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After her ex-husband’s obsession with vampires, Valerie Craig is on a mission to stop transformations. Of all vampires, Kade Rollins is the worst of the worst, but when multiple murders plague Seattle, Val is forced to enlist his aid. Kade’s crude wit and seductive nature attract her like no other, but she can’t ignore his violence toward his human servants, no matter herAfter her ex-husband’s obsession with vampires, Valerie Craig is on a mission to stop transformations. Of all vampires, Kade Rollins is the worst of the worst, but when multiple murders plague Seattle, Val is forced to enlist his aid. Kade’s crude wit and seductive nature attract her like no other, but she can’t ignore his violence toward his human servants, no matter her yearning to forget.She’s torn when she learns Kade may be behind the murders. Val's worked hard to protect humans from vampires, but the truth surrounding the murders could ignite a bloody battle between their races, one humans are sure to lose. Someone is pulling strings to build a vampire army and spark the war—setting Kade up to kick it off. But if she trusts the vampire prince, she risks her job, her integrity, and her heart if he betrays her as all the men in her life have....

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Bad Mouth Reviews

  • Nicci ☞ Hell Raisin Sugar☜
    2018-12-10 02:45

    I am not a huge paranormal fan. I don't actively avoid it, but it's really not my thing. Too much world building and too many characters (is every paranormal romance part of a freaking series?). I particularly shy away from Vamps because they always come across a bit......cold. Standoffish. Aloof. I am much more of a hot-blooded werewolf kinda girl. Kade Rollins has me seriously reconsidering that position.Kade is not just a vamp, he's the freaking Prince of Vamps. No hoity toity royal airs in this man, though. The book was aptly named. He has a foul mouth, completely lacks a brain-mouth filter and is entirely inappropriate. Now you understand why I am in love? Case in point:Their landscaping sucks balls.Throw in a few cocksuckers and a whole lot of fucks and Kade had me swooning like a 12 year old girl at a One Direction concert.I won't go in to the world building, but humans have knowledge of vampires and the two groups work together to ensure unstable humans are not allowed to transform. Val, our heroine, is forced to work with Kade to determine who is behind the creation of depraved vampires who've been murdering humans. Val and Kade both have deeply ingrained prejudice towards one another's race. It's certainly not a love at first sight situation, but there's definitely some instalust. Val makes Kade realize not all humans are cruel and sadistic while she determines that not every vampire is violent and evil. He's forced to defend her, of course, and goes all alpha man protective. is erotic romance, so....yeah, the sex. That bad mouth? It's hella hot all the time, but it takes dirty talk to a whole new level. I am a complete freaking analphobe, but I think Mr. Bloodsucker could talk me in to it. How can you resist a request worded quite like that?The ending could not have been more perfect. Kade's declarations of love, profanity laden or not, were true to his character and almost sweet. Overall, loved this one....and wouldn't mind seeing it turned in to a series.

  • Michele ~ la Smoocherina
    2018-11-22 03:41

    This was a good read. It's a mutual hate grows to love book, with a sexy alpha and a buttoned up bureaucrat. There are smexy times. I know a lot of people think the hero is a great dirty talker. I'd say 6/10 on the dirty talker scale. Not bad. Didn't rock my world. But the book was good.

  • Rhianna
    2018-12-04 04:37

    Crisp world building. Great series starter.McCallister really pulls the everyday category paranormal romance out of the ordinary with BAD MOUTH. With crisp world-building that establishes a dual-caste vampire society living side-by-side with humans this could easily have become a strong fabric for an urban fantasy or full-length paranormal romance series. I'm impressed with how well she pulled it off in such a short format without completely veering outside of the trope-y goodness categories are known for. Kade is the cocky vampire tasked with helping Val and her partner solve a slew of murders that are causing tension in Seattle. She dislikes him from the start but there's no denying the growing attraction between them. Well-bred and on the serious side she's annoyed with Kade's crass language and blunt way of saying things, yet it grows on her as the story progresses. A relationship between them is a really bad idea considering that he's a vampire prince and she's working on legislation to make all vampire transformations illegal. The sensual tension sparking between them, however, just can't be denied. This is one of those yummy enemies-to-lovers type stories that somehow flows so organically you forget they shouldn't be able to make it work. The steamy scenes practically melted my poor ereader and Kade's bad mouth made me blush more than a few times! But what really helps this one be a great series starter is the small cast of secondary characters. I'm well known for latching onto secondaries and while I liked Killian and Alice—who are the couple in the next series entry—I just love Ezra, so here's hoping McCallister writes a story for him too. There's a lot of room to dig around in this unique vampire society so fans of lengthier fiction might love BAD MOUTH as a palate cleansing read between longer ones.Love a good dirty-talkin' hero? Kade's your man! Salivate for enemies-to-lovers without feuding families involved? BAD MOUTH's just what you're looking for. If you love your PNR with the world of the paranormals open to the humans ala True Blood, this one is a must read.Notes: ARC received via publisher.

  • Linda Sims
    2018-12-06 04:46

    EXCELLENT VAMPIRE ROMANCEValerie Craig is Vice President of the Vampire Liaison office. Val's personal opinion on vampires is coloured by her personal experience with her ex-husband Will, and his desperation to become one himself.In this world vampires and humans live side by side. Humans are able to apply to be turned, Val's office supervises and approves or rejects those applications. But there are those who would like to end humans being turned. Val being one. But a situation has arison, humans are being turned illegally. Val and her coworker Graham are going to see for want of a better title are the king and queen of the vampires. Olen Rex the king is willing to help and has arranged that a vampire adjuvant named kade Rollins, who will liaise with Val. Adjuvants are vampires that Val hates the most they are capable of superior speed and strength, and are the only vampires capable of turning humans.But Kade Rollins turns every idea Val has about vampires around. He's smart, sexy and at times crude or as Val calls it a bad mouth.First read for me by this author. I love human/vampire romances and this one certainly didn't disappoint. I loved the characters, including the supporting cast, especially Ezra. But best of all this has a really excellent story that runs alongside the romance. I thought thst Kade and Val were excellent together the love scenes were hot as well. The writing is well balanced and detailed.A recommended read for those who are fans of this genre.ARC courtesy of Entangled publishing and NetGalley

  • Angela McCallister
    2018-12-13 05:50

    Overcoming sins of the past can only bring pleasure. Fans of sexy alpha vampires, a heroine with a grudge, and two races on the brink of war will love this hot debut paranormal.Of course, don't take my word for it, lol. I'm the author. I sincerely hope you enjoy reading about a severely mistreated alpha hero out to save his kind from itself and a strong heroine afraid to take the final step toward ultimate trust.

  • Misty Dietz
    2018-12-01 08:40

    I loved this book for many reasons, but the primary one was the main hero, Kade. I absolutely enjoyed his irreverent bad mouth (this book is *perfectly* titled! LOL). His yummy factor was also highly appreciated. I've read quite a bit of vampire romance, and this one had some of my favorite features of the race, (sleep in daylight), but it was also quite original in many ways so it didn't feel like that same old same old. **I’m not going to give spoilers, you’ll just have to read it! :)Other things I loved about Bad Mouth included realistic dialogue, compelling and original turns of phrase, stakes (pun intended!), as well as great secondary characters whom I'm really looking forward to reading. McCallister’s world building is fantastic and just right - not too much where I was lost and not too little that I couldn't follow what was happening. She resisted the urge to over-explain, which I always hate, and the ending is so damn satisfying. She thought of everything. Two thumbs up!

  • Kirsten
    2018-12-03 05:57

    I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review. I've got to say that initially, I was trying to figure out what Immortalis, Legion, Adjuvant and other words meant. The more I read, the more I understand. I've got to congratulate Ms. McCallister with coming up with a new way of looking at Vampire hierarchy and how things are handled. I must admit when Kade was first introduced I thought he was an ass. I guess being over 500 years old will do that to you. I love the way that Valerie struggled to keep her compusure, and also took care of business. She continued to take care of business despite finding out some things she'd rather not about Vampires. At least that's what she tells herself. Kade is all business, trying hard to keep Val and any other human away from him. The story flowed very well. The main characters developed a connection despite themselves. I can't wait to see the next stories in this series tell us about the other characters. I'm curious about more than a few. :)

  • Jeannie Zelos
    2018-11-24 08:51

    Bad Mouth Angela Mccallister.ARC supplied by publisher.I love a good vampire romance and this one was no exception. So many romances are jut a light, brief plot carrying the romance, but here Angela has given us a decent storyline and fantastic cast of charters that could (IMO) continue into a series. Val is definitely anti vampire when we first meet her, thanks to her ex husband but the delicious sexy vampire Kade, obnoxious and rude though he is, soon changes her mind. Funnily enough he's been ordered by his superiors to work with her, a human investigator for the Vampire Liaison Organisation, knowing that he also hates humans. A match definitely not made in heaven :) Its really interesting the way Angela shows us via these two people how wrong it is to pre judge, to take things at face value rather than looking for the facts behind them, and as the truth slowly emerges the affect is has on Kade and Val is astonishing. I really enjoyed the way this part worked out and they learned the need to trust in each other, and not just act on their attraction to each other but to listen and understand the other person and their motives. There's some terrific, steamy, sexy interludes between them – and their romance is one step forward two steps back all the way it seems. I like all of that, I don't want everything to run smoothly but for there to be problems, blocks in the way, puzzles to work out. The romance side of this book is great but the story carrying it was very good too, and it took some working out just who was moving the pieces behind the scenes. Loyalties were tested, and both Val and Kade were in for some big surprises.As I said earlier Kade and Val were terrific characters, both very definite in their views about the other people around, and both were very strong minded. Val wasn't going to curl up and be simpering and meek (once she found her voise at their first meeting!), even though Kade was drop dead gorgeous vampire prince and Kade, he wasn't lying down to take any orders from a human! Even one as sharp and attractive as Val. Sparks flew as you'd expect and it made for an outstanding story, that kept me guessing what was going to happen right to the end. The others in the cast were interesting too and I think the main characters would transfer easily to further novels in the world Angela has created. I don't know if that's the plan, but I hope so as I'd love to read more from this group of characters.As always from Entangled Publishing excellent editing and quality of writing, and at 180 pages for £2.63 its around normal pricing. It's strong enough to bear a re read and that adds to the value for money for me, and its one to join the keepers file. Stars: I love long novels and feel this has such a strong story and group of people that it could have been longer and I'd have given it five stars then but as it is for me personally its a four and half star read.

  • Patricia
    2018-11-25 03:39

    Valerie Craig is works for the V.L.O. (Vampire Liaison office). Val has a chip on her shoulder when it comes to vampires and is about to have all beliefs shattered the moment she meets Kade Rollins. Humans and vampires have a very unique relationship in this story. Humans are able to apply to be turned, and the VLO will approve or reject an applicant. We learn that some humans are slipping through and being approved that should not, and some are being turned illegally.It is Val's job to investigate the illegal turnings, so she along with her co-worker Graham have a meeting with what you may consider the king and queen of vampires. They consent to help by assigning Kade Rollins to assist the investigation. The sparks fly immediately and it is time to turn up the heat. Kade is smart, sexy and sarcastic. Traits I love in a leading man. Valerie isn't about to back down from the foul mouthed vampire and stands toe to toe with him. The story keeps you turning the pages, and the steamy romance keeps you dreaming.I have not read anything from Angela McCallister, but I am a fan of paranormal romance. I loved the characters, the story and the witty exchanges and the supporting cast. I found myself hoping that there would be another book for me to read with one of the supporting characters now as the lead (and still hope there will be, Gunner would be a wonderful choice). I thought Val and Kade were perfect for each other, and the steamy sex scenes were wonderful too. I am glad that I read this book, I truly enjoyed the story and the romance.If you are a fan of paranormal romance you will not be disappointed. PatnPat

  • Michelle Willms
    2018-11-19 08:36

    Bad Mouth by Angela McCallisterValerie, a ranking member of the Vampire Liaison Office (VLO), and her best friend, Graham, traveled to meet with Oren and Evangeline – the rulers of the vampires – the Dominorum. The primary issues of concern were bloodings and illegal transformations. These illegal transformations resulted in a massive increase in deranged vampires.The Dominorum assigned one vampire, to Val’s dismay, to work with them. Without explaining anything at all about this one vampire, other than his name, Kade Rollins, they were dismissed. Kade was an adjuvant; he performed transformations, and he didn’t like humans. One of the deranged vampires Val would be hunting with Kade and Graham would be her ex-husband, Will. His determination to transform was the primary cause for her hatred, and the end of their relationship.Pairing a human-hating vampire and a vampire –hating human makes a volatile combination. Add to that a lawyer in love with Val - a man who was her ex-husband’s best friend and who stood by her through the relationship’s death. Mix in some complicated vampire/human politics and stand back and watch the fireworks.Angela McCallister writes with skill and passion. As a former editor, she is also not going to massacre the beauty that is the English language. Bad Mouth is a delicious paranormal romance wrapped in a dangerous mystery. McCallister provides an exciting new look into vampire life, adding spice to what some authors might serve us bland. Readers will want to stay up to read this book until the last exciting page is turned, sighing with longing when there are no more pages to be found. This is vampire fiction at its finest.

  • Lynn
    2018-12-14 06:50

    I give Angela McCallister’s Bad Mouth a well-deserved 5 stars!! Mouth-watering, drop-dead sexy, bad-boy vampire Prince paired with tough as nails, tenacious, gets what she wants, human liaison to the vampires, and you know the covers of this book will be getting steamed up and quick! It has been a while since the sexual tension and mounting emotions between characters has put me on edge, but Kade and Valerie sure got my heart racing and my blood pumping. Not only are these two on opposites sides of the playing field, one hating humans and one hating vampires, they have to work together to bring down someone or something bringing down both of their worlds. If that wasn’t complicated enough, the more time they spend together, the more they learn about each other, the more their knowledge of the other’s species eludes them. Kade’s personality is top notch, not being able to control the things that come out of his mouth and Val refuses to let anything scare her.Angela’s writing is fantastic!! With well written characters and wonderful flow of the story, I found myself lost in the world of Bad Mouth.Thank you, Angela, for this wonderful novel!(I received an ARC for my honest review and this is my honest to goodness, straight from the heart review!)

  • Rebecca Crane
    2018-12-05 06:30

    What can I say? I love a man with a Bad Mouth.Let me start by saying these are not exactly your typical vampires, but you won't catch a single one sparkling in the sun. This is one of the most unique vampire books I have read yet. The story is absolutely original and sucks (haha, pun intended) you in from the very beginning. McCallister created characters that were easy to fall in-love with. I love my leading men to be exactly that... MEN and Kade did NOT disappoint. My only complaint with this book is it could have been 100 pages longer. ;)If you love vampires, strong heroines, irresistible heroes and a story that keeps you thinking about it days after finishing... Bad Mouth is your book.

  • Beverly
    2018-12-12 07:28

    My thoughts:Wonderfully written. A new idea in a vampire romance is hard to come by these days, but this book is both original and creative. I fell in love with the characters. I was hooked in the first few pages and couldn't put the book down. It is fantastic to see Kade and Valerie struggle with their beliefs, prejudices and desires. Betrayal and trust are forefront for them both as they come to trust and care about each other. The storyline is twisty and clever. The characters come to life and grab you. I truly enjoyed the book and hope there is more to come!

  • Johanna Panko
    2018-12-01 04:52

    This is my first from the author and I received this read for free of netgalley for a review. The story is about vampires, and it was a very fresh angle. All the characters were developed with a great strong storyline. It held my attention throughout the book and the ending was a true ending. I thought the characters Kade and Val had great chemistry and I finished the book in less than a day. The cover art was fantastic too.

  • Scandal (Scandalicious Book Reviews)
    2018-11-18 05:56

    Excellent world building and character development...a really awesome story...Click here for my complete Scandalicious Book Review:http://www.scandaliciousbookreviews.c...

  • Milto P.**Through The Eyes Of A Book Goddess**
    2018-12-07 07:43

    Review to follow!!I need to calm down a bit before I can form proper sentences!!!!!! Loved it!!!!!

  • Jason Mcewen
    2018-12-07 04:41

    An amazing read! I really loved the character development, I am hooked, bring on the next book!!

  • Kristen
    2018-12-08 08:30

    GENRE: ParanormalTHEME: Romance, VampireRECEIVED: Publisher/TourBLOG: McCallister creates a new perspective from the vampire world, getting deep into the process of vampire transformation. It was interesting to see a world that has a well laid out law for vampires and humans existing among them, even with the politics the readers get a great story focused on romance, a change of heart, and deception. Bad Mouth follows Valerie (Val) who works for the Vampire Liaison Organization and is trying to get answers for a murder. She is also very against vampire transformation after an incident with her ex husband that has caused her quite a bit of prejudice against them. Unlucky for her and her partner Graham the ancients (vampire royalty) have assigned them the worst of the worst to help them with their investigation. Kade is a fowl mouth and of course easy on the eyes vampire who makes Val’s life a bit more difficult. But when the clues start leading in one direction Val isn’t sure who she should be trusting.Val is a firecracker, she has one goal and that is to stop vampire transformation, that it sometimes clouds her judgment. Thus getting stuck with Kade who not only pushes her buttons but he educates her in the reality of his kind and of how the world actually works. She has a great dynamic with Kade, they clash but have such awesome banter and steamy chemistry. As the plot moves forward the readers can see how much Val digging into her case is getting her deeper into trouble, which also connects to what happened to her ex. Even though she may seem to have her shields up, she does have that super innocent side that opens up for Kade and his bad boy persona.Kade is perceived as the bad guy or bad boy, but his character is a bit more complex, the readers will get a lot of history about him. We learn that Kade had a sad past and his not so great relationship with his parents; I can blame the guy for being a little bit of a jerk. But even with his “Bad Mouth” he has a lot of sweet and sexy sides to him that made me fall for him. He also has the help of some equally interesting friends that help him take down the real bad guys. Ezra seems funny and sweet; I’m hoping the next book will highlight him a little more. In the end Val isn’t the only one doing some investigating, Kade has some secrets up his sleeve too.Overall I really enjoyed the different take on the vampire world, using vampire royalty and human politics that create a bit of a strain for both sides. The characters are very entertaining and memorable, plus the romance is off the charts! There is also a lot of humor, which I love in paranormal romances, I love when a story can make me smile. In the end I look forward to continuing this series and hope to catch up not only with Val and Kade but the secondary characters as well.RECOMMENDATION:This is an adult paranormal romance with sexual content that is more suited for a mature audience. Fans of Molly Harpers Half Moon Hollow series and Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series will enjoy Bad Moth by Angela McCallister.

  • Ann
    2018-12-13 05:46

    In a new take on a popular legend, McCallister takes us on a thrilling fan-yourself ride into the not so secret world of human to vampire transformations. Set in urban Seattle, we meet the ferociously bull headed Valerie Craig - who has made it her life mission to stop transformations with extreme prejudice. From a dark underground of uneasy politics, sex and blood - a body count starts rising making it seem like Valerie has all the proof she needs to shut down vampires for good....that is until she meets one that turns her whole world upside down.The character of Valerie (Val) is (to be blunt) a glorified pencil pusher for the VLO (Vampire Liaison Organization - I'm guessing here because I don't think it ever fully states what it is). Her character is a bit insular and scarred - especially in regards to men. Her ex husband Will plays a pivotal role in this - his obsession with Vampires is what ultimately drives a wedge between them and puts her a very narrow minded political rampage against vampires. Her character wasn't particularly deep or worldly, but I think that's part of the beauty of sticking this young innocent but spunky girl into the mix with a very foul mouthed ancient vampire prince... Kade Rollins is your typical want for nothing Vampire royalty. He's got that gruff sandpaper attitude with a swear word coming out of his mouth a mile a minute. He's used to getting what he wants, when he wants it and you'll do it with a smile, on your knees and a 'yes sir'! But when he meets Val who butts heads with him and challenges him at every turn - his own hate for humans gets a little blurred. While Kade may follow the classic bad boy who you'll love to hate and hate to love recipe, he had a really surprising and intense backstory with a hidden agenda that made him much more than just another pretty face. The secondary characters for me took the cake. Especially Ezra, who was charming, funny and intriguing all at once. I'd seriously like to get to know him a bit more intimately... I had just finished watching the last season of Spartacus (the Starz tv series), so when terms like Dominus and Domina started popping up I got REALLY excited. McCallister uses a very Roman-esque caste system to structure her vampire world and I LOVED it. You get that old world feeling of aristocracy and pomp, which fits in perfectly with the vampires we meet.I will admit that there's a bit of a case of insta-love here (everything happens in about a week). But it starts with an intense physical attraction that's often hard to deny (even in reality), and Val and Kade's interactions do show a lot of potential for the future. Bad Mouth has elements of a CSI murder mystery crossed with True Blood vampire/human politics. Fans of these will definitely love Bad Mouth. Plus at 240 pages, filled to the brim with violence, blood and panty ripping action it's hard not to be entertained.

  • Jessica
    2018-12-08 09:42

    To say that I enjoyed following Valerie and Kade through this story doesn't even begin to cover it. I believe it's more accurate to say that I utterly devoured every single page of this book. What really impressed me was the solid plot that Angela McCallister builds in Bad Mouth. We are introduced to a world where vampires and humans live in close quarters. Rules and consequences on each side are all that keep war from breaking out. The hierarchy and background of this vampire race was very well done, and I ate it up.Enter Valerie Craig, a human who believes in justice and truth. She is firm in her belief that all vampires are loathsome. That is, until she meets Kade Rollins and things change. As they should, because Kade is the perfect mix of sex appeal and male dominance. Looking for a male lead who makes you want to smack him and kiss him breathless in equal measures? Welcome to your story.Which is why the chemistry between Val and Kade is so electric. The moment these two are in the same room, sparks fly. Watching them try to figure out how to get around their deep seeded misconceptions was sweet without being campy. It's not surprise that they don't hit it off right away, but when they do watch out! The sex scenes in this book are delicious and, in my opinion, perfectly written for these characters. Caution: the pages may sizzle a bit.The one thing that was a miss for me was Val's character. Despite McCallister trying to give her a tough girl persona, she really comes across as a wilting flower. I don't hate her for it, especially because Kade is such an alpha male. I just wished I was able to learn more about her. That being said, I'd absolutely follow these characters into another book. Yup, I'm that hooked!So if you're a fan of romance, especially the paranormal sort, with swoon-worthy (and slightly bad-mouthed) male leads, this is a book for you. Pick up a copy of Bad Mouth and prepare to do some blushing.

  • Casey
    2018-12-15 03:55

    Review originally posted at Ramblings From This ChickWhen it comes to paranormal and vampires, it seems as though we've pretty much seen it all at this point. This book was different though. McCallister has created a wonderful new world where vampires live in a dual caste system led by a king and queen. Vampires live side by side with humans, with the humans even being able to put in applications to be turned. Not only did the author do a great job of creating a fascinating world, but the characters were well developed and interesting! This could easily be a series that would be on my must read list.At first glance, Kade is as bad as they come. With his cocky attitude and vicious tendencies, Valerie is immediately wary of him. Although not long after they meet Kade proves that there is more to him meets the eye. He is sexy and caring, despite his hatred of humans and the chemistry between the two of them is instant! Kade has had a tortured past and never expects that he could ever fall in love, especially with a human. After her ex-husbands obsession with vampires, Valerie has developed a strong dislike of them. When a string of murders threatens to cause a war between the humans and vampires, Valerie and Kade must team up to get to the bottom of things. As they begin working together, there are a lot of twists and turns as characters are set up and neither of them know who they can trust.Overall, I really enjoyed reading this one and I hope that McCallister writes more books about this world. Some of my favorite parts of Bad Mouth were when Kade and his friends were interacting, so I would love to see more of them and their stories in the future. If you are looking for a hot paranormal book with action and tons of chemistry, I would highly recommend that you pick this one up!**ARC Provided By Publisher**

  • Ali
    2018-11-24 06:43

    I am such a huge fan of anything vampire. But, if I am being honest, it's been done. A lot. So, when I enter in to a new vampire book I look for something, anything, new and fresh. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with Bad Mouth.First off, McCallister has created a nice twist on vampire politics. Their class system and hierarchy was interesting, exciting and not something I recognize from any other fangy lore I've read.Second, Kade...whoa man. Often, old (think centuries here) vampires are portrayed as stuffy, stiff, old get my drift. Kade is none of those things. Not even remotely. The things that come out of his mouth are crude, rash and scorching hot. Kade is an all out alpha male with a panty dropping dirty mouth. And for that, McCallister, I thank you.The story is a romantic murder mystery and had me guessing, I had a couple of ideas as to where it might be going but was 100% right on. Which I found so refreshing for a quickie romantic read. Bad Mouth does not fall into the trap of cookie cutter plots that so many other romances do.There are quite a few characters introduced but McCallister does a good job and giving the reader a feel for who everyone is and so many are deserving of more attention and I really hope there are future plans for that. Val is a wonderful heroine with a strong sense of right and wrong but is open minded enough to see where she is flawed. Loved her!The romance moves pretty quickly, all in all the book only spans about a weeks time and Kade and Val go from zero to sixty in a matter of days. A little fast for my normal taste but who am I to question the feelings of a very very old vampire who's never known love?To sum it up, Bad Mouth is a fun, fast paced, sizzling read and I whole-heartedly look forward to reading more from Angela McCallister in the future.

  • Andrea
    2018-11-27 10:45

    The title Bad Mouth evokes the impression of profanity and this book does have some. But, I really liked the profanity because it was not overdone and it made it feel like real conversations between adults instead of adults who talk like junior high students while attending school.I give this book a solid 3.5 to 3.75 star rating. The only thing holding me back from giving this book 4 full stars is that I would have liked more description and explanation of the Dominium vs. Legion vs. Immortalis caste of the vampires. I did not personally feel this part was fleshed out enough for the reader. I have some idea of the workings of the castes, but didn't gain much of that knowledge until the last 20% of the book. I think the issue was more the author hitting a page/word limit and not due to a fully envisioned vampire world in which this story take place. That being said, I really enjoyed the characters: Kade, Val, Ezra, Ptolomy, Alice, Gun, Luc, Killian, and more (so many great characters). Angela McCallister did a fabulous job with the characters. The overall story is of killings going on that Kade is sure humans are perpetrating and Val is equally sure vampires are at fault. Where it leads the characters to is engaging. Kade and Val's budding relationship adds the element of romance to the mystery. This book is well worth a read for those who enjoy paranormal romance.

  • Marcia
    2018-12-15 09:49

    If you are still loving the fictional Vamp Life I think you will enjoy Angela McCallister Bad Mouth vampire Kade. He is the heir to the throne unbeknownst to human and human activist Valarie. She does not trust vampires and to have to accept Kades help to save humans has her bull$%it meter running high. Fortunately for her there is more to Kade than his bad mouth, nonchalant human hater persona. Luckily Valarie gets to know Kade on a level no one does and the two fall for each other all while fighting human turned vampire exs, scheming vampire mothers and best friends turned frenemies.In Bad Mouth we are treated to a world were vampires are the norm and instead of Republicans versus Democrats it is Vampires versus Humans. They have their own unique rules and just because you are a vampire does not mean you are going to be gorgeous, you are as you turn. A lot of the issues Kade and Valarie encounter are due to cultural differences which are what makes this such a realistic read. High on reality, low on fantastical stunts although they are in there (just a little, it is a vampire paranormal romance people, stunts are required).

  • Barbara Longley
    2018-12-06 02:31

    Kade is one tortured, foul mouthed, sexy vampire prince, and he has more reasons than he can count to hold onto numerous grudged against humans, or so he believes. Val, who works for a government agency that monitors and regulates human/vampire affairs, has her own reasons for prejudice against vampires. When Kade and Val are forced to work together to solve a number of murders involving vampires and humans, sparks fly and each must confront their own misconceptions regarding the other's race. I found the plot original with enough twists and turns to keep me invested. The heat between Kade and Val was great, and once they met, I couldn't put the book down. The author did a great job with world building, including some very new and original takes on vampirism. It's a book I recommend.

  • Rachael Slate
    2018-12-18 03:47

    Fantastic vampire world-building with a truly alpha male whose BAD MOUTH will curl your toes. I loved everything about the hero, Kade, including his dark past. He's perfectly tortured, but it's the heroine's--Val's--acceptance of his violent nature that made this couple absolutely perfect for each other. Kade might say the wrong thing at times, but I never found his crudeness unlikable, in fact, I loved his dry, witty sense of humour. Even better was the way Val gave it back to him, every time. BAD MOUTH is a great read and I can't wait for the next in the series.

  • Debi
    2018-12-05 09:48

    Love Vampires? Bad Mouth is a fun and sexy spin on vampire lore. Kade is a human hating vampire with an eternal potty mouth. He is assigned to work with human liaisons to solve murders. Valerie Craig is a bad candidate as a human liaison to vampires since she is trying to stop humans being turned. Sparks fly as they try to keep vampires and humans from war. Crude wit and sex, so if that's not your style...nice HEA. A fun read!

  • Maria
    2018-12-07 05:48

    What an excellent vampire/romance novel. I love a good vampire story, but this one was brilliant, it has great liners, great characters and story line. Apart from Kade, the sexy vampire, you also had Ezra and his constant smile. Kade and Val made a great couple, which added to the steamy sex scenes.An excellent and highly recommended read for all fans of vampire/romance.

  • L Bongiorno
    2018-11-23 06:57


  • Kelly *that's me*
    2018-11-19 09:55

    I loved this book. I can't wait to read more from this author.