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Gifts of Vorallon, book IIILorace and the last defenders of the light embark on a voyage to slay the Devourer in his lair. It is a journey of discovery and desperation that takes them from the safety of Halversome to Ousenar, across the Vestral Sea.The blight of undeath spreads over the continent, warping and twisting all life into mindless horrors, but to what purpose?TheGifts of Vorallon, book IIILorace and the last defenders of the light embark on a voyage to slay the Devourer in his lair. It is a journey of discovery and desperation that takes them from the safety of Halversome to Ousenar, across the Vestral Sea.The blight of undeath spreads over the continent, warping and twisting all life into mindless horrors, but to what purpose?They must wage a pitched battle with the blight itself to reach their goal, and time is running out. Tendrils of undeath have almost reached Vorallon's core. When the living spirit of the world is destroyed, the God of Undeath will claim the universe as his own.Lorace must push himself beyond all limits if he is to save what precious life remains....

Title : Lord of Vengeance
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ISBN : 9781482783407
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Lord of Vengeance Reviews

  • Carol
    2019-06-14 18:38

    The Lord of Vengeance! Wow, what to say? Where to begin? I don’t want to give away any story lines, but I will say that this third and final edition to this Vorallon series is PERFECT! It wrapped up the trilogy amazingly well and yet I crave more at the same time. The character development within this series was phenomenal. I say phenomenal because each character has such depth to them that I can easily foresee a personalized book or series focusing on each one. The author can certainly go anywhere with what he has laid down with his debut series. He, himself professes that it “sets the stage for many more stories to come.” I shall eagerly look forward to these stories… he has made a life-long fan of me!A quick note about Thomas Cardin’s writing. One thing that has drawn me in so completely to his writing is that he is very thorough. Not in a drawn-out-bore-you-to- tears way either. He pays critical attention to detail which enriches his world all the more. He leaves nothing to question. He is self-published and self-edited and yet his books seem closer to flawless than many mainstream books I have read. He is truly a joy to read and I hope many others discover the world of Vorallon!

  • Max
    2019-05-30 12:44

    I cannot really write anything more than what I wrote in my previous reviews of The Final Warden and City of Thunder.Yes, the books have their problems with typos and grammar (although it was a lot better in this book, compared to the previous two). Yes, it might in some places be a bit "generic" (although in very few places, and in large parts less than the average fantasy book). But yes, it is also an interesting world which has wonderful characters, and although the book gave less of a "warm and fuzzy" feeling than the previous one, it is still well worth a read.It also features a brilliant ending which sets the stage for a lot of possible sequels while also giving closure to the story. Thomas, THANK YOU. There are few things worse than a series ending in a cliffhanger, and you managed to tie up every single thread of the storyline in a brilliant fashion.The characters are largely acting rational, using their abilities to the fullest extent instead of waiting for a dramatically appropriate moment to show off, and still managing to show off regardless. Other authors, please use this series as an example on how to introduce special powers and have them used logically, without breaking the tension.This book is no five star book by my criteria. That does not mean that it is bad. Many books I liked a lot are rated four stars, and I really, really liked this book. Please do not take my four stars as a reason not to read the series; read it, if you are into high / epic fantasy. It was an interesting contrast after reading dark fantasy almost exclusively for more than a year, and has re-ignited my interest in the subgenre.I am looking forward to future works in the world of Vorallon.

  • Adelaide Metzger
    2019-06-14 18:42

    It’s really hard to translate the emotion at the end of a book when the six other people in your house keep interrupting you! Same goes with trying to write the review.But it didn’t stop me from finishing the book. I had to go back and skim over the first two books because it’s been almost a year since I read the City of Thunder, but after stirring up forgotten feelings for the characters and their connections, I felt prepared for the climax. I’m going to be honest: I thought that there’d be more feels. When I think of this trilogy and Lorace, the main character, I can’t help but think of the emotional swings that I was taken through in the first book. Lorace was mentally twelve-years-old and it was just natural to have pity for this character that was innocent and confused, and it was easy to cry with him when he couldn‘t take the traumatic memories. By the time we see him in the third novel, he’s matured quite a bit and is the one protecting others. I still found myself admiring his character, but I couldn’t sympathize with him when it came to Iris (I don’t know why. Call me a heartless witch, but maybe I’ll understand those feelings when I get married--or even get a boyfriend). But the emotion is there. No spoilers, but there’s this delicious little bit where a character is reunited with his family and he projects some unexpected, tear-inducing rage toward a particular someone (the writer in me just hungered for more of that).But lack of dramatic satisfaction didn’t stop me from appreciating the finality of the main plot. As I said before, I can’t help but translate what I feel when I read into what it would look like on the big screen in my head. The action was a little hard to visualize, but Cardin does a good job at lingering on what’s important to the characters because he has a good relationship with them and that’s scarce these days. The goodbye at the end was long and bittersweet, and that made me comfortable with how it ended.Nevertheless, you can’t read one of this trilogy without the other two and I’m glad that this mini-collection is physically on my shelf rather than in electronic form. Now all we have to do is get it to television. Epic, emotional mini-series anyone?

  • Debbie
    2019-06-02 17:54

    I must say that I’m sorry to see this trilogy come to an end. I got rather attached to some of the characters as they were further developed in this last book of the series. This book resolves the battle for control of the young planet with a journey and an epic battle that involves the talents of all of the major characters. Lorace achieves his immediate goals, learns a great deal about his own abilities as well as those of his companions, and finally confronts his destiny.Lord of Vengeance adds rich detail to the history of the planet Vorallon and the universe it exists in, as well as defining the characteristics of the races that populate both. The result is an intricate web of existence that requires a careful balancing of the elements that allow life to flourish. Some of those elements are physical, and some are not. As I read, I pictured layers of reality, all connected through people and gods. It’s a very different point of view, one that incorporates both science and magic, as we define them. The combination of the two result in a most unusual universe, one where self-awareness is not confined to humans. The world-building in the three books was done with skill and care.I understand that Thomas Cardin plans more stories to be set in this universe, with new characters at different points in the timeline of the young planet. I am looking forward to reading all of those stories, and enjoying them as much as I've enjoyed this one.

  • Steven
    2019-06-10 15:35

    So I understood the ending but I didn't. Maybe I'm just over thinking it. Lorace's journey through these books I thought was to expunge the corruption from vorallon , and then at the end he's the ultimate Corrupter ? So we don't know how the Ascension changed his personality ,but to change his whole character I mean I understand that he has a lot of rage inside him and I understand that there need to be 3 lords of balance.Also Iris can pray to Lorace anytime and he will come to her but at the same time be sending his agents against halversome? I can't explain how I feel, perplexed. Maybe I need to see how things play out in books to come to understand it better.Even after going on about the ending i really enjoyed this whole series and loved how the characters developed. I also liked that there were many twists that I didn't always see coming. Confused rant over .

  • Stewart
    2019-06-13 19:31

    Well ConsideredWhile striving to include the diversity of its characters and succeeding magnificently, a World is born, developed, and matures in the space of three volumes; a Good Read.