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Emily Wilde has led a privileged life. Now, she's determined to succeed on her own. Marco Santini has worked his way up from poverty to great wealth. He's not interested in permanent relationships. She's not interested in being a man's pampered mistress. Becoming Marco's assistant seems to suit them both... until one night in Paris, when the passion smoldering between themEmily Wilde has led a privileged life. Now, she's determined to succeed on her own. Marco Santini has worked his way up from poverty to great wealth. He's not interested in permanent relationships. She's not interested in being a man's pampered mistress. Becoming Marco's assistant seems to suit them both... until one night in Paris, when the passion smoldering between them turns to flame....

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Emily: Sex & Sensibility Reviews

  • Sandra Marton
    2019-06-05 04:04

    Well, I love the book... but then, I wrote it!

  • Saly
    2019-06-20 10:07

    Rating 3.5 starsSM is I know what I am getting fix, the heroine melting seeing the hero, their living in a cocoon, a big misunderstanding, the grovelling and I lap it up everytime. The heroine is the youngest Wilde who wants to make it on her own, even if it means doing crappy jobs and struggling for survival. The hero is a self made man and their paths cross when the heroine is drenched by rain, walking alone and fired. There were moments when the heroine's pride annoyed me and the book was a walking sexual harassment suit waiting to happen but I just went with it. She becomes his PA but they still make out 'coz they can't seem to help each other, such a typical SM chemistry

  • Diana Tan
    2019-05-30 10:53

    An unforgettable love story!!!After waiting for the Wilde sisters' books for some time now, I am happy to say that Emily's story started the Wilde sisters' series with a bang! I love how Marco's & Emily's relationship developed. It's so nice to see Marco as the ultimate protector & provider for Emily. He couldn't help but "spoil" her. I am definitely looking forward to Jamie's & Lissa's books.

  • Sophia
    2019-06-17 05:09

    I was given the opportunity to browse through some books that were up for review and the title on this one caught my eye. Interesting 'sex' and 'sensibility' in one woman, promising... So I grabbed it up to try a new to me author and a book that starts a spin-off series about the Wilde Sisters after she had written the trio of books about the Wilde Brothers. I had the audio version of the story of course so that added another dimension to my experience with the book which was mostly good.The story is about the youngest of the wealthy Wildes of Texas and her intrepid, yet naive desires to find who she is as an individual and not just a Wilde. Emily moves away from her family to NYC and sets out to earn her own way even though she has not managed to stick with anything yet. She starts out looking for work at jobs that would be admirable and socially acceptable to her family, but soon learns that if she's not relying on her family name or the family money, then those jobs aren't open to her. When she changes her name to Emily Madison and tries to make it on her own, she ends up sharing a very cheap fourth floor walk-up apartment with a starving actress and earning her rent playing the piano at a bar. One night and one drunk too many, she loses it with a customer and subsequently loses her job. That's when everything changes. When she has hit rock bottom, she encounters the arrogant, assured Italian who can turn all her circumstances around so she enacts a bit of subterfuge and takes him up on his astounding and needed offer. A few lies by omission couldn't hurt, right?Marco Santini is a self-made man and has learned the hard way to let nothing get personal and to form no attachments when it comes to women. His ex-wife taught him that love is not for him and he should stick to the women who are honest and only want him for sex or the things he can get them. But having all the money in the world and a gorgeous date to the mindless events and parties leaves him feeling cold. His day has gone from bad to worse as he learns his PA has quit right before a big European business trip, his car is stolen and his mistress has ruined his evening with her demands and whining. Then his chauffeur notices a woman alone on a less than safe street in the dark drenched by the rain and without a coat. His rescue leads him to do something spontaneous and shocking. Marco offers Emily the position of PA and the promise- as hard as it is to keep- that it will be strictly business between them. It becomes more than that of course and he is amazed to find an honest open woman. How long will he be able to keep to his strictly business rule?The story had a fun premise in that it’s a situation just waiting for the inevitable. I found the story predictable, but I was interested enough to see the details get filled in. Emily lies to everyone around her in her efforts to get a chance at a life that allows her to be herself and make it on her own- yes, I'm well aware that sort of thinking is flawed and naive from the get go. It's Emily who has to learn all this the hard way. She spends most of the story mentally wringing her hands because she has broken through Marco's cold walls and he gives her the gift of the true man behind the hard exterior that all the rest of the world sees. Marco thinks she is honest and she won't even tell him her real name. Marco has been burned badly from his first childhood memories right on through to the ex-wife who pretended to love him to get his money which is what has Emily holding her tongue taking the cowards way out every time she lets an opportunity for the truth slip by. The other aspect is that Emily has been dishonest with her family too. She feels smothered and can't get them to see that she is a grown up now. As a reader, I actually found her insistence that she was grown up laughable as the examples of her flawed thinking, bad choices and petty attitude piled up.See, while on the one hand, I enjoyed Emily's adventures as Marco's PA and her ability to bring Marco to life and love, I was annoyed to heck at her immaturity. I waited the whole book for her to come clean, to understand that her choices brought on all the trouble and that she had changed. I only got one of the three and it wasn't even her doing that the truth came out. Oh sure, she had good intentions of telling Marco, but she put it off every time. She was outed part way and even then she had to get the truth drug out of her. I wasn't impressed so it was hard for me to be into the romance as a result. I didn't feel that Emily and Marco were a good match. He was more mature, seasoned and worldly. She was pouty, naive and still out to prove herself. They were hot together and had some good scenes, I'll grant you. I can only hope that she'll mature now under Marco's influence.The narration was good. Devra had to do female, male, Italian, French, German and Texan voices and accents which she did passably well. Her pace was good and she did both the monologue and dialogue bits so that it sounded natural. She did a wide range of emotions well and didn't distract me from the story so much has enhanced my interest.So, I both enjoyed this story and wanted more from the heroine. There was a good basic plot, sexual tension, tender and passionate scenes. Humor. Family at the holidays. A hero that melted my heart. The audio was one of the strongest elements. I would recommend it for Contemporary Romance lovers who like spicy romance and can have patience with a flawed heroine whose mistakes give the story its tension.My thanks to for the opportunity to review this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Nancy Crocker
    2019-06-10 05:02

    Emily: Sex and Sensibility by Sandra MartonThis is the first Wilde Sisters story but it is the 5th book in the series. Here is the complete list for those new to this series. The Prince of Pleasure, The Dangerous Jacob Wilde The Ruthless Caleb Wilde The Merciless Travis WildeEmily: Sex and SensibilityLook for two more books to this series and they are:Jaimie: Fire and Ice due out in the fall and Lissa: Sugar and Spice next spring.Emily Wilde has been judged all her life by others, not for her talents but because of her family name. Emily comes from a large family consisting of 5 siblings that are all making their way in the world. Growing up a Wilde might open doors but she wants to prove herself to others on her own talents not by her name. So she drops the Wilde and is now known is Emily Madison. She sets off to New York determined to make a living and not depending on others. But she is finding that her strong opinions are not always an asset. She has been fired from more jobs in less than 2 years, than most people are in a lifetime. Upset over her last firing she leaves in the pouring rain, more concerned about being able to pay the rent than her safety or the weather. Enter our Hero to the rescue.Marco Santini has everything a man could ever want, except for a good woman or Personal Assistant. Growing up in the slums of Sicily, he has worked hard to become the man he is today. While he is a hard worker, he also has enough arrogance to toss around by the boat loads. He has tried marriage once and found out his wife really just wanted his money. So when it comes to a woman, well he now prefers a Mistress. It is much easier to cut all ties, when a woman gets to clingy. But are Hero is about to fall and fall hard for our heroine.I loved how these two thought they could make it all business and no pleasure. And when the attraction becomes too much to ignore it makes for some really good reading. There were no problems with chemistry between these two. Emily is just what Marco needs in his life, she is no wallflower and shows she has no problem voicing her opinions. But what will happen when the truth comes out about who Emily really is.We also get to revisit with the rest of the Wilde family from previous books, so you will be able to see a little of what is going on with her siblings. I look forward to the next two books in the series.4.5 /5 Stars

  • Layla Darnell
    2019-06-03 10:47

    Emily Madison Wilde is determined to stand on her own two feet and not depend on her family's status and money. She moves to New York and takes meaningless jobs as she fights for her independence and the chance to prove she can take care of herself.After losing her latest job as a piano player after putting a drunk moron in his place, Emily starts walking home in the poring rain late at night. She's in a bad mood worried about how to pay rent and drops her cell phone in the rain, ugh can things get any worse.Enter Marco Santini who is driving home after having a equally frustrating day. He orders hos driver to stop and ask the lady in the pouring rain if she needs help and to offer her a ride. Emily afraid and determined gives him a hard time and he becomes intrigued with the strong stubborn woman. He gives her a ride and escorts her home then kisses her and walks away. He can't sleep the beautiful woman is consuming his every thought.In need of a piano playing for his opening of a new building he has his HR manager contact Emily for the job. Turns out there's more to Miss Madison then he knows and a undeniable attraction that although the both try to fight refuses to be ignored.I found this an exquisitely written romance with a very strong hero and heroine. Great flow and descriptive emotions that allow you to live through the characters eyes and experience a variety of emotions as they find themselves falling for each other.

  • Angelique
    2019-06-01 02:45

    When Emily sets out to become independent she has no clue what havoc a simple name change can cause...but when she meets the man of her dreams will she be able to tell him who she really is or will her secret destroy what they have?Once you start this book you won't want to put it down! I loved every part! Sandra just has a way of pulling you in and keeping you hooked! I can't wait for the next Wilde book!!!

  • Deb Wilson
    2019-05-22 05:57

    I don't want to give any book a rating so low but in all honesty the only possible surprise was wether Emily would be outed by a friend or a family member. The book was boring at best due to being incredibly predictable and the characters were mediocre and flat.

  • Black Butterfly
    2019-06-19 07:09


  • Mayas
    2019-05-30 06:41

    Sometimes you just to escape the life you know to become the person you want to be. I REALLY enjoyed Emily's story and cannot wait until Jaimie comes out. GREAT job Sandra.

  • Donna Porter
    2019-06-18 10:51

    I read this when it first came out. Like all of your books Sandra I loved it and would recommend it to anyone who like romance stories

  • Kristi Davis
    2019-06-13 08:46

    Freebie I picked up. I just didn't like it. It was good writing, the story was okay, but the things happening were silly and lame and I don't know... I just didn't love it.

  • Denise
    2019-06-13 06:54

    Wow A great romance between Emily And MarcoEmily was doing what she felt was right andI am glad she brought Marco to his knee'swell Sandra cant wait for the next ..

  • Charlie
    2019-05-22 04:43

    I loved this story it had everything that makes a good romance. Boy meets girl, girl rescues girl from swine and tries to help her she hides her identity and has overprotective brothers. Sure there's a misunderstanding isn't there always? so he kicks her to the curb and she runs home but he soon comes chasing after her and fesses up his lurve.

  • Teresa
    2019-05-22 03:57

    This book was just okay. The writing was decent, but I had trouble liking and connecting to the characters. I felt like their chemistry was a bit forced. Not horrible, but not great.

  • Gina
    2019-06-17 03:40

    A great story of prince charming saving the bedraggled, though not really, princess and returning her to her life of luxury

  • Bette Stanek
    2019-05-26 04:51

    I'll give it a 3.5, bumped to 4. I've had this series in my library for awhile now and finally decided to venture into it. This is the first book of the Wilde Sisters Trilogy. It's a spin-off from the Wilde Brothers series and I think there is another series, Wilde Country, connected to these also. They all revolve around four-star general, John Hamilton Wilde, and his children. OK, back to Emily. Emily is the youngest of the Texas Wildes. She's grown up in a very pampered lifestyle, that's what happens when your father is famous and there are generations of famous Wildes. Emily isn't ashamed of her family, far from it. However, she wants to make it on her own. All of her siblings have done it, and done it well. She needs to find out where she fits. So, she left Texas and headed to NYC. Only problem? Her family is as well known there as they are in Texas. What to do? Change your name, of course. Well, at least not use your last name. Does it work? Sort of. She is playing piano. In a bar. In a not-so-reputable part of NYC, but hey, it's a start. Right? Marco is beyond wealthy and he's earned it all on his own. He grew up in Sicily, in the ghetto, with no hope of a future. He scrimped and saved and finally left for the US where he's living the American dream. He's got his own international construction company and nothing but a bright future. Well, except that something is missing. He doesn't even know what it is. He's not interested in a relationship. He's been there, done that, and it ended disastrously. At the opening of the book, Marco is headed home from a charity ball with a woman who is taxing his patience. Emily is a sodden mess from the deluge that has hit the city, and from her storming out of the Tune-In cafe where she is now their ex-piano player. She's trying to catch the bus when a limo passes, splashing water all over her. Jerk!!! Then the jerk stops, backs up, and gets out of the car to convince Emily to let him help her. A fun and quick read. Nothing really out of the ordinary, but not boring, either. The Wildes are a fun, warm, and protective family that you'd really like to know.

  • Emsy Van Wyck
    2019-05-27 07:50

    Sandra Marton's Emily: Sex and Sensibility is a HOT, fun, and moving romance!Luckily for us, USA bestselling author Sandra Marton is publishing the rest of the Wilde Family Saga herself, telling the story of the three Wilde Sisters - whom, I admit, totally grabbed me when I was reading their brother's stories as they were perfect little sisters - nosy, pushy, fun, but truly loving family members. Their resistance to the idea of marriage was established quite clearly, and seemed as strong as the three brothers, Jacob, Caleb, and Travis. I think also having three older brothers, who not only were super hunks, but, I'll kindly say phrase this as players, may have influenced their view of men too.The first story is about the youngest Wilde sister, Emily, and was released last spring. Marton recently changed the book cover to more accurately reflect the sexual heat generated between the two main characters, Emily and Marco in Emily: Sex and Sensibility. And they are really hot! Emily is a character that drew me in from the moment I began reading. The description of the dive bar where she played piano in Manhattan was just spot on and her reaction to the drunk - absolutely hilarious. Once I started this book I couldn't put it down. As I read through it, Marton's words painted such a vivid picture that I was able to visualize each scene in my mind. I loved the wet and bedraggled Emily meeting Marco at 2:00am on the deserted street and both becoming soaked as he tried to convince her to come with him - and his too precious mistress in the limo.Emily's resistance to using her family name was admirable and I found her background in art history and job search all too familiar. When Marco steps in to help her, as the reader you know that they'll be heating up the sheets soon, but the story along the way is what's key. And I loved every minute of it.Fab Fantasy Fiction received an eARC from the author for use in this review.

  • D.A.
    2019-06-06 06:03

    It's hard to be unpredictable in a romance book. Sometimes authors add suspense, murders, mysteries to create a more complex story, but in the end, we all know boy gets girl. So, I'm not sure what readers expect when they pick up a romance book. It wasn't any different for Marco and Emily. They met, they got together, they broke up, and then got together. A few elements can make such stories stand out--the characters. Marco, a multimillionaire owns a successful company, flies all over the world, and needs an administrative assistant to keep him organized. Emily comes from a well-known, wealthy family but struck out on her own to become independent. I liked Marco, overall, the straight-forward, often blunt, Italian businessman was attractive and appealing; however, for someone who seemed jaded by love, he got involved a little too quickly. I suppose I would have liked to see him resist his feelings that surfaced for Emily and perhaps felt more tension or conflict in his storyline. It also seemed likely that he would have kept her as his mistress before making the leap that he did. Instead, once he acknowledged his feelings, he went gangbusters to get her to be with him...all the time, which also seemed a bit clingy. Emily's character, as an intelligent, world traveled, privileged young woman felt somewhat more realistic. She saw in Marco a chance to be loved for her qualities rather than her wallet. His unwillingness to let her finish her sentences or listen to her became a bit of a stretch, and she gave up far too easily when it came to letting him know who she was. In the end, I liked the characters but the plot fell apart for me. I would have liked to give this four stars, but Marco's tenacious attitude bent on keeping her by his side bordered on obsession or perhaps insecure that didn't seem to fit his persona. It's a cute story to read, however. It's just not one I fell head over heels in love with.

  • Kay Walker
    2019-06-19 09:47

    This is the latest in Sandra Marton's Wilde family saga series of books.We have had the 3 drop dead gorgeous brothers in Jacob,Caleb and Travis in their own stories and also a prequel to these in Prince of Pleasure featuring Khan and Laurel.This is the very first sister book featuring the youngest of the Wilde girls, Emily.The other two sisters have their own books coming out later this year and early next year."Emily" is about the youngest of the 3 sisters and her desire to forge her own way in life without the help and dependence on her family and the family name.She heads to New York using her middle name of Madison as her surname,dropping her real surname of Wilde in order for her to live the life she wants on her own terms and in her own way.She goes from one job to another and runs into the most delectable man on the planet in Marco Santini , a man who came from a poor background before he made it "big".Emily begins working for Marco but they also start a relationship - oh boy do the pages hot up here!!!!The relationship between the two of them is great ,Emily standing up for herself,calling Marco arrogant but he only wants to spoil her as he believes she comes from a poor background.The story is fast paced but doesnt feel rushed.The pages sizzle with the desire between the two of them.It is a really feel good story,with humour,passion and emotion and yes i had slight lump in my throat reading parts of it.If you have never read any of Sandra marton's books before give this series a go you certainly will not be disappointed.If I could have given it more than 5 stars I would have.Another success for Sandra and I for one cant wait for the other two sister's stories.

  • JoAnne
    2019-05-29 09:45

    I got this book for free on amazon. Emily's family is wealthy but she wants to make it on her own. But when she gets a job at a museum in NYC, the curator thinks she has money so he offers her a salary that she could not live on. So she decides to drop her last name. Emily ends up playing piano at a seamy bar. It is barely enough to live on. But one night a drunk patron argues with her and dumps a beer on her and she gets angry and douses him with the rest of the beer. She gets fired. The owner refuses to gives her the money she is entitled to. She leaves without her coat and her tips. AND it's raining. She looks like a drowned rat!A limo splashes her with water as it drives by. A man, Marco Santini, gets out and offers her a ride. But she is afraid. Eventually she does get a ride and he takes her home and gives her the kiss of a lifetime! The next day he leaves a message on her machine about a job offer to play the piano for one night at a building opening. She goes to his office building and applies for that job. But the HR woman offers her a position as Marco's assistant. He misunderstands and starts kissing Emily when she enters his office. Boy, that is some attraction they have going on. But she really needs a job.They begin a relationship and Marco misunderstands about her past. He thinks she is poor. Everytime she tries to explain he shuts her down. What will happen when he finds out that she is not a poor little waif?I liked this story a lot. The characters were well written. I really felt their chemistry.

  • Heather
    2019-06-13 03:02

    This was a nice weekend read. The typical H&H situations; an obscenely rich handsome man, a beautiful woman who appears to need rescuing and secrets that could ruin it for both of them. Marco is an Italian immigrant who started out life poor and turned his American, adult life into an empire. He is rich beyond belief, but is missing the one thing he won't allow into his life He trusted it once and got burned. Emily started out life rich and privileged due to her father, a General in the Army. She has lived under the scrutiny of the "Wilde" name all of her life and wants nothing more to prove she can make it on her own. She leaves the comforts of her family home to take on the big city of New York as Emily Madison. No one will know her here and she is bound and determined to succeed. Marco and Emily meet by chance one evening as he "saves" her from herself one night. They had instant chemistry and their story takes off from there. Marco surprised me by being so open and honest with her so soon. I figured he would be the hold out due to his past, but Emily was. She of course has her reasons, but she frustrated me because he deserved her honesty. I enjoyed this read and give it a solid 3.5 stars. There were a lot of secondary characters that I am sure if I read the other series I would have understood better, but I don't think it was necessary in order to enjoy this book. I got my happy ending with a little bit of tension along the way.

  • Tony Parsons
    2019-06-11 04:07

    It was Saturday night & Emily Madison (Wilde) was working at the Tune-In Café (8PM-2AM) in NY. She played the piano. Nola her roommate had helped her get a job there. Gus was the owner. Max Pergozin (agent) had heard her play the piano. Emily did not have a great work history & she was fired from the Café. While walking around she meets Marco Santini who just happens to be driving by. Jessalyn Simmons is Marco’s mistress. It was pouring down rain & after a very long conversation Emily finally agreed to get into Marco’s limo & he took her home. He owned MS Enterprises (construction). Emily accepts a position at his firm 1st playing the piano for a benefit then a PA. The romantic fairy tale life of the rich/famous. Will Emily & Marcos get married? Cool book cover, great font & writing style. A very well written delightful fun filled passionate love/romantic book. It was very easy to read/follow from start/finish & never a dull moment. Quite a few twists/turns. No grammar errors, repetitive or out of line sequence sentences. Lots of interesting scenarios & a great set of characters to keep track of. This could make a great romance movie or mini TV series. No doubt in my mind a very easy rating of 5 stars for this book. Thank you for the free book Tony Parsons MSW (Washburn)

  • Patty Pat
    2019-05-29 07:40

    Excellent book by Sandra Marton .I loved all the Wilde brothers and I was waiting for Emily's book release .Emily is such a sweet girl and I don't blame her for changing her identity which is in her words Lying by Omission which wasn't a lie actually.Emily wanted to make an identity of herself and being a Wilde was not allowing her to do so.So she carried on with her middle name and dropped her last name , that was when she met Marco actually was rescued by Marco and it continued and they fell in love .When two people are in love it hurts it always hurts to know that the girl you have fallen in love has lied to you.Marco is a self made billionaire and he was also married once which was not a good marriage ultimately it made him a all different person. But in spite of his past he fell in love with Emily .I loved the ending a lot I thought that the girls in the family (I mean the women) will give Emily a hard time but just like me Emily thought that it was easy to handle the Wilde brothers rather than facing her sisters and in laws but both of us are wrong. The brothers gave her a hard time too.I don't want to reveal more I would highly recommend this book and I enjoyed reading this book.

  • Gretchen
    2019-05-31 03:51

    I love this story. I'm a sucker for stories where false assumptions and well-intentioned half-truths lead to a tangled web of the protagonists' own making--but only when the misunderstandings are well-motivated and understandable. This book has that, and so much more.Emily's attitude and outlook on life really drew me in to the story. With her background and upbringing, she could easily have been a pampered party girl, but she strove to make more of herself and it was her determination to become more than just another Wilde that made her likeable and sympathetic even when you knew she was digging herself into a hole that would eventually collapse in around her. Marco is definitely an alpha male, but one with a wry sense of humor and a way with one liners that kept him from becoming unapproachable. The chemistry between Emily and Marco was hot, and the ending very satisfying. I also fell in love with the glimpses of the extended Wilde family presented in the book. This is the first of the Wilde books I've read, but from the appearance of Emily's brothers and sisters, I'm now eager to read their stories as well.

  • Ann Davis
    2019-06-21 04:07

    The romance of Emily and Marco is a wonderful addition to the Wilde family series. Emily is the youngest child and although she is very smart and talented, Emily feels inadequate in comparison to the accomplishments of her siblings. Marco has his own vulnerabilities stemming from a less than ideal childhood.A chance meeting with gorgeous billionaire Marco Santini leads to a great and much needed job where Emily's abilities are recognized and highly appreciated. The attraction is instantaneous and a business trip to beautiful Paris soon evolves into a sizzling romance. Although they hardly know each other, their lovemaking does not come off as cheap, but instead is sensual and oh so romantic.Back in NYC they dated for a couple of months which made it feel even more real - the Bronx zoo, Union Square Farmer's market, grilling on his terrace. Also loved how characters from previous "Wilde" books were incorporated. Sandra, you created two very likeable characters - a feisty and feminine heroine (liked how she negotiated her salary for another $50k), and a hero willing to trust again.

  • Shirley Buchanan
    2019-06-03 03:58

    This book was an excellent continuation of the Wilde family series. Emily Madison Wilde has moved to New York to prove herself, but people do not take her on her own merits. They only see the Wilde name and expect her to use it instead of her talents. Thus, she changes her name to Emily Madison, but the opportunities to move ahead are little better.After she is fired from another dead end job, she is almost drowned by Marco Santini's chauffeured car. Although he is now a rich and powerful businessman,at one time Marco came from poverty. His life was never filled with love or acceptance, even his ex-wife was after what he could give her. He thinks this is the way it will always be.Upon their initial meeting, Marco mistakenly believes Emily comes from a working class family that cannot help her. Half truths, omissions of the complete truth and misinformation ultimately begin their relationship, but love sneaks it's way in.A wonderful story of love, heartache, and betrayal. I would recommend this story to a first time reader of Sandra Marton's books or any of her long time fans.

  • Shauna Stewart Hougham
    2019-06-17 04:45

    Emily: Sex & Sensibility is a great read.. Fast and one I had trouble putting down..A page turner.. Read in a day and a half. Emily Madison is a piano player at a bar who gets fired and is on a street corner in a down pouring rain and is offered a ride from a guy 'Marco Santini' in a limo. Immediate attraction is felt on both ends although Emily puts up a tough gal act since that is her front these days. Marco can't seem to get enough of her and get his staff to offer her a job to play the piano at an opening for one of his bldgs. But his HR staff soon realizes when she fills out her resume she is qualified for so much more and Marco is in dire need of a new PA/AA who needs to accompany him to Paris on a trip the very next day. Emily has a secret but no one knows she want to tell him but the time never seems right. This is a true love story and loved reading it unfold through the streets of Paris, NYC and Dallas! Will their love survive when he learns her secret? You will have to read the story to find out? Loved loved loved it!!

  • Catherine Edwards
    2019-06-15 02:51

    Great story of rich girl trying to make it on her own meets self made rich guy. Well developed characters and a story with twists and turns and great sex scenes. No outstanding grammar errors. All of this comes together to make an outstanding story. This was the first book I had read by this author. In the last 24 hours, I have read 2 more and have not been disappointed. I don't know why I bought this book, but I'm glad I did. There is no doubt I will reread this one, along with the others in this series, multiple times. It should be noted that this is part of a mini series (The Wilde Sisters), but also connected to another series (The Wilde Brothers). However, this one, along with the other two I read afterwards stand alone, with a small amount of overlap in stories. You do not have to read the stories in order, but after reading this, I certainly wanted to read the others that were more directly linked to this one. I have not been disappointed.

  • Simon Forsyth
    2019-06-19 02:59

    Perhaps I'm overly influenced by Shakespeare and Aristophanes, but I felt that this book, while well done, was incomplete. There was a lovely introduction to the characters and a good development of their relationship.But then, right at the climax, it felt as though scenes were skipped. (view spoiler)[Where was the tense dinner as Marco fumes inside but cannot just dismiss his guests as he learns just how wealthy her family is? Where were the scenes of them apart, realizing the consequences of their actions beyond just a quick overview of what Emily does in the days leading to Thanksgiving?Did Emily resume her assistant job after the reconciliation? (hide spoiler)]All of that potential for development was left out, and it left me vaguely dissatisfied at the end, despite my enjoyment of the story to that point. Still, the rest was well-told, so perhaps I'll try another and see if this was just a one-time problem.