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He's not like other guys. Liz has seen him around. It's hard to miss Max -- the tall, blond, blue-eyed senior stands out in her high-school crowd. So why is he such a loner? Max is in love with Liz. He loves the way her eyes light up when she laughs. And the way her long, black hair moves when she turns her head. Most of all, he loves to imagine what it would be like to kiHe's not like other guys. Liz has seen him around. It's hard to miss Max -- the tall, blond, blue-eyed senior stands out in her high-school crowd. So why is he such a loner? Max is in love with Liz. He loves the way her eyes light up when she laughs. And the way her long, black hair moves when she turns her head. Most of all, he loves to imagine what it would be like to kiss her. But Max knows he can't get too close. He can't let her discover the truth about who he is. Or really, what he is.... Because the truth could kill her....

Title : The Outsider
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The Outsider Reviews

  • Arya
    2019-01-07 03:00

    Ok I love this book. Is the writing all that great? No. Is the plot remarkable? No. Is it completely awesome? Yes. Do I love it because I am a Roswell (the TV show) junkie . . . ummm that would also be a yes.I just adore the TV show Roswell and all of its many characters. I even liked Sheriff Valenti - and yes I realize how sad this is.This book is very different than the TV show (which makes it a pleasant surprise for me since I know the show from beginning to end). It is a good difference though, with the book probably being more intersting than the TV show - loved it! I will make sure to read the rest of this series!! A must read for any other Roswell junkies out there!

  •  Lissa Smith Reads'~Bookaholics Bookshelf Reviews
    2019-01-23 08:53

    5 Stars:Wow! I found this at my local library while seeking out something to read. I just had to grab it because I loved the television series…. I just can’t get over how different the characters are. Michael is a blond… Isabelle is pathetic …gurr! The television versions of the characters are hotter and stronger!!. I had never noticed that the show was based on book until now. I have always been one who has a love hate relationship with books being brought to the small and big screen. I can honestly say that having watched the series a number of times it was really hard to not imagine the characters the same as the ones who played on the television show. I was not disappointed at all with this book verses the show. Both the “Roswell” show and “The Outsiders” start in the way; Liz is shot by a man in her family's restaurant and Max saves her life. Sheriff Valenti just like in the how has way too many questions and knows something is up. However, not like the show V is a danger For Max. Liz can't help but feel drawn to Max, yet she is stronger and more self aware in the books. I like her better in the books. However, I can’t stand Isobel in the book. She is weak and childish. Michael comes across as tough and tender in the book as in the series he is more standoffish and brute. If you were a fan of the Roswell TV series like me; then this book is perfect for you. It’s fast paced and the writing is enjoyable for both adults and young adults alike. Metz's writing style is simple and I look forward to reading more from this author as well as the series

  • Ivy
    2019-01-15 09:49

    This review is for all 10 books in the series. Melinda Metz writes a thoroughly engaging story about teen aliens who are trying to live among humans on earth while FBI and local authorities are on their trail to discover them and eventually whisk them away to a dissection lab.Max and Isabel Evans, along with friend Michael Guerin are aliens whose spaceship crash landed on earth in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Incubating in pods for 40 years, the pod squad hatch and somehow manage to make it into foster homes and/or adopted into loving families. The three youngsters are now in high school trying to blend in with the rest of the human kids and doing a fabulous job, until Max decides that he is going to save the life of the girl he loves from a bullet wound, hence blowing his cover. He has the power to heal people and he knows saving Liz's life is the right thing to do even if it puts himself and his friends in danger of being discovered by the sinister sheriff Valenti.Isabel Evans is Max's sister. She has the power to walk into people's dreams and affect what happens to them. (This is one power I would kill to have!) She is gorgeous, popular and boys are tripping all over themselves to date her. But they are just her playthings--that is, until geeky Alex Manes teaches her the importance of valuing a loving guy no matter who he is.Michael Guerin is the hot brooder who has been in more foster homes than he can count. His past has toughened him up, making it hard to trust others. The fact that he is also an alien keeps him from forming true frienships outside of Max and Isabel. He has sworn to keep most people at bay, until perky Maria DeLuca gets under his skin and into his heart.Liz Ortecho is the beautiful Mexican American girl that Max Evans has his eye on. He has been her friend for years but that friendship has evolved into something more serious. When Liz is shot while waiting tables at her parents' cafe, the Crashdown, Max swings into action and not only heals her wound, but plants the seeds of love within her heart.The Roswell High series is one of the most entertaining YA reads I have perused in a long time. Written in the late 90's, it became the basis of one of the hottest teen TV series of its time, Roswell. Subsequent novels in the series deal with issues ranging from learning to trust others, to falling in love, to making scarifices, and dealing with danger and tragedy. The books are well written, though sometimes were a little too light on background information, loose ends left incomplete and some overly simplistic details gave them the feeling of being too juvenile. They have earned three and a half to four stars from me and I would recommend these to anyone who enjoys science fiction books, romance or fans of the television series. Excellent for the middle school, early high school reader.

  • Kruti
    2018-12-28 09:55

    One of the rare instances when the show was better than the book. Between the multiple POVs, the insta-love and the childish writing, I don't know what was worse. The only reason I will continue to read these books is, well firstly I'm nothing if not mildly compulsive and secondly, I know it has potential. Huge potential. I only know this from having seen all three seasons of the television series.

  • Kat
    2019-01-20 04:39

    Different stories than the show, which feeds my rabid fan girl inside. Definitely written for teens, but I can still enjoy it.

  • Sivan N.
    2019-01-23 08:50

    Let me begin by why I read this book. So there is this amazing TV series called Roswell which I would recommend to anybody who likes teen dramas (it reminds me of Dawson's Creek for some reason though my mom would probably disagree with that because she hates Dawson's Creek but she loves this series). Anyway, sooner or later I figured out that the TV series was based on a book series so I decided to read it.Many on here have criticized the writing style of the book, however the writing style was probably the only redeeming part of the book for me. In the fantasy parts, Metz wrote really well and could really create a picture in the reader's mind. In the non-fantasy parts, the writing was not as good but it was good enough to be funny (in the way that terrible things can be funny, if you get my drift. An example of something that is so terrible that it's funny would probably be the movie The Interview). The plot and characterization were pretty bad. The TV series has some great plots and I was pretty disappointed that this book did not have as much. It's clear that this book is meant to be the first in a series (of ten books) because of this lack of plot. This book is basically just an intro to the series, a basic setup for the rest of the books. The characterization could have had way more elements to it, but for some reason I guess Metz didn't bother to put that in. Also, the relationships between characters could have been put together better. It's hard to understand the characters' relationships to each other before the plot begins and how they forge relationships during the book. So overall, the TV show is better than the book. Will I read the next nine books of the series? Probably. One thing, however, that the TV series did terribly was the character of Liz. In the book, Liz is Liz Ortecho and she is of Spanish descent. In the TV series, Liz is Liz Parker and she is white. It's really disappointing to know that the TV show whitewashed the book in this way, and it's not as though there are no Spanish actresses out there so there is absolutely no excuse for that. So in the area of representation, the book has a slight edge over the show.

  • Carmen
    2018-12-29 04:49

    I’m a big fan of the Roswell television show and I’ve been meaning to read the book series for a long time. I was super jazzed about my library getting the first book in the series! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was jumping straight in. The premise is the same as the television show: a group of teenager’s lives are forever changed after Max exposes himself as an extraterrestrial being to save Liz from a gunshot wound. They overcome their fear of one each other to work together to make sure that Max, Michael, and Isabel aren’t discovered. The story is extremely compelling. There is a lot of world building that sets up the series as well as some character growth. It has the whole does he/she love me or hate me thing going but it didn’t take away from other plots. I am excited that we get to find out more about Max, Michael, and Isabel’s abilities. It’s neat that we have started to learn how they work and how they differ. We didn’t learn that much about their abilities in the show, so I’m interesting in seeing where this goes. There is a group bonding moment where both worlds collide that was so neat that I wish that it was something that could actually happen. I’m really excited about this series and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us.

  • Melissa Darnold
    2019-01-06 03:43

    This book is my favorite of the series, outside of maybe the final installment. I had read these in high school and then they sat, abandoned on my bookshelves, for years. Then I figured, why not give them a reread? This book is really just the set up for the entire series. I like the world-building that takes place in this book, as well as all of the character introductions and development. I'm a massive fan of the TV series and, though the books defer from the show, I wasn't all that disappointed. I like when two different franchises can stand alone, though support each other at the same time. I will forever and a day be a Max/Liz shipper. Ride or die. Michael and Maria as well. One of my favorite things that is book-only is their aura-uniting at the end of this. I have always been a fan of it and that didn't change between high school and me rereading them. There is something very special about their unique sounds, scents, and colors, working together to make it even more beautiful. I love it. I enjoyed this book a lot. You should give it a read.

  • Kimberly Lanese
    2019-01-16 09:49

    I am a very big roswell fan. I probably always will be a roswellian . So roswell high is different then the show. The struggles they go through are different but the cast is easy to fall in love with. I have read these books over 5 times now and I can't get sick of them and probably never will. The characters still act the same as they do in the show for the most part - some characters become allies in the show which makes it great as well. I recommend these books to any alien romance fans or roswell fans but I assume many roswellians have already read the books.I won't be giving any spoiler alerts but this book is the beginning of everything leading up to the end of the series. Characters establish a bond with one another that can't be faulted or broken. All the aliens want to do is live a normal life but things become complicated during a moment of violence.

  • Leticia
    2019-01-19 04:59

    still love the show tho

  • Cara
    2018-12-26 05:50

    When I was in sixth grade (2001-2002), I picked up the third book in the Roswell series for a quick read. High school, at the time, was as faraway as college seemed to a freshman. I was hooked on their slang and tangled love lives and the whole "alien" concept. But I couldn't find any of the other books in that cardboard box with "FREE" scrawled on it in big black marker. I eventually sold the book in a garage sale.But yesterday, I was going through my AP English teacher's bookshelf for reading material. It's Thanksgiving weekend, and I have plenty of time to procrastinate. And what do I find?The first book in the series I could've (but never did) have an intense infatuation with as a child. And after reading it, I understand why I should have tried harder to find the books--the appeal of reading a series about high school students + aliens was much more alluring when I was, ya know, not in high school. It's very very VERY light. And silly, especially the part where no one questions the "Oh, DON'T WORRY, that's just ketchup I spilled all over myself and the floor, look at that no one really noticed a smell or anything" excuse Liz comes up with after she's shot and then healed by Max the Nice Alien Boy. But... I'm still interested, which I'm chalking up to my initial spark of curiosity in the series some five years ago. I mean, if I happen to come across the second book, how could I not check out it? I must admit, the concepts it raises are exactly boring... After all, it is just a bit of light reading (and maybe a guilty pleasure).

  • Andrea Vazquez
    2019-01-15 07:48

    wow! it was the best book i ever read in my entire life i love it is about this guy named max and he is an alien and he falls for liz but she got shot on her dads restaurant bhe saves her but tells her to life for him and then he would tell her the truth so she lies for him and she goes to talk to him he tells her the truth so she freaks out and rund out but then she realizes that she hado done wrong and so she starts protecting from kyle valeni's dad he is a sherif for a company that hunts down aliens so while she is proctenting him she learns that he is in love with her and that he can see her life so she ends up falling in love with him too but he doesn't want to put her on danger her whole life so he tells her that eventhough he loves her that they should be just friends but liz is convince that there could be more than just a friendship.

  • Rebecca
    2018-12-29 02:36

    The book is aimed at a teen audience, yet it uses language that would appeal to a 10 year old. I'm not even joking. I don't know if the author does this intentionally because she underestimates teenaged reading levels, or if its just plain bad writing. The only reason this book is not getting 1 star is because the story, the actual plot has such great potential. I know this because I've seen every episode of the television series. The fact that I'm huge fan of the show is the only thing that is compelling me to continue the series. I sincerely hope the writing matures.

  • Stephanie
    2019-01-09 02:55

    The whole time I read this book I kept thinking it was trying too hard to be like the vampire series...That, in combination with the fact that it wasn't written very well, was a real turn-off. And, since I was reading it on the nook, I was hugely annoyed with the typo's...Don't waste your time on this book.

  • Daniel Devereux
    2019-01-12 06:02

    It was fairly good, I loved the series but I found the third season a bit lacking. The characters in the first book seem a lot younger than the ones in the show. I plan on reading the rest of the series.I've just read the book again for a Roswell read-a-thon and it was still good, the writing was a bit understated but I loved it just as well.

  • Evey
    2019-01-20 02:46

    Still a better love story than Twilight!Well, this was like cotton candy. Reactions are quite unbelievable, we have some kind of insta-love, and rather ridiculous plans to hide the truth—aliens do exist and they're teens at high school!

  • Katie Kopecki
    2019-01-19 04:47

    I am addicted to & obsessed with the TV show, Roswell. I read this in a few hours, and it's always fun to read the book series that was the basis for a movie or tv show. I give both the show and book series 5 stars!! Cant wait to read the other books x)

  • Mare S
    2018-12-26 08:54

    I loved this series of books, which the tv show is loosely based on. The books are quite different from the series. Interesting and characters that I came to care about.

  • Julie Anderson
    2018-12-26 10:56

    One of the few times, the show is far better than the book. The book is so poorly written. Really lacked clear description. Such a disappointment.

  • Mary
    2018-12-25 05:37

    great way to scratch that old roswell itch!

  • Lisa Berger Cartiff
    2019-01-22 03:01

    Ok admittedly, I only watched the first season of Roswell back in the late 90's/early 2000's...and I don't really know why. It showed up a month ago on my Netflix recommended shows, and I decided to watch it. About halfway into the 2nd season, I realized it was based on a book series out of print, but fairly easy (for the most part) to find on eBay reasonably priced (except for the newer series).This books is cute...and different than the show. Very easy to read, and fairly enjoyable.I struggled to picture Max with blonde hair and a Michael with dark(er) hair...and some of the changes. But I did appreciate the fact that the book came first.It'll be interesting to see the changes. Max and Michael were slightly different but not bad...Kyle was much more annoying in the book. And I'm not a huge Isabel fan in the books. Maria was a toss-up and I haven't decided if I like her yet. Liz is just so so. The wording is simple...but appropriate for the recommended age.

  • Chloe Pope
    2019-01-03 08:55

    Such a great way to kick off this series, its so addictive that you can't help but finish it in one sitting and then immediately start on the next book. It has great character development happening over the course of this book which I think is really impressive considering the length of this book.

  • Karina Vargas
    2019-01-08 07:50

    Este libro es el primero de la serie de Roswell. Para todos aquellos que vimos la serie de televisión, tenemos una clara idea de la historia, y en mi caso un fiel recuerdo de los personajes. Pero para aquellos que no la vieron, les cuento un poco de qué trata.Liz es una adolescente típica, y no tanto, que vive en Roswell, New Mexico, y trabaja en el comedor de su padre. Debido al famoso incidente del OVNI ocurrido en el lugar en 1947, constantemente recibe la visita de turistas y fanáticos interesados en descubrir algo más. Liz está acostumbrada a ello, por no decir otra cosa, e incluso se atreve a burlarse sutilmente de los curiosos. En la escuela, aunque no es una de las chicas más populares, tiene buenas notas y muy buenos amigos, Maria y Alex. En su casa, tiene una relación muy apegada a sus padres, y un tanto conflictiva con la reciente muerte de su hermana Rose. Ni ella ni sus padres han superado el duelo y aún deben lidiar con ello, aunque todos con sentimientos distintos.Era un día más de trabajo en el bar junto a Maria, cada una atendiendo a las mesas de un sector. Por un lado estaban Max, su compañero de laboratorio, y Michael. Por el otro, dos hombres discutían desde hace ya un tiempo y parecía que cada vez se tornaba peor. De repente, la discusión se salió de los términos, uno de los hombres sacó un arma y comenzó a disparar. Todo fue muy rápido. Liz yacía en el piso, le habían disparado en su estómago. Ella podía oír la deseperación de Maria, de su padre, pero cada vez se alejaba más de allí. Entonces, entre otros rostros, antes de desvanecerse, pudo distinguir a Max, quien se inclinó sobre ella y apoyó sus manos sobre la herida. Cuando Liz volvió en sí, se sentía mejor y había parado de sangrar; miró a Max todavía sobre ella. De alguna manera, él la había curado.(view spoiler)[Roswell, me atrevo a decir, fue la primera serie de televisión que miré. Quizá por eso le tengo tanto cariño. Me gustó mucho encontrar y leer este libro, creo que fue (y es) el momento perfecto para ello. La verdad es que no sabía que existía, pero he aprendido que hay un libro para todo, y todos.Considero que soy una persona con mucha falta de imaginación, o al menos no muy definida. Así que leer algo y poder visualizar a los personajes en todos sus aspectos, rasgos y actitudes es genial para mí. A pesar de que hay algunos cambios que por momentos me arruinan las escenas, como que Max sea rubio y de ojos azules (wtf!) o Michael tenga pelo oscuro (interesante), lo puedo superar. Me sorprendió encontrar diferencias en la personalidad de los personajes. Si bien Max es tímido, no es tan raro como aparentaba en la serie. El más lindo siempre fue Michael y me agrada saber que no sólo tiene la misma personalidad sino que parece ser aún más simpático; la onda ruda estaba bien, pero a veces lo odioso me hartaba. Isabel es exactamente igual, también Alex (mi favorito), Kyle, y Maria, siempre tan divertida. El comisario Valenti está bien descrito, aunque creo que en la versión televisiva nunca entendí el miedo que se supone debía aparentar. (hide spoiler)]Es el primer libro en inglés que leo en su idioma original. Sólo me atreví porque sabía que el vocabulario no podía ser tan complicado (aunque siempre tengo el diccionario a mano) y porque no lo encontré en español (bu!!). Aún así, al principio sentí que la redacción era demasiado amateur, muy para adolescentes, y que me iba a tener que tragar toda la historia de esa forma. Pero a los poco capítulos, en mi opinión, mejoró bastante y pude envolverme en la historia sin preocupaciones. Por suerte para mí, no recuerdo tanto detalles de la historia (han pasado muchos años y siempre vi las temporadas muy separadas), como sí de los personajes, por lo que puedo perderme en la trama con gusto.Me sorprendió que este primer libro fuese tan corto, aunque pensándolo luego creo que fue más como un intento de “a ver qué pasa”, considerando que el segundo es un poco más largo (wiii!).Además, fue genial engancharme con esta historia otra vez. Es momento de finales y parciales, y tener este tipo de historia como distracción, sutil, linda, intrigante, me hizo más fácil el trabajo de concentrarme. Una trama vieja, ya conocida, con muy lindos recuerdos, que puedo abrir y cerrar cuando quiera.Una linda historia para pasar el rato, ¡y fue más de lo que esperaba! A leer el segundo libro muy pronto!!

  • Lauren
    2019-01-20 06:41

    I’m a die hard CW a.k.a. The WB fan. Many of my favorite shows (Buffy, Angel, Dawson’s Creek, Gilmore Girls, Charmed, etc.) have come from this awesome network. So about 2-3 years I happened to come across a little TV series called Roswell. Roswell aired between 1999-2002 approximately 3 seasons; a time span where I watched very little supernatural dramas or “real-person” shows because I was still in my Disney and Nickelodeon phase. Anyways, five episodes in and I was officially hooked. We’re talking 60+ episodes (roughly 45 mins each) watched in 5 days in between full time college classes and part time office work. I was barely sleeping 4 hours a night because I HAD to keep watching. I learned half-ways through that this insanely-addictive show was based on a series of novels, but I didn’t fully seek them out until much later. Having been published in the late 1990′s it was very hard to get your hands on a copy. However, I finally invested in a Nook Tablet this past January somewhere around the time that the Roswell series made a jump to the e-scene. I’m so happy to have finally read the book that “started it all”. Although I don’t feel as close to the characters in the book versus the show, I still highly enjoyed reading The Outsider.Our story takes place in Roswell, New Mexico. A location very close to the famous Roswell crash that occurred in 1947. The book’s POV switched place between few characters, but I’ll start with Liz. Liz Ortecho is a teenage girl who apart from school, spends her time hanging out with her best friends Marie and Alex and also working at her parent’s ufo-themed diner. She’s very smart and and intuitive, yet burdened. We find out early on that her sister Rosa past away (at some point) due to a drug overdose. Her parents are not only highly protective but also very anal when it comes to Liz’s future. Although Liz does aspire to graduate top in her class and attend a high-ranked college, I felt as though her parents over-pressure her to succeed because of the loss of their other daughter. The Outsider begins on a day where Liz is waitressing in the diner during which an out of the blue fight erupts between two customers. This argument reaches a breaking point when one whips out a gun. After some shuffling a shot rings out and Liz immediately slumps to the ground. She’s been shot and is slowing bleeding to death on the diner floor…Enter Max Evans. He’s described as tall, blue-eyed and gorgeous. He’s a fellow classmate who Liz has known since third grade. After some internal struggle and an argument with his friend Michael, Max reaches Liz and does some type of molecular manipulation that causes the bullet in her stomach to break down into small particles. He then proceeds to repairing the ripped cartilage by reforming her cells. Before any officers show up, Max and Michael make a run for it leaving Liz and her best friend Maria dazed. Later on Liz and Maria notice a faint hand-shaped marking remaining on Liz’s stomach where Max worked his “mojo”. Early on, through POV change we learn that Max his sister Isabel, and their friend Michael are not from “around here”. I don’t want to go into too much detail as to spoiler the overall plot but I will say that there is a huge E.T. aspect to this book. *wink wink*I liked this book but didn’t love it. I love the original concept and storyline but I found the writing very simplistic. The dialogue is hella-funny but that’s about it. There was a good mix of characters. Some we’re endearing and humorous like Maria while others tended to be prissy and kind of shallow like Isabel. There’s a little bit of everything including suspense, romance, mystery and humor. If your a fan of Obsidian by J.L.A. I definitely recommend this book. Some asp

  • Patricia (Patricia's Particularity)
    2019-01-13 02:37

    Anyone who loved the 90s and the "great" television shows they produced, will love the Roswell novel series, which inspired the television show. Being a 90's child I fell in love with the television show, and have come to love this novel series. Max, Isabel, and Michael are alien visitors on earth, who's ship crashed in the famous Roswell event. Max and Isabel found a home in the Parkers while Michael was left on his own, bouncing from home to home. In The Outsider these three "aliens" find themselves worrying for their very lives.Max and Liz have been fellow students for a long time. They have been lab partners for a long time. They have talked as friends and fellow students for a long time. Max has never told Liz that he thinks of her as more. That all changes one day when Liz gets shot at the Crash Down, her family's restaurant. Going against their belief to not use their alien powers in public, Max saves Liz's life, during which time Max takes a deep look into Liz's past. This connection is not one sided - Liz becomes very curious about Max and soon finds out that he is indeed an alien, as so are Isabel and Michael. If Liz and her friends' discovery of the existence of aliens is not enough to make Roswell a very interesting town. the town Sheriff, Valenti, Having watched the entire series numerous times it was really hard to not imagine the same actors/actress as these characters - this was actually very easy as there are not many differences between the show and the books. The "Roswell action" starts right away - Liz is shot by a man in her family's restaurant and Max saves her life. Liz finds herself in a whole different type of world. While the Sheriff has way to many questions for her and what really happened, Liz can't help but feel drawn to Max. She is seeing him in a whole new light.... he is an alien and so are Isabel and Michael. With her best friends, it is now Liz's turn to help save Max's life and their possible future together.This was a very fast paced book. The writing is not complicated but yet is enjoyable. Melinda Metz's writing style is simple and provides many different points of views from all the major characters. While this series is not 'earth-shattering', I loved the first book and can not wait to start the second.

  • Charlynn
    2018-12-28 09:00

    This is the first in a series of ten books by Melinda Metz published during the late 90's that were eventually turned into the popular television series Roswell. (Yes, I've watched the show. In fact, I own it on DVD, and I sometimes write fanfiction for it, too.) Anyway, I knew going into this book that I'd like it. In fact, I was thrilled to even find a copy of the first book through ILL, because the books are now out of print. Unfortunately, though, the other three books available to me through this service are not the next three in chronological order, so I can't read them. Unless someone's library has or can procure the whole series, I would be hesitant to recommend this book to readers, simply because they might have a difficult time getting their hands on all ten of the books (and the subsequent offshoot series that followed). Personally, I want to have all the books in my collection someday. Frankly, it surprises me that the books are so difficult to locate (trust me, I've searched through all the local library systems within about fifty miles that I could possibly have access to), because of the fact that they did spawn a popular television show. With that said, though, here's a little bit about Roswell High: The Outsider.Three alien children from the Roswell crash of '47 come out of their pods in 1989 as six year olds. Ten years later, they're hiding amongst the human population of Roswell, trying to blend in and belong so that no one suspects that they're different, fearful of the government discovering them and taking them to perform experiments. However, when the leader of their threesome witnesses the girl he is in love with getting shot, he reveals his true identity to her by saving her life (and to her best friend who witnesses the event). You see, the aliens have special powers, one of which is that they can alter molecular structures. Once their secret is out, the aliens and humans work together to keep those hunting the aliens off of their track, resulting in adventure, romance, and, of course, when dealing with aliens, a lot of cool science fiction. (However, what keeps this book relative to ANY teenager is the fact that the three aliens are, when broken down to their simplest form, outsiders, something that all high school students can somehow relate to in one way or another.)

  • Shelley Wilson
    2018-12-31 05:42

    I was a huge fan of the Roswell television show that aired between 1999 and 2002 and have recently re-watched all three seasons with my eldest son. What I hadn’t realised back in the 90s was how the TV show was based on a series of books. Excited about this discovery I popped over to Amazon and found not one, but ten books.The Outsider is the first book in the series and introduces us to the main characters and the town of Roswell with its alien conspiracies. I was happy to note that the television show followed the book quite closely. Max Evans saves the life of Liz, a fellow student when she is shot in the stomach. Saving Liz’s life, however, puts him, his sister Isabel, and their friend, Michael in danger, as it exposes their extraterrestrial origin. The eBook was poorly edited and littered with mistakes but I was still able to follow the story due to the fact I’d watched the show. The point of view jumps around a lot, and I had to re-read certain sections to figure out who was speaking or thinking. If I hadn’t watched the show I might have abandoned the book purely down to the technical aspects, however, this would have been a shame as the characters and story line are very good.Sheriff Valenti appears to be a much darker character in the book than he was on the show and I think the development of his personality could be interesting to read. The love/hate/like relationship between Isabel, Michael, Maria and Alex is well developed and I can see how this worked so well on the show. Liz and Max embrace the loved up/should we/shouldn’t we teenage couple from every young adult book, and I enjoyed reading how they bonded over time.The ‘alien’ aspect isn’t overdone and yet there is plenty of scope to develop the sci-fi element over the series.Would I buy the second book? Yes, I probably will as I did enjoy the story, it was a quick and easy novel based on something I know well. It was the editing that let this down for me and the reason for my 3.5-star rating rather than 4 stars.

  • AntonellaReads
    2019-01-15 06:39

    More like a 3.5, because I love and cherish this story, I loved the tv show when I was a teenager, I still do. The book is ok I guess, but definitely not great, somehow different, even if there are a lot of similiarities. The story takes off with Max saving Liz, he already loved her before and she instantly falls for him. All of this is the same as the show, but I think the show handled their relationship better, except for the way she reacted when he told her he was an alien. It was way more real for Liz to be inizially scared, confused and unsure about Max, like in the book. Liz is latina in the book, and I'm kind of bummed they made her american in the show, it shows how far ahead tv was in the 90s on the racial aspect. She had a sister who died of overdose, she ha definitely a more complex story in the book.Max is pretty similar to his tv self, except he's blond.Isabel and Maria seems weaker characters in the book, but I hope this will change in the next installments, cause I love them, expecially Maria, she was a favorite of mine back in the days.Kyle is a useless and hateful moron, there was a lot more about him in the show. Same with Sceriff Valenti, he's kind of flat right now, just a villain.I loved Michael, he was less grumpy in the book, but he has the same aweful backstory, the same need for a family.Alex was ok, more confident and with a differnt family history...I'm intrigued by that.The story is not developed a lot, so are most of the characters..... the book is way too short for that. Plus the writing is somewhat childish, and the writing style is essential to me, it's part of what lures me in. There are other 9 books, so I'm pretty sure the story and the characters will be explored further, but I think I would have enjoyed them a lot more if I was younger.

  • Linda Jaejoong
    2018-12-24 07:58

    Ich gebe zu, dass ich mir das Buch nur gekauft habe, weil ich die Fernsehserie so abgöttisch liebe. Ich war sehr positiv von Band 1 überrascht. Es ist völlig anders als die Serie, aber dennoch sehr unterhaltsam. Es gab viele tolle Ideen im Buch und ich mich gefragt habe, warum sie nicht in der Serie umgesetzt wurden. Das alle eine Aura besitzen ist eine so coole Idee und hätte so toll gepasst, es verbindet die Figuren noch stärker miteinander.Max fand ich in der Serie viel sympathischer und hatte mit ihm im Buch so meine Schwierigkeiten. Er und Liz sind im Buch ein genauso niedliches Paar wie in der Serie. Als ein hardcore Fan von Maria und Michael, hoffe ich doch das die Zwei wie in der Serie, auch im Buch zusammen kommen. Sie sind einfach ein so tolles Pärchen. Isabel fand ich so unsympathisch und hoffe wirklich, dass sie ein wenig sympathischer im Verlauf der Buchreihe wird.Alex ist, wie in der Fernsehserie, ein toller Typ und super verknallt in Isabel. Warum kann er nicht auch einmal im Leben Glück haben und ein Mädchen finden, dass ihn auch abgöttisch liebt. Anders als in Fernsehserie, ist Sheriff Valenti im Buch nicht der liebe und nette Vater von Kyle, sondern ein kaltherziger Ekel, der vor nichts zurück schreckt, um die Aliens zu fassen.Fazit: Als Fan der Fernsehserie bin ich der Meinung, dass man die Bücher nicht unbedingt lesen muss. Sie sind so viel anders als die Serie und deswegen muss man sie nicht unbedingt gelesen haben. Sie sind kein Extra zur Fernsehserie. Aber sie sind trotzdem richtig gut und ich kann sie nur empfehlen. Da ich Michael, Maria, Max, Liz und Isabel in der Serie so liebe, finde ich es großartig, über sie diese Buchreihe zu lesen. Ich hoffe wirklich das Kyle, ich liebe ihn in der Serie, auch im Buch zu den guten gehören wird!!

  • Sal Niner
    2018-12-31 05:51

    Preliminary thoughts *SPOILERS*:The first thing that caught my attention was the title The Outsider. Upon first glance I thought the Outsider was alien/human Max Evans (this had been my initial impression from watching the Pilot of the television series Roswell which is based on this book and bits from subsequent volumes). But it ended up being that the Outsider was really Liz Ortecho, Max's love interest.As it comes naturally when reading books from which television series are based, I ended up comparing and moreso the differences than the similarities. A couple major differences... Max's physical appearance. He's blond/blue eyed in the books; and dark haired/eyed in T.V. series. Liz's ethnicity and last name. She's Spanish and an Ortecho in the books; and undefined (though leaning towards Caucasian probably) and a Parker in T.V. series. None of the differences, however big or small, took away from the experience of enjoying the book and I've found that it is still a great read after 13 years from its initial publication in 1999.This story takes place in Roswell, New Mexico when human teenager Liz finds out teenager Max's alien identity after being healed by him. This discovery leads her to get close to him even under the threat of Valenti, the town's Sheriff. Here we see the core group of teenage friends, who all go to the same high school, form and bond together: Liz, Max, his alien sister Isabel Evans, his alien friend Michael Guerin, and their human friends Maria DeLuca and Alex Manes.I reserve the right to edit, including add more to, this review in the future.