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James has finally pushed Karina beyond her limit--not her limit for kinky sex play, but for his extreme secrecy. She has had enough and breaks things off. But James won't give up on Karina and will do whatever it takes to get her back. He's ready to share his deepest, darkest secrets, but is Karina ready to hear them? James offers Karina not only the truth but a place at hJames has finally pushed Karina beyond her limit--not her limit for kinky sex play, but for his extreme secrecy. She has had enough and breaks things off. But James won't give up on Karina and will do whatever it takes to get her back. He's ready to share his deepest, darkest secrets, but is Karina ready to hear them? James offers Karina not only the truth but a place at his side... onstage. He wants Karina to star in his final musical production and enter his life and his world fully and completely. As the two work together, they rekindle the trust and love they'd lost. But James's world is full of deceit. When he is blackmailed by an unscrupulous music industry executive, James must give in to unreasonable demands or risk exposure of his and Karina's secret sex life. Will Karina and James's love be strong enough to withstand the many obstacles being thrown their way?...

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Slow Satisfaction Reviews

  • Courtney
    2019-05-26 04:26

    ***ARC provided by author for an honest review (Thank you)******4.0 Another alpha male who makes me want to find one of my own STARS!***I admit, I had to play catch up in order to read this book in time, but I am so glad that I got to meet James and Karina. I am also glad that I didnt do all the waiting in between books. Like so many books that have come out in the wake of 50 Shades, this series has a billionaire playboy, who just happens to be an alpha, James, and his love interest, Karina. Slow Satisfaction is the third book in the Struck by Lightning series, and it is the conclusion to James and Karina's romance. Will they be able to work through everything? Will this end on a HEA note??? In this book, Karina is calling the shots... Or at least at first, well at least until James is able to get her to forgive him. (The hot scene where sheTOPS JAMES, was great. I love to see such a dominant man be able to give into the woman he loves.) She has returned from London to assist her mother who has just had an accident, and James is relentless in his pursuit to get her back and make her forgive him.Now that James has gotten Karina back, they still have to deal with one major issue: Ferra, who will not let James out of his contract. She is a total BITCH!!! She does so much extra stuff to drive James and Karina apart, and to drive and make James' life harder. I was so glad to see this get resolved, even though I did not agree with how "gently" Ferra got off. With everything she had done, or set into motion, she deserved some jail time or a good lashing (well, she might have enjoyed that). Overall, I really enjoyed this book and how this series concluded. I look forward to reading whatever else Ms Tan has in store for us.

  • Michelle Cristiani
    2019-05-24 10:28

    I found this book a little less flowing than the first two; I was also a little disappointed by such an obvious 'bad guy.' There are no shades of gray here. But what Tan gets right, unequivocally, is the concept of 'yes means yes.' Among consenting adults, they can do what they please. I find the protagonists unapologetic and open, which is admirable. I'm very impressed by how she slips in advocacy for the BDSM community in the midst of a story that actually has solid plot. Well-done.

  • Jenny (Ladies Night In Blog)
    2019-05-19 03:50

    I really enjoyed this entire series right up until the ending. I HATED the ending. I just can't believe that's how the author chose to wrap everything up. It was good right up until it was extremely disappointing.

  • Stacie
    2019-06-14 08:30

    Perfect ending to you series! It flowed so easily and gave me every answer I was waiting for at the end of Slow Seduction! I absolutely love James !

  • Ann Sutphin
    2019-05-26 09:30

    great conclusion to the series!

  • Meleka Taylor
    2019-05-27 08:48

    I can truly say that this was not a good ending for this series. This was slow with no satisfaction. The only reason I was psyched about this book was the potential of James chasing Karina the same way that she chased him in order to win her back. This installment started off with a storyline I didn't care about. I was actually disinterested in this book around page 50 when I realized that there was not going to be a chase in this. Karina succumbed to James after a few times of saying I'm sorry. She uses the ruse of trading sex for honesty since James is the most honest when they are having sex. That is ridiculous!!! If she just wanted to have sex with him, I would have respected the character more for saying that. Throughout the book Karina was questioning how controlling James was due to her mother's controlling relationship. I didn't really see in the story where the trust between James and Karina was strengthened. They just said that they loved each other and James supposedly opened up to her more. I just didn't feel it here.I thought Karina was a weak character in this. Throughout the books, she just didn't stand out. She did not blossom. Even though she was willing to do more adventurous things only with James, it seemed like she could not stand on her own. She was not the same person I liked from the first book. Basically, the whole ensemble of characters in this installment were weak. This focused more on the story than the development. I had to make myself read this book. I was just done with it. It was really rushed towards the end. I know that the author wanted to finish (and so did I) but speeding it up wasn't the way to do it. And then including a somewhat incomplete epilogue does not solve the problem. If you are a person that likes supposed marriages, sex tape sandals, a bondage themed rock opera, and lackluster sex then this the book for you. I just know that it wasn't for me.

  • Mycoton32
    2019-05-21 09:46

    16/20En bref, j'ai adoré les réponses que l'auteur nous apporte dans ce troisième et dernier tome quant à la relation entre James et Karina et toute la vérité sur celui-ci. J'ai dévoré les pages très facilement, me suis retrouvée embringuée dans cette dernière aventure malgré des scènes de sexe assez présentes et pas toujours nécessaires. Mais telle est la vie de nos personnages et on les quitte avec la satisfaction du "travail bien fait".

  • Laura
    2019-06-06 10:29

    What is going on with conclusions lately? You write an awesome initial book then succumb to critical readers who can't handle kink? This dragged, I am not enjoying my fav indies continuations..

  • Cyndy Aleo
    2019-06-10 03:24

    Reviewed for RT Book Reviews September 2014 issue:

  • Ellen at Book Bellas
    2019-05-31 10:30

    Very sensual, very adult story with wonderful writing. Full review to follow.

  • Betsy
    2019-05-24 02:46

    This is a review of all three books, so there is info in here about the other two, if you haven't read them be careful.As a whole work I'm very unsure how to rate these books. I feel like the first book was maybe a 3.5 star read, but it lacked an ending which certainly knocked it back a star. Then there is the fact that the first book feels like almost a completely different story than the next two, though one does not work without the other two which makes it confusing. The second two books are very, very short, more like novellas which was aggravating since they are the same price. Slow Surrender is more like novel length, but it feels like the author just didn't feel like giving the reader the ending because she wanted it to be a trilogy. The trouble then is that the ending isn't provided for the reader until Slow Seduction, but there is a lot that really isn't needed in those last two books and so I feel like the whole thing could just be condensed into one volume and share the reader a lot of trouble and reduce the amount of skimming.Slow Surrender grabbed my attention because of the very mysterious James who is introduced right away as he asks Karina a question when she waitressing. They immediately begin playing a "game" of seduction. Karina doesn't know the rules, and neither does the reader. That works well and draws the reader into the story. The reader remains in the dark about who James is and his intentions with Karina throughout the entire book. That mystery provides thrilling aspect that makes you want to keep reading. There are definitely obvious clues as to James' true identity, but it is still fun to read about Karina and James' encounters because for the whole first volume it feels like they are virtual strangers becoming more and more intimate without their relationship progressing in any "normal" way.However, James' true identity was a bit of a deal-breaker, really a jump-the-shark moment for me because it just seemed utterly ridiculous. (view spoiler)[It turns out that not only is James a rich, reclusive, dominant, and a billionaire (so I'm totally fine with him up to this point), he is also--- wait for it--- a international rocker star of MYSTERY. I mean that literally, he is this ridiculously well-known rock star (known for his rock operas, of course! you know, like all those rock stars that are known for such things) who has always kept his real identity a secret from his fans by using masks during performances and hiding literally from the press. Now, I don't have any problem with the idea of hidden identities or rock stars. In fact, I like both tropes in my romance, but this whole scenario seemed a bit over the top. And I'll tell you why: James is initially presented to the reader as a sort of refined business man type. He's constantly in and out of meetings, and going various places with his driver in his limo, talking on his phone and he's always very, very busy. Classic, billionaire romance hero stuff, you know. THEN we find out that James is also a gifted artist not just a rich guy who asks random waitresses to stick marbles in their panties. In fact, it turns out that his glassworks are re-known in the art community and he has displayed his work at various art shows, also keeping his true artist identity a secret. THEN we find out that James is also very involved in the BDSM scene and is a member of an exclusive and secretive BDSM club where he attends and is a well-known and much coveted dominant. Finally, we also find out that he is a gifted modern dancer, and performs on stage when in his rock-star persona with other dancers. **Just a quick insert here-- he practices and performs for his "rock operas" wearing spandex pants and a mid-drift top. Karina of course thinks this is so HAWT. I do not. I think that might actual have been the exact moment that this character was lost to me. I cannot in good conscious believe that a man who has been described as urbane and sophisticated, driving around in a limo in NYC wearing three piece suits would then don a pair of spandex leggings and a belly shirt and prance about on a stage doing modern dance.I don't know about you but for me James has WAY TOO MANY THINGS GOING ON FOR ONE CHARACTER. Like WAY too many. He loses all credibility by book three because there is just too much going on. He cannot be amazing at everything and it doesn't even make sense for all of these interests to be combined in one character. In the first book the reader doesn't really know or understand the many facets of James the Amazing Spandex Prancer, but by book three you are blown away by the sheer amount of things happening with him, and not in a good way.So that whole angle really didn't work for me, and it basically made the books not work for me.(hide spoiler)]However, what did work for me is the very good writing and excellent portrayal of the BDSM culture. The D/s scenes that James and Karina play out with each other I felt were well-done and pretty stand out for the genre as a whole. I wish actually that this book had focused only on D/s element between the two characters because there is a lot to explore there as Karina experiences being a submissive with James for the very first time. The reader gets to see her go through that as she realizes that she really enjoys it and she is sort of flummoxed abut her feelings. Also, the latter two books briefly, but in my opinion much too superficially, explore Karina's mental state as she wonders if she enjoys being a submissive in general, or if it is just James that gets her going. That would have made a better, more emotionally potent book for me.The whole thing should be condensed in to one volume and all the other nonsense in James character should be taken out. Tan should also get rid of the whole bit with Karina going to London and almost becoming a submissive at the secret BDSM club, but then doing actually doing it, and go straight to the reconciliation between her and James. If I was editing this book that is what I'd do.

  • Amanda Nicole
    2019-06-17 02:45

    loved it!

  • Ilana
    2019-05-25 05:33

    Title: Slow SatisfactionAuthor: Cecilia TanPublisher/Year: Grand Central Publishing 8/26/14Length: 336 PagesSeries: Struck by Lightening #3OverviewJames has finally pushed Karina beyond her limit--not her limit for kinky sex play, but for his extreme secrecy. She has had enough and breaks things off. But James won't give up on Karina and will do whatever it takes to get her back. He's ready to share his deepest, darkest secrets, but is Karina ready to hear them?James offers Karina not only the truth but a place at his side... onstage. He wants Karina to star in his final musical production and enter his life and his world fully and completely. As the two work together, they rekindle the trust and love they'd lost. But James's world is full of deceit. When he is blackmailed by an unscrupulous music industry executive, James must give in to unreasonable demands or risk exposure of his and Karina's secret sex life.Will Karina and James's love be strong enough to withstand the many obstacles being thrown their way?My ThoughtsSOOOOO thankful that i got my hands on this book a little bit early since this has become one of my favorite series to date. We have been taken on such a roller coaster and the games that they play are so intricate that i don't know about anyone else, but i've been really excited to see where it goes.If you'll all remember, at the end of book 2, we see Karina and James almost getting on the same page, except that Ferrara - a women who claims to be James' wife comes into play and shakes things up again. We had gone on a journey where we saw Karina so in love with James that she went across the world to search for him and went to great lengths to stage an exhibit to get his interest directed towards her, and when it was just about to work out, it all falls short because now Karina doesn't trust him and doesn't know if she wants to put her love in him. So that's where we pick up in book 3. Karina had been called back to the US because her mother had an accident and Karina needs to be at the hospital with her. That meant that she and James never had time to talk through things and it's probably better for her that she's gone since she doesn't know what to even say to him. He of course isn't ready to give up on them so he continues to call and text in the hopes that she'll come around and talk. While Karina's home, we see her relationship with her sister Jill grow a bit and that's really nice - to see how Jill is getting a bit more self assured and come into her own professionally. That puts trust in James a bit on the rocky side again since there's a connection there that Karina's uncertain about. While we're with the family, we begin to see that Jill and Karina question how their mother hurt herself which adds a nice twist to the story - adding someone into the mix that we have to question. The boyfriend - well he's the one that we feel like we can't trust. He seems like he's praying on their mother to get her money and that maybe he's the cause for the accident. What i love about this bit of the story is that we think that there's been a bit of a resolution but since it's not tied up completely, you know that it's going to come up again at a bad time. In addition to this story line, we see the game that Karina and James play in how they decide what they will be to each other. Karina decides to flip the Dom/Sub relationship a bit in the hopes that it will give her answers and we see that she's pushing James to share more than he's ever shared before. this is were we get a LOT of passion and heat between these two. If you don't recall properly from the first 2 books, they have such a hot and steamy sexual relationship that you know that it will manifest in so many other ways. Our author Ms. Tan does not let us down since the scening that they do is a bit BDSM and a LOT sexy. Another side plot to this reconciliation trial is the fact that James is being pulled back into being a rock star since Ferrara has ulterior motives to get at him. In addition to saying that they're married, she won't let him out of his contract even though he fulfilled it and things get dicey in Vegas where they are putting on another show.So all in all, it's a roller coaster and to see where it ends up is quite interesting. we're introduced to a bunch of characters who's only motivation is to ruin what's good, and then we are reunited with a few that we've met in other installments that really bring the story a new depth. so...while i'm sad that the trilogy is over, i'm really happy with how it went. I can't wait to see what's next from this author and i hope that you guys get a chance to read this in a couple weeks. ENJOY!

  • ReadingDiva Book Reviews
    2019-05-18 10:41

    ** Originally posted @ SinfulReads Blog- Rating 4.5 of 5REVIEW: I was super excited when I was given the opportunity to read Slow Satisfaction – book 3 of the Struck By Lightning series by Cecilia Tan. It brought back the amazing, sexy, sensual and mysterious James. A man whose identity was a mystery and whose kink and dark desires brought all those hot scenes that can put Christian Grey to shame!I got really into this story from book one (Slow Surrender) – from the moment I met James I knew his character was going to be different. Being a musician and an artist overall I knew this would make him different from many of the other stories I have read in the past. If you have been keeping up with the series you already know how much has happened between James & Karina. From their first meeting to their encounters at a sex club in London everything that had developed between these two characters had molded their relationship and strengthen it. I like how well and slowly the author brought their feelings out, it wasn’t that love at first sight, but it was a feeling of comfort and connection.I think Karina is perhaps one of the few characters I have read in Erotica that isn’t portrait as the damsel in distress that has come to be so predominant in romance and erotica in general. Karina has a very strong voice, her independence is a burst of fresh air, her non-sense type of attitude made her even more likeable and her easy to relate personality was even more surprising.James on the other hand is a lot more reserved, he slowly gets into the readers heart by showing concern, care, passion and lust which I must say is perhaps one the hottest things about him. Slow Satisfaction takes us into a kinky journey, a journey of discovery, pleasure, pain and lust that awakens all our senses and one can’t help but enjoy every bit of it. Cecilia Tan has written a story that will resonate for a long time, a story of trust, love, discovery and understanding that can’t be compared. I love every aspect of this story, from the characters to the many settings and locations from NY to London to Vegas is unique. The artistic side of it, the creativity is sometimes lost in many stories but Slow Satisfaction bring it all together nicely.The sex scenes were hot, the interaction between James & Karina were spicy and explosive. From sex in a roof top to sex on a bungee jump, I can tell you that the author’s imagination goes from awesome to dirty and I wish I could live in her head for just a few minutes. The dirty talk, the lusty insinuations and the sexuality that both characters feel is outstanding. Slow Satisfaction is everything I expected it to be. The perfect closing of the curtains to a story that had a fantastic ending, an ending that didn’t promise a future of undying love, but it promised a future of unimaginable sex and fun.DO I RECOMMEND THIS SERIES? YES!

  • Jeannie Zelos
    2019-05-21 09:23

    Slow Satisfaction, Cecilia TanReview from jeannie zelos book reviewsI loved the first two in this trilogy, and have been waiting for this final part. Since FSoG ( which I loved despite the eye rolling etc) there seems to have been numerable erotic, BDSM trilogies of very variable qualities. Some Authors, Jodi Elen Malpas and K Bromberg have written trilogies that are fresh and engaging, but sadly far too many are like reading the same story over and over with just very slight changes. This trilogy though – its BDSM, its erotic, but its a very different read from most out now. Cecilia has brought in a totally new angle with James being a secret Rock Star, ( and of course a control freak) and some storylines that are new and welcomed. Once again the sex scenes are sensual and not repetitive, but often have an edge that’s just a bit different from the norm. I was a little uncomfortable at one of the later scenes where she ends up really crying...that’s just me though, and it was given the appropriate explanation. There was so much happening in the last novel i did have to go back for a quick peek and refresh my’ll be a great trilogy to read in one long session!There were times when I thought Karina might say “enough” when James lets her down yet again over his secrets, but it seems she’s finally standing up to James over them and demanding answers – well, some of the time Winking smile I’d have wanted an explanation about Ferrara far fuller than she got....she still settles too easily for what he tells her, rather than asking more questions. Still, she’s treading a fine line, and its hard for him letting go of what he’s hidden for so long so I can see reasons for her (in)actions. Karina has grown such a lot since that first meeting, and James has changed immeasurably. That’s part of his problem IMO, he’s been one way for so long that it scares him to think and act differently. Throw in the complications with the bitch Ferrara and no wonder he’s been so protective of himself. Ferrara was a great character – I always feel a good “bad” character adds so much to a story, and provides a great contrast and interesting storylines. There were times when I wondered if there were just a bit too many co-incidences, sort of did A happen because of B, or B happen because of A or was it all just chance? James and Karina have come such a long way and it was good to see them moving forward finally as a team, and facing up to the (myriad of) problems that surrounded them. Those were all very different to what usually crops up, and that's what kept this interesting and fresh for me. Stars: Four and a half. There were a couple of times when I felt things were muddled or a bit lacking in substance, or where Karina was too accepting. Somehow too James didn’t always come over as the strong character we know he is. A trilogy for the keeper files though. ARC supplied via Netgalley and publishers

  • Valérie Carreau
    2019-06-04 02:41

    Mon avis: Après deux tomes que j'avais littéralement adorés il me tardait de découvrir celui-ci, sitôt reçu, sitôt lu, malheureusement même si j'ai vraiment adoré ce dernier opus, j'ai été légèrement déçue de cette fin mais malgré tout j'ai passé un excellent moment de détente.Du coté de l'histoire: A la fin du second tome, Karina extrèmement blessée et fâchée par l'attitude de James l'avait quitté et s'était enfuie loin de celui-ci. Nous la retrouvons donc ici, aux Etats-Unis auprès de sa sœur et de sa mère qui est hospitalisée suite à un accident survenu bizarrement dans l’escalier de chez elle. La jeune femme n’est pas prête de pardonner le comportement de James, malgré les sentiments qu'elle éprouve pour celui-ci. Lorsqu'elle reçoit une lettre de lui dans laquelle il s’excuse et la supplie de lui donner une deuxième chance, elle ne cède pas et cela l'énerve encore davantage car elle se demande si leur relation peut réellement exister et s’ils sont d'ailleurs vraiment fait pour vivre ensemble. Mais le jeune homme désire vraiment cette seconde chance et lui propose donc de lui expliquer de vive voix, les véritables raisons de son comportement. Bien sure, Karina qui est encore amoureuse, fini par accepter et obtiendra de sa part de véritables confidences.Du coté de l'écriture: J'ai adoré retrouver la plume fluide et addictive de l'auteure malheureusement j'ai trouvé ce tome des plus facile. En effet j'ai trouvé que la jeune femme passait beaucoup trop facilement sur tout ce que James lui avait fait dans le tome précédent et que cela rendait pas vraiment crédible les scènes de retrouvailles. Par contre j'ai adoré en apprendre davantage sur James et j'ai vu se profiler pas mal de possibilités qui auraient je pense pus être développées davantage. Les scènes de SM sont, dans ce tome, beaucoup moins présentes mais la romance ainsi développée était vraiment sympathique. Le vouvoiement est omniprésent encore dans ce dernier opus mais franchement on s'y habitue pas mal.En conclusion: Il y a quand même encore dans ce tome pas mal de coquilles, de traduction et de grammaire c'est un peu dommage chez cette maison d'édition que ce genre de coquilles soient constantes, cela ne gène pas la lecture mais c'est quand même un peu dommage.J'ai tout de même adoré ce dernier opus même si j'ai été un peu déçue par la facilité que prenaient les évènements malgré le potentiel que l'histoire aurait pu avoir.Une saga que j'ai adoré, des personnages que j'ai aimé un univers bien exploité et une plume que j'ai découverte et que j'ai trouvé addictive.Mention spéciale pour les magnifiques couvertures de cette saga Pour public averti

  • Romancing the Book
    2019-06-09 09:36

    Reviewed by Amy WBook provided by NetGalleyOriginally posted at Romancing the Book It took less than five pages for me to realize that not only did Cecilia Tan earn a spot on my keeper shelf with Slow Satisfaction, but there was absolutely no way I could continue with this book — until I read the first two in the series.The Struck by Lightning series consists of Slow Surrender, Slow Seduction and Slow Satisfaction. While some books in a series can be read as standalones, I would highly recommend following the reading order to fully enjoy the story.Tan’s sophisticated writing style makes this story stand head and shoulders above other titles. She puts a fresh spin on a storyline that had me engaged as soon as the characters were introduced. Karina meets James while filling in as a waitress. From that first encounter, they enter a world of no limits. And it is a world that is oh so very naughty.James happens to be rich, kinky and full of secrets. Slow Satisfaction picks up the story as Karina is trying to process all of the information she has learned about James. There’s drama, hot bedroom action, angst, more bedroom action and even some humor wrapped up with yet more bedroom action.Of the three parts, the first installment is definitely my favorite, but it’s partially because of the shock value. By the time I started Slow Satisfaction, I was prepared for the incredibly erotic scenes that were tasteful yet provocative at the same time.As the storyline progresses, the characters continue to evolve. Karina blossoms into a dynamic character who proves she is more than capable of handling anything that James dishes out.Because there is such a good balance between the actual plot and the steamy scenes, readers will enjoy the roller coaster ride courtesy of the emotional turmoil. Cecilia Tan has raised the bar on my expectations for erotic fiction. It’s a flawless piece of work from start to finish.

  • Shirley Frances
    2019-06-18 06:50

    Slow Satisfaction picks up right where Slow Seduction left off. We find Karina returning home to her family to care for her mother where she spends quality time with her sister Jill and lets out some steam about her problems in her relationship with James.James is back and more determined than ever to make things work with Karina once and for all. He’s vowed to reveal his secrets to her and prmises to let her in completely. Although it’s a slow process, he does his best to keep his promise.I loved this story. It was so great to have James in the picture again. Karina and James are great together and they complement each other. I enjoyed experiencing their connection on the page and seeing them unleash the passion they held for one another. Their chemistry continued to be off-the-charts HOT, but it was those moments when their emotions got the better of them and they made themselves vulnerable that stuck with me through the end.This time around Cecilia Tan didn’t pull any punches in bringing the emotions to the page. The range of emotions Karina and James experienced, both as individuals and as a couple, was what made this such an enticing read.I loved the fact that I got to know James inside and out–the performer, the man, the lover. His every persona became an open book and I devoured it all. Karina did her share of growing up too. She found patience from within when it came time to listen to James’ secrets, courage to face those secrets and the threats to her relationship and strength to stand up for herself and for what she wanted out of a relationship.All in all, a great conclusion to James and Karina’s journey that was at times emotional, intense and a whole lot of sexy.*I received this title in exchange of my honest opinion.

  • SaturNalia
    2019-06-16 03:43

    James begs Karina's forgiveness for his actions in the last book, she forgives him in the first few chapters and all sort of kinky sexy times ensure. The chemistry between James and Karina is back, which I loved in the first book and was missing from the second. The sex was over the top and strange. All of Jame's secrets were revealed and I felt there was no tension to the story. They were in love and having a fun time sexing all over the place, but there was no place for their relationship to go or to grow. Karina leaves her art education behind to focus on dance and James does the same, all of a sudden James and Karina are dancers just felt like an alternate reality for the characters. I missed the brooding, domineering James of book one, he wore spandex and knew lots about make up, he seemed like a different person compared to book one and two. Ferra's, owner of James singing contract, actions were easily forgiven and forgotten at the end. She did crazy things and it was easily dismissed.

  • Shelly Ash
    2019-06-12 08:50

    When Karina gets tired of all the secrets, she breaks it off with James. He'll do just about anything to get her back, along with her trust. Karina makes him a deal: each time she submits to his sexual play he must answer another question about his secret life. Karina loves James, but she knows he has a lot of secrets to reveal. Will she be able to handle all there really is to find out?Slow Satisfaction is a truly deep tale that slowly unravels to reveal more than you could imagine. Just when you think you've gotten all the clues to the story you find out there's much more on the way. I was continually absorbed in the story, losing all track of time. Ms. Tan knows how to keep the sexual details new and intricately put together. The hero and heroine's sexual prowess was astonishing and enlightening. The supporting characters worked well to add to the story and make it more complete. I only wish I would have gotten the chance to read the previous books in the series. I look forward to reading more from Ms. Tan in the near future!

  • Tracy
    2019-06-13 08:52

    It was okay. I got suckered into reading it because someone said - SPOILER ALERT!Okay...someone said "Hey, it's like 50 shades, but as if the main dude was David Bowie) so I thought "Hey, glam rock kicks ass, this might be pretty good!"It really wasn't bad. Just...I dunno, it felt forced, like she was going through a check list of things she had to add to make the publisher happy. I'm not into romance really, hated 50 Shades (read it so I could figure out what everyone was so excited for), but this had its moments where it was interesting.Because I hate to not finish things, I read the whole damn trilogy to see how it ended. Damnit. I almost felt like it could have just been one longer book. Because of that, this review is going to get copy and pasted into the next two books, too.For the third book - good ending, to be honest. She had some very good light twists, which is why this book got an extra star. Again, fuck the publishers and their hunger for 50 shades clones.

  • Elisha
    2019-06-13 08:29

    Karina continues to give herself space from James because all of this secrecy; especially towards her. She feels he knows everything about her and can ask her anything, she is an open book. Yet he is the exact opposite. I don't blame her. I liked the stance she took for sure. Although they eventually came to an odd and slightly humorous agreement on how to get him to open up and answer all her questions: each time after they are intimate, she asks questions and he answers. I do like how their relationship blossomed throughout the entire series. I didn't care for some of the words used or his slapping towards the end of the book. And, I was confused how it blossomed into being in love when it didn't seem they spent the time together intimately (not sexual intimacy) to know each other so well to begin falling in love with the person. For my full review, please go to:

  • Katie Robinson
    2019-06-15 03:47

    A rather forgettable story. I did not read the first book in this series, I wish I did then I would have a full understanding of what was being said. However, it was not a necessity because the book ties in a pretty little predictable bow. The only good parts of the book was the sex scenes.... Basically, rich guy loves girl, rich guy scoops girl into his world, rich guy has a crazy bitch stalking him, rich guy and his girl prevails in the end... I probably wont read another book from this series. Ill check out Cecilia Tans other books though.

  • Gretchen
    2019-05-21 09:44

    Review for the series... because it's really just 1 long story.What is it with some of these series lately? Are the editors on a quota to get the maximum number of books out of a story? This series is a prime offender. Interesting characterization - I liked that Kathleen had agency, and wasn't just along for the rideSteamy scenes - although by book 3 I think the author was feeling rushedAn interesting resolution to the full story in book 3.Recommended, but go ahead and buy all 3 or risk facing the dreaded cliffhanger.

  • Kathryn
    2019-06-14 10:30

    Cecilia really knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat! Such is her talent in real life I expect.Karina has rushed home from London to see about her mom, and hold James at bay. James knows that he owes her an apology and some truth giving. Moving forward in an extreme relationship is not easy for these two, and because they are so explosively attracted to each other there is bound to be a large KABOOM. Sit back and enjoy the whipping fast story telling in this third book, because if you blink it'll be over.

  • Haha
    2019-05-28 06:49

    Everything is tied into a nice neat bow.Karina's mom apparently went through personality translate during her 'fall', and James suddenly open and forward about sharing any and all information, Becky gets to stay in James' loft for free, la-see-dah, finish. Even Ferrara got her HEA, sort-of...All that tensions and suspense all resolved as if there weren't any obstacles in the first place.Better renamed as Slow Disappointment. Had none of the draw of the first two books, the mystery in the first book, nor the seduction in the second. I shouldn't have bothered to read this.

  • Michelle Quintana
    2019-06-03 03:50

    I won this book from Goodreads. I enjoyed reading the first two books in the series but I was very disappointed in the last book. I felt like there was no chemistry between Karina and James. I was very disappointed in the ending, it felt kind of dumb to me. Every time that I thought things would get interesting, it ended up being a major letdown. The series had so much potential but it just fell flat with the last book.

  • Limecello
    2019-06-09 04:27

    2.5 I guess - I think the series was dragged out a bit too much so there was distracting fillerif it had been a duology maybe it would've been perfect?By book three [and I read them all in a weekend] I'd had too much to think and beyond the "duh fiction" it was all a bit too much.I did like how James had to chase Karina down, and the whole "switching identities" was clever, but came too closely after the last WTF scene :\

  • Michelle Quintana
    2019-05-27 06:50

    I won this book from Goodreads. I enjoyed reading the first two books in the series but I was very disappointed in the last book. I felt like there was no chemistry between Karina and James. I was very disappointed in the ending, it felt kind of dumb to me. Every time that I thought things would get interesting, it ended up being a major letdown. The series had so much potential but it just fell flat with the last book.

  • Titou
    2019-05-25 02:35

    Un troisième tome qui nous apporte les explications tant attendues sur James. L'histoire apporte son lot de scènes sensuelles et de rebondissements. Dans l'ensemble, Endless Love est une trilogie sympathique qui vous fera passer un bon moment. A découvrir !Mon avis : http://les-lectures-de-titou.over-blo...