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Few men would respond to an attempt on their life with an invitation to the killer to try again. But arrogant, daredevil media magnate Chase Prescott has done just that, while issuing an urgent summons to the one person he trusts to point out the would-be murderer...his long-ago colleague and lover, retired newshound Henrietta O'Dwyer Collins. After a lifetime covering disFew men would respond to an attempt on their life with an invitation to the killer to try again. But arrogant, daredevil media magnate Chase Prescott has done just that, while issuing an urgent summons to the one person he trusts to point out the would-be murderer...his long-ago colleague and lover, retired newshound Henrietta O'Dwyer Collins. After a lifetime covering disasters and revolutions, murders and public scandals, Henrie O is more than content to confine her energy to writing mysteries. And her feelings of unease only increase when she arrives at Chase's opulent house on his private island off the South Carolina coast - an island that has more than earned its name. It seems that Chase, with his usual high-octane charm and confidence, never called the police when cyanide-laced candy nearly killed him in his New York home. Instead, he has assembled on Dead Man's Island everyone who could have planted the lethal dose: Miranda, his lovely unstable young wife; Haskell Lee, his sullen stepson whose dreams Chase will not finance; his son Roger Prescott, afire for Prescott Communications to cover environmental and social issues instead of capitalist concerns; and his platinum-haired ex-sister-in-law Valerie St. Vincent, a beauty desperate for the money to stage her Broadway comeback. And then there is Chase's staff - from his Type A heir apparent to his toady of a secretary - who have their own secret ambitions. When Chase barely escapes a murderous spray of bullets on a secluded sandy beach, Henrie O unearths a will, an insurance policy, and a scurrilous unauthorized biography that could give any one of Chase's intimate circle an even graver motive for murder. But which one? NowHenrie O's sharp writer's mind must work overtime, as a killer hurricane sweeps up from Cuba to maroon the lot of them in this vacation hell...where the trappings of luxury are soon put to deadly use, and where the secrets of the past threaten to engulf them all....

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Dead Man's Island Reviews

  • Jonathan
    2018-11-21 07:27

    Really 4.5 stars, but I rounded up.I don't know why I picked up this book. I was craving another historical mystery but as I sat on the floor surrounded by books that I'd read the first page of this book practically leapt at me from its shelf. I absolutely loved it. It was filled with what I love best, a MC with a stiff upper-lip, a closed-room mystery, and an outside threat looming on the horizon.As I stated above the MC had a stiff upper-lip. I absolutely love that in a character; it makes the character seem more collected and wise to me, and Henrie most certainly came off as collected and wise. The secondary characters were also great, I really hope to see them in the next book, however that's doubtful.The mystery was a classic closed-room mystery with a limited pool of suspects. The reveal was slightly anticlimactic to me, but then the author pulled out a second reveal that I slightly expected, but it nevertheless blew me away.Overall I simply loved this book. I already have the next one ordered and I highly recommend!

  • Cheryl Landmark
    2018-11-22 07:27

    This is my favourite type of whodunnit, cozy mystery--a pool of murder suspects gathered together on an isolated island or in an isolated mansion. In this case, the setting was an isolated island, which should have been an idyllic, relaxing vacation spot with luxurious amenities. But, the problem was a cold-blooded murderer was among the guests and it was up to Henrie O to figure out who the culprit was.I flew through this book fairly quickly and would have rated it a little higher, except for Henrie O herself. In spite of the fact that she was an intelligent, strong, no-nonsense woman, which I like in my female characters, she was also quite crusty, bossy, conceited and full of herself. She certainly lacked the sweet charms of Miss Marple or the pleasant, engaging character of Jessica Fletcher.Chase Prescott, despite his good looks, wealth and suave demeanour, possessed a number of very negative traits and was not a pleasant man at all. His treatment of people and insensitivity toward their feelings was reprehensible. The rest of the characters were a little stereotypical as well--the young, unstable wife, the pleasant but rather naive son, the ruthless lawyer, the vain, dramatic actress, etc.The hurricane was a nice touch, adding to the drama and excitement of the story.I must admit, though, that Ms. Hart kept me guessing right to the end as to the identity of the culprit. And, just when I thought the mystery had been solved, she threw a very unpredictable, surprise curve ball at me.This is the first book in the Henrie O series and I did like it--I just didn't think it was amazing. But, I do have the second one on my bookshelf and intend to read it in the near future.

  • Hali Jacobs
    2018-12-16 09:33

    Another great book by Carolyn Hart with the character Henrie O. She has you guessing until the end. Gone to Dead Man's Island where she helps Chase find out who wants to murder him. Suspense.

  • Megan O'Neill
    2018-11-28 10:32

    Henrietta O'Dwyer ("Henrie O") Collins is a heroine worthy of a series, a brassy former reporter who still knows the questions to ask and how to ask them to get to the bottom of a story. Although the book itself was ultimately likable and not a regrettable read, parts of the plot just felt...overdone. Being called to a private island (Island Clue, anyone?) to solve an attempted murder that ends up being successful, and then being marooned on said island with said murderer (whose identity hasn't yet been revealed, of course) when a hurricane rips through and destroys the house? That part's a little eye-roll inducing, but Hart's ace in the hole is her leading lady, and Henrie O serves as the eye in the storm of a somewhat-overdramatic plot. Still, it's worth four stars, and the subsequent reading of at least the next book in the series.

  • Mark Baker
    2018-12-18 03:17

    Henrie O gets a call from her old lover that he needs help, so she flies to his island. Once there, she learns he fears for his life, and sure enough he is murdered during a storm. Trapped on the island with a killer, can Henrie figure out who done it? A good puzzler that would make Christie proud. My only complaint was the ending was rushed, and the book deserved better.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

  • Erik Moloney
    2018-12-14 04:18

    When arrogant media magnate Chase Prescott is nearly killed by a box of cyanide-laced candy, he dials his long-ago lover, retired newshound Henrietta O’Dwyer Collins, with a simple request: He’ll assemble all the suspects if Henrie O will kindly point out the would-be murderer.It’s a case—her first—that fills Henrie O with grave misgivings, especially when she arrives on Chase’s private island off the South Carolina coast to meet the players in this deadly drama. Among Prescott’s unstable young wife, his sullen stepson, and his toady of a secretary, she has trouble narrowing the field of suspects—even when a second attempt is made on Chase’s life. As Henrie O unearths a will and fascinating new evidence, a killer hurricane sweeps up from Cuba, threatening to maroon them in this vacation hell . . . where the trappings of luxury are put to lethal use and the secrets of the past have the power to engulf them all.

  • Linda Smatzny
    2018-12-16 06:23

    The main character is Henrietta O'Dwyer Collins, a famous reporter now a best selling novelist. She is asked by a friend, Chase Prescott, to find out who is trying to murder him. Chase has invited some people to his private island off the coast of South Carolina and it is there that Henrie O begins to ask questions. Everything comes together as the island is torn apart in a hurricane. Am looking forward to reading the rest of the series. The book was a quick easy read.

  • Deborah Wood
    2018-12-05 02:25

    Just too light for me ... more a "Cozy Mystery" than a thriller or penetrating mystery ... summer beach read at best ... wasn't awful just not my style.

  • Donna nable
    2018-12-06 09:28

    I love everything that Carolyn Hart writes. This one of her best.Henry O is one of my favorite fictional characters.

  • Kristin
    2018-11-29 02:45

    2.5 stars but rounded up. I normally like cozy mysteries books but didnt really care for Henrie O. I didnt dislike her but didnt have much interest. I didn't really care who was the guilty one.

  • Elizabeth(Thoughts From an Evil Overlord)
    2018-12-09 10:16

    You can read more about Dead Man's Island on my blog: Henrie O mysteries were first published more than twenty years ago, but I only discovered them recently through different blogs that review a lot of mystery series. This first book in the series leaves me wanting more of Henrie, who has had such an exciting life as a journalist, traveling the world and meeting interesting, powerful people. Now widowed and retired, Henrie has gained some fame as a mystery writer. Her journalism skills and organization serve her well in gathering clues and reviewing information. She has a take-charge attitude that encourages people to tell her things and follow her directions, which is important with the group of people visiting Dead Man's Island, because they are all very self-centered, some skatter-brained, some filled with ennui.Soon after Henrie/s arrival all of the guests learn the reason for her presence and become at times fearful, resentful, or helpful, depending on the situation. The biggest detriment to the investigation is Chase, the potential victim, who gives out information he shouldn’t and doesn’t always follow directions for his own safety. With a deadly storm on its way, and a deadly killer at large, Henrie has little time to discover who wants Chase dead and will do anything to make it happen.

  • Beverly
    2018-12-12 07:16

    When I saw that we were reading a Carolyn Hart book for my mystery book club, I thought now there's an "older" mystery series that will seem outdated. Then when I realized we were reading and discussing book 2, I thought--oh my--now I have to read 2 older and outdated books (because I can't read out of order). Much to my surprise, I really enjoyed this murder mystery featuring Henrie O, a one time reporter turned sleuth. An older widow, whose child is now grown, who just can't let questions go unanswered! In this first book of the series, she has been invited to a tropical island, along with a number of other guests, by an old friend. He wants her to try to find out who tried to poison him with a piece of candy. He's invited everyone he suspects and it's up to Henrie O to decide the real culprit. As their time on the island continues there is another attempt on his life. Compounding this a tropical storm (think hurricane) is bearing down on them and somehow the boat, their only means of escape, is blown up. I thought this was a great mystery and convoluted enough that I had no idea of exactly what was going on until right at the end when she figured it out!! I'm now looking forward to reading the second installment!

  • FangirlNation
    2018-12-07 06:19

    In Dead Man's Island, the first book in Carolyn G. Hart's Henrie O series, Henrietta O'Dwyer Collins gets a summons from her long ago flame, Chase Prescott, the rich owner of a media empire, to his own island, known locally as Dead Man's Island. Henrie O had made a name for herself as a top investigative reporter before changing gears ten years earlier to writing crime fiction. It is Henrie O's detection skills that Prescott needs, as someone has tried to murder him with poisoned chocolate, so he has gathered all the individuals who could have had the opportunity to slip him poisoned chocolate on his isolated island accessible only by boat and expects Henrie O to solve the crime. This begins a weekend full of horror and mayhem that concludes with a hurricane that destroys the whole island. Read the rest of this review, more reviews, and other wonderful, geeky articles on FangirlNation

  • Book Concierge
    2018-11-25 04:29

    2.5**This is the debut of ex-reporter and amateur sleuth Henrietta O'Dwyer Collins, a/k/a Henrie O. An old flame – now a media mogul – asks Henrie O to come to his private island for a holiday, and to investigate a special project – one of the guests is trying to kill him. It would be an idyllic setting; Chase has spared no expense in outfitting his getaway. Guests enjoy luxury amenities, an attentive staff and superb food; or they would if a hurricane weren't bearing down on them. I've read one of the later Henrie O works and I really like her. She behaves in a manner consistent with her age, using brains rather than brawn, and she never relies on a man to get her out of a bind. This first outing, however, had some problems. The pacing was a bit slow for me, and I was dissatisfied with the ending (though there was a significant surprise). Still, I'll read more of Henrie O., and probably try another of Hart's mystery series.

  • Sharon Snyder
    2018-11-29 09:42

    Don't try to read this if you have a Nook ereader! The OCR they used to convert it to ebook wasn't good & was never proof-read. I was leery of it from the get go when I saw the blurbs for her other books before even getting into the story and an obviously wrong word. Instead of saying "PRAISE FOR AWARD WINNING AUTHOR CAROLYN G. HART" it said "AWARD MIMING AUTHOR." This was just the first of many errors in the conversion and I finally had to give up when on page 37 it said that after death rigor mortis starts with the head and spreads clown the whole body. It's an obvious mis-scan of the word down, but if they had even one person proof-read the ebook before publishing I can't imagine it wouldn't have been caught! I'm sure it's a good book. I like what I had read. But I can't tolerate such sloppy editing especially from a major publisher. Maybe I'll try to read it again someday in the dead tree version, if it doesn't have the same errors.

  • Bonnie
    2018-12-02 09:22

    I almost quit listening soon after I started this audiobook. I decided to continue and did rather enjoy it. The reader did a very good job and it was entertaining. BUT I can't honestly say that I would have missed much if I had quit. The characters were ones we've encountered before: the driven, manipulative, arrogant very rich and very handsome owner of a media empire; his much younger beautiful and adoring wife; the cynical and beautiful but fading actress desperate for a play to be produced for her to star in; the handsome and spoiled stepson; the wimpy secretary to the businessman; the former lover he invites to his private island retreat along with all of these other people since he wants her to figure out which one of them wants him dead. And of course a natural disaster near the end.

  • Andrew
    2018-12-06 03:31

    A cheesy who-done-it, but it was its cheesiness that made it fun. A group of suspects is gathered on a private island by a media mogul, who also invites a retired journalist to figure out who attempted to murder him a few weeks ago. The amateur sleuth Henrie O. is a sharp, likable heroine, deserving of the series the author gave her after this book. The somewhat contrived plot and the stereotypical characters – the dramatic actress, the ruthless lawyer, the playboy son, the ambitious employee, etc – were over the top, but it was all part of the fun. The characters were unrelatable and unlikable which made the book suffer, but Hart made up for it with a great twist that came out of nowhere at the end. An amusing little read. Winner of the Agatha Award, which I think is for cozy, cheesy little mysteries like this one.

  • Eleanor Jones
    2018-11-21 10:24

    This is without a doubt one of the best books, let alone mystery books, that I have ever read. If you only have time to read a few books this year, I beg you to put this one on your list. As a bonus, it introduced me to the wonderful Henri O series, among the best I have ever come across. The way this book hooks you in to a locked room (or, rather, locked island) scenario works very well, and I love the main character, who is far from the typical protagonist you'll find in a mystery series. I wish I could capture the charm and mystique of this book and the whole series. I hated to see it end with seven books, but I think the story was told. I was delighted, charmed, and satisfied with this book in particular and the entire series. I'll read it again soon.

  • Kwoomac
    2018-11-19 02:17

    This is one of a series. Main character, Henrie O, is an older woman (70s)who was once a newspaper reported and now writes mystery thrillers. And, of course, she finds herself in the midst of murderers.Here Henrie O is recruited by an old lover to find out who's trying to kill him. He gathers all the suspects to his private island (I'm not kidding) and then holds them captive because he controls the only boat off the island. Someone attempst to murder him, someone blows up the boat, there's a hurricane... I didn't really care whodunit because i didn't like any of the characters. Henrie O solves the case, looks like a lot of the suspects were guilty of something. No interest in reading any more Henrie O stories.

  • KarenF
    2018-12-16 07:26

    3.5*s - Good old-fashioned "locked room" mystery with a bunch of suspects trapped on an island. I enjoyed the lead character but figured out the mystery well in advance. Also the big "surprise" at the end wasn't much of a surprise to me. However, Henrie O is a good amateur sleuth. Being a former reporter she knows how to dig and how to handle herself in an emergency. Unlike many cozy heroines she doesn't do anything ridiculous to jeopardize herself and others and in fact argues for police involvement rather than hiding from the professionals. For that alone I'd certainly read another in this series.

  • Bobbie
    2018-12-03 10:33

    Ex-wife (or former lover?) of billionaire is asked to find out who is trying to kill him. She is a reporter who is very knowledgeable about murderers. Takes place on a secluded island on the coast of one of the Carolinas. Cast of interesting characters but hard to remember who was who. Has almost an Agatha Christie feel to it. Surprising info revealed at end. But I had hard time seeing the heroine as the author portrayed her. A woman in her 60s who sounds/acts like she's in her 30s? Something just didn't fit. But it was entertaining. Copyright Sept 2009

  • Rita
    2018-11-19 04:17

    ***1/2 is my actual rating. Carolyn Hart did a great job building a suspenseful, malevolent environment for this whodunit novel. Henry O., a fifty year veteran of investigative news reporting, is called by her long ago x-lover, Chase Prescott, media mogul, to help find who is attempting to kill him. Chase gathers all those he suspects, his family and employees. Henry O works diligently as a hurricane travels up the east coast to the mansion where they are all gathered on and island off the South Carolina coast.

  • Melissa
    2018-11-23 02:45

    A light, entertaining read. About halfway through, I figured out who did it (or rather, who was going to do it), but it was still an OK read. I like the author's descriptions. I particularly liked how she described the hot, thick air...very appropriate for this time of year. The hurricane scenes at the end were a little over the top/unbelievable, which is why this is only a 3-star book. However, I will continue on to the next book in the series because I do like the main character.

  • Katherine Clark
    2018-11-24 02:39

    I read this for the Cozy Monograph. This book is the first featuring investigative reporter Henri O. It definitely followed traditional tropes: small group of suspects, most of whom hate each other and their host (all with reason to kill the host), marooned on a tropical island with a killer storm approaching. This book won the Best NOvel Agatha in 1993. Clever denoument.

  • Patty Johnson
    2018-12-10 05:23

    I like all the Henri O books. I sometimes think that the author should have made her slightly younger as she appears pretty spry for her years when she is jogging along etc. Others have criticized her for being bossy, etc. I can not agree with them. She's just a woman who has worked in a man's world and acts accordingly.

  • Sarah Haman
    2018-12-06 08:31

    Ah... a new mystery writer :) A woman detective on a mission to discover who wants to kill a friend who's now a very wealthy media magnate. Lots of good characters all trapped on a small, resort-type island with a hurricane coming!

  • Michele
    2018-11-23 07:23

    I enjoyed the first book in the Death on Demand series. This one, however, was tougher. I had a hard time getting into plodded along. Will try the next book. If it is a plodder, I'm probably not continuing with this series

  • Shannon
    2018-12-04 07:45

    I like her Henri O character, and the setting was intriguing. It was well-written, but I'm not certain it's a series I'll continue. It's certainly worth one more read in the series before I make up my mind though.

  • Jenny (Reading Envy)
    2018-12-10 05:41

    Continuing on my pursuit of mysteries, I found this when I was trying to find books set in South Carolina. A mystery and a hurricane, and actually - I liked the amateur detective Henrie O. quite a lot, enough to try more books by Hart.

  • Melissa
    2018-11-28 06:38

    Book #13 read in 2005This novel was okay. There were some VERY unbelieveable moments, but then all cozy mysteries tend to be a little like that. I liked it enough to give the next in the series a chance. Maybe it will be even better.