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BACK COVER DESCRIPTION:“The place whereon thou standest is holy ground.”The same war waged against God from its first celestial battleground continues through time to follow a peculiar group to the land of Canaan, perhaps the bloodiest soil known to man.The trembling and stalwart hearts of God’s men upon the mountains of Ararat, Moriah, and Sinai long for the realization oBACK COVER DESCRIPTION:“The place whereon thou standest is holy ground.”The same war waged against God from its first celestial battleground continues through time to follow a peculiar group to the land of Canaan, perhaps the bloodiest soil known to man.The trembling and stalwart hearts of God’s men upon the mountains of Ararat, Moriah, and Sinai long for the realization of the Garden Promise, as the adversary does all to prevent its fulfillment.Flawed individuals will be asked to do the unthinkable. Supernatural events will shatter the laws of nature. As God’s people embark upon a journey through a barren wasteland, oaths that warp the natural flow of history will both serve to protect and destroy them. Welcome to the story of the kingdom of Heaven."EXCERPTS: Lucifer took a bite of the fruit and looked squarely and intently at the angel. “I suppose . . .” Lucifer’s voice trailed off for a moment. “I suppose I look like God?”- One sprung, like a lion from the tall grass, towards the archangel. Michael slapped it down with the blade of his shovel and placed his foot on the back of the demon, effectively pinning it to the ground. While he pulled his sword from its scabbard he muttered something about the tediousness of having to deal with this and be a grave robber at the same time. - They both sat down and the stranger pulled back his hood. “I am Melchizedek, a prophet, priest and king of the most high God.”“You look familiar,” Abram said and took a bite of the bread.“We may have met before,” the king of Salem said with a smile as he reached for a piece.- The next day twelve thousand screaming Jews poured into the plains of Moab by the Jordan River. This was a whole other breed of Israelite; these young men had been raised in the desert. They had pillowed their heads on rocks at night and chased scorpions and lizards all their lives. They knew nothing of the luxuries of Egypt. They were bred warriors, perfect soldiers, having suffered persecution and endured hardness for as far back as they could remember, and they were ready for this day. - That night the angel of the LORD appeared and with a swift kick knocked the sleeping prophet off his bed and onto the floor.“Fasting and praying all night, are we Balaam?”- “This land wherein we dwell,” Bazor replied, “has no sense of neutrality. Any friend of Joshua is an enemy of everyone else.”“So it seems,” Rabanac answered, “Now we’ll see if Joshua is a friend to us. We may live among the Canaanites, but tomorrow will show very clearly that we are not of them. Take courage my son and play the man for the cities of Gibeon.”- Time slowed as blood, sweat, and dirt hung in the air. The monstrosities backhanded whoever happened to cross their path, sending them flying. The commander drowned his terror by shouting the order again: “Hold!” Sounds of the battlefield muddled and shook in their heads: the pounding of the giant’s feet, horsemen crying out in the distance, the buzzing of hornets near Gibeon. But now they heard something different; it came towards them, screaming through the sky behind them.- “One other thing, Moses,” the LORD said.“Yes, LORD?”“Don’t forget your rod.”-...

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Thy Kingdom Come: The Promise of the King Reviews

  • Rick Schworer
    2019-04-13 21:23

    I wrote it and you'll love it! It's a swashbuckline mixture of Christian fantasy/historical fiction and Bible theology. See charaters like Moses, Abraham, and Joshua and Jacob come to life and struggle to bring in the kingdom.

  • Andrex
    2019-04-17 02:19

    Preserving the SeedFrom the fall of Satan/Lucifer, Satan is shown to be out to prevent the seed from being born and taking as many people with him as he can!Arrogance is a bad thing. Right off the bat in this book we see Lucifer observing that he was created differently and so he begins to thinks that he is better than God. Within days a third of the angels are dissatisfied with what they have. How many times do we think of how Noah really felt as the ark was being built? This book brings to life the conversations God had with his people. God told Noah exactly how to build the ark and thankfully Noah obeyed. Satan, on the other hand wanted to corrupt everyone to stop the seed that he knew was coming but he couldn't corrupt Noah and his family. Years later after Nimrod sent out his ultimatum of choosing life in his kingdom or dying, we read about Noah having a conversation with Shem discussing all the idols. Noah wishes the earth would flood again. When is the seed coming?A young boy comes by, offering Noah a drink. His father, Terah, is the owner of the local idol shop. Noah converses with young Abram asking him if the statues have ever done anything for him. Abram goes back to the shop and destroys all the idols. "That day revival came to the house of Terah.... And because of his decision to serve the one true God, the world was forever changed."This book contains many, many life lessons. Take for example when Abram is telling Lot that he needs to get out of Sodom. Lot really doesn't think there is much of a hurry and tells Abram that he will give it some prayer. Abram's reply is "You don't need to pray. When God's will is clear you need to act."Chapter 11 with Abraham and Isaac heading out for the sacrifice is absolutely amazing. The author shows what both Abraham and Isaac were individually thinking along with Michael and the Lord looking down from heaven and Michael questioning whether Abraham will make it. Another really well imagined section is the fight between Jacob and the angel of the Lord.Satan is still scheming and with Jacob and Joseph now dead, we see him in a meeting with his demons. Wormwood makes some very profound statements, one of which is:"The King of Egypt has replaced the God of Israel as the great provider, protector and educator of the people!"Satan goes on to say:"What I like to do is convince a people that they are rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing; when in reality, they are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked."Has anything changed today?The conversation between Balaam and his donkey is hilarious!Why did God choose Joshua? He was a soldier with a loyal heart. Even on his death bed when there is still no seed he says "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."This book is well-written, amazingly easy to read and really does bring the Bible to life. Yes the author has used poetic license but he has used it in a very believable way to expound the scriptures to us - the nitty gritty of everyday life and what the people were maybe/probably thinking. Highly recommended! As for our family, we are going to be reading this aloud to our children and anticipate some good conversations coming out of it. This book is too good to be just for adults only. Kids need to have the Word brought to life too.

  • Vivienne
    2019-04-03 05:12

    A Whizz Through the PentateuchAs any reader of the Bible knows, God used, and still uses, flawed people to accomplish His purposes; ordinary people who do extraordinary things when they trust God wholeheartedly. I know some myself. They will never be world-renowned, but they faithfully do what God has called them to do, and by doing so, they quietly have an impact on people around them as they live out their faith.That this book opens with the fall of “The Morning Star” (Lucifer, or Satan as he is generally called), is unusual, but as can be seen, it is the ending of the original earth (in Hebrew “bara”) and reforming into the new (“asah”) – Genesis 1:1-3 onwards. There are several references in the Bible to the fall of Satan and a third of the angels and 1 Tim 3:6 indicates that pride was his downfall. We rush through Adam and Eve and their banishment, Cain murdering his brother and then fast-forward a thousand years or so to Enoch, the ‘man who walked with God’. Noah and the Flood follow, then the Tower of Babel, skipping ahead to an aged Noah meeting Abram as a young boy, which is strange as all the chronologies I have put Abram’s birth after Noah’s death. Still, this book is fiction, and I really like the way Abram demonstrates the uselessness of wooden idols to his father, Terah – that definitely isn’t in the Bible, but it is effective. A few chapters are spent with Abram/Abraham, skip lightly over Ishmael and Isaac and on to Jacob, and the imaginary conversation between Jacob and the Lord on the night they wrestled had me chuckling, as did the account of the wrestling itself. The author has a great imagination and a good sense of humour.Joseph in Egypt and the Israelites living free and then enslaved for four hundred years until God sends Moses to lead them to the Promised Land. Moses, over eighty years old, trudging up Mt Sinai for the fifth time in a month. Israel, a rebellious, complaining and ungrateful people. As one reviewer pointed out, when we get to the King of Moab wanting Balaam to come and curse the Israelites, the conversation between Balaam and his donkey is hilarious, and is in the Bible BTW, although this version has some poetic licence. Likewise, the conversation between Balak (the Moabite king) and Balaam is a bit of a hoot. Moses dies and Joshua is chosen by God to lead the Israelites. Jericho is demolished and Israel marches on. In the mix throughout is Satan, trying to subvert, even forestall God’s plans – fat chance! With a nod to C. S. Lewis, we even have a cameo with Wormwood.Parts of the Pentateuch are not easy reading and people, even some Christians, ask how a loving God could be like that? That is a question I can’t answer and I doubt anyone can, except God, but it is necessary for Christians to at least read the OT because Christianity grew out of Judaism. After all, Jesus was a Jew.This fast-paced book skims the first three books of the Old Testament, is easy to read and well-written, but has no depth and no pretensions to be a scholarly work. Although the basic facts are biblical it is important to remember that this book is a light, fictionalised account. I am not sure if I will buy the second book, although I am glad I read this one. I bought it years ago but have only just got around to reading it.

  • Randy
    2019-04-10 05:11

    I'm giving this book a 2 star rating because it's not that I didn't like it because the writing was good, but.....It was like reading a grown up version of a Bible Story book. The author just takes all the stories out of the Old Testament and makes chapters out of them just like in a children's Bible Story book. Only difference is they are well written and very descriptive. So the writing isn't the issue it just lacks depth. I think that if the author actually wrote a book on one particular story in the Bible and made that into a novel it would really be good. This book was okay.

  • Rikki Smith
    2019-03-23 00:07

    Not enough theology for my taste...just a re telling of OT stories