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Lorace’s godstone has been forged into a weapon of destiny, the mysterious Chain of Vengeance, and the elves and dwarves have been roused to honor the Guardian’s Pact. He has unlocked his past, but in doing so he has raised more questions about his future. The Old Gods orchestrated the darkest tragedy of his childhood, but to what ends? His brothers are still alive and guiLorace’s godstone has been forged into a weapon of destiny, the mysterious Chain of Vengeance, and the elves and dwarves have been roused to honor the Guardian’s Pact. He has unlocked his past, but in doing so he has raised more questions about his future. The Old Gods orchestrated the darkest tragedy of his childhood, but to what ends? His brothers are still alive and guiding him with the aid of Lord Aran, but toward what destiny? The Devourer has dispatched the gifted sorceress Scythe to destroy the Final Warden and the Lord of Nefryt has brought his entire demon host to Vorallon to defend his crown. All are on course to collide before the walls of Halversome, the City of Thunder....

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City of Thunder Reviews

  • Debbie
    2019-06-24 13:49

    City of Thunder picks up the story from the end of The Final Warden without any time lag. Be aware that this book is not a stand-alone read. It is the middle of a three part story.I enjoyed this second book even more than the first. Here more of the separate story elements introduced in the first book begin to weave together and form a more detailed picture of the world of Vorallon. The conflict playing out across that world is the heart of this story, and the details of that conflict are made clearer. Characters introduced in the first book are further developed here, in all of the races, including the very interesting gods. They are not what you would expect.The story moves at a nicely even pace, with description and information woven through the action in a skillful fashion. It’s easy to picture the settings and people while reading. Magic is plentiful, but the human element is just as interesting. The world is depicted as out of balance, with the dark forces overwhelming the light, leaving behind destruction and death. Lorace is the intended champion and last chance the gods have to correct the world’s balance. He is gifted with impressive magic, but can’t fight alone. It’s a varied and colorful group of people that band together to make a stand against the dark – no puns intended there.I had a lot of fun reading this book, and I certainly look forward to reading the conclusion of the story.

  • Carol
    2019-07-06 15:39

    This second book in the Gifts of Vorallon series does not disappoint. The author has created an amazing world of magic and beauty in which good versus evil on a colossal scale. Within a short span I found myself feeling the tranquility of a scene, engrossed in a flawless moment, only to be yanked out of it and thrown into one of impending doom! I cussed him at this point. Really, I did. Yet to be able to write in such a way that you can play the puppeteer with your reader’s emotions is truly a gift. That, along with the detailed descriptions that captivate rather than bore the reader, are two things that I loved the most about this book. Additionally, there are numerous twists and revelations that keep the pages turning. Our main character learns of his past and is revealed his destiny. He pulls strength and love from those around him even as he faces his fears head-on. I will leave it at that to avoid spoilers. Just… read the book. Thank me later. Well, read The Final Warden first, and go ahead and pick up Lord of Vengeance while you are at it because you are going to need to keep reading!

  • Adelaide Metzger
    2019-07-16 13:35

    “Did Adelaide just give that sequel four out of five stars?” Yes, I did. Thomas Cardin comes once again with the second installment of the Gifts of Vorallon trilogy, which I am proud to say is sitting snug on my five tier bookshelf next to Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Stephen Lawhead. But as much as the first made me say, “I HAVE TO GET ALL OF THEM!” this sequel obstructed my girly emotional drive and left me saying, “Hey that was pretty good, when can I read the next one?” While the emotions in the first book took the show, Cardin focuses his aptitude on Lorace’s abilities and the somewhat spiritual warfare around them. Lorace’s god-given weapon is a chain that is previously described as, “…a weapon with capabilities unlike any before it.” It turns out that Sakke Vrang (name of the chain) does not battle or harm in a physical sense like an axe or sword would, but fights and eliminates the darkness inside the spirit of the person who touches the chain as well as destroying any evil thing. This builds up to a wicked battle between Lorace and the demon lord. Ephesians 6:12 states, “We do not fight against the flesh and blood, but against…the rulers of darkness and spiritual hosts of wickedness.” It is unknown if Cardin was inspired by that verse, but this is a great representation of it as far as fantasy/fiction books go. Like I said, the emotions in the first book really made me keep reading and got me really attached to the characters. There are emotions here, but they aren’t as potent, and the pleasant little grabbers that riddled the first book were held back a bit. But enough about the negative. I particularly enjoyed the message of love and fellowship that the protagonist and his followers share with each other. It was so personal and fuzzy I could taste it (view spoiler)[which made the sinister threat toward Hethal all the more surprising and wonderful (hide spoiler)]. The intensity in the scene where Lorace is arguing with his brothers about how they don’t understand the love he feels for his friends was equal to the intensity in the scene in recent movie After Earth where Kitai ends an escalating argument by jumping off a cliff. Despite my mixed feelings, it is clear that Cardin’s work is special. City of Thunder is a gem that’s not to be missed and belongs right next to its prequel on your shelf. One thing’s for sure: Thomas Cardin is going to surprise me in Lord of Vengeance. I can feel it in my spidey sense.

  • Max
    2019-07-11 09:43

    There are books where I am happy that I am not a professional book reviewer, and this is one of them.Objectively speaking, the book would probably be around four stars. It has a well-written story, wonderful characters and an interesting world, but it has no surprising, unique feature that would distinguish it from most of the other fantasy books. It has a few problems with typos, grammar and punctuation, coming from a lack of editor, which can be expected from an independent book (and which I marked this time and will send to the author to be fixed. Hooray for eBooks).Now, I have said several times that I do not always rate my books objectively. Usually, this leads to me giving only four stars to a book, even though I objectively can't find anything wrong with it. It is only fair that this should work the other way around as well.I enjoyed this book. I enjoyed it very much, and it is one of the few books that really managed to evoke some feelings in me while reading it. Most books only manage dislike / hate towards some characters and / or revulsion at what is happening, but this book actually gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling for a big part of the story, which I cannot define or explain. It might be that I am just plain weird, but even then, what do I care why I liked a book, as long as I liked it, right?I could write a lot more about the book, about the lore of the world and the gods, about how much I love the characters of Lorace and Iris and all the others, about how I absolutely adore the fact that Lorace always experiments with his powers, finding out what he can do as soon as possible instead of waiting for a dire situation to discover a new way to use them, but it is hard to name the things I liked most without giving spoilers, so I can only reiterate what I said in my Review for the previous book: The book is good, not very expensive, part of the kindle lending library, and if you for some reason don't like it, it only takes about 3 hours to finish.