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Left on bended knee, with nothing but a ring in his hand and a gaping hole in his chest, Ivan Rusilko lost everything when Jaden Thorne said, “I can’t.” Now, six months later and despite her endless attempts to reach him, finding forgiveness for Jaden’s indiscretion is last on his list of things to do. Dr. Ivan is married to his career now, and his professional success isLeft on bended knee, with nothing but a ring in his hand and a gaping hole in his chest, Ivan Rusilko lost everything when Jaden Thorne said, “I can’t.” Now, six months later and despite her endless attempts to reach him, finding forgiveness for Jaden’s indiscretion is last on his list of things to do. Dr. Ivan is married to his career now, and his professional success is taking him places he’s never been before. But even the glow of accomplishment can’t heal his devastated heart. Determined to recover, to move forward at any cost, he now finds moments of respite in distractions that leave him emotionally bankrupt. He’s empty, a shadow of his former vibrant, life-loving self. On the outside, he may seem to be the man he always was. But inside, a terrible desire threatens to rip him apart and ruin him forever.Meanwhile Jaden is haunted by the memory of the moment she saw the light wither and die in Ivan’s eyes. She knows it died at her hand. After months of trying to explain herself, of begging for mercy, she takes herself back to Miami, back into Ivan’s path, for one last chance at redemption. Can she entice him back into her arms? Convince him to give her a second chance? She’s determined to do whatever it takes to find forgiveness—even if all that’s left is forgiving herself. In this final book of The Winemaker’s Feast Trilogy, The Winemaker’s Dinner: Dessert, author Dr. Ivan Rusilko is writing solo, drawing freely on his own life and love experiences to craft a heartbreaking and wildly erotic tale about lost hope, desperation, contrition, and—if it’s possible—the quest for a perfect ending to a real-life love story. True to its title, Dessert serves readers an indulgent, decadent last course, rich with twists, turns, and tantalizing truths. Love is beautiful, guys like this really do exist, and the power of real romance is something we can all believe in....

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The Winemaker's Dinner: Dessert Reviews

  • Francine Petro
    2019-04-21 05:08

    OMG! Where entree left off dessert was served with a vengeance! I was gripped starting with the very first sentence! This book out of all of them was emotion at its rawest. The fallout after the proposal affected Ivan and Jaden quite differently. Ivan was beside himself experiencing a grief like no other. "The loneliness that engulfed him every day was now his companion...Life was nothing more than a faded black-and-white movie now... vivid imagination were his sole glimpses of the once-familiar rainbow palette of colors that had painted his mornings and brightened the nights lost in her gaze. But these glimpses were just a mirage. It was life’s dick tease, nothing more than a lie to numb his mind and soothe the pain that tortured his soul." Ivan did what he had to do to expel her from his mind and his heart. Jaden discovered the truth regarding that ill fated night and would do whatever it took to win back ivans heart and his trust. "It wasn’t enough to prove her love for him against some ass- hole from Los Angeles. She was now fighting an assumption — one well-fueled with circumstantial evidence and documentation — as untrue as it might be. She’d lost his trust, and all the privileges that came with it because she’d been chasing what she thought was her dream. And she’d gotten lost along the way."During their time apart they both grew as individuals and both realized that to get on with their lives and possibly make it back to each other they both had to dig down deep and soul search and rediscover what was important in their lives . But during their time apart some twists and turns happened that made it look like that it might not be in the stars for them. You will NOT want to put this book down! You WILL be on the edge of your seat wondering if Jaden and Ivan actually do make it back to each other! Thank you Ivan for sharing a wonderful story with us!

  • Sheri
    2019-04-17 01:30

    Wow!! We have finally come full circle to this wonderful trilogy. I must say this by far is the best part of the meal. I was already in tears after the first chapter. We got a chance to see another side to Dr. Ivan. A side to him I was suprised even existed. I completely could relate to the pain he suffered feeling your heart ripped in two. You're still in love, but you know deep down you can't go back and do the same mistakes over and over again.Before Desserts, I grew to dislike Jaden a lot with her immature shenanigans, but grew to love her in this last installment. I felt sorry for both of them and hoped as I went further in the book, they would both get their "stuff" together and work it out. Both made some terrible mistakes, but as I always live by with my favorite quote, "The difference between school and life? In school, you're taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you're given a test that teaches you a lesson." - Tom Bodett. I think we can all learn something from Ivan's life story whether it's fiction or fact. I know I did and will now always believe in my heart that famous quote he loves so much, "Don't cry because it's over, Smile because it happened." I am completely satisfied and happy how it all ended. I'm a little sad though it has finally come to end, but I hope NOT forever.Thank you for the life lessons, Dr. Ivan. I hope you write more novels and your medical practice continues to be successful.

  • Shirley
    2019-03-21 22:15

    When The Winemaker's Feast series was first introduced it was touted to be a fictionalized erotic memoir inspired by the romantic triumphs and tragedies of Dr. Ivan Rusilko's real life. Of course, as a reader, you can't help but wonder where does the fiction end and the fact begin? And while we'll never really know, I have a strong feeling that Dr. Rusilko has shared a lot more fact than fiction, especially in "Dessert".It's not easy to wait for each installment in a series, and the wait for "Dessert" is no exception. Now that it is here and the final course has been served and consumed, I can honestly say it's been worth the wait and my hunger has been satisfied.Dr. Rusilko has penned "Dessert" alone, and I will say the man has a gift for the written word. If he does not continue with his writing career, I, as a reader and supporter will truly feel deprived. Dr. Rusilko definitely needs to continue to share his gift no matter what the genre.For me, "Dessert" was gut wrenching. I especially struggled to get through the early chapters. Not because I didn't enjoy what I was reading, but because I could feel Ivan's mental and emotional turmoil with who he had become after that night 6 months earlier when Jaden walked away from him as he was preparing to propose. As the book progressed though, my heart ached for Jaden too.Once again, assumptions are made and the lack of communication only created more stress and heartache for both Ivan and Jaden. So many loved to hate Jaden, but honestly, in "Dessert" the girl won me over ~ Ivan wasn't the Mr. Perfect we wanted to allow ourselves to believe. He IS a normal guy and he's real and he hurts and he does stupid things too and he sometimes hurts others through his actions or inaction. It was refreshing to finally see the imperfections because that truly is what makes us perfect ~ we're NOT.I loved the visit from Marie and John because it was exactly what Ivan needed, even if he didn't realize it at that very moment. After all, who usually knows us better than we often know ourselves and who can give us the advice and insight we need ~ our parents.I won't and can't say any more about the story itself without risking revealing too much but I can say I certainly hope other readers will be as happy with the end of the series as I am. The Winemaker's Dinner series has been an emotional experience for me and I am so glad I discovered it in the summer of 2012. From the prequels to this final book in the series, my heart has been fully invested and it will always be my absolute favorite! Thank you Everly Drummond, Dr. Ivan Rusilko and Omnific for bringing us this FABULOUS story!

  • Wendy
    2019-04-15 03:36

    "You loved me more than I could understand, without reservation and despite the flaws I was too blind to see, and that's what excites me the most about you. Love without reason is true love, and that's what we have"5 stars for the good doctor on this final book of a series that will stay among my favorites. Dr. had me holding my breath and seeing through a red haze within the first few pages, and I didn't catch my breath for a second till the very end of the book. I had to stop myself from skimming ahead to see what would happen next! I was (lovingly of course) wanting to pull you by your luscious hair and shake you a bit, but how you wrote the end of this journey was brilliant."I wanted to know what love could be, and I found the answer in you. You're everything to me"The Ivan we see in the first 60% or so of this book isn't the Ivan we've seen in the previous books, but as you read, (while it kinda kicks you in the gut) you understand the reason he does the things that make you hold your breath. I started out IMMEDIATELY wanting to see things work out for Ivan and Jaden, and what you immediately get has you TRULY wondering if that is possible. The way he wrote about his "Inner Freak" taking control to get him past the pain he felt for 6 months was fantastic, and I have to say...I'm SO glad he saw the light in the Starbucks bathroom LOL! But can I just say...Holy SHIT, I pretty much fell in love with the dominant side of Ivan in this book! ***still fanning myself, shew!*** "I'm sorry I shut you out instead of listening. I'm sorry I was so afraid. But I know now that you are the reason God put me on this earth. You're the drive behind my next breath and the force between each beat of my heart. ~he had me with a couple tears falling at this point!I wish more men in this world could speak with such eloquence, and have such an honest, raw outlook on life and the world we live in. It truly is inspiring, and gives you food for thought as to how you life and experience your own matter if your environment is as beautiful as Miami or not...if your bank account is overflowing or not...if your career status is high profile or not...he makes you believe anything is possible, and dreams, destiny, love, hope, all worth it, no matter how hard the fall may be. Always "Smile because it happened"'s just a wonderfully simple thing to be reminded of.It hasn't been TOO terribly long since I read the other books in the series, but I loved them so much I remembered most of what happened, so I didn't do a re-read before reading Dessert. It made me miss the series and want to do a re-read soon. Thank you Dr. Ivan for giving us these books...mixing romance, erotica, words of wisdom, hope, and destiny, and real life've given me several books I will never forget!SQUEEEEEEEE....available on Amazon NOW!!! Lord, I hope this book doesn't crack my heart open before I hopefully get my HEA~

  • Janéah Rosecrans
    2019-03-25 00:19

    Five star review – So worth the wait!!! I’m still trying to catch my breath and unclench my heart after reading the highly anticipated final installment of The Winemakers’ Dinner trilogy. Again, Dr. Ivan Rusilko does not disappoint!!!! From the first chapter I was hooked and couldn’t stop reading until it was over. And yet again, just like the first two books, I went through every emotion from anger, sadness, to utter happiness. Bravo Dr. Ivan bravo!!!The Winemaker’s Dinner: Dessert now takes place 6 months after the ill-fated proposal night. Ivan is now devastated and trying to feed his loss with a new “freak” addiction. He has also opened his new practice Club Essentia, and is trying to stay busy and focused with his new venture. At the same time Jaden’s show is on hiatus and she has returned back to Miami for some much needed time off.I’m not going to give anything away in my review, because I want you all to read it. But from chapter one, Ivan takes you on his dark journey trying to get through the pain of his loss. Ivan has such a way of bringing the reader in and captivating them. I could feel the pain and torment he was going through. I felt l like every emotion he went through, I was going through right with him.To be honest, before I read Dessert, I was not huge fan of Jaden. But while reading this final installment, I really grew to like her. I felt she had grown up a lot in the 6 months that had passed. She really had a better understanding of who she was and what was important in life, and her willingness to fight for it was astounding. I want to thank you Dr. Ivan for writing such brilliant trilogy. You’ve captivated many hearts out there. I can only hope this is the beginning of a wonderfully long writing career for you, because I know there are many of us who would love to read more from you. Perhaps a “Nightcap” now would be a great idea for an epilogue??? Hint hintJ P.S. ~ I also would like to thank you for all the wonderful people I have met because of The Winemaker’s Dinner series. Without them I would have not made some of the life-long friends that I have in the past year. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ~ Janeah

  • Tracy Venable
    2019-04-16 02:11

    WOW! Just wow. Dessert was incredible! This series ended with a BANG! Just loved how it ended. Ivan and Jaden's story enslaved me. It was very emotional, arousing, sensual, DIRTY, and passionate!! I couldn't put it down until I finished it! Dr Ivan Rusilko has such a way with words that makes you swoon! Thank you Dr Ivan Rusilko and Everly Drummond for this series. Dr Ivan I hope we see more writing from you in the future. You are extremely talented and dedicated in all you do! Congratulations and cheers!Fave quotes from this book:"Yesterdays are to be looked at over you shoulder. If you keep them in front of your face you may miss what the future holds." "Love without reason is true love, and that's what we have.""Don't cry because its over... smile because it happened."P.S. This series has allowed me to meet some incredible people! I have formed lifelong friendships! Have enjoyed being a part of the Baby Girl group!!!! Xoxo ; )

  • Maja
    2019-03-31 00:31

    wow he did it again ! Bravo dr.Ivan . dessert has been served . You got me at chap 1 . this is a must read not just dessert but all three books . again BRAVO U DID IT AND THIS TIME ALL BY YOUR SELF ♥♥♥♡♥♡♥

  • ~ Becs ~
    2019-04-05 22:29

    Don’t cry because it’s over…smile because it happened.Well!! Isn’t this an angsty ride on the wild side? This is the third and final part of the The Winemaker’s Dinner series and this time Dr Ivan is flying solo – no co-writer and I definitely enjoyed this one the most of all three books. It’s much darker with a lot of emotional pain and sadness and I really do enjoy my book characters to suffer!!We left Ivan on bended knee after having his marriage proposal turned down by Jaden in front of several hundred of their closest friends, humiliated and heartbroken. We now rejoin them six months down the line. Jaden is in LA working on her TV show and Ivan has remained in Miami making a big success of his Sexual Health practice. They’re in both in sad, lonely places nursing broken hearts, neither one of them able to move forward meaningfully, both holding onto the pain of their breakup.Ivan is a broken man. Jaden has ripped the foundations of his trust and belief right out from under him and he’s left, dazed, standing in the rubble wondering how it all happened. He’s retreated, buried himself in his work and is licking his wounds. He’s began to lose himself in an endless stream of meaningless sexual encounters as his drug of choice, each one more deviant and risky than the last. There’s a very wicked part of me that really enjoyed this part of the book. Yes, I absolutely felt his pain but the sex?? Oh my God, it was so freaking hot!! There’s a little devil standing on his shoulder with a voracious sexual appetite constantly urging him on. Ivan refers to him as the freak – I really rather liked him. He reminded of Rhage’s Beast from the BDB!Anyway, I digress!! Jaden is just as miserable. She’s made a huge success of her TV show in LA but she’s found that it’s just an empty, hollow shell without Ivan’s love in her life. His departure from her world has left a gaping void in her life that nothing is able to fill. They' were like two hearts beating as one and now ripped apart, both are slowly dying. They’ve both lost their zest for life and their glorious technicoloured lovedup world has dimmed to nothing more than a faded black and white movie.Jaden has returned to Miami for a two month hiatus from Tinsel Town and they’re both acutely aware of each other’s presence but are studiously avoiding one another – fear overriding sense. Eventually they do come together to talk in a beautifully atmospheric scene at the beach overlooking the ocean to finally clear the air and get some closure.“Don’t cry because it’s over…” He brought his lips to hers ever so softly, and they shared their final taste — the end of a voyage that had taken them from the beaches of Miami to the backwoods of Pennsylvania to the mountains of Colorado. As their last kiss broke, she finished his sentence. “Smile because it happened.”Oh, my God! Nooooo!! It can’t be over – these two are destined for one another. I don’t want closure – I want a happy ending!! My heart hurts!Jaden, Your star no longer shines in my sky. Love for you still flows through my veins, but it no longer reaches my heart. I wish you the world. ~ IvanOf course, it’s not over but it sure isn’t going to be easy as we follow these two on an emotional and very painful journey – they know they’re meant to be together, we know they’re meant to be together but neither one of them is really listening to the other and Ivan can’t forgive Jaden’s betrayal and they’re both lost in their despair and loneliness. Rest assured, a happy resolution is ahead of us and I confess I got a little misty eyed towards the end.This was a great conclusion to an engrossing story. I feel that each book got better as the series progressed and I sincerely hope that the good Doc isn’t hanging up his pen after this and is going to carry on writing. I think he emphatically answered the question whether or not men can write good erotica – Hell Yeah!! What he doesn’t know about the female orgasm really isn’t worth knowing and can you just imagine how good it must be to have a Sexpert for a lover? Also, it’s good to hear more about the male orgasm from a man’s perspective – I really enjoyed this descriptions of how this feels. D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!4 very sexy starsFor more reviews, please visit Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews or visit us on Facebook.

  • Pamela Carrion
    2019-04-14 02:10

    Everything you were told about Desserts is absolutely correct! Ivan’s words pour onto the pages with sinful delight! As you dive into this decadent treat you are reminded of why you fell in love with this series in the first place. In Desserts we find Ivan lost and broken. The battle between good and evil has encompassed Ivan’s life. Now Ivan’s story, this time around, is all about choices. The powerful hold of love is undeniable! Men have fought wars and killed for it causing even the strongest to crumble in its wake and Ivan soon learns that he is no different.“The loneliness that engulfed him every day was now his companion. Jaden was gone forever, never to lie by his side again.”Both Ivan and Jaden are at a crossroad. Jaden looking for forgiveness and Ivan learning if forgiveness is a dish he is willing to stomach. Ivan has created a world of darkness. Mindless sex has him questioning who is in control of his life, him or the monster inside. Try as he may the darkness isn’t enough to close out the light of a world that includes his baby girl. “As the sensation diminished, so did the guard he'd meticulously maintained to protect himself. He could feel his heart flickering to life. Perhaps...”Jaden finds herself where it all started. Returning home to take stock of her life and the disorder it has created. The life she so coveted has proven that what you want in life isn’t always what you need. As the wheels touch down at Miami International Jaden knows that she has to fight. Fight for love. Fight for the man that completes her world and makes her whole. Jaden soon learns that the road to finding forgiveness starts with forgiving yourself. Can Ivan forgive as well?“She turned in his arms and met his eyes, silently pleading for what her mind, body, and soul craved.”The Winemaker’s Dinner trilogy not only temps the taste buds it devours every single craving your heart may desires. Starting with an appetizer of fresh attraction that grows into a full course entrée of love your palate aches for more. No meal is ever complete with out dessert. Desserts are not always sweet then can be bitter or even cold but the end results are always the same…satisfaction! Taking the reins in the last book of The Winemaker’s Trilogy, Dr Ivan Rusilko has proven that one mans reality is capable of entertaining the masses. We have all become enchanted with the idea of finding our own good doctor and why not? Ivan is the hope that every woman is looking for. Loving, caring, successful, passionate and dominate…the total package. Ivan has allowed the world a peek into his own reality and has us all cheering for his happily ever after along with our own. Life presents us with choices and what we do with those choices allows us to create our own decadent meal. Opting for dessert is one choice you will not regret. “The only advice that I can give you about love is this: When you find that one little thing about someone you can't find in anyone else - no matter how small it is - that thing that completely shuts down whatever else you are doing. She's the one.”

  • Indy
    2019-03-23 01:36

    Just finished this book within the last half hour and can't help but feel angry for how much I disliked the conclusion to this series. Granted, wasn't a huge fan of the books following the first one, but this one capped off those disappointments. Call me crazy, but women don't want to read a romantic novel where the main male character sleeps around for half the book, only to start having sex with his ex and get enlightened DURING that he should be with the female protagonist and within the hour commences sleeping with her. Man whore much? I can't help but maybe put blame on this novel being purely written by a man, and from the looks/sound of his bio, one who has his 'art' imitating his life. Ending was really abrupt and unfulfilling, hoping someone reads this before committing to the whole series only to have wasted their time like me.

  • Charlet Kee
    2019-04-09 22:26

    Fantastic!! Amazing!! WOW!! This final installment took me in and consumed me!! Dr Ivan's writing is amazing. From the beginning I felt the raw emotion, pain, hope and love Ivan and Jaden were going through!! I was on the same roller coaster of Ivan's mental and emotional turmoil with every twist and turn throughout the book. I have gained so much from reading this trilogy. Thank you Dr. Ivan Rusilko and Everly Drummond for the beautiful trilogy. Dr Ivan please continue to write! I can't wait to see what you do next. ~ Love is progression ~ Love is beautiful ~ SMILE ;)“If you're young and talented, it's like you have wings.” ― Haruki MurakamiBaby Girl

  • Gina Marcantonio
    2019-04-01 21:20

    A mouth-watering dessert is scrumptious, appetizing, delicious, and yummy. OK Doc, you did not disappoint!! You served us an ending to a journey that we all could not wait for… and when it was released early… had to stay up all night reading!! So, with lots of coffee just to get through the rest of the day, we begin to come down off our “sugar high” and reflect on a story that has touched us in so many different ways. You go through many emotions as you follow Ivan and Jaden’s journey. You “feel” their experiences and struggles and wonder if their love can overcome heartache and if it is strong enough to prevail. The beginning was a little difficult to read. It was intense and emotional as Ivan’s “tortured soul” went through his own hell in mourning the loss of true love and trying to move on, or at best, just forget. You recently posted; “Desserts will raise more than an eyebrow, I am sure. But please is progression...good and bad”. Yes, an eyebrow was raised and maybe a few choice words were said and maybe a few surprises that knocked us for a loop but you can’t help but lose yourself in Desserts. You get so wrapped up in the characters that you forget that it’s just a book and where to draw the line as fiction and nonfiction. We can all relate in our personal life to the idea of “needs” vs “wants” and how we struggle to come to terms with living with the consequences of our actions.As with the first two books, there are many quotes in Dessert’s that we will be talking about for a long time. I can’t wait to start using “Dreamgasm”!!! but one of my favorites was Ivan’s dads advice: “Ivan, the only advice I can give you about love is this: When you find that one little thing about someone you can’t find in anyone else—no matter how small it is—that thing that completely shuts down whatever else you’re doing? She’s the one. Find that, and you’ve found her. That one little thing for me was your mother’s laugh”. Everyone deserves to find their "one".

  • Suzie
    2019-04-08 00:33

    When I decide on a book, I hope it will bring the thrill I seek of being sucked in an undertow of sensations and emotions. Not many books do it for me, this one did and that’s why I’m giving it 5 BIG stars!I was very much looking forward to this book in the series: one, because Ivan wrote it alone and two, there was much left unanswered in book #2. I'll start with the cover of Dessert. Dr. Ivan looks so devilish; his freakish smile and that wicked look in his eyes - not at all how we are used to seeing him, but once I started the book, I got it. The picture is such a great reflection of the inner demons that inhabits him in the first half of the book.The saying goes “Jack of all trades but master of none”. However, without a doubt, Dr. Ivan Rusilko is a “Jack of many trades but master of Writing”. He is very good at it. When reading his books, I can vividly picture the scenes he describes and the raw emotions that transpires from them. It’s a gift. Since his books are “loosely” based on his real life, which makes them even more special, I felt his hurt, his joys, I could almost hear him laugh out loud. You know when you’re almost done with a book and you realize there aren’t enough pages left for all the things that need to happen, that’s how I felt! I loved this book and this series SO much, that I don’t want it to end. So my hope is that we are not saying goodbye to these “characters” because I felt there is still so much of their story to be told. I could start listing the questions that remained unanswered in book #2, but will only ask this one: What was inscribed in the ring? I don’t think Dr. Ivan has a choice but to give his readers a book #4 and I suggest he name it Midnight Snack! This title is enticing, sweet and sexy; just like the author :o)Suzanne

  • Sonja Chilcote
    2019-04-12 01:23

    I'm not even sure where to begin with this review, I think I am still stuck in the OMG/WOW did that really happen zone :) From the very first sentence I was hooked, my emotions where all over the place and I felt as if I was experienceing this journey with them. (so it was a good thing I had Ms. Molly to accompany me :) The road that Ivan and Jaden travel is a rough one to read, tears where shed and my heart broke for them. I am a firm believer that everyone makes mistakes,that no one is perfect and we all deserve a second chance so without giving anything away the question is do Ivan and Jaden get through this journey, do they get their second chance? So worth the read to find out where they go!

  • Michelle
    2019-03-26 21:34

    Wow.... I can't believe so many people loves this book!!Jaden didn't do anything but kiss Damian....and she hasn't been with anyone since They broke up... But Ivan has slept with everyone in Miami!!! Come on now!!!! Then Ivan's ex-girlfriend is Practically naked on him and that's when Ivanfinally realizes that Jaden is the "one"!!!.... UghhhHe doesn't even bother to change his clothes or shower off before he goes running back to Jaden!!!! EwwwwI'm sure he still smells like his ex!!!!Then she lets him in like nothing!!! Shit make him work for it at least!!!! Ughhh....What a disappointing end to the series...

  • Annette
    2019-04-18 21:08

    Where to begin?!?! This was the best of all three of the TWD!!We have felt Ivan and Jaden's lust grow to love and then heartbreak. We hated Jaden for her role and Ivan's despair, but some how Ivan manages to see his role in their broken relationship and makes us feel it, too! The emotional roll coaster he has taken us on leaves us breathless and wanting more!!I can't praise Ivan enough for a wonderful story. For opening his life and love to us.I truly look forward to more stories or even another TWD....maybe it can be a "Midnight Snack".So proud to be a "Baby girl"!Annette

  • Lisa
    2019-03-26 23:33

    If you're looking to lose yourself completely start with dessert! The good Doctor knows how to make a girl want to knock him out! I hit every emotional gamut possible. We can laugh and cry to many stories. But how many make you want to slap some sense into both the hero and heroin? I personally would give this book 10 stars because it woke some parts of me that have been dormant for a very long time. Thank you Doc!

  • Brooke-True Story Book Blog
    2019-04-14 22:08

    *ARC given to Book Bitches Blog for honest review*[image error]Okay, so I have to admit, when the blog was approached about this blog tour and I found out that a MAN had written an erotic romance novel…well not even a novel…a series, I was highly highly intrigued. Then I find out that the lead male character in the novel, Ivan, was the author himself, I was even more intrigued. In an industry predominantly consisting of female authors, I think any woman would jump on the opportunity to get a man’s perspective on writing what we all like to call…SMUT!With that said, I have to be honest. While I found the writing itself nearly impeccable, I wouldn’t consider this book, or the previous books in the series, erotica. Yes, there is sex. Yes, the sex is hot and steamy. Yes, you get turned on while reading it. BUT…and yes, unfortunately there is a but….I have read more than enough erotica and this to me just was not an erotic novel. This was more of a Contemporary Romance novel. Just my opinion though…others may disagree.I don’t like to go into too much detail in my reviews because in my opinion, everyone can read the book and get all of that. My reviews consist of what I did and did not like about that particular book.I read the first two books in the series prior to reading Dessert (and yes, you need to also) and being completely honest here….I wasn’t all that into them. The last 10-15% are what saved the first two books for me. I was a little bored throughout them until the end. I really hate to give any type of negative feedback in reviews but bloggers are meant to be honest and sometimes being honest just really sucks!So more of this shitty thing we all call honesty. Ivan is a tad too perfect to be real….which makes him a little disingenuous and therefore hard to swoon over. Not to say that there aren’t positive things about him, but when you’re rolling your eyes at some of the stuff he says, it’s hard to think WOW this is hot, at the same time. I really didn’t even like Ivan until the last book. Not that I hated him..he just wasn’t my type I guess? And even then, he only slightly became more attractive for me. Not attractive in a physical sense, just his personality and who he is as a whole. I felt like the first two books he was too perfect. Too eager to please everyone. The man never got mad…not once…until the third book and that frustrated me. I was screaming at this man to show some sign of anger, frustration, anything! No one is that happy…right?Okay okay…I know, enough with the negative already! Onto what I did like about Dessert. The angst, the emotions, the heartbreak, the NEW Ivan!! Yes, I like to consider him a new Ivan in this book. The man finally got mad and let Jaden have it. Yes, it was well deserved, but nonetheless very satisfying to finally get to see this side of him. I have a newfound respect for Ivan. The man is who he is and is proud of who he is. So who I am to knock him on that? I mean come on, in the book AND in real life, the man is a ‘sex doctor’. What part of knowing that doesn’t make you want to jump him?All in all, the book was good. Maybe just not my cup of white chocolate mocha, but I still enjoyed reading it for the most part. I encourage any and everyone who reads this review to go read The Winemaker’s Dinner series. You might just fall in love with it and Dr. Ivan Rusilko. The man is pretty cool (or ‘groovy’ in Ivan terms) and I can’t wait to meet him at Book Bash in Orlando. Although, he might hate me after reading this review and shun me from his line. But like I said, honesty sucks and sometimes it sucks to have to suck (wow that’s a lot of sucking on my behalf). Trust me authors, it hurts us worse than it hurts you.Happy Reading,everyone…and keep in mind, being a book bitch is a tough job sometimes.

  • Cara
    2019-04-09 02:19

    Dessert starts off with a bang….literally! Its been six months since that faithful night when Ivan poured his heart and soul out to what he believed would be his happily ever after. His life has taken a definite dark turn filled with raw emotions and meaningless encounters. The sex is hot, plentiful and dominant. Ivan is losing a piece of himself with each nameless, mindless sexual encounter while trying to recapture his bliss.Ivan truly writes a raw version of himself. I love the way he creates an alter ego to deal with the dominance he NEEDS to have to keep control on his faltering soul. The detachment makes the story line easier to swallow in the hopes that this really isn’t the Ivan we love using each sexual encounters to satisfy the beast of anger and hatred within him. I found that I too seemed to be entering the same hell he was inhabiting, almost a coffin of sorts, on more than one occasion. His use of descriptive words truly had me picturing that decent into hell. The addiction to feel and overcome was truly like a drug the he needed to swallow.“Life was nothing more than a faded black-and-white movie now, and the occasional thirty minutes of sex, endorphins, and vivid imagination were his sole glimpses of the once-familiar rainbow palette of colors that had painted his mornings and brightened the nights lost in her gaze. But these glimpses were just a mirage.”Jaden, dare I say has matured in this book. Having not been a fan of hers in previous books; I was relieved to feel empathy for her in Dessert. She’s heading back to Miami for a well-deserved break from filming and what she hopes will be the chance to set things straight by finally meeting Ivan face to face.As I read this book filled with the music that he uses so eloquently in each chapter title; I had Kelly Clarkson playing in my head. “Because of You” and “Catch my Breath” would have been my chapter titles. Jaden caused the fall and his turning himself into a false smiling face for his practice; kept these songs replaying in my head.The decision to write this book alone was a wise one. He definitely has fine tuned his literary voice in the novel. The transition from co-author to sole author is seamless. The book is Ivan’s journey down to hell and back to redemption and only he could write this course. The writing is superb. The descriptions are vivid. His words grab your heart and pull the strings. You are visualizing the return of his colorful world. You want to see him champion over his freak.Just need to throw a few teases out there: OMG the Dreamgasm, Starbucks and Bobo enough said you will need to read the book to find out their reason for me pointing those out.Tighten your napkin around your neck and hold on this course is decadent and delectable with a healthy dose of cream topping. Its sinful but sweet and you’ll want to come back for more.

  • Rebecca
    2019-03-29 05:27

    BEST one in the series by far. Dr. Ivan penned it himself and I honestly felt like I was there with him (truly in his head) while he was going on this roller coaster ride of emotions. The dialogue flowed much better in this book. I hated reading the first few chapters as he described his inner turmoil (his inner voice: "the freak")and the way he was trying to deal with the break up. There were moments in the book where my heart was beating so hard in anticipation as to when/if/where he was going to take her back and just when you think there is a light at the end of the love tunnel...BAM...another surprise. Kudos to the handsome Doc!

  • Amy
    2019-03-29 23:28

    Wowed once again! I have to say that this is the best trilogy that i have read!! Loved every bit of this book.. I couldn't put it down! Ivan and Jaden's story truly makes them the "It" Couple!

  • Tanya
    2019-04-01 23:12

    Awesome finish to a great series!

  • Kathy
    2019-04-09 23:14

    Don't cry because it's because it happened.The Winemaker's Dinner: Dessert by Dr. Ivan Rusilko has given me the perfect closure to The Winemaker's Feast Series. After reading and loving the first two books, The Winemaker's Dinner: Appetizers and The Winemaker's Dinner: Entree, which were both co-authored with Everly Drummond, I wasn't sure what to expect with Dessert. I am happy to say that Dr. Ivan did not disappoint, and I have a new favorite in the series. I was so glued to the pages that I became one with them. I was certainly writhing in my seat and walking on a tightrope throughout most of the book that had me smiles by the end.My experience with The Winemaker's Feast Series has been one of joy, sorrow, love, and smiles; and I can honestly say that I don't want it to end, even though I don't want Ivan and Jaden to experience anymore pain and conflict. I feel an extreme closeness to this series, because I have rallied behind it since before the first book was released. This is the first time EVER that I have given every book in a series 5 stars. It's just that great.At the start of Dessert, I was already struggling with my emotions, as I was experiencing a completely different Ivan than the good doctor I had come to know and love. He was now a broken and weak man, doing all the wrong things to put a band-aid on his heart and ease his pain. I honestly didn't know whether I wanted to smack him or hug and comfort him; I was broken right along beside him. I was met with a dominant .....darker and punishing Ivan who had an inner "Freak" calling all the shots. I won't lie. I did a double take to ensure that I was really reading what I was reading. He had lost all control of his emotions, completely masking them to the outside world; yet he was in control of his sexual conquests more than ever. The sexual heat is kicked up several degrees and can definitely give the Miami summer temperatures competition.I felt the guilt that consumed Ivan in hopes of easing the pain from betrayal and a lost love.He scolded himself for falling prey to the weakness within him, but he had nowhere to turn but an endless string of warm bodies that kept him sated for thirty minutes a night. This Heaven was his Hell.Ivan couldn't shake the feeling that he was doing some unknown injustice to himself and a relationship that no longer existed.Ivan had now become a complete stranger to me, and I believe he was a stranger to himself as well, as he became so withdrawn from everyone and began a downward spiral that I feared he wouldn't be able to overcome. He was changed as much as he changed everything around him by ridding himself of almost all tangible items that might remind him of Jaden. My. Heart. Bled. My hurt matched Ivan's heartache and fear. I had been right there with these two since their first meeting, and I just couldn't wrap myself around the fact that Miami's power couple whom I had become close to in my consumption of this series was no longer a couple at all.I was appalled at the mistakes Ivan was making night after night in hopes of easing his pain. I couldn't believe what I was reading. I couldn't believe just how broken this man was. As much as I felt his hurt and pain, Ivan isn't the only victim here, and he certainly isn't guilt free. I was so disappointed in him for jumping to assumptions and believing the worst, when he should have gone straight to the source and had a little more faith in Jaden. But, this made Ivan's character more human....real, and I also understood his fear of his heart being crushed again. He's been there, done that; and once you get burned, you become afraid of the fire. Jaden was fire.Jaden, Jaden, Jaden. *tsk tsk tsk* I felt horrible for Jaden, but she had indeed made a mistake. BUT ← and that's a big but...she was also the cruel victim of a nasty trick played by fate with the help of Damian Gris. I can't stand that pretty boy with an inflated ego. He is the Devil incarnate or the Devil's spawn -- I haven't decided which yet -- and what he's done to Jaden to advance his own career.....I just wanted!! Yes, Jaden made a big mistake, but she owned it. She tried to make amends with Ivan, even if she hadn't made amends with herself. The what ifs that played throughout Jaden's and Ivan's minds were saddening. The pain experienced by Ivan and Jaden is so palpable, having leapt off the pages and into my own heart. Luckily Jaden had Tasha as the honest voice of reason who pulled no punches and sugar-coated nothing."I'm f**king serious, Jaden. If you can't forgive yourself, then how can you expect him to forgive you?" [...] I need you to please remember who the hell you are! You are Jaden f**king Thorne, and this mopey, weepy bullshit is played out."I loved it! While I knew and felt the desperation Jaden was feeling, I applaud Tasha for putting it out there and acting as the pity-party-pooper that was needed. I think I may have fist-bumped an imaginary Tasha after her wake-up call to Jaden.I was impressed with how Jaden began to look deep within herself and re-evaluate what she really wanted in life, what she loved, and what was necessary in order for her to be happy with herself. The change that Jaden experienced was admirable. She transformed from the weak and desperate woman who had reduced herself to begging to the now again strong woman who recognized that what she thought she wanted from her life and career couldn't begin to compete with what and who actually brought her true happiness. I loved her courage and strength when it came to letting go, because she felt it would make Ivan happy...even though I was breaking inside right along with Jaden.She knew in her heart she still loved Ivan, but because of that love, she was willing to let him go, as he wanted her to. At least most of the time she was. The odd flare of frustration or sadness could overtake her at any moment, but she was getting better and better at working through them. Her only path was forward, and the wound on her heart would heal in time.Eeeeep! Heartbreak! Crushed! Noooooo! I did NOT want Jaden to let go. Ivan isn't short of female company in this installment, bringing me into even more angst and fear that he might move on from Jaden. We also finally meet the first love of Ivan's life, Irena Strung. I didn't trust Irena with her manipulations and seductions. I didn't want her near all! I hated Irena ....until I liked her. In the end, I believe that she was manipulating for the good of Ivan and Jaden. Just when I thought things were finally working out to MY satisfaction, Dr. Ivan lowered the boom. I was let down once again; and once again, I wanted to just shake Ivan and scream for him to get the facts and stop assuming! Grrrrr.....I was feeling so much in my reading, I was beginning to think I needed psychotropic drugs for the ups and downs I was experiencing. My heart and mind just couldn't find themselves on the same page.We see some familiar characters in this installment with a cameo from Tasha, Mickey, and Geoff, as well as a visit from Ivan's mother and father. This visit from Ivan's parents validated Ivan's closeness to his family and brought some much needed humor to relieve my angst and fears, as well as providing a heart-felt warmth to calm my hysteria. There are some very moving scenes in this tale of second chances, including Ivan's realization of the part he played in the downfall of his relationship with Jaden, which led to a *squee* or two from me.Who better to write a fictional memoir in the erotica genre than a real doctor of sexual enhancement? Dr. Ivan Rusilko has done quite well in bringing The Winemaker's Feast Series to its conclusion, marking Dessert as the grand finale and my favorite in the series. As it was in the first two installments of the series, the line between fiction and non-fiction is once again blurred, and the reader is kept guessing as to what is real and what is fiction. From tears to angst to anger to pain to smiles....I felt it all. The writing is smooth, the transitions between characters' thoughts are well done, and the classic song titles as chapter headings are signature. I highly recommend this series for those who want to experience art imitating life imitating art in a beautiful and steamy love story.

  • Roses Book Blog
    2019-04-04 21:15

    Dessert is said to be the best part of the meal, and in this case I must say I agree. If I could I would go to every single place I could and leave a 6 star review, obviously I can only leave a five.I was lucky enough to not have to wait for book 3 to come out, I received a copy shortly before it was released and didn't have to wait to find out what happened between Jaden and Ivan. I happened to stumble upon this series when a follower on Twitter told me that I absolutely needed to check out this series. At first I thought maybe it was just someone trying to promote the author's work. While there is obviously nothing wrong with that, I wasn't sure I was going to love this series. I absolutely loved every second of it. This series just seemed to get better and better with each book. With most series books I find myself losing interest as the series progresses but this series was great until the very end. I read this series in the course of less than one weeks time which for me as I am looking back can't believe and shake my head in disbelief that I loved a series so much that it consumed my entire waking moment and now has my husband giving me a dirty look as I am typing this review since I pretty much ignored him the entire week. This is one series that I will read again and again, and anyone that says that men cannot write erotica are sorely mistaken. Dr. Ivan is an amazing writer having written this last installment of the book solo. While you might expect to find a book full of just rapid fire sex, sex, and more sex, what you don't expect to find is characters that are very well developed and are at the turning point in their lives. (Believe me there is plenty of hot steamy sex in this installment)This book picks up about six months after that dreaded night that ripped Ivan's world apart, the night when Jaden said she couldn't marry him. The reader watches as Jaden just goes through the motions of her job as a host on her cooking show. Gone is the fire that once drove her, gone is the smile and the girl full of life. In her place sits a broken woman who would do anything to get Ivan back. Jaden never stops in her mission to try and get Ivan back texting, calling, and emailing him on a daily basis all of which go ignored. So when the show ends for the season, Jaden picks up her belongings and heads for a two month stay back in Miami putting herself right back into the path of Ivan.Ivan is broken, even if he didn't voice this his actions speak volumes. Gone is the light in his eyes and his bright lively world is broken and dark in the wake of Jaden's betrayal. He has sex with nameless and faceless women over and over again trying to get over the love of his life. He even has a darker side within him now 'The Beast' and the beast must be fed. The beast wants his next fix, he wants sex with women and when the beast takes over Ivan cannot stop it, but when all is said and done, Ivan is left even more broken than the time before. Jaden spots Ivan before he spots her and so becomes the game of avoidance, both unsure what they will say to the other when they finally meet. Ivan goes on ignoring Jaden's constant attempts to get a hold of him, that is until he finds himself hitting rock bottom one day in a bathroom with a woman (yes that's a public bathroom), more the point is that he finally decides he must face what has been haunting him all these months. After this moment I had high hopes for them getting back together especially after he finds out the truth about what happened that night of Jaden's betrayal. I really thought at this point they were going to be getting back together, and I found myself on the edge of tears when Ivan left without so much as a goodbye face to face having seen Damian and Jaden in the paper from an event the previous evening. I had my moments where I wanted to throw my Kindle and give up after this, but I kept going because I really hoped they would find their way. Sometimes the biggest challenge is learning to forgive yourself in order to get stronger and make a decision about your future. That happens to both characters in this story Jaden learning to forgive herself, and Ivan finding what he thinks is closure. Although at one point I didn't like Ivan's idea of moving on without Jaden in his life. It isn't until his parents come to visit and his ex returns to the picture does Ivan really begin to reevaluate his decision with keep Jaden out of his life. I think his dad said it best in his advice to Ivan, What's the one thing you can't find in anyone else?I truly loved the conclusion to this series, and I hope that Dr. Ivan will continue to write more books in the future. He really gives an insight not only into what he practices but also gives a fresh view for us women as to how the male orgasm works from a man's point of view. I found this series refreshing and original, and I have met a lot of "book boyfriends" over the past few months so it's finally nice to see that there are real men out there that are true romantics at heart and understand what a woman really wants. I hope you will read and enjoy this series as much as I did, and even though I'm a little sad the story ended, I enjoyed the ride!

  • Jillian
    2019-04-04 02:13

    My review can also be found on myBlog: is the third installment in the Winemaker’s Dinner Series and picks up where Entrée left us…an emotional a puddle of mush on the floor.We are back in Miami with Ivan six months after the disaster proposal that crushed his hopes and dreams. He has thrown himself into his career and, in theory, he should be happy with the success he has. He is, in a way. But in those quiet moments that work and patients and new expansion plans can’t fill is when the pain takes over. The Band-Aid Ivan has found to help get him through those moments is just that, a temporary fix to cover a wound that refuses to heal. He’s been through broken hearts before…surely he can get over this, too, right? Unfortunately, right now, it isn’t looking that way.Jaden has just wrapped up filming her successful season of One Hot Dish and is beyond happy to close that chapter in her life and say a long-awaited adios to her prick co-host, Damian. Damian, the self-centered egotistical ass that ruined her life…well, she was just as much to blame now, wasn’t she. With the season wrapping up, she will be headed back “home” to Miami for a two-month break. Now she will just have to decide on what to do with her time there….hide or take a stand and fight for the man she left behind, broken.Together they will need to find their ways back to a sense of peace and, ultimately, happiness…whether it’s together or apart. You have to go through Hell to appreciate Heaven and the journey they have ahead of them, even six months after the last night they saw one another, is going to be a rough one.Let me start my part of this review by saying this book took the exact opposite direction I assumed it was going to take….and at the risk of sounding like a cold-hearted bitch, I have to say I am beyond happy it went in this direction. This book is considerably darker than the others in the series. That being said, I don’t think I would have been satisfied if this book wasn’t dark. Ivan is reeling and broken. He was ready to spend his life with Jaden and she threw his love and adoration back in his face when she declined his proposal and confessed her “adultery”. It would be unbelievable, albeit less painful, if he was sad for a month and then got back to a business-as-usual attitude. I was sobbing by page 16, but as you know, those are the kind of books I love most. I love to feel what the character feels…and to feel Ivan’s utter defeat was truly an experience I won’t soon forget. I was a bundle of anxious nerves through this read…until the very last 10ish pages. Damn…those last few pages are some I carry with me for quite some time. Ivan is truly an artist with words. There are a few paragraphs that are so well written and the words are spoken with such love behind them I must have read them twenty times after finishing the book. Freaking perfect!So here I am…all sad that I’m finished with the book and, of course, am dying to hear what’s next for Ivan but I can’t help but think of one of Ivan’s favorite sayings….”Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”. Thank you, Ivan for an amazing finish to a series I will continue to recommend to all of the new readers I come across and thank you for, well, just being you!

  • Heather Book Savvy Babe
    2019-04-06 22:34

    *I read this book for review at Book Savvy Babes blog*To begin, it is important to read this book series in order. Each book is a progression of the relationship between Jaden and Ivan. To fully understand and appreciate the story, it is important to read the entire story. If you have not read the first 2 books in the series, this review may contain some spoilers (not more than what’s in the blurb though). With that said, I have loved this series. The Winemaker’s Dinner trilogy is a love story with glitz, glamour, sentimental memories, and genuine emotions. It is the story of a couple who try to make a relationship work amidst public careers, long-distance, and temptations.Desserts is different from the first two books in the series because Jaden and Ivan are at odds. Both of them are trying to piece themselves back together after the challenges and disasters of book 2 (Entrée). I was completely hooked on this story and I couldn’t put it down, however, I felt conflicted for a good portion of this book. Jaden made some huge mistakes in book 2 and I was angry with her for them, but she puts forth serious effort to atone for her actions. The problem is that Ivan was not ready to move on. He pushed issues off to the side instead of dealing with them, and he used sex as a salve to his damaged heart. I felt for him, I completely understood why he would be devastated, but I was also irritated at how he handled (or ignored) Jaden. Ivan went from being the wronged party to making some bad decisions himself. Both characters had a lot to learn about themselves before they could make any relationship work again.I loved Jaden in this book. She learned some serious lessons and she fought for what she wanted. I loved that she proved to be such a strong woman who can own up to her mistakes and become stronger for them. Part of why The Winemaker’s Dinner trilogy appeals to me is the credibility and believability of the characters in the story. Neither Jaden or Ivan have deep-seeded emotional damage to deal with, they are people who have flaws and make mistakes. The actions and reactions of the characters made sense to me, I felt like I understood them and I was on the relationship journey with them.For me, I know a series is good when I become immersed in the story and start to think of the characters as actual, non-fiction people. The Winemaker’s Dinner is unique in that many of the stories come from Dr. Ivan Rusilko’s personal experiences. I think these more personal touches really added to the story and translated well in writing. Desserts was written solely by Dr. Ivan Rusilko (the first two books were co-written with Everly Drummond), and he did an excellent job with this installment in the series. Dessert was a deliciously fitting ending to this trilogy. There was heat, character growth, and a satisfying resolution. I really hope Dr. Ivan Rusilko continues writing, I would definitely read more from him in the future.Contemporary romance fans, if you like your books sexy, romantic, and relatable, I highly recommend reading The Winemaker’s Dinner series, read the books in order though.

  • Sandy S
    2019-04-12 05:06

    3.75 starsREVIEW: The Winemaker’s Dinner: Desserts is the final installment in the trilogy of the same name. The previous two storylines were co-authored by Ivan Rusilko and Everly Drummond, but with Desserts, Ivan has gone solo and endeavored to bring about a resolution to the previous storyline’s heartbreaking ending. As well as emotionally bankrupt, Ivan ‘s character must question his morals when he seeks to satiate his internal demon’s need for sex and retribution against the woman who broke his heart.TWD: Desserts continues six months post break-up and follows Ivan as he searches for something or someone to dull the pain of betrayal but an invitation to dinner by an old flame puts Ivan face to face with the woman he was hoping to forget. When the not-so-deeply-buried feelings resurface, Ivan and Jaden give it one more try, but thoughts and images of betrayal once again find themselves front and center in their lives.TWD: Desserts delves deep into the psyche of a man pushing the proverbial envelope of sexual promiscuity as well as personal failure. It is a storyline that is slightly darker than the previous two installments as the leading character fights and looses an internal battle over and over again. Much of the storyline content focuses on Ivan’s struggle to quell the anger and emotional upheaval of the betrayal he believed Jaden brought into their lives.The Winemaker’s Dinner: Desserts is the conclusion to a journey that began a few years ago with an idea-an idea to tell the story about a man’s struggle to find love with one woman, only to lose that love and perhaps the woman, in the end. Although smooth in his approach, the character of Ivan is enveloped in a deep-seated anger and looks for an outlet to satisfy the beast. At times, his internal dialogue almost verges on obscene, especially when he views his sexual encounters as nothing more than an outlet for his needs. Although it takes ‘two to tango’, there is still something to be said about a man looking for ‘love’ in all the wrong places. All I kept thinking was…This man earns his living promoting sexual health but it seems to be the last thing on his mind when the ‘demon’ wants control.Fans of The Winemaker’s Dinner series will see a different side to the man they have grown to love and admire. And like all romance storylines, there is a resolution and a healing of sorts, when the truth about what happened is finally revealed. A happily ever after is not that far from the horizon. Now, let’s hope the real Ivan Rusilko found a different path to travel when heartbreak and betrayal were his companions during the many feasts of The Winemaker’s Dinner.see all of my reviews at :

  • Wendy Jackson
    2019-04-19 00:20

    Synopsis: Left on bended knee, with nothing but a ring in his hand and a gaping hole in his chest, Ivan Rusilko lost everything when Jaden Thorne said, "I can't."Now, six months later and despite her endless attempts to reach him, finding forgiveness for Jaden's indiscretion is last on his list of things to do. Dr. Ivan is married to his career now, and his professional success is taking him places he's never been before. But even the glow of accomplishment can't heal his devastated heart. Determined to recover, to move forward at any cost, he now finds moments of respite in distractions that leave him emotionally bankrupt. He's empty, a shadow of his former vibrant, life-loving self. On the outside, he may seem to be the man he always was. But inside, a terrible desire threatens to rip him apart and ruin him forever.Meanwhile Jaden is haunted by the memory of the moment she saw the light wither and die in Ivan's eyes. She knows it died at her hand. After months of trying to explain herself, of begging for mercy, she takes herself back to Miami, back into Ivan's path, for one last chance at redemption. Can she entice him back into her arms? Convince him to give her a second chance? She's determined to do whatever it takes to find forgiveness--even if all that's left is forgiving herself.In this final book of The Winemaker's Feast Trilogy, The Winemaker's Dinner: Dessert, author Dr. Ivan Rusilko is writing solo, drawing freely on his own life and love experiences to craft a heartbreaking and wildly erotic tale about lost hope, desperation, contrition, and--if it's possible--the quest for a perfect ending to a real-life love story. True to its title, Dessert serves readers an indulgent, decadent last course, rich with twists, turns, and tantalizing truths.Love is beautiful, guys like this really do exist, and the power of real romance is something we can all believe in.Review:I was just recently introduced to this series, and (1) I'm glad I didn't have to wait for each book & (2) Wow! It has well developed characters that have flaws, dreams, misunderstandings, pride, ego,desperation, lust, and love. You really get a male perspective to heartbreak. There were times I really wanted to just scream at Ivan & Jaden (each for different reasons). I know from the synopsis that Dr. Ivan took from his own life and wonder how much of it's true to life.I truely enjoyed this series and saving the best dessert for last.

  • Debbi
    2019-03-29 04:21

    What is destiny? I believe that my destiny with The Winemaker's Dinner Feast trilogy was one that was full of smiles. A smile is a very powerful thing. You can make someone's day just by smiling. Its one of your most important assets. I learned a lot about myself on this Winemakers dinner journey but most importantly I learned how important it is to always smile, always have hope that there is such a thing as love at first sight, and the hope that true love does exist.The first few chapters of Dessert were extremely difficult for me to read. My stomach was in knots and I can only compare it to the feeling I get during the opening scenes of a Quentin Tatantino film. These chapters were dark, however, they set the tone for the destiny that was in front of Ivan's eyes.Dessert delivers what it intends to deliver-a sweetness so intoxicating that it leaves you wanting another serving. This Dessert is calorie free and it definitely had the taste of coconut cake drizzled with hot fudge with strawberries served on the side.Once again I'm left comparing Dr. Ivan Rusilko's writing to James Bond. I didn't know what to expect when the first teaser for RSVP came out almost a year ago. The excitement of it was the same excitement I felt when Daniel Craig was introduced as James Bond and watching Casino Royale for the first time. I love comparing Ivan's writing to James Bond, as he truly is the James Bond 007 of writing and I'm so proud of his accomplishments.So, on a bittersweet note, thank you Everly Drummond, for beginning this wonderful series of The Winemaker's Dinner Feast trilogy. Thank you to Micha Stone and Omnific Publishing for turning Everly and Ivan's words into books. Thank you for all of the music that is in the trilogy.Most of all, thank you Dr. Ivan Rusilko. I've learned so much on this incredible journey with you, about publishing, about myself. You brought my confidence back. And all I can do is SMILE because you really did happen and love and life are beautiful. And thank you for all you have done for me.

  • Peggy Scharnowske
    2019-04-02 00:08

    I was so excited to read the last of this series and I finished it in less than 24 hours, couldn't put it down. I've been in love with Jaden and Ivan from the get go! I knew this book was going to start out with heartbreak, due to the way #2 ended. I just didn't realize the amount of heartache I would feel through most of this book. I would normally take a star away for that alone. HOWEVER... The painful journey they were both on, felt so deep down real in my own heart, and in the end I just can't fault the journey the author has felt from personal experience, and leads the reader along that same journey. There were times in the beginning, I actually felt sick to my stomach also, and it was tough to read through some of it. Then I felt times of pure hope. I really wanted some things to happen sooner for them than they did. It felt bittersweet when it was over, and I felt like I didn't get enough of their happiness in this book I so much felt for them throughout the series, all the detail of their relationship, the good and the bad throughout the earlier parts of the series. It left me feeling the need to know more about their future. I honestly hope there's an Epilogue or a Novella on the horizon for these two... how about a... Nightcap maybe??!! :-) The ending certainly was heartwarming and finally let me breathe again and smile. I don't want or mean to sound too negative here, because honestly, I loved every painful minute of this book, in a crazy way. The series as a whole is wonderful and a must read. Knowing that this series is partially based on Dr. Ivan Rusilko's real memoirs and having an actual face with the name makes this even more of special read to me. The good Dr.'s got a special talent here in writing (amongst other things). I hope he continues! :-)