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Tara Lancaster can sing Amazing Grace in three harmonies, two languages, and interpret it for the hearing impaired. She can list the Bible canon backward, forward, and alphabetized. And the only time she ever missed church was at seventeen because she had pneumonia and her mom made her stay home. But when her life shatters around her and her reputation is left in ruins, TaTara Lancaster can sing Amazing Grace in three harmonies, two languages, and interpret it for the hearing impaired. She can list the Bible canon backward, forward, and alphabetized. And the only time she ever missed church was at seventeen because she had pneumonia and her mom made her stay home. But when her life shatters around her and her reputation is left in ruins, Tara decides escape is the only option. She flees halfway across the country to dog-sit, but the quiet anonymity she needs isn t waiting in her sister s house. Instead she finds a knife with a threatening message, a fame-hungry friend, a too-hunky neighbor, and evidence of...a ghost? Following all the rules has gotten her nowhere. And nothing she learned in Sunday School can tell her where to go from there....

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The Good Girl Reviews

  • Brittany
    2019-04-18 23:27

    Who can take a murder mystery and make it fun? Christy Barritt, that's who. The Good Girl was such a great read. Full of characters that are both quirky yet real, this story captured my attention and kept me guessing right until the very end, when the author finally revealed the killer.Tara Lancaster is a young woman who is trying to escape the public eye. We learn early on, while reading the story, that Tara's world has collapsed around her and that she, who was once known as "The Good Girl" has fallen from grace in some big, public way. I enjoyed that the author was able to build up the suspense about what was behind Tara's problems. I will definitely not ruin the surprise here in my review. I will just say that Tara's problems were big and very real.Tara flees from her home in Florida and agrees to house sit for her sister in St. Paul, Minnesota. She escapes from her problems back home and jumps right into new ones! Primarily the fact that the house she is staying in appears to be haunted! Haunted, you ask? Well, that is one theory. Tara, having felt that she has disappointed God, is asking many questions about whether He truly exists or not. When the strange things start happening around her, she does actually start wondering if it is possible that there is a ghost.Strength and wisdom, as well as some guidance back toward the Lord, comes in the form of a hunky neighbor. Ben Cooper lives next door with his son. He comes to Tara's aid on more than one occasion. As Tara grows interested in Cooper, she worries that her past will make it impossible to ever have a future together. I also enjoyed Tara's new friend, Candy. She brought a lot of comic relief to the story.An altogether fun read that I would recommend to fans of Christian fiction, suspense and even romance. This book has all three. (5 stars)

  • Anna Hurtt
    2019-03-26 22:22

    I’ll admit it… I let this book sit waiting on my Kindle for way too long before picking it up. Because I’ve always identified myself as a “good girl” like Tara Lancaster, the main character, I’ve been intrigued by her story. I’m so glad I found time to read this great book.Tara has been a “good girl” her entire life and nothing has panned out like she wanted it to. In fact, her life has fallen apart in a huge, public way. She struggles with feelings of abandonment and disillusionment towards God. Having been in ministry myself for a large portion of my life, I could totally relate to her feelings when things don’t turn out like I plan and I end up hurt and dejected. Little thoughts whisper into my ear just like they did in hers, things like “Isn’t life supposed to be easier because I’m doing what God wants? Isn’t God supposed to bless me more because I “earned” it?” Like Tara, I had to learn that it isn’t about what we do or how good we are. It’s all about Jesus and when we take our eyes off Him and settle our sights on other things, whether it’s becoming the “perfect” Christian or developing our own set of rules, it’s only a matter of time before we slip and fall.When she runs away to Minnesota to house-sit for her sister, the last thing she expects is to find… something… that obviously doesn’t want her in the house. What follows is a mystery of intrigue, spookiness, and danger as she tries to figure out who or what is haunting her sister’s house. Cooper, the hunky boy-next-door comes to her aid and adds a lovely touch of romance to this story.It was an easy, quick read and the tension was spread nicely throughout the book. I give this great read 5 stars!

  • Emilie Hendryx
    2019-03-30 01:19

    Tara Lancaster (AKA The Good Girl) finds that life isn't always black and white. Following a massive hit to her "good girl" reputation in Florida, she agrees to dog-sit for her sister in Minnesota. Little does she know that this wont be the type of vacation she is looking for. Strange things start to happen in the house and there seems to be no reasonable explanation for them except to blame a ghost! Even her next door neighbor, Ben Cooper, isn't quite what she'd expected.Will a knife stabbed through a threatening note and a spunky, fame-hungry friend be enough to send Tara back to her home in Florida? Or is what awaits her in Florida just as bad?I have given this book 5 big and bright stars not only for wonderful writing and intriguing elements, but for sheer creativity! I've read one other book from Christy Barritt so far (Key Witness) and was just as impressed by that book too. Christy has a way of creating genuine characters who struggle with every-day thoughts and decisions in a real way. They are open, honest, and draw you in with their inner monologue and realistic conclusions about life.As I read The Good Girl, I connected with Tara and her struggles against doing what was right because it was expected, and doing what is right because it's what God desires. Tara comes face to face with her own hypocrisy in a very real and tangible way. Not to mention there is an element in this book that you wont be expecting.Christy tackles real problems with skill and intuition without forsaking humor and lighthearted romance. This book is a must read!**Originally posted on my blog: received a free copy of this book for review purposes, but was under no obligation to read the book or post a review. I do so under my own motivation and the opinions I have expressed in this review are honest and entirely my own.

  • Cathy Daniel
    2019-04-02 03:26

    Fun, cute story. I liked the characters and the mystery. The way the heroine figured out the mystery at the end made me roll my eyes slightly but I highly recommend this author and this book, none the less :)

  • Laura
    2019-03-22 02:20

    Title: THE GOOD GIRLAuthor: Christy BarrittPublisher: White FireJune 2013ISBN: 978-1939023025Genre: Cozy mysteryTara Lancaster can sing Amazing Grace in three harmonies, two languages, and interpret it for the hearing impaired. She can list the Bible canon backward, forward, and alphabetized. And the only time she ever missed church was at seventeen because she had pneumonia and her mom made her stay home. But when her life shatters around her and her reputation is left in ruins, Tara decides escape is the only option. She flees halfway across the country to dog-sit, but the quiet anonymity she needs isn t waiting in her sister s house. Instead she finds a knife with a threatening message, a fame-hungry friend, a too-hunky neighbor, and evidence of...a ghost? Following all the rules has gotten her nowhere. And nothing she learned in Sunday School can tell her where to go from there.THE GOOD GIRL is an example of a book that you can’t judge by the cover. Just looking at it, I thought it would be a sweet romance. I didn’t notice the gun. And it is a sweet romance—but there is a definite mystery. This book dabbles in New Age mysticism, and it does get rather spooky at times. I really enjoyed reading Ms. Barritt’s THE GOOD Girl and I recommend it to anyone who loves a good cozy mystery. I did not figure out who did it in this book. I had my suspicisions – but I was wrong. It is a great read. $14.99. 254 pages. 5 stars.

  • Christine Lindsay
    2019-04-18 23:15

    What can I say when I really, really, really love a book? The Good Girl by Christy Barritt is a hoot, it’s a mystery, it’s a romance. The Good Girl is written in first-person all from the point of view of main character, Tara Lancaster. She’s moved to St. Paul, Minnesota to house-sit for her sister, Lana.Not an easy time for Tara, just getting over the mess in her own life, hoping no one will ever know about her past. She’s struggling with her faith, and wonders if living like a good girl isn’t all it’s trumped up to be. Getting to know her sister’s neighbor isn’t easy either. The man appears to be married and has a little boy, and Tara finds Ben Cooper very attractive. Way too attractive. But the other thing that gets on Tara’s frayed nerves is the fact that her sister’s house is haunted. Lana had failed to mention that. The following quote from The Good Girl says it all for me.“Unrest sloshed in my chest as I walked toward my front door. Why was that man watching me? Why did it bother me that a woman was at Cooper’s, especially since I’d just vowed to stay away from him? And was I really living here alone, or was a dead woman still lingering between these four walls?It was enough to give any girl a headache.”Fantastic book. Different, funny, mysterious, a quick read because you don’t want to put it down.

  • Cindy
    2019-04-08 22:24

    Every time I think Christy Barritt has written the best book ever I have to change my mind with the release of the newest book. This book is my favorite of all her books I have read. I think I related to this book, as a pk myself, and always being called a goody-goody. I could relate to those feelings that Tara felt as she tried to find the real Tara, not the one everyone expected her to be. A great story! OH and I was fooled I was sure I knew who was behind all the trouble in the book, and I was wrong. LOVED that! I like a book that keeps me guessing till the last pages. Christy Barritt is a talented author, who writes a great mystery! I am not positive I have the correct adjectives to use to describe how much I enjoy her books, so I will fall back on my normal adjectives. LOVED it, great book, awesome story, believable characters that I easily related to. Most definitely a five star review! This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review.

  • Penny
    2019-03-24 01:18

    The Good Girl by Christy BarrittTara Lancaster grew up in the shadow of her preacher father. Determined to please him, she burdened herself with following all the “Christian” rules. She even started a blog that taught other young women how to be the good girl. Then, her life changed. Accused of a heinous crime, she flees her current life and hides out at her sister’s. That’s where the haunting begins. Except Tara doesn’t believe in ghosts. She’s not sure she believes in anything. With her new found friends, including a handsome neighbor, Tara is bound to find out who’s behind the scary happenings or die trying. This question remains— In the midst of the suspense, will she learn to lean on God’s love and grace? If you enjoy reading Mary Higgins Clark, you’ll love this fast-paced suspense. I confess, I lost a few hours of sleep because I couldn’t put it down.

  • Martha
    2019-04-12 03:33

    I had something else in mind when I picked up this book and it threw me a bit. But in thinking about the author's other books, I am not sure why the mystery/suspense part of the story surprised me. It was a fun read, with some good depth to it. It talked about the pain of rejection, betrayal and false accusations. But also, the fun mystery with the paranormal overtones was very uniquely done. I think often we "in the church" get caught up in appearances to the point that even if we were to change them, we are concerned about the reactions of others and sometimes rightly so. However, reading this story was a fun breath of fresh air, with some odd elements, but brought you back to the truth.

  • Kendall L. Mann
    2019-04-08 01:25

    Best Barritt yetI have read numerous Barritt books and been amused and entertained. This book tops them all in authenticity and genuine feel good. Most of us have struggled with our faith somewhere along the line, and the question of why bad things happen to do good people. Throw in a scary other worldly mystery and you have a terrific story.

  • Erika Raymond
    2019-04-09 02:14

    Amazing! This is one of my favorite Christy Barritt books. Great story with lots of twist and turns. The end was excellent!

  • Valerie (Val's Vicinity)
    2019-04-04 00:34

    This one started out a bit slow for me, but when it finally picked up speed (around the half-way mark) I found myself very intrigued by the mystery of the crazy happenings at Tara's temporary home. Ghostly hauntings--or anything even resembling them--are not the norm for a Christian genre book, but the mystery is done quite well, especially when coupled with Tara's already fragile faith that has her questioning all of her long-held beliefs.Part of what made the beginning so slow for me was Tara's constant thoughts and inner-whining about a past false accusation against her reputation, which the story doesn't reveal specific details about until a third of the way through. I found it hard to connect with Tara or be sympathetic when I didn't know what, or how bad, the situation actually was. Yes, it turned out to be quite bad, but finally learning the details changed my feelings and allowed me to better understand her, which I was unable to do until her full past was revealed.In the midst of a crisis of faith Tara's thought process is undoubtedly very realistic for some people, but I admit that some of her fleeting musings on trying new things and doing the opposite of what her old "good girl" self would have done made me a bit uncomfortable. However, it was very heartening when she eventually came back around to the realization that God is always good, even when life isn't.Despite the slow start, the book was definitely worth reading. I enjoyed the mystery aspect, especially when the strange activity really ramped up with crazy unexplainable events happening at every turn. The characters and their relationships were interesting and amusing as well. The out-of-the-norm characters (like Candy with her blue hair!) are a great reminder to not judge a book by its cover, so to speak, as people can often turn out to be quite different than what their appearance or first impression conveys.The thought of staying in a creepy house with unexplainable events is not a reality I want to ever experience...but it does make for a great plot. If you're looking for something unique, this story might just be the thing you're searching for!

  • Michelle
    2019-04-12 21:20

    more like 4.5 starsI always enjoy Christy's books because of the humor. She is great at building anticipation and getting the reader to nibble on fingernails. There were a number of laugh out loud moments that I had to read to my husband to see if I was just weird, or if it was truly as funny as I thought. For example: sometimes the author would end a chapter with a statement like, "At least we didn't have a ghost in the house." Then in the beginning of the next chapter it would say, "We had a ghost in the house." I find that hilarious.The internal dialog about worrying about what other people think rather than being genuine is a good lesson for everyone. Same with the "is this for show or so much part of my culture that it's what I do" versus "is this what I really believe?" lesson. I appreciated the many spiritual nuggets of truth in this book. I loved the mystery part of the story and I don't even read them normally, but the author always makes them funny and interesting, yet with a spiritual lesson that runs pretty deep. That's not easy to do.The entire story -- besides being humorous -- is woven into a plot full of wrong perceptions, which is what always makes for a great little mystery. The truth always comes out in the end and the unraveling of the truth by the amateur sleuth is what makes it fun. I loved the healing theme and the message about judging and being judged. Plus, Cooper was just plain hot. I wanted him to bond with Tara in a way that lasted more than just the few weeks she was staying at her sister's house. In the end, it all boiled down to trust.The more I read stories about a deep abiding love, the more I see that trust is a key component to that type of love. This novel showed that well. If you love humorous mysteries with a touch of romance, this book should turn your crank.

  • Jasmine
    2019-04-12 22:30

    Murder, ghosts, & the guy next door...Every single Christy Barritt book I pick up is my now my favorite. Yep, it happens every time. So The Good Girl was no exception. I mean, what isn't attention-getting about a book titled The Good Girl? As a good girl myself, I LOVED this book! It seems like no matter how much you try to do the right thing and follow all the rules, life seriously throws you a curveball. And that's what happens to Tara in this story, she has the perfect life all set up and then poof it's gone. Toss in a guy next door, a zany friend with blue hair, a possible murder, AND a ghost, and you get one wild ride of a read. Christy Barritt has just the right blend of humor and suspense with a dash of romance tossed into the mix. I really couldn't help it, I picked up The Good Girl and nearly read it straight through to the end. I just HAD to know what would happen next, and Christy Barritt had plenty of surprises in store. I really enjoyed myself as I tried to figure out who did what and why, sometimes I was right and sometimes not. The Good Girl is a great mystery and an all-around great story. Christy Barritt really knows how to keep her readers engaged and entertained. You won't wanna miss Christy Barritt's trademark quirky characters and delightful spine-tingling suspense in The Good Girl.(I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.)

  • Trish
    2019-04-01 22:24

    This was really disappointing. I hate to say it, but this book is an excellent example of why I gave up on "inspirational fiction" several years ago. Why is it that if it's *Christian* the bar is set so much lower?!I liked the backstory with Tara, although it took waaaaaaaay too long for the author to actually share exactly what IT was. It wasn't the typical scenario, and it's definitely true that even if we're doing all the "right" things, bad stuff still happens. Cooper is a great character, especially as more of his history was revealed. Sadly, those bright points couldn't save the story.The mystery of the "ghost" was predictable and cheesy. I found no moments of "breathlessly short of a thriller scene" (to quote another reviewer) but simply eye-rolling moments. Why did the silly girl never get up and look for the sounds? Or borrow a big dog from someone?! After Cooper sets up the surveillance cameras, the mystery should have been solved in a day (especially when they can see the general direction the "ghost" goes - um, why not set up another camera or two?!) I absolutely agree that dabbling in the occult/New Age junk is a bad idea, but again, this point was beaten. to. death. And finally, Cooper's response when Tara's secret is revealed is just sappy and ridiculous. "The moment I looked into your eyes..." (Kindle location 4310)Don't waste your time on this one.

  • Andrea
    2019-04-18 00:37

    This was my first Christy Barritt novel outside of a series, and I was intrigued right away about what made Tara turn from being the "good girl" she'd always been. The reader was given little snippets here and there, but what made Tara run from Florida took awhile to fully come out. I'm not the most patient of readers, so that was a little difficult, but when it did come out it was eye opening. It is amazing the harm lies can do to a person's reputation. There are certain things that would just be nearly impossible to distance yourself from. I really felt for Tara, and was very happy about how things ended up.The mystery at Lana's house captured my attention as well (even though I'm not really into "ghost" stories), and kept me guessing. I did have my suspicions, but it was nice that little details here and there kept me changing my mind about who the bad guy was.There were some interesting characters in this book. I really liked how through the story the reader learns so much about them. It helps you think twice about judgments you might make, especially based on appearance.Cooper was an excellent leading man. An amazing neighbor, great father, handsome, brave, etc. He was great for Tara and helping her through everything at Lana's house and also a huge factor in helping her rebuild her faith.One character we hear about was named Zach Morris. Was that a Saved by the Bell reference or a coincidence?

  • Loretta
    2019-03-26 04:25

    I can't help it. Christy Barritt is my guilty pleasure. I try to tell myself I'm all intellectual and want depth in my books, but I just adore pretty much everything she writes.Fluff? Heck yeah. But she actually writes a darn good mystery that keeps me reading. And while normally I avoid Christian books like the plague because of syrupy sweet characters and a tendency to romanticize everything, Christy's characters are real. They struggle, they have doubts, things don't always go the way most Christian writers think they should.So...if you are looking for a light beach read, or something not too deep to read in those snatches of time you have while schlepping your kids around...Barritt is a good one to turn to.

  • Stefani Harvill
    2019-04-06 23:17

    Another amazing book by Christy Barritt. I loved this book and like all of the other books that I've read by her, I could not put it down until I finished it. I could really relate to Tara. This book had everything.. mystery, romance, friendship and Tara becoming comfortable with who she is. I was biting my nails throughout the book because I did not know who or what was causing all of the mystery in the book until the very end. This is now one of my top favorite books that I will read again. I especially loved the author's note at the end of the book as this really hit home and made me think. I highly recommend this book!

  • Holly
    2019-04-19 04:24

    I love Chrisy Barritt's characters. In the Squeaky Clean Mysteries Gabby was fun and curious. And she was a joy to watch her grow in her faith. In this book we have Tara Lancaster who has always been the "good" girl, follows all the rules and made up a lot along the way. When it all falls apart she questions everything she's ever known. I loved watching Tara struggle and come to terms with who she is.The story and other characters made this a fun story to read. I look forward to reading more of Christy's books. I LOVE her style!

  • Julia Lance
    2019-04-11 01:38

    I loved this book! Tara was like me in a lot of ways I was known as the smart goody two shoe church girl all through High School. It didn't really bother me and I was proud of it! I helped me relate to her character though. Christy Barritt is awesome with edge of your seat mysteries and although I have read all of her newer books this one was just as great as the others! She has a real talent for writing and for a great thriller l! As always her books rock and she stays in the top 3 of my favorite Authors!

  • Sarah
    2019-04-12 21:27

    Although I tend to shy away from Christian fiction, this one was a little different. The heroine had been hurt by other Christians in the church, and she was questioning her Christianity and had lost confidence in herself. The mystery kept me guessing, especially since I didn't read this quickly enough to figure it out (I read another book while in the midst of this one), and the romance was sweet. Since it is Christian fiction, it is very sanitized and the main character is a bit of a prude. Still, I really enjoyed this book.

  • Ginger Solomon
    2019-03-27 21:28

    I don't typically care for first person point-of-view novels, but something about The Good Girl by Christy Barritt just kept me engaged and wanting to read more.This book had a great story line, but what sticks out most is the spiritual theme Ms. Barritt was able to weave into it. Christianity is not about rules and regulations, or dos and don'ts. It's about having a relationship with a loving God, and sharing that love with your neighbor.***I received this book from the author/publisher for the purpose of review. The above is my honest opinion.***

  • Doreen Marr
    2019-04-05 21:32

    I won "The Good Girl" in a contest that Christy Barritt was having and she mailed it to me. I read it while on summer vacation. I loved the quirky characters and the "less than perfect" main character, as well as the mystery. Sometimes we all struggle with our self esteem or what someone thinks of us, so it was great to read about Tara's struggles and how she overcame them. A good cozy mystery, with some inspiration and encouragement thrown in.

  • Karen
    2019-04-21 21:23

    Blown away by this fun mystery with a little added romance! Kept me guessing until the end, and smiling as Tara's little world of fear turned into genuinely open faith-filled living. It made me think more about what I believe and how it affects my actions.Fans of Christian contemporary stories, with mystery and romance will like this. Looking forward to reading more from this author!

  • Carol Lee
    2019-04-09 22:25

    I enjoyed reading this book. I chose it because of the author, but read it because it was great. It was not quiet what I expected from the title, but then again looking at the title, I should have been clued in. I loved the situations the character got herself into as they were not what she usually did. A great read.

  • Katharine Showman
    2019-03-29 04:12

    I always enjoy Christy Barritt's books. They are full of suspense, surprises, romance, Christian values and fun people. Read this to see how Tara, who was the good girl, got into trouble. She escaped to her sister's house, had a budding romance, may have a ghost in the house, and helped save a crime. Read this to see how the mystery is resolved. You won't guess the ending.

  • JoJo Sutis
    2019-03-30 00:26

    This book has everything I love….romance, suspense, thrills, and unforgettable characters!The spiritual journey the main character Tara takes definitely hit home for me and I think it will for other readers as well!The author definitely kept me on the edge of my seat with lots of suspense.If you enjoy romantic suspense, get this book!!!!

  • Florence
    2019-04-17 01:26

    I am a Christy Barritt fan and this story line was a tad different from other books I have read from her. As usual, this was fast paced, fun, engaging and a book I had a very hard time putting down. Christy is an amazing author and this book did not disappoint.

  • Dina Sleiman
    2019-03-30 22:24

    In addition to the wonderful humor, romance, and suspense, there's a powerful spiritual thread in this book. What happens when we do everything right, but life goes wrong anyway? I love Tara's search for an authentic faith that will carry her through the hard times.

  • Erin Sevin
    2019-04-20 21:39

    I'm not going to lie, going into this book, I didn't have a ton of faith in it bring a good read based on the cover and title, however I truly fell fast for the main character. It had a lot more suspense than I would have guessed! Thank you for a wonderful surprise!