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Alexandra gaf zich al helemaal aan hem over, maar nu wil Jeremy dat ze zich ook aan haar gevoel overgeeft.Psychologe Alexandra Blake is door haar minnaar Jeremy Quinn in seksuele zin wakker gekust. Na een erotische ontdekkingsreis is zij tot het uiterste verleid.Maar dan wordt ze in Londen op verdacht professionele wijze ontvoerd en speelt ze ineens de hoofdrol in een gevaAlexandra gaf zich al helemaal aan hem over, maar nu wil Jeremy dat ze zich ook aan haar gevoel overgeeft.Psychologe Alexandra Blake is door haar minnaar Jeremy Quinn in seksuele zin wakker gekust. Na een erotische ontdekkingsreis is zij tot het uiterste verleid.Maar dan wordt ze in Londen op verdacht professionele wijze ontvoerd en speelt ze ineens de hoofdrol in een gevaarlijk spel: haar ontvoerders hopen namelijk met haar hulp de donkerste enigma's van de vrouwelijke seksualiteit te ontdekken.Ze kan niet ontsnappen, maar weet ook niet zeker of ze dat wil. Hoe ver zal Alexandra gaan om haar verlangens en nieuwsgierigheid te bevredigen? Gaat dit spel haar te ver, of is de hoofdprijs het spel misschien waard?Voel met mij van auteur Indigo Bloome is een ontdekkingsreis langs vertrouwen, verraad, verlangen, liefde en risico... en wat dat laatste allemaal kan opleveren......

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Voel met mij Reviews

  • ♔ Marli ♔
    2019-03-26 03:32

    I started with this book because I was so curious to see what is going to happen next after the cliffhanger and the end of book 1.My goodness!!! I only came to the part where she accepted the Queen Bitch's proposal and thought... nuh-uh!! Not going to torment myself any further.. What a disturbing, scary (in a very disturbing way) book!?Can't help to worry about the mental well being of the author, seriously. Will not even attempt to read book #3. *shivers* gave me nightmares :( [image error]

  • Lewlin
    2019-04-15 21:28

    First off, this trilogy is NOTHING like Fifty Shades of Grey so if you're thinking of buying these because of the FSOG references then you're going to be disappointed.I'm not sure what the author was trying to achieve with this trilogy. It seemed a tangled effort of his and her POV's and flashbacks and I didn't think the story flowed at all.Neither of the main characters were likeable..she was just a nodding dog and he was just a freaky scientist getting his kicks with medical experiments. I've just finished this book 2 minutes ago and I can't even remember their names!!This wasn't a love story, wasn't a romance, wasn't an anything really. It was just plain weird!!I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone and I think the book is selling due to the FSOG references, which are leading people to believe it's going to be something that it is most definately not! I'm not even going to bother with book 3 as I really don't care what happens to the characters!!

  • Ode
    2019-04-16 22:29

    De verdad pocas veces me he topado con libros como este, no logro entender que las referencias que tenía le den 4 y 5 estrellas y hablen de que es una historia muy romántica, cuando realmente se trata de un libro perturbador.La protagonista realmente no solo no me generó empatía, sino que hasta cierto pundo me hizo sentir repulsión. No logro concebir que una mujer que sea secuestrada y chantajeada decida participar de muy buen agrado en una serie de experimentos donde no sabe si está exponiendo su vida o la de su familia. Ahora recuerdo por qué cuando leí el primer libro no quise leer los demás. Hay novelas con tramas para todos los gustos, y definitivamente esta no es una que yo quisiera leer nunca más en mi vida.

  • Carey Sabala
    2019-03-27 05:29

    This was sent to me by Avon and unfortunately I haven't read the first book in the series, so I'll have to just give you my thoughts on the second book. Let me first say this, this book was definitely in the same vain as the Fifty Shades trilogy but with some nice background story and written nicely. Being as this is the second book in a series, I wasn't sure how I'd take to it as a stand alone book. Sometimes when you pick a book up that's in the middle of a series, you don't get the full impact of the story because too much has gone on before but that wasn't the case with this. The story does a good job of showing flash backs to what I assume are major moments in the first book while explaining what has gone on so far in the story. I did at times feel a little behind but it was soon explained and I felt comfortable in the story. The blurb above gives you the gist of the story but I'll summarize for you. You have two people Dr. Blake (our heroine) and Dr. Quinn (the hero). They are lovers who have reconnected after years apart. Dr. Blake (Alex), is married but her husband has come out of the closet and is OK with her reestablishing her old relationship with Dr. Quinn (Jeremy). So the book starts out with Alex flying to London for some business and will then meet up with Jeremy later on. What Jeremy doesn't tell her, is that he has caught an earlier flight and plans on surprising her at the airport. Not knowing this, Alex lands in London and is shocked to see a limo waiting for her. She immediately goes to the car but turns to see Jeremy walking fast to meet her but she is shoved into the car and kidnapped. Jeremy is beside himself and being the alpha male type, flips his lid because his woman is gone. In the meantime, Alex is swiftly bound, gaged and drugged all in an effort to transport her safely to some rival drug company's HQ. They have decided that they want Alex to participate in helping them come up with a Viagra for women and they won't take no for an answer.In and among the sex, sexy flashbacks, BDSM, experimentation, kidnapping and eventual happy reunion, this book definitely has an underlying message that takes a swing at the pharmaceutical companies and really makes you think about how the drugs/prescriptions we take are actually tested. The ordeal Alex goes through is a bit frightening even though there's eroticism laced throughout and it shows the very ugly side of drug testing. As Alex says at one point "I think about how we stumbled upon drugs for HIV, chemotherapy.....Then more specifically for women, the contraceptive pill, the IUD and now hormone infused implants, among other things; how readily we accept chemical solutions to manipulate our natural hormonal cycles. Someone has to test them; indeed, many people trial new drugs. Now I've become one of those people." It is actually very scary to think hard on how much testing it takes to bring these drugs to market and who they test them on. At one point one of the characters even says "Some testing is worse than others, but drugs do have to be tested on humans at some stage. How else would they get to market?" Totally food for thought.All in all, I did enjoy the book and would recommend the series to those of you who like your "mommy porn" like I do *grin*.

  • Amarilli Settantatre
    2019-04-10 01:26

    IL GRAN RITORNO DELLA DOTTORESSA ORGASMOSecondo volume di una trilogia sempre più assurda.Motivazioni per cui una persona, nel pieno delle sue facoltà mentali, dovrebbe leggere il secondo volume di una trilogia sempre più assurda:A) Ti hanno visto leggere il primo volume, e ti hanno gentilmente omaggiato del secondo; e tu non vuoi deludere il prossimo;B) Il tizio che ti piace se l’è legata al dito perché hai dato una sola stellina al primo volume, cioè al suo regalo, e tu non vuoi deludere ulteriormente il tizio che ti piace;C) Dopo aver chiuso il primo volume, hai momentaneamente smarrito lo spadone per fare harakiri;D) Sei una buonista, per cui bisogna concedere a tutti una seconda possibilità!E) Ammettilo: sei un filino masochista e ti piace farti del male….A prescindere dalla risposta, siete avvisati: dopo Incontri Proibiti. La seduzione, arriva – udite, udite – Incontri Proibiti. La tentazione, ovvero il gran ritorno della Dottoressa Orgasmo.In precedenza, la valorosa AB aveva allegramente abbandonato marito, figli e carriera per assecondare la missione umanitaria del suo grande amore di gioventù, lo scienziato pazzo (e fortemente viscido) Jeremy.Si tratta di un progetto medico che potrebbe salvare l’umanità: partendo dai fluidi secreti da AB in pieno orgasmo, si potrà sviluppare un farmaco capace di curare depressione e altre malattie.Finora sembra uno scherzo, ma non lo è. AB ci crede davvero, e nel mentre che sta ritornando da Jeremy per “sperimentare” ancora insieme, viene miseramente rapita da crudeli (e ugualmente viscidi) scienziati pazzi di una multinazionale concorrente, ansiosi e vogliosi di utilizzare la loro bella cavia. E la cavia? Ovviamente, visto che comunque di una nobile causa si tratta, AB – pur a malincuore – non si risparmia, ansimando e dando tutta se stessa per la ricerca della formula.Ma, nonostante il desiderio incontenibile di aiutare la scienza, AB vuol tornare da Jeremy perché lo ama sinceramente. Come si può non amare un uomo che ti dice che tu sei “L’unica che non sono riuscito a togliermi dalla testa nemmeno mentre venivo soddisfatto da due bionde tutte curve in California o mentre una rossa focosa con una bocca da sballo mi faceva un p…... Eri sempre tu, il tuo corpo, il tuo cervello, il tuo cuore, a tornarmi in mente in quei momenti di piacere occasionale….” Val la pena di girare il mondo per trovare un Principe Azzurro come questo!Quindi occhio alle scene di sesso, se siete deboli di cuore: qui si parte dall’alluce e non c’è n’è per nessuno…Che dire? Nonostante la trama, raramente ho letto libri altrettanto soporiferi.In ogni caso, ecco come annientare ogni briciola di autostima in una donna: tu sei lì a destreggiarti tra figli, marito e carriera, e poi arriva AB, che gode ininterrottamente per 24 ore su 24, anche senza ausilio di inutile maschio al seguito, e salva pure il mondo…..

  • Kathryn
    2019-04-10 04:25

    Sexy, suspenseful and, in places, completely ludicrous, the second novel in Indigo Bloome's Avalon trilogy makes interesting bedtime reading. Picking up from the cliffhanger ending of Destined to Play, Destined to Feel opens with Dr Alexandra Blake being abducted in London. Her captors? The owner of a pharmaceutical company who want to develop a drug that they believe will be the female equivalent to Viagra. Alex is the perfect woman to test their new drug, due to the comprehensive and well documented experiments that her lover, Dr Jeremy Quinn conducted during their weekend together, and the fact that she has a rare blood type. Taken to an underground testing facility, Alex is asked to take part in a series of increasingly odd sexual experiments. But the big question is, does Alex really want to escape? (You know, I'm really starting to wonder why Indigo Bloome is planning for the third book in the series.)Destined to Feel is far more suspenseful than its prequel. I enjoyed the chapters that featured Jeremy searching through Europe for his lover. The author tries hard in a limited amount of space to make Alex and Jeremy feel more well-rounded and sympathetic characters--for example in this volume Alex thinks of her children constantly (and Jeremy gives them a little thought as well). However, it is hard to feel sympathy for characters whose lives seem to be driven by their sexuality--Alex appears to have no shame or inhibitions about the 'experiments' made on her body in the name of science. (It's no wonder she was so desperately sought for the research.)A suspenseful sexy read that should not be taken too seriously.This review previously appeared on my blog, Kathryn's Inbox

  • Liz Young
    2019-03-31 04:32

    I read Destined to Feel immediately after finishing the first book. The subject matter of both books is completely beyond belief which leads to my dilemma in what to think of the books. They are like the Glee mash ups of popular fiction. Take S&M erotica, mash it with a little scientific sci-fi and throw in a bit of psychological thriller for good measure. The author is obviously trying to write on the coat tails of FSOG but trying to make it different by adding the scientific breakthrough angle and then decides to add in a little kidnapping intrigue to the second book. I feel like the sex scenes were written by a man with a thesaurus and a subscription to pornhub or redtube. Her descriptions of the parts of the anatomy felt like she was going down the list in her thesaurus for synonyms for vagina, penis and desire. The storyline was interesting enough to want to finish the book but my main criticism is with the lack of character development of the main characters. I couldn't connect with either Alex or Jeremy on any level because their actions were too unrealistic. I connected more with the Slovenian doctor because his actions were at least heroic. I even wanted more insight into the CEO of the pharmaceutical company because her evil character was fascinating. The writing changes throughout the books with the sex scenes becoming a chore to read while the action of the experiments is interesting. Maybe she should leave the erotica genre to the experts and stick to writing thrillers.

  • Sarah Ashley
    2019-04-09 05:26

    Purchased at half price along side Destined to Play, the first book in the series. Encouraged to buy by W H Smith who have large posters in their windows stating that "if you liked FSOG you'll love this" and an image of Destined to Feel, which on further investigation, inside the store, I thought was a little odd as Play is the first in the series - why promote a second in series book? Oh well.Read Play within 24 hours, it was okay - certainly not as good as FSOG or Sylvia Day's Crossfire series but non the less it was finished and a review has been left. I did think I wouldn't bother with Feel as I really didn't enjoy Play that much. However as I'd got it and a couple of hours to spare I thought why not!The book is total tosh - the characters continue to behave in a way that is just unrealistic, as is the way the supposed fictional drug companies who feature, bordering on sci-fi in parts, this being something I would never, ever choose to read.Erotic human experimentation abounds in space age suits (sci-fi) with the "guinea pigs" being magnetized to the walls and a "baddie" who may be better suited to an Ian Flemming novel.I didn't finish the book and have no desire to do so. Yes, it was half price but still a waste of money.

  • Jo
    2019-04-08 01:15

    I liked having the story told from the two perspectives of Alex and Jeremy. I was a little annoyed with Alex's abduction and her consequent reaction to it. Overall, though I liked the book and will be reading the final part due to, once again, a clever twist/cliffhanger at the end! Also sorta wish I had a love like Jeremy and Alex's - finally a romantic connection that's built up over years not mere weeks!!

  • Natasha
    2019-04-08 01:26

    Absolutely loved it. Will definately be reading the next addition to this series. Indigo has done another awesome job. I love how much Jeremy adores Alexa and am so glad he has finally realised what he has been missing all those years. I so hope they will finally get their happy ever after.

  • Antonietta
    2019-03-28 21:15

    Just as I expected... The story continued the journey better than I had thought it would and left me wanting more.... Fantastic style of writing...

  • Kim
    2019-03-23 04:22

    I can't.I read 20 pages and I just can't. I hated the first book. not even in the name of winning a competition could you get me to finish this one.

  • Rhoda
    2019-04-13 04:16

    An easy read for the times when you don't want to think.

  • Samantha Brooks
    2019-04-11 23:18

    I liked this book (in ways) as much as the first. I did like the captured bit, but only because SHE liked it. But what I didn't like is her agreeing to do it??? Like you've been captured and had a bag on your head and put in a suitcase for hours and then basically raped (except it wasn't because she agreed???) but she only agreed because she was scared so who knows what it was....was going to say we don't know what's going on in her head but we actually do/did lol.I'm not one to shout "that's abuse!!!" whenever there's bondage and "treating each other badly" *cough 50 shades*, but I was actually kinda triggered by that part of the book lol. But anyway she enjoyed it and she "found out a lot about herself" so forgetting agreeing to be...whatever it was, I enjoyed the book as much as the first.

  • Ilana
    2019-04-17 23:38

    OverviewThe second in the intensely erotic Avalon series that started with Destined to Play. Perfect for anyone who was seduced by 50 Shades of Grey.Psychologist Alexandra Blake has been awakened sexually by her lover, Jeremy Quinn. Their erotic journey has seen Alexandra explore her innermost sexual fantasies and pushed her boundaries to their very limit.Her world is plunged into uncertainty when she is abducted in London and Alexandra finds herself caught up in a dangerous game being played out in the shadows. Her captors want to use her to explore the darkest enigma of female sexuality and Alexandra is powerless to escape—but does she even want to? How far will Alexandra be willing to go to satisfy her curiosity and her desires? Is this a game gone too far, or is there still everything to play for. . . .Destined to Feel is the second book in the Avalon trilogy exploring the intricate relationships between trust and betrayal, desire and love, risk . . . and reward. If you liked 50 Shades of Grey, you will love Destined to Feel.My ThoughtsI don't know how to say this, cause i really didn't want it to be the case, but i couldn't wait for the book to be finished, and that's not in a good way.So, as we know from the end of Book 1, Alex and Jeremy have figured out that they can make their relationship work because of circumstances in their lives, and it's all on an upswing right? Alex and her husband have an agreement now because we know what his inclinations are and things seem to be smelling of roses.Of course that means that the anxiety and hints that we got at the end of book 1 were going to come true. One of the best parts that i found from the first installment was the tail end, where they imply that there's a lot going on behind the scenes to all this drug development and that Alex's life and that of her family may be at risk. I liked that there was a hint of mystery and trouble in the background. Well that comes out to us in full force at the onset of this story.Alex is on her way to a forum with all of the people involved in the development of the depression drug when she's intercepted by 2 folks posing as her drivers and she's 'kidnapped' and taken to places unknown. She's medicated, tied up, stuffed in a suitcase and all this happens without anyone else knowing about it. interesting right?What i didn't quite understand though is how she was so calm throughout all this stuff and how she was so quick to agree to what they were asking her to do and believe what they said about Jeremy. Personally, i got the sense from the first book that she thought a LOT more about things and didn't necessarily trust what was in front of her but all that kind of fell to the way side. There was also a lot of stuff that was far fetched that i really wasn't buying into it.Then we can take a look at the sensual nature of this book. where we had started on this journey with a steamy romance between Jeremy and Alex, where we got present day accounts as well as those hot and heavy flashbacks, everything in this book was an experiment. nothing was real, there was no feeling behind it, just clinical stuff and human responses. i felt like it was just lacking a real connection that i wanted to get.We also didn't really get to know ANYONE in this book besides those that we knew already. there were a few doctors and a few folks that Jeremy knew that we saw from time to time, but no real deep insight into them, their relationships and their roles.The ending of this installment was also quite typical and expected, especially since we know that it's a trilogy, although i was waiting for a bit more of an exciting jump off to keep us on the edge of our seat until the next book was available. (in this case it's out already so if i choose to finish the trilogy, i have it already).So, my questions1) what's going to happen to Alex and Jeremy?2) What's going to happen with the Xsade folks ?3) will Alex's kids get kidnapped?4) who else is a traitor?5) should i even bother reading the finale to the trilogy?

  • Stephanie
    2019-04-13 21:40

    ORIGINAL POST at Fangs, Wands and Fairy DustDESTINED TO FEEL: As Much Thriller as Erotica, with A Cliff at the EndDESTINED TO FEELAn Avalon NovelIndigo BloomeHarper Collins/Avon Red0000000000000, 0062243608CD/Audio with Louise Crawford (Bolinda)January 15, 2013Trade Paperback/E-Book February 12, 2013336 pagesE-galley loaned by Avon/Harper Collins via Edelweiss in expectation that any review would be fair. No remuneration exchanged. Except as noted, all opinions herein are my own. The second in the intensely erotic Avalon series that started with Destined to Play. Perfect for anyone who was seduced by 50 Shades of Grey. Psychologist Alexandra Blake has been awakened sexually by her lover, Jeremy Quinn. Their erotic journey has seen Alexandra explore her innermost sexual fantasies and pushed her boundaries to their very limit. Her world is plunged into uncertainty when she is abducted in London and Alexandra finds herself caught up in a dangerous game being played out in the shadows. Her captors want to use her to explore the darkest enigma of female sexuality and Alexandra is powerless to escape—but does she even want to? How far will Alexandra be willing to go to satisfy her curiosity and her desires? Is this a game gone too far, or is there still everything to play for. . . . Destined to Feel is the second book in the Avalon trilogy exploring the intricate relationships between trust and betrayal, desire and love, risk . . . and reward. If you liked 50 Shades of Grey, you will love Destined to Feel. http://www.avonromance.comMy Take:Highly sexually charged. I found DESTINED TO FEEL, the second volume in this series, as disturbing as the first. I found both books were scarier than they were erotic. But they were also impossible to put down once I began to read them. The story is in a two-head first-persons immediate-past tense and past tense narrative, The voices the author writes in remind me of a statement to the police reporting every step of an incident. Somewhere off mic there's a lawyer asking the narrators questions like, "And, Dr. Blake, what did the kidnappers do then?"It's not quite "tell" versus "show" but, while not unique, it is unusual. Sometimes it feels like a series of sexual vignettes linked by a thriller plot. Sometimes the sex is erotic and elusive and other times its on the ground or up against a rock. There's a lot of memory of experiences and a lot of immediate encounters where Alexandra is without Jeremy and is forced to confront her sexuality.It truly is a surreal sexual fantasy, where you aren't really sure what's happening to the character. She is so manipulated in this book, and was also in the last, that I don't know that she would know which end was up. At least in this book, the man who provided the mysterious and exciting experience, Jeremy, is experiencing facing his own worse fear.I find the female character amazing in her willingness to explore her sexuality. Amazing as in too unreal; I don't believe it.Where the science felt sketchy in the first book, DESTINED TO PLAY, it felt off the rails here. The heroine, Dr. Blake, has a the A/B Blood type that is apparently special in terms of sexuality. But, the idea that it may cure cancer because of an allele - a type of alternate DNA, just goes too far.Honestly, i wanted to read this book because the last ended on an amazing cliff hanger. It is resolved, but we're left with an only slightly less precarious cliff hanger at the end of this.Yeah, I will have to read the next one too. Like I said - I couldn't put them down.How do you feel about cliffhangers?

  • Any Length
    2019-04-10 21:34

    *** Spoiler alert ***This is the second of the Avalon Trilogy I have read. The first book was amazing. I am not quite so fond of the second one. In book one Jeremy was portraied as a man who is sure of himself and can handle everything and is ever so secure and cool in everything he does. He also knew how to ride a motor bike, parachute, etc. He was just your perfect guy. In book two we get to see a very unsure of himself Jeremy who bumbles along silly, hurts himself and half the time doesn't help the situation. I understand that Alexandra has been kidnapped. But he is alomst reduced to someone whose hand needs to be held by a girl security person. A little pathetic.In the audio book versions the first book is read exclusively by a female reader, who could win an oscar with her voice. Very seductive. She also read out all Jeremy's parts and gave him such a great voice as well. In book two they brought in a second reader. Then it becomes confusing. Although the woman reader still reads Jeremy's words in the chapters about Alexandra, in the chapters about Jeremy a male reader takes over. This is confusing and his voice actually contributes to the "whimpy" appearance Jeremy makes in this book. It was a disappointment from a listening perspective. I might have enjoyed this book more had I read it in hard copy and relied on the female reader's voice from memory to have the characters come alive. I'll hang in there and will read book three as well, but sure hope there will only be one reader.

  • CoffeeTimeRomance andMore
    2019-04-14 00:22

    The almost unbearable excitement of meeting up with her lover devolves into terror for Dr. Alexandra Blake when her travel plans take on a very sinister turn. She has no idea who wants her or why. She only prays she will live to see her children again.Absolute horror consumes Dr. Jeremy Quinn when he sees Alexa disappear before his eyes. He knows instantly that his research has put her in harm’s way, and he will stop at nothing to have her safely back in his arms.This whole situation is beyond surreal, which makes Alexa wonder if she is somehow dreaming the entire thing. Unfortunately, it becomes all too apparent that what these people want from her is very much real. Their terms seem reasonable enough, yet despite how much her body is enjoying their experiments, Alexa is well aware there is nothing she can do to stop them. Jeremy is nearly out of his mind trying to find Alexa, knowing if he does, nothing will keep him from her ever again.Ms. Bloome is an amazing author, with the ability to put you right in the moment with her characters, which in this case makes me very uncomfortable. The whole situation Alexa is in is so unnerving that to see her actually enjoy it feels completely off. While it may be stimulating, in the basest most clinical way, there is very little about this storyline that I find passionate or sensual. In my opinion, only Jeremy’s actions fit the situation to perfection, and every ounce of fear and terror he feels comes across loud and clear.Lototy Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

  • Katya
    2019-04-03 04:42

    2.5 Stars!Kinda weird....Something each of these books have in common. And the ending...I found it a little bit of a let down. Oh, well. I will finish the third book when it is available....probably just to see how it ends. The best part of this is the growing relationship between Alex and Jeremy. Although, he has caught that man know the one where they are petrified of commitment? He keeps obsessing over her when she is kidnapped and he keeps talking about how she is the most important person in the world to him but marriage of course. Is he using her or not? He kept some pretty interesting information from her...Why? Why would you introduce someone you love into medical/pharmaceutical experiments? Book one featured sensory deprivation and it's effect on a female's sexual excitement. This one focused on sensory stimulation and it's effect on a female's sexual excitement....what can book three be about? Do you see? I have to read book 3 just to find out what happens. The best part was the kidnapping....I really felt the fear that Alexandra felt being taken away and held against her will....I felt her stomach roll and the shaking in her hands....worried about her loved ones....There is something here....but a wacky, wild ride.

  • Lucie Paris
    2019-04-21 04:21

    The first book, Destined to Play, really blown me away. The text was inventive, erotically charged and was ending in a cliffhanger with the capture of Alexandra. So I longed to put my hands on the sequel very badly ...However, past the first scenes of kidnapping, I was bored. The arrival at the castle and the whole espionage and treason aspects has not kept my imagination alert. So, I found this part a bit long.Certainly, it is still well written. Certainly, eroticism is always present even in the absence of Jeremy through memories, but I was less sensitive to the story. I came away frustrated because the first part was really incredible.Nevertheless, I liked the part about the experiences even if they were more clinical and less romantic than those practiced in Jeremy's company .The author is very imaginative. I like the way she closes this new chapter. Although the peak of suspense is not as intense. I think I've already guessed Dr. Blake's decision but I would read the next installment with pleasure.Less thrilling but I still want to continue ...Lucie

  • Wonderkell
    2019-04-20 02:43

    I'm giving this one star because I have to give it something & I'd rather give it nothing. Oh. My. Golly. Gosh. So now Alexandra, our heroine, has super blood which will potentially cure cancer. And as if this doesn't stretch the bounds of reality enough, when she finds out, this amazingly compassionate person who has put everyone else ahead of herself for decades, barely worries that her children have the same blood. Nor does she immediately say to her incredibly super doctor boyfriend (who happens to be one of the few doctors in the world who may be able to develop the cure) 'Wow that's amazing! Let's synthesise my blood (or whatever) & cure a disease that cause millions of people suffering!' And her super doctor, who has always been so driven to cure the ills of the world & had no qualms using her as an experiment for a depression cure, says 'I won't have you used as a guinea pig' not 'Yes let's cure cancer'. Add all the other bs that comes before it, like the "orgasm factory" (I kid you not) & I can easily tell you I've never read a book so ridiculous.

  • Joanne
    2019-03-30 21:15

    I didn't like this story as much as Destined to Play and I think it's because it wasn't as passionate between the two main characters as in the first book, actually there wasn't much passion at all. But of course the reason why was because this book is about Alexa's abduction and what her abductors wanted from her. This book is about FEEL and how the body reacts to it, no one touches Alexa during the experiment (one thing she stipulated) but she watches others act out sexual acts and her body is monitored on how it reacts. I liked the way Ms Day wrote each chapter thru the eyes of either Alexa or Jeremy. Jeremy was devastated with losing Alexa and not knowing where she was or who had her. While Alexa was intrigued with what her abductors wanted from her and when they explained what they want her to be involved with, she is quite interested in doing it. I'm still looking forward to seeing what the next book is about and what happens between Alexa and Jeremy and if their relationship and careers survive.

  • Jacqueline
    2019-03-22 21:22

    I was quite intrigued by the first in the series and picked up the second one today just to see where it all went. I read it in one session this afternoon and now wish I'd have spent the afternoon cleaning the house instead of reading this utter tosh.with hindsight, the thing that made the first book better was the interplay between the characters - they are really into one another. Unfortunately for all but the last 30 pages of this book the characters are separated, so the only action is experienced in flashback.The characters are separated by Alexa's abduction and subsequent stay in a secret Eastern European orgasm factory. This is not intended as a spoiler, but rather to demonstrate the sort of book this is. Had I have known that, perhaps I would now be sitting in a nice clean house this evening rather than wondering why I instead wasted my afternoon reading this.The plot is preposterous and full of holes. I will not be bothering with the third one in this series.

  • Christina Rochester
    2019-03-27 04:33

    I actually enjoyed this installment more than the first one. And I did enjoy the first one. Its been nearly 2 years since I read Destined to Play so I'm glad Destined to Feel gives a very brief recap from both our main characters perspectives.I was somewhat disappointed that the actual experiments with Xsade were fairly glossed over and that we see the entire experimentation in one chapter. After all Alexa's captivity is supposed to be a huge part of the book, and despite being kidnapped right at the start we don't get the ins and outs of what Xsade are planning until halfway through the book. Instead we get most of our erotica from flashbacks that the main characters have although this is no bad thing.We've been left on a bit of a cliffhanger although I think I already know what Alexa's decision will be.

  • Steffie Dawn
    2019-04-14 22:45

    This was my second attempt at trying to read Destined to Feel, though I had thoroughly enjoyed the first I really struggled to get into this. My second attempt found me pushing to read it more just because I already had the third in my possession.It begins quickly, and it's fast tempo'd but I found it slowed down considerably. I found myself skipping over a lot Jeremy's POV, or just scanning it because I really didn't care what he had to say, my mind and heart were with AB. I worried for her in a way I haven't done with a novel before and that is testament to how well written the beginning of the book is. The epilogue was spectacular and I am already heading towards the third book. I just hope I enjoy it more than this one. It wasn't a book that I couldn't put down, I put it down a lot.

  • Raxilia Running
    2019-04-03 23:15

    Di questo libro ho ricordi vari. Solo che Alexa vomitava di tanto in tanto e orgasmava quando non doveva. E c'era una sadica fissata con l'aspetto che manco Crudelia deMon. Dimenticabilissimo seguito di "Incontri Proibiti", qua e là ravvivato da un cambio di POV improvviso, in cui il nostro Jeremy - l'uomo del destino di Alexa, colui dal grande Ding Dong conquistatore, ci tiene a farci sapere che il suo gallo è in tiro con frasi del tipo:Anche il solo pensiero di lei mi fa formicolare il membro...Non ho mai riso e pianto tanto in vita mia.Naturalmente le scene di sesso sono randomiche e gratuite ma è per questo che l'onanista letterario medio ha pagato: del porno travestito da libro erotico.Ahimé, porno di cattivissima qualità.

  • Christina Montminy
    2019-03-30 05:30

    I still don't like the jumping back & forth between views but it wasn't bad the end of the 2nd book leaves me wanting to start the 3rd right away just to see what her decision is going to be. Being kidnapped by an Eastern European drug company & put thru tests thinking it's for something her former & now current lover is involved with. She agrees only to find out when the tests are supposed to be done that they aren't looking at what he was involved in but what surprising things he's found in her blood. Needless to say she's in danger & is helped out by a doctor who thinks they are going to far. He gets her back to her lover & they leave the area thinking all is well, but we now know that all is not & on I go to book 3.

  • LauraZu
    2019-04-12 05:18

    This book this book this book. I'm blaming the author for being a sneaky little genius. Why?Because this is a book that you're not supposed to like... It's crazy and half the time you're just left there wondering what to think about what's happening. But it's so intriguing and interesting that you want to read more and more. And more importantly its so damn HOT, that's what got me really. I usually get bored when I keep seeing the same scenes but this book just throws you for a loop. So yes, even if the whole scientific part is sometimes annoying I still loved it. And Jeremy is one HOT MOFO!

  • Janice
    2019-03-24 21:33

    As I did not feel too impressed with the first book in the series, I did not have my hopes up for the second installment. However I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The plot felt more realistic. Alexandra was portrayed to think more about her kids and the consequences of her actions although she was also under duress (pleasureably no less). This installment was easy to read, there was no negative feelings, the flow was much better than the first book. Intimate feelings were invoked (after all it is an erotica). Dare I say I am optimistic and excited about reading the third installment in this series.

  • Jessica
    2019-03-25 05:31

    All I have to say is WHAT THE HELL was this Bull, She gets captured and automatically doubts Jeremy WHAT? Then she agrees to the tests to learn more about herself Sexually ? ? ? ? WHAT ? ? ? Personally if I wanted to learn about myself I would MUCH RATHER do it with someone I am comfortable with, Someone who hasn't kidnapped me and isn't recording everything to eventually black mail me with later. Alex just bugs me she questions everything to the minute details yet she makes the dumbest mistakes.Now will I read the third book?, probably will torture myself just to know how this travesty ends.