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The second steamy historical in a trilogy by the author of Sweet Medicine's Prophecy. For the sake of his beautiful Aissa, Shadow Hawk does his best to adjust to the ways of the white man's world. And, although he fears Aissa's enemy will return and recapture her, when news that his family is in danger arrives, Hawk knows he must leave her....

Title : Apache's Desire
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ISBN : 9780821741207
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 446 Pages
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Apache's Desire Reviews

  • Blue Falcon
    2019-02-14 07:00

    This review is of “Apache’s Desire” by Karen A. Bale.The Story: “Apache’s Desire” continues the story of Aissa Gerard, a part-time schoolteacher in the town of Agua Prieto, Arizona, and her lover, Shadow Hawk, a part-Apache, part-Comanche, part-Anglo man. As the story begins, Aissa and Shadow Hawk are together, but not happily. Shadow Hawk yearns to return to the Apache people, while Aissa wants to get married, an idea of which Shadow Hawk is not so enamored of. Before they can get married, Aissa and Shadow Hawk are separated when her vengeful ex-husband, Ray Grimes, kidnaps her and Shadow Hawk’s mother, brother and sister-in-law in separate incidents. Aissa is also injured and blinded while working in the mines.Aissa is rescued by a man named Clayton “Clay” Montrose, who is also a prisoner of Grimes who helps her escape. Clay takes Aissa to his family’s ranch in New Mexico. There, a series of soap-opera interactions takes places involving Aissa, Clay, Clay’s father, Bradford, Clay’s mother, Dorothea, Clay’s sister, Rayna, Shadow Hawk-who trails Aissa to the ranch-and Christina Marley, a young woman who Shadow Hawk rescued earlier and is infatuated with him. Eventually, Clay and Christina fall in love, Grimes is dealt with, Aissa regains her sight and she and Shadow Hawk address their issues and have their Happily Ever After. Upside: Ms. Bale does a good job of allowing both Aissa and Shadow Hawk-as well as Clay and Christina-to show and feel their emotions. The book is well-researched.Downside: Despite the fact that Ms. Bale allows her characters to feel their emotions, they don’t feel them deeply. The book lacks the emotional depth of Ms. Bale’s earlier books. Another issue: the “heroine falling in love with two men” trope has been used so much by Ms. Bale that it has completely lost the ability to be effective. Sex: A few scenes, which are only mildly graphic. Violence: Shootings, stabbings, attempted rape and assaults. None of the violence is graphic.Bottom Line: “Apache’s Desire” is a book Ms. Bale’s fans may like; it won’t, in my opinion, gain her any new ones.

  • KarenBoruff
    2019-02-05 06:47

    Worse book I have ever started to read in a very long time. By page 10 I knew I would hate it. My God, she starts out with sex....come on lets use a little suspence. I hate people who aren't Native American writing books about us....without any real knowledge of what it means. When they do a period piece it is even worse. Untile very recent history native americans were treated terribly. My own father had to evade the truth about his heritage to prevent being sent to Indian school. I will avoid this writer at all cost. She doesn't have a very good command of the written language anyway. You can tell in the first few pages if someone has the ability to tell a good story, to keep you turning pages, that paints with vivid literary terms. This woman stumbles, falls, barely crawls. AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL