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The stories encompass a gamut of writing styles and settings as the authors are from diverse backgrounds; unified only by their common love; that of the written word. Though the characters and stories straddle a wide spectrum, a deliberate effort has been made to keep the feel of the book constant. If you find any of the emotions familiar, or a tale finds an echo in the reThe stories encompass a gamut of writing styles and settings as the authors are from diverse backgrounds; unified only by their common love; that of the written word. Though the characters and stories straddle a wide spectrum, a deliberate effort has been made to keep the feel of the book constant. If you find any of the emotions familiar, or a tale finds an echo in the recesses of your heart, the authors will consider it an affirmation of their belief that this book is a job well done.The book is divided into three sections, a) Light grey b) Dark grey and c) Black. The book starts with stories which are a tad lighter, sometimes even amusing, but then gradually transcends to darker settings and characters. The book ends in a crescendo with the Black section, which has some really dark stories that touch upon the nadir of urban angst and degeneration....

Title : Shades of Sin: Behind the Mask
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Shades of Sin: Behind the Mask Reviews

  • VaultOfBooks
    2019-03-26 05:49

    The first thing you see on the book is the cover. I found the book’s cover lovely. The cover depicts a man doing the half shrouded caped figure on the cover remind anybody of the action adventure TV show ‘Arrow’ or is it just me? It , however, creates the perfect wrap for the stories that are inside the book.The stories encompass a gamut of writing styles and settings since the contributing authors are from diverse backgrounds, unified only by their common love, that of the written word. Though the characters and stories straddle a wide spectrum, a deliberate effort has been made to keep the feel of the book constant. If you find any of the emotions familiar, or if a story finds an echo in the deep recesses of your heart, the authors will consider it an affirmation of their belief that this book is a job well done.Coming to the stories, Shades of Sin is an anthology of 25 short stories written by multiple authors coming from varied backgrounds. What unifies all the stories in the book is the fact that each story explores a dark facet of the human psyche, something which we tend to hide from those around us and sometimes our own selves. I really love the fact that the authors have tried to create something starkly different from the regular romantic fiction and focused on the seamier sides of the human faculty. The vices explored include materialism, lust, avarice, greed, ego, jealousy, anger and moral weakness among several others. The variety of emotions and aspects analysed and the gamut of settings in the stories gives the book a unique diversity in unity.The book has been divided into three portions, namely, Light Grey, Dark Grey and Black. I would recommend that the stories are read in the order they are placed in the book. Starting from the light grey and slowly moving towards the darkest of black will take the reader on a journey of horror, disgust and at times even shame as one might happen to identify themselves to a character in the book. The book starts with lighter evils that every reader can almost connect to and slowly warms up to the more appalling and ghastly ones as one moves towards the end. The stories in the last section are my personal favorite as they tend to linger quite some time after you’ve read them.What I loved most about the book is that not all the stories are of the same length which helps the story have a steady pace without the author having to unnecessary drag or shorten the story, affecting its quality. All the stories in the book have been exceptionally well crafted and well written. My personal favourites would be Shouting Out Loud, The Blue Shoes and An Illicit Thought from ‘Light Grey’; Dhaba and Standing Tall from ‘Dark Grey’; and A Reason to Smile, The Slight Of White, The Diary and Virtual Love from ‘Black’. A really nice collection, a book I would recommend others to read. I hope the authors come up with more books in the same series.Originally Reviewed at

  • Srivardhan
    2019-03-30 04:27

    I loved the book... Though I didn't like all the stories, some are so good that I couldn't give it any other rating than 5. After reading the stories I feel am lucky to receive this book with autograph of Vivek Banergee... Though I received this book long back, I didn't get time to read... This would be one of my favorite books... I don't want to review each story. It's a collection of stories and as a collection its awesome... Do read the book..

  • Amit Gupta
    2019-03-28 22:22

    Divided into three sections - Light Grey, Dark Grey and Black, 'Shades of Sin' consists of 25 short stories weaved around the vices like greed, lust, ego, pride, anger and jealousy. The stories encompass a gamut of writing styles and settings, contributed by 6 authors from diverse backgrounds. Even though the stories straddle a wide spectrum, there is a unifying feeling about the central theme.'Burn' by Aanandita Chawla (AC) and 'A Woman's touch' by Vivek Banerjee (VB) brings a surprise by their spooky endings though you may see the end of the latter one coming from a mile. 'Shouting Out Loud' by Upneet Grover (UG) and 'The Blue Shoes' by Saksham Agrawal (SA) are slice of life stories which we all can relate to. 'The Butterfly effect' by UG does have an interesting narrative but the climax is a tad disappointing. 'An Illicit thought' by Sreelatha Chakravarty is arguably the best story in the anthology with emotions fluctuating from lust to jealousy and finally, culminating in an ending which very few of us can claim to guess second hand.'For the Love of God' by UG make interesting comments about the life of a Colonel but is too short to have a strong impact. 'The Bet' by VB is standard ghost story with a predictable climax but does portray some decent atmospherics to set up the narrative. 'The Yellow Top' by VB does bring out the dark side of company politics and an unhealthy competition between colleagues even though laced with filmy tones. 'The Leap of faith' by UG takes leaf from the Mohammed Amir/ Asif no-ball spot fixing incident and builds own version of the same which keeps you guessing till the end. 'Dhaba' by SA effectively brings illuminates the vagaries of society by illuminating the irony of haves and have-nots struggling to make a living. 'Tamale's Temptation' by VB is a moralistic tale of a loyal government servant only to fall for the temptations in life and makes a point about all of us who have decided to take the easy way over the hard choices sometimes we have to make. 'Standing Tall' by UG, again a slice of life portrays the emotions of a person through everyday actions on road. 'Three lives' by AC narrates complex relationships between three people and even though it is well narrated, it has have been there, read that feeling to it. 'Ping by VB brings the facet of online chats and how it diffuses complexity in the larger scheme of relationships.'The city never sleeps' by VB is edgy thriller story about a prostitute in Kolkata who has a secret behind her inner mode. 'Versions of Reality' by Vrinda Baliga portrays the thin line between reality and illusion and how relationships mirror that. 'A reason to Smile' by SA portrays the dark side of human nature behind that innocent smile. 'Virtual Love' by VB borders around the thin line between sexual perversion and an unhealthy obsession towards porn. 'The Slight of While by UG deals with an interesting premise with narrative alternating between reality and dreams.The limitation of the anthology is that it makes excessive use of Peripeteia and Anagnorisis to tell the stories so that by the time you have read a few initial ones, you almost start putting a feeling of disbelief to the characters. Because you know their actions and feelings will not exactly be the same by the climax as expected as the authors are quite keen on having that surprise ending to tell their tales. This in turn, brings a predictability factor which may be avoided if you read the book in different sittings.You will experience a variety of feelings while reading this book. A few will leave you disgusted and tempted, others will keep you engaged and hooked. But most of the unpredictable ones will leave you satisfied as a reader. There are very few writers these days who want to try something different and make a genuine difference by their writing. This is one such initiative. Go for it!

  • Ila Garg
    2019-03-30 00:21

    Shades of Sin: Behind the MaskAn Anthology of 25 short storiesReview By Ila GargThe anthology comprising of 25 remarkable short stories, Shades of Sin: Behind the Mask, has been published by APK Publishers which is a new but upcoming publishing house based in Pune. Its tagline: “By Writers. For Writers.” says it all. The mission of this Publishing House is simple: to help first-time writers get their work published.The collection is penned down by six remarkable writers, Dr. Vivek Banerjee, Upneet Grover, Saksham Agrawal, Aanandita Chawla, Vrinda Baliga, & Sreelatha Chakravarty. Let’s have a glimpse of the profiles of these writers first:Dr. Vivek Banerjee is a paediatrician by choice and a writer by chance. His works are published in Chicken Soup for the Indian Doctor’s Soul and Shades of Love. Also, The Long Road is his debut novel.Upneet Grover is an engineer cum MBA, with a penchant for writing. His debut novel, The Dream, has recently hit the market.Saksham Agrawal is a professional consultant and an amateur writer. He writes short stories and is working on a novel.Aanandita Chawla is a journalist and aspiring filmmaker. In her spare time she reads, writes and plans to find a wonderful way to convert everything she writes directly into moving pictures.Vrinda Baliga enjoys writing short fiction. Her short stories can be read in anthologies like City of Gods, Two is Company, Urban Shots, and Crossroads. Sreelatha Chakravarty is a poet-writer-doctor. Her debut novel is titled, The Eternal Romantic.The anthology, Shades of Sin: Behind the Mask, is a compilation of 25 beautifully written short stories by the above six writers. One thing that is clear from the title is that the theme is ‘Sin’. When we say sin, it does not reflect only murders, or rapes, but anything and everything under the sun that falls under the category of negative traits of a human being. It somehow traces around all the The seven deadly sins:1. Haughty Eyes (Pride)2. Lust3. Gluttony4. Wrath5. Envy6. Greed7. SlothThe 25 short stories are tied with a common thread binding them together which is the darker side of human nature. Various vices like presence of evil, materialism, and moral weakness are well placed in this anthology. The tone and subject both are appalling and leave you in awe.Each story is instilled with sheer pain, vices, and brutality of human soul. Different hues of sins are portrayed efficiently. The language is bold and comprehensive. Details are also well written. On the whole, the collection is well compiled and stories are engrossing and gripping. The cover of the anthology could have been a little better though. But all the same, it is nice. The 25 stories are divided into three sections: Light Grey, Dark Grey, and Black, according to the intensity of the sins that they hold within. The stories make you connect with the theme gradually as you continue reading them.The stories reflect the social evils that exist around us and are prevalent. They are a mirror unto society. Life is short and we are making it shorter, and uglier. These stories shake you from within.Some of the stories are so well written that you actually feel tad bit afraid after reading it. Some of the stories that I personally liked are:1. All the 7 stories written by Vivek Banerjee2. All the 8 stories written by Upneet Grover3. Dhaba – Saksham Agrawal4. Three Lives – Aanandita Chawla

  • Upneet Grover
    2019-03-23 23:43

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  • Vivek
    2019-04-03 04:40