draws you in, it is very Y/A which shows how Gracie handles certain aspects of her toxic one sided relationship with Noah, an older person with more life experience would've kicked him to the curb the first time he hurt her..Also the amount of times Gracie cried in this book could've filled a large swimming pool!! But yet again you still want to keep reading right till the end even when that swimming pool is full with tears!!loved it!! Would definitely love to read more from this author!!

  • Duchess Nicole
    2019-01-07 23:03

    Review to be posted in the upcoming issue of InD'tale

  • Chelsea (Starbucks & Books Obsession)
    2019-01-01 05:07

    All I can say is Oh.My.Gosh. From the first paragraph of this book, I could tell this was going to be an intense read. As Gracie told her story, I was enthralled with the events that unfolded. This book literally, almost killed me! It was emotional anguish, beautifully written emotional anguish.“Things couldn’t get worse. I was broken. They had to start getting better or I may just dissolve in my own sadness.”Gracie was such a complex character. She changed so much throughout the book and in so many different ways; some good and some bad. In the beginning, she was so lively and confident but she slowly allowed Noah to change her and take all of the best parts of her away piece by piece. By the middle of the book, she was an insecure, emotional wreck. My heart really clenched for her and I can’t count the number of times I felt my chest tighten as Noah emotionally beat her down and devastated her. Each time she made excuses, somehow blamed herself and went back to him, I wanted to scream and shake her. However, I realized that she was so broken and beaten down and she had been sucked into the cycle of abuse and that really reached my soul.“How could he twist the scenario around on me and make me second guess my own tone? I was going crazy. There was no doubt about it. I was losing myself.”Noah was, without a doubt, a narcissist. He knew how to pull Gracie’s strings and he said all of the right things when he knew he needed to in order to drag her back into the darkness that was their relationship. He sucked all of the joy and spirit out of Gracie and drowned her in his emotional abuse and mood swings. At first, I wanted to believe that he just loved her so much that he pushed her away because he was afraid to love, but by the end, I had no remorse for him and saw right threw his bullshit. No matter how many excuses he made or manipulative breakdowns he went through, I prayed Gracie would see through it and kick his ass to the curb for good. “I was silent. I wanted my Noah back so badly that I endured each blow then took the apology too easily.”Jake was such an amazing friend and an amazing guy. He was always there for Gracie and let her cry on his shoulder each time Noah humiliated and hurt her. It must have been hard for him to comfort and soothe her every time without going crazy and lashing out at her for letting Noah treat her this way. I loved him for that because it would be so easy to call her out but he knew how deep she was in with Noah and she needed someone to just listen and let her cry. I could tell from the beginning that he really loved Gracie and I held out hope that he could make her see what real love is and how a real man should treat a woman. I wanted to kiss Jake when he showed her a little tough love and finally opened her eyes to how bad Noah was for her, how unhealthy their relationship was and how much he was breaking her into pieces. That was her turning point, and it was all because of Jake.“I moved in sync with him and it was like music. We were two different people singing the same song, and it was perfect harmony.”I was an anxious, stressed out mess before I was even half way through the book. I wasn't sure my heart could take the second half but I couldn't stop reading at the same time. I’m glad I didn’t because this was a turning point for Gracie and some of my anxiety started to lift as she pulled herself to the surface and started seeing her relationship with Noah more clearly. She opened herself to Jake’s love and encouragement and she allowed him to pull her out of the dark. Along the way, she discovered what true love was and how happiness and a healthy relationship were supposed to feel. Noah changed Gracie for the worse but Jake made her better.“The juxtaposition of these two polar-opposite men in my life was unexplainable. One man I couldn’t hold onto to save my life, and I knew one would save my life if I held on to him.” This book did an amazing job of illustrating that emotional abuse can be just as destructive as physical abuse and that the only difference between the two is the type of abuse being dished out. I can't think of the last book I read where the title held as much meaning to the book as In Too Deep. This title really reflects Gracie and her relationship with Noah. The author did an amazing job of reaching in and latching onto my soul. I felt like I spiraled downward with Gracie and rose up again as she did. When the book ended, I let out a sigh of relief and satisfaction because the book couldn’t have had a better conclusion.“I had to go through Hell to know how beautiful Heaven was.”This review and more can also be found on my blog, Starbucks & Books Obsession

  • Jessica
    2019-01-20 06:07

    3.5/5 stars I don't even know where to start. This book was an emotional rollercoaster. For real. I say that about quite a few books- but this one. For the love of all that's holy... I have never wanted to scream at a main character as much as I did Gracie. If I weren't reading on my Nook, I might have thrown the book across the room in frustration. I say all this, and let me tell you. That's a GOOD thing. The fact that Michelle can ignite these feelings in me, means it was a good book. Yes, I was frustrated more than I was content. My heart ached more than it felt joy. And I wanted to beat people more than I did hug on them.I will be honest. I saw UT Knoxville in the synopsis and got a little too excited. The fact that this primarily takes place at my alma mater made me quite happy because I could visualize the surroundings a bit better. Especially when Gracie and Jake are hanging out in Circle Park.Like I said- emotional rollercoaster. The opening scene really sets the stage for how this is going to go. You knew right away that this would not be sunshine and kittens. This would be the story of a girl who is struggling to stay above water and not let herself be pulled down to depths she couldn't come back from.I really liked that this book was incredibly realistic. I've known girls like Gracie, and as a friend, I have hated to stand by and watch it go down. However, one thing I have realized is that no matter what you say, or what advice you have to offer- it's going to fall on deaf ears. When you're in that situation, its so easy for other people to tell you what to do and what a big mistake you're making. But ultimately you are the only one who can change your situation and you'll learn from those mistakes you've made. I've also had a bit of Gracie in me, also. I believed that if I held on long enough, I could change a person. That he would want to change because of how much he claimed to love me. It ain't happening, chicas. Time and time again we see girls try to make a relationship work, claiming that he can change because he says he's going to. When are we going to realize that some guys will say anything to get what they want?Noah is that guy. To be honest, there were several times I wondered if he was bi-polar or had multiple personality disorder. He is so up and down. One minute he's begging for Gracie's forgiveness for being a douche, and the next he's hurtful, cold, and indifferent to her. However, I understand Gracie's reluctance to cut all ties with Noah. She broke up with a great boyfriend to be with him. I consider him her first true love, and she gave him a lot of firsts. She had so many sweet, loving memories of him that it was very difficult for her to give up on who he used to be, especially when he would still show glimpses of that person.Thank the good Lord above for Jake, Sam, and Stacy. Stacy is Gracie's roommate, and Jake and Sam are Noah's friends who live upstairs. They were such a huge support system for Gracie. They were the friends who could see how bad Noah was for her, yet they knew nothing they could say or do was going to get through to her. Yet, they never once abandoned her to deal alone. Jake did show her some tough love at times, but Gracie needed it.Oh, Jake. I would not have survived this book with him. He is the light at the end of the tunnel, the calm in the eye of the storm, and the sun on a cloudy day. I loved his and Gracie's friendship. He was so genuine and constantly kept building her up after Noah had hammered her down into nothingness. He was always telling her how beautiful she was and that she deserved so much more. My heart is squeezing right now just thinking about him. I was seriously screaming at her to open her eyes and see the amazing guy right in front of her!What is our obsession with the bad boys? Why do we always think we can fix them? Every book I read, if there's a love triangle- you can bet I'm rooting for the good guy.Gracie's journey is a tough one in this book. She has to learn to place her faith in herself before she can someone else. However, as many times as she gets sucked back in, she really does want to break the cycle. But she is the only one who can do so and she is the one who has to fight for herself. *Received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review*

  • Ashley
    2019-01-17 04:50

    *I was gifted a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*Y'all know those books that make you want to throw your e-reader against a wall...or light the paperback on fire...or just straight up strangle someone because you're so frustrated and pissed off and heartbroken? Yeah, you do. We've all been there. The thing is, if my emotions are going to get whiplash, I like a warning. So, in case you're like me, here's your warning: In Too Deep is one of those books. It rips your heart out, runs over it with a combine, and then just expects you to keep on keeping on with whatever remnants of a heart you have left. Gracie is the innocent college freshman with a stable, slightly boring, long distance boyfriend. Noah is the bad boy who brags about how many chicks he banged and how many beers he drank last weekend. They are an unlikely couple, but when Noah finds himself intrigued by Gracie's quiet, soft, demeanor he insists she give him a chance. Against her better judgment, she agrees and finds herself falling head over heels for a guy who seemed all wrong for her. When she transfers to his college, she thinks it will only make their relationship stronger. The problem is that she didn't ever count on Noah reverting back to his bad boy ways. Between all the lies, deceit, and emotional abuse, their relationship has become a nightmare; a nightmare that Gracie keeps praying will turn into a happily ever after. But just how many times can you forgive someone and just how many chances is too many before you finally see the person for who they really are? I went back on forth on how I felt about this story. Nope - scratch that - I went back and forth on how I felt about some of the characters, mainly Gracie. I felt for her on a really personal level, and could actually understand her wanting to forgive Noah and give him a chance to make things right. She loved him. Love makes you do stupid give your boyfriend chance after chance after chance...even after he hurts you. I just wish she would have grown a backbone a little sooner instead of literally just letting him walk all over her time and time again. But actually, the biggest issue I had with her was her constant crying. Seriously. It was like every other page she was crying about something to someone. I get that she was hurting, but I just got a little tired of her crying about everything. One other thing that bothered me was how she mentally thought she was somehow better than everyone that had to wait in line to get it in the frat parties just because she was dating a Sigma Chi brother. She mentions a few times that she mentally does a "beauty queen wave" as she walks past the long line of people. That's not in tune with the rest of her personality, IMO. That is something I would expect from a stuck up, bitchy female character; Gracie never struck me as stuck up or bitchy until she went into the "perks" of dating a frat guy. I knew girls like that in college...the ones who dated frat guys and thought every other girl who didn't was beneath them...and I avoided those very girls like the plague. I don't really want to delve into the specifics of the plot, because I don't want to give away any spoilers but the relationship between Gracie and Noah is...toxic. But as awful as he could be to her, I kept hoping he would get his shit together! There is something masochistic in me that loves jerks - I can't help it! That being said, Jake might be one of my favorite non-jerks ;) He was such a wonderful friend and rock for Gracie to lean on while she sorted through problem after problem with Noah. He wipes her tears (and there are lots of them) and tries to make her see that she deserves better than what Noah has put her through time after time. I'll be honest with y'all...Jake is pretty swoon-worthy!This novel was well written, and I liked the drowning metaphors spaced throughout as they related to Gracie's mood. Overall, it was a good angst-driven novel and I applaud Michelle for touching on the subject of emotional abuse, and handling it very well. I'd just say to those who are planning to read this, prepare yourselves.

  • Trish at Between My Lines
    2018-12-31 23:58

    NA books are often described as intense and emotional but this is one that truly warrants that description.Gracie, a junior in college in Memphis is innocent and sweet. Well she was until she met handsome, cocky, bad-boy Noah. The love she has for Noah is genuine and real however he takes it and twists it in to something ugly. Love should be patient and kind not angry and deceitful but that’s what Noah’s ‘love’ for Gracie is. Can she find the strength to pull herself away or is she in too deep?I really enjoyed this book as I think emotional abuse is something most people come across at some stage in their life. Whether it is from a partner, a so called friend, a relative or a work colleague; it is all common and a universal problem that people will relate to. So it was good to see a book tackling this relevant and always topical issue.It is hard not to like Gracie, she is lost, sinking, trying to find herself, trying to break free and failing time after time. It is also hard not to get impatient with Gracie as times. We have all had a friend who is in a disastrous relationship, who breaks up; cries on your shoulder, works through the pain and you feel relief that they will be ok. Maybe you even have a few girly nights out, have fun and you see your friend coming back to life. And then next thing she is back with the creep. And you get mad and swear that next time there is drama-rama, you want nothing to do with it. But you do because they are your friend and you won’t desert them. Well Gracie felt like that for me. I hurt for her and for all women in that sort of relationship. And while Gracie was lucky enough to have a male bestie –Jake- who was there for her and who was able to build her up time after time. Not all women are lucky enough to have such a great support system. I would like to have seen Gracie on her own more in the book even though I really enjoyed the romance with Jake. In Too Deep would have had a more empowering message if Gracie survived this on her own.That’s just my personal opinion. And in other ways I’m glad Jake was in the book, he was a tower of strength and seemed like good fun too. Noah is the character everyone is going to hate. However there is good character development in that we do understand why he is the way he is and that a lot of his bullying ways come from fear. The book only slowly reveals the full extent of what is going on and how this bad boy is not one of those with a heart of gold. Far from it.I enjoyed the writing style and thought that the author got the pacing of this book just right. It is emotionally intense but that is balanced out with scenes of college life and family life. The glimpses of Gracie’s parents and sister that we got hit the mark, not too much and not too little. It seemed just right for a college student who is pulling away from family a little and making her own mark on the world.I highly recommend this book to all who like NA contemporary books and especially those who like to see hard issues tackled..

  • Deb
    2019-01-01 00:54

    I've read various other reviews on this one - people who loved it, people who didn't.I liked the idea of this book, which is why I decided to give it a go. It's a good tale that gives a ton of warning signs for girls to look out for from guys they might be totally infatuated with. It lets them know it's not actually OK for him to treat you like this, and you can expect and do deserve better.That being said, I did find Jake a little too good to be true... but I don't doubt there are men that empathetic out there, so I'm gonna roll with it.The one thought I kept having through the book was that I kind of wish I could have gone through the journey WITH Grace. But the book opened at a point that SHOULD have signified the end of her relationship with Noah and then jumped about here there and every where in the timeline of their relationship. It meant that I saw all the early interactions between then through jade-tinted specs. Yeah, I was pretty well over it already. What I would have loved would be to meet Noah as an innocent reader, be swept off my feet, have a few doubts planted by his odd behaviour and then slowly come to loathe him, as I think Grace would have experienced it... then it would have been the rollercoaster ride I think it was aiming for.Regarding the jumping around in time thing... it left me confused a couple of times. I'm not sure if it was me or the book (I usually assume me). Can someone correct me... Grace breaks up with Joel the morning after "the Jack Johnson serenade", but the bit where Noah plays the Jack Johnson song to her starts with "It had been two weeks since I broke up with Joel." I may have missed something in all this, though?All the references to the 90s Seattle bands had me thinking this was a book written by a 30-something woman recalling a relationship she had back in the 90s. A little research could have brought it into the here and now, but I'm guessing that wasn't the point. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Pearl Jam and Candlebox and the rest... but I am a 30-something woman. It wouldn't have been a problem, except that it made the jadedness of the MC feel a little like it wasn't just the MC's jadedness, if you get my meaning.On the whole, I think this is a great book for teenage girls to read (that being said, I don't know any teenagers closely, so don't take my word as the be all and end all). It clearly states from the outset it's for girls suffering from emotional abuse - or it could be to help those who haven't experienced it avoid it... For that, I commend the effort.I love going on an emotional journey when I read. I felt this was missing here, just because it was a "look back", which immediately took me out of the moment. But, what I look for may not be the healthy choice for the target audience here, so I won't bag it.I did "Like it", hence the 3 stars. Overall, it is well-written and manages to be both educational and entertaining.

  • Luvtoread45
    2018-12-27 03:08

    Luvtoread45 I had to wait a couple of days before I did this review, still pissed off, I wanted to throw my iPad thru the wall a couple of times ,I had to get up ,walk around, or call my sister out of state to vent about it! This story is one about great mental and emotional abuse . Bad boy meets good girl. First kiss. Bad boy turns sensitive . Love...then good girl falls hard....he turns sensitive and with flowers,love letters,long phone calls, Sensitive boy Noah becomes a frat boy! Noah is a tough subject for me, i just really want to punch him in his face.....he played so many head games with Gracie it was crazy! One of Gracie's thoughts "no matter how hard I tried,I couldn't pull myself to the surface. The harder I flailed,the further I sank....down ,down,down. The murky depths laughed as I floated helplessly toward the bottom. Lifeless . Noah has a way to make her feel horrible about herself ,or he will do something wrong and turn it around on her. So manipulative! Noah is so undeserving of Gracie , I HATE HIM! Gracie was falling apart, mentally, she is so innocent and naive to his games and she just keeps throwing that line out there for him...I realize in our own relationships we have done this maybe at some point in our life,hoping that things will change and they don't! Then there's Jake, love,love,love him! I want one:) he's perfect, loving, respectful, totally honest with her. He was her best friend. He was always there for her when Noah was being an ass...he was amazing to her and someone that showed her that someone could love her without hurting her. Not enough good things can be said about this beautiful man Jake... Thanks Michelle for taking us into a topic that is real and happens all the time, even if he didn't hit her! He played with her emotions enough that he might as well have. I hope this helps others that might be in a rollercoaster of a relationship .

  • Kate’s Book Spot
    2019-01-16 21:57

    Firstly I’d like to thank Sapphire Star Publishing for sending me this eBook to read and give an honest review. I loved the sound of this book, I had a feeling it would be my kind of read and I was totally right. I literally couldn’t put it down, I found myself doing the housework one-handed just so I could carry on reading. This rollercoaster read was finished in less than a day!A dramatic start grabbed my attention straight away, I was flipping through the pages to find out exactly what had happened to cause all the drama. When the revelation came I felt annoyed on Gracie’s behalf and flabbergasted at the way Noah revealed all! I knew at this point that I would become very involved with the storyline.I really enjoyed the flashbacks to the beginning of Gracie and Noah’s relationship and I could easily see why she fell for him, he was the classic bad boy and that made him a great character to read because he created both positive and negative reactions within me. Throughout the book the author described Gracie’s emotions beautifully, it felt believable, real and almost tangible. Gracie was very likeable, the ups and downs of her life were fascinating to read about and I began to feel quite protective over her so I loved it when she stood up for herself.Jake was a wonderful character who added a touch of relief when things got really tough for Gracie. His intervention was one of my favourite parts of the book, I could see what Gracie couldn’t and I was hoping that she would eventually see what was so obvious in my eyes.A heart-pounding confrontation ended the book with yet more drama and I look forward to seeing how Gracie’s life continues in the sequel On Solid Ground which will be released in December 2013.This was a fantastic read filled with drama, heartbreak and romance. If you’re a fan of New Adult books then you will love this!

  • Jammie
    2019-01-02 22:58

    In this book we meet Gracie she is a sweet, magnetic, good girl who is living her life. Then we meet Noah, and he is 110% bad boy. They meet at when they are both working the closing shift at their jobs. Gracie is immediately thrown by what she has heard about him, and then meeting him for the first time. It didn’t seem to match up. She was pulled to him like a moth to a flame. Noah showed her that he wasn’t what everyone was else saw. Little does she know that the warnings would become her reality. This book pushes back and forth between Present time & theirIn Too Deep past. After going to a big event for Noah’s fraternity Gracie learns that her instincts that she felt that night as to why she couldn’t find Noah are correct. And he beings to rip her world out from underneath her. And thus begins the cycle of emotional abuse that she didn’t even see coming. Noah unloads all of the bad things on her and then expects them to just be ok and normal the next day. Well she does, or tries. She continues on this turbulent journey that has become her life. Gracie soon starts to seek solace in her friends. Just trying to navigate the mess of her life and decide what directions she wants to go. She continually turns to her friend Jake, that we soon learn has very real feelings for her. And those feelings end up being returned by Gracie. Being together eventually gives Gracie the strength to see things for what they are. In the end Gracie finally hits her breaking point and walks away. But that’s just where her story begins, can she ever recover from the damage that has been done. Will the whispers ever stop?This review and others can be found at 2 Bookaholics

  • Sarah
    2019-01-19 05:06

    I've been staring at a blank screen for about five minutes trying to decide how to write this review. I'm really torn on my feelings about the whole thing.In Too Deep is Gracie Ann Jordan's story. It us told, in first person, from her perspective. The first few chapters of the book switch back and forth from present to past. Occasionally I was confused as to what was going on because of this, but quickly figured it out. We get a front row seat to the train wreck that is the relationship between Gracie and Noah. Gracie takes a real emotional beating throughout the story. Thankfully she always had her best friend, Jake, to lean on when things are bad.Gracie's relationship with Noah can be described as nothing other than toxic. It was really hard to read about, in fact I had to put down the book several times. I understand that Noah had spent years tearing Gracie down, but I really hated how she continuously made excuses and pardoned his actions. I also hated that her friends,while vaguely warning her about Noah's toxicity, seemed to support her decision to continually go back to him. I was happy that she finally saw what was going on. As frustrating as it was to watch Gracie continually go through all of the shit that she did, the end of the book was quite redeeming and pulled the book from a VERY depressing place for me.The writing in this book was superb, I am excited to read more from Michelle, regardless of how depressing it might be.

  • Renee
    2019-01-01 05:50

    I loved the book. What made me like it more was a few snarky reviews. I love when people write really negative and have no clue what they are talking about. If you read this book like I did, you would love it. The entire Gracie saga was scary, real, and happens a lot. Gracie is innocence! Noah, well she fell hard for him. The best parts of the book where going on in Gracie's head. She tried to convince herself that Noah was not a turd. She tried over and over to justify things he did and said. Actions speak louder than words. Noah said it all but underneath he was a turd. I want nothing more at this time than to tell you what happened about 70% through. I can't but I will say for the ignorant people who said bad things about Gracie, have never been in love. She was broken down by Noah in the worst way. If you know someone like her, a good friend who fell for the frat boy and just wanted that so bad she would do anything for him. She listened to each lie and when it all unfolds WOW it is awesome. I am still stunned at what his actions did to her. When Jake, who was Noah’s former roommate is involved because he has Gracie’s back. You will be stunned. Poor Jake can't watch this train wreck any longer. It goes to show how some guys stick together and some are outstanding! Jake was so outstanding! Bravo to the author for the REAL aspect. I loved this book and I hope you will too.

  • Roz Ward
    2018-12-31 05:49

    Really enjoyed this. I loved Jake from the start. When Noah was good I loved him too. But when he was horrible he truly was a nasty piece of work that made my body shake with anger. Told from Gracie's point of view made it possible for (I imagine) every single girl to relate to. I have no doubt that the majority of people have been in a similar kind of relationship to Gracie and Noah's, and having it down on paper made me realise I wasn't the only one who had, at some point, felt like this. Gracie cried a little too much for my liking and I would have enjoyed an epilogue so I'd know they really did get their happily ever after but all in all this was a very good read that had me gripped from the start xx