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A jovem debutante não sabia ao certo qual era o homem dos seus sonhos…Ferido enquanto lutava contra os piratas, Greville Anders voltou para Inglaterra com pouco interesse em recuperar o seu lugar na alta sociedade londrina. Já não se vestia nem se comportava de maneira adequada para um cavalheiro da sua posição.E isso desconcertava ainda mais a jovem debutante Amanda NevilA jovem debutante não sabia ao certo qual era o homem dos seus sonhos…Ferido enquanto lutava contra os piratas, Greville Anders voltou para Inglaterra com pouco interesse em recuperar o seu lugar na alta sociedade londrina. Já não se vestia nem se comportava de maneira adequada para um cavalheiro da sua posição.E isso desconcertava ainda mais a jovem debutante Amanda Neville, que não entendia como podia sentir-se atraída por um homem que se afastava tanto do que procurava no seu futuro esposo.Fora o último desejo da sua defunta mãe que a sua filha tivesse uma boa entrada na alta sociedade, brilhasse entre as outras jovens e conseguisse casar-se com um lorde, mas Amanda tinha cada vez menos a certeza de que esse também fosse o seu sonho....

Title : Um cavaleiro de reputação duvidosa
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ISBN : 17852666
Format Type : Paperback
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Um cavaleiro de reputação duvidosa Reviews

  • Gail
    2019-05-12 11:38

    The hero was illegally impressed onto a Navy ship as a regular seaman (It was apparently illegal to impress a gentleman, but "regular" men were fair game.) and forced to serve for several months. The experience has changed his life--given him a respect for the "lower classes," and for hard work. He's also been injured, and now that his relations have found him, they've arranged for him to recuperate at the country home of a gentleman. He's in pretty bad shape when he arrives, so the heroine is pretty snooty to him at first. She's been dreaming of marriage to a powerful, political man, so she can help shape society, a la the late Duchess of Devonshire. It's what her mother wanted for her, before she passed away a year or so ago, and the heroine is determined to fulfill her mother's dreams, even if she's attracted to--and likes--this young man. This was a good read, with some nice "fulfill your own dreams, not those of others" and some "what do I really want" things. I liked it.

  • Virginia Campbell
    2019-04-30 13:33

    "Society's Most Disreputable Gentleman" is a most charismatic gentleman indeed! Julia Justiss has created a charming character study of Greville Anders, the only son of a nobleman's younger son. Without a title, and a clear ambition, Greville lives a life of seemingly carefree debauchery. After serving a minor role in the battle of Waterloo, Greville returns home and is made the manager of one of his titled cousin's minor estates. Willingly turning over the management duties to one of his associates, Greville resumes his life of partaking in pleasurable pursuits. When he discovers that the man has been embezzling from the estate, Greville confronts him only to be knocked unconscious, kidnapped, and pressed into serving on a man-of-war. After being seriously injured in battle, Greville is returned to England and given lodging for his recovery at the estate of Lord Bronning. The Lord's beautiful daughter, Amanda, is not impressed by her first sight of Greville in his tattered and stained traveling clothes. However, seeing him after he has rested and obtained more suitable attire, Amanda realizes that is quite a handsome gentleman. He is also a gentle man, with a sly wit and a disarming sensuality. Amanda, who has put off her Season more than once due to family concerns, is just about to depart for London. She has never met a man like Greville, and he sets her mind awhirl and places her thoughts for her future in disarray. She was born to be the wife of a titled man of wealth, and Greville has neither of those things. Their attraction to each other continues to grow, and for the first time in his life, Greville finds himself in love. Amanda is equally smitten, and she is torn between her duty as a Lord's daughter and the desires of her heart. Circumstances dictate that she indeed finally will have her Season, and Greville remains at her father's estate while Amanda journeys to London. Due to the poor health of Amanda's father, Greville steps in to help manage the estate and discovers that not only is he capable of the task, he finds it to be quite pleasant and rewarding. On the other hand, while Amanda finds much to enjoy in London, she ultimately decides to return to her home without accepting a marriage proposal. There is only one man who holds the key to her heart, and that is her "disreputable gentleman". You will enjoy the personal growth of these two characters as they learn much about themselves while they struggle to find their place in the world. They bring out the best in each other, and you will root for them to have their "happily ever after".

  • Cat
    2019-05-03 16:19


  • Geovanna Maya
    2019-05-12 10:21

    (2.5)Con esta historia tarde demasiado porque me resulto tediosa la forma en que la autora escribe, entre más seguía leyendo me resultó pesado y poco entretenido. Si bien, el romance no me pareció la gran cosa, quizá porque Amanda no causo una buena impresión en mi ya que no la saque de quejica y de que no quería tener serca al protagonista pero era la primera en ir y buscarlo, simplemente esa contradicción me fastidiaba junto con su actitud. Por otro lado, Greville, era un personaje normal que no me resulto atractivo en la parte de su actitud, solo veía aun hombre que perseguía a alguien que le decía que se alejara de ella pero que lo buscaba para pedir.Simplemente no fue mi gusto, ya por los últimos capítulos la cosa no perecía tan mala, el drama que pudo ser mejor empezaba rápido de la forma en que acababa, no encontré muros entre el romance que valiera la pena, solo las fantasías de Amanda.El final tampoco me impresiono pues ya no esperaba nada bueno, pero al menos no término tan mal como estaba esperando.No se si lo recomiendo, aunque es un libro pequeño tarde demasiado en ligarme un poco en la novela,, si tuviera que decir lo que me gusto... fueron cosas mínimas y que al fin lo terminara; pero si llegan a leerlo que lo discuten mas de no que lo hice.

  • Dancer
    2019-05-05 15:22

    IS ONE NIGHT WITH AN INFAMOUS RAKE WORTH THE RISK? Wounded in action courageously fighting pirates, the notorious Greville Anders returns to society with neither the dress nor the conduct considered proper for a gentleman. Even more scandalous is the fact that well-brought-up debutante Amanda Neville finds this rogue irresistibly tempting… It was her mama’s last wish that her beautiful daughter should have a glittering London Season, shine on society’s stage and marry a lord… But now Amanda’s greatest desire is just one more secret rendezvous – with the most disreputable man in town!I am a BIG Julia Justiss fan, but this story was far from her best. The beginning was confusing when Greville is returned from the ship. The history of impressing individuals is not so widely known, and I simply thought the presentation was not clear to those who were not history buffs. Greville is a compelling Alpha male, but his taking a backward step to permit Amanda her freedom is a very feminine idea, but not a very practical story point.

  • Jennifer Lavoie
    2019-05-10 15:30

    Obviously I knew it would work out well given the category, but I still liked the book. It was a fast, simple read that kept me engaged for a few hours without having to worry about work. I enjoyed the depth of the characters and the way they interacted with each other. Some of the characters were annoying, and I felt like a few of the conflicts had no resolution. I don't remember reading anything about Black John after he takes Amanda captive and then leaves her. Do they catch him? And what about George? I know he goes back to school to resume studies, but does he truly clean up his ways? And who exactly was that farmer that tried to save Amanda before Greville came to rescue her? These questions answered would have made the book much more intriguing.

  • Shirley Cochran
    2019-05-16 10:26

    The characters had me at first glance. Greville Anders, the most disreputable gentlemen of the title had me as he got out of the coach at Ashton Grove although Amanda Neville took me a little longer to warm up to—forgetting the way young ladies of that age were brought up and the class differences. Of course, in little time, I took to rooting for Greville to overcome Amanda’s idea of what she should do and convince her to do what she wanted to do. I often am glad I was not born of that time with its restrictions on young ladies depending upon their status! Wonderful story with supporting characters who were real and endearing.

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-20 18:28

    Very, very enjoyable book! :D Amanda Neville is a country bred lady set to finally have her first Season when her father agrees to house Greville Anders--a gentleman illegally impressed into the Navy and wounded in battle--during his recuperation. What follows is a charming tale of two people who each think they want one thing, only to realize that their desires had changed.I love the way that both characters show great emotional growth during the course of the book,and both were immensely likeable.This book is apparently the fifth in a series, but it stands alone just fine.I'm definitely interested in checking out some of the other titles in this series.

  • Regina
    2019-05-08 17:21

    Rather unique in that our hero was an impressed seaman and, although possessed of connections, untitled. It was interesting to witness Greville's character growth and his desire to amend past wrongdoings. However, the story really doesn't take off until at least halfway through when Amanda goes to London for her season. It was also nice to revisit prior characters. A decent read but not very exciting. 3.2 stars.

  • Brittany
    2019-05-20 18:26

    I have fallen in love with this series and just can't seem to stop myself from reading them. However, I just did not love this book. It was a slow read for me. There was nothing that really pulled me in.

  • Carla Faleiro
    2019-04-28 18:18

    Não há grande coisa a dizer dos livros Harlequin... As estórias são semelhantes, personagens tipo para praticamente todos os livros.Estes romances servem para uma pausa entre livros sérios.De notar que neste livro não notei os tipicos erros a que já me habituei nos livros Harlequin.

  • Gloria75
    2019-05-09 16:38

    Una mezza delusione!

  • Cynthia
    2019-05-13 10:36

    I read to Chapter Four. DNF. Not my style of writing. Off to pluck another from the TBR.

  • Moey17
    2019-05-19 17:20

    Though it started slow, ended up really enjoying this! Just a simple and cute love story, with two very like-able protagonists, well worth a snowy morning read.