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In a world created by human ingenuity and dreams-the world of songs, stories and books-Isabella has lived in Christmas for over four hundred years. But when she seeks a vacation from the endless Christmas puddings and jingle bells, she discovers that the world of ideas is more dangerous than it seems. Given permission to visit the foreign genre of Mystery, Isabella experieIn a world created by human ingenuity and dreams-the world of songs, stories and books-Isabella has lived in Christmas for over four hundred years. But when she seeks a vacation from the endless Christmas puddings and jingle bells, she discovers that the world of ideas is more dangerous than it seems. Given permission to visit the foreign genre of Mystery, Isabella experiences a shocking crime, one that threatens the very fabric of her society. With the help of Sherlock Holmes, she must find the murderer who is picking off literary characters one by one, threatening annihilation in a world where death is unimaginable-after all, a well told tale never dies. As the investigation grows ever more troubling and dangerous, Isabella must learn to trust both her heart and Baker Street's notoriously woman-hating sleuth....

Title : Outside the Spotlight
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ISBN : 9781935961932
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 120 Pages
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Outside the Spotlight Reviews

  • Matilda
    2019-04-08 05:06

    (It's more a 3.5)A nice little cosy mystery.I am very glad that an internet friend of mine sent it to me after she had read it. I am a lover of everything Sherlock Holmes related and the plot seemed really original.The whole universe created by Sophie Weeks is really interesting and well presented. From the first page you have enough elements to start wondering and appreciating the fluid and well-balanced writing as well as the unique setting. The slight touches of French culture interested me of course, and were on the whole coherent.The whole meta-fictionnal comment on characters from books and poems having a life of their own opens nearly an infinite world of possibilities and I liked the casual tone used by the authoress: the bureaucracy authorizing holidays in other genres of books, etc. However, as it is such a short book, we do not have an immense amount of extra information and descriptions and I missed it. This kind of setting requires explanations I think and that's a little bit disapointing not to have them.The plot on the whole was interesting and I liked wondering on whom could be the culprit, but as the resolution is so quick I felt a little cheated. You do not have the time to really understand the motives of the person and then you have the ending pretty quickly.(view spoiler)[ I was not totally against the romance between Isabella and Sherlock Holmes. I understood that it was not really the character from the Conan Doyle's stories that we had here, but as I have said before, the book is short, and so we do not have the time, I feel, to fully embrace their story before its conclusion. Moreover some love declarations were too mushy for me. Particularly in such short a novel, where the characters have only known each other for a hundred pages or so. And of course considering the temperament of Holmes. Isabella cried a little bit too much for my taste as well.(hide spoiler)]I especially brought this book with me on holiday and I found that it was a perfect read for Christmas time. I really hope that Sophie Weeks will write another story set in the same world and will give us more explanations on everything.

  • Cheryl
    2019-03-31 05:35

    A very different little book which I did enjoy despite being unable to entirely classify it. The concept of characters having a different life when outside the spotlight makes sense to me, as does the whole experiment with 1st person narration. I am a little puzzled still to think that certain character types get recycled -- not saying there aren't stock types in many books and that some of them don't seem to be the same person even when written by different authors, just that the book indicates that there a lot of unused characters just like out-of-work actors and since Isabella pretty much stays put where she is, why wouldn't these characters? Slight disconnect for me there.One thing I did like was the concept of Isabella getting to know herself better by leaving her normal world and by seeing herself through the eyes of others. The courage to take the first step and go on holiday ultimately sets in motion a much different future for her, but it doesn't flow smoothly and she nearly sabotages herself by going back to her comfortable habits. That rings true for me and I think provides some good psychological insight for many people.

  • Christina Esdon
    2019-04-01 02:11

    I loved the premise of this short novel by Sophie Weeks. I've always wondered what some popular literary characters did when they weren't busy being in the book. How would they react and respond in different situations and with completely different characters? Ms. Weeks does a great job playing this out in her book. It's a quick read and quite entertaining. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Misty
    2019-03-21 22:30

    4.5This was very charming and VERY clever. Review to come.

  • Jaylia3
    2019-03-25 01:15

    Jasper Fforde meets Jane Austen at 221B Baker Street,I love the premise of this story which reminds me of Book World in Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next novels. Though not as funny as Fforde’s series, Outside the Spotlight shares the idea that literary figures interact in a genre spanning universe and have their own lives, joys, and unique problems. The “not as funny” comment isn’t a criticism. There’s still plenty of humor--Fforde would be hard to beat for funny--and with mystery and romance Outside the Spotlight has its own charms.Isabella has spent the last 400 years as a sixteenth century milkmaid from a Christmas carol. She has 200 recipes for Christmas pudding, she’s witnessed the birth of the Christ child, and she’s friends with Santa Claus (who drinks too much when he’s off duty), but Isabella is tired of winter weather and longs for the chance to go someplace warm. She applies to take a vacation as a character in a mystery novel, and for that she is trained by none other than Sherlock Holmes. In spite of their disparate backgrounds, there’s mutual respect and a burgeoning attraction between Holmes and Isabella, but--like many characters in Jane Austen novels--neither is the type to blurt out their feelings. Their relationship might have ended with the training except that when the unthinkable happens in the mystery Isabella has a role in she turns to Holmes for help. As someone who enjoys books about books, I love the cleverness of the cross genre relationships and complications. With convincing characterizations and an entertaining plot, Outside the Spotlight is a fun and satisfying reading pleasure.

  • Ameise1
    2019-03-25 04:27

    It was an enjoyable reading. The story starts in Christmas, but not Christmas as a time but as a place. Isabella is living since 400 years in Christmas and would like to have a vacation. Therefore she must fill out a form and go to an interview. She decides to take her holiday in the place called mystery. First she has to undergo an apprenticeship and for this reason she is sent to Sherlock Holmes. He is teaching her how to characterise her person for a mystery. The story he is placing her into is rather modest. After this course of instruction Isabelle is sent to her 'mystery play', where the play is taking another turn that it should have been. I didn't like the plot of this play because it is rather dull. Anyway, because there has been another outcome of this play then it was expected from the script Sherlock Holms reenters the story. Isabella has got strong feelings for him and has been falling in love. As it must be, Sherlock is solving the case and the very end of this story is leaving it open whether there could be continuance or not.(3 1/2 stars)

  • melydia
    2019-04-20 02:12

    Isabella, who stars in a French Christmas carol, lives in a land of all things Christmas: every song, story, poem, and legend about this holiday coexists in one place. However, after several centuries she's grown tired of her monotonous existence and decides to vacation in the land of Mystery, where she meets the famous Sherlock Holmes. There are some strange philosophical issues raised here, but suffice it to say that these characters know they are characters but they remain fairly autonomous nonetheless. Many writers talking about how their characters often will do things they don't expect, and this sort of takes that to the next level. Sherlock's presence is slightly gratuitous, but it remains a very fun story, especially delightful to anyone who's ever dabbled in writing fiction.

  • Ellie Ann
    2019-03-25 05:10

    This is a delightful book!Outside the Spotlight is an engaging read. The language is clear, strong, and beautiful. There are so many phrases and creative thoughts I'll remember for a long time. It takes place in the World of Genre. The protagonist lives in Christmas. I just love that! Literary characters were merged and knit together in a way that worked.Sherlock Holmes was perfect, he never once gave me a second thought that he WASN'T Holmes...which is an amazing feat. The main character, Isabella, is gentle and smart, two attributes which aren't combined often enough. Her wonderful internal dialogue attached me to her right away.I liked the book a lot, and would've given it 5-stars if only there was more tension.

  • Debbie Heaton
    2019-04-05 02:31

    In Weeks’ mixed genre novel, Isabella has lived in Christmas for four-hundred years. Now she wants a vacation from it all and soon discovers the world outside is far more dangerous than she had ever imagined. When Isabella is granted permission to visit Mystery, she is witness to a shocking crime and must assist Sherlock Holmes and find the murderer before more literary characters are threatened.A very entertaining read that mixes mystery and romance freely.

  • Amanda Allen
    2019-03-28 21:31

    3.5. I wanted to like this so much more. Misty at the book rat recommended it, and I usually love her recs. This was, however, a solid 3 for me until the end which bumped it up to 3.5. For 3 bucks or whatever it's absolutely worth it. Especially for the world which is delightful.

  • Dina Coutu
    2019-03-27 01:28

    This story turned out to be really good and kept drawing me back to read it more and more!