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A tale of passions indulged, denied, and ultimately forgive.On the verge of bagging the two things he wants most—a sailing charter business and marrying old money—Jake Murray’s fiancée/sole crew member dumps him. Salvation comes in the form of dyslexic, basketball toting Rachel Martin, the only one to apply for the first mate position he slapped on craigslist.On a dead runA tale of passions indulged, denied, and ultimately forgive.On the verge of bagging the two things he wants most—a sailing charter business and marrying old money—Jake Murray’s fiancée/sole crew member dumps him. Salvation comes in the form of dyslexic, basketball toting Rachel Martin, the only one to apply for the first mate position he slapped on craigslist.On a dead run from an affair with a married man, Rachel's salvation is shoving ocean between her and temptation.Rapid fire dialogue and romantic tension sail Jake’s biker-chick of a boat through hurricanes, real and figurative. A cast of wannabe sailors, Rachel’s ex, Jake’s, a baby—go along for the ride.The many-layered story weaves together disparate strands into a seamless cord. Mother and daughter look eerily alike—down to their lusts. Their symbiotic bond, forged in the blood of childbirth on the kitchen floor and cemented by their secrets, must be cracked open. A son must go home. Sin must be expunged.Tattered Innocence is for anyone who’s ever woken up sealed in a fifty-gallon drum of their guilt....

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Tattered Innocence Reviews

  • Michelle
    2019-04-17 04:05

    Okay, at first I wasn't sure what to think of this book because sailing and stuff like that didn't do much for me. However, the more I read the story, the more it pulled me in. By the time the romance and the conflict picked up, I was hooked and couldn't stop reading. There is so much depth to this story and so much truth in the lessons learned. We often do things because of shame and guilt that we later regret.I appreciated the way the author showed the pull that Brent had on Rachel. I also loved the way the author showed how a deep and abiding love trumps lust and attraction when it comes to impact over time. The faith part of the story was an integral, yet subtle part of the story, and one that packed a punch as well. Real human love based on common interests and friendship makes it truly impossible to breath when that kind of love is snatched away. The lesson Jake learned about allowing desire to keep him from visiting his gramps that summer had a impact that would last him the rest of his life. You have to read the book to find out what that consequence was.Anyway, I was thinking it would be a good, but not amazing book in the beginning. After I got pulled in and emotionally invested in the story, I ached in my chest as much as the characters did. I loved Jake's family and I loved Rachel's brother. The way Rachel allowed her heart to be ruled by fear because of her own parents was realistically shown. The impact of the various choices characters made was far-reaching, but those decisions still had to be made. The way Jake thought and felt internally about the women he cared about was so true-to-life. I appreciated the realism and my heart grieved for him as he allowed himself to go through the pain of the loss his grandfather when he revisited the land his grandfather owned. I felt like he was a real man in every sense of the word, and I loved him more for it.The way Rachel thought about her weakness made my heart squeeze at times. She was a passionate woman and I could relate to that aspect of her life. She didn't do anything half-heartedly. Sometimes that passion can overwhelm a person, but in this case it made her love others more intensely. After experiencing that kind of connection, loving anyone else would feel like a cheap substitute for the deep, abiding love Jake and Rachel eventually shared. I ached for them as they dealt with the pain of loss and the healing from past hurts. Anyway, I didn't see how the author could create an ending that would work after the mess they'd made of their lives, but she did it. The ending was truly sigh-worthy.This book had emotional impact and made me think about my life and my choices in a way that I hadn't done before. Because of this connection I had with the characters, Tattered Innocence is making my favorite fiction list for 2013. I start a lot of books I never finish, but this one was worth reading. I loved it!

  • Virginia Carmichael
    2019-03-22 00:55

    I'm not sure which to talk about first, the plot or the writing! I guess I'll start with the writing. I don't have a lot of free time, but I still read a lot (3-5 books a week). I never finish a book that isn't worth my time, and even when it's a great book, I may not read it again or put the author on my short list of 'must reads'. But Ann Lee Miller is one of those authors for me. She tells a gripping story with prose that's fresh and unique. You can read a few pages and see that she's not stealing easy lines from how-to books, or looking up character traits on a cheat sheet, or flipping through a thesaurus for a bigger word (that may or may not fit). Her writing is intuitive and clever. You don't want to skim, but rather savor. As for the story, the author surprised me several times with not just a plot twist, but her unflinching HONESTY with her characters. There was no white-washing or honey coating these thoughts, and I appreciated that more than anything else. It made me smile when she would drop in a line and I'd think, "Did she just 'go there'? She did! She just went there and I love her for it." Ann Lee Miller is a gem in the Christian fiction community and she deserves a much greater audience than she has. I'm wondering if the cover isn't conveying the YA story line. I bet if she placed a teen girl and a teen guy on the cover in a sultry pose, she'd be at the top of the lists. But then again, that may be just one more wonderful thing about this author: she's not "selling" to the masses. She's true to the story, in all ways, including a cover that hints at a deep and mature novel, even if the characters are young. This was an absolute treat to read.

  • Jeremy Mcclung
    2019-04-06 00:21

    Tattered Innocence continues Ann Miler's proven track record of exploring the inner life of twenty-somethings in an honest and compelling way. This book explores the themes of guilt, forgiveness, grace and love in a genuine and thought-provoking way. This was probably my favourite of Miller's four novels, and the closing line has stuck in my head for two weeks now. For anyone struggling with self-forgiveness; for anyone who feels dirty or guilty; for anyone who wants to move beyond the mistakes of the past, but doubt's God's ability to redeem their failures; for anyone who just wants to enjoy a good book, this is an excellent read!

  • Books Movies Fandoms
    2019-04-01 02:59

    My ‘Blogging Reader’s Review’ all rolled into one (From our blog: was introduced to this novel by it’s wonderful author,Ann Lee Miller. As always, I love to let other readers’ know what kind of character set up you will get with a novel beforehand. The Author does in fact, give you a nice mixture of two P.O.V.’s (Point of views) from the lead characters in this story. This is always a good thing because you can get a more in-depth view of the story from two different perspectives.At first I was a little worried that I would not be able to relate to ‘Tattered Innocence’ when I first saw the ‘Glossary of Sailing Terms.’ I’ve never been sailing and know nothing about it but keeping my mind open, I read on. Once I was a few chapters into the story, the characters and what they were each dealing with kept me hooked and I was definitely interested to see where their lives would take them. And I also realized that there is enough depth to this wonderful story that a few terms in the sailing word would not detour me as a reader, from the story itself.You will meet young twenty-something Rachel Martin who takes a job working on a sixty-eight-foot Ketch, which is a semi-small boat named The Smyrna Queen. The Captain of that Ketch(boat) is a man a few years older than Rachel named Jake Murray. Jake could tell Rachel seemed to be running away from something by wanting to take the job on his boat as his first-mate but at first felt it was none of his business. And knowing that he himself had his own recent issues to deal with, he didn’t want to concern himself with her business. They seemed so alike in the sense that they preferred to deal with problems on their own, putting Rachel and Jake ‘in the same boat’ in more ways than one.Rachel has worries that she’s carried since her childhood that still haunt her into her adult years as well as dealing with being dyslexic. She also has a troubled relationship with her younger brother after he finds out a secret about her that puts a wedge in their relationship. In the story you will find that both main characters go through a rebuilding of their faith in what they know is right and wrong and what happiness means to them. Rachel and Jake both must come to terms with the fact that what they thought they each needed in their lives, was more of a want instead of a need. Their lives send them on an adventure of self-discovery and the possibility of finding someone who they could truly love wholeheartedly. After a few surprises from their pasts’ surface, will it be too much for them to hold onto the growing feelings they have for each other?I do recommend this book for readers’ who can appreciate a genuinely good story about human imperfections while searching for real love instead of settling for what they once thought they wanted. Author Lee Ann Miller made the story easily relate-able even for the non-sailing experts, me being one of them. So take a trip on this romantic journey to see what becomes of Rachel and Jake on Smyrna Beach.This Review comes straight from my blog at:(Click here to visit our Blog: Books,Movies,FandomsClick Here to Follow on Twitter: @BooksMoviesFans

  • Roses Book Blog
    2019-03-26 02:01

    I received a copy of this book to give an honest review. At first when I started to read this story I wasn’t too sure I would be able to follow along. I don’t know too much about sailing and the list of terms at the beginning of the book did scare me a little. However once I really got into the story I couldn’t put it down. I read more than 75% of this book in one night staying up until well after 3 am. This story was one that I will remember for a long time it was a captivating story that pulled at the strings of my heart right to the very end.The story is about two people Rachel and Jake. Rachel applied for the job of first mate on the Smyrna Queen to escape her former life having had an affair with a married man, Bret. For Rachel when their affair is taken too far sees no other choice than to run away she didn’t just sleep with a man before marriage she slept with a married man who has his own family. What bothered me most about Bret is that he really wanted to have his cake and eat it too telling Rachel he loved her but he married his wife and wanted to stay for the children so in my eyes I can see why Rachel has ran away. Her affair with Bret has cost her more than just in her eyes her self worth in the process she has alienated herself from her family more than anyone her brother Hall who she practically raised since he was a baby. Jake is a man who fulfilled the dream that he and his grandfather had which was to run their own cruise boat someday since his grandfather’s passing he has seen what matters in life and quit his corporate job and bought the boat the Smyrna Queen and fully restored her only to have his life come crashing around him on the Rachel’s first day when his fiancee Gabrielle decides that she cannot marry him that day and runs away back to her family in Arizona.The friendship that formed between Rachel and Jake never had a dull moment here you have a woman who’s running from a married man and a man who is lost since his fiancee ran from him. They fight their attraction to one another at every turn Rachel because she believes Jake is still in love with Gabrielle and Jake because he thinks Rachel wants a forever kind of ending he doesn’t think he can give her since he thinks he can’t love again after Gabrielle left him. That all changes when Bret shows up as one of the guests on the boat and Jake poses as her boyfriend to get him to leave her alone. This book was about learning how to find forgiveness or oneself for their sins and finding that God will still be there for you in the end. Rachel finding forgiveness in herself for her guilt and Jake finding that God is still there for him at the end of the day and discovering at the end of the day that you can find love again even after you have lost the only person who have ever loved. I loved this story and the characters in it. I laughed and I even cried at the end when the baby came into the picture. (What baby? Who’s baby? You’ll just have to read the book to find out) This was a great late night read that I will read again and again and keep on the permanent shelf in my Kindle and I cannot wait to read Ann Lee Miller’s other books in the future especially since Avra’s God is about two of the characters from this book!

  • Wall-to-wall books - wendy
    2019-04-06 01:15

    Way to go Ann! This is the 4th book I have read by Ann Lee Miller. I would have to say this one was my favorite (with "The Art of My Life" a close second). There were a lot of little things going on in this story but it kept a nice flow to it. I think out of all her books this one had the best flow. It was very easy to follow along in the lives of both Rachel and Jake. The author took you to see a little of their past so you could understand where they were coming from. You had to know where they'd been to understand the decisions they were making today.Ann did a great job with the character development! I really liked Rachel. She was very likable person, around the same age as my own daughter and I could see them being friends in real life. She had her flaws, her "skeletons in the closet" that kept her from any real relationships. As she opened up you really got to know her and her personality.But the one I really fell in love with was Jake. I know, I don't really don't fall for the guy. But who wouldn't fall for a guy with a sailboat, right? Jake was great! He was nice, handsome, tried to make the right choices and do right by others. He had his own skeletons. The farther I read in this book the more and more I loved Jake. He never disappointed me. "Her gaze panned over faded jeans, carpenter's belt, paint-splattered T-shirt, and stopped at toffee eyes trained on her. Her breath hitched. She'd been prepared for an old-salt captain, not a Diet Coke commercial." ~ oh yeah I can picture him!The other part of this book I loved was the setting. The setting is always an important part for me. That's why I read so many books that take place in other countries, because I like to go to places I have never been.Ann takes you back to New Smyrna Beach (as in her other 3 books) but the majority of this one actually takes place on a sailboat. It was wonderful. I don't think I would ever actually go on a sailboat. I just have that fear of capsizing that I can not get over. But this was a great book for me to read because I really felt the boat, I felt its movement, its small cabins, the wind, and the spray of the waves. "Yearning, bonding, upheaval, coming home, whipped through her as though the hurricane raged inside her body and not fifty miles offshore." ~ and that just the description of a kiss, just wait till you read about the actual hurricane!THE ALL-IN-ALL -All in all this is a wonderful, Christian based fiction story that takes place on the beaches of FL and on a sailboat. So if you have ever wanted to go sailing...The author uses a few scripture quotes and the characters talk of God and pray, but this book is not preachy at all! It is just a nice clean story (no sex, although there is talk of sex in the past, and no swearing). I think it would be fine for older teens to read.

  • Ranaereads
    2019-03-29 23:17

    Originally posted at*I received a copy of this book for my honest review.Tattered Innocence is the story of Rachel Martin and Jake Murray, both a little broken by their personal lives. Rachel, needing an escape from her life, sets out of find a job that will take her anywhere but here. She applies for a job as first mate on Jake’s boat, the Smyrna Queen. Rachel is not impressed by Jake at their first meeting, he seems rude and standoffish. Not one to let an opportunity pass though, she hopes for the best and does end up getting the job, mostly due to Jake’s lack of other options.Jake is coming out of a long term relationship/engagement himself and basically has no idea where he’s going now. His fiancée, Gabrielle, has decided she wants a different life in Arizona while he’s left heartbroken and alone on the other side of the country. In comes Rachel, and the rest is history. Kindof.I did not think I’d enjoy this book, I would say on the list of things I would normally not choose to read, Christian fiction is pretty close to the top, right below biology text books and possibly emails from my boss. I didn’t hate it though, actually. The story didn’t get too preachy, but there were definitely “God’s plan” references, etc. which I didn’t mind too much because they were not on every single page, but some people might not even want that which is perfectly fine, to each his own! Rachel and Jake are not by any stretch “perfect” and that makes them real and likable. Rachel was sarcastic in the face of adversity, which is good, I don’t think I’d be the stoic type either. She made the best of her situation and it worked out for her. I will admit, I did not like Bret and didn’t understand her inability to get over him initially, but I was glad she came to her sense. Also, the sailing term glossary was a bit daunting, but I skipped it and don’t think I missed out on any nuances because of that.The only semi-frustrating thing I found with this book was I felt it was too wordy at times. Yeah, you definitely did get the whole picture, but sometimes I felt like no one could just DO anything; it always had to be accompanied by a lot of adjectives and adverbs. Lots of ads, basically!All in all, I was pleasantly surprised by this book and glad I gave it a shot. Jake and Rachel aren’t my typical fare, and maybe the freshness of it made me like it more, but whatever, that’s fine! Give it a read if you like new adult type romance, Christian fiction or just need a light read.

  • Dianne
    2019-03-30 22:59

    Just when I thought Ann Lee Miller couldn't top The Art of My Life, she turns around and blows me out of the water with Tattered Innocence! I want to add right at the start-DO NOT hesitate to read this book if you have not read other books in this series. It stands alone just fine, as do the others!Rachel is trying to outrun her guilt over an affair with a married man. Bret used her, she let him and thought it was love. By the time she found the strength to call it off, she had already violated her moral compass, destroying her self-respect completely. Because she needs a new start, she takes a position as first mate on board the Smyrna Queen, a sailing vessel doing five day tours. Jake Murray, captain of the Smyrna Queen and its fledgling tour company has just been dumped by his fiance, Gabrielle, the morning after they had sex for the first time. He is filled with remorse and crushed by the break up. The friendship that formed between Rachel and Jake was initially tentative at best, each harboring their own secret shame and the pain of not feeling worthy to achieve their most treasured dreams. For Rachel, even her dyslexia is a reason to feel inadequate and she strives to hide this from Jake. As their relationship grows and they admit inwardly to deeper feelings, both Rachel and Jake fail to trust the other enough to truly open up. Rachel looks to God for strength, Jake isn't ready to believe God will help him.Bret tries to re-enter Rachel's life, and without Jake's help, she may have given in. Still, their hearts and minds are hardened to the fact that they have something special that is quietly growing strong. Rachel's guilt still gets in the way and Jake doesn't believe he can give Rachel what she needs, as much as he would like to. When Gabrielle returns with bombshell news, Jake must really look into his heart for the strength to do whats right. Where can Jake turn for the answers he needs?Ann Lee Miller has once again created two characters who have made HUGE mistakes, but are lost to accepting their own forgiveness and giving up the burdens for the sins they carry. Both characters are stronger than they think, making them real. Their story drew me in and held me until the end and beyond! I actually hurt for them and those impacted by their mistakes. In the end, there was only one character I felt had no redeeming qualities! This is a beautiful story of love, learning, acceptance and redemption through faith!

  • Literati Literature Lovers
    2019-04-03 03:05

    People aren’t perfect, they are flawed and have feet of clay, and this is the premise of the novel Tattered Innocence. Rachael and Jake are the two main characters in this book by Ann Lee Miller. Each is trying to live with the hurt and pain that they have encountered in their young lives. Both have made some life choices that they seriously regret. How they come to terms with those choices and grow beyond them is the main plot of the book.Living isn’t easy, and making mistakes is part of living. How we grow and the lessons we learn from those mistakes are what both Rachael and Jake learn. Miller writes an every mans tale, without it becoming preaching. I have a fondest for author Miller’s writing as they are all moralistic tales, that have a deep spiritual quality to them. She writes about real people, who make real mistakes and hard life decisions.Neither Jake or Rachael have ever felt they fit in. Rachael because of her secret dyslexia and Jake because of him being a poor kid in a privelige school. I too am dyslexic, something that I have never hidden or for that matter felt bad about. I’m dyslexic hear me roar. Rachael doesn’t have a high opinion of herself, as she feels that being dyslexic makes people think she is stupid. If Rachael would have thought more of herself, she would not have ended up making the mistakes she had, or living the half life she found herself living. The same thing can be said of Jake. Not seeing the lessons that life teaches us can be hard when you are attempting to live those half lives. As the book unfolds both Rachel and Jake are able to see those lessons and learn to live full lives. The lessons they learn from each other help them become people who live full lives and live with the choices that they had made in the past.This is a book I highly recommend, especially if you want to read about people who grow and find themselves in the journey.(I do have to say that I grew up Catholic and never in all my life was taught by either nuns or priest that sex was evil, as Jake’s ex-girlfriend Gabrielle describes her religious upbringing in the church. Saving herself for marriage isn’t because sex is deemed evil. I feel that the author needs to research a religion and it’s teachings before she has a character make a blanket statement.) << This statement did not have baring on my review.

  • Rachel Marie
    2019-04-21 04:12

    I wasn't sure what to expect going into this book, but I was pleasantly surprised. This book was filled with humor, romance, serious moments, and truth. It will take your emotions for a ride (er, sail) and leave your mind filled with thoughts.Rachel is running from her past. Her affair with a married man has left her feeling like a failure, no better than her mother. She has isolated herself from her friends and family, and takes a job as first mate for Jake. Jake himself is running from his past, drowning under the grief of his grandfather's death and his broken engagement to the woman he loves. His boat has become his life, even to the point of not having gone back to visit his family. Rachel was witty and sarcastic, definitely my kind of character. She could hold her own against Jake's initial rude and gruff exterior. Both Jake and Rachel are struggling with the consequences of their choices, and I feel like that was shown in a very realistic way. Rachel, try as she might, can't seem to shake the grip that Brett has on her emotions, even though she knows its wrong because he's a married man. Jake will always feel guilty that he let how he felt about Gabrielle keep him from seeing his grandfather before his death, especially now that Gabrielle has called off the engagement.The writing will definitely draw you in. At first, I didn't think I was going to really love this one, but then the more I read, the more I was hooked. The romance was well-drawn out, slow and sweet, not annoyingly instant. The focus on the characters as individuals, facing individual problems, instead of ev erything being wrapped up in them being a couple was also nice and well-done.The faith aspect was also well handled. It wasn't so subtle that the point failed to come across, but wasn't so overbearing that is seemed preachy. It was well integrated into the story, and helped move the plot along. If you're struggling with some of the same issues as these characters, this will help you open your eyes and give you food for thought as well.In short, I enjoyed this story a lot. It was well-written, well thought out, with realistic characters and their realistic problems. You will fall in love with these characters and the setting.I received an ecopy from the author in exchange for my honest review.

  • Rachel
    2019-04-02 03:14

    As a big fan of Ann Lee Miller’s books, I was excited to pick up another one. Tattered Innocence is unlike the other novels I have read by her in so many ways, but it still holds the core concepts that she stands for. I was slightly intimidated when first setting out to read because of the sailing terms glossary. It is extremely helpful, but it looks more haunting than it actually is. Different from other book by Miller, Tattered Innocence focused on two characters instead of a group. I enjoyed this approach a little more because we got to see the characters more in depth and experience their emotions and thoughts on a different level. We see the journey that Rachel takes and the immense guilt that she carries as weighted baggage. Jake, also carrying bags of his own, travels on an emotional roller coaster and eventually understands who he is meant to be with.Tattered Innocence does have religious elements weaved throughout the story, but they are muted compared to other books in this series. Religion did not play as big of a part as it does in other characters’ lives. Rachel shows Jake that he needs to re encounter his religious spirit, but even with these elements the main focus of the story was the growing romance between the two main characters.The dynamic of the families within the novel are contrasting, and it shows the different background that Rachel and Jake grew up within, as well as showing why they mix so perfectly. I completely fell in love with Jake’s family. Call me crazy, but I want to start giving out Christmas gifts like his family. It is hard to make me cry during a book, and even harder to make me laugh. Written words don’t usually evoke laughter even when I can see the humor, but I was laughing so hard throughout the time they spent with Jake’s family. I loved this book, there were so many surprises and twists and turns that the readers does not expect. I love expecting one thing and then something else happens. If you are reading The New Smyrna Beach series, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that some other characters snuck their way into this novel as well. As usual, this was a great book written by Ann.

  • Michelle
    2019-04-07 05:56

    After an affair with Bret, a married man, Rachel Martin wants to get as far away from him as she can. Jake Murray’s love life had just turned topsy turvy not only when his fiance Gabrielle dumps him, but she leaves him without a first mate on his charter cruise boat, The Smyrna Queen. Rachel applies for the job and gets it, but at her first meeting with him, she has made up her mind that her new boss is cold and unfriendly.Jake left the corporate world to start his own business on The Smyrna Queen, a dream he shared with his deceased grandfather. Nearly everything he owns is in this venture. He needs a first mate to help him sail the boat and prepare meals for the guests. Since the only available sleeping quarters are in his cabin, Rachel makes it clear from the beginning that she is there for the job and nothing else. It is quickly apparent that there is an attraction between the two of them, but neither will admit it because they are both still running away from previous relationships. Add to that, family problems, hurricanes, and the guilt they carry; this story has multiple layers to it. Since this is a Christian romance novel, there are references to God all the way through the book. Rachel convinces Jake to go to a beach service with her, and though he is skeptical at first, he comes around. There are often instances throughout where Rachel and Jake each reach out to God for guidance and forgiveness.The book is well written, and the story will keep you turning the pages. If you are looking for a light romance novel and don’t mind Christian references, this is undoubtedly a book I would recommend.Ann Lee Miller grew up in New Smyrna Beach, earned a BA in creative writing from Ashland (OH) University, and currently lives in Phoenix with her husband and children. She writes full time and lectures at various Arizona colleges. This book was given to me for an honest review.

  • C.R. McBride
    2019-03-31 06:25

    Just when I thought Ann Lee Miller couldn`t produce anything better than The Art of my Life I read Tattered Innocence. I loved it from the start. Rachel has made mistakes, unintentional and without malice but big mistakes in her life. She tries to run from them, hide away but she cannot escape herself.Jake tried to live a life he thought he wanted but he also is trying to run from his past. This is their story of how they find their place in the world, how they find a love that is right for them and how they find forgiveness.I could not put this down, it is so gripping and the characters ups and downs truly make you feel that you are on the high seas with them. As always I am in complete awe as to how Ann writes in an almost but not quite way when approaching her romantic scenes, she teases relentlessly but never disappoints. Each character is taken into our hearts and we feel their pain, their joy and in some cases their utter shock. I felt as though as was right there with them, feeling the spray of the sea on my face.Ann has joined the few authors whose books I will read simply because they have written them and I know I will enjoy whatever subject catches their imagination. I will cherish each one of these books and would not hesitate in recommending this book to anyone who loves a good strong romance with dramatic twists and turns.Having purchased the kindle version I crave the paperback so that I can read it over and over again and display it on my bookshelf proudly. That`s how good it is!!!!!Thank you

  • Victoria Rainey
    2019-04-11 05:17

    Rachel Martin is on the run from her past. She make a drastic turn in her life to leave a married man behind and make positive changes in her life and find the salvation she is longing for. Rachel’s biggest issue seems to be dealing with her problems and not running from them. Rachel as fights the stigma that comes with having dyslexia. Jake Murray thought he had everything he wanted in his life until his fiancée dumps him leaving him angry and puzzled. Jake’s fiancée was to be a crewmember in his charter boat. Therefore, Jake hires Rachel to work on his boat. I takes Jake a lot longer than Rachel does to realize how to come to terms with the events in his life and let go of the upsetment and anger in his life. The chemistry between Jake and Rachel is blistering but it’s a slow burn, neither even realized how much they depended on each other until it was almost too late. I loved how religion was used in the story but not overdone either. I loved how the author showed how one small decision could change your life. Tattered Innocence is the second book in the New Smyrna Beach series by Ann Lee Miller. While this book is part of a series, it can be read and enjoyed on its own. I found this book well written with complex and engaging characters that help to draw you into the story and do not let go until the very end leaving you wanting more. Overall, this was a fabulous story. I will be reading the rest of the books in the series shortly.**I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review

  • Heather Allen
    2019-03-29 23:20

    I am very torn when it comes to this novel. I have to consider this book as being a part of two genres; romance and Christian. In one genre I feel the novel solidly earned it's place, however, in the other, I felt it was lacking. As a romance novel the book was fantastic. Miller does a great job of really pulling the reader into the story. There is a sense of commraderie between reader and character that makes you want to root for them. Maybe just a tad more emotional development, and this story would have easily earned that fifth star. I am not sure if I would consider this book "Christian." It is definitly religious, but I felt that the religious aspects of this novel were a little blury. I saw guilt and uncertainty, but not the pain and grief of seperation from God due to sin. There were a few Biblical references but, I don't feel like the most important aspect of Christianity was addressed; having a relationship with Christ. The impression I got from Jake, was that if he "got right with God," that his reationship wouldn't fail again. I think this novel had a great foundation to be considered Christian. In fact, I was excited to see this topic addressed when I choose to read this book, however, it just didn't get there. Ann Lee Miller despite that, I enjoyed your novel. Keep the faith, let the Lord guide you, and the rest will follow. I am excited to journey on with you as you continue writing.

  • Cathleen
    2019-04-01 22:21

    I received a copy of "Tattered Innocence" in exchange for my honest review.Rachel Martin applies for a position as First Mate aboard the Smyrna Queen captained by Jake Murray. Rachel is running away as far as she can from a relationship she is involved in with a married man who has young children.Jake Murray was recently dumped by his "Blue Blood" wife-to-be and finds himself without a fiance and First Mate. When Rachel shows up to interview with Jake they are both dealing with relationship issues and seem to be combative at first.As they sail the seas together they form a close relationship and feel drawn to each other. Though they both still think they are in love with the people they were previously involved with, they have a spark igniting between them.Rachel is fearful that she will be led down the road to sin again and is mistakenly thinking she is Jake's rebound relationship. Jake is still hung up on his ex-fiance mostly because she represents money and status he has always wanted for himself. These 2 people work out their issues and in the end find true love with each other.This is a well written story where the characters are well developed and have great personality, and have real life flaws and issues. You find yourself drawn into the story and feel at a loss when the story ends.I want to thank Ann Lee Miller for reaching out to me and providing me with a copy of an amazing read.

  • Terri
    2019-04-17 04:07

    Original review found at was ultimately a story about two people who had committed acts outside of the lines of their moral compass and faith and how the resulting guilt can affect every decision and interaction afterwards.To address the elephant in the room this book is in the Christian Fiction genre and therefore there are a lot of references to God and spirituality. This does not overwhelm the story nor become "preachy" at any point. Rather I found the religious references to symbolize the guilt that Rachel and Jake carried throughout the story.This story deals with the themes of guilt and forgiveness and the punishment that people lay on themselves and their worth when they can not forgive themselves.The characters of Rachel and Jake were well written. I had a particular appreciation for Rachel's sarcasm as a mechanism to hide her flaws. The supporting cast were also well written and I immediately disliked Bet and Gab's (I am assuming this was intentional) and found a soft spot for Keenan.Without giving away any of the plot, this story was a journey of forgiveness that I was happy to be along for the ride. Well written and an enjoyable read. I will look at other works of Millers to add to my list of stories to read

  • Anne Campbell
    2019-03-23 03:05

    The superbly talented Ann Lee Miller's books always rate high in my lists. Her books will not be acceptable to the Christian Book Association's standards because they depict the very real temptations and failings of humans--not excusing them by a long shot--but showing us the pain and guilt that results especially from sexual slip-ups. She shows her heroes' and heroines' progressions through and past their temptations and to God.Tattered Innocence is no exception. Rachel Martin is consumed by guilt and running away from the handsome married coach who seduced her. She applies for and gets a job crewing on a charter sailing boat, The Smyrna Queen, owned by Jake Murray. Anything to avoid Coach Bret Rustin.Three problems are immediately obvious: (1) Jake isn't the old salt she expected; he's 29 and model-handsome. (2) All the cabins aboard the boat are booked by guests; the only place to sleep is on a bunk in the captain's quarters. (3) She isn't the only one grieving a past relationship; Jake has just been dumped by his fiancee.Her affections slowly rotate from Bret to Jake, and her guilt deepens to despair when Jake kisses her, no doubt in rebound. He still loves the girl who jilted him.How can she get past this? She has to resign. There's no other choice.

  • Ashley
    2019-04-14 05:03

    Tattered Innocence is a charming, engaging tale with authentic, complex characters. I really enjoyed reading Rachel and Jake's story, and I loved the coastal setting. I couldn't entirely relate to Rachel's struggle, especially when she had such a hard time getting over Bret, because he was just so creepy. But I could understand where she was coming from and I liked her overall. I really liked Jake, until he almost chose to marry Gabrielle. I can't stand when people think marriage will 'fix' an issue like that even if they have a bad/no relationship with the intended spouse. I was so glad when he finally made the right decision in the end! Even though I couldn't totally relate to the character's issues with God personally, I think a lot of people will. I think it's awesome that Ann Lee Miller has chosen to write new adult books for the christian genre. I haven't seen any other christian new adult books. I was happy to see her deal with real life issues, in an authentic way, without sugar coating things. A great addition to christian fiction and a trailblazer in the contemporary new adult genre.

  • Judy
    2019-04-20 22:07

    Tattered Innocence by Ann Lee MillerNew Smyrna Beach Series Book 4Jake Murray had dreams. Owning the Smyrna Queen ketch was one of them. Only he had planned to have Gramps at his side and then Gabs. Neither of those things worked out. He does have a beautiful first mate who is helping him in more ways than crewing.Rachel Martin, cousin to Avra in the previous book, needs to get out of New Smyrna and fast. She has made some poor choices with far reaching destruction. Not only has she hurt own life, but her brothers, her relationship with God and more. Being on the water will hopefully keep her out of trouble.Once again Ann takes readers on an emotional ride with her lifelike story. Real situations and characters that come to life, making mistakes, needing God’s forgiveness, along with learning to forgive themselves. All her books are stand alone but usually build on characters or connections from previous stories.

  • Tracy Krauss
    2019-03-30 22:57

    Ann Lee Miller has done it again in TATTERED INNOCENCE. Set in the tourist community of New Smyrna Beach, she’s woven a story so rich and complex that a mere book review can’t really do it justice. It is ultimately a story of God’s grace and forgiveness, told with authenticity and without sugar coating, yet in a touching and tasteful manner. Jake and Rachel are both emotionally wounded from past relationships and guilt ridden because of bad choices. Rachel signs on to Jake’s crew as a way to run and hide, but over the course of time her armor cracks, as does his. This is not a one-note romance with a neat and tidy outcome, however. As with all of Ms. Miller’s books, the characters runs deep, with emotional baggage that goes way beyond cliché. The description is superb, the dialogue true, and the storyline wallops the reader with unexpected surprises right to the very end. Ann Lee Miller has become one of my favorite authors, not only for the gritty and true to life stories she tells, but the way she tells them with such grace and poignancy.

  • S.K. Anthony
    2019-03-29 04:25

    This book took me by surprise!In the beginning the author provides a list of crewing/sailing terms and what they mean, I decided to skip that and "wing" it, I didn't needt. I was able to follow along with no problems. Though, it's very considerate of the author to this for her readers.As I got into the story, I'll be honest and say that I thought this was going to be too God-centric for my taste, but it wasn't. Yes, it mentioned God a fair amount but it was NOT preachy in any way. It was beautifully written. It reminds us that we are all capable of making mistakes and with some faith and forgiveness we can still find happiness. Rachel and Jake are great characters, as the story develops you can't help but fall in love with them. They are both family oriented and have a strong sense of duty and care for others. They are just fantastic. Read it, you won't regret it!This is the first book I read from Ann Lee Miller and I'm happy to say that I'm a new fan ;)

  • WiLoveBooks
    2019-04-11 00:12

    Rachel and Jake meet when she applies to crew on this boat. Both are escaping their pasts. They are both fresh from bad relationships but work in close proximity, becoming friends. There is a lot about forgiveness here. Forgiving others, forgiving yourself, and forgiveness by God. There are some Christian themes here, but the characters are flawed and make very human mistakes. There are a lot of obstacles to a relationship between these two, both within themselves and from outside forces. Lots of emotion and understandable characters. I know nothing about sailing and don't read a lot of Christian books, but with flawed, believable characters finding their way, Ann Lee Miller's books just sort of grab you. Definitely worth the read. This is the second book I've read by Ann Lee Miller. She has four in the New Smyrna Beach series and the characters intertwine, though they stand alone just fine.

  • Britney
    2019-03-27 05:11

    Tattered Innocence is an engaging story! Ann Lee Miller’s writing is delightfully descriptive and I could almost feel the wind on my face and the rocking of the waters in this story set aboard a sixty-eight-foot sailing vessel, The Smyrna Queen. Written with authentic characters and witty dialogue, Tattered Innocence is a story of mistakes, guilt, and forgiveness. I found Jake and Rachel to be endearing characters and was eager to know how their story would develop. There were times I wasn’t sure what would happen and there were even a few surprises along the way. I enjoyed Ann Lee Miller’s writing and look forward to reading more!I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, which I have given.

  • Jo
    2019-03-25 06:12

    Jake Murray advertises for a first mate to help him crew his charter sail boat. Rachel Martin eagerly takes the job. Jake and Rachel are running from their past mistakes. Rachel is pleased to find that the captain she will work for is only a few years older than her own twenty-something. Neither of them wants to share their pasts, which brings along the constant friction between the two. Jake and Rachel are real people with real problems. Characterization and descriptions are well done and there’s enough romantic suspense to keep you coming back to the book. Ann Miller is a good story teller. Ultimately this is a story of forgiveness, particularly forgiveness of self.

  • Fran
    2019-04-02 06:04

    Wow. This story turned me every which way that was possible. Joy, heartache, humor, uncertainty and more, found their way into my thoughts throughout this book. It brought me back to my younger days of first love, innocent kisses and broken hearts. Days filled with adventures and Dairy Queen, and nights of "Vanilla Moons". Ann Lee Miller has a way of describing the events in such detail that you feel like your right there feeling the ocean spray and tasting salt air. This was indeed a story of mistakes, forgiveness and true love. Absolutely loved this book and look forward to reading more from this author!

  • Cheryl
    2019-04-19 22:10

    I really like how this book showed the consequences of pass mistakes. There was a great deal of love and forgiveness that needed to happen. These characters were very real people who made real mistakes. They had so much to overcome, sometimes I got a bit bogged down with it. However - these issues were handled in a clean and uplifting way. There were twists and turns that I didn't see coming. I was anxious to see how it could all possibly be worked out. I was impressed by how real the characters seemed. It was fun to see a few characters make a cameo appearance from the first book in this series. You do not need to have read the first book to enjoy this one though.

  • Alexa Verde
    2019-04-01 23:59

    I loved the story line of self-forgiveness in Ann Lee Miller's Tattered Innocence. Faith is an important part of the story, and the characters growth with the lessons they learned made me care and cheer for them.The book is written in a fresh, unique writing style, and the characters of Jake and Rachel felt real and engaging. They were not perfect, and I liked it about them as well. The world of sailing was a bit unusual for me, but it pulled me into the story, and I might have learned several new words!I loved the book, and I'm looking forward to read more books by Ann Lee Miller. I received the book in exchange for an honest review, which I have given.

  • Andi
    2019-03-25 23:09

    Rachel is running from an affair with a married man, and Jake is running from a broken heart. When Rachel answers the Craigslist add she is floored that the captain of the Smyrna Queen is a young hot guy, not an old sailor. Within the pages Ann writes a story that is true to life, the characters are real and that makes you want to care and cheer for them.I was completely pulled into the book. The spiritual element is not overwhelming, but is there, and it makes you evaluate your own life and choices.I highly recommend this book, and it will be on my top reads for 2013.

  • Evelyn
    2019-04-02 01:57

    Thank you for the chance to receive and read Tattered Innocence. It was well written. I loved the metaphors and similes. Since I know nothing about boats and sailing it was a learning experience.I was amazed to realized how blessed I am to have grown up in a Christian family and to have a solid church family. This book showed me, in a greater way, how difficult it must be for those with no Christian background to live a moral life and come to terms with their guilt.