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Sophie Beckett tinha um plano ousado: fugir de casa para ir ao famoso baile de máscaras de Lady Bridgerton. Apesar de ser filha de um conde, ela viu todos os privilégios a que estava habituada serem-lhe negados pela madrasta, que a relegou para o papel de criada. Mas na noite da festa, a sorte está do seu lado. Sophie não só consegue infiltrar-se no baile como conhece o seSophie Beckett tinha um plano ousado: fugir de casa para ir ao famoso baile de máscaras de Lady Bridgerton. Apesar de ser filha de um conde, ela viu todos os privilégios a que estava habituada serem-lhe negados pela madrasta, que a relegou para o papel de criada. Mas na noite da festa, a sorte está do seu lado. Sophie não só consegue infiltrar-se no baile como conhece o seu Príncipe Encantado. Depois de tanto infortúnio, ao rodopiar nos braços fortes do encantador Benedict Bridgerton, ela sente-se de novo como uma rainha. Infelizmente, todos os encantamentos têm um fim, e o seu tem hora marcada: a meia-noite. Desde essa noite mágica, também Benedict se rendeu à paixão. O jovem ficou até imune aos encantos das outras mulheres, exceção feita... talvez... aos de uma certa criada, que ele galantemente salva de uma situação desagradável. Benedict tinha jurado tudo fazer para encontrar e casar com a misteriosa donzela do baile, mas esta criada arrebatadora fá-lo vacilar. Ele está perante a decisão mais importante da sua vida. Tem de escolher entre a realidade e o sonho, entre o que os seus olhos veem e o que o seu coração sente. Ou talvez não......

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Amor e Enganos Reviews

  • Erika
    2019-03-27 23:01

    Book became a 1 star because the hero wants the heroine to be his mistress up until the 80% point. I mean.......isn't it SO romantic when a man wants to have sex with you all the time (basically make you his whore) while at the same time planning to marry and have babies and appear publicly with another "high class"woman? I don't care if this was a reality of the day -- it is NOT romance to me. To make matters worse, he doesn't understand and is angry that she doesn't accept his offer (NOT a gentlemanly one BTW) and be grateful to be taken care of financially and safe by that arrangement. His reason for not asking her to marry him is that she is in another societal class and he will be socially ostracized. They would have to live in the country -- away from the fun parties. (I am practically swooning from his romantic nature)Doubt I will ever read a book by this author again. REALLY bad first impression.

  • Phrynne
    2019-04-04 02:55

    I am loving this series and this is my favourite so far! Sophie and Benedict are such charming characters and I loved the banter between the two of them.The story is a retelling of Cinderella, right down to the wicked step mother, the sisters (not ugly although one has an ugly nature!) and having to leave the ball on the stroke of midnight. I enjoyed every minute of it especially when Araminta gets her just desserts.The Bridgertons are such a wonderful family it is fun whenever they appear. I am still looking forward to when Colin finds his wife and I suspect we may have met her already. For a Georgette Heyer tragic like me it is a real pleasure to have discovered this author and especially this series of books:)

  • Eastofoz
    2019-04-04 23:38

    Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! This is a fantastic read! Quinn’s best so far for me. She has an amazing way to draw you into the story from the first few pages and you’re smiling from the get-go right up to the end :) She even manages to take you on a sudden heart-breaking emotional roller coaster ride that really gives you the chills and makes you want to cry for the h/h as a couple. This contrasts so well with the rest of the light-hearted story making the situation all the more poignant. The heroine Sophie is great and Benedict, who you never really hear from at the start of the series, is an incredibly loving hero. Makes you just sigh every time he says and does something –oh ya and then there’s his tenacity! He wants her and he’ll do whatever it takes to have her. He says to her quietly at one point:“I can live with you hating me …. I just can’t live without you.” Kill me why don’t you 8) You can literally feel his frustration breaking his soul when she rejects him time and again.There’s this one steamy scene that will leave you panting when all is said and done! Big woo hoo there :DQuinn’s story is exactly how I’d picture a regency romance to be. There’s a secret, a fab couple, believable problems, strong main characters as well as secondary characters, great sexual tension, brilliant writing and all set against a wonderful regency backdrop. This is the kind of novel you wish wouldn’t end, BUT there’s another book so the series continues!

  • Shawna
    2019-03-24 03:40

    5+ stars – Historical/Regency RomanceAn Offer From a Gentleman might be a Cinderella-like story, but it’s much more than just a fairytale remake. For me, this is the epitome of everything I love about romance and happily ever after. There’s a charming, yet flawed hero, a sweet heroine with profound inner strength and resolve who overcomes all odds, powerful emotional conflict, realistic drama, lush sensuality, intense passion, and witty humor. Benedict and Sophie and the supporting cast are all remarkable, lovable characters to cheer for. I loved when the dowager viscountess, Violet Bridgerton, brought the whoopass against Araminta!It made me sad, sigh, smile, cry, laugh, hope, and it’s a beautifully romantic, touching reminder of the wonder and power of love. And it’s my favorite of the Bridgertons series, so far. 5 Big, sweet fairytale stars! I loved this Benedict quote:It suddenly made sense. Only twice in his life had he felt this inexplicable, almost mystical attraction to a woman. He’d thought it remarkable, to have found two, when in his heart he’d always believed there was only one perfect woman out there for him. His heart had been right. There was only one.

  • Zain Otoom
    2019-04-18 01:37

    This one was adorable, sweet and, specifically the first hundred pages, enchanting.

  • KatieV
    2019-04-08 21:47

    Solid 4 stars. My favorite of the series (from what I've read).Again, I listened to the excellent narration by Rosalyn Landor. No complaints there.**** SPOILERS ****This was definitely a Cinderella story. A nod is even given to the slippers Sophie wore to the ball, but with a twist. There was enough angst here to take the story out of Disney territory and into the realm of an adult fairy tale.Sophie was the unacknowledged daughter of an Earl. The product of his dalliance with a house maid who died in childbirth. The Earl provided her a home at his country estate and told the world she was his ward. He never acted as a father and paid her little attention, but she was cared for and educated like a female of his class. Her true identity was an open secret, as she looked very much like her father and his family.After the Earl dies unexpectedly, Sophie is left to the mercy of her evil stepmother and stepsisters (one of the two sisters isn't evil, but she's afraid to stand up to her mom and sister). Provisions had been made in the will for Sophie to have a home until she was 20 and to provide her a dowry, but the stepmom didn't tell her about the dowry. She spent the dowry and turned Sophie into an unpaid servant.The housekeeper who helped raise Sophie plays the part of the fairy godmother and sends her off to the Bridgerton masquerade ball wearing one of her deceased grandmother's dresses and the Countess' shoes. She meets the Bridgerton's second son, Benedict, and it's love at first sight for both. Of course, she must disappear at midnight...Sophie was kicked out of her home after the ball when the countess discovered she attended (those damn shoes!). She'd have likely just been nastier and worked Sophie harder, but she was furious when Benedict came to the home to "meet her daughters" in an effort to ferret out his mystery woman Sophie had left a glove behind that was monogrammed with her dead grandmother's initials, giving him a clue to her origin. The Countess was not amused that the much coveted Mr. Bridgerton was truly interested in her hated slave/unacknowledged stepdaughter. Benedict leaves their home puzzled and none the wiser and continues to search for his mystery love.Several years pass before the two meet again. Sophie had since been working as a ladies maid in several different households. Benedict saves her from being attacked by the son of her employer and his drunken friends and takes her to his country home with a promise of getting her employment with his mother. He's attracted to her, but doesn't recognize her because she'd been masked at the ball. He finds something familiar but can't quite put the puzzle together. Sophie lies when asked if they'd ever met. She never wanted him to know because she realized their difference in station would prevent a marriage and make her simply mistress material.Benedict saw her as mistress material anyway and engages in some underhanded ploys to keep her in his clutches. He doesn't force her by any means, but does blackmail her to ensure she works in his mother's household instead of disappearing as she wanted to do. He hoped to keep her around so he could work on convincing her to be his mistress, something she refused to do even after giving in and giving him her virginity. Sophie was determined not to follow in her mother's footsteps and have a bastard child that may suffer the way she had suffered. Benedict's assurances that any children of hers would be cherished by him did not convince her. She knew he'd eventually have to marry and, from bitter experience, did not trust what would happen to her children if he died young like her father had.I thought the differences in station and social mores of the day that made Sophie a suitable mistress, but not wife, made the story more interesting. The modern woman in me wanted to shake Benedict at times for being so arrogant and condescending, but that was fitting for the times. Sophie didn't expect marriage, but most readers will be of a totally different mindset. It made for some great angst.Of course, this is a romance and we get the big reveal, which exposed Sophie as the mystery lady from the ball and revealed to the world that she was actually a gently raised "ward" of the dead earl who'd had her dowry stolen by the evil countess and not a servant. Predictably, Benedict had decided to damn society and forget his beloved "mystery woman" to marry Sophie anyway - right before the big reveal. That satisfies the romantic ideals, despite being unrealistic for the times. I knew it would all turn out to be a perfect HEA, but there was enough angst around the subject to satisfy me - especially given the fact that this was a "fluffy" Julia Quinn romance and not meant to be historically accurate.

  • Milica's Bookshelf
    2019-04-04 00:50

    Još jedna prelepa priča inspirisana bajkom o Pepeljugi. Da, neke situacije u knjizi su blesave i nerealne, ali snaga priče, likovi i emotivna povezanost zasenjuje primedbe koje imam u vezi realnosti. Bila sam jako srećna dok sam bila izgubljena u romansi između Benedicta Bridgertona i Sophie Beckett. "Mislio je da će je prestati tražiti. Benedict je bio praktičan čovjek, i pretpostavljao je da će jednog dana jednostavno odustati. Na neki način i jest. Nakon nekoliko mjeseci je ponovno počeo više odbijati nego prihvaćati pozive. A nakon još nekoliko mjeseci je shvatio kako ponovno može upoznavati žene, ne uspoređujući ih nesvjesno s njom.No nije ju mogao prestati tražiti pogledom. Možda to više nije činio s jednakim intenzitetom, no kad god bi se zatekao na nekom balu ili sjedio na kakvom privatnom koncertu, očima je pretraživao okupljenu gomilu, a uši ćulio ne bi li čuo njezin radostan smijeh. Ona je bila ondje negdje. Odavno se pomirio s činjenicom da je najvjerojatnije nikad neće pronaći, i već je više od godinu dana nije aktivno tražio, ali...Sjetno se nasmije. Jednostavno nije mogao prestati tražiti pogledom. To je, na neki čudan način, postalo dijelom njegova identiteta. Zove se Benedict Bridgerton, ima sedmero braće i sestara, podjednako je vješt u mačevanju i u risanju, i uvijek drži oči širom otvorene ne bi li ugledao jedinu ženu koja mu je dotakla dušu." Njihov susret na balu dobija priliku godinama kasnije. Sviđa mi se kako je autorka emotivno opisala njihov prvi susret i kako je on godinama uticao na Benedicta, čak i tokom njegove romanse sa Sophie - on ne shvata da je ona maskirana dama koju je upoznao na balu."I odjednom je sve imalo smisla. Samo je dvaput u životu osjetio tako neobjašnjivu, gotovo mističnu privlačnost prema nekoj ženi. Činilo mu se nevjerojatnim da je pronašao čak dvije, kad je duboko u srcu oduvijek vjerovao kako za njega postoji samo jedna savršena žena.Srce je bilo u pravu. Doista je postojala samo jedna."Put do srećnog kraja nije bio lak za oboje. Ova knjiga nam daje primer šta bi se moglo desiti kad se dvoje ljudi iz različitih društvenih slojeva zaljube. Kakve odluke moramo doneti, posledice i žrtve podneti zarad sreće i ljubavi.

  • ♥Sam ♥ ~S2~Im made of awesomness
    2019-04-01 00:05

    Whenever reading a Julia Quinn novel, it's always an all nighter for me! Forget the family, forget dinner? The only thing that would get my eyes unglued from the pages, would be a life and death emergency. An Offer from a Gentleman has characters that are full of spunk and fire. This was the perfect Cinderella story that is tried and true. Except in this Cinderella story she is able to keep her wits about herself and remain practical except when both our hero and Cinderella come in contact with one another. It offers an interesting twist on the original love story in which there is always a twist.Benedict and Sophia are both such lovable characters. I loved the plot and was cheering when her Sophia’s stepmother got her comeuppance. Sophie and Benedict were both seeking the loves they felt was unattainable. This novel was fun, adventurous and absolutely heart-racing.Ms. Quinn really paid attention to every small detail and while reading I feel myself being taken to another time and place and I would hate to be the family member to disturb such a time. There was great attention to the characters self worth. I loved how tough Sophie was and how smart she was and at the same time show how utterly naughty Benedict was.In summary this story was a great fairytale.

  • Erika
    2019-04-11 05:44

    Stepback cover"I can live with you hating me," he said to the closed door. "I just can't live without you"The Duke and I gave us a sweet romance, The Viscount Who Loved Me gave us a hilarious one, and An Offer From a Gentleman gave us a magical one.This third book of the series is about love at the first sight that strike you like a thunderbolt and haunt you for the rest of your life. It happens to Benedict Bridgerton when he sees the beauty in silver gown with radiant smile at the Bridgerton's masquerade ball party. He doesn't know who she is, except that she's the only guest in the party who doesn't know his identity (even with mask everyone still able to recognized the Bridgertons). She also doesn't know how to dance. But it feels like magic when he talks to her, when he teach her how to dance, when he kiss her.. and then it's midnight and she's already gone. Sophie runs when the clock strikes midnight. She's back to reality as a nobleman's bastard daughter and also a maid. She knew the entire evening has been a lie. But she'll always remember the tall and handsome gentleman who has made her feel like a princess. Her charming prince is out of reach. She might not see him again but she'll always has her memory.So I thought I knew what would likely to happen next. She left her shoe, he would have search for her and finally find her with a stepmother and two stepsisters. The shoe fits for her only and they will live HEA.I was wrong.Benedict search for her, but he couldn't find her. Benedict loves the mysterious woman, but he doesn't even know her. Then Sophie walks into his life as a maid and their romance stands up in the middle of passion, secrets, and memories. It broke my heart to see Benedict's struggling with his own feeling, torns between what he feels for Sophie and the mysterious lady without knowing he's falling in love with the same woman twice. And poor Sophie. She loves Benedict but she realizes he can't marry her. The last thing she wants is to become mistress and has child born in shame, just like her.The road to HEA was not easy at all for them. There's Benedict's love to the mysterious woman which he must let go, Sophie's secrets to be revealed, and most important of all is their love is forbidden. This book gave us a piece of truth about what could have happened at the time if two people from different social classes fall in love. They couldn't marry and everything would still be alright. There are consequences they must accept and sacrifices they must make. I adored this love story, truly a beautiful one. A fairytale with some pieces of reality. Very touching but still have some humors. What I loved most with the Bridgertons series is that it was not just about love and passion, but also about love and family. "Look up," he ordered gently."But I'll stumble.""You won't," he promised. "I won't let you. Look into my eyes."Sophie did as he asked, and the moment her eyes touched his, something inside her seemed to lock into place, and she could not look away. He twirled her in circles and spirals around the terrace, slowly at first, then picking up speed, until she was breathless and giddy.And all the while, her eyes remained locked on his."What do you feel?" he asked."Everything!" she said, laughing."What do you hear?""The music." Her eyes widened with excitement. "I hear the music as I've never heard it before."His hands tightened, and the space between them diminished by several inches. "What do you see?" he asked.Sophie stumbled, but she never took her eyes off his. "My soul," she whispered. "I see my very soul."

  • Rane
    2019-04-09 21:53

    On one faithful night Benedict Bridgerton fell in love with a masked woman in silver at no less then at a masquerade ball. She took his breathe away, and stole his heart when the clock stuck midnight and she ran away never to been seen again by him. Even with two years passing he somehow always held out hope he could find her again and feel that strong emotion she ignited in him that night, but when she comes across a helpless maid in need of help, he can’t help but feel he knows her from somewhere before… Sophie Beckett is the daughter of an earl and a courtesan, due to her stepmother’s hate for her, made her work as a maid, until one night where she could live as a true Cinderella and meet her own prince charming, but things wouldn’t last, now two years after leaving her stepmother’s home she comes across her prince charming once again who doesn’t realize who she is. Sophie and Benedict have to overcome a large gap in social status and revealing truths in order to reach their happy ever after.. An Offer From a Gentleman had a darker tone then other JQ books, with not a lot of laughs or wisecracks that usually a trademark of her works, but still is able to send a deep message across, that had me reading this book non-stop.Benedict was trying to find himself, being a middle child out of a famous family; he found it a headache, mostly dishearting to always be called Second or The Second Bridgerton. Trying to break the mold those of the ton have placed him in. Throughout the book you see Benedict flourishes, becoming and finding himself. He was charming and sometimes heartbreaking, it torn at my heart as he deals with his feelings toward Sophie and his masked lady in silver.Sophia was a strong lead, as she stuck to her guns and her beliefs, never breaking under pressure with her stepmother’s treatment and the facts of her birth.The love between the two were so heartbreaking sweet and breath taking, (the love scene was sizzling!) as they jump leaps and bounds in order to deal with not only their feelings, but how society at the time would judge them.While both were great, I felt the true bump in a other wise perfect story was the fact of Benedict forcing the issue of the Sophia, a maid becoming his mistress. Installing her in his mother’s home and then trying throughout to get her into bed. While Sophia kept the truth of her being the masked lady in silver and secret for so long. I felt both were at fault for their actions and as it was dragged out throughout the story, I became frustrated with them for not telling the truth and have more respect.The golden moments and scenes that brought a few tears to my eyes were the confused feelings Benedict had to face and his words that made you wanna throw your arms around him and hug him with all your might, and a little more about the Bridgerton’s mother Violet who is known to be popular and kind was surprising a wallflower once and how she found love and happiness with her husband.The Bridgerton sisters were more in the forefront this time around, giving the reader glimpses of themselves with their lighthearted moments. Overall: a deeper and a more serious story, with a look at social class in a time where there were major gaps between peers and servants. Finding one self, breaking the mold and grabbing happiness and love with both hands and finding a fairy tale happy ever after with the one you love.

  • Marilena ⚓
    2019-04-18 06:00

    Τι γλυκό,η ιστορία του Μπένεκτιτ ήταν μέχρι στιγμής η πιο όμορφη!Ελπίζω στο επόμενο να μάθουμε την ταυτότητα της λαίδης Γουισλντάουν,αν και κάτι υποψιάζομαι ;)

  • [Aengell]
    2019-03-27 00:35

    This is magic in it's true form, and it's the main reason why people read. I know that many of my friends here on Goodreads don't like stories where the hero and heroine fall in love at first sight, but when I read a story like this one, I can say exactly why I love this theme. It just has to be done in the most realistic way, and only very few authors capture a realistic angle. But Julia Quinn? Wow. Not only do I believe the love at first sight between Sophie and Benedict from Moment Nr. 1 on, but there is just the right amount of a magic feeling that makes it a delight to read. Obviously we have a take on the Cinderella fairytale, and the author did a perfect job. We have everything essential to the original story, but added to it two realistic, human main characters and authentic side characters (not to mention that the side characters are mostly all the other Bridgertons, who are all adorable in their own way).Sophie and Benedict are my favourite couple so far, and although this is only the third in the series that I've read, I must warn the other Bridgertons that once I find my faves, I don't let them go easily. Truly, Benedict couldn't have been more adorable. He's not only deeply caring, affectionate, funny in a laid-back way and highly emotional, he's so much more. The perfect Prince Charming without being anything resembling boring.Sophie was the perfect heroine, and I sympathized with her and admired her strength and her beliefs in her principles. The story was enticing, cute, adorable, and all in all everything a romance should be. Even Sophie's hidden identity kept me awake at night, despite the fact that the plot is well-known.

  • Cata
    2019-04-03 04:53

    Quem me conhece sabe que odeio a história da Cinderela. A menina pobre que vai ao baile, conhece o príncipe, apaixonam-se à primeira vista e ficam juntos por causa de um sapato [um mísero sapato!] não me convence minimamente!Mas o que é que a Cinderela tem a ver com este livro? Tudo! Amor e Enganos é muito semelhante à história da Cinderela... só que infinitamente melhor! Só Julia Quinn teve a capacidade de pegar em algo que odeio com cada fibra do meu ser e transformá-la em algo que eu amo.Há a menina pobre que vai ao baile e conhece o amor da sua vida, há a saída apressada à meia-noite, há a madrasta má e as duas meias-irmãs... mas também há uma razão relativamente decente para o ‘príncipe’ não reconhecer a sua 'princesa' quando ambos se reencontram e , principalmente, há mais história para além do “enfiei-lhe um sapato que coube [por isso ela deve ser a tal], agora vamos casar e ser felizes para sempre”Quem acompanha a série sabe que os pontos fortes são o romance e o humor [ambos praticamente na mesma medida]. Neste livro porém, notei um foco especial na vertente romântica. Continua a ter humor, mas não na mesma quantidade dos dois volumes anteriores [atenção que esta foi apenas a minha percepção]O único senão do livro foi o ter deixado algumas “pontinhas soltas”, nomeadamente o destino final da Araminta, da Rosamund , do Cavender e da Posy. Os três primeiros não são propriamente graves, até porque temos material para imaginar o que lhes aconteceu . O da Posy era o mais inaceitável, porque o queria escrito preto no branco e a sua ausência deixava-me com uma sensação de vazio, mas felizmente a autora agraciou-nos com uma mini-história relâmpago para a Posy no 2º Epílogo do livro pelo que a minha curiosidade foi satisfeita e essa lacuna colmatada.Julia Quinn é definitivamente das minhas autoras preferidas do género! Mal posso esperar por pegar no do Colin.

  • Nadine Jones
    2019-04-12 03:48

    I like Julia Quinn, I really do, but this was not her finest moment. Looking back on "Bridgertons" #1 & #2, maybe this just is not her finest series. This book was so ... blah. And the hero was such an ASS. On the plus side, it was nice that the heroine was not from conventional society, she is the bastard daughter of an earl, raised as his ward until his death, at which point she is Cinderella to the evil stepmother and two step-sisters. (She even secretly goes to a ball, meets the hero, and then flees at midnight. I really liked the fairytale aspect and had high hopes for the book at that point. That was before I knew the hero was going to turn out to be an ass.)The hero is the second Bridgerton son, Benedict. The heroine is Sophia (Sophie) Beckett. They meet, they fall in love, she flees, they don't see each other for years, she finds work as a housemaid, he saves her from rape and catches cold while rescuing her, she nurses him back to health in a little "cottage" he happens to own (yeah, got the hurt-comfort going both ways there), he teases her mercilessly, she falls in love with him all over again. Well, so far so good - it's a little tedious, a little blah, but not SO bad. They start making out on the forest floor, and this is where is all goes wrong. Our Sophie, being a bastard child herself, has vowed to never ever have sex out of wedlock, since she cannot bring her own horrid fate on her child. So, while she really REALLY wants to schtup our hero, she says no. He invites her to be his mistress, and want for nothing. She turns him down. He continues to push the issue. This is where he becomes an ass. (SPOILER AHEAD) It'll come as no surprise to hear that he does eventually talk her into have sex with him (ASS) and she regrets the action, although she loves him and it was a moment to treasure, blah blah blah ... He CONTINUES to insist that she become his mistress, even after she has quite CLEARLY told him no, and even told him WHY. He says "well surely you can't expect me to marry you!" ASS. More events unfold until the inevitable denouement, which I'm sure you can guess, though I will not reveal all (for those few who may be surprised). By this time I was so completely disgusted with him that I couldn't possibly be happy for them.Hmm I was going to give this 2 stars, but I just got so worked up writing this review, remembering how awful he was to her, how he pressured her relentlessly for sex ... it's got to be 1 star.

  • Catarina
    2019-04-18 01:01

    4,5 Gentle Stars Benedict (yes, the second brother.) meets a mysterious girl at a masquerade party. They fell in love in one night. Only for her to disappear at midnight to never be heard again. He looks for her, but he doesn’t find her again and somehow she took his heart with her. Two years later a sassy maid make Benedict heart beat again. Along with an unusual friendship they also fall in love. But not only they are from different social circles (and that was apparently a huge thing in the regency) but he is still waiting for the mysterious girl in silver who stole his heart two years ago. Sophie knows she can never tell him that she is the girl in silver. But as their love grows she knows he will eventually find out. But when it comes down to it: how can their love ever work, when secrets threaten to come out and their different worlds keep crashing? Rating:4,5 StarsStoryline:As always an amazingly heartwarming and epic romance. I don’t know if it’s the characters, the pot or the historical placement but these books always leave with a smile on my face and begging for more! Writing Style:Third person, dual POV. Sweet, engaging and wonderfully written. Character Development:I really can’t decide which of the couples I like more. (Probably the first, but that’s just because I always love the first ones more). Again, a wonderful couple that fought for their love way more than the others before, and just for that, they made this book an amazing story to read. Steam:Meh. HEA: (view spoiler)[Yes. (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Ally
    2019-03-25 02:46

    Not the Quinn I expectedSetting / Time / Genre: Regency EnglandLength: 421 pages. Series: You bet. And I plan on reading every single one. Sexy times: A couple. Normal Quinn stuff, nothing earth shattering or anything that should scare you off. Plan on reading more by the author:Yeppers.Synopsis in one sentence or slightly more: Heroine is a bastard, there I said it. She's spent the better part of her adult life slaving to her evil step monster and at least one evil step sinister. The other step sister is just confused. Hero thinks she is a maid, hires her, wants her, makes the mistress offer, and things happen. Heroine: Sophie. She's the best part of this story. Really. You can't beat her down. She will fight, get beaten, stand right back up, and keep on keeping on. At the same time she is loving and lovable. Hero: Benedict. Meh. He's the meh factor. He is just ok. So, perhaps he is a little less than ok. I mean he's trying to make this awesome person his mistress. This part, I did not like so much. That said, he does rescue her from the clutches of a moron and when it counts, although he waited just a wee bit too long for me, he's there for her. He's no Colin and he's no Anthony. In fact, he's more like the second Bridgerton, after all. Why it did or didn't work for me: This book lacked the Quinniscisms that I so love in all of Julia Quinn's books. Usually, she has me giggling and it all feels safe and it all feels good. This was just so meh. I mean, she had a few snicker moments. Some sarcasm. And some wit. But it just fell a little short. A fun read, just not up to her usual.

  • Tammy
    2019-03-21 23:54

    An Offer From a Gentleman definitely takes its inspiration from Cinderella, but it is still a sweet story with lovable characters written in JQ's own witty style. Sophie is sweet and spunky. Benedict is a hopeless romantic. Together they make a very charming couple. I loved that Benedict spent three years searching for Sophie after their initial meeting at the masquerade ball. The confrontation between Benedict's mother, Violet Bridgerton, and Araminta (Sophie's wicked step-mother) when Violet comes to Sophie's rescue is awesome. Most likely my favorite part of the book next to the storybook ending and smart dialogue. Three cheers for justice! A tiny part of me felt sorry for Araminta's youngest (and less-loved) daughter, Posy. She was ridiculed and mocked for being chubby. While she wasn't smart enough to speak up for herself, she was still friendly and warm-hearted at times towards Sophie.I would have enjoyed more humor in this book and more glimpses of the other Bridgerton siblings, but I suppose that's why there are more books in the series. :D Thanks for the recommendation Rane.

  • Beatriz
    2019-03-23 05:50 Senhoras e Senhores, leitores dessa humilde resenha, que fique registrado para conhecimento universal as seguintes constatações: 1º É ASSIM QUE UM ROMANCE DE ÉPOCA DEVE SER ESCRITO e 2º JULIA QUINN É RAINHA UNIVERSAL DESSE GÊNERO. Se por algum motivo desconhecido, você ainda não leu "O Duque e Eu" ou "O Visconde que Me Amava", espero poder te convencer no decorrer desse texto a ler uma das melhores séries de romance que o universo já viu (nota-se que eu não irei me controlar durante essa resenha, porque tenho muito amor guardado no meu coração). Antes de todos os elogios e declarações românticas à autora, vamos ao resumo da obra. Em "Um Perfeito Cavalheiro" temos a história de Benedict Bridgerton, o famoso "filho número dois" da família Bridgerton.Assim como todos os seus irmãos, nosso mocinho também enfrentava a pressão da mãe para casar-se rapidamente e estabelecer sua própria família, só que o bondoso rapaz não tinha interesse por nenhuma garota de seu ciclo social e limitava cada vez mais suas interações nos bailes e festas organizados pela matriarca. Porém em um baile de máscaras oferecido na Casa dos Bridgertons, Benedict finalmente encontra sua alma gêmea. Uma misteriosa dama trajando um vestido prateado roubou toda a capacidade de raciocínio lógico do rapaz, fazendo-o apaixonar-se imediatamente por sua personalidade vibrante e corpo curvilíneo. No entanto a alegria e esperança de nosso herói durou poucas horas, pois quando o relógio soou meia-noite, a dama mascarada fugiu de seus braços sem sequer dizer-lhe seu nome. Desesperado para encontrá-la novamente, Benedict lembra-se que a garota esqueceu um par de luvas com ele e utilizando essa única peça, o moço inicia sua interminável busca pela mulher que roubou seu coração. Mal sabia o mocinho que a dama do vestido prateado estava longe de ser a garota aristocrática perfeita. Sophie Beckett era simplesmente a filha bastarda de um conde, sendo conhecida atualmente como mais um membro da criadagem da Penwood Park. Após 20 anos sujeitando-se a todo tipo de trabalho escravo dentro da mansão mantida por sua madrasta Araminta, Sophie (com a ajuda das outras empregadas) teve a oportunidade de viver uma única noite mágica ao entrar indevidamente no baile da família Bridgerton para dançar e se apaixonar perdidamente por Benedict (seu verdadeiro príncipe encantado).Porém viver de sonhos e ilusões mostrou ser mais fácil do que encarar a triste realidade, uma vez que Sophie reencontra Benedict, após três anos de sua fuga durante o baile, e o rapaz simplesmente não a reconhece. Para piorar ainda mais a situação, ambos se apaixonam novamente e nosso herói pede à garota que ela se torne sua amante, já que seria impossível eles se casarem sendo de classes diferentes. Em uma adaptação do clássico conto de fadas "Cinderela", Julia Quinn cria com maestria um dos melhores romances de época já escritos. Agora finalmente chegou a hora de você colocar Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo para tocar e ser feliz comigo nos parágrafos seguintes, pois não consigo mais controlar o entusiasmo. "Sophie não o vira quando entrara no salão, mas sentira que havia algo mágico no ar. E quando ele surgira diante dela, como um príncipe de conto de fadas, de algum modo ela soube que ele tinha sido o motivo pelo qual ela entrara no baile de forma furtiva.Era alto, e o que podia ver de seu rosto era muito bonito, com lábios sorridentes que tinham uma sugestão de ironia e a barba começando a nascer. Os cabelos eram castanho-escuros e a luz bruxuleante das velas lhes conferiam um leve tom avermelhado (...) Era bonito e forte e, por aquela única noite, seria dela" Honestamente estava um pouco receosa com o fato desse livro ser uma adaptação de Cinderela, não que eu não goste dessa história, mas verdade seja dita: Deve ter mais de 10 filmes sobre esse conto e a cada nova adaptação cinematográfica a fábula piora (é Cinderela perdendo celular; ipod; iphone; mp3 player; sapato e etc. Como diz o dito popular "só não perde a cabeça porque está grudada no pescoço"). Como confio cegamente em Julia Quinn, fui de coração aberto ler qual seria a sua versão da história e mais uma vez a autora conseguiu transformar algo que já foi extremamente explorado em uma narrativa encantadora. O livro foi dividido em partes, a 1ª conta basicamente sobre a infância de Sophie com sua madrasta e suas meias-irmãs malvadas Rosamund e Posy; sua adolescência sendo explorada dentro da mansão e finalmente a vida adulta na qual as empregadas a fantasiam para ir no baile de máscaras. Já a 2ª parte é limitada ao relacionamento de Sophie com Benedict e todos os outros membros da família Bridgerton. Por mais conhecido que a primeira parte do enredo seja, senti-me flutuando e rodopiando junto de Sophie e Benedict nas cenas das valsas e conversas durante o baile. O que mais chamou minha atenção foi o fato da autora ter conseguido criar uma história mágica sem ter utilizado nenhum elemento sobrenatural durante a narrativa, todo o ambiente de contos de fadas foi construído com base nos diálogos e interação entre os protagonistas. A química entre o casal foi tão perfeita que o leitor era atraído por esse ambiente como se também estivesse participando da ação, tamanho era o envolvimento proporcionado pela escrita de Julia Quinn que diferente de outras autoras não teve medo de explorar páginas e páginas de convívio e relacionamento entre os protagonistas. A autora acerta ao utilizar quase 150 páginas de puros diálogos entre Sophie e Benedict, pois é isso que constrói um romance: a intimidade do casal. Não tem nada mais prazeroso do que ler Sophie tentar resistir as provocações de Benedict e vice e versa; além de lermos as piadas internas que vão tomando conta do relacionamento e notar a progressão dos sentimentos dos protagonistas um pelo outro.Diferente de vários outros romances de época, não há em "Um Perfeito Cavalheiro" aquele desespero desenfreado de Benedict para dormir com Sophie, óbvio que o rapaz tenta a todo momento seduzir a moça, porém ele não se transforma em um adolescente cujos desejos não podem ser controlados. Nota-se o interesse do mocinho em conhecer a garota; em falar com ela e vê-la como um ser humano (obrigada Benedict por salvar a pátria). Vou ser extremamente redundante, porém nada ganha mais meu coração do que romances que giram em torno do romance e não do sexo. Em um pequeno desabafo literário, confesso que estou cansada de ler livros onde as autoras inventam qualquer situação bobinha para fazer a moça entregar-se repetidamente ao rapaz, limitando o enredo do livro unicamente ao relacionamento físico. Ficou mais do que óbvio que Benedict (com seus pensamentos e ações) ganhou meu favoritismo, porém Sophie também me conquistou. A garota não tinha nada a perder: era pobre; não tinha família e sinceramente suas perspectivas de futuro eram aterrorizantes. E mesmo com o universo conspirando contra sua felicidade a moça não aceitou o pedido de ser amante de Benedict e só com esse simples fato ela foi parar no topo da lista de "melhor mocinha de romance de época". Nada estava me irritando mais nesse gênero do que mulheres de 22/23 anos de idade desesperadas para terem uma aventura sexual pois acreditavam que estavam velha demais e a vida tinha acabado. Sophie faz exatamente aquilo que eu sempre quis que uma mocinha fizesse: ela se valorizou. O mundo estava desabando, mas a garota estava sempre com um sorriso no rosto e seus princípios na ponta da língua (beijo de homem nenhum fez essa garota se transformar em boba - high five Sophie). Além dos perfeitos mocinhos, nesse livro temos também um maior aparecimento dos irmãos menores da família Bridgerton; além de Violet (mãe de todos esses seres humanos lindos) também dar um verdadeiro show sempre que falava alguma coisa (Bia diz: VIOLET ME ADOTE TAMBÉM. EU CASO COM QUALQUER BRIDGERTON DISPONÍVEL) "Quarenta e cinco minutos mais tarde. Benedict encontrava-se atirado na poltrona com os olhos vidrados. De vez em quando, precisava parar para se certificar de que não estava com a boca aberta.Eis quão entediante estava a conversa com a mãe.A jovem sobre quem ela queria lhe falar era, na verdade, sete jovens, cada uma das quais melhor do que a outra, segundo Violet.Benedict achou que fosse enlouquecer. Bem ali, na sala de estar da mãe, ficaria louco de pedra. Saltaria da poltrona de repente e cairia no chão em meio a um ataque, sacudindo braços e pernas e espumando pela boca..." Com diálogos inteligentes e ao mesmo tempo cômicos; personagens perfeitos e um enredo e narrativa impecáveis; pode-se dizer que Julia Quinn criou uma obra magistral. "Um Perfeito Cavalheiro" entrou para a minha lista de favoritos (finalmente um livro conseguiu tornar-se meu favorito), ganhando 5 estrelas em sua classificação final. Estou morrendo de curiosidade para ler sobre Colin e Penelope em "Os Segredos de Colin Bridgerton", já que o terceiro filho sempre foi o meu favorito (e espero que ele não me desaponte). Como já devo ter dito um milhão de vezes nessa resenha, espero que todos vocês leiam essa série da Julia Quinn. Esses livros sempre cumpriram a missão de divertir-me e até mesmo restaurar um pouquinho minha fé em contos de fada e amores que ultrapassam quaisquer barreiras.

  • Jasmin
    2019-04-02 23:00

    UTTERLY ROMANTIC. An Offer from a Gentleman is a fairy tale retelling, but what makes it better than a fairy tale is that this fairy tale may have or can come true.Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Sophie Becket, who is our Cinderella. She’s a bastard child by the earl of Penwood. She is neither recognized nor thrown out, but is known as the earl’s ward. But everyone can see that she’s a bastard, her eyes, hair and everything about her tells it out aloud, but nobody points that fact out. But that’s until the earl brings home a wife, which I could describe as the most evil stepmother to ever exist in a fairy tale. Okay, I was exaggerating. The wicked stepmother, also comes with two evil stepsisters. Scratch that, the youngest wasn’t that evil. The Earl suddenly dies, and leaves a handsome dowry for Sophie and his stepdaughters, and leaves two thousand pounds for the stepwife, but it could increase to six thousand once she keeps Sophie in her care. But my, what a big mistake. The wicked stepmother of course keeps this from our beloved heroine, and Sophie is employed or rather turned into a slave since she doesn’t get paid for her services as everything. One night, the Bridgertons were to host a masquerade ball, and all but Sophie is going. But with the help of the house staff, Sophie manages to become a princess and catches the attention of Benedict Bridgerton. They dance in the private terrace and in that short fleeting moment, they fall in love.”…tomorrow you will be transformed.”“Tonight, I am transformed,” she whispered. “Tomorrow I shall disappear.”Benedict drew her close and dropped the softest, most fleeting of kisses onto her brow. “Then we must pack a lifetime into this very night.” Unfortunately, after the night, Benedict looses the lady in the silver gown, and only meets Sophie two years later without any idea that Sophie is the woman he’s been looking for ever since.This book may be a Cinderella retelling at first, but it’s something more. And I have to tell you, Julia Quinn can deliver! And I have to say it was delivered on a silver platter, since once I started, I couldn’t stop devouring the feast until all was gone. And though I was bloated, gosh, I could stop smiling. I super love this book! And of course, Benedict Bridgerton, who goes up my list of top leading men.And God, how I wish someone would tell me this:”Be mine,” he said, his voice thick and urgent. “Be mine right now. Be mine forever. I’ll give anything you want. All I want in return is you.

  • Grecia Robles
    2019-04-19 01:47

    4.5 Stars  Este libro me encantó. aaay la verdad lo amé. ❤💙❤💙No es tan divertido como los otros anteriores, sino es más conmovedor, tierno y romántico aquí suspiré de amor. La historia es un cuento de Hadas clásico de la cenicienta, tenía todos los elementos y fueron muy bien llevados y adaptados al romance histórico.A mí más que los personajes fue la historia la que me enamoró. La protagonista me conmovió con su pasado, su soledad y con la crueldad con la que fue tratada por su madrastra que fue una maldita perra y yo esperaba un mejor castigo para ella. En cuanto a Bennedith me gustó pero no me llegó tan profundo había acciones en las que quería darle un par de golpes por idiota😡👊, por su cobardía y egoísmo, tal vez sea la época y ese era el modo de actuar de los hombres pero de todas maneras no hay justificación.Y los demás Bridgerton Colin si que me caló  hondo 😍💕❤😍 y espero que su libro no me decepcione porque tengo muy altas las expectativas

  • Kimberly Carrington-Fox
    2019-04-05 23:55

    Nuestra reseña en A la cama con... un libro

  • Ashley
    2019-04-05 03:36

    It's becoming quite the habit that I start one of these books before bed and then stay up to ungodly hours finishing it, because I have no self control. But I just wasn't tired! And I wanted to see what happened! (Okay, so I knew what was going to happen, that's the whole point of reading romance novels, but you know what I mean.)An Offer From a Gentleman is the third of Julia Quinn's Bridgerton books, and it's basically a re-telling of Cinderella* (with some variations, of course). Sophie Beckett is the bastard (unacknowledged, even) daughter of the Earl of Penwood. He took her in when she was three years old as his "ward," provided for her education, and gave her all the physical comforts she would need, but he was emotionally distant and Sophie was essentially an orphan. When she was older, her father finally took a wife, and we all know how it goes: Evil stepmother, two stepsisters, father dies. Only in this version, the stepmother only keeps Sophie on because the Earl promised her 4,000 additional pounds per year if she were to care for Sophie until her 20th birthday. But he never specified how she was to be cared for, so Sophie is essentially a maid in her own home. *I do kind of wonder at the seemingly random decision of writing an eight book series, and just out of the blue being like, hey, one of these will be a fairytale re-telling! But it was fun to read, so it's really just an observation, not a complaint.The romance starts when Sophie sneaks out to a masquerade ball hosted by the Bridgertons, and there she meets Benedict. They are instantly attracted to one another, but Sophie knows this one magical night can be all they will ever have. The disparity in their situations is too great so they could never marry, and she has promised herself never to be any man's mistress because she would never want to leave any child of her own so vulnerable to the same type of situation she's been in her whole life. So she leaves without telling him her name, and he spends the next two years searching for his lady in silver. At which point they meet again, and Sophie doesn't tell him who she is.I really liked this book. I know the consensus is that it's one of the best in the series, but I will confess that my favorite so far is still The Viscount Who Loved Me. I don't really know why, so don't ask me. Sophie and Benedict were perfectly lovely characters. The appearances from the Bridgerton clan are kept well in control, which is nice, because these types of family saga romance series can easily get to cutesy and reliant on appearances from previous books' characters. Quinn kept it mostly natural here.I read the re-released version with the second epilogue, which I do want to note specially because the second epilogue was one of my favorite parts of the book. It was sweet and short, and adorable. I was particularly pleased by it because after the book was over, I kept wondering what was going to happen to Sophie's nice stepsister, Posy, and that's what the epilogue was entirely focused on.In summation, I continue to be thankful that Malin sent me these books, and I will endeavor to make better life choices in reading and sleeping, at which I will probably fail.

  • SanO
    2019-03-28 01:04

    5 WONDERFULLY WHIMSICAL STARS!!!I simply adored this Cinderella-inspired historical filled with sexy, sweet moments! It was also quite touching. The heroine Sophie Beckett was such a treat, and her personality and insecurities shined bright in a most endearing way!At 20-years old…Sophie gave into a dream. One night she stole away to a masquerade ball and met her soul mate, Benedict Bridgerton, London’s most eligible bachelor. But he never knew her identity. As much as the debonair Benedict looked around in the weeks following, he could never find the woman who captured his heart.Sophie was born a bastard. She is the daughter of an earl, who never acknowledged her as such. That’s why she kept her identity a secret during her one stolen night…bastards mingling with the aristocratic echelon is a big fat no-no…plus she would be in for it big-time if her wicked stepmother ever found out.Although Sophie wasn’t legitimate, she was gently raised as a lady, but known to the outside world as the earl’s ward. When he marries a woman with 2 daughters, she hoped to gain a loving family at last, but got stuck with an evil stepmother. Once her father died when she was 14, she became a servant for years.“…the only thing that separated her from other maids was that she’d had a taste of luxury as a child.She’d been reared gently, if without love, and the experience had shaped her ideals and values. Now she was forever stuck between two worlds, with no clear place in either.” After the masquerade, Sophie's sad life becomes worse. Two years pass before see she's Benedict again. She is now 22 and Benedict is 30 and is still haunted by the one who got away.What you think may be an instantaneous reunion is not, but what unfolds is magical and truly captures your heart!If you LOVE Lisa Kleypas, then you'll love this. This is part of a family series, but I read this as a fantastic standalone!

  • Maria Bikaki
    2019-04-11 03:46

    Well I have noticed that every time I don’t feel very well the idea of reading an historical romance books serves like the best medicine and which better medicine than a Julia quinn’s book? An offer from a gentleman was a quite entertaining read. Definitely not Julia’s best book ever but the book that all the girls with a big romantic heart who believe in fairytales will love it. Based on the classical Cinderella story hopes to touch every romantic girl’s heart. I totally understand that not everyone likes stories of love at first sight, I am not sure if I even believe in love at first sight but there are sometimes in life that you need to believe in fairytales and into the magic a great love can provoke. If there is one moment I felt a little dump was with Benedict’s persistence of making the main heroine Sophie his mistress. As a woman that I find really important to be treated with respect I found this part of the book quite irritating and Benedict’s behavior frustrating. Benedict was a man seeking a woman to get married, he feels in love with the mystery girl he met a long time ago into a masquerade ball nut now the same romantic man makes that offer. I don’t care if we speak about the same person because it was something he actually didn’t know by that timeNevertheless I must confess that I liked benedict even though colin still remains my favorite bridgerton so far I found him quite intereresting. Being the middle boy of the family he was trying to find his position, he was romantic, I loved his struggle between two women even though there was actually only one, he was kind, caring and at the end of the day he didn’t care about social positions and origins.I also liked Sophie. Having to grow up without family and love she had to struggle in her entire life and I admired her for having the strength to deny becoming the mistress of the man she loved. Can’t wait for another bridgertown family member love adventure. Hasta la proxima.

  • Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    2019-03-29 22:56

    I’ll be quite honest... I didn’t think much of Benedict before this book. Like many of the ton, I saw him as Number Two of the Bridgertons and now, I love him. He wasn’t mentioned often in the previous books, so I was looking forward to Colin’s book much more than Benedict’s.Going into this book, I already knew that this book followed the Cinderella theme. A poor, young woman is fated with an evil stepmother and two equally annoying step-sisters. She gets one chance to live out her dreams and go to a masquerade until the clock strikes midnight. This initial storyline irked me a bit because, firstly, I don’t really like Cinderella and secondly, I hate reading about bullies.But while Quinn stays true to the Cinderella story, she does veer away from it and develops a great romance between Benedict and Sophie. It might have been boring if she stuck with the Cinderella storyline throughout the entire book. Instead, it was refreshing and very, very romantic! Who knew Benedict would be such a dashing hero? I didn’t.And I’m soo glad that I read this book because Benedict is a dream! I loved how protective he was over Sophie. And while Sophie did allow him to take her to his home, she still remained true to herself throughout this whole thing. I really liked that about her character. I must say how much I despise Araminta, Sophie’s stepmother. She’s a snake and in the end, she got what she deserved. I really wished there was more done to her, but Lady Bridgerton definitely put her in her place.I’ve already got Colin’s book ready to go! I can’t wait to read of Penelope and Colin. After that overheard statement about Penelope, I’m curious to see how Colin redeems himself. It’s sure to be a charming book.

  • UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish
    2019-04-06 04:35

    My Review – Short and SweetStarting out with the delightful feel of the fairytales Ever After and Cinderella, Julia Quinn’s An Offer From A Gentleman quickly takes on a magical life of its own and becomes another ‘feel good’ installment of the Bridgerton series! The charm of Benedict and Sophie along with the chance to revisit the other Bridgertons has made this one my favorite of the series so far.

  • Zoe
    2019-04-21 05:51

    As far as fluffy reads go, they don't get fluffier than An Offer from a Gentleman. I thought the story really sweet. It definitely has a strong Cinderella feel to it, but very nicely done. I went through the book very quickly because it seems to me that there isn't much depth in the story. Nonetheless, a very sweet tale. Surprisingly, the most moving part for me was when Benedict's mother, Violet, told Benedict that she wished his father were there, when Benedict told her of his troubles. Benedict said that she didn't say that very often. And his mother sighed and said: "I wish he were here all the time." Sigh I guess I am more drawn to yearning and losses than happily ever after. As pretty as Sophie and Benedcit's story is, I read it the way I had watched Frozen. (yeah I watched it and there are no children in my household. hahahaha)

  • Maria Sol
    2019-04-09 00:56

    Me encanta esta familia, ya lo dije un montón de veces y lo digo una mas!!!!Un libro super tierno!!! Benedict y Sophie y su historia al estilo de la Cenicienta me encantaron!

  • Karina Garcia
    2019-04-14 03:59

    Me encantan las series adonde cada integrante de una familia tiene su propia historia y adonde ademas el resto interactua de manera indirecta en cada entrega.Dicho esto, y con respecto puntualmente a la serie Bridgertons, cada libro creo que me gusta un poco más que el anterior, el relato de Julia Quinn es precioso y las historias son originales, divertidas y emotivas al mismo tiempo.Me encanta creer que algunos miembros de la sociedad inglesa hayan podido ser como esta familia tan peculiar, adonde el amor prima sobre todas las costumbres tan arraigadas y distintas para otras sociedades y culturas.

  • Sandra
    2019-04-14 01:00

    Com um início bem clichê a soar a algo muito parecido com a história da Cinderela, Julia Quinn redime-se, dá a volta e faz-me acabar mais um livro dela com lágrimas nos olhos e sorriso nos lábios.Como é que ela consegue? Não sei.Simplesmente sei que é deste calibre que são feitos os grandes escritores. Aqueles mestres das palavras que fazem com que leitores se emocionem de tal maneira ao ponto de se surpreenderem.Sophie é uma personagem forte e tão querida para mim que me fez ir às lágrimas bem no momento em que aquela BRUXA da Araminta surge e a manda para a (view spoiler)[ cadeia, como se ela não fosse mais nada do que uma mera criminosa, e não a filha de sangue de um conde (hide spoiler)].Mas quando reúne a sua coragem e em nome de outra pessoa dá aquilo que que Araminta já há muito merecia, só me vi a fazer:Posy foi outra personagem que, apesar de ter sofrido horrores às mãos de Araminta, conseguiu-me surpreender e fazer com que a adorasse como a grande mulher que conseguiu ser. É que reunir aquele tipo de coragem... não é para qualquer um!Araminta... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!QUE ÓDIO!!!!Já há muito, muito, muito tempo não sentia vontade de assassinar uma personagem com as minhas próprias mãos. Tal é a intensidade do meu rancor por esta mulherzinha (fictícia) desprezível, odiosa e outros sinónimos que não me vem à cabeça no momento.Benedict, o príncipe encantado que quando fez a dita proposta a Sophie só me apetecia dar-lhe um murro. Mas que no final foi o mais doce e amoroso dos homens. E aquele epílogo? ...derreti-me...Resumindo, estes romances são maravilhosos e eu... sou fã!["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>