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Twins Sera and Luke Raine’s unusual abilities are growing. Sera is healing vampires now, making them human again. And, at times, Luke can actually change the future he Sees.But Sera’s healing has dangerous consequences, and though Luke is altering the outcome of more visions, he can’t control them yet.Now Sera is in danger as the dark creatures of the Realm seek to use herTwins Sera and Luke Raine’s unusual abilities are growing. Sera is healing vampires now, making them human again. And, at times, Luke can actually change the future he Sees.But Sera’s healing has dangerous consequences, and though Luke is altering the outcome of more visions, he can’t control them yet.Now Sera is in danger as the dark creatures of the Realm seek to use her. As Luke struggles to master his gift in order to save his sister, he discovers even more about his powers. And what he learns just may put him in greater danger than Sera has ever been....

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Imaginable Reviews

  • Christina (Ensconced in Lit)
    2019-01-23 23:47

    I have been waiting eagerly for the followup to Intangible, which was one of my favorite reads this year. J. Meyers graciously offered me an ARC in exchange for a review. It did not disappoint. This review will have some mild spoilers from the first book.Imaginable by J. Meyers takes place right after the events of the first book, Intangible. We return to our favorite twins, Luke and Sera, as they figure out more of their powers (seeing the future and healing, respectively), and work with Jonas, the vampire, and Fey, their best friend who is a powerful Light Elf, to navigate the new waters of paranormal politics. At the end of the last book, Sera has realized that she can change vampires back into humans. This leads to more vampires clamoring for this power, and Sera's life is at risk. The two twins are thrust into more danger than they've ever been in before.I absolutely loved this book. The action starts on page one and never lets up the whole time. I frantically flipped through the pages to figure out what happens. The characters are just awesome and so different-- Jonas is still one of my favorite characters (and I love that he got his own novella, which I also loved!) and Fey is fascinating and powerful. The twins are great as well, and I loved learning more about their powers as they did. The background and fantastical creatures are all interwoven in a new way that I haven't seen before. The prose is clear and seamless as we shift from different points of view-- something that I normally dislike, but Meyers does a masterful job of transitioning from character to character, and I didn't even notice it was happening!Overall, a smashing followup to the first novel, and I'll be bugging Meyers to send me the third as soon as it is done. You should all get your hands on this book, pronto, and Meyers continues to be one of my all time favorite indie writers.

  • Alicia Batista (Addicted Readers)
    2019-01-13 22:53

    4.5 StarsImaginable was a highly anticipated book for me. After reading the first book in the series, Intangible, I was Hooked! And let me tell you Imaginable did NOT disappointed! I enjoyed this book a lot! But I will say unfortunately, it was a little slow starting. And as I never had the feeling I wanted to give up on this book, because I knew it would speed up and get better. But I lost interested in the beginning, due to the slow start and was thinking to put it off for a while, NOT give up. But, I am SO GLAD I didn't because about around the 25% mark, I really got into it and was lost, yet again in the world J. Meyers had created!The writing style was as good as the first book, if not better. I enjoyed the new turn of events that happened in this book. It was a twist I was not expecting, but their was other parts that were predictable. I LOVED Jonas, yet again in this book. He has this way about him that you just want to jump through the book and get lost in the world of Jonas, and Jonas ONLY! He is definitely a big part of wanting to read this series! Oh, and Fey, I LOVE her too. She is such a Strong, independent, stubborn and definitely beautiful that can kick A LOT of Supernatural Butt. She is also the voice of reason when Sera and/or Luke want to jump into something without thinking about it, which happens A LOT! I like Sera and Luke too, but it just felt like it was too much of the damsel in distress with them both ALWAYS having to be saved. I mean don't get me wrong it is understandable, with them being human in all and having limited powers to fight all the dark creatures of the Realm that is after them. I mean what can they do against five Vampires that are 200 years old? Not much, BUT it's just I like my main characters, the Kick-butt kind that takes care of their self. Not the kind that have to sit back and be saved! BUT I still did LOVE them and love this book too!So in the second installment Imaginable, were taken back too the world that Luke and Sera's live-in and all the drama that follows. Sera and Luke are just starting to recover from the last kidnapping and attack when their world is thrown it to an uproar, yet AGAIN!The Supernaturals are not through with Sera yet, actually their just getting started, and EVERYONE wants a piece! They'll do anything to get her! So with Sera in grave danger, and Luke not knowing how to will a vision on in time to stop it, they must rely on each other and the ones closet to them to get through this terrible time. They've been through a lot together and with their friends, but this time ALL is at risk, and if they can't even trust their own eyes, who or WHAT can they trust???After this book picked up it's speed, it really went on FULL FORCE ACTION, WITH NON-STOP ADVENTURE and heartache that I felt for the character's! I really enjoyed this one better then the first. The first one was GREAT, but this one was AMAZING! 'So Overall if you enjoyed the first book in the series you will DEFINITELY enjoy the second, probably even more like me!I received a copy of this book as a part of a blog tour, in exchange for my honest opinion. Everything you are about to read is my full and honest opinion about the book.

  • Lauren (Northern Plunder)
    2019-01-09 03:45

    This review was first posted on Northern Plunder, if you want to see more reviews please click here.As I'm sure many of you know I've been reading all the books J. Meyers has written for us and fallen completely in love with her fantasy world and even paid for a signed copy of Intangible to be shipped out to the UK where it now sits and looks beautiful on my shelf, maybe I'll end up with a copy of Imaginable too? Well I certainly hope so because this sequel was not a let down.Imaginable continues to follow twins, Luke and Sera, and almost instantly pulls you into their fast paced adventure as Sera uses her healing powers to help heal vampires back into humans ...or is she? And if she isn't, what danger could these new being hold? These are the problems they're faced with as a team of no-longer-vampires-but-not-quiet-humans step into their lives and certainly not for anything good.What I enjoyed most about this book was the development of not only the characters but their powers too, only when the twins were at their personal worst were they aware of exactly how limited their knowledge of their powers were and we got to see their powers grow and experience it with them which really helps you get attached to Luke and Sera alike. We also got to explore and spend a lot more time in the Realm; the home of the Light Elves and meeting of The Good Mother Keren was particularly amazing, and J Meyer's descriptions of this new world made it easy to visualise and believe it could truly exist. It was beautiful. Of course we also got to learn more about the Dark Elves too which is a little less on the beautiful side of things but not an ounce less interesting, they may be the "bad" guys to the other Elves but they have a range of mythical creatures on their side which was certainly interesting to read about, I just couldn't put the book down and I really can not do it justice.On that note I want to sign out with letting you know this isn't a YA book to pass up but of course I haven't spoke about my favourite vampire Jonas, so I'll keep it short and spoiler free: he's as awesome as ever with some great moments, and I truly can not wait to see what is in store for him and the others next time round. I'm sure J Meyers will not be one to disappoint.

  • Heidi
    2018-12-29 21:46

    Three and half stars: A good indie series with some unique characters.Sera and Luke are trying to slip back into their normal routine, but they are very much aware that their lives will never be normal again. After their harrowing, near death experience at the hands of Lilith, the original vampire, they know that danger is constantly stalking them. Despite the fact that Lilith has threatened Sera with death if she doesn't stop healing vampires and returning them to human, Sera can't resist the lure to help. Unfortunately, Sera's healing vampires has some unexpected negative consequences. Soon there are many evil forces hunting Sera. Can Luke, Fey and Jonah keep her safe?What I Liked:*I am always happy to support a solid indie series, and J. Meyers certainly falls into that category. Her books are well written, cleanly edited, original and fun to read. If you are looking for another good indie read, definitely give this series a chance.*I say this far too often, but it takes a lot to impress me these days, especially when it comes to creativity and originality. Meyers takes many of the well known paranormal entities such as elves, vampires and seers and refashions them. Her vision comes forth as fresh and original. I loved that her vamps aren't pretty and beautiful, they are deadly and scary. Fey, the light elf, isn't what you expect, either. She is nothing like the elves that you read in fantasy books, and I totally love that about her. Aside from the well known paranormal entities, there are also a few lesser known paranormal people scattered in such as Sera, the healer, Shadows and Dark Elves (though if you are a fan of Kevin Hearne, you know the Dark Elves are to blame for everything). *I like that this series provides a well balanced array of paranormal characters.Sera and Luke return and the twins are growing and changing as they learn more about their identities and abilities. I am enjoying watching them grow, and I love the close bond that they share. There is something special about twins and I love that they are the centerpiece for this series. I am eager to see how their abilities will continue to develop, and I am excited to see them come into their powers and strengths. *I like that the main focus of this book is on friendships and the romance in it is subtle. There is a romantic development between two characters in this one, but it takes a back seat to all the action. Toward the end, there is also the hint of the beginnings of another romance, which I am very interested to see develop. I am happy to report that there are no love triangles so pick this up with confidence knowing that you will avoid the dreaded angled love affair. *Jonah is becoming one of my favorite vampires. He is deadly, fast and strong, but he has a good side, too, even though he doesn't believe he has any redeeming qualities so he is the tortured hero. I love how he takes charge and kicks butt. I cannot wait to see him take on the bad vampires. This book is pretty much non stop action from the get go. There is danger lurking around every corner and I loved that it moved at a fast pace. And The Not So Much:*The problem with this book for me was that the plot steered away from the main storyline regarding the healed vampires. In the beginning, it becomes evident that Sera has created a problematic new breed of humans who were once vampires. Word has gotten out and she is in danger. Sera is kidnapped by those seeking to use her powers, and I was hungrily expecting a huge vampire battle between Jonah and the rest. Unfortunately, Sera is taken by yet another enemy and from this point on the healed vampire story is abandoned. It was evident by the end that it would pick back up, but I thought that steering away from this plot line caused the book to lose focus. At the end, there is very little resolution. It doesn't end on a cliffhanger as it felt more like a to be continued, and I felt that it really should have tied up more story lines. I wanted to know what happened with Adrian and Sean and all the other healed vamps.*This book brings some new characters namely Brandan and Rachel. These two made a very brief appearance at the end of book one, but in all honesty I remembered nothing about them. I was frustrated that there was very little description of the two this time around, as I like most readers, forget details between books. All that I know of Brandan is that he likes flashlights and Rachel lies a lot. There really needed to more description and character development as far as these two are concerned. On the other hand, I enjoyed the addition of Thorn, the Light Elf, he is totally unexpected and I loved that he ended up surprising me again and again. *I hate a lot of recap in series, but it is necessary because most of us go anywhere from six months to a year on up between books. Our memories get fuzzy in between the reads, and so I always appreciate a tiny bit of recap. There is very little review in this book and I found that I struggled to recall necessary details. For instance, as I mentioned, I couldn't remember anything about Brandan and Rachel. Quinn as well, I had forgotten his story. Perhaps just a touch more recap would help.*I wondered what happened to Luke and Sera's adoptive mother. She is mentioned a couple of times in the book, but she doesn't make any appearances. She was present in the last book, but this time it appears that Luke and Sera are now teenagers with absentee parents. Where is the mom?Imaginable is a solid sequel to Intangible. I love the great characters, uniqueness and action packed story line. I would have loved for this book to resolve the main issue of the healed vampires, but I guess I will have to wait for the next book to find the answers. J. Meyers is proving to be a creative and talented indie author, and I look forward to reading more of her work.Favorite Quotations:"There's good in all kinds of places," Sera said. Even the darkest places."I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this review.Posted@ Rainy Day Ramblings.

  • Mlpmom (Book Reviewer)
    2019-01-11 04:38

    The thing I loved most about the first book in this series besides the fun premise, exceptional writing skills of the author, the easy flow of the plot and the loveable characters, was Luke and Sera and their relationship.They aren't only brother and sister (twins) but are best friends. Don't get me wrong, they aren't all lovey dovey but for the most part they are super close. They tease each other, they complete each others sentences and most of all they understand and love one another. It truly does make me wish I had a sibling that I was as close to as these two are in this series.There is just something about their easy banter and fun loving ways that put a smile on my face and make me really enjoy reading about them. Not only are they great siblings to one another but they are extraordinary people to others as well. Strong, fierce, loyal, kind, loving and they really care about what is going on around them. They never shirk from their responsibilities and are never one to run away from a battle, especially one that involves someone they love and care about. This second book is extraordinary. If I thought I loved Luke and Sera before, it had nothing on the way I feel about them now. They might very well be two of my favorite people in the world of YA paranormal. I love how much they grew, changed and learned while reading their story. I loved all the new characters that Meyers introduced into the story line and most importantly, I loved the old characters that we got to see a lot more of, and I have to say, I LOVE Jonas. If you haven't read his novella then I strongly suggest you do so before reading this. You won't regret it and it will shed so much light on Jonas and his past that you won't be able to help loving him and if possible this story only makes his character that much better. I so want a HEA for him!!I don't want to give too much away but I will say this, Meyers has once again blown me away with her engaging story line that kept me on the edge of my seat and left me wanting more long after the story was over. I love all the new twists and surprises she introduced into this one as well as the sadness and heartache at the loss of a beloved character. I really can not wait to read more and my only regret is that I got so hooked on this after the first chapter that I couldn't stop myself from reading it in one sitting. I really should have savored this one more because now I know it will be a very long wait for me until the next one is released.All I have left to say is, J., I really hope you know how to write fast because I want more!

  • Eileen Souza
    2019-01-15 03:50

    (Got to read this as a beta, so my review is not on the final version of the book)*Squee!!* Luke and Sera are back in the second book in the series - and their story just keeps getting better! I really enjoyed many aspects of this book, which I will share in a way that ruins nothing.1. I love the development of our main characters - Luke, Sera, Fey, and Jonas - who each show a little more of themselves, and you get a better idea of what is in their heads and who they truly are - virtues and powers. (Alert: Read Indomitable 0.75 to get some information on Jonas that further enhances his character! Totally worth it!) 2. The plot definitely thickens, and the last 150 pages were read in one sitting because I could. not. stop. It was amazing!3. I love the few additional characters who came on board. Oh, shucks, I'll just tell you that I love Thorn. There. I said it. 4. I like the inclusion of some of the other Gifteds, and seeing how their gifts play out within the story. That Keren lady is one thoughtful broad.5. I'm generally not a huge fan of lyrical, descriptive passages about landscapes but the way J. Meyers described the Realm was spot on. It was perfectly descriptive and alluring without being excessively detailed.I'm already dying for the next book - Great read overall!

  • Misty Baker
    2019-01-02 02:44

    A few years ago (when I still had a 9-5 job in the city) I used to spend my lunch hour (almost everyday) outside on the patio of a little French cafe called La Madeleine. I didn’t necessarily go there everyday for the food (although it’s mouth-watering.) What I went for was the atmosphere. At any given moment you could find a group of high school kids, men in suits, mothers scurrying around with strollers. Artists, hipsters, wealthy arm candy wives. It was eclectic to say the least, AND it was incredibly fascinating…in an eavesdropping sense of the word. (Which I will openly admit to doing on more than one occasion.) But there is one overheard conversation I remember today, that until yesterday morning sat dormant in my every running brain.There was a table, not 5 feet from me, boasting one of the loveliest older women I have ever laid my eyes on, and her equally as frumpy daughter (over-sized sweater, magic marker embellished sneakers.) The mother, whose posture screamed Southern Matriarch, held a copy of Marla Miller’s novel “Betsy Ross And The Making Of America.” The daughter…a copy of Harry Potter. Mother: I really wish you would read something of substance. Daughter: *looks up, rolls her eyes and goes back to book* Mother: I mean honestly…what could you possibly be getting out of that? *glares at book* Daughter: Hope. Mother: Hope? Daughter: Hope. Mother: That’s nonsense. Daughter: Hope is nonsense? Mother: Hope is not nonsense, that book is nonsense. Daughter *sets down book* Mother, 2 months ago Dad walked out without even saying goodbye. 1 month ago I crashed my car into a tree. Yesterday I bombed my AP History exam. This book? It’s not real. It’s about magic and friendship and beating the odds. It’s a way to escape the real world, even if it’s just for 30 minutes while I eat this soggy sandwich. I can leave the crap behind, not think about it. Live in someone else’s imagination. It’s about hope, and I don’t know about you and *looks at mothers book* Betsy Ross, but I could use a little of that right now. Mother: Eat your sandwich.So why now? Two years later and “post-Imaginable” can I suddenly recall this conversation? Because yesterday…when reality got a little too harsh. When the ugliness of our existence reared its head and tried desperately to squash things like peace, love, security and HOPE…I reached for a book in a vain attempt to find it again. NOT a book based in reality, there was already plenty of that to go around, but a book that took me somewhere else. To a land where fear did not live in the threat of bombs and shrapnel, but in the yellow eyes of goblins and pixies. A land where ANYTHING fantastical or not could happen. Including having a little HOPE in an otherwise HOPELESS situation."The story that started in INTANGIBLE continues…Twins Sera and Luke Raine’s unusual abilities are growing. Sera is healing vampires now, making them human again. And, at times, Luke can actually change the future he Sees.But Sera’s healing has dangerous consequences, and though Luke is altering the outcome of more visions, he can’t control them yet.Now Sera is in danger as the dark creatures of the Realm seek to use her. As Luke struggles to master his gift in order to save his sister, he discovers even more about his powers.And what he learns just may put him in greater danger than Sera has ever been."Misguided intentions (for originally reading this book) aside, I can say (with strong confidence) that J Meyers retains her title as an author to watch out for.In Intangible, she introduced us to a world where anything was possible. Vampires, Seers, Healers and Fairies not only existed, but they thrived. In Imaginable she puts them to use again as Sera, and her rag-tag group of Gifteds, race against the clock (ala Mortal Instruments style) to save humanity AND each-other.Now, it’s important to note that I read Intangible WAAAAAY back in February of last year, and as much as I would like to say I remembered each and every little aspect to the book…that’s just not the case. But that didn’t stop me from diving in head first. The only problem with this? Unlike many sequels, Meyers throws the kicking kid into the water without floaties. (Aka she doesn’t draw away from her current plot line to recap the last book) so the first thing I would suggest (for those of you continuing this series) is to go back and re-read (or at least skim) book #1 before starting book #2. Was I completely lost while reading Imaginable? No…but I think it would have been nice to go from one straight into the other. (For connection/emotional purposes if nothing else.)Floundering moments of long-term memory aside though…Imaginable was exactly what I expected. GREAT.Much like in book 1, Meyers carries over her stunning ability to draw you into not only her world…"Long fire-orange leafy plants grew in clumps here and there. As Sera passed close by one, she noticed a huge red caterpillar whose enormous head bore black and white markings that resembled the grim of a Cheshire-cat, in between two large black eyes. She caught Luke’s eye and pointed it out to him. His look of wonder, she was sure, matched her own.Beyond the dwellings they walked through a long tunnel of tree roots and low branches woven together with ivy in greens of all shades. Sunlight peeked through gaps here and there, dappling the ground with splatters of light. The tunnel ended at the base of a lovely old gnarled tree, and Fey stopped there."but her characters, as they push themselves both physically and emotionally…"He opened his eyes and gazed at her, fear and gratitude equally present there. He didn’t move, just watched her face. Ser didn’t smile at him – there wasn’t anything to smile about – and she didn’t speak. She hadn’t a clue what to say. Instead she watched the bruises lighten and disappear from his skin as the healing light faded.He flexed his finger without a hint of pain on his face. It was done. He was healed. And yet, Sera sat there still, her hands on him, her back to the cretins who’d kidnapped them.Tears overwhelmed her eyes as she and Quinn looked at each other. They ran down her face, dripped off her chin and landed on his newly healed arm. In each splash she could hear the echo of his bones breaking."through a plot worthy of the words “fantastical genius.”"Ice cold realization washed over her. What had she done? She’s made him, this human fiend. She’d made the all–every vampire she’d already transformed to human. And they wanted her to make more. She couldn’t say yes to that. She started at Quinn. She also couldn’t say no. God, what had she done?"Admittedly…there were a few “internal dialogue” repetitions, and I would have loved to see a little more of one particular character (although he was much more prominent in this book than the last. YAY!) but these tiny little hiccups are hardly worth mentioning.In short…the story held its own, bobbing and weaving in all the appropriate spots. New characters were introduced, while we were forced to bid farewell to others. In layman’s terms…Imaginable was just what the doctor ordered. A captivating jaunt through a spellbinding story. And personally, I can’t wait for book #3.Happy reading my fellow Kindle-ites and remember: It’s what we do now, not later that REALLY matters.

  • Kt
    2019-01-14 23:39

    Review originally posted on my blog: A Book Obsession..Sera and Luke are gifted with amazing abilities, ones that have put them on the radar of several different supernatural races. Sera can heal anyone with her touch and Luke sees visions of the future. They've never known anything but danger due to a prophecy surrounding them and their abilities. And the threats against them are only going to get stronger now that their abilities have started to grow even more powerful. Now, more than ever, they will have to hide their true power if they are to have any hope at surviving. Their allies can only do so much when the threats are coming from all sides, and it's only a matter of time before tragedy strikes.One of the best things about this series is the incredible cast of characters and the bonds between them. The strongest bond has to be the one between Sera and Luke. I mean to some extent you expect twins to be close, but these two are even closer as the two of them are literally the other's very best friend. Both are rather admirable in that they both have a fierce loyalty about them and are also determined to use their gifts to help others. This is especially impressive considering just how much suffering their gifts have caused them, yet they never once faltered in their determination to do what they feel is right. Of course that determination has landed them in some pretty sticky situations as they have a tendency to leap into the fray before really considering the consequences of their actions. This particularly holds true for Luke especially whenever Sera is in danger. Of course I can't quite blame him due to their strong bond and his fierce protectiveness of her, even if I do think he would benefit from gaining a little bit of a cooler head when facing down danger.Onto the romances in IMAGINABLE, or at least the stirrings of them; Jonas holds a very special place in my heart. He's so honorable, yet he definitely has the major bad boy thing going on. I love that he has chosen to stand behind the twins, yet he also has not turned his back on his other allegiances. I really could see him and Sera getting together, as there does seem to be a certain spark between them. That being said, I'm really glad that the author is taking things slow with the two of them, as he is considered the Angel of Death, and had hardened his heart long ago. Someone like him doesn't just open up and turn "soft" towards anyone overnight, so it's good to see the slow build up in this circumstance. Of course there are no guarantees because as I said it was just a stirring, but I would love to see the pair of them take a go at it. As far as the other potential romance in IMAGINABLE, I have to say that I wasn't quite feeling it. Sure, there seems to be a very strong attraction between Fey and Luke, and yet they felt more awkward to me than anything. There's just such a large personality (and age!) difference that it's going to take a bit more than has been shown so far for me to get behind them completely. I'm really enjoying the direction this series is taking. Sera and Luke both have these incredible abilities, which of course makes me think about what the long term cost would be (outside of the threats against them of course), particularly when it comes to Sera. I mean she can do this amazing feat of turning vampires back into humans, making me wonder when the other shoe was going to drop. And drop it did. The consequences are rather staggering to be honest. Then when you add in Luke's new ability, well let's just say that if they thought there was a target on their backs before, now it's increased tenfold. I personally cannot wait to get my hands on the next installment to see what's in store next. Fans of the first installment won't want to miss IMAGINABLE as is an excellent follow up that can easily be devoured in one sitting.

  • Erica (Reading Kitten)
    2019-01-10 05:37

    This review was posted on my blog: my goodness, I am so happy right now. This book was absolutely perfect! It was the best sequel I could have ever hoped for. After reading Intangible I was so excited for the next book to come out and it did not disappoint at all! It might have been even better than the first book in the series. Seriously, if you haven't read this series yet, you should do that as soon as possible! You don't know what you're missing!Now that Sera and Luke have learned more about their gifts, they are in a lot of danger. Especially Sera, with her powerful healing gift. Different groups of creatures from the Realm are after her, because they want her to heal or even change them. Luke is trying to gain more control of his gift. He can now change the outcome of his visions, but he still doesn't understand how.There was so much happening in this book, it was insane. The characters were constantly in danger and trying to save each other. There was really never a dull moment in this book. You keep flipping pages to see what is going to happen next, and then when you think everything is going to be okay, something else bad happens...I absolutely love the main characters in these books. They're very lovable and you can really see how much they all care about each other. They form a very close group of friends together and they would do anything to help each other.Jonas is still my favorite character, even though it's pretty hard to choose between all of them. I just can't say enough good things about him. He's a strong and fearless vampire who doesn't hesitate to kill, but he would never hurt an innocent. I love how much he cares about Sera. I would recommend to read his novella first, before reading this book. You will learn something more about his past.The writing in this book flows really nicely and the chapters are relatively short. I was able to finish most of the book in a couple of hours. (Fortunately, because I needed to post this review today, and yesterday I was only 25% done... oops!) The book is written from third person perspective, which you don't see often in YA (at least I don't), but I think J. Meyers did a great job. There are multiple POV's from Luke, Sera, Jonas and Fey, which makes you able to really connect with all of them and see what is happening to everyone when they're not in the same place.Overall, I really loved this book. It has everything a good paranormal needs. A lot of action, great characters, good world building and even some romance!

  • B at Spare Time Book Blog
    2019-01-20 23:35

    I was lucky enough to get an ARC of this one from the author. Just like the first one, I really enjoyed Imaginable! It brought back all my favorite characters like Sera, Luke, Jonas, Fey, and Brandan. Also there are a few new ones introduced. Even after book 1 ended with Lilith pretty much on a leash for the moment but, there are other things in the world and the Realm that are more dangerous. Imaginable brings a whole new meaning to "what goes bump in the night". I loved the way the Realm was described. It's like I could see it when I was reading. A lot of the story took place in the Realm. The pixies were kind of fun, not sure if Sera would agree but, I thought they were. Sera is still in danger. Jonas and Fey are there to protect her but, those darn vampires and their teleporting. They make it so hard to keep up with them. Especially for the Gifteds. Luke loves Sera and is fiercely protective. Their relationship is just awesome. It reminds me of me and my brother actually. Sera will do anything to protect the people she loves and Luke is the same way. When Sera is taken Luke kind of goes crazy. Sera is his other half, they are connected. Luke has been trying to bring a vision on command like Sera does with her healing. It isn't going good but, he tries for hours trying to get on to save Sera. They all must work together to find her because she has been taken to a very dark place. Vampires are not the worst thing out there. Other creatures want to be healed of their "afflictions" as well. They must work as a team to rescue Sera. Before she loses herself to the darkness. Fey is also conflicted because going after Sera means possibly going against the Councils wishes. Not everyone will survive this battle. There is a little romance in this story as well. I was so excited to see what happens with Fey and Luke. I think they would be great together! Thorn kind of makes things between them kind of Rocky but, in the end I think she ends up with who she should be with. Sera also gets a little kissing action! Not with who I thought it would be either!! I was kind of shocked. I won't say who it was with but, I can't wait to see what happens with them! I loved this book and read it in a day. If you haven't read this series then you should start now! It is full of so many paranormal creatures and has a great plot! I would highly recommend it.

  • Natasha
    2019-01-21 23:49

    The Intangible series certainly gets better and more interesting in the second installment! The second book continued after the events of the first book where twins; Sera and Luke discovered that they are bestowed with supernatural powers. Luke can see visions of future but is still struggling with his gift while Sera can heal paranormals. I love the fact that the author wasted no time when the book started right off with an intense action scene at the beginning. The twins, their elf guardian; Fey and some of their gifted friends were hanging out in a coffee joint when they were suddenly approached by a mysterious paranormal and then all hell breaks lose!Apparently Sera's healing powers caused quite an uproar among the paranormal community since the vampires who were turned back to humans still retained their super strength and vampire traits which created a whole new race of paranormals. And Luke is afraid that it is too late for him to act to prevent events from his vision from becoming a reality. Luke, Fey and their friends race against time to rescue Sera as the warring powers of paranormals kidnapped Sera so they can used her for their own advantage.The heart stomping action certainly is a big plus point of the series. And the scores of interesting characters makes it more enjoyable. Fey is indeed my favourite character and I love that she's given a prominent part in this book. I am so rooting for her and Luke and it's nice to see their relationship develop through time. Hopefully the next book has some surprises for the twins and I really can't wait for it.

  • Theresa Jones
    2019-01-01 05:53

    I was very lucky to receive this story free from the author in exchange for an honest review. And Im so glad too, because I loved Intangible (and the novellas that go along with it)Imaginable did not disappoint. Luke, Sera and the gang are all together again, facing another terrible threat to their lives due to the Prophesy. They are once again attacked, kidnapped, etc, and must find a way to escape the danger. This time though, it isn’t the vampires that are after them, its something considered much worse.The characters were all there again. Fey and Luke seem to have a little thing, which im all in favor of… except shes like over 1000 years old, and he is 17. But, its whatever. I think its sweet. And then Sera is kinda falling for Jonas. Which is both sweet and kinda creepy. But still, im lovin on Jonas. Though he is the “Angel of Death” or whatever, since he is a big bad warrior vampire, he has a sweet side that I like a lot.I liked learning more about the other Gifteds, though I don’t like Raquel at all. There was some sadness towards the end, but it wasn’t heart wrenching sadness. I wont say more than that, because I don’t wanna spoil it. The only letdown is that the book felt really short. I read it very quickly, as I normally read good books, but this seemed way too quickly. (like 2 hours) Im not sure how many words are in this book, but it just seemed really short.

  • Talk Supe
    2018-12-30 05:37

    Right now, this is the ONLY YA series that can take me away from my Young Adult involuntary ban. Wonderful sequel!_____________________________________Braine's Talk Supe reviewIMAGINABLE didn't suffer the dreaded filler or sequel curse. If any I'd say it's even better than Intangible. Luke and Sera's character development is consistent as well as the secondary characters. I love how every aspect of the book is moving in the same pace, each personality distinct and the build-up with regards to the conflict is steadily rising. I also love how J. Meyers isn't afraid to sacrifice her characters and their safety for the sake of keeping things happy and light. In short, someone died and though its heartbreaking, its expected. I love authors who aren't afraid of cutting off her cast.I'm very with my Young Adult reads lately so when I pick up one, I really expect it to be GOOD. IMAGINABLE... scratch that... J. Meyers' Intangible series is a MUST if you love YA. I promise you won't be disappointed!

  • Tifferz
    2019-01-08 23:27

    You must read book one first Intangible to follow this amazing story!This is a gripping story that had me on the edge of me seat the entire time. I loved all the magickal creatures in this book such as vampires, goblins, shadows (that are really creepy and can manipulate your thoughts) witches,humans, Regia, light elf's, dark elf's,dwarves and many other creatures. Some of my favorite parts of the book took place in the Realm. I was enchanted how everything is more vivid, beautiful and that it is a heavenly place. I like how the twins had to grow in the powers they have. They actually work at developing them!I like how bad things happen and people do get hurt. It makes the book so real to me. I love the dynamic between Luke and Fey and then Sera and Jonas. Sparks fly! I am waiting for the next installment and hope it does not take too long. J. Meyers has hit a home run with this book!

  • Mel
    2019-01-18 23:26

    Quite an enjoyable sequel to Intangible.. However, I do feel that Luke gets overlooked by Sera as she is seen as the one with the more 'valuable' gift after learning that she can transform creatures of the Realm. She has been the main focus in both books, I'd like to see more attention on Luke in the future books. However, I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Intangible.

  • Annabelle Marie Veronica
    2018-12-28 05:52

    *****FINAL RATING: 4.80 STARS*****CATCHALLI absolutely loved Intangible, so I was thrilled when I realized I would have the chance to read Imaginable. It was absolutely as lovely as its predecessor, perhaps even more gorgeous in some ways. Everything about it was just gorgeous and there was more romance, which I loved. The plot also moved forward in ways I didn't expect and there was so very, very little I didn't love about this book.THE HEROLUKEI really like Luke because he's not perfect. He cares very, very deeply for Sera, to the point where sometimes he gets impulsive and makes mistakes. It's really sweet to see how much he cares for his sister but it never gets creepy and in this book he's much less overbearing. He wants to protect her, but he also allows her to make her own decisions. Meanwhile, he's struggling internally with some feelings as well. He exudes confidence on the outside, but he's more sensitive than he lets on.THE HEROINESERASera is an artist, which has always been one of my favorite things about her. She's also a healer and she hates to see anyone in pain, to the point where she will do things she doesn't want to to protect them. While that is dangerous, it is also admirable. I also really feel like Sera finds an inner strength that she didn't have in the first book. She's growing into her powers even more than Luke is, and she doesn't know what the right thing to do with them is all the time.THE LIGHT ELF PROTECTORFEYFey might be my favorite simply because she's so strong but also not. She's been alive for literally hundreds of years, but she's more human than she first appears. Fey has one of the deepest senses of compassion I've ever seen, and she has a hard time reconciling her head and her heart. She knows what she should do but that often conflicts with what she wants to do. Her loyalties are really tested in this book and she has some very difficult choices to make, which I think she really handles well.THE HEAD VAMPIREJONASJonas is so, so, so wonderful. I love him probably beyond logical reason, but whatever. He isn't afraid to do what he thinks he should be doing and he's protective of both twins, but particularly of Sera. He'll do anything to keep her safe and he's willing to take major risks to ensure that she is. Also, like a lot of the characters, he has some pretty deep-seated insecurities. He doesn't really let them physically show, but they're definitely hiding in his heart. He's brave, and he's loyal.There are loads of other characters I'd love to mention, but if I mention one I would have to mention them all, and then this review would be longer than the book practically, and you'd get bored. So, go read about them. ;)THE PLOTIn Imaginable, the plot thickens. That sounds lame and cliché, but it's true, so forgive me. Not everyone is yet completely recovered from the betrayal they faced, especially Sera, and the threat of Lilith still looms in the background ominously. Yet the twins and their friends are facing bigger problems now.Without veering into spoiler territory, Sera's ability to heal is causing problems for them all. She had only good intentions at first, but other people used her to warp and change her gift into an action that is something awful. There's a sort of bloody rebellion beginning to build, and if they don't manage to stop it everything will change for them, and not in the gumdrops and roses way.I also like the treatment of magic, although that is also my main problem with this book. I like that the magic isn't perfect or flawless. There are definitely crutches and things it cannot do, and it is not perfect. However, sometimes the magic can do things that I find frankly ridiculous and at times it was too much for me to believe. So essentially, I do like the way magic is used, but it is also the main fault in my opinion.It is a very fast-paced novel, and I definitely got caught up in the action. I really couldn't put it down either because something was always happening. The chapters ended in ginormous, intense cliffhangers and kept me reading on and on.I also love that there is so much originality in the plot. I really feel like it is so unique from other books I've read. There are vampires and elves, yes, but there are also other types of creatures, including the particular introduction in this novel of a unique and monstrous one. It really belongs on its own level as far as urban fantasy goes.THE ROMANCEI was so, so happy with the development of romance in this book as opposed to the last. Fey and Luke silently struggle with their feelings for each other, and waiting to see where they would go was immensely interesting. There are definitely some misunderstandings between them, and I kept hoping they would work them out. Jonas obviously cares deeply about Sera, but she's still not necessarily ready to open herself up to love again after what happened with a certain someone in the last book. Even so, she cannot deny her connection to him. It's all explosions and kissing and kind of fabulous.THE WRITINGI recognized J.'s talent from the very first paragraph of hers that I read, and I can honestly, legitimately say that it has only improved. It is absolutely gorgeous, peerless. The way she describes things is beyond beautiful, and she makes everything feel so unbelievably real. The dialogue and banter between the characters is also fun, and J. has an absolutely incredible sense of humor. I actually had to stop reading this book during class because I could not stop laughing. It never feels tacky, just genuine.THE ENDINGThe ending was perfect. It doesn't resort to using a killer cliffhanger because it doesn't need to. The overall conflict definitely isn't resolved, but the immediate one is more or less. And yet, despite that, I still found myself on the edge of my seat wanting to know what was next. This book was wonderful but it wasn't enough. The ending was awesome, but in some ways it was almost doubly cruel.WRAPUPDo I recommend this series? Abso-freaking-lutely. Go buy the first book if you haven't, and if you have then you need to read this book now. This is actually one of my favorite series, and I know I say that a lot, but this series is really something special. I will, of course, definitely be keeping up with the series. In fact, getting book three yesterday isn't soon enough for me.FINE.Find more of my reviews on Sparkles and Lightning!

  • Sarah
    2019-01-15 05:55

    This review was originally posted here on TotalTeenFictionThis book is the 2nd in a series and may contain spoilers for the first book, Intangible. Be warned! I was so excited to read this book because I adored the first book, Intangible. I was very privileged to receive a copy of Imaginable from the author to review and so I started it as soon as it was loaded on my Kindle! The book picks up with Sera's healing powers causing real problems for the Gifteds, and Luke isn't having it so easy either.The book opens with a scene in the coffee shop and made me fall right back in love with this world and, more importantly, the characters. Straight away there was humour from the group of characters who have the most amazing chemistry between them, and I love it when I start a book and I'm laughing within the first few pages. Most of that was down to Luke. I love Luke. I'll probably state that a lot in this review!The plot revolves around Sera's ability to "heal" vampires, only this has been causing more harm than good. I love Sera and how we get to see than vulnerable side of her. She clearly wants to do as much as she can to help other people and that really endears me to her as a character. The fact she has such valuable powers makes her a target for other creatures who want to exploit that power, which puts her life in danger for a large part of the book. I really felt that danger and the suspense created throughout the book had me flipping the pages just to find out what happened to those characters I was so attached too.Like I mentioned before, Luke is my favourite character and he also had a lot going on in his life. He's having to deal with his feelings for Fey who he knows he can't really have. He was so sweet pining for her. I was really rooting for him! On top of that, he's struggling with his visions, not always being able to conjure them and his fight to gain control of his powers showed just how determined he was. But my favourite part was his realtionship with Sera, which was one of my highlights of the first book. They just have such a great connection and as Sera was in danger I really loved how Luke wanted to do everything he could to make sure she was okay.Still on the topic of characters, I really loved the mysterious Jonas and the Light Elf Fey and the roles they played in the story. Both of them are protective of the twins and so it made for some great kickass scenes as both of them showed what they could do when it came to looking out for the others. I also loved discovering more about those characters as bits of their past were introduced into the story.I was really excited to explore more of the world that was established in Intangible and I wasn't disappointed. I loved seeing more of the Realm as well as the creatures that reside there, from the flower pixies to the dark and creepy Shadows. The descriptions of everything really carried me away as I escaped into the story and that world. As the book reached its climax it delved into fantasy as well with more magical creatures appearing, and I really enjoyed that element of it. The two worlds are weaved so seamlessly together that you don't really focus on what genre the book is, because it flows so well from the real to the magical.I absolutely devoured this book from the moment I picked it up. I just couldn't put it down! From the middle of the book onwards there was so much action to keep my attention. Whilst it managed to keep that pace and action up and build on the world introduced in Intangible, it also wet my appetite for more as a middle-of-a-series book should. There were things that were just touched upon, with some stuff just bubbling away under the surface that I can't wait to read more about! And the ending definitely left me eager to carry on. There's huge potential for this series. If you loved Intangible then you'll adore this. A fantastic sequel!Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.Find more books like this at TotalTeenFiction

  • Joelle
    2019-01-17 03:52

    ImaginableSeries-Intangible # 2By J MeyersExpected Publication Date-April 16, 2013http://angelswithattitudebookreviews-...BlurbTwins Sera and Luke Raine’s unusual abilities are growing. Sera is healing vampires now, making them human again. And, at times, Luke can actually change the future he Sees.But Sera’s healing has dangerous consequences, and though Luke is altering the outcome of more visions, he can’t control them yet.Now Sera is in danger as the dark creatures of the Realm seek to use her. As Luke struggles to master his gift in order to save his sister, he discovers even more about his powers.And what he learns just may put him in greater danger than Sera has ever been.Our ThoughtsAnother great read from this author.The drama continues and the story picks up where book one left off.Wow ! Another exciting read !The same characters from book one graced us with their presence in books two which I absolutely love about reading series.My favorite character that would still be Jonas! He impressed me greatly again in this story as well.Still my knight in Shining armor. I am still in love with him in book two...LOLMy other favorite this time around would be Sera.This poor girl never caught a break. I thought she did extremely well under pressure.Being kidnapped twice and you're abducted once by the Vampires and then next by the Dark Elves and one more evil than the last .Sera really held herself together .She showed amazing strength and courage.Each one wanting the same thing for her to change them.But, the problem was would they change for the better or just become a different kind of evil just more powerful ?Creating a whole new race of evil.This is the downside of her ability never knowing what you were creating when dealing with mystical creatures.The other world that this author created was beautiful and magical.The description of the realm was awe inspiring.The way she described the new world made you think you were right there with all the characters enjoying all the magic and the beauty that surrounded them.The descriptions had you so fascinated with the realm you wished you were there despite the dangers it held.As the danger grew so did there friendships.Luke a Sera's cast of friends and their loyalties toward them simply amazed them both.They never had the kind of bond with another other than which they had with Fey.It was nice to be able to be yourself and not hide who and what you were from your friends thinking that you are nothing but a freak.They were able to bond more easlily with these amazing people because each had there own rare ability.Making each comfortable with who and what they were.Luke,Quinn and Brandon and Raquel were quite the characters they were always laughing and teasing each other making them a lot of fun to read about.Luke he has such a sense of humor he had me smiling several times throughout the book with his teasing and playful ways.But on more of a serious note he really worked hard to craft his ability as a seer.He not only was able to see the future but, learned how to intervene perhaps changing it.This making his abilities even more rare and powerful and protecting him even harder which worried Fey a lot.One which others should never know exists. Just love the story and was a exciting and intriguing read.I had a lot of fun reading about this fantastic cast characters.The story kept you constantly guessing especially after you learned one secret after another.Now wondering how the story was going to unfold just drawing you in deeper and deeper.The book was fraught with danger that kept you turning the pages into the wee hours of the morning just to see what happened next. I couldn't put the book down until it was finished.I will have a book hangover tomorrow but, I will be well worth it.This story and also book one Intangible have been put into the keeper pile.I am looking forward to the next installment in this amazing series. A recommended read to all.Ms. Meyers has a new fan in her fan club me !

  • Meghan
    2019-01-05 21:28

    I am so excited to be reviewing this book on it's release date! Being part of the first crowd to spread the good word about this exciting and awesome book is well..exciting and awesome hah!This book is the sequel to Intangible which I read and reviewed last year. You can find my review here. I was very happy to hear from J. Meyers again concerning the release of her new book. I really enjoyed Intangible and I've been waiting impatiently to see what would happen next with Luke and Sera, the twins that I love so much.Seriously, these two characters are just phenomenal. They have got to be the purest, most good at heart people around. They would do anything they could to help anyone that needed it, no matter what. They are always so immensely kind and considerate and generous. I also love them for their lovely relationship. They have the best sibling relationship I've ever encountered while reading. Their connection with each other and love for each other is unrivaled. There is simply nothing more important to them then each other. I found it beautiful and inspiring. And it's so nice to see the importance placed on family instead of the super hot and mysterious girl or guy next door.That being said, Luke and Sera are both romantically attached to someone. I was sitting here on the sidelines the whole time just cheering them on in every department possible. Cheering them on in their battles against their dark enemies, in the discovery and growth of their abilities, in their determination to do the right thing, in their bold and daring romantic advances, not to mention their survival.In Intangible we seen Luke really struggle with his ability to see the future. Whether he sees it as something good or bad and also to me it seemed he didn't really have any pride in what he could do. To him Sera was always the more powerful and important one. But in Imaginable we get to see Luke grow, big time! As he is fighting with all his might to protect his sister from those who would use her powers for evil he finds within himself way more power than he ever thought he had. As it turns out, Luke has abilities that are astounding and unbelievably powerful. I was jumping for joy within myself as he discovered himself and his confidence in what he can do.If only he didn't take such dire consequences to find his strengths. Sera just can not catch a break in this story. She is constantly in the clutches of evil , being tortured with her worst imaginable nightmares. Every one wants to get their hands on Sera's healing abilities, abilities she doesn't even know the full extent of yet. And they are willing to do whatever dark and terrible deeds necessary to get what they want. Which is very unfortunate for Sera as she endures their torture and manipulation.Luckily they have incredible and fearless friends, all with unique abilities of their own, because they all face some pretty terrifying foes. The bad guys in this story are seriously scary and being anywhere near them is definitely the last place I would want to be. But that doesn't stop any of them from running headfirst into the worst of it to help and save Sera. But they all face things that none of them are prepared for and are more likely to join Sera in her torture than help her escape.Imaginable was a perfect sequel.With even more adventure, fantastic character growth and brand new enemies. I am seriously enjoying this series and hoping there will be more to come! I want to see just how amazing Luke and Sera will become as their abilities continue to grow. And I want to see the good side of the prophecy fulfilled. I would definitely recommend this series to any and all. It's a great, light, adventurous read with really unique characters. Thanks to J. Meyers for sharing this with me so I could help to share it with all of you.

  • Meganm922
    2019-01-10 05:44

    I loved Imaginable! It was an incredible sequel that had me on the edge of my seat as the twins found themselves in danger once again due to their amazing abilities. Sera found that her healing had consequences for some creatures and Luke was stuck figuring out how he could alter the future again and possibly control his visions. The twins relied heavily on their friend, Fey, an elf who was in charge of protecting them. Because the events happened so quickly in book 1 and they found out so many creatures existed and were their friends, I felt like the characters were getting used to their strange new lives in the beginning of book 2.The book isn’t written in first person, so the perspectives jump around to all of the major characters and I loved this aspect because I get to know all of the characters better rather than just getting to know one really well. All of them have their own internal conflicts that I get to understand as the reader. It was especially interesting because as Luke and Fey attempt another rescue of Sera, I got to read see the rescue happen from Luke’s perspective while also getting Sera’s perspective from the room she was held in. I just loved the suspense of moments like that. Jonas was still my favorite character and I was happy to see him in various parts of the book. While I feel like I never get enough of his presence, he was a big help with his inside knowledge of the enemy in Imaginable and his own cunning abilities. While vampires and elves don’t typically associate in the world of the Intangible series, Jonas and Fey both take responsibility for protecting the twins and have an understanding between them and get along quite well. Thorn, another elf and friend of Fey’s, arrived aided Luke in finding Sera and I loved the added dynamic of distrust between him and Jonas. The relationships between all the supernatural creatures are distinct in the series and each type of creature tended to stick to their own kind. I love how the twins shake things up and blur the lines a little. I never like to give too much of the plot away and I knew nothing when reading aside from knowing it was the sequel to Intangible. The conflict was a result of Sera’s healing abilities she demonstrated in book #1, but the enemy wasn’t the same at all. I don’t want to give much more than that away because I loved how the plot stacks up with the previous book and grows from there. The twins learned a lot about themselves, the world around them, and found themselves in some pretty terrifying situations that didn’t always work out so well. I love the characters and the relationships between them. Both of the twins had their own moments of romantic connections with the characters that interested them and I loved watching both of them struggle with their feelings. Imaginable is a wonderful sequel to book 1 of the Intangible series, full of adventure, magic, conflict, family, and love. It’s one of my favorite YA paranormal series and I can’t wait for more. I highly recommend the series, especially to people who enjoy paranormal aspects but are tired of the same old creatures and conflicts. The Intangible series combines a few paranormal elements, but in unique ways that make it refreshing. Review from Love, Literature, Art, and Reason book review blog:

  • Nancy (The Avid Reader)
    2018-12-24 22:40

    I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.Sera found out in Intangible that she could heal vampires. By healing vampires I mean making them human again. Sera is so nice and sweet and always wanting to help someone to make them better. She has a very hard time turning anyone down when they come to her and asks for her help and wants her to heal them. When a lot of vampires start going to Sera and ask her to make them human again gets Sera in trouble with the main top dog vampire who forbids her to turn anymore vampires. This is really upsets Sera her heart is so big she wants to help everyone.After Sera is forbidden to heal vampires she is kidnapped when Fey makes her start turning them away. Fey is not a bad person she is just trying to help Sera to stay safe. Fey has been with Sera and Luke all their lives. Fey made a promise when Sera and Luke were babies to be their protector. She will do anything to keep them safe. Fey, Sera and Luke have all three have been best friends for most of their lives. Luke has more feelings for Fey than just friendship. Luke has fallen in love with Fey but doesn't think that they can ever be together because of Fey's boyfriend Thor.Sera and Jonas seem to have more feelings for each other than she friendship also. But of course neither one seems to want to act on it. Jonas wants and tries his best to take care of Sera as well. He will fight anyone including his vampires and other vampires to keep her safe. I really like Jonas and hope that there is another book where Jonas and Sera becomes an item. I hope that Fey and Luke also get together as well.Luke and Sera are very close as twins go. They care and love each other very much and will do anything for the other one even if it means their own life. They are always arguing back and forth in a joking manner. I love this banter that goes on between the two of them. Luke is learning that his visions of seeing the future are stronger than he knew but is still learning how to use them. He wants to know how to use them now and gets so very upset when he is practicing and nothing happens. He needs to find Sera when she is kidnapped before it is too late.Sera is very lucky to have friends that care so much about her to put their own lives in danger to save her. But of course Sera is a good person and would do the same thing for them. They are a lot of people who want Sera for her healing powers. There are people who would blackmail her or any of her friends to have access to her healing powers.I Love the Intangible series and am very grateful to the author J Meyers for letting me read them. If you have not read them then I suggest you run to your nearest store or computer and a pick up a copy of the whole series, including Jonas' story Indomitable to learn more about him and his life. What kind of person or vampire he is. I sure hope that J plans on writing more about Sera, Luke, Jonas and Fey. Will Sera and Jonas become a couple? Will Luke and Fey? These four characters are my favorite people in the whole series. I want to read more NOW!! Just a subtle hint there.

  • Andrea
    2018-12-30 22:54

    This review was originally posted at The Overstuffed Bookcase.*Warning: This is the second book in a series. While I really don't like spoilers, you might find some slight Book 1 spoilers in this review.*Back in the Paranormal Saddle...As you all know, I LOVE me some YA Sci-Fi, YA Dystopian, stuff like that. And while I've enjoyed YA Paranormal in the past, I don't ever think I've been obsessed with it like some people have. But I realized about a month ago that it has been a while since I had read a Paranormal book. So I was excited when I got the chance to read a couple lately. I realized that I really do like the genre a lot more than I thought I did, and I want to read quite a few more. And Imaginable is definitely one of the YA Paranormal books that I would recommend to other readers, even if they don't love the genre.Intangible was the first review request I ever received for this blog, and it was a fantastic one to start out with. So I was ecstatic when J. Meyers contacted me, along with several other bloggers, asking if I wanted to read and review Imaginable, the sequel to Intangible. And I really have to say that Imaginable completely lived up to its predecessor.A Great Follow-Up...Imaginable was full of action and suspense just like Intangible, with twists thrown in that you couldn't ever have guessed would happen. There was heartache, love (I was so happy when certain people got together!), suspense, and humor all wrapped into one story. I laughed out loud more than once while reading this book, and that always makes for a better reading experience, I think. I also talked to the characters out loud ("No, Luke, don't do it!"), which really tells me how engaged I am with the story and the characters themselves.I do think that most of the characters are really well-written and I love several of them. However, I think there were a couple of characters that could have been more fleshed out and I hope we see more character development for them in the future installments. Also, at one point I felt like the main arc of this story was very similar to that of Intangible--way too similar, actually. But in the second half of the book that changed and a new story arc emerged. And with that new arc there were several more layers added onto the plot line of the entire series, creating an even more intriguing story.My rating for Imaginable by J. Meyers: 4.5 stars. Meyers obviously puts a TON of work into her books, and it pays off. Imaginable was a great read that had me laughing out loud, thinking complexly about the characters and Meyers's world, and extremely ready to get my hands on the next book.My review of Intangible by J. MeyersDisclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated in any other way for this review.

  • Hollie
    2018-12-30 03:51

    This review was first posted on Music, Books and TeaI really enjoyed reading the first book in this series, Intangible, last year, so naturally, I was super excited to read the next book in the series, Imaginable. And wow, this book did not disappoint! Put simply, Imaginable was amazing, and I cannot wait to continue reading this series.I loved Sera and Luke’s characters in the first book, and this hasn’t changed in Imaginable. Sera is still the same sweet girl who just wants to use her healing power for good, especially when she is asked to heal. And Luke was still the slightly cocky, funny and slightly over-protective brother who was desperate to understand and control his gift a little better. They both went through a lot of mental torture in this book, especially as neither one could guarantee the other’s safety. Sera would have done anything with her gift if it meant keeping Luke, and her friends, safe, and it’s the same with Luke. Their relationship is so strong, and I love reading about it. Also, their friendships were incredible. It was heart-breaking watching Quinn suffer in order for Sera to heal the vampires, but the way that Quinn, Raquel, Brandan, and even Marc (who made a great reappearance, although I’m not sure I want Sera to end up with him now…) banded together with Luke in order to save Sera was fantastic. They didn’t think about the risk that they were posing on themselves, they just wanted to save Sera. And that was so awesome to read. And I was so stoked that Jonas was back and in full force. I love his character, and I love how he cares about Sera so much, even though he probably shouldn’t. I really hope he gets his revenge on Adrian, because damn did that guy suck! It was nice to see him work alongside the light elves too, especially as he was able to teach them some new tricks that they hadn’t learned before, much to his delight!I love the way Luke and Sera’s gifts are being explored in these books. Sera is still healing vampires in Imaginable, but she’s found out that whilst she thought she was turning them back into humans, she’s not. And that sucks for Sera, because she now has to go against everything her heart is telling her to do. I liked that Luke’s visions were fleshed out a lot more. He spent a majority of the book trying to summon the visions on his command, and succeeded a couple of times, but couldn’t work out how he managed it until the very end of Imaginable, when another twist on his gift was added, and whilst he thinks it’s a great addition for him, I have a feeling that it’s probably not going to be so good when the next book comes around! Overall, Imaginable took everything that Intangible had laid out and built on it tenfold. This was an incredible sequel and I am so excited to see where J Meyers takes these characters next, because I’m pretty sure their story isn’t complete yet.I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Shanon
    2019-01-04 05:33

    I am absolutely in love with this series!! Imaginable is the second book in the Intangible series, and I found it to be just as captivating as the first book. The world-building is fantastic, very memorable and magical! J. Meyers makes you feel like you are right there in the story, amidst the main characters and the enchanting creatures of the Realm. This book is filled with all the right ingredients that make a story unforgettable: a little romance, heroes and heroines you will cheer for, a diverse group of supernatural people, action, and an immensely unique plot!Luke and Sera are twins with very special gifts, and this makes them both desired and hated by those who know about them. They find themselves in peril once again when different species of the Realm make it known that they want to capture Sera and use her powers for nefarious purposes. A lot of fighting and butt-kicking ensues because of this, which is enjoyable and panic-inducing at the same time! But I totally dig it. One of the things I really enjoy about this book is the characters, and the camaraderie between Luke, Sera, and their group of friends. Every one of them brings something different to the table; whether it be humor, a special ability, sarcasm or strength. Two of my favorite characters--besides Sera and Luke, of course--are Fey and Jonas. I was so excited to learn more about these two in this book and I'm totally rooting for them as love interests for Sera and Luke. The are a couple of key moments between these characters that had me squealing with approval, and I'm hoping things progress romantically between Fey and Luke, and Sera and Jonas in the next book.Besides getting more insight into all of the characters this time around, I was so delighted to get more information on the Realm! The Realm is a parallel world where magickal beings such as vampires, light elves, dark elves, and downright creepy and evil beings known as "shadows" dwell. There's a lot more time spent in the Realm and I found myself wishing that this was an actual place because it sounds so beautiful...for the most part. J. Meyers is very descriptive when it comes to explaining the Realm and the creatures that come from there. The Realm is an amazing place, but it does have a terrifying side. J. has come up with the darkest, foulest creatures that reside there and they definitely have the ability to scare the pants off of you. But Sera, Luke and their friends fight like champions, so it was quite satisfying when they battled these dark creatures and gave them a run for their money!I could seriously go on and on about the amazingness of this novel, but I have to stop somewhere. Just know that I highly recommend this book/series--you will definitely not regret diving into the world of Sera and Luke. I'm already going through withdrawals and itching to know when the next book will come out! My reviews can also be found at:

  • Jennifer
    2019-01-24 21:29

    If you read my review on Intangible, then you’ll know I liked the story, the characters and the fact that J. Meyers pulls from every paranormal space (or just about) to create an interesting plot about fraternal twins destined to doom the vampire race.Sera’s ability is now putting herself and those she loves in even more danger than before, because she doesn’t realize what she’s actually doing when she “heals” vampires, or why they are becoming so demanding in insisting she heal them. Luke is gaining the ability to change the future based on what he Sees in his visions, or even change his Visions. Fey is in charge of protecting Sera, and by extension, Luke. Jonas is…well, he’s Jonas. He’s brooding, he’s dark, he’s dangerous and he’s very much in love with Sera. That much is obvious.The problem is their abilities. Not only were they prophesied to doom a paranormal race, but now the secret is out and everyone wants a piece of Sera, which puts her in danger. This creates much conflict, especially among the Elves, as well as the vampire race and Jonas’ own coven, and there is a lot of action I really and truly don’t want to spoil for you!Jonas and Sera? Maybe, finally! I’ve been waiting for this to happen, but is it actually going to? Don’t make me wait forever, J. Meyers! And Fey and Luke? Gah!The Dark Elves in this story were fascinating to me. They were passed off by the Light Elves as so horrible, but it really felt like they wanted to be healed and free, not confined to the Dark Realm, or be the bastards of Fae society. I actually really felt for them in a strange way. But who knows, maybe I read it all wrong, and they really are jerks and wanted to use Sera for nefarious purposes.We finally get to go into the Realm and it is beautiful! I loved all the detail and I could picture how vibrant everything would look. It reminded me of the scenes from Snow White & The Huntsman, when she is with the dwarves, and how contrasty and colorful things were there.There is a lot of action and something is always happening on every page, I was totally engaged the entire time. I will say that it was hard for me to remember some of the details of the last book, because there was so much going on and Meyers didn’t recap much. Just a little of that would have been nice, to get my brain juices and memory flowing again, but overall, I was able to keep up and had a few “aha!” moments as I remembered things throughout the story. I think this is a fab indie YA to sink your teeth into, and you won’t regret it.This review can also be found at The Bawdy Book Blog. I received this ARC in exchange of an honest review.

  • Lola
    2019-01-09 23:25

    I got a copy for review in exchange for an honest review.I really enjoyed the first book in this series and was really glad when I got the second book for review. Imaginable has the same great writing style as the first book, but I liked the story a little less. Intangible just had a stronger story, maybe this also had something to do with the vision Luke Sees in that book.The story takes of great, it was awesome to be back in this world and quite soon we learn a lot more about the rhealm. I do think the beginning was actually the best part, later on the story started to drag a bit. Some things just didn't make sense, some things were too easy, while other things were too difficult. It felt a bit off at times. The story was a bit boring at times and the kidnapping and rescue got a bit old. I still love the fact that Luke and Sera are twins. Unfortunately I started liking the characters a bit less in this book. I got annoyed at Luke sometimes because he so stubborn and sometiems he made assumption without knowing more. He also rushed into danger a bit too easilt, while he is just a human and his presence could endanger others. Sera seemed to be the damsel in distress in this book. And I know she couldn't really fight, but sometimes I wished she showed a bit more strenght. And some of her reasoning was a bit off. I did like Fey in this book, she really is the voice of reason and thinks things through before jumping to action. At the beginning I did had some trouble remembering who some of the characters were, Brendal, Quinn and Raquel. And even when I finished the book I still couldn't remember what they did in book 1. I think I should've re-read book 1 so i didn't have this problem.The begin of the story contains quite some world building and I liked what we learned about the Rhealm. Later on the world building got less and at some points I was left with many questions that weren't answered. Like the shadows who are the evil guys, but we never really learn anything about them and why they are evil and why other creatures side with them, it just felt like they are evil because they are evil, but I believe even evil has a reason and this seemed to be absent completely. I just wanted to know about the 'evil' creatures and also the motivation behind some characters actions.To conclude: I enjoyed this book, but I thought book 1 was better. The story started off really good, but got a bit boring towards the end. I liked both Luke and Sera a bit less in this book, but I still really liked Fey. There is some world building in this book, especially at the beginning, but later on I was left with lots of unaswered questions. Overall it still was an enjoyable book, but not as good as the first book.

  • Sharon
    2019-01-12 22:30

    More of my reviews can be found at www.obsessionwithbooks.blogspot.comReview: 4 1/2 out of 5 starsImaginable is the second book in the Intangible series and was kindly provided to me by the author in exchange for my honest review.I thoroughly enjoyed diving back into the supernatural world J. Meyers has created and revisiting the characters that I grew to like and appreciate from the first book, twins Sera and Luke Raine.We learn in book one that Luke is a seer and has visions of what is going to happen in the future and Sera is a healer. Both of the twins understand more about their abilities now and we see further character progression in Imaginable but with knowledge of what they can do also come with consequences and puts them in greater danger with others seeking to use them for their own nefarious purposes. They can handle themselves well but at times both of them seemed to rush head first into things without fully thinking things through which at times drove me batty!The plot was fast paced and action-packed, poor Sera couldn’t really catch a break and seemed to be the twin everyone wanted; her ability is one which is sought-after by seemingly every supernatural creature so her safety in this book was a focus for a few other characters; Fey still takes her role extremely seriously and Jonas played the protector role well, I absolutely adore this smexy, tortured, extremely loyal vampire; I liked that we get to see the POV’s from Luke, Sera, Fey and Jonas.The secondary cast of characters are wonderful, I was a big fan of a Fey/Luke relationship in the first book and things have progressed which I really liked; I also love the interaction between Jonas and Sera, the banter and dialogue between all of them is written really well. We also meet a few new characters, I can honestly say I am now a fan of Thorn; I loved his wit and honesty.I was once again pulled into this captivating story, Ms Meyers writing was entertaining and had me engrossed from the very first page, she has a delightful way with words and I adored the vivid imagery, especially of the realms and the creatures which inhabited them such as gnomes, goblins and shadows which proved to be the real threat.Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Imaginable, the detailed and creative world Meyers has crafted is mesmerising and I am eager to see what is to come of the prophecy and the new breed of Vampire/Human hybrid in the next installment, I am also eager to see more progression with the romance aspect.

  • Jenea Whittington
    2018-12-26 00:32

    The first book in this series Intangible, was one that I really liked. Sera and Luke were two characters that I enjoyed so much, so, I was excited to find out when this one would be out and I definitely had to have it. Imaginable picks soon after where we left off at the end of Intangible, and Sera and Luke are dealing with their growing Gifts and danger lurking everywhere.Sera and Luke have a bond that just won’t falter, no matter what happens, these two are right there for each other. Sera’s ability to change the vampires back to being human, opened her to a whole new world of danger. Luke kinda pig-headed and likes to barrel into danger, especially when Sers’s involved, does it make me like him less that he does this, nope, I still like him just as much as before. They are both still learning about their gifts, but still manage to act their age, they pick on each other, and it refreshing to sibling that are like this.Old enemies resurface and old friends come to the aid of Sera and Luke. Quinn, and Fey were there every step of the way, along with Raquel, Brandan and Marc, yes, the one who broke Sera’s heart. A new addition to the group was Thorne, he is a Light Elf, and was interesting and I’m curious what role he will play from now on. Fey is one powerful elf, and we got to learn more about her and a different side of her too, like her and Luke tip toeing around about how they feel about each other, I kept saying come on and just give. Forbidden, who cares! Which leads me to Jonas. Oh Jonas, there are just no words for him. I adored him before, but him and Sera, oh wow… Can’t wait to see where that might lead.The world building was fantastic. The Realm was beautifully described and something that I just could get enough of, even the Shadowlands were amazing, so dark, and mysterious. It’s amazing how everyone wants something from Sera, the Shadows, Dark elves and the vampires, this poor girl is never going to have a peaceful day, from the kidnappings, to the attacks on her friends. With a startling revelation about Luke Gift, it definitely made for one heck of a twist. But with all of this excitement and action comes sorrow, and loss and it was completely heart breaking.One thing about this book that I really liked was the fact that I just didn’t want to stop reading it, the characters and plot are so engaging, it was hard to put down. I am looking forward to seeing where Meyer’s takes the story next. This is certainly a worthy sequel and a series that I recommend picking up.

  • Annette
    2019-01-08 00:25

    Imaginable is as compelling and exciting as the first book in the series, Intangible. I really like the characters and the magical world that Meyers has created.Sera is constantly being hounded by vampires to change them back into humans. Her twin, Luke isn't having any visions, and he's trying to figure out how to make the visions come in time so that he can change the future, with limited success. Fey is still trying to protect these two, and so is Jonas.But of course, they won't stay safe. The dark powers of the Realm are after Sera. They all want to benefit from her healing gift. So Luke wants to rescue Sera, because no one cares about him, right? It's Sera they want. Of course Fey and Jonas want Luke to stay put, and Fey even sends another elf to watch Luke while she goes to try to save Sera. But they all end up in the thick of it, even an unlikely participant from the first book, as well as their gifted friends Brandan, Quinn, and Raquel.The world is very interesting. There are vampires, elves (dark and light), shadows, trolls, and of course humans with unique paranormal gifts. It all plays out well and makes these stories sing.I still got a bit frustrated by bad decisions, especially by Luke, who refuses to do what he's told. He's a bit whiny and I'm tired of it. I have a feeling Luke's powers are a LOT more than he realizes -- well, he does begin to realize at the end of the book -- and I'm thinking this is going to be very important in the next book.I also think that sometimes it's too easy for these characters. Or, that there needs to be more descriptions of the battles they fight. For example, when they are in a house, we are with Jonas and he kills a bunch of bad things. Then Fey, who was in another part of the house, arrives and says that it's all OK. She got rid of all of them. I think it would have added to the story to get a blow-by-blow account of these fights. I think Fey should have to struggle some more, and be a bit more challenged.Meyers writes very simply. There isn't a lot of colorful, descriptive language. And I don't mean that as a bad thing. Imaginable develops very quickly and is very easy to follow because of this language.I loved the "hint" of romance for both of our main characters, and look forward to seeing what happens next.

  • JenniferRicketts (Donnie Darko Girl)
    2019-01-13 23:34

    I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. It's crazy how much I loved this book! It's even better than the first, which I know is hard to believe but is so true! I don't know how J. Meyers did it, but she did with flying colors. Absolutely. Deeper insight into Luke and Sera's world of Gifteds, Light Elves, vampires, and Dark Elves is given, and I was happy and satisfied with the character development - I could really see the twins maturing and expanding their powers. The characters seem so real, and they talk like young adults their age do. I feel like I really know them as though they're old friends of mine. One of my favorite characters is Jonas, and I was completely ecstatic to spend some quality time with him, lol. I don't know exactly what it is about him that I find irresistible. It isn't even the fact that he's a vampire. There is this bad boy quality about him, yet he's so much more than that kind of guy. He's complex and mysterious with many layers to him, and after reading Indomitable with some of his past explored, I was even more excited to see him make an appearance! With romance in the air, Meyers teases the reader with a will they or won't they kind of vibe between some of the characters. I really don't want to give anything away, so I won't say between whom. Meyers gives the different relationships time to develop and flourish rather than throwing characters together into relationships right away, which I appreciate and think is clever. It gives the potential couples rooting value, and I'm definitely rooting for these characters. Imaginable is action packed with surprising revelations and twists and turns that will hook you and keep you turning the pages until the very end. I was completely immersed in the story and the world of Luke and Sera. I love the sibling dynamic between them as not only brother and sister but as twins also. If you haven't read this series yet, I highly encourage you to do so! It takes no time at all to get into these novels. I am looking forward to the next installment of this's always so difficult for me to leave their world until the next time. I can't wait to see where Meyers takes us next!