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Een kritische roman over Indonesië, de Molukken, bewustwording en identiteit tegen een achtergrond van het chaotische Jakarta.Maya’s vreemde dromen beheersen haar nachten. Steeds verschijnt dezelfde vrouw: naamgenote Maia. De levendige dromen nemen Maia mee op onvergetelijke reizen, en gezeten op de rug van een draak genaamd Kolibrie vliegt ze over bekende en onbekende plaEen kritische roman over Indonesië, de Molukken, bewustwording en identiteit tegen een achtergrond van het chaotische Jakarta.Maya’s vreemde dromen beheersen haar nachten. Steeds verschijnt dezelfde vrouw: naamgenote Maia. De levendige dromen nemen Maia mee op onvergetelijke reizen, en gezeten op de rug van een draak genaamd Kolibrie vliegt ze over bekende en onbekende plaatsen.Door de dromen beseft Maya dat haar perfecte leven maar schijn is. Ze doet afstand van haar leven zoals ze dat kent: ze zegt haar baan op, zet haar verloofde aan de kant en verlaat Jakarta. Ze begint te schrijven over Maia en haar oneindige nachtelijke reizen.Werkelijkheid en fictie dreigen door elkaar te gaan lopen als de nachtelijke Maia tijdens een van Maya’s dromen ook begint te schrijven en schrijft over Maya, die wakker wordt op een perfecte ochtend....

Title : Maia's nachtlied
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Maia's nachtlied Reviews

  • Cari
    2018-12-07 22:14

    If a a book is labeled as "magical realism", you can bet that I will one-click purchase that book in a heartbeat. This type of label is undoubtedly what led to me choosing this title as my Kindle First pick for the month of December. Unfortunately, not even my love of flowery prose, beautiful imagery, and fantastical worlds was able to redeem The Original Dream for me. Call me crazy, but I'm one of those readers who requires that a novel has a silly little thing called a plot and if this book had one, it kept running away from me and hiding under pretty words. I was also very disenchanted by the way the point-of-view kept flipping between first-person (when Maia is awake) and second-person (when she is dreaming). I felt that the dream sequences would have been more effective if the first-person POV had been maintained as it would have been a smoother transition between Maia's conscious and subconscious thoughts/experiences. While I struggled desperately to finish this book, often cursing out loud due to my impatience to be done with it already, I did appreciate some of the truly lovely language used and was occasionally quite mesmerized by the beauty of certain parts of the novel, for example: "But how was I supposed to know that there was disorder lurking behind all that semblance of order? Chaos, creeping, rustling, whispering. Echoing old memories, things forgotten: names, places, events, acts, a book. I didn't know yet that when things are too neat, once they they've reached their highest degree of order, they fall apart."How true is that?☆☆

  • Pit
    2018-12-18 02:25

    Reading Cala Ibi is like experiencing Isra' Miraj. While Muhammad rode Bouraq, Maia flew on a dragon named Cala Ibi, of course. While the Great Prophet was honored to spread the obligation to pray to his followers, Maia had to spread--though in her mind only--the understanding about another soul. Yet, both Maia and Muhammad shared the similarity. Both could be translated freely and implemented in one's life, for one's goodness.All and all, my comment is only this: I was lost in translation, literally, reading the book written in my mother tongue, since it bears various meaning. Strange, but I kinda like it. Lost can be fun! (=

  • Sarah Beaudette
    2018-11-20 23:40

    Will you like it?1. Do you enjoy magical realism? (E.g., One Hundred Years of Solitude) I'm not just referring to magical elements in a realist setting--many genres meet this definition. One specific feature I've noticed is a tendency to digress into long, epic tales of myth and history, either of the main character's family, or the regional mythology. Some readers will love these flowery, romantic and often violent tangents, and others may see them as a distraction from the main story.2. What's your tolerance for a meandering plot? In the case of The Original Dream, "plot" is a very loose concept. The narrative alternates between Maya's real life and her dreams, with her dreams often spanning several consecutive chapters. I often found that the dreams' plots were more straightforward than her real life, much of which is spent in stream-of-consciousness rumination. Maya admits that she has always preferred stories with no beginning and no end, and we can take this as a cue from Amal that we should not expect a neat, traditional plot arc. For most of the book, the writing was so good that I was okay with little plot, but it did wear on me. Amal is such a fantastic writer than whenever she delved into the mundane reality, I loved it and wanted more. A hilarious, evocative conversation between co-workers, a touching bonding scene between Maya and her newborn nephew, a tantalizing hint of forbidden romance. I kept aching for Amal to return to these elements of real story--she could obviously pull off a traditional story if she wanted to. The fact that her preference instead is to lose herself and the reader in layer upon layer of symbolism, philosophy, identity deconstruction, etc, may appeal to some and grate on others.3. How much does the artistry of writing matter to you? I can't finish a book if I'm not captivated by the language, if I don't admire it and recall it later in the day, when I'm at the supermarket or dealing with a screaming toddler. This book does that for me--Amal's language shattered some glass pane in my head, and overwhelmed me with a tidal wash of imagery I'd never experienced before. For me, this saved the book. If language isn't extremely important to you, and plot is, I wouldn't recommend it. I look forward to reading more of Amal--hopefully she veers a little toward Rushdie, or one of the magical realists who manage to layer myriad plots in along with the psychedelic magical journeys.Here's one of my many favorite swatches of writing. It's also an example of how Amal can belabor a single idea in a way that some will love and some will hate:"Have you ever felt, O Maia, that in truth you are a merry-go-round horse, an irritating bandage on your finger that won't come off, a clown seeking a circus, a point not yet on the line, a baby chick who thinks it's a baby duck, last night's coffee, a drug-flavored donut, a corpse on a condolence call, a glass about to break, a fish in an aquarium, a Neanderthal? A spore-partying poisonous mushroom? Veiled, dreamless, edgeless, dream of a woman."

  • lazycalm
    2018-12-14 19:15

    What would you do if you find a book about a girl who writes about her dreams about a girl who writes her dreams about a girl who writes her dreams about a girl who…? Well, I took The Beatles’s advice (Turn off your mind relax and float down stream…) and this book became my bible now :p Lalu bapakmu akan berkata, bintang tak pernah secantik tampakannya, tak sedekat yang kita duga. Ia cuma penghias panas malam para pemimpi.Tapi aku mau terbang. Aku mau menyentuh bintang. Jika ujung jariku melepuh, akan kubelah lima. Dan pulang dengan sepasang tangan berjari lima puluh. (Then your father will say, stars never as beautiful as they seem, not as near as we think. They are just the adornments of the dreamers’ warm nights.But I want to fly. I want to touch the stars. If the tips of my fingers blister, I’ll cut each of them into five. And I’ll go home with a pair of hands that has fifty fingers.)[sorry for the shitty translation :p]

  • Calzean
    2018-11-20 21:39

    I am afraid I just did not get this one. It mixed dreams with reality, fact with interpretations, in a very surreal narrative which I could not follow.

  • Laura
    2018-11-25 00:19

    I made it 20% into this book and bailed out. The prose is lovely, but I just don't "get" this book. I have a feeling that the magical realism would make more sense to someone with an Eastern mindset instead of my very Western mindset.

  • Miranda
    2018-12-19 22:21

    Reading this book was like exploring imagery from things half-remembered and from my own dreams. If you're looking for traditional fantasy, this is not it. If you want to relax into words and images, this is closer to that.

  • htanzil
    2018-11-28 21:25

    Walau aku gak terlalu memahami apa isi novel ini, namun aku menikmati banget waktu baca novel inikalimat2nya membuai, indah, metafora2nya ajaib dan tak terduga.

  • Muhajjah Saratini
    2018-11-26 01:16

    Sebab bisikan lebih menggoda lebih menjamah lebih menggugah daripada teriakan. Sebab bisikan selalu jatuh lembut di telinga, tak seperti teriak yang menghantam pekak.--Cala IbiBuku ini berisi kombinasi padatnya pesan dan cara bercerita yang di luar kebiasaan. Mungkin saya bersepakat dengan salah satu komentar tentang buku ini disampaikan oleh Nirwan Dewanto: “hanya pembaca yang mau memperbaharui cara bacanya yang bisa menikmati permainan Nukila.”Dan sayangnya saya belum termasuk. *tidaaak...dak...dak...dakkk *efek echoSaya tidak bisa menikmati cara Nukila Amal bercerita. Meskipun, saya menyadari bahwa hal yang dilakukannya dalam memilih gaya bercerita untuk mendukung pesan yang ingin disampaikan. Saya mengerti--bukan paham, tapi belum bisa menikmati. Review lengkap menyusul buat posting bareng #BBILagiBaca

  • Asri Wuni
    2018-12-16 00:15

    Ini buku tentang pemaknaan. Pemaknaan tentang hidup, pemaknaan tentang imaji, pemaknaan tentang diksi-diksi yang bermain, pemaknaan lain-lain hingga pemaknaan tentang memaknai itu sendiri. Lewat mimpi yang dituntun oleh pria naga bernama Cala Ibi terbang tinggi hingga terjerumus di hutan rimba yang berisi makhluk-makhluk gaib. Buku ini tidak direkomendasikan bagi para kutu buku yang membaca buku seolah kejar setoran, hajar satu minggu misalnya. Pasalnya, subhanaloh selalu ada kelana metafor di setiap paragrafnya yang bikin dahi berkerut dan kadang buat saya membaca ulang. Tapi boleh dicoba bagi para galauers yang ingin mengisi kegalauannya dengan buku ini. Sesekali boleh lah menemani kegalauan dengan imaji-imaji tak berbatas. Tapi hati-hati terbawa mimpi.

  • Sue
    2018-12-05 02:33

    Another Kindle First book that stunk! Some kind of plot would have been nice.

  • Heather
    2018-12-07 21:38

    The Original Dream by Nukila Amal, translated by Linda Owens The writing was beautiful but I lost the overall point of the story. It never felt like I found the revelation it was adding up to which left me with a feeling of disappointment after a promising ride.Along the way, the book was quite pleasant to read. The author changed from the third person point of view in the chapters about Maya's life and second person point of view in the chapters that are in her dreams, leaving a clear distinction between them and alleviating the reader from any sort of confusion about whether you were in reality. I really liked the way she did that because though it should eventually have been made obvious by events and characters that are only in one or the other, the style choice made it easier on me.Her life and her dreams were both interesting and fun to read about. Maya's dreams included parts of her real life but also distortions of it, delusions and sense sometimes in a single scene. Each scene was written in a way that propelled the plot forward, challenging Maia in the dream or Maya in real life to see things differently, or at least contemplate the differences.The writing is gorgeous and this book had one of my favorite openings ever.My father is a moon orchid, white, from the jungle. My mother is a red rose in the garden, near the fence. They met one morning in the port. Gave birth to me. Pink baby frangipani. A funerary flower.Isn't that just gorgeous? I  get how it's also kind of nonsense, but it sets up a certain expectation of how the story will be told. The first chapter goes on this way, metaphorically talking about her parents and ancestors and there's a place where she goes through a photo album that is written in this romanticized way that just pulls at me. It was such a strong beginning. I had felt like it was all adding up to some revelation of who Maya or Maia was or what her place in the world was and then I felt like it just fizzled away in the last chapter. I did't get it.That said, don't let it or the rating distract from trying the book out alone. It was only that the end doesn't make the plot clear but some stories just beautifully meander around and it's still nice to read. I would definitely read this again over several classics I was forced to read throughout college. I would read it before Dickens, for sure.

  • Edy
    2018-11-28 23:39

    Buku novel yang berisi refleksi dan kontemplasi hidup tentang nama, cinta, kelahiran, ibu kota, kampong halaman, dll… Membaca buku ini bagaikan membaca buku Kahlil Gibran dimana kata-katanya penuh metafora, penuh makna, penuh imaji dan interpretasi…. Di sinilah kelebihan novel ini, karena kata-katanya yang padat…. Meski untuk itu terkadang kita dipaksa untuk mengerinyitkan dahi untuk bisa lebih memahami, atau dipaksa untuk mengulang kata agar bisa menangkap makna…..

  • nanto
    2018-11-30 01:35

    dikasih tahu teman ceting tahun 2003kalimatnya tidak biasasebagian lokasi ceritanya di Maluku sana.akhirnya beli juga,meski bacanya bertahun sesudahnyaSaban dibaca,ini cerita kok beda-beda artinyalebih sibuk menggarisi banyak ungkapan unikloh ini novel tho!bukan textbook buat ujianjadi ingat sebuah ungkapan"A poem is utterance"maka"Cala Ibi is many utterances"

  • Stephany
    2018-11-24 19:35

    Could not figure out what was going onI agree with the other reviewers. I'mSorry I wasted my December kindle pick on this book. This does very much seem like stream of consciousness rambling with no real plot. Very disappointed.

  • Isti Bani
    2018-11-19 18:35

    nggak saya rekomendasi kalau buku ini dibaca ketika dihimpit tenggat waktu. dia (cala ibi) akan membawamu jalan terlalu jauh untuk kembali fokus ke realita. baiknya dibaca ketika putus cinta aja. biar kalau pusing, ada temen.

  • Berliana Pasaribu
    2018-11-21 19:42

    bukunya sedikit berat, tetapi sangat menarik untuk dibaca. kadang berada didunia nyata sebentar di dunia imaginasi. Top deh imaginasi sang penulis.

  • Sarah
    2018-11-19 19:17

    The prose is beautiful but I just didn't become engaged with the story, very difficult to finish

  • gieb
    2018-11-28 18:26

    suka saja dengan buku ini. sempet ketemu dengan penulisnya dan ngobrol panjang lebar.

  • AyaCanina
    2018-12-17 23:23

    Penulis: Nukila AmalPenerbit: Gramedia Pustaka UtamaTapi aku mau terbang. Aku mau menyentuh bintang. Jika ujung jariku melepuh, akan kubelah lima. Dan pulang dengan sepasang tangan berjari lima puluh."Cala Ibi. Sebuah novel yang saya sendiri tak percaya mampu menyelesaikannya, jelas dengan peluh dan dendam yang membekas. Rasanya ingin saya tampar buku ini, sebab jalinan diksinya begitu indah. Ada 24 bab dan semuanya dikisahkan dengan gaya tak biasa. Efek sampingnya bisa pusing, tak mau lagi meraba cerita berikutnya, atau itu tadi, dendam. Sebab seperti hutan belantara, membaca Cala Ibi menjadikanmu tersesat tak terperi tak punya ujung. Indah dan menakutkan.Di pertengahan bab, rasanya saya ingin cepat-cepat menyeberangi kata-kata yang membuncah, mencari jalan pintas dengan membaca sekenanya supaya lekas sampai di bab terakhir. Tapi tak bisa! Setiap paragraf begitu membuat mata saya terkesima. Sehingga mau tak mau saya terbawa ritme: pelan, berjalan, tergesa, berjalan cepat, berlari, berhenti, berlari zig zag, pelan, lalu kembali lagi berjalan.Namun, di samping itu, saya membaca maksud tertentu yang ingin disampaikan Nukila Amal, yang mungkin akan berbeda dengan pemaknaan pembaca lain, yaitu perihal rumah. Tentang bagaimana seorang Maya menjalani liku sebagai seorang anak kelahiran timur Indonesia dan merantau ke Ibukota. Terjerat dan mencoba merajut mimpi-mimpi tentang dirinya sendiri. Banyak kilas balik dan makna tersirat yang bisa ditemukan dari bapaknya, ibunya, kakaknya, keponakannya, dan calon suaminya.Kamu mungkin letih beberapa kali, tapi saya jamin kamu tak tega untuk tak melanjutkan kisah ini dari tepi hingga ujung.3/5. Jujur saja, rasanya saya harus membaca ulang untuk sampai pada pemahaman yang mendekati utuh, tapi bahkan, apakah sebagai pembaca Cala Ibi diperlukan pemahaman yang utuh? dan lagi, saya tidak tahu apa saya cukup tangguh untuk kembali bersanggama dengan tiap halamannya.

  • Anita
    2018-11-27 23:16

    I read this book to fulfill the goal read a story within a story. this book was amazing. it was like a poem. a waterfall of words. the story line is better felt than read. once you realize there are two stories going on. one when she is awake and one when she is asleep it becomes clearer. this book touched my emotions on so many levels. it felt like a long soak, the earth right after a rain shower, and birthday cake all in one. it made no sense but it spoke to me. i loved it.

  • Beth Robinson
    2018-12-08 00:14

    I consider this book as more a collection of interrelated poems (that happen to be visually depicted as prose) than a novel. There isn't really a plot, although there is some attempt to make this a story about finding yourself and growing up as a full adult (vs one who just happens to be working after college). I could not tell if certain more prose-like parts were supposed to have come before others or not or even if the non-magical bits were all supposed to be in the same reality. But it had beautiful language and thoughtful sections and I do not regret my time with it.

  • Conor Flaherty
    2018-11-28 00:23

    I normally give books plenty of time before giving up on them, but here, I could only make it to chapter 4 before I drowned in over-the-top metaphors.If I set out to write a parody of high-brow literature, of the kind of inaccessible Booker winners that make reading seem snobby, this book would be the result.

  • Tequila
    2018-11-24 02:41

    This is an extremely beautiful book. It's not the easiest book and sometimes is difficult to follow. I found myself swept up in the vibrant and vivid picture the author paints with her words. I coud literally picture these images as I read and I loved that. I feel like this book is well worth the read.

  • Duckie
    2018-12-06 22:35

    This book was written beautifully but it was just SO confusing and hard to follow that it took me two weeks to get through. Some of the passages are so meaningful but the plot of the story jumps around too much. I get that it's supposed to jump between the retelling of her dream and reality but it was like it was chopped up and then put back together wrong. I almost didn't finish it.

  • Colleen (Soggywarmpockets)
    2018-11-24 23:31

    Maybe it had something to do with the translation or my unfamiliarity with Indonesian history and culture, but I had a really hard time following this book, and even what I could follow didn't exactly hold my interest enough to keep me wanting to read. Someone else might love it, but it really wasn't my cup of tea.

  • Melissa June Malone
    2018-12-05 00:22

    InterpretiveThis is a good book if you are less into the story line and more into interpretation. I prefer a story over metaphorical jargon but if you prefer the opposite then this book is for you.

  • Emily
    2018-12-14 01:35

    I really wanted to like this book. It is written beautifully but I had no idea what was going on.

  • Rosie
    2018-11-21 21:17

    Very different story - dreams which reminded me of Dicken's Christmas Carol - ghosts of future, etc; and current life in Jakarta. Slightly religious. Interesting.I recommend this book.

  • Brianna Shade
    2018-12-06 22:25

    It's beautifully written, but I just couldn't finish it. There isn't any real plot, and I want something a bit more entertaining in the books for which I set aside time to read.