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Seventeen year old Alexis finds herself on the eve of her eighteenth birthday. What generally means a step into adulthood instead opens its way to a terrifying truth about not only her family, but herself. She comes from a long line of vampire hunters, and her real dad wants her to carry on the family quest. At the same time, she is falling for a new boy at school who hasSeventeen year old Alexis finds herself on the eve of her eighteenth birthday. What generally means a step into adulthood instead opens its way to a terrifying truth about not only her family, but herself. She comes from a long line of vampire hunters, and her real dad wants her to carry on the family quest. At the same time, she is falling for a new boy at school who has his own secret. He is a vampire. Alexis is forced to make a decision from which there is no turning back. – Will she deny this newly discovered heritage, or embrace it....

Title : Twin Souls
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Twin Souls Reviews

  • Rhonda
    2019-04-11 04:13

    I abandoned this book about half way through. Actually I gave up before that put it down and then picked it up again forgetting why I gave it up. About one more page and oh I REMEMBERED! Problem one I came across was that Alex mentioned in the beginning that her dad took off when she was six. A little later she is talking about her love of music and mentioned that she had lessons when she was young but quit after her dad left. Do you know of anyone who gets lessons at 5? Maybe it is just me but that seems a little young for piano lessons. The second problem I came across was when Alex left school the first day. It is a Friday and she is sitting on the bleachers with her two friends, Karen and Jason, saying goodbye and Karen says, "I'll see you next week, then." Umm.. It’s been a while since I was in high school but I don't remember going a weekend without seeing or at least talking to my friends and that was before cell phones and internet in every household. Then she runs in the new guy, Salem, leaning against her car in the parking lot. That whole situation was just really odd. Small town sure but in this day and time would you give a strange guy a ride down an old dirt road into a totally secluded area? And then how the author does the dialogue! She has a century old vampire "beam" at Alex?! Maybe again it's just me but I don't get that at all! When I read that someone "beams" I am usually seeing an expression on a small child or someone who is being praised by someone they admire or look up to. It made me think the guy was a little umm... slow maybe. Anyone else notice how time FLIES in this book? I mean she gets out of school, drives Salem to his secluded home, and all of a sudden it's 7pm! That was at least a 2 1/2 hour drive!Let's see how many issues have I come up with so far? I guess we are on Problem five. After Salem drops this bomb on her about how her parents aren't her parents she appears to be quite upset, understandably of course, but then not a few pages later she is giving in to his suggestion to just go to sleep. Hmm... Again just me, but personally with that kind of revelation I think I would have trouble sleeping.Alex's 18th birthday party reminded me a child's birthday party. "'Let me handle this,' Karen said in disgrace when she saw my face. I watched her casually enter the living room and shut off the radio. 'How about everyone get ready for Alex to open her presents while I order us some pizza?' Everyone settled down after cheering at the idea of pizza. I smiled thankfully at my blonde friend as she passed by to order the food. The crowd of teenagers deserted the living room and filled the small dining room area, surrounding me and the table of unopened gifts. Karen joined them after hanging up the phone."Anyone think Karen sounds like a mom and the little teenagers more like 10 or 12 year olds? I saw little girls in pink dresses and boys dressed in slacks and dress shirts when I read this.One other strange observation is how Salem keeps putting her to bed. Fully clothed - no night time rituals of teeth brushing, face washing,or clothes changing for this group. I think the straw that finally broke it for me was this little part: (Alex is talking to Paul at his home)"I popped the can open, flashing him a smile in thanks before I took a sip. It was even warmer than expected, but I drank it anyway. 'I had a weird dream last night, and I was wondering if you could help me figure it out.' I wracked my brain trying to figure out how I was supposed to ask Paul about this without mentioning Salem.'Well, I ain't much of a psychiatrist or anything,' he chuckled, 'but I'll do my best.' I took pride in the fact that my vocabulary and speech varied from his - I had Desmond to thank for that one. Before he decided to leave Janet and me, he was an English teacher and actually made an effort to dedicate some of his time helping me expand my vocabulary."That ticked me off. Talk about egotistical! I come from an area where "ain't" is an everyday word. It's not because these people aren't educated, it is a slang word coming from a lot of habit. And again I have to remind you that her father, Desmond, left her at age SIX! Yes, children are little sponges but come on!I gave up at this point.

  • Stacy
    2019-04-06 22:05

    I'm saying Nevermore to this book.Alexis is a completely empty person. There is nothing memorable to her. Even though I just read 5 chapters and put the book down about 4 minutes ago, I had to pick it back up to look up her name. She's that invisible.I've had more emotion about a smudge on my glasses than Alexis had over the revelations about her life. A laptop? A high school guy picks up a part-time job, saves up every penny to buy a friend a laptop?The town has 3000 people but the high school only has 100 students? And 15% of them show up for her birthday? And she doesn't really know them even though everyone in town knows everyone else in town?In five chapters, her shoelaces are mentioned. Seriously. Shoelaces. Twice. In five chapters. When I see "vampire hunter" in a book, it should be at least as bizarre as Abraham Lincoln with an axe or as cool as the Winchesters with their Impala or as clever as Buffy and Mr. Pointy.

  • Booknut
    2019-04-25 02:01

    Rating: 4Turning eighteen for Alexis, means taking part in the family business. Which just so happens to be vampire hunting.All she wanted was a new laptop - maybe even the complete works of Edgar Allen Poe. But discovering that her parents aren't her real parents, that her Uncle Paul is actually her father and that vampires exist, was not on her birthday list. Dealing with the news remarkably well, Alexis finds an ally - and a friend - in the new boy at school, Salem Young.Who just happens to be a vampire.On first dates, some guys get the talk from the girl's dad. Salem gets the crossbow.Her father, a vampire hunter himself, is less than pleased with his daughter befriending a vampire - let alone falling for one, which Alexis seems to be in danger of doing. Alexis tries hard to balance spending time with Salem with her hunter training; reluctant to actually do any of the killing, despite her father's enthusiasm for the 'hunt'. But Paul isn't easily placated. No daughter of his will date a vampire while he's got breath in his body.Myths are just myths...or are they?Alexis believes it's a co-incidence that her last name, Waldron, translates into the word 'wall-raven'. But when Salem tells her of the myth that speaks of how some hunters can transform into ravens, Alexis begins to have doubts. Does she have abilities she doesn't know of? And will they aid her in dealing with those vampires out there that wish to harm her?Or will they make her a target?Like a beautifully composed piano composition, Twin Souls connects with readers - presenting a vampire novel that makes them question who the real monsters are.

  • Cecilia (rather barefoot than bookless)
    2019-04-05 23:06

    This was an amazing read and it was such a close 5 star rating but It wasn't quite that good so I will give it 4.5 stars.First I need to say that yes part of the book reminded me of twilight. But Poe really made this her own story and even though a few things reminded me of twilight she made it her own abd she did it good! I would say that it can be difficult to write about vampires after twilight since it bacame such a big hit so everyone who have read the books will compare them to other books in the same genre unless you come up with somrthing uniqe. In a way Poe really did something different with these books! I love the story between Alex and Salem! They are both intruiging characters and Salem does have that mysterious vibe about him that just makes you love him more! Alex is a strong female but she is not aware of it but when she comes to terms with what she is by blood and when she sort of accept it she aslo finds her strength! The love story is great but perhaps a little fast in it's pace. Everything happens so quickly. Meeting - falling in love - moving in ...... A little fast but perhaps That was how it had to be for the story! I loved this one! It is a mix between Twilight and Vampire academy but with it's own unique style! An awesome read that I highly recommend.

  • Angieleigh
    2019-03-25 21:54

    {Disclosure: I was sent a review copy of this book by the author in exchange for my review. I received no monetary compensation nor am I expected to give this book a positive review...all thoughts and feelings about this book are my own.}I'm going to say right away that this book was out of my comfort zone, or so I thought. In an attempt to read something that wasn't fluffy and light and wonderful I agreed to read this at Ms. Poe's request. I am so glad I did. I loved every page I read of this book. Alexis was a great lead female and Salem was a strong male lead. I wasn't overly fond of Paul, but he does redeem himself a bit as the book goes along. There were parts of the ending that were quite the surprise as I never saw them coming.Alexis's whole life changes the day she turns 18. Her mother mysteriously disappears leaving a rather cryptic note and a beautiful boy shows up at school and talks her into going to his house. There she learns that her entire life has been a lie and she's not exactly who she thought she was. I had to stop reading halfway through to email Ms. Poe and ask her if there would be a sequel as I didn't want this to be the end of Alexis's story! Thankfully she told me that there'll be a sequel coming soon. I can't wait to read it! Again, thank you so, so much! It was a pleasure to read Alexis and Salem's story!

  • Amy
    2019-04-13 04:06

    This was a great book in my opinion, the type of book that once you start you can't seem to put it down. When i read about Alexis' life and how in changed completely in a month, finding out she was adopted, a vampire hunter, but also falling in love with a vampire. She changes through out the plot by dropping out of school, hunting with her real father, and living with Salem, her supposed soul mate. They fall in love, which makes her father furious doing anything to keep her away from vampires. Overall, the plot was exciting and sort of reminded me of Twilight, but instead had a little twist on it.

  • Charidy
    2019-04-05 05:09

    The book takes off like a rocket. Within the first paragraph I was hooked and couldn't wait to find out what happens next.All of the characters in this book are well written and very believable. I could close my eyes and even picture the town of Wilowshire, CO.I HATE BEING A SPOILER so I won't say much about the plot. But after reading this book I have already started the 2nd in this series and I'm nearly done.... and WHOA it is good too!

  • Christina Morales
    2019-04-01 00:15

    Refreshing read, plus no werewolves!Story about a girl who falls for a vampire, then finds out she is a vampire hunter, oh and she turns into a raven when angry. Wish there was more romance in book one, very YA. Already started reading book two and its great so far. Look forward to reading all Mrs. Poe offers.

  • Intrigued by Romance
    2019-04-20 02:23

    I loved reading this story! I had a hard time putting the book down. The story was well writen and the relationship of the main characters Alexia and Salem was heart warming. What would you do for the one you love? I was a bit skeptical in the beginning about Salem, but I fell in love with him throughout the book. If you love vampire romance......You must read thisbook. You won't be dissapointed.

  • Zacci
    2019-04-09 22:21

    I'm usually not the type to read paranormal books like this but I was pretty hooked on the story! The love between Alex & Salem was such a nice romance compared to the relationship between Bella & Edward in Twilight. It was innocent yet mature. But it wasn't all on that relationship which was a nice change from the Twilight series. People will enjoy this more than Twilight, by far!

  • Jennifer Eden
    2019-04-03 22:02

    I enjoyed Twin Souls. It had a pretty good amount of twists and suprises. I like the new ideas on vampires. My favorite was the character development and evolving. I like it when a stone hard charcter is forced into a situation that may change his very makeup.

  • Angela
    2019-04-09 21:08

    The main character is about as interesting as plain toast. Her vampire boyfriend is adorable and perfect as expected. Honestly, it was a very easy read but hardly left an impression. Honestly, I was hoping they would both die at the end. To its credit both of the characters are better people than the characters in Twilight story is about as interesting.

  • Carly Compass
    2019-03-29 22:03

    Pretty basic, goosebumps inspired, type novel, the first in a series.

  • Clarice
    2019-03-31 23:03

    Being abandoned by your dad was one thing, but when your mom walks out on you too, what do you do? Alexis is going to be 18 soon and things in her life have suddenly gotten more complicated than she bargained for. Feeling completely abandoned, she does her best to go on with her life while her dad left a long time ago and her mom just left to go live elsewhere with her boyfriend, Mark. Her best friends, Karen and Jason, do their best to cheer her up, but should Alexis even care anymore? Interestingly enough, she meets a mysterious new guy at school that is showing quite a bit of interest in Alex while her life is going down the drain. She ends up going to his house and after midnight on her 18th birthday, he has to explain that she is from a line of vampire hunters and her mom and dad were not her real parents. Her Uncle Paul is her real father and her real mother has been dead for a long time. Paul hid Alex in order to protect her from the monsters he was hunting. But the twist is that Salem, the new guy from school, is a vampire too. He just doesn't drink human blood. And he can conjure pretty much anything he wants to, food included. The more that she gets to know Salem, the less she thinks he is a monster. In fact, she really likes him and he cares for her very deeply. But Paul is a hard case and feels like all vampires are monsters. Then Alex sees her mother on t.v. after having been mauled by a bear. She was in the hospital, but alive. Alex has a bad feeling about what is going on, thinking that it was a vampire, like Mark. Salem doesn't think it's him at first because he used to be like Salem. But after a series of strange and short conversations with Alex's mom, Salem grows more suspicious of Mark being the perpetrator. In a desperate move, Alex asks for she and Paul, along with her real aunt, to go see about her mom. But she has no idea what she will find and how it will impact her life. In a way you want to say poor Alex because of all of the hardships she had to endure. However, she is one tough girl and does her absolute best to deal with things as they come. It is a lot to take in being abandoned by two parents only to find out neither are your real parents and your real dad wants a relationship with you. He wants to be dad while Alex is not ready to accept that just yet. It is a tenuous situation and things get more and more strained with the situation with Alex's mom and then finding out that Alex has an exceptionally rare gift. Then there is Salem, who Paul has tried to kill a few times and almost succeeded at one point. Will Paul be able to accept their growing relationship? And more importantly, will Alex be able to accept who she really is?

  • Elizabeth Marks
    2019-04-05 22:55

    This was the second book in a free 13 book bundle. At first glance it is a story about a girl who was just abandoned by the woman she knew as her mother on the eve of her eighteenth birthday. Suddenly she's approached by a mysterious boy who takes her to his home and tells her that her parents weren't her real parents, and that Witches are real, but he's not one.I'll admit that I had no desire to finish this. Even skimming became tedious after a bit. By the time I reached her birthday party I lost all respect for her. She somehow managed, in a small town, to convince her very close friends that she was into things she really wasn't into. For some reason, she didn't want them to know that she liked Classical music or books...Uhhu... Then she gets all offended when they put down the new guy for getting her a book for her birthday, and that they don't know you well enough to get you anything you want. A laptop? First, what an amazing gift! Not that my friends didn't love me, but if they'd gotten me a laptop for my 18th I would have been ecstatic, and yet you with your supposed intelligence are disappointed? Oh, and how the new guy gets her! Because he has given her no time to start hiding who she really is, as she probably would have eventually.So, I got lost on what the plot of the story was supposed to be. The most of what I can gather is maybe it was the author's attempt to cash in on the Twilight scene by writing another, worse version of angsty Bella and stupidly enigmatic Edward. As soon as it was revealed that he's a daywalking vamp I groaned. Bet you they both turn out to be virgins too, but I didn't stick around to find out. I refuse to waste my time reading about another whiny teenager who hates the bed she made. I have some choice words for someone like that.Not recommending this to anyone I really care about. Great Kindling if I had it in paperback form!Just as a side note: Having the main character reading Edgar Allen Poe was not as clever as the author thought it would be. It just made me roll my eyes, and as other's have pointed out, the Raven is a poem, not a full length novel.

  • Laura
    2019-04-16 04:19

    Being honest here, I read this book as part of a sampler collection.I ended up skimming through more than half of it because I just couldn't take it anymore (by skimming, I mean that I still picked up on all major events without reading too many details).Why did this thing get one star?So, so many reasons.Alexis and Salem fall in love after about, oh, I don't know, 2 hours of knowing each other?Time is weirdly fluid in this book, making me think SOMEONE never bothered to proof read or edit critically. Alexis leaves school and suddenly it's 7 pm. She has a conversation with someone mid-morning, and suddenly the sun is setting. The adverbs kill me and often don't make sense: "I slowly jerked the car..."Do you know what jerking means? It's by definition kind of a rapid action, but whatever.Also, I think the author has never actually read The Raven. It is not a book on its own, it does not take hours to read. It's a poem. For someone who based their pen name on Edgar Allan Poe, I'm severely disappointed, K.A.Alexis' secret ability was obvious the moment the foreshadowing tried to hint at it. Then there's the whole mom/dad etc. situation.No spoilers, I promise, but may I just note that it's highly unlikely that if you've known someone your entire life, maybe you've seen their house before? Or their place of work? Or, you know, have their phone number? Somewhere?There were just so many issues with this type of story. Never mind the painfully transparent plot and bad guy, and the fact that Salem is just a weird little dude. The way he's described, the way he behaves. He doesn't come across as a Welsh vampire, he comes across as a sixteen-year-old who takes high school drama class too seriously and is PRETENDING to be different.Ugh.

  • Maryam Dinzly
    2019-03-28 00:22

    Seventeen year old Alexis finds herself on the eve of her eighteenth birthday. What generally means a step into adulthood instead opens its way to a terrifying truth about not only her family, but herself. She comes from a long line of vampire hunters and her real dad wants her to carry on the family quest. At the same time, she is falling for a new boy at school who has his own secret. He is a vampire. Alexis is forced to make a decision from which there is no turning back. Will she deny this newly discovered heritage, or embrace it?Firstly, I completely forgot how I got this book. Secondly, I'm watching a soccer match, while reviewing this. Thirdly, I'm still not sure if I'm reading the next book after this hmmmm. Not that the book isn't good, it's just that I've been rushing through series after series, that I kinda wanna slow down. But, ohwell. HEHEHE. Anyway, this book basically reminds me about Twilight, only better. HAHA. Vampires apparently CAN go out in the sun, and this particular cute vampire can materialise things out of the air. Like, mmmm mouthwatering food. Though, Alexis' dad, Paul, annoys the fuck out of me. HAHA. I mean, NO, don't you dare ruin your daughter's relationship, not when you've NEVER admitted her as your own, not even if she is dating a hot vampire. HAHA. Anyway, this book is quite good, though it seemed too narrative to me. Like, the amount of dialogues, especially in the starting, was so minimal, such that it almost bore me. But it was fine after that. Hopefully, the second book will be better. :)

  • Wendi
    2019-04-22 22:15

    I read this book because it was free and in my usual genre favorite. I had read the reviews first of course. I wasn't sure if I wanted to because so many people said things moved too fast. This I completely agree with. It's also why I gave it 3 stars. I think the writer was so eager to get past the meeting and romancing that she just flew right through it. I did, however, love the idea of the story line. That is what kept me engaged. Once I got past the quickness of Alex and Salem's relationship, it really was a good book. It was unconventional IMO. It did have some scenes that completely made me think "I read a scene like this in Twilight". I guess it's getting hard to write original stories anymore. Since everyone seems to be doing it. But in the end I liked the story and I look forward to reading the rest of the series since the other 3 books are already available.

  • Rebecca
    2019-03-27 23:54

    Is it possible to give a book negative stars? This one is a train wreck. I only chose to read it because of the reference to Edgar Allan Poe. I cannot even finish it. It's a mess. Bad grammar, inaccurate references to literature, horrid "plot" (wait, was there a plot? I missed it entirely).Side note, I forgot to mention the author kept referring to The Raven as a book. At one point, the main character was reading the Raven in class (as a book assignment from the teacher) and later found it and "picked up on the story where she left off", reading it all night until she finally fell asleep. The Raven is a goddamn poem, not a story, not a book. The author has not read The Raven. Do not disrespect Edgar!

  • Regan Landau
    2019-04-13 22:59

    Wow, this author loves adverbs. Everything must be done swiftly, or abruptly, or sorrowfully. Often they don't even make sense, e.g., "I slowly jerked the car..."The writing distracts me from the story, which is actually fine, if not unusually paced. (Time stretches, then speeds up, then stretches again.)Also, I'm pretty sure the author hasn't read The Raven. She consistently refers to it as a story, not a poem-- and, thematically, there are zero similarities between this book and the poem.

  • Heather
    2019-04-07 01:10

    Very Twilight-ish. She discovers she comes from a long line of vampire hunters while she is secretly dating a, wait got it..., a vampire. Not a like-able character. She drops her friends and drops out of school in her senior year! to go live with a boy (the vampire--gasp) in the woods and takes long walks by the lake and reads. Yawn. Why did I finish it? I was hoping for a twist, something exciting. Nope.

  • Tyla Garner
    2019-03-27 23:23

    GREAT READThis book is seriously amazing! It is like 20 times better than twilight, and I really didn't mind twilight. YOU SHOULD SERIOUSLY READ THIS BOOK.P.S. IF YOU ARE A MORMON YOU WILL LOVE IT BECAUSE IT IS CLEAN

  • Mya
    2019-04-23 03:14

    Best book everBest book everthis book is fantastic. it mixes love with fantasy and action and adventure. this book left me in suspense and I can't wait to the next book hybrid.

  • A. Powers
    2019-04-23 03:59

    I had a hard time getting into this book in the beginning, but I can't really say why. Maybe it was just me? But then there were some really cool parts here and there. But in the end... I don't know, the whole Raven versus vampire thing just didn't work for me.

  • bennie berry
    2019-04-12 22:00

    A very good read.This is a great book. It's well written and I gave it a 5 star rating because of it's mix of action and sweet romance.

  • sabrina palmer
    2019-04-09 20:53

    AWESOME!!!The way of forbidden love always gets me.I,'ve read a lot of romance and vampire books but this was the best!!

  • Emma Grooms
    2019-03-31 01:22

    I love this book!!!!!!This book was well written. I always love books about forbidden love. Can't wait to read the rest of the series!!!!<3

  • Gaby
    2019-04-18 03:56

    This book was amazing!!!! I really liked the whole drama of her being a vampire hunter while her love is a vampire. This book is jaw-dropping.

  • Kylee
    2019-04-21 03:16

    i loved this book in the beginning the wwas susspense the worry then it ended with a little romance. i would definately read again.

  • maribel
    2019-04-14 01:10

    Awesome!Awesome!beautiful love story..loved the plot and twists I enjoyed every chapter now I must move on to book number two!