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Blood LinesAn evil being has been sealed away for centuries in a sarcophagus never meant to be opened, waiting patiently for his chance to rise again. Now, brought to the Egyptology Department of Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum, the seals and spells that imprisoned him chipped away from his discoverers, he has reached forth to claim the minds and souls of Toronto’s unsuspecBlood LinesAn evil being has been sealed away for centuries in a sarcophagus never meant to be opened, waiting patiently for his chance to rise again. Now, brought to the Egyptology Department of Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum, the seals and spells that imprisoned him chipped away from his discoverers, he has reached forth to claim the minds and souls of Toronto’s unsuspecting citizens. And only three people had any sense that something was wrong…For Henry Fitzroy, it began with terrifying images of the sun, a marker of death for a vampire. Fearing for his sanity, he turns to his sometimes-lover, private investigator Vicki Taylor, for help. As the two struggle to cope with Henry’s obsession, Vicki’s closest friend and former partner Mike Celluci, is following up on two mysterious deaths at the museum, certain that a force from beyond the grave is responsible for everything.Blood PactVicki Nelson has suffered a tragic loss—one that may prove to be more horrifying than she ever imagined…Vicki Nelson has received the call that no daughter ever wants to receive—that her mother has died. Marjory Nelson’s coworkers at the Queen’s University Life Science Department told her that she suffered a heart attack, and that they’d be waiting for Vicki to arrive in Kingston to make the funeral arrangements. But what begins as a personal tragedy turns into the most terrifying case of Vicki’s career, when her mother’s body disappears mysteriously from the funeral home. Someone at the University is determined to learn the secret of life after death…and they’ve decided to make Vicki’s mother part of their horrifying experiments....

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The Blood Books, Volume II Reviews

  • Buggy
    2019-03-04 05:22

    ~VAMPIRES, MUMMIES, AND ZOMBIES REIGN OVER ONTARIO~THE BLOOD BOOKS VOLUME TWO contains books 3 and 4 from the Blood series. First written in 1993 this fantastic series was reissued in 2006 with the omnibus edition. The stories hold up well and except for the absence of cell phones and computers you'll never notice the age of the writing. Many (like myself) discovered this series through the sometimes cheesy Blood Ties TV show. Which isn't a bad thing because now we have visual references for the 3 main characters, in particular Henry Fitzroy the yummy vampire and Detective Mike Celluci, his rival in winning Private Investigator Vickie Nelsons love. With books 3 and 4 the series comes full circle and the ongoing love triangle finally comes to its shocking conclusion. All the characters grow closer and I particularly liked the forged friendship and understanding found between Henry and Mike. Highly recommended for paranormal/fantasy junkies. The first story Blood Lines gives us a modern day mummy tale. With regenerated Egyptian priest Anwar Tarfic wondering around Toronto absorbing Ka's (souls) and hypnotizing city officials in his quest for Canadian and eventually world domination. Meanwhile bisexual vampire Henry is being haunted by dreams of the sun (which is not a good thing for a vampire to be dreaming about) and fears that that he may be driven to suicide. Throughout blue collar cop Mike Celluci just tries to keep up with the events taking place in his ever broadening paranormal world and hopefully get the girl. The second story Blood Pacttakes Vickie to Kingston following the death of her mother. Of course Henry and Mike follow, worried about Vicki's fragile mental state and each still competing to win her love. The situation quickly goes from bad to unthinkable when Vicki's mothers body goes missing from the funeral home and later shows up outside the living room window, dead yet somehow still horribly alive. This one creeped me out big time with its moral issues, mad doctors and modern day Frankenstein/Zombie story. It also brings an end of sorts to the series with its controversial ending. Each book seemed to stall out for me in the middle section and as much as I enjoyed this series I always struggled to get through to the exciting closing chapters. Another unfortunate factor is that the love scenes remain fade-to-black. This is a damn shame because with Henry and Tony's continued relationship and Vicki bouncing beds with both Henry and Mike (sometimes in the same day) I wanted details. And lastly you gotta love the fact that this takes place in the real Canadian world. How much fun is it hearing Yonge street, the Leafs and the CN tower mentioned in a paranormal. Cheers

  • The Flooze
    2019-03-09 04:24

    3 stars for Blood Lines Blood Lines has an interesting premise, but suffers somewhat in execution. An ancient mummy is running around Toronto sucking the life out of people. He's horrifying in his complete disregard for others, making him the most daunting villain yet. The trauma he puts Vicki through is especially terrible. Kudos to Ms. Huff for putting Vicki, Henry, and Mike at risk. If I didn't fear for their lives (they're the leads after all), I at least feared for their sanity.My issues with the plot lay entirely in the discovery of the bad guy's plan. Despite having very little information, Vicki pieces things together perfectly. I know she's a capable investigator but really?Overall, three stars for villainy and vulnerability.

  • TJ
    2019-03-11 04:44

    I keep reading hoping the books will get better. Unfortunately this hasn't happened yet. Maybe I've been spoiled by the tv presentation of Vicky Nelson, or maybe I don't like Tanya Huff's style. Ok the ending of the second book totally sucked and ruined the series for me. No more of Tanya Huff's books, though I will continue to watch Blood Ties and hope they don't jump the shark.

  • Danie
    2019-03-08 03:49

    Blood LinesA mummy, seriously? Vicki Nelson has seen vampires, demons and werewolves oh my, but a mummy? The previous two books Blood Price and Blood Trail were well constructed when it came to the more supernatural parts of the plot, and I don't even mind mummy stories (I love the first two installments of the Brendan Fraser Mummy movies and the third one wasn't bad either). So I'm not sure why I felt a bit of apprehension when I realized Blood Book #3 was going to be about a mummy.I shouldn't have worried though. Just as she managed to weave demons, werepeople and vampires into modern life she managed to do it with a thousand year old mummy (though, I'm sure that the mummy didn't think of himself as a mummy).The plot is nothing flashy, there's a mystery. Vicki, Henry and Mike try to solve it. Just like her other books what matters is the relationships that Huff writes. In Blood Lines there's lots of Mike/Vicki and Henry/Vicki talk and action also.I still haven't gotten used to the character of Tony, Vicki's friend, but he is growing on me, mostly because Huff knows when to use him and when using him would be gratuitous and unnecessary.Supernatural mystery lovers will like this Huff offering and I would also recommend it to those mystery readers who like more 'normal' (i.e. cozy, gory, procedurals) mysteries. A great and solid read.---Blood PactThis book was horribly hard to read. Not in a technical way, but an emotional way. Death in the mysteries I read is common, but what's not common is for the death to be so personal, not just someone Vicki knows or even someone in her family, but her mother. Add to that the supernatural goings on and this was Huff's most intense Blood Series book yet.This book was also interesting because its main plot wasn't rooted in the supernatural, other than Henry of course. These books are also fun to read because here and there I'll run into a plot fragment, a scene, or an interaction between the characters that was replicated in some way on the Lifetime TV Show based on the books ("Blood Ties"). Although this book had many fewer similarities with the show than the previous three.All in all this was a great book that anyone and everyone should read despite its intensity. It was real and the emotions contained in it seemed to practically explode off the page. This was a keeper.

  • Inara
    2019-02-28 05:24

    Blood LinesDr. Elias Rax the Curator of Egyptology at the Royal Ontario Museum takes home an intact sarcophagus with an intact seal. That means only one thing – the mummy must be still inside. Dr. Rax and his team expectantly open the sarcophagus and find a complete mummy secured with seals and charms. Suddenly mysterious deaths happen at the museum and nobody can seemingly remember that there had been a mummy at all..Blood PactVicky´s mother dies of a heart attack and Vicky has to go to Kingston where her mother lived. At the funeral she discovers that the coffin is empty and the corpse is stolen. Through her investigations Vicky, Mike and Henry discover a hidden laboratory at the university where horrible experiments with corpses are done…I liked Vicky in Blood Pact a bit more than in the previous ones. It amazes me over and over why I have such difficulties to like Vicky´s character. It seems I can find no access to her stubborn attitude at all. And her love for Henry is something I still cannot fathom but okay that´s just me and I can live with it. I´m not that enthusiastic about these books that it really bothers me. And I still don´t think Henry is the most charismatic vampire I ever read about…In Blood Pact she´s dealing with her mother´s death and the feeling of guilt not having been there for her enough, something that can happen to everybody when a beloved family member dies. Thankfully she has the support of both her lovers who join forces to help Vicky to solve the mystery of the stolen corpse. I´m really curious what consequences Henry´s desperate deed at the end of the book will have in the future..

  • Paul
    2019-03-18 03:43

    Blood Books Volume 2 was an anthology of two Tanya Huff novels; Blood Lines and Blood Pact. The volume could have been subtitled “Night of the Living Dead” since they both had similar themes.In Blood Lines, we have an ancient Egyptian wizard that was magically bound as a mummy. He’s accidentally released and starts taking over Toronto by enchanting all of the high ranking officials. The regular cast of characters- Vicki Nelson, a female detective that left the force because of failing eyesight, her ex-partner and current lover Mike Celluci and Henry Fitzroy, a romance writing vampire- work together to save the city. The tale was entertaining, but there wasn’t much character development.Huff, however, really moves her characters along in Blood Pact. During the course of a medical study run by insane college students where bacteria is being used to reanimate dead tissue, a main character that recently passed away is turned into a zombie. To save the life of another character, Henry needs to “make them” into a vampire. This will obviously impact the story lines in the series from this book forward. Of the first four, this novel was the most entertaining and fundamentally “creepy.” It will be interesting to see where Huff takes her characters next.

  • Stacey
    2019-03-22 04:32

    I had heard of Tanya Huff, and I was only really vaguely interested in her. I started watching 'Blood Ties' on Lifetime, and I liked it well enough that I put her books on order, figuring that I'd read them as I got time. Well, a gal who works at the library with me asked if I would loan her my copies before I returned them to the holds queue... So I had to read and read fast. SO, SO, SO worth it. Yes, they do change some of the genre stuff, but not nearly so badly as Twilight did, and I love the characters. The TV show is, obviously, a little different from the books, but both are good. My only problem with the books? Some of the language. One of Vicki's retorts to Mike is often, "Teach your grandmother to suck eggs." and I am not totally sure I 'get' that.ETA: I looked up "Teach your grandmother to suck eggs" and found that it's a colloquialism along the lines of "I know how to do what I'm doing better than you do; don't tell me how to do my job." I'm not sure why it's put in these terms, but it makes more sense now.

  • Jeremy Preacher
    2019-03-09 09:39

    Blood Lines:Huff's hitting all the traditional ghoulies - this one's a mummy. It's a creepy little plot, with some truly horrific stuff that has nothing at all to do with supernatural, and Vicki's relationship with Henry deepens in an interesting way. (I still remain unwarmed by her relationship with Celluci, though - Huff never really convinces me that they're not actively bad for one another.) Better than the earlier ones, I think.Blood Pact:God, how creepy. Frankenstein is the monster of the day and while it's a pretty straight-up retelling, there's enough going on that it is quite a pageturner. The ending, not to give everything away, turns the whole series neatly on its head. This is by far the strongest book in the series so far, even if it's not always emotionally easy to read.

  • Samantha
    2019-03-17 02:42

    In volume two of this series, Huff successfully overcomes some of the weaknesses of the first volume, resulting in a thorougly engrossing read. Follow the adventures of Vicki, Michael and Henry the Vampire as they battle mummies, then sinister scientists. The bad guys in this volume rang much truer to me than the first collection. But what really amped this up to 5 stars for me was the way she developed the relationships between the three protagonists. Agonizing and brilliant! She did a good job with them in the first volume, and in this one they just absolutely shine. The end of the second story, in particular, is just breathtaking (and came as a bit of a surprise, for me personally). I must admit to being just a little bit smitten with Henry. Highly recommended for anyone who likes tales of the supernatural and understands how ridiculously complicated relationships can be.

  • Brandi
    2019-02-27 08:48

    Book 3, Blood Lines, was pretty good. The story between Henry, Vicki, and Mike got much better. The whole "mummy" storyline was quite disturbing on a level that made me do some thinking about the supernatural and "what-ifs". *shiver*-----Book 4, Blood Pact.....still not sure what I'm thinking on this one. Like Blood Lines, it was a disturbing story. It was a good read, I'm just not sure of the ending. I mean, I guess there really wasn't any other way to make it where Vicki didn't have to choose between Mike and Henry, but I just don't think I enjoy the idea of Vicki being turned. Didn't really fit her personality to me. Overall......glad I read both volumes of the Blood Books. They were a nice change of pace for me.

  • Leah
    2019-03-22 08:49

    I will always LOVE her writing. She blows me away with her talents!BLOOD LINES: Heart-pounding!I'm super excited to read this. Not only another tale of Vicki & Henry, but this one involves a mummy! I love anything 'Egypt' so this will no doubt be another 5 star book. Which of course it was.BLOOD PACT:Gruesome! Sort of reminded me of Clive Barker story and the "Re-Animator" movie. Yet another great read! It was a tad stressful. The way Mike & Henry are fighting over here, cracks me up. But i do hope, it doesn't last forever.The ending really threw me, although great i was not expecting it THAT way. Not sure exactly how i feel about Vicki now....

  • Emily
    2019-03-23 06:27

    I get a bit annoyed by the main character--she just can't give in on anything. I just don't see how she could keep any relationship without a willingness to compromise. Also, so far we haven't seen anything in her past that would cause her severe dysfunctional reaction to any type of relationship. The story went somewhat off the rails at one point as well. So...a break before the second book in the compilation. However--a mummy wandering around Toronto is an interesting premise!

  • Bill
    2019-02-24 03:40

    This consists of two books in the Blood Books series; Blood Lines (about an ancient Egyptian mummy) and Blood Pact (a Frankensteinish type story). Both flowed very nicely; the plots were interesting, the characters are well-developed. I enjoyed both, found the 2nd much more intense and was very surprised by the ending of Blood Pact. It went where I didn't expect at all. Somewhat different from the TV series, but both are interesting in their own right.

  • Amanda D.
    2019-03-15 03:22

    Not as good as the first two Blood books, but still pretty good. I wish I'd read them as individual volumes rather than the omnibus because I think it felt like more of a slog to get through this big, fat paperback. The Blood books should be fast and fun. It would have taken twice as long to request them from the library though!

  • Mo
    2019-03-12 04:34 Yeah, good luck with that. This one was even better than the first. Tanya Huff's bisexual vampire character, Henry, kicks the crap out of Anne Rice's pretentious wish-they-were-gay vampire characters any day. I might be slightly biased, but I'll take the equal opportunity bisexuals...

  • Minna
    2019-03-20 04:45

    I'm stuck in this book, the first part. I can't really go on, I think the implications of where it might go is disturbing to me. The book is about how Vicki Nelsons mother dies and the body is kidnapped. I think this is where I draw the line in horror literature. Living corpses are scary, but dead people who aren't supernaturally alive should just be laid to rest.

  • Courtney
    2019-03-01 03:29

    So I definitely liked Blood Pact better than Blood Lines. The whole mummy on the loose was a great story but I felt it dragged a bit longer than it could have. Blood Pact on the other hand was creepy as hell...and the ending? wow. off to read the next set!

  • Kristine
    2019-03-24 09:39

    I loved both novels in this book. You get to see more into the characters personal life and things. These two novels are more along the lines horror than the first two. I felt like I was right there with the characters experiencing things right there with them!!!

  • K.A. Jordan
    2019-03-19 06:31

    Books 3 and 4 of the 'Blood' books. Well done without being over done. May be out of print, but worth the effort to track down. Huff has a deft way of telling at story. Good characters, Henry is likable, Vickie is gruff and flawed enough to be interested. Sex is implied not grossly detailed.

  • Clay Rylee
    2019-03-11 03:52

    I really enjoyed the second volume of the Blood Books, though I was a bit suprised at the ending to the fourth novel "Blood Pact". This series, so far, has been one of the better Urban fantasy series out there(in my opinion) and I highly recomend it to any fan of Urban Fantasy.

  • June
    2019-03-15 05:23

    Vicki and others thwart a 3,000 year old Egyptian priest and a god in the first story and thwart a modern day Frankenstein in the second. Interesting ending for the second story.

  • Kona
    2019-03-04 06:49

    I love this series! After the ending of Blood Pact, I;m worried the series is going to end before I'm ready. Usually it is the other way around. I definitely want more!!

  • Tammy Walton Grant
    2019-03-02 03:25

    Blood Lines - finished. 3.5 starsBlood Pact - finished. 4 stars

  • Leigh
    2019-03-21 09:39

    These books are definitely degenerating. Worth reading, but not as good as the first set.

  • sjams
    2019-02-22 07:47

    I wasn't entirely happy with the ending. Maybe it bugged me morally...

  • Lorena Martínez
    2019-03-24 08:49

    Very nicely done. The endings where amazing, nice twists and I will keep readin the next and final boog of the collection.

  • AA
    2019-03-21 08:51

    More fun with vamps and cops in Canadia .. :)

  • Sarah Cole
    2019-02-22 10:45

    3 stars for "Blood Lines", 4 stars for "Blood Pact"

  • Colleen S Harris
    2019-03-13 06:48

    Fun urban fantasy romps with vampires, werewolves, mummies and zombies. Not top shelf, but interesting to see some older representations of the genre; they hold up pretty well.