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The remarkable life, career, and faith journey of the star of The Love Boat and The Mary Tyler Moore Show.For 16 years, millions of Americans welcomed Gavin MacLeod into their living rooms every Saturday night. This veteran of stage and screen transformed himself from a seasoned character actor into the leading, lovable father-figure of The Love Boat at the height of TV'sThe remarkable life, career, and faith journey of the star of The Love Boat and The Mary Tyler Moore Show.For 16 years, millions of Americans welcomed Gavin MacLeod into their living rooms every Saturday night. This veteran of stage and screen transformed himself from a seasoned character actor into the leading, lovable father-figure of The Love Boat at the height of TV's boom years.For more than 30 years, Gavin MacLeod has served as the global ambassador for Princess Cruises. Speaking to thousands of travelers each year, and signing hundreds of autographs at every port, he stands poised to celebrate his amazing journey with a look back at the golden era of American television.The consummate storyteller, Gavin shares his fondest memories of meeting and working with countless stars, such as Cary Grant, Steve McQueen, Gregory Peck, Bette Davis, Frank Sinatra, Ethel Merman, Ella Fitzgerald, Ronald Reagan, Milton Berle, and Fred Astaire.From his humble theatrical beginnings in upstate New York, to Radio City Music Hall and on to Hollywood, Gavin MacLeod was on the fast track to success. However, a few hard life lessons--like dealing with a divorce--taught Gavin that the key to happiness was only through a deep faith in God, and he feels his work for Christ is more important than any award. Three years later his remarriage proved that a great struggle can culminate in a happy ending....

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This Is Your Captain Speaking: My Fantastic Voyage Through Hollywood, Faith and Life Reviews

  • Don
    2019-05-11 13:25

    You can learn a lot from reading about another person’s life. I suppose this is the key reason I enjoy reading biographies of interesting people. However, I think an autobiography is even better because you get a person’s experiences & insights directly from him, rather than risk the errors that could appear in the research of the most careful biographer. An even better situation is if you can get the autobiography in the person’s own voice. Going beyond a telling of the literal facts, someone relating his own stories will add emphasis, drama, comedy and emotion in ways that another narrator will miss. The stories really come to life because he lived it.This is one of many reasons that makes Gavin’s book special. If you purchase the audiobook version you will hear his first-hand stories that make up his fascinating life in his own recognizable and appealing voice... and you quickly connect with him on what impacted his life on a deeper level.I can conclusively say that Gavin’s book was the best autobiography / biography that I have read. Once I started, I found it difficult to stop, and that’s always a sign of a good book. Gavin pulls you into his life story and you want to see how he eventually arrived to the parts of his life that are familiar to us.I won’t provide a summary of Gavin’s life history as you can get this from other reviewers or Internet sites. You may already know that his life story is connected with many well-known people and events in entertainment history, and this is an enjoyable part of his book.But what I found much more interesting in the book are the “life lessons” that Gavin wants to share with his readers that he has learned from his own experiences. He shares many in the book, and they naturally emerge as he relates his experiences. Like all of us, Gavin has high and low points in his life. In his book he reflects on these joys and regrets, and clearly Gavin desires that other people learn from them.You also quickly pick up from his book that Gavin loves people, and that people are very important to him. He expresses a lot of delight in connecting with others, and he desires that he connect with you, the reader, as well.While I saw & enjoyed the movie Timechanger, I missed his movie The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry. From this book I realize I’ve missed a great movie. I will have to get it!Lastly – I found the book both entertaining and inspiring. The book will take you beyond knowing Gavin as an actor and stage performer, and you will get to know him as a person.

  • Ruth Hill
    2019-04-23 13:46

    First of all, I know that in some way, it makes no sense that I would adore this book as much as I do. I am "too young" to know about the majority of the Hollywood stars discussed within this book. Again, I do not fit the bill--I know more about "old Hollywood" than I do "new Hollywood." And I have memories of my mom watching "Love Boat" as I was growing up. In case you didn't guess it, those memories were not fond. I was quite young, and I endured those shows. Permit me to say that following the reading of this book, I wish to sit down and watch the entire series start to finish!This amazing memoir was one of the best I had read in a while. I grew up reading Hollywood biographies and autobiographies, and this is the pinnacle, as far as I am concerned. Practically no profanity (yes, he says one word twice that is an actual quote that does not constitute profanity, as far as I am concerned). It was a shock to me when I discovered that I had seen this actor in many things throughout the years without realizing it was he! I loved "High Times" with Bing Crosby, and I never would have guessed that he was the professor who danced with Crosby! I felt like I stepped back in time, and the multitude of stories was a real treat for me to read.Notwithstanding, the purpose of this book is for Gavin MacLeod to share his personal testimony of Christianity. The story was simple, amazing, and powerful. I was enthralled and practically confounded at the ways in which God worked (and continues to work) in his life. One of his stories truly caused me to well up with emotion, and I have become a super fan of this actor! I suddenly long to rent out every movie and television show he has ever done. I highly recommend this book to all because I believe that everyone can derive some joy, entertainment, and veritable life lessons from some portion(s) of this book.I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I was not financially compensated, and all opinions are 100 percent mine.

  • Karol
    2019-05-15 20:31

    This book is a very enjoyable read, especially for fans of the Mary Tyler Moore show and/or Love Boat who don't mind some conversation about Christianity. It is always fascinating to me to read about the lives of the famous. Sometimes, the people behind the public personae end up disappointment me with shallowness and self-obsession. Other times, I find they have a trait I did not expect. Almost always, their backgrounds and path to success surprise me in some way.In the case of Gavin MacLeod, I was surprised by his humble spirit and how he credited some combination of God and luck for the way so many things came together in his life. Ultimately, he did realize that he himself was part of his own success! Modestly, he said it was all about tenaciously hanging on to his dream and not giving up where others would. But of course, the man has a large degree of talent.Hard not to give 4-stars or better to this book despite the fact that it may not reflect the world's best writing. Gavin MacLeod is as "relatable" as the TV characters I know him for.

  • Becky
    2019-04-29 16:37

    This is the life story of Gavin MacLeod. His story begins with his first performance on stage. He was a preschooler in a family of very modest means. Gavin's Dad passed away when he was only thirteen. He talks about how that affected his life, as well as, his brother's life who is two years younger. His life story traces his acting career from its humble beginnings to becoming a well-known face in America's living rooms. He was on two long run series: "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "Love Boat." These shows brought him much fame, and riches. As "Love Boat" ended, it spawned a multi-decade career for Gavin as a representative for Princess Cruises.He has been married twice--or three times depending on how you count it--because he married, divorced and remarried his second wife, Patti. He had four children with his first wife, Rootie.When his mother was gravely ill, Gavin prayed to Jesus and said if his mother's life was sparred, Gavin would serve Him for the rest of his life. His mother did survive. Suddenly Gavin was overwhelmed with the notion to call his ex-wife Patti. This was shocking since, he had not communicated with her at all since their divorce.Unbeknownst to Gavin, Patti had become a born again Christian. She and friends had been praying for a long time for Gavin to become a Christian, and for their marriage to be restored. When Gavin met Patti he knew right away she was different, and he wanted that, too. When he found out it was Christianity, he immediately became a follower of Christ. Later Gavin and Patti remarried.Gavin states since becoming a Christian, everything has changed for him. Life is better, and marriage is better. Evidence of that is that his second marriage to Patti has been going strong for 28 years. Gavin gives all the credit to Jesus Christ.He has led a very interesting life. As an actor, he rubbed shoulders with many famous people, including Ronald Reagan, Bob Hope and Cary Grant. He has traveled the world.Of all the movies, shows and parts he has played, the work he wants to be known for is the movie, “The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry.” Not only did he enjoy the part he played in it, he is overjoyed by the number of people's lives who have been changed by it. Now in his early 80's, Gavin recently said he has retired as an actor. However, he still tries to make it to as many showings of "Jonathan Sperry" as he can.He wants to be known as an actor, and as a Christian activist.This book was very engrossing, and interesting to read. I enjoyed learning about Gavin's life. I was really touched by the love he has for his children, Patti and Jesus. When he became a follower of Christ, he genuinely meant it, and his life changed from that point forward. After that life altering event, he was convicted to ask his first wife for forgiveness, and he relates his joy on receiving it. The book is easy to read and has some great pictures. If you want to be inspired and entertained, check it out. This book gets five stars.The publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book through Thomas Nelson Publishing for the purpose of review. All opinions expressed are my own, and I have not been compensated in any other manner. Despite my receiving the book free, it has not influenced my judgment, and I have given an honest opinion.My blog:'s website:'s facebook:

  • Linda
    2019-05-10 15:43

    If you're left-leaning and/or irreligious, do yourself a favor and skip the last few chapters. When he starts to talk a little too much about Ronald Reagan, that's the point at which you need to stop. (Even though you'll miss a pretty funny anecdote about Bette Davis.)I'll cut Mr. MacLeod a whole bunch of slack, though, because I've derived hundreds of hours of pleasure from his screen work. He's so upbeat and positive about everything and everyone that it would be like kicking a puppy to complain about the first three-quarters of the book. There’s plenty of name-dropping, and I really enjoyed hearing about the early years of his career, in particular his knack of securing repeat guest starring roles on many series, playing one character with hair, and one without.

  • Leona
    2019-04-27 12:47

    Leona --------------------------------------------------------------------------------This Is Your Captain Speaking My Fantastic Voyage Through Hollywood, Faith & Life Posted: 10 Nov 2013 12:06 PM PSTThis Is Your Captain Speaking My Fantastic Voyage Through Hollywood, Faith & LifeBy Gavin MacLeod, with Mark Dagostino From Is Your Captain Speaking My Fantastic Voyage Through Hollywood, Faith & LifeBy Gavin MacLeod, with Mark Dagostino Published by Thomas Nelson The remarkable life, career, and faith journey of the star of The Love Boat and The Mary Tyler Moore Show.For 16 years, millions of Americans welcomed Gavin MacLeod into their living rooms every Saturday night. This veteran of stage and screen transformed himself from a seasoned character actor into the leading, lovable father-figure of The Love Boat at the height of TV’s boom years.For more than 30 years, Gavin MacLeod has served as the global ambassador for Princess Cruises. Speaking to thousands of travelers each year, and signing hundreds of autographs at every port, he stands poised to celebrate his amazing journey with a look back at the golden era of American television.The consummate storyteller, Gavin shares his fondest memories of meeting and working with countless stars, such as Cary Grant, Steve McQueen, Gregory Peck, Bette Davis, Frank Sinatra, Ethel Merman, Ella Fitzgerald, Ronald Reagan, Milton Berle, and Fred Astaire.From his humble theatrical beginnings in upstate New York, to Radio City Music Hall and on to Hollywood, Gavin MacLeod was on the fast track to success. However, a few hard life lessons—like dealing with a divorce—taught Gavin that the key to happiness was only through a deep faith in God, and he feels his work for Christ is more important than any award. Three years later his remarriage proved that a great struggle can culminate in a happy ending.Leona's review:This Is Your Captain Speaking drew my attention as a travel professional who specializes in cruises. I have seen Gavin MacLeod at some cruise conferences when he represented Princess Cruise Lines. I even had my picture taken with him and yes, he did have that big smile.This is an autobiography of a man that "made it after all". I learned a lot about the man we watched on the Mary Tyler Moore and The Love Boat. I now need to watch for him in his movies. This is also a book about how God has affected the life of Gavin MacLeod and what and why. Many life experiences led this man to become closer to God and Jesus. He seems to have made friends with many people of many different opinions. Lots of sad times and some hard lessons of life he had to learn. One of the most touching moments was when he lost his good friend Ted Knight, whom we came to know as Ted Baxter on the Mary Tyler Show. I have taken just a touch of what is in each chapter. There are so many names I cannot name all of them and so many movies and TV shows he was in; with and without his hair. Brings back so many memories.The pictures in the book are wonderful and help make the story.On the first pages of the book: Praise for This is Your Captain Speaking are comments by Marion Ross, Dr. Jack W, Hayford, Nancy Sinatra, Julie Benson, Mike Huckabee, Pat Boone, Kathie Lee Gifford, Florence Henderson and John Tinker.I am giving This is Your Captain Speaking, My Fantastic Voyage Through Hollywood, Faith & Life a 4 star rating. I received a complimentary copy from to read and review. The opinions are my own.Published by W Publishing Group, an Imprint of Thomas Nelson Publishers.Leona Olsonwww.mnleona.blogspot.comThe dedication page reads "This book is dedicated to the Captain of my life, who came that I might have life and have it more abundantly."Preface: One Door Closes Fired by Hal March (page xiv)Chapters:Chapter 1: Pleasantville. A chapter about his young life. Born with the name Allan George See in Mount Kisco, New York. (page 2)Chapter 2: Life Goes OnDeath of his father. (page 13) Professor in college by name of Beatrice MacLeod. (page 20)Chapter 3: The big AppleBuys his first hairpiece. (page 28)Chapter 4: Broadway, Baby!Loved A Hatful of rain with Ben Gazzara, Anthony Franciosa and Shelly Winter is 1956. (page 39)Chapter 5: Hurray for HollywoodFirst steady TV gig at Desilu Productions. (page 50)Chapter 6: The Elevator Goes UpSees Adolphe Menjou and Herbert Marshall at the unemployment office. (page 55)Chapter 7: ConnectionsMeets Gregory Peck who had been a men's underwear model for the Sears and Roebuck catalog. (page 62)Chapter 8: GlorifiedMcHale's Navy show. (page 70)Chapter 9: Half-FullGavin MacLeod's fall from a horse. (page 87)Chapter 10: You're Gonna Make It After AllMary Tyler Show. (page 94)Chapter 11: Love Is All AroundProblems with marriage to Rootie. (page 106)Chapter 12: ChucklesMurray in the Mary Tyler Show. (page 112)Chapter 13: Learning to QuitDrinking is a big problem. (page 121)Chapter 14: The Fame GameBuys home for mother. (page 127)Chapter 15: Climb AboardThe Love Boat. (page 132)Chapter 16: ShipmatesLove Boat Follies with Ethel Merman, Carol Channing, Ann Miller, Della Reese, Van Johnson and Cab Calloway. (page 144)Chapter 17: My Crew" I was so blessed to spend all those years with that brilliant cast. We really became an extended family to one another..." (page 157)Chapter 18: Seeing StarsRonald Reagan. (page 163)Chapter 19: Man OverboardDivorce from Patti. (page 182)Chapter 20: The Life BoatPrayed to Jesus and called Patti. (page 189)Chapter 21: Moving OnPatti and Gavin remarry. (page 199)Chapter 22: Back in PortA life focused on family and God. (page 212). Beginning with Princess Cruises. (page 212)Chapter 23: The Sea's HighsPrincess's ships. (page 224) Gavin has bypass on Good Friday (page 224) Chapter 24: New CallingsTrinity Broadcasting Network. (page 232)Chapter 25: Not So Gracefully"Getting older is no picnic, let me tell you" (page 239)Chapter 26: Enjoying the BlessingsThe Secrets of Jonathan Sperry movie. (page 245)Acknowledgements"This book would not have been possible without the support of a whole bunch of incredibly talented people.." (page 255)Photo CreditsThere is a list of the photos on pages 259 and 260.About the AuthorsGavin MacLeod and Mark DagostinoLeona You are subscribed to email updates from Leona's Reviews To stop receiving these emails, you may unsubscribe now. Email delivery powered by Google Google Inc., 20 West Kinzie, Chicago IL USA 60610

  • Mary Craven
    2019-05-22 19:42

    An interesting read from the Captain we all know and love. We travel through Gavin's life, hear how he got to where he is today, discover his ups and his downs and also have him inspire us with his faith in God. We also get to know the many people who traveled that path with him. Well done and not too heavy when it comes to talking about faith in our life.

  • Mediaman
    2019-05-11 15:31

    This book should have been much better than this--you have a Hollywood supporting player who has worked with many of the biggest names. Yet he tells no good stories about working with them. Instead MacLeod runs through a series of facts and positive adjectives about each production he was involved in. The irony is that a couple of times in the book the author states that he has many more stories that he could put in the book but that he doesn't have enough room! Facts and praise aren't the same as stories--and as such the book fails.MacLeod loves every person he has ever worked with and (boringly) goes overboard telling us how great everyone is. The only bad words are for Bette Davis, who he didn't work with but had for a dinner party and after she dissed him in the press he gets back at her in the book. That's the only really good story in the book. Otherwise he seems very insecure. The book is incredibly repetitive in reminding readers about what makes him a "celebrity" and how popular he was. He seems like a whining brat when he complains that he is the third-string supporting player on McHale's Navy. This is a guy who had only done minor parts before this big TV series, but he felt he was better than the rest of the cast and should get more lines & higher billing. So he quit after two years on the show. Classy.He also complains that he was the only original star of the Mary Tyler Moore Show who wasn't nominated for an Emmy Award (all the other five won, he didn't even get nominated). He defends his acting skills yet ignores the message that he just isn't that good. His "serious" episodes were among the weakest of the series due to his lack of acting chops. So he thinks very highly of himself and always seems to complain about not being treated as being as great as he thinks he is.He addresses his drinking (claiming he wasn't an alcoholic though rumors say otherwise), his family (he cheated on his first wife and then dumped her while claiming to have great love for her and his kids), his politics (used to be Democrat until he became a Reagan-supporting Republican) and his faith (very sincere born-again Christian chapters saved for the end of the book, though by then you know he has a huge ego and lacks the humility you'd expect from a Christian).If you want the book to give you behind-the-scenes look into the Mary Tyler Moore Show you'll be deeply disappointed--he tells nothing you haven't heard many times before. He does say a few things about Love Boat cruises but without any real juicy stories for the TV fan (he oohs and aahs over guest stars but doesn't tell any stories about working with them!). And overall the book seems poorly written (with a co-author that seems to have taken the words straight off a tape recorder) and inadequately edited. It's worth reading only if you love the man before you read it--otherwise there's not enough here to keep a reader entertained.

  • Violet
    2019-05-05 15:42

    "My life has taken one incredible turn after another. I've gotten to do what I wanted to do, I've been a captain! I've traveled the world. ... I've been given this incredible gift of a life, and now I want to use it to give back... " - Gavin MacLeod in the Preface to This Is Your Captain Speaking. This Is Your Captain Speaking is the autobiography through which TV and film star Gavin MacLeod (along with writer Mark Dagostino) seeks to accomplish his Preface wish. The story of Allan George See (later Gavin MacLeod) begins on February 28, 1931 in Pleasantville, New York. MacLeod tells his story in first person, chronologically. We go with him to hopeful script readings early in his career, meet his fellow cast members on the show that first put his name in lights as Murray in the "Mary Tyler Moore Show," meet the whose-who of the 60s, 70s and 80s through his role as captain in "The Love Boat" TV series while also cheering his personal triumphs and cringing at his mistakes. Three sets of photographs give us visuals of his colorful life.MacLeod's writing style is warm and chatty, his memories sharp and detailed. He is very positive throughout (if you're reading this to find dirt on showbiz celebrities, you won't find much). As someone who is familiar only with MacLeod's work on the "Mary Tyler Moore Show," I was interested to discover he had had multiple successes and a long and brilliant career. The book is full of names and pictures of actors and others celebrities. I'm afraid most of the name-dropping was lost on me, though, Hollywood illiterate that I am. However, despite the many sections that were about encounters with stars of whom I had no knowledge and little interest, I enjoyed the sense of positivity and gratitude that pervaded the book. I was especially intrigued that MacLeod viewed his role of Jonathan Sperry in the movie "The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry" as the crowning achievement of his life. Sperry is a character through whom MacLeod was able to talk about and explain his late-found Christian faith. Of that role he says: "Only after I had gained that notoriety, only after I had gained a certain amount of respect, only after I had traveled the world and met people of all stripes, from all walks of life, only after I had taken this long fantastic voyage of a life did God put me in the role of Jonathan Sperry--because he knew that now, after all of that, people would listen to what the Captain had to say" p. 251. I received This Is Your Captain Speaking as a gift from the publisher for the purpose of writing a review.

  • Lori
    2019-05-17 15:37

    I read this book on my kindle. I was happy to get a good deal on my kindle.Gavin MacLeod writes a nice memoir of his life and career. He has always struck me as a nice guy.He shares about his childhood, the death of his dad when he was 13. the beginning of his career on stage, the many TV appearances during the 1960s. His disappointing two years on McHales Navy. the parts in movies.I was looking forward to him talking about being on the Mary Tyler Moore show, one of my favorite tv shows.Mr. MacLeod was very generous writing about the wonderful time he had those seven years.saying nice things about the cast and his memories working there. Of course you can see by the picture on the book a lot was said about " The Love Boat"he was honest about himself, speaking about his life and mistakes he has made.Toward the end of the book about the last 25 per cent Mr. MacLeod writes about his Christian beliefs and love of Jesus. he is a born again christian. this is not a tell all kind of book, not dirt here. which is fine with me. MacLeod is very generous with his compliments about fellow workers. also how much he loves his wife Patti and his family. In the kindle version i was disappointed that there are no pictures. not sure if that is true for the book version. I liked reading this book. He sounds like a very nice man. if you like the Mary Tyler Moore show or The love boat. you may like to learn more about this terrific guy.

  • John
    2019-05-04 18:36

    Upbeat, breezy read full of fun little anecdotes of the actors MacLeod crossed paths with over the years, though I found some strange omissions, like no mention of Donald Sutherland in "Kelly's Heroes," with whom MacLeod had great on-screen chemistry and must have spent many hours working with. (Instead, Carol O'Connor is mentioned as a drinking buddy.) Last 1/3 is devoted to his born again faith and work as a marriage advocate. I was disappointed that MacLeod chose to mention one particular marriage "success" story he witnessed: a man who had left his wife to live the "gay lifestyle" and then returned to her. From what I learned of MacLeod in this book, this was just casual, inadvertent homophobia, rather than an honest expression of anti-gay sentiment. Certainly, he must have gotten to know plenty of gay and lesbian entertainment professionals throughout his acting career. (For example, Raymond Burr's guest spot on the Love Boat -- to which he brought his lifelong male companion -- is mentioned briefly.)However, I found it hypocritical for MacLeod to give himself a spiritual "pass" for his first divorce from the mother of his 3 biological children, and then casually denigrate homosexuality. The Ten Commandments specifically address marriage, but sodomy just falls in a laundry list of prohibitions in Leviticus -- why is MacLeod's first divorce spiritually okay but not homosexuality?

  • Jennifer Robb
    2019-05-22 13:30

    I remember watching Gavin MacLeod on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Love Boat, but I didn't know much about his life. I suspected he might be a Christian because he has appeared in The Time Changer and The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry (both Christian films). This book was an interesting read and read quickly with an easy writing style. I give Mr. MacLeod credit for not shying away from the mistakes he made throughout his life. It was interesting to learn about his early life, how he discovered he liked acting, how he ended up going to college, and his early days in trying to find work in the theaters and acting. I liked how he could look back and see God's hand at work in his life--and how he could admit that when those things were happening, he didn't see it at the time. God has opened many doors for Mr. MacLeod. I was sad to read that he decided to retire from acting and that Jonathan Sperry might be the last part he played/plays--though I trust that if God has a better part for him to do at the end of the career, He will let MacLeod know. And truly, Sperry is a great role to go out on.

  • Tom Sands
    2019-05-01 18:31

    The Mary Tyler Moore Show was one of my favorite comedy shows of my childhood. It was the perfect next step after the Dick Van Dyke Show. It moved the situation comedy forward with all of its incredible characters and it was amazing to watch this all unfold. The Love Boat was classic Aaron Spelling. The real bonus was imagining how luxurious it would be to actually go on a cruise. I was 53 years old before I was able to go on a cruise myself. I did think of this show as I was having the time of my life.I like to read autobiographies to learn how people got to where they ended up. I enjoy hearing back stories about items that I am only aware of the surface. This book fulfilled this need just fine. It only weakened at the end when Mr. MacLeod went into a full Born Again mode and stopped bringing any significant information. I did appreciate how much becoming Born Again changed his life, but he just went on to the point where the reader was feeling left out.As all actors do, Mr. MacLeod had a fascinating life leading up to his success and had some troubles with dealing with such success. I am glad that I read this book.

  • Bronwyn
    2019-05-11 17:37

    I'm too young to have watched Gavin MacLeod on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, but I do remember The Love Boat. When I saw the bright smile of The Captain appear in an Amazon Kindle Daily Deals email, I couldn't resist. Gavin MacLeod chronicles his life from how he knew he wanted to be an actor since preschool to how he struggled and finally made it in Hollywood and then becoming a born-again Christian and activist and quitting the business. He name-drops like nobody's business but does it in a way that shows the wonder and awe of working with so many big-name stars. His use of exclamation points was excessive, but I eventually ignored them. Everything was just so exciting/inspiring/amazing to him! Despite two divorces and a few years of drinking, it's nice to see that The Captain was a good guy (self-proclaimed, anyway). The end got a little preachy, which I think is his point of writing the book and using this publisher, but it turned out to be an interesting read.

  • Todd Cannon
    2019-04-28 15:42

    I remember Gavin MacLeod from the Mary Tyler Moore Show and Love Boat. I did not realize that he had been in many other shows as a Guest Star and that he did quite a bit of live theater work. The book was very interesting and I enjoyed learning about his life and career. He is a Born Again Christian and that does play a part in the book, But then it is a big part of his life and so it ought to be part of the book. I did not find it heavy handed in a religious sense and in fact I think he made some very good points about how to live and be a good example for others. Although there is a little religion through out the book most of it is in the last 10-15%. If "religious stuff" bothers you, you could read the first 85% and be done and you would have the bulk of his life story. I, however, think that you should read it all and whatever your religious beliefs are you will find something to agree with in that last 15%.

  • Barbara
    2019-05-07 16:27

    Gavin MacLeod's writing style is easy to read and interesting, and there is much to be learned from his account of the many experiences and changes that have occurred in his life. He does not gloss over the mistakes he has made, but is very clear that becoming a Christian changed his priorities and molded his perspective on everything after that time. In the course of writing their autobiographies, many television and/or motion picture actors or actresses seem to relish revealing all of the dirty secrets of other famous people they have come into contact with, and I appreciate the fact that this book is not like that. He seems honest, but definitely not vindictive, even when talking about his first wife. You get the distinct feeling that he realizes it is not "all about him", and he seems to take personal responsibility for relationships in his life. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading autobiographies of entertainers.

  • Robin
    2019-05-02 19:43

    3.5 starsI'm such a sucker for celebrity memoirs and this is a fun entry into the crowded shelves. Gavin MacLeod comes across as so damn grateful for everything he's received out of life, both personal and professional, with nary a bad word about anyone, including his ex-wife and ego-bloated stars. Later in the book he becomes "born again" which I skimmed as reading about that topic has never held my interest, but generally this was a chatty, good-hearted and, I assume, honest look at his life.My only criticism is that his editor (or co-author) should have reined in his use of exclamation points ("He [Ronald Reagan] used to be a lifeguard!" "...mainly because he was bald, like me!" and so on). Try this if you've enjoyed Tim Conway's WHAT'S SO FUNNY, Rob Lowe's STORIES I ONLY TELL MY FRIENDS, and Billy Crystal's STILL FOOLIN' 'EM, although the latter book is a little cruder than the others.

  • Jeff Bottrell
    2019-05-18 17:55

    As a huge Love Boat fan, I enjoyed this autobiography. It is told primarily through interesting anecdotes of MacLeod's life, from his childhood through year 80. Mary Tyler Moore and Love Boat fans will hear interesting details of his time on those iconic shows. Gavin heaps praise on virtually everyone (being the good fellow he is). His favorite phrases in the book are "Wow!" and "What a treat!" when he gets a chance to spend time to meet someone he admires. The one person who does not get off cleanly is grouchy Bette Davis, who spends a sour evening with Macleod and his wife and drives her hosts crazy. The narration is wonderful, as one might expect from this great actor. Note that he will get into his Christian born-again status in the final chapters. I didn't find it preachy, though a mention of a homosexual "cured" by God of his affliction was not appreciated.

  • Lorna
    2019-04-24 19:54

    I really only know him as Captain Stubing, I was a little too young to appreciate the Mary Tyler Moore show - The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family are what I was more interested in. I had no idea he had this whole career before MTM. Did love The Love Boat, though. We recently changed to a cable provider that has MeTV, which shows Love Boat reruns, and it's fun to see them all again. So when I saw this at the library, I had to pick it up. He certainly is grateful for everything that has happened to him, enthusiastically so! And I had no idea that he had become so involved in Christian ministry. (For those who get offended if a book has Christian content, learn who the Christian publishers are! It's Thomas Nelson, what did you expect?) It was a fun read.

  • Daniel Keohane
    2019-05-18 14:28

    This was a very enjoyable memoir. I grew up with the shows MacLeod is famous for, namely Mary Tyler Moore and The Love Boat, but he's done so much more. It's a fun, very happy walk through his life, from childhood to his up and down early acting career to opportunities which skyrocketed him to fame. Always discussed with a refreshing humility. Later on the the book he talks a lot about his growing faith and becoming a serious Christian. Such a mix of two worlds, or so it seems, made for an interesting contrast. He's met and worked with so many big name stars in movies and television, too, gives some good behind the scenes glimpses into that world. I was surprised as how I didn't want to put the book down as I was reading.

  • Katie Graham
    2019-05-22 17:40

    The first 90% of this book was amazing. Lots of fun to read. I liked when he pointed out places that, looking back, he could see God had been working in his life. I liked the stories about other well known actors he worked with. I liked reading about what was going on in his personal life when his work life included the Mary Tyler Moore show or The Love Boat.The last 10% of the book was how God has used him in the last 15 or so years. While I'm glad God was able to use him, it read somewhat like a resume or checklist. I found reading the list of acting he has done in shows with Christian themes to be somewhat tedious. If he'd stopped the book after Patty joins L.A.D.I.E.S. it would have been much stronger literature.

  • John Kennedy
    2019-05-22 13:32

    This is a more thorough, better read than MacLeod's first book, "On Course." It is too repetitious in places and MacLeod is too much of a name-dropper. It's an upbeat bio that doesn't dish dirt on anyone else in the acting profession. MacLeod covers his career, and frankly discusses his strained relationship with his father who died of cancer at 39, the alcoholism that largely cost him his first marriage, his selfishness responsible for his second wife, Patti, before they remarried three years later, and his conversion to Christianity. I can attest that MacLeod really is a nice guy. After I wrote an article about him a few years ago he took the time to call me and thank me for what I great job I did. He has been encouraging other people for most of his life.

  • Mike
    2019-04-26 17:36

    People who may recall the name Gavin McLeod might think of his two most prominent roles...Murray Slaughter on Mary Tyler Moore or Captain Steubing from The Love Boat. This is his story.He takes us on his journey through acting from his early days in theater and in movies through his two series to the present day. We get a good look at his successes and failures, and how he worked through them and also how his new found faith helped him later in life. It was a very easy read and for folks who watched TV from the 60s and 70s, you will recognize a lot of the whos who that Gavin knew during those years.

  • Marianne Stehr
    2019-05-23 16:51

    I have been watching love boat reruns lately and loving it. remember when the worst thing on TV was going back to my cabin for "a nightcap". ahhhh innocent, great TV! so when I came across this book I was excited, I mean look at that cover!!! it was good, well written in a non-literary way and kept me Interested and now I want to watch Mary Tyler Moore reruns. its gets pretty heavy in born again towards the end, nothing wrong with that just something you should be aware of as it is somrwhat surprising if you love Gavin macloed and want to learn more about his break into the business and his life and to.e pick this up, it is a quick read that is packed with Gavin knowledge!

  • Andi
    2019-05-23 17:34

    Surprisingly well-written compared to most celebrity biographies, an upbeat look at this man's life. Some interesting trivia (how he picked his stage name, side jobs along the way), along with events that are mostly in chronological order. In general, the book was written with an attitude of gratitude that I enjoyed, although I almost decided not to finish it. I didn't know he had became a born-again Christian, and the chapters that deal with his life after his "re-birth" became rather preachy and left me wanting less, not more.

  • Heather
    2019-05-17 19:46

    I shouldn't have been surprised that the last third of this book was overloaded with faith-based preaching. He mentions faith on the cover. I loved "Love Boat", but I just didn't love this book. I think his overwhelming positivity and name dropping became annoying, but his right-wing praises and Jesus talk really ruined the book for me. I skimmed through the last several chapters and barely read the last pages. If you are not a fan of conservatives, preaching, name dropping, and/or travelogues, skip it. :/

  • Linda Krueger
    2019-05-15 14:25

    I loved reading the history of different shows and who might have been in them or turned them down and which actor actually got the role. The connections were amazing. Very good read if you have enjoyed Gavin in his many rolls. I even had bought the DVD The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry months ago and still hadn't seen it. I didn't even know it was Gavin MacLeod because of the mustache. I'm so excited to watch it with the family.

  • Veronica Bareman
    2019-05-10 17:42

    I just knew I'd love this guy - and I did! I only know Gavin MacLeod from his roles in MTM Show and The Love Boat, but something about him was just appealing to me. This book is a fun name-dropping romp through his life and career and I could genuinely feel his enthusiasm, gratitude, and happiness throughout. More exciting still for me was learning that he is a born-again Christian and that he is proud to share his beliefs. Worth a read!

  • Jenny W.
    2019-05-22 19:45

    It's a great read if you are wanting a quick read. If you loved the Love Boat as a kid, then it's a great read. It was very fascinating how he worked his way to become a Hollywood name actor. I liked how he went through the history of who and how he came to work with some of the Hollywood greats.As far as a deep writing like the non fiction genre that I read, it didn't make the cut for a 5 rating. It was a good read though.

  • Polly
    2019-05-06 16:48

    What can I say? I loved McHale's Navy, Mary Tyler Moore Show, and Love Boat. How could I not want to read this book? It was definitely interesting, but I came away with the feeling that it was written by someone who has wrapped himself up in religion to keep from feeling his true feelings. I felt like he was on an interview show the whole time, with an interviewer who was not putting him at ease.Anyway, interesting read if you're a fan of all those shows, as I am, but that's about it.