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'It is a prophecy, Watcher. And it foretells your destruction.'So comes the stark warning from Astrae. But what does the prophecy that tells of the young moon actually mean? Two years have passed and Jacob’s search for the second Successor brings him back to Earth. But his Watcher powers seem to be useless as the other Successor remains shrouded in mystery… And he soon dis'It is a prophecy, Watcher. And it foretells your destruction.'So comes the stark warning from Astrae. But what does the prophecy that tells of the young moon actually mean? Two years have passed and Jacob’s search for the second Successor brings him back to Earth. But his Watcher powers seem to be useless as the other Successor remains shrouded in mystery… And he soon discovers that his bitter uncle, Makash, is also hot on the trail. Jacob’s quest takes him and Luca halfway across the globe in a race to get to the other Successor first. As they get closer to their goal the body count starts to rise and Jacob and Luca are dragged deeper into Makash’s deadly game as the net closes around them.All Jacob has to do is cheat death, yet again, find another like him amongst the seven billion people that swarm over the face of the planet before Makash does, and thwart the prophecy that spells his doom. No pressure then… The Young Moon is the second book of The Sky Song Trilogy....

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The Young Moon Reviews

  • Jack
    2019-01-03 23:57

    Second instalments are funny things, so often they disappoint or end up as the weak link in a trilogy or series. Nevertheless, with Sky Song being so good (I gave that a 5 star review) I was always going to read The Young Moon.I'm pleased to report that this book really is anything but a weak link. The plot is an enthralling one; a search for the second successor as the mysterious person is also hunted by the trilogy's ruthless villan, Makash. The search takes Jacob and Luca far from home and the writing is so excellent that you find yourself desperate to see who will reach the successor first. On top of this, loveable Luca also provides some excellent comedy (and touching in his own way) moments.However, I would say that the best part of the book is the final few chapters. They are soaked in dilemma and the final events have got me itching to read part three!

  • Char
    2019-01-09 05:45

    Even better than book 1!!!! Review in the next few days! :)FULL REVIEW:For my pre read thoughts and reasons for rating please visit my blog From the Shadows I Review This book was even better than its predecessor. The story flowed with such grace and it led me on a journey across the world and had so many twists that I didn’t have a chance to even guess at what was going to happen next! The writing was once again beautifully descriptive and the way Sharon Sant creates such a realistic yet fantastical world blows me away. The end has such a massive cliffhanger and leaves you craving the final book, ‘Not of Our Sky’. Again the editing is sublime. I didn’t find a single mistake which, for me, is a sign that the quality of indie books is becoming phenomenal.Luca – It’s almost like Sharon Sant heard me when I said in my ‘Sky Song’ review that I wanted more Luca (OMG SHE’S PSYCHIC!) and boy did she deliver! After reading ‘The Young Moon’ I can tell you that I love Luca. I love how he puts up with Jacob when he’s being a grouchy douche. He lightens the tone of the book and numerous times he had me giggling out loud. Although I want to point out he can be serious when he needs to be. He’s just a great character.Jacob – Jacob. Jacob, Jacob, Jacob. What am I gonna do with you? He has these moments when he’s just a great guy who’s trying offload his destiny on to some other poor, unsuspecting successor and the next he’s captain douchebag. This doesn’t stop me liking him though, which is rather surprising. I feel it’s just because he wants to do this by himself when what he actually needs to do is let people in and stop trying to do everything by himself. Sometimes even an Astraen needs help! Just saying...Successor number two – The main plot thread of ‘The Young Moon’ is to trace successor the 2nd so Jacob can stay on Earth with darling Ellen (I missed her in this instalment. She’s fierce.) and his family. Now even though this mysterious Astraen entity doesn’t appear (or maybe they do...) they aren’t a major character but they’re so important. What I know of them is that they’re blatantly a pain to find. Hopefully they will be found in book 3 and then we can defeat Makash already!Overall this is so good. It’s incredible! There are no words for how much I love this trilogy. So often in trilogies/series the books that are in the middle slump and you’re left banging your head against a brick wall, but with this I feel like we’re closer to our endgame. The quality of this is actually a lot better than some of the much hyped series that I’ve had the bad luck to read. The world building is so real and definitely something I can’t wait to read more. Now all that’s left to do is wait for the release of ‘Not of Our Sky’ in May.

  • Rebecca Bradley
    2019-01-08 22:49

    I loved the first in the trilogy, Sky Song and Sant did not disappoint, with The Young Moon. It starts with Jacob returning to Earth, but with a stark prophecy from the Astrae of his demise. I love how, no matter the high drama of other worldly goings on, Sant gives the young cast of characters real emotions and distractions to deal with, making it believable and current. Sensitive issues are handled well and then the excitement notched up as the story crosses the world in a race to find the other successor. The reader is constantly left wondering if the determined Watcher Jacob and his trusty friend Luca will make it in time, but I couldn't possibly throw a spoiler like that in here. You need to read the book to find out. I will definitely be reading the third chapter in the trilogy!

  • Stephanie
    2018-12-29 00:41

    I was so keen to read this as soon as possible I started reading it whilst still reading another. I never read two books at once. The Young Moon starts two years after the 1st book finished when Jacob returns to Earth. The book is in parts quite sad but also exciting and the last chapter? All I can say is wow! I am so glad that the last in the trilogy is waiting on my kindle for me to read. This could well be the 1st day when I start and finish two books.

  • Dan Thompson
    2019-01-25 00:48

    Sharon Sant’s urban fantasy debut, Sky Song introduced us to the prospect of life elsewhere in the universe, albeit not in a very ‘alien’ way. Jacob always had an inkling that he was somehow different, maybe through his unique trademark of colour changing eyes that reflect his moods, but it isn’t until he learns of his true identity that things really start to get interesting for him. Jacob is the future ‘Watcher’ for a race of people on Astrae, a sort of god who must watch out for them, keeping everything in balance with the natural order. With the evil Makesh lurking in the shadows however, things aren’t easy for Jacob, especially as Makesh wants him dead.The Young Moon returns us to the life of Jacob two years after the end of the previous book. Jacob has returned to Earth after spending time with the Astraens, learning his responsibilities and coming to terms with what’s expected of him in his role of ‘Watcher’. Jacob misses his family and friends; Earth never far from his heart. He is back to discover the whereabouts of his Twin, someone who can take the responsibility of Watcher from him, so he can return to his old life. But with no clues to her whereabouts, Jacob must lean of his friends to help him in his endeavor.The Young Moon is very much the second book is a series; it feels like a middle book. That’s not a bad thing – a story needs a beginning, a middle and an end to be complete, and this book helps move on the story, drumming up the tension ready for the third instalment. It’s a very personal story for Jacob and one of the things I loved the most is his inner thoughts, his personal quandaries of what is the right thing to do: fulfill his destiny as Watcher, or return home to people he loves? Sant does an extremely grand job at creating the moral dilemma for Jacob and you really do feel for him. I certainly wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.Perhaps the most exceptional part of this story however, is the non-fantasy parts. Jacob’s reliance of both Ellen and Luca tests the strength of their friendship. Did he really think he could just disappear for two years without any contact and expect everything to be OK? What worked really well for Sky Song was the trio’s relationship and the structural test in this book is brilliant, and true to life too. It’s realistic and it shows just how successful the author is at showing and ready behavior.The revelation of Jacob’s father’s illness comes as a shock to both him as well as us. As we know, Jacob has the powers to change things, cure his father as it were, but we also know how that turned out when Jacob interfered with the natural order of things last time round! Not only does Jacob have a short time frame to search for his twin, he also has the moral dilemma of does he, does he not cure his father? What’s the point of having these wonderful powers if he can’t help the ones he loves? But selfish desire doesn’t always have a happy outcome. The ending chapters of this book are extremely powerful, full of raw emotion and honest writing. Jacob’s reserve as well as his maturity is tested to the fullest.We get to see more of Luca on this trip, as both young men travel to America in search for Jacob’s twin. Luca really grew on me with this book. His playful personality and love of food made me chuckle. I thought despite what happened in the last book, Luca’s maturity and thoughtfulness for Jacob’s well being was commendable. Despite the two year gap, Luca is ready to be faithful and loyal once again without a second thought. If only all friends could be like Luca. Ellen on the other hand is not so forgiving. She is toying with her own emotions towards Jacob, but once again, just like in Sky Song, I really like Ellen’s character. She hasn’t grown bitter during Jacob’s departure, but she certainly has felt the time pass. And who can blame her? She has her own worries, what with her two brothers who need her care, as well as the disruptive lifestyle her alcoholic mother throws her way.The Young Moon is a powerful book, one that throws many themes at you. Some personal, some ethical, and of course some fantastical. This is a fantasy novel after all! But I found the fleeting moments that Makesh features weren’t enough. I wanted more. I would have liked to see more of Jacob’s training on Astrae. The centrepiece for this book is Jacob’s search for his twin sister, but I found myself enjoying the other things going on more. That’s to say I wasn’t intrigued by the cryptic prophecy of one half of the young moon descending into darkness. Alex, Jacob’s sister, hasn’t had an easy life, but with Jacob’s sudden appearance, it doesn’t look like things are going to get any better for her.Sharon Sant’s sequel lives up to expectation left by its predecessor. It tantalisingly questions your resolve: what would you do if you were in Jacob’s shoes? The trio of Jacob, Luca and Ellen are tested in terms of friendship and loyalty, and of course love is thrown in to boot! The author manages to weave so many story arcs into its pages; the discovery of Jacob’s father’s illness, in my opinion, the most brilliant aspect of this book. The Young Moon tends to focus more on the intangible aspects such as relationships, ethics and revelations more than the actual ‘fantasy’, but Jacob’s personal predicaments are another highlight. If you loved Sky Song, then you’ll definitely fall in love with these characters all over again here.

  • Steve Caddy
    2019-01-02 05:57

    This, the second book of the Sky Song trilogy, is far better than the first book. The action is paced well, and kept me engaged throughout. Can't wait for the next installment!

  • Jane Yates
    2019-01-19 07:02

    Review of Young Moon, by Sharon Sant.Firstly I have to say OMG cliff hanger!!This book which is the second in the sky song series, is really compelling and easy to read. I love the way the characters are developed further and their teenage angst in the unfolding love interests with Ellen and there telepathic bond. The loyalty of his long suffering best friend Luca.We get glimmers of Jacobs home world ‘Astrae,’ understand his drive and his deep rooted connection and love with his earth family. Who at times appear to be at a loss with Jacobs priority’s. In young moon the characters undertake a new role of detective, they have a mystery to solve in finding Jacobs twin sister. The reader is swept along as the clues unfold before them. The vision by Ellen that gets adds to the puzzle. The boy’s decide they must travel to America, but besides the practical factors such as time and money, you begin to question is this all just too easy? The answer will surprise you. I love Sharon’s ability to write both the most lovely kind a gentle characters like that of Jacobs mother and then switch to paint the blackest of all, Makash. The thing I like best about this YA series is that Sharon has imagined a whole other world, ‘Astrae,’ and a race of alien people who understandably have different values and ideals. What an imagination. ‘I take my hat off to her.’ Now for book three!

  • Joanna Gawn
    2019-01-07 00:46

    How far would you go to save someone you love? Would you make the same choices if doing so spun your world into chaos? Which world is home, anyway?In this sequel to Sky Song, young Jacob’s relationships become ever more complicated, and when he learns of a prophecy, his life becomes even harder. Despite his otherworldliness, Jacob's emotions and reactions are very human, and I found him easy to identify with despite his tender years.Torn between his responsibilities as Astrae’s new Watcher, and the needs of his family and loved ones on Earth, the decisions he faces - and, more importantly, how he deals with them - make for a compelling story. Ending on a cliffhanger to lead us into the finale, Not of Our Sky, The Young Moon is a well-written and engaging read.

  • D.M. Cain
    2019-01-06 05:46

    Having thoroughly enjoyed the first book in this YA series, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the next installment. And, if anything, The Young Moon was even better than Sky Song. The characters are already well developed, meaning that the author did not need to spend time setting the scene and establishing dynamics. It was all go from the very first page. I also liked the way that the characters and their relationships were developed further in this book. Whenever I read a book I always find myself attached to certain characters and not others. I always have favourites. But in The Young Moon I loved all 3 protagonists equally! And the ending is such a kicker that I had to go immediately onto book 3 without stopping! Fantastic book :)

  • Zane David
    2019-01-19 01:43

    How quickly I read The Young Moon says it all. I love all the characters even more than book one, warts and all. The internal conflict of Jacob to abide by the rules or follow his heart is reminiscent to all who have power in this world and Sharon Sant portrayed this human conflict wonderfully in a way that in some sense defines what it is to be human. A must read to YA fans or anyone who appreciates a wonderful story with meaning and believable characters that could really be me and you...Off to read book three now!

  • Liv
    2019-01-18 07:10

    I LOVED this book. The characters grew and I really love Alex. It made me read on till the end ^^

  • Amy
    2019-01-19 04:44

    ~Disclaimer: I received this for review as part of a blog tour at Amy Bookworm.)~Yeah, the review is posted at my blog there... GUESS WHAT? It has GIF's (the norm for me so no points for guessing, you get a point if you read this review though... do check out my blog if you want to see a couple of awesome GIF's which don't do this book justice!)Where do I even begin? I love these books, the Sky Song Trilogy is not littered with errors of any kind. I don't think, 'THIS IS UNNECESSARY' or 'How dare there be a misspelling?' or anything along those lines & well, that can't be overlooked. It kind of has some twists but I would say they only keep you on the edge of your seat, you shouldn't fall of it. If you do, well... Plaster?I also can't overlook Ellen. She was much more of a main character, shall I say, in the previous novel but now I've realized she can be called an independent heroine. I said, and I'm concerned but sort of OK with that, she's like Hermoine in some ways. I'm saying it again in The Young Moon review... BUT why do I like her so much? Is it because she's like in a trio, Luca definitely isn't a third wheel but I'm sort of glad she's there for Jacob, he relies on her... And Luca. OK, Jacob relies on everybody. He says it himself.Seriously, I didn't think the love triangle would be properly resolved as they are great guys and neither of them are the right option. It’s hard to see which one you root for (by this I don’t mean distracts you). Hey... There’s a good point! Neither are just worth a chapter’s worth (or a stretched out novel) as a plot device, they are worth being part of the trilogy and the novel which doesn’t evolve round love. It’s about destiny. The destiny which has been carried out for two years, the honeymoon period... Love ‘em, hate ‘em, you know Jacob's got one. "things really had moved on in Jacob’s absence. (Kindle Locations 241)." And his is pretty darn complex- it involves a certain somebody who is kickass and it seems good that she is portrayed as reckless, hard, antisocial and so on... Things that boys in fiction are often seen to be, but Sharon's boys are not jerks. No, in fact I'd say Jacob is too thoughtful, he turns a bit paternal. He cares for his parents so much as a horrible situation is presented to him. It is so well etwined and so realistic. This book. Just. YES.He's definitely maturing and making mistakes- like seriously! At some points I just wanted to shake him. BAD, BAD BOY.Obviously, he can't do everything right but was he always so... impulsive? Well, suppose some obstacles you just have to attack with a massive "YOLO". He has so many obstacles. Oh, almost tears. Why did I say that? For Astreans it's so much more and he may just want to turn his back... He's one half of a young moon, surely the other one will have his home planet's back? The least he can have is a romance. How much of one? OK, not a lot. Luca's ridin' solo also, they are just bros working together through the sadness, through the joy... They are just so real.Overall, I totally loved this follow-up. I cannot believe how it all came together & then just... cliffhanger. It wasn't the worst cliffhanger I'm sure, it helps that Not Of Our Sky is out... Hmm, you should really read all three.