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Three years ago, Kate Sullivan fell in love with her best friend, Eric Wagner. Before she could tell him, he abruptly ended their friendship. Now Eric has walked into Kate’s bakery and back into her life—but why? Is he here to confess his love for her?No. He’s here to order his groom’s cake. He’s getting married…to another woman....

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Baking Love Reviews

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    2019-03-27 02:15

    Oh dear... I just can't give this book more than 1 star...**Sorry for the extra long review. Possible mild spoilers ahead.**I hate to knock down indie authors who are trying to put themselves out there. I always wish and pray that when I get a book from an author to review, especially a first time author, that I will love it. However, from the first few pages I realized that this book is just not for me. It was not my taste at all. Let me start with the plot. I have read so many books like this one: A girl (Kate) is forced to participate in the planning of the wedding of the guy (Eric) who is "the one that got away." The guy is always marrying a raging B of a woman (Cecilia) and he is always clueless until the very end. I literally have read at least a dozen books and watched 100 movies with this exact plot. There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, new to see here. Anyone who is surprised by anything in the book...well... they don't have two brain cells to rub together. I'm sorry, it is true. This plot has been beaten to death. I also had huge issues with the writing style. The author constantly inserts what the character is thinking in italics after almost every sentence. Often is is unnecessary explaining. There is so much "telling" in this book and very very little "showing." I don't like that type of writing. It is much harder to show the reader what is there vs spelling everything out for them. Here are just a few of the many many examples of this type of writing:"Kate looked again at Eric. He no longer had a silly grin on his face. His expression was solemn, stoic. Maybe the music helped him grasp the seriousness of the situation, too.""Someone in the audience coughed, snapping Kate back from her thoughts. This roomful of people is focused on me- which, ironically, means I can't focus on myself. She relented. I'll have to figure this out later.""He lowered his eyes and ran his hand through his hair. 'You're right. I wouldn't have called me either.' His gaze returned to hers. 'I screwed up.' There's regret in his voice."See what I mean?Another thing that bothered me is that Kate is so incredibly dense. She catches on to things eons after the reader does. "So that's why Cecilia treated me the way she did. She saw me as a threat to her relationship with Eric."No $hit Sherlock! It goes on and on and on in this vein during the entire book. It was irritating to no end. This brings me to another issue I had with this book: I hated Kate. I didn't like the passive aggressive way she made the groom's cake blue to please Eric when he agreed with his fiancee to make it red. I didn't like the self-pitying attitude that she had. She rubbed me the wrong way the entire time. I mean, I would have been pretty pissed if I was Cecilia too! If some girl was trying to steal my man, who I was clearly in love with (it was never shown that Cecilia didn't love Eric, I assumed that she did), I would be pretty huffy too! Kate was the man-stealer here. And don't even get me started on the improbable situations that arose in this book. The bride getting sick and the BAKER (aka Kate) having to stand in for her at the rehearsal ceremony??? Come on! No chance. A aggressive groomsman hitting on Kate and Eric swooping in to save the day? How convenient? Kate (who is currently boyfriend-less) just happens to see the wedding dress of her dreams while bridal gown shopping with her best friend and BUYS IT? Get out of town!? Maybe I could have excused the writing if the chemistry between Kate and Eric was electric. I need to feel the sparks fly when I read any type of romance. Huge fireworks are key. If there is no umph between the two characters, the whole romance falls flat. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened here. I had no idea, NONE, why these two people liked each other. The author makes some vague references to how Kate and Eric loved each other in the past and how they were friends but their interaction on page were so stilted and awkward. Even when they were supposed to be reconnecting, I felt nothing between them. I had no idea at all why they liked each other. It is not enough to say that the two characters are in love. The reader has to feel it for themselves. I hope that the author finds her audience for this book. Maybe someone who likes very light chick-lit or Christian fiction (this book was squeaky clean...the only "dirty" reference was to burgundy lingerie...)? Needless to say, this book was simply not for me.**Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

  • Pat
    2019-04-02 04:36

    I made the mistake of starting this book in the evening after dinner. When I finished the book, I had a huge smile on my face, except it was 2:00 AM!Kate Sullivan is the baker and owner of Sullivan's Bakery in Hillsboro, N.C. She inherited the bakery and her baking skills from her grandmother who recently passed away. Her assistant is her best friend Jess Turner. Kate, Jess and her fiancé Mark have been friends since high school. There was one other guy in their tight group, who was also Kate's best friend, but after realizing she was in love with him, and before she could tell him, he went back to college and disappeared from her life. She still misses him and it's been three years.Kate is working with a new client who is at the bakery for a wedding cake consultation. She is struck by the woman and her mother's well groomed and New York looks and attitude. After just a few minutes of talking she realizes she has Bridezilla on her hands! " I want my wedding cake to be unlike anything anyone has ever seen. It goes without saying that the decorations should be tasteful, not tacky." Cecelia also wanted eight tiers, a nightmare to assemble, not to mention delivering. The words " Money is no object" makes the deal a little sweeter. When the groom comes to pick his groom's cake, with his fiancé she is shocked and speechless when she sees it is Eric, her best friend and the man she loves. This novel is so much fun to read. Kate is resolved to give this bride and groom the best wedding cake ever, even if it kills her! Kate tries to convince herself she's over Eric, while he seems to be trying to get closer! A little side trip to New York City to pick out Jess's wedding gown ends up being a surprise adventure for Kate.The characters were delightful, although at a few points I wanted to get in Eric's face and yell "Wake Up". The description of the cakes made my mouth water. Ms. Boyd kept me trying to guess what was going to happen, and it was still a surprise! I recommend this novel to everyone who enjoys romance, laughter and a very sweet love story.

  • Akyraa
    2019-03-22 22:07

    i am not sure what was worse...the book or my precious hour wasted reading this (mostly skimming)...i don't know what the other ppl liked sure were misleading...there was no connection or chemistry between Kate n Eric...we weren't even given any background info regarding them...just they were BFFs or something... 0.5 stars...

  • Stephanie
    2019-03-27 23:27

    Kate Sullivan has taken over her grandmother’s cake business and is doing what she loves. Unfortunately, her new client, Cecilia, is not only picky, but snobby. They definitely don’t start off on the right foot. Luckily the large, expensive wedding cake Kate is asked to make will be well worth working with someone so difficult. When the groom to be comes to the next meeting Kate’s heart flips when she realizes it is her former best friend, Eric, who she had fallen in love with years ago. Now he is back, but marrying someone else. They are thrown back into each other’s lives and is the chemistry still there? Will Kate and Eric be able to be friends? Will Kate’s feelings for Eric resurface? Read this book to find out how everything turns out!Baking Love was a fun, sweet read. There were parts of Kate that I could easily relate to, like her passion for her creative outlet (although mine is most definitely not baking). Anyone that has fallen for someone and been too afraid to tell them will be able to connect to Kate’s feelings. I can’t imagine making a wedding cake for someone I had been in love with for years. It was interesting to see the way things played out between Eric and Kate. I liked that throughout the book Kate doesn’t act sneaky nor does she do anything that would make her seem like a bad person. The pacing was great and the writing was easy to read and enjoy. I read the book in one sitting. The author did an excellent job describing the cakes and making me crave sugar! I wasn’t sure what to expect of Baking Love, but it was a fast read and perfect for the beach. If you are in the mood for some love, this book will certainly entertain you. *I was given a copy of the book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

  • Meradeth Houston
    2019-04-03 22:22

    Baking Love was a really sweet, quick read that left me hungry for more :) (I'm really trying to avoid food puns here, but I can't help it!) The story of Kate and Eric is something I could just see happening and I loved their interactions. So much lovely chemistry. And I loved seeing how Kate pulled off her bakery feats (one word of warning: do not read this book hungry! I found myself seriously craving icing and cake, lol!). The characters felt authentic and the writing was great--overall, this was a really fun read and I totally recommend it!

  • ☕ Kimberly
    2019-03-31 04:36

    What happens when you fall in love with your best friend and before you can tell him, he ends your friendship? You get over it, suck it up and move on. What if he shows up at your bakery years later to order his wedding cake? Baking Love shares the tale, and despite a few issues, I rather enjoyed this sweet romance. Three word review: sweet, predictable and clean.Kate Sullivan has inherited her grandmother’s bakery and bakes with a passion. Things are going well, and she a prominent new client coming in to order her wedding cake and it has her excited. When Eric walks in, the man she fell in love with and never confessed her feelings to she is shocked to learn that he is the groom. She is dreading making his wedding cake, especially when she would rather be kissing him. His fiance is all wrong for him. As they reconnect their friendship, Kate does the right thing and wishes him happy. Spending the weekend at a resort in the mountains and seeing him say, “I, do” might just kill her, but if Eric wants one of her famous cakes, she will make it perfect for him. The tale that unfolds is deliciously sweet, as I prayed Kate would find her happily ever after.Kate is sweet, likable and honorable. Sometimes though, I wanted her to take a risk especially when opportunity presented itself. She has a successful business and takes pride in her work, and has surrounded herself with good friends. Eric, ooh I struggled with Eric, in part because I never got to know him. For being the love interest, we learn only small details about the man. He was wishy-washy. The type of man who lets woman order him about. As the two reconnect he shares why he ended their friendship, and dude I wanted to slap him. While, he does redeem himself, it took me a while to buy into the relationship. His fiancé, took on the cliché of mean, two-faced girlfriend. She treated Kate like a bug stuck to her shoe and was all sweet when Eric was present. Kate’s friend and co-worker at the bakery added to the tale and was all sunshine.Baking Love follows the friends to lovers’ trope which is one of my favorite story-lines. While I enjoyed the story, I did struggle with a few things. There is a lot of telling in this tale and the characters particularly Eric are simply not fleshed out enough. Kate’s emotions are all delivered in italics following her actions. At first it was enlightening and even humorous as it allowed me to be privy to her inner most thoughts. However, I do think it was overdone, and would have been more effective if it wasn’t utilized as much. We get very little description of the bakery and the characters. I love details and feel this would have added more depth. There was nothing new here, no clever twists or heart racing moments. I will say that I loved the romantic rain scene, but even that was downplayed. So you are probably wondering why this still earned a three from me? I wanted Kate get her HEA and I got caught up in the tale! Despite the issues I mentioned it was well paced tale with some fun moments and a few tender ones. I easily consumed it. Sometimes predictable is a good thing and to me this was a perfect Sunday afternoon escape.If you are looking for a light, fast, clean romance you might try Baking Love. Predictable and sweet it offers an afternoon escape. While this one didn’t wow me, I will certainly try this author again.Copy received in exchange for unbiased review and originally published @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer

  • Tabs
    2019-04-10 01:36

    Yes I loved it. It made me feel happy. Nice light read

  • Hannah Fielding
    2019-03-31 03:12

    Baking Love is Lauren Boyd’s first published book and I was excited to read it when it was released earlier last month. It is a great read and a sweet, engaging story filled with fun and humour. Baking Love is the story of Kate, who has recently inherited her grandmother’s bakery in Hillsborough, and her love for her best friend, Eric, with whom she lost contact when he went to college in New York a few years before and got a girlfriend. The book is told entirely from Kate’s point of view, with some amusing internal dialogue which really allows you to understand Kate’s wit, strength and tenacity. One day, while at work in the bakery, Kate meets with a bride to discuss her wedding cake and Kate cannot shake the bad air that sits between them – what is this woman’s problem?She opened one of the photo albums on the table and turned it around to face Cecilia and Loraine. “This album as pictures of the wedding cakes we’ve done.”“I’m not looking for something that’s been done,” Cecilia frowned. “I’m looking for originality.”“Of course.” Kate opened the note book that was lying on the table and picked up the pen next to it. “Tell me what you’d like.”Cecilia’s furrowed brows relaxed into a more satisfied expression. “I want my wedding cake to be unlike anything anyone’s ever seen. I want white cake, white frosting, and white fondant. I want pale yellow beadwork, lacework, scrollwork, and fondant flowers. It goes without saying that the decorations should be tasteful and not tacky.”Yet you said it anyway.When it turns out that Cecilia’s fiancé is Kate’s old best friend, Eric, Kate begins to understand – Cecilia does not want to use her bakery for her cake, it was Eric’s idea. Kate resolves to put her feelings for Eric aside and give her best friend the best wedding cake ever, despite his fiancé’s frostiness.It is soon clear that there are some unresolved issues between Kate and Eric – not the least that Kate was in love with Eric before he went away, but was too afraid to tell him in case it ruined their friendship – and regret that they had lost touch since he left. It is clear that both of them want that friendship back and the friendly banter between them leaves them both at times confused about the status of their friendship. But are wedding rehearsals and preparations the best time to discuss these?There are some great fun moments in the book, coming from awkward situations and wedding-related craziness which will have you chuckling away to yourself, and they really add to the depth of these characters and the connection between them. It really is a most enjoyable book to read and I look forward to reading more from Lauren Boyd. Although there is one warning for readers of Baking Love – it will make your mouth water with the most amazing descriptions of cakes and frosting…

  • Michelle Pickett
    2019-03-22 03:23

    I had the pleasure of reading Lauren Boyd’s debut contemporary romance Baking Love and I have to say, I was quite impressed. The book did not read like a debut author’s work. It was extremely well written, had excellent pacing, and an engaging story line.Lauren did an excellent job of developing her characters. They had depth and I connected with them, especially Kate. I could feel her conflict as she dealt with her feelings for Eric. She was a strong character and kind of snarky, which I loved. Her internal dialogue was sometimes funny and I laughed out loud at her thoughts a few times.In addition to developing strong, relatable characters, Lauren found plenty of situations to stick them in, creating enough conflict to keep the pacing of the book at a good rate. There were no slow spots where I found my attention wandering. My focus stayed firmly on the story. There was a scene I especially liked. It put Kate in a very uncomfortable position, which is the best position to put characters because it keeps readers entertained, and it kept me reading and giggling. I don’t want to spoil anything so I’ll just say pretend brides can be funny…and a little bittersweet, too. I will admit I was a little worried going into the story. Kate, the main character, is hired to bake a wedding cake for the man she’s in love with and the woman he’s marrying. I didn’t know how I’d feel if in the end of the book the man, Eric, were to leave his fiancée for Kate. But I was pleasantly surprised by the ending of the book. I thought it was perfect. Everything wrapped up exactly how it should and left me with a smile on my face and a sense of contentment. Bottom line: Lauren Boyd baked herself a good one with Baking Love. She is definitely an author I’ll be watching. I won’t hesitate to read another book of hers and I highly recommend Baking Love to anyone who loves sweet contemporary romance.My rating: 5 Stars (with frosting on top)Michelle :)Author, PODs, June 4, 2013Milayna, March 13, 2014The Infected, a PODs novel, November 2014

  • Magen Corrie
    2019-04-21 03:23

    *I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*My Thoughts:I did have high expectations for this book, but sadly, I wasn't that taken away by it. Now I really wanted to be, the author, Lauren, is such a sweet person and when she came to me asking if I would read her book I was pretty stoked. The summary of it sounded good, right up my alley. And as soon as I could I picked this baby up.I don’t know if I was just feeling off that day, or because I had so much more on my mind, I just couldn't fall in love with Baking Love. If the book does sound like you would enjoy it, please, give it a try!! I know there are readers out there, who will just love this book; who will fall in love with Kate and Eric. Now, Kate is definitely a character a lot of ladies can identify with. She does have spunk, that’s what really drew me into her character. Plus, her situation she gets thrown into, I just couldn't help but not feel for her. (Having to bake a cake for your former crush/love’s new fiancé… Who cannot just feel for her?) But as the story progressed, Kate showed amazing strength. And she did get an ending every girl wishes for. Also, being inside of her head was fun!I don’t really know what to say about Eric. He definitely proved that the mind and heart don’t always agree with each other. What I enjoyed was the even though he shows up with someone else, the heat between Kate and Eric are there. In the end, I really did start to like his character.This is a cute, short read; however, I did just have a few things I felt could have been better. To me, the characters could have felt better-rounded. Also the story just felt too simple at times, if that even makes sense. There could have been more depth to not only the characters, but the story as well. I DID LOVE all the cake talk, my god, I was craving me some cake while reading this book!! Baking Love is about finding love, even in the places you least expect it, and that everyone can have second chances.Lauren Boyd can write, and I’m really looking forward to reading her other books!!

  • Crystal
    2019-04-02 00:22

    This was such a cute book! I had my reservations before reading it (long story that involves another book), but it turned out to be better than I was hoping for. I love a good "friends to lovers" romance, especially one with a little "second chance" twist.This is the story of Kate and Eric. High school friends that lost touch after he went away to college in New York. Kate was secretly in love with him, but was afraid that she'd lose him if she expressed her feelings. Unfortunately, she lost him anyway. His dumbass picked a girlfriend over Kate. I could have slapped him upside the head when I read that. What was he thinking?!? I felt horrible for Kate. Here she is, in love with a guy that is not only getting married, but is also hiring her to make his wedding cake. Ouch! Eric, being a guy, was oblivious of her feelings and just kept putting her in tough situations. At first, I didn't like Eric because of his actions. I felt like he only thought about himself and never stopped to consider Kate's feelings. I had to remind myself that he didn't know her feelings towards him and I think all he wanted was their friendship back. So, I spent the last half of the book in love with both of them and started rooting for them to wake up and see what was in front of them.I was a little hesitant before reading the book was because of the fact Eric was engaged to be married. As much as I wanted him and Kate to confess their love for each other, I didn't want him to cheat on his fiancé. Thankfully that does not happen. It is a really fun book to read. The mishaps that happen to everyone. I cheered with them. I wanted to hug Kate while her heart was breaking (...again). And I wanted to eat all of the cakes Kate and Jess made. Just how does one make a red velvet cake look blue?Now I'm craving some cake...

  • Anna's Herding Cats
    2019-04-22 03:36

    Foodie romances are killing me. I read Baking Love straight through--other than a mad dash to the kitchen to raid the freezer for a pint of red velvet cake ice cream which was pretty fitting for the book. I love when a hero and heroine have a shared past together and are finding that bond again and turning friendship into more --so Kate and Eric's romance was so working for me. The quick of it is that Kate is a baker and hired to do the wedding cake and such for her ex-best friend Eric's wedding. I...wasn't sure how that would work out since he was engaged to another person for most of the book but it did for the most part with only a couple little sorta almost sketchy things that went on for a second or two. But it did work thank goodness.There were funny bits and sweet bits and some truly awkward ones as friendships rekindled--and not just with the hero and heroine but secondary characters as well. And that was my favorite part. They felt like they could be real people hanging out at a little bakery interacting and forming bonds. And it's a bakery I would LOVE to raid. Oh my word. It all sounded so yummy. It was definitely a setting I enjoyed. Watching the process of the cakes being made. The friendship between Kate and her employee Jess. Going to bridal shows and rehearsals. It was a little exciting and you could feel the pressure of making the wedding cake and getting it all nice and safe in place for the wedding.Baking Love was a fun easy foodie romance that moved quickly and had me smiling. And though the romance was light and not steamy at all I enjoyed seeing these two find each other again. Definitely looking forward to more from Boyd.Reviewed for herding cats & burning soup.

  • Marlene
    2019-04-22 00:07

    Kate Sullivan and Eric Wagner were best friends in high school. Three years ago, Kate’s feelings for Eric changed. What started off as friendship had turned to love, but she never had a chance to confess this to him. While at college, Eric started dating someone else. One day, he messaged Kate to tell her about it and that was the last she had heard from him. Fast forward to the present when Cecelia Prescott walks through the door of Sullivan Bakery (the bakery that Kate owns). Cecelia is there to order a wedding and groom’s cake, but is surprisingly rude to Kate during their appointment. Come to find out, Cecelia is ordering the cakes for hers and Eric’s nuptials. Knowing that Eric and Kate had a past, even though just friendly, Cecelia already determined that she doesn't like Kate. But Eric insisted on getting their cakes at Sullivan’s despite Cecilia’s strong disapproval. Seeing Eric again brought back all of the old feelings that Kate had for him. She wants to tell him that she loves him, but doesn’t see the point now that he’s getting married. Can Kate sit back and watch the man she loves marry another woman? Will Kate tell Eric that she loves him or will she risk the chance of losing him forever? Join Kate as she bakes up delicious cakes and see if her future will be just as sweet.Baking Love is Lauren Boyd’s debut novel. The book was well written, had a good story line and entertaining characters. I also liked how baking played a huge part in the story. There’s just something about a book, based around cake making, that makes it that much more enjoyable. Overall, I thought this book was a yummy read and would recommend it to others. I definitely look forward to reading more books by Lauren in the future.

  • Lola Karns
    2019-04-11 01:35

    This is more of a 3.5 for me. Lauren Boyd's charming book made me hungry for slice of cake piled high with buttercream. She writes with a wonderful attention to detail that gave life to her narrator, Kate. We see the world through Kate's eyes, noticing the flavors, textures and patterns as she does. Kate, a baker, gets a dream wedding commission for an 8 tier cake -- dreamy until she finds out the groom is the one who got away because she never confessed her feelings for him years ago. Eric is now engaged to Cecilia, who is in charge of everything for the wedding except where they order the cake. When Eric reenters Kate's life, it sets off a whirlwind of emotions for both. I like the friends to lovers trope and the playful banter. The friendships feel real and I wish for the sake of the characters (and the author) that I had enjoyed this book more. A style element/editing decision kept pulling me away from the story. Although we are clearly deep in Kate's point of view, her internal thoughts appeared all to frequently in italics. I can understand using this when the character is knowingly lying to themselves, but the frequency of the italics pulled me out of the story rather than further in. That being said, I loved the young adult/women's fiction vibe of this contemporary romance and I look forward to seeing what Boyd does in the future.The author provided an ARC of Baking Love to me in exchange for an honest review and I'm grateful to her for this opportunity.

  • Rachel
    2019-03-31 01:33

    Warning: this book will leave you craving cake with buttercream frosting. If your after a fun, flirty read, well this is the book for you. I accidentally devoured it in a couple of hours. Once I started it, I didn't want to put it down. It's a story of friends who were meant to be together, but the timing and themselves were in the way. For bakery owner Kate, everything changed when a bride came into her shop to order her wedding cake. Little did she know that the cake was for her ex best friend Eric and his fiancé. Eric and Kate stopped speaking to each other years ago, despite the fact they were best friends, but when Eric wants Kate to make his wedding cake, they quickly realise that despite the fact he's getting married to someone else, there's a spark that flys between them. Look out for the classic moment at the pre-rehearsal, it had me chuckling, but more so when you find out who was behind it. This is a author who will be going on my watch for new books list.

  • Katie Carroll
    2019-03-30 05:24

    Kate Sullivan just landed a career-making job creating a huge wedding cake for a high-profile client. So what that the bride is a bit difficult to work with; Kate can handle that. What she's not sure she can deal with is the fact that groom is her ex-best friend, Eric Wagner, a man she fell in love with shortly before he disappeared from her life. Can Kate really pull off this larger than life cake? And will she really have to witness Eric marry another woman?Baking Love by Lauren Boyd is a fast read that is equally well-suited for enjoying while sunbathing on the beach or while snuggled up in front of a fire. Kate's inner monologue gives great insight into her character. I particularly enjoyed the banter between Kate and Eric, especially what was left unsaid between them. Overall, a sweetly satisfying read.

  • Sharon Xuereb
    2019-04-16 21:11

    Sharon's Book Nook!Baking Love is a sweet love story between two former best friends that leaves you with a smile on your face once you've finished.I thoroughly enjoyed this short and sweet read, no pun intended. :-) The story moves along at a nice pace and does not dwindle at any time.All the characters in this book are very likeable and the writing depicts the angst and love that they are feeling very well.Baking Love is a little bit predictable, however, that didn't really bother me as it's a feel good story and we can always do with one of those from time to time.If you're looking for a quick, fun read then reach for Baking Love. It will brighten your day. Oh and the cake descriptions in this book will make your mouth water.

  • Susan Swiderski
    2019-03-23 00:13

    I'd definitely categorize this as a sweet romance, and don't ya love that clever title? It's a quick read, and what can I say? It's... sweet. It's just the book to curl up with if you're looking for some feel-good entertainment.Not that Kate feels all that good throughout the story, mind you, but who can blame her? The guy she happens to love is getting married to somebody else, doggone it, and he and his bee-yitch of a condescending fiancee want HER to bake their wedding cake. What a pain in the... heart.No problem. She's a professional; she can do this, right? Okay, so maybe a few problems, but the proof is in the pudding... or in this case, the wedding cake. And this wedding cake... and this story... is a beauty. Have a taste.

  • Moira
    2019-04-01 00:13

    This was a super cute quick read about second chances. The characters were well developed and relatable, although at times they were kind of cliched, but I like that. Kate and Eric had lost touch with each other when Eric went away to college, until he walks back into her bakery and asks her to make his wedding cake. Cecilia was your stereotypical mean girl. I thought Mark was an awesome secondary character, I too would have been asking what happened to the cake!!;)They description of the cakes was mouth watering and made me so hungry. I was never more nervous reading about cake than I was when they were putting the cake together!

  • Eileen Hogg
    2019-04-01 00:09

    This is a tale of a second chance at love for two delightful characters, Kate Sullivan and Eric Wagner. Kate's feelings for Eric are evident from the start, but throughout the story it's unclear how her love is ever going to be reciprocated. The author has thrown a massive obstacle in the path of love - in the form of Eric's fiancee! I was intrigued to find out how this story could possibly be resolved, and I wasn't disappointed. The details about the art and craft of cake baking only added to my delight in this lovely story!

  • Franca
    2019-04-18 03:27

    Baking Love is a cute, fun and short read that was perfect for this rainy afternoon. since I am a hobby baker myself I loved the descriptions of cake decorating. I found myself holding my breath that they would get that huge wedding cake safely to the chateau. :) the story was sweet even though I found Eric irritating at times. ;) Baking Love is easy to read and there's no drama to be found. all in all this was a fun debut by Lauren Boyd even though it's slightly different from the books I usually read and enjoy.

  • Janet
    2019-04-22 04:22

    cute story , though quite predictable ..quick read ..perfect to read with a glass of wine (i wish) Three years ago, Kate Sullivan fell in love with her best friend, Eric Wagner. Before she could tell him, he abruptly ended their friendship. Now Eric has walked into Kate’s bakery and back into her life—but why? Is he here to confess his love for her?No. He’s here to order his groom’s cake. He’s getting married…to another woman

  • Misbah
    2019-04-02 03:17

    The characters and their interactions with each other felt too forced. And the main character is a bit dense, I think. I don't understand the way she thinks (all in italics). If I read this when I was 12 or 13 I would have probably liked it. I really was looking forward to it even though the story line is very cliché because it's about baking and I <3 baking but I just couldn't go through with it. There was no flow or chemistry. :'(

  • Stephanie
    2019-04-15 22:21

    When Eric Wagner walks back in to Kate Sullivan's life after cutting off contact years before, she soon realizes she has never stopped loving him. Unfortunately, he is engaged to another woman. Baking Love is a cute, fun read! You won't be disappointed with Kate and Eric's story. I look forward to ready more of Lauren's work.

  • Mary Waibel
    2019-04-05 22:15

    What do you do when the man you loves asks you to make his grooms cake for his wedding to another girl? You make the best cake you can, at least that's what Kate does in this delightful read by Lauren Boyd. You'll find yourself rooting for Kate and questioning Eric as they stumble through the paces to his upcoming marriage.

  • Ava
    2019-04-01 22:28

    This story was upper cute and all sugar not too sugar cheesy. I didnt just know when things would turn around. Very easy to read. Lovely Kate and friends . unexpected surprise from her best friend not longer best friend three years ago.

  • InD'tale Magazine
    2019-04-14 03:35

    3.5/5.0Lauren Boyd builds a contemporary, albeit predictable romance in this tale.Read full review in the 2013 September issue of InD’tale Magazine.

  • KimBrewing
    2019-03-23 23:22

    I really enjoyed this book. I love when the MCs have history and of course it had my must have.... HEA!

  • Ahnna
    2019-04-05 05:06

    It was a simple read but a fun escape nonetheless.

  • Tia
    2019-04-09 01:06

    I was kind of expecting more from the novel. Yes, it was pretty 'sweet' and filled with love but at the same time, too much sugar is a bad bad thing.