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The Kelly Group International (KGI): A super-elite, top secret, family-run business. Qualifications: High intelligence, rock-hard body, military background. Mission: Hostage/kidnap victim recovery. Intelligence gathering. Handling jobs the U.S. government can’t… Over the years, Donovan Kelly has fought relentlessly for justice, women and children always holding a specialThe Kelly Group International (KGI): A super-elite, top secret, family-run business. Qualifications: High intelligence, rock-hard body, military background. Mission: Hostage/kidnap victim recovery. Intelligence gathering. Handling jobs the U.S. government can’t… Over the years, Donovan Kelly has fought relentlessly for justice, women and children always holding a special place in his heart. Working side by side with his brothers, Donovan has witnessed firsthand the toll it’s taken—physically, mentally, and emotionally—on his loved ones, and the innocent lives caught in the crossfire. What he never expects is for his next mission to happen right on his home turf—or for it to take a very personal turn. Picturesque Kentucky Lake is the perfect place for a soul in search of safe harbor. A beautiful stranger has arrived—desperate, breathless, and on the run from a dark past closing in on her and the younger siblings she has vowed to protect. Donovan must now draw on every resource at his disposal—if he wants to save a woman and the children who may prove to be his destiny....

Title : After the Storm
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After the Storm Reviews

  • Jess
    2018-12-28 02:38

    DNF - 70%Oh boy. I hate not finishing this book (or any book really), but I just couldn't keep going. When the KGI series first came out, I loved it. I loved the mix of suspense with the romance that yes, from the start bordered on over the top but the combination worked. Lately, the over the topness is so much it's ridiculous to me. With After the Storm, I had to keep reminding myself that this was in fact a KGI book, because even 70% in, there's no KGI mission, no feel of the teams and the suspense element surrounding whatever they're planning to do. Instead we get Donovan, a character who've I've been waiting to get to know more about from the start, meeting Eve, taking one look at her and her step-siblings and claiming them as his after knowing them basically an hour. At the point I stopped reading, the story spanned 2 days and we have them all living together in Van's home, there are declarations of love from everyone, the Kelly's welcoming them into their family, no questions asked, etc etc etc. These aren't elements that work for me and I feel like lately with Maya's books, that's all we've been getting. Her stories from the erotic genre and now her rom/suspense books are all reading the same to me and maybe it's a combination of her writing style that's changed along with my tastes in what I enjoy reading that's different, but it's just not working for me anymore. I don't like storylines that have the hero or heroine declaring their love for each other after 1 or 2 days, I don't like reading that the hero wants to put the troubles (in this case a nasty step-father) the heroine is facing on the back burner and making his priority getting the heroine into his bed to cement his claim on her. And I'm sorry, but if I have to read one more book where a character just wants to feel or show someone how "cherished" they are, I'll scream.Needless to say, I'm stepping away from all her books. I had held out hope that her KGI series would remain consistent as I really did enjoy the earlier books in the series, but this one was a head shaker for me and ultimately I didn't care enough about anything in the story to finish.

  • Victoria
    2019-01-13 04:49

    I can't believe I'm saying this but DNF at 85% because I just can't make myself care. I don't know if Maya Banks is mad at Donovan or what but he is absolutely the worst KGI hero EVER.If you are a fan of KGI, you won't be able to imagine what the author has done to Donovan. He is a total sap and I don't mean in a sweet way either. He falls in love and basically adopts a family after meeting this girl briefly two times. To hear him go on and on about how he feels and what he wants and their future is creepy. I was weirded out. I don't mind instant love story lines but this was just way over the top. Total ick factor for me. I felt like the author wasn't true to Steele's true character in the last book. His whole personality seemed to change because he fell in love but nothing compares to how poor Donovan is portrayed in After the Storm. Not only that, but the way the author portrays the entire family is just very one dimensional in this book. No family is that perfect. I also get that the men love their women and spoil them and all that good stuff. But for Gods sake, let them keep their balls intact. She's made all the men seem like total pushovers and the women seem like total angels. The best part of the entire book was the very brief interaction between Rusty and Sean. Maybe some readers won't mind. I've read the entire series, pre-ordered each book so I could read it ASAP once available, and I am majorally disappointed. This series has always been one of my favorites! I'll definitely wait to see reviews on the next KGI release before I purchase and read. If the author doesn't gete back on track, After the Storm will be my last KGI book I purchase. Unfortunately, I just don't have a lot of hope for where the rest of the series is going.

  • Val ⚓️ ShamelessBitchySKANKY ⚓️ Steamy Reads
    2018-12-25 06:36

    DNF at 90% people.Wow. I had to DNF at 90% because I couldn't take this pansified, holier than Jesus gush fest anymore. I can't believe this drivel. And from a Maya Banks KGI book. What is the book world coming to... This was just awful. Donovan was freaktastic. He seriously decides Eve and her siblings are HIS after meeting them for all of 15 minutes. He tells a 4 year old he loves her after knowing her all of 2 days. Cause that's totally normal. And then he announces to them all that he wants them all to be a family after knowing them for 3 days. Cause that's not creepy at ALL. The whole Kelly family rallies around to help, providing shelter, aiding with medical care, giving the shirts off their backs, yadda yadda yadda. The Kelly family and their Christ-like "soft spot for women and children" have always made me wanna figuratively vomit in past books, but it almost got literal with this one. I'm sorry, but NO ONE is like these people. NO ONE! I swear, Jesus himself could come down from heaven and be like "wow, that's a little much." This over the top insta-love orgy just made me not care about anything that happened because it was all too fast, too much, too soon, or just too weird. I need to shower now.

  • Auntee
    2019-01-02 09:32

    Oh my. Where to begin? This could've been soooo good...if only I believed in this instant romance. But sadly, I couldn't. So call me disappointed.:(KGI is one of my favorite romantic suspense series. I've read every book--some I liked better than others but all were enjoyable. And I couldn't wait for Donovan's book. It should've been something special. He deserved it. He was a sweetheart, a friend to women and children. A nerdy badass with a heart of gold. But in this book he just came off as desperate. Crazy. Manipulative. What the heck happened?If the author had changed one thing I think this could've worked. But it was a big "one thing". And it was the fact that Donovan fell for the heroine in just 2 days time. Okay, so in Romancelandia things happen fast, and sometimes you just have to go with it and accept it. But this was just nutso! Donovan knew next to nothing about our heroine, yet he knew that she was the one, she was his, she (and her brother and sister) were his "family", and he told her that. Say what? Then he made sure he "sealed the deal" by making love to her. What? This woman was on the run for her life and extremely vulnerable, and this just smacked of taking advantage of the situation to me. And would the Donovan we readers knew and loved do that? Strong arm her like that? Okay, so I can understand him being attracted to her and wanting to help her, I just thought this could've played out a different way so as to make it more believable (how about convincing her to stay at your compound, and then get to know her a bit? or maybe have her brother--Travis-- continue to work at the hardware store for a while and then you gradually come to get to know her--say maybe in a week?) I just could not get past the instant "possession" of this family that reeked of "desperation" on Van's part. So that kind of ruined the rest of the story for me. I don't like rolling my eyes and talking back to the characters when I'm reading a romance--it sort of ruins it for me.:)So yes, call this a miss for me. I expected more for Donovan and didn't get it. And I'm bummed. The only bright light for me was the potential story between (view spoiler)[ Rusty and the cop--Sean (hide spoiler)]. Looks like some potential heat there! 3 stars

  • Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession
    2019-01-22 04:31

    Wow I am at a loss... Wtf! I have loved every book in this series and they have all been 5 stars to me and I loved Van in all the other books, but oh wow this was a miss for me...Van and Eve's love felt fake, forced, rushed and Van seem desperate . It just didn't work for me and that makes me sad I was really looking forward to Van's story. Disappointed! I only gave it 3 stars for Rusty and Sean now their story I can't wait to read!!!

  • Kelli C ~ Jack Sawyer's Heart
    2018-12-24 04:29

    I cannot believe3 that I just gave a Maya Banks book a 1*, especially a KGI book! But truth be told, I got to 82% and well, I just didn't finish I cant do much more than that.I have no idea what has happened to this series. I love military themed, covert ops, hot alpha rescuing men, damsels in distress, and love under intense circumstance type reads. When I started the KGI series, I became a fan of Maya Banks and could not get enough of the Kelly family. I have set my expectations so high for each book, Donovan's especially...unfortunately, I could not find this worthy of being in the same realm of prior KGI reads.I am blown away at the how fast and intense Donovan fell for a helpless family, and his claim to them was just so far fetched...immediate love, "i love you's", and talk of family in just 48 hours...just not Kelly brother behavior. I wanted duress, I wanted a struggle, I wanted danger, I wanted my KGI book to be phenomenal! Oh well, I will continue to read Maya bad read for me does not make or break my relationship with an author. Many will love the sappy romantic side to this and immediate lovefest...I just didn't! So I will move on and hope that the connection between Rusty and Sean will finally get it's time since I feel that may bring my love back!

  • Holly
    2019-01-04 09:52

    December 31st is too far away!!! Also I hope this series expands to the Titan group. I'm dying to know Hancocks deal!!

  • Shawna
    2019-01-03 01:46

    3 stars – Contemporary RomanceThere’s been insta-love in this series before that worked for me, but this time around it felt ridiculously fast and just too unbelievable. The story dragged and seemed repetitive at times and the suspense aspect was minimal. There are some moving, sentimental moments with lots of Kelly clan closeness, including the great epilogue, and I came close to tearing up at one point. But I felt like there was too much filler and that it could have been a novella.I’m still a fan of the series and looking forward to Swanny’s story, When Day Breaks.

  • Audrey
    2018-12-29 06:44

    Disappointed. I am really losing hope. The serie was kicking ass with the first books, but since Echoes at dawn, it goes down and down and down.The story start well though and I had great hope that Maya Banks have find her "thing" again. But I don't know if it's an editing issue and they wanted to reduced the volume of the book, but how can you believe that the main character of the book Donovan fall in love in not even 2 days of the girl. And there is too many cheesy lines after lines of cheesy words between the characters. It's disappointing to no end. I'm sad I like this serie at first but, I'm disappointed each time after the last books.I have this horrible feeling that the author is sacrifying quality to quantity of book she is writting ! And everything goes wrong.

  • Nikki
    2019-01-17 01:51


  • Laura the Highland Hussy
    2019-01-22 06:44

    Read this review at Got Fiction? BooksI love insta-lust/love-at-first-sight plots, and we all know I love a good alpha hero, I even dig on those less-popular alphahole heroes. But this book’s hero rubbed me the wrong way. Actually a few things about this book bugged me. The first thing that bothered me is that the whole first few chapters are told from the perspective of Rusty, not the heroine. I know she’s a part of the Kelly family, and for KGI fans, this may not bother you the way it did me, but I was incredibly confused when I realized the hero was her brother (not by blood, but she was adopted into the family). It took me a few minutes to realize that she wasn’t his heroine (THANK GOODNESS!). Oh and the blurb doesn’t mention the heroine’s name, so it’s an easy mistake to make!But it was confusing to say the least.Moving on, because that really wasn’t a big deal, it just bugged me. The hero Donovan goes with his sister Rusty to check up on a kid who she hired at their dad’s store. They know he’s got a lot on his plate taking care of his 2 sisters, they can tell he’s in trouble and they know he won’t talk about what’s going on. When Donovan sees this kid’s broken down trailer and how they’re living, he’s furious. But when he looks into the eyes of Travis’ big sister Eve, he knows she’s the one. She’s it for him. And he’ll do anything he can to have her.That’s actually not bad for me, as I said, I like love-at-first-sight plots. What I didn’t like was how he instantly was talking family. He was ready to move Eve and her little sister and brother in and adopt them. Every other word in the story was “his family.” I think if this had been any other author, Donovan would have been a hard sell for me. I mean he’s the nice guy, the good guy, and he was pushing Eve instantly. A thunderstorm swept through their area and a tornado demolished the trailer they were staying in, so Donovan instantly brought them to live with him. Okay, I can handle that too, I’ve read and loved far less believable fated mate stories before. But…as a reader, I have a hard time believing she fell in love with him. She really just seemed super grateful, and sleeping with him so quickly, especially after everything she’d been through really ruined the book for me. I wanted love to have a chance to bloom, I wanted romance. This is why it was so easy to believe the worst when Eve overhears Donovan say something to his brothers and friends.If I could have him be less pushy about moving her in and marking her as his (through sex of course), I really think this book could have been a favorite of mine. The actual plot was good, the ending was tense, and I like the whole concept. But there was very little suspense in this book, which is part of a well-known romantic suspense series, and Donovan just really pushed Eve, even knowing what she’d been through. The good parts though, come in the form of the plot, the side characters, and Eve’s brother and sister. I like the KGI series (I haven’ tread all of them, just 1 or 2), and I know I will still read them, and many other books by Ms. Banks, but this book really just…confused me. I mean, I honestly can’t rate it a 2 star because I was glued to the pages, but I can’t rate it a 4 or 5 because of Donovan. But the writing was good, and the storyline was good. I think I’ll give it a 3 because I did like the plot and I refuse to let one character ruin a good book! ***ARC provided by Berkley

  • Alex is The Romance Fox
    2019-01-09 05:34

    I have read all of the KGI series and liked most of them and I was really looking forward to Donovan’s story……just so you know, I hate the Van side of his name…………after all, the Kelly brothers and their families are a favorite of mine.But, wow…what a disappointment – and I don’t just mean the Van thing!!!!Donovan’s “behavior” in After the Storm just did not do it for me! I mean, he meets this young woman, Eve, who is on the run from her wicked and evil stepfather who has been abusing her half-brother and sister…and WHAM…………he’s in love and not only with Eve but her family too. He just knows that this is the family he has been waiting for all his life!!!!!!!!!Okay, so we know, he has a soft spot for kids, but this was ridiculous. Within a day or two….Donovan has his “family” living in his newly built home in the Kelly compound!!I just found the story totally unbelievable – especially the whole thing about the evil stepfather’s power!!! I was like……………and then…the lack of any romance build-up…it’s like…wham, thank you maam…kind of thing!!!!So, why the 3 stars????? Because I actually loved the two kids…Travis & Cammie and the Kelly women.I am looking forward to Rusty’s book and I hope it’s going to be a great one.

  • Amanda
    2019-01-08 02:43

    it's true there is no official kgi mission (Maya addressed this on Facebook) but I enjoyed the latest kgi book. it was set at home and we caught up with the family. a pressing question was answered at the end of chapter 21 (total happy fist pump here!). yes the plot is love/lust at first sight but I felt it went with what we know of Van. no the action isn't heart pounding constantly on the run while the h&h fall in love it was at home which I felt was a nice refreshing twist.

  • Jenn Scranton
    2019-01-10 03:57

    Ok, I have fully digested this book. Not my favorite KGI. That being said THIS IS NOT A BOOK BASH! Maya Banks is my favorite author and she has done a fantastic job. It just didn't work for me, that's all.I would have liked it if it wasn't so insta-love. Perhaps if they had build a small report between them. You know? At least a week? Something? That was just a bit much.Also, did anyone notice how it seemed like the family was trying to sell us on KGI? I think if you were reading this book, you are at least familiar with the family and the series in general. Once again, a bit much.But, and it's a big but... Rusty! You know, I never liked that snot-nosed brat before. But now? Wow, what a way to turn her around! So it seems that there are 2 books left in KGI! Rusty and Joe. Oh and perhaps Edge and Skylar.Who else thinks that Joe and Swanny have a thing going on? Anyone? Ok, maybe it's just me.

  • Trish
    2018-12-22 04:43

    I enjoyed this book but it was not my favorite of the KGI series. I really wanted Van's story to be awesome but I will probably forget the story by the end of year. It was cute at times and the storyline was good but the meat of the story was lacking.

  • Priyanka *The Book Ninja*
    2019-01-05 08:48

    OMG... I am waiting for Don's book from so long. Can't wait...please...please...please... try to release the book early. December is too far. ETA: Just noticed, the book will be released in 2014. Well that kinda sucks. Still I hope this date is the final one. No more delay please!!!

  • TammyZautner
    2019-01-07 09:33

    Sigh, very very sad right now! I have been dying for Van's story for years now (since KGI first came out, he has always intrigued me). The last thought I ever entertained was that it would falter for me. The thought of giving Van a star rating less than a 4 honestly makes me cringe. I'm beginning to think it may be time for me to walk away from Maya all together. Lately her books have been a huge hit and miss for me.My rating system for After the Storm goes a little something like this...Donovan Kelly = 5 beautifully vulnerable and loving starsFirst 75% of the book = 3 intriguing starsInstalove = 1 over the top starLast 25% = 0 sadly entered into DNF stage starOverall, I am averaging my rating at 3 Stars.Why such a low rating, you ask? Simply put...The wicked over exaggeration of instalove. Van and Eve's relationship flourished to declarations of undying love, marriage and forever within a 48 hour period, yes you read that right...2 DAYS. The instant Van and Eve met each other, Van's thoughts went into overload, running towards Evie being the center of his family, marriage, and babies. It was extremely overwhelming to me as a reader, and because of this, I had a hard time swallowing the believability of their relationship, especially under the circumstances they found themselves.Another small issue I had was the lack of edge, teamwork, and action. This series is well known for its intense missions that evoke tension, chemistry, and suspense. Unfortunately all of this was lacking. I stopped reading around the 75% mark and at that point had yet to encounter any of this. So if any of this came after the fact, then it came a tad bit too late, since I bowed out.Beyond that, I absolutely LOVED Van and I adored Evie. Cammie was such a cutie and I found Travis was the highlight of the story, maybe because I have a 15 year old myself and he reminded me a lot of my Ryan. There were some swoon worthy moments,some oh so surprising moments (think Sean and Rusty), and thoughts of is it June yet as she built up the anticipation for Swanny’s story.If I could just have gotten past the 2-day instalove, I think I would have really loved and enjoyed Donovan and Eve's story. Both characters truly were beautifully written, however the extremely short time just consumed my every thought. And believe me I tried. After the Storm read as though these two had known each other forever, and it never once felt as though it was 2 days, but in the back of my mind it was all I could think about. The timeline really threw me, it messed horribly with my OCD.Would I recommend: Yes, actually I would, because this is more of a personal preference then anything to do with the author's actual writing. While reading and sharing my thoughts with Kim, I told her this will be a 4 or higher star read for her, if that helps you any. In all honesty, I am totally not an instalove type; I am more of a build up to the big moment type of girl. Very rarely do these types of stories work for me. I know all of KGI is insta, but this one was just too much with its extremely short time span. However, Maya never fails to write stunning characters with depth and chemistry (this is what kept me hooked the first 75% of the book). I think for those who don't mind love at first sight stories, or even hard-core Maya fans, you will utterly and completely love it.Thank you,PENGUIN GROUP Berkley, NAL / Signet Romance, DAW, for the opportunity to read and review an ARC of After the Storm in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • Nicole
    2019-01-02 08:50

    Review originally posted here: was so excited to read Donovan’s story, because I absolutely fell in love with him from the first book. However, this series has had quite a few bumpy moments over the past 4-5 books. While I went into this book optimistic, I was pretty annoyed with the end result.Donovan has always had a soft spot for women and children. He does anything and everything he can to protect them every chance he gets. When Rusty introduces him to Eve, he knows he needs to help her, not because of the instant attraction, but because he can’t seem to keep his mind off her.Eve is on the run, with her younger half brother and sister in tow. She is doing everything she can to keep them safe, but it’s getting harder and harder to run and keep their heads above water. Donovan and the Kelly family seem too good to be true, but Eve gets swept up in their generosity and kindness. But Eve’s past is quickly catching up with her, and Donovan might not be able to keep her safe from everything.I think the biggest disappointment for me in this book was the insta-love between Donovan and Eve. I think they had barely known each other for 2 days before they were professing their undying love for one another. There wasn’t even the huge stakes and high intensity that comes along with many other romantic suspense books. Instead, other than a tornado that whips through Eve’s pathetic trailer, there is almost no suspense in the beginning or middle of this book. It made for a very slow reading pace.I also struggled horribly with Eve’s character. I admired her for her desire to do anything in her power to keep her brother and sister safe. However, in every other aspect of her life, she was a little too meek. She let Donovan steamroll her into moving in with him, caring for the kids, and everything else. Although it seemed like she was pretty fierce before going on the run, it seemed like life really beat the spunk out of her before we get the chance to spend some time with her character.My biggest problem with this book came toward the end when Eve and Donovan had their falling out. I thought Eve’s reason for losing faith in Donovan was totally unrealistic, especially since they had been so “in love” not only seconds before. Eve’s inability to hear exactly what was said, and then to misinterpret it so completely annoyed the crap out of me. I almost stopped reading at that point.Despite my issues with the book, Banks continues to write secondary characters that absolutely blow me away. Every scene with Rocky and Sean was perfect. I love these two and am so excited for whenever they actually get their story. The new recruits to the KGI family are super intriguing as well. I can’t wait to read about Swanny, and I sincerely hope that Banks looks back to the first few books for inspiration to get this series back to the incredible roots it began with.All in all I was pretty disappointed with Donovan’s book. I really wanted more for his character, especially since I have loved him for so long. I had a lot of problems with Eve’s character, and found her to be the weakest heroine in the series so far. I hated the insta-love relationship between Donovan and Eve, and thought it didn’t jive with the drama that drew them apart at the end. I am anxious to read the next book though, because Swanny stole my heart in this book.I give After the Storm a C-

  • Lauren
    2018-12-22 09:43

    After the Storm1 StarBeware! Rant ahead!OMG! What in the name of all that is holy was that?! It is virtually impossible to associate this book with the rest of the KGI series. The writing is simply appalling with repetitive scenes and word choices, the characterization is completely incomprehensible and the plot is one of the more ridiculous out there. Donovan, the sexy, geeky Kelly brother, who had such amazing potential in the previous books, is barely recognizable in the borderline psychotic and obsessive hero of After the Storm. He takes one look at Eve and decides that she's "the one" and proceeds to take over her life whether she's interested or not. Granted Eve is in an awful predicament and in desperate need of help for herself and her traumatized siblings, but Van's controlling attitude is simply creepy. Speaking of Eve, while emotionally scared and/or physically abused heroines are the norm for KGI, Banks has gone overboard with this one. Ostensibly a strong willed fighter, Eve is actually passive, compliant and detached. Even though she has ample opportunity to stand up for herself, her solution to every obstacle it to run. This is particularly apparent in the contrived conflict toward the end where instead of (view spoiler)[confronting Van, Eve chooses to leave her siblings alone with a man who apparently betrayed her and go on the run alone - TSTL much! (hide spoiler)].As to the suspense plot, it is virtually non-existent with a villain who barely puts in an appearance and a motive that doesn't make much sense (view spoiler)[If Walt were a pedophile he would have molested Eve as well (hide spoiler)].As for the Kelly clan, why has the family turned into a simpering pile of goo? Yes, the men are besotted with their wives but is it really necessary to go on and on about it ad nauseam. The only bright spark in this otherwise travesty of a book were Rusty Sean. Of course, we are going to have to wait for their book because Swanny and Hancock come first although I might just skip them.

  • Steph
    2019-01-17 06:52

    I'm not going to say too much here because I hate being really negative... but wow! I am in shock, I think. I am actually really struggling to find something I did like about this book. I have loved Donovan from the very beginning and have been highly anticipating his story for the last three or four books. But sadly his story was a huge disappointment.Donovan met Eve and immediately claimed that she and her siblings were 'his'. That he knew she was the one and would give his life to protect them all.It wasn't believable at all!He knew absolutely nothing about them, any of them, and that never really changed.He moved them all into his house when there was trouble and had (within meeting her just twice) decided she was 'The One'. He would have babies with her and everything. There wasn't anything special about Eve. Nothing. I just have no idea why they were together? They knew nothing about each other. They have nothing in common. It just felt like convenience, which is not romantic at all! He just wanted a family, which he instantly got. And she conveniently needed someone to take care of them all. That's it. The storyline could have been great if I cared about the couple. But I just didn't. Which really sucks. Even the Kelly family annoyed me!! I want to cry for what this book should have been :(

  • Brittany
    2018-12-23 04:59

    Um ok so I finished the book and am sad to say that I was really disappointed. Pj Steele and now vans story are not as good as the others. And this is eerily similar to Sheas story. It didn't really have anything happen and it wasn't very deep. There isn't much under the surface and I'm honestly wondering why it took 6 months of impatiently waiting for this when it could have been written in about 20min. Its just not believable that in 2 days time they loved each other and accepted that they were a family and was welcomed in as such as the rest of the family. I can say I skipped a lot of the inner monologue and kind of wish instead of all that stuff we could've seen more of the earlier characters and been more involved. This was a lame attempt at what used to be a great series and I'm curious to know if Maya banks is running out of exciting missions? Needless to say I will still be watching for the rest of the series and I hope it gets back on track with the beginning of the kgi series.

  • Rach
    2018-12-28 09:49

    3 1/2 STARS.I wanted so much more from this book and I will sadly admit that it didn't have that spark I love so much from all the other books in this amazing series. Don't get me wrong I love Donovan (probably even more than I did in the other books as he wasn't my favourite) and I think he fit well with Evie. But I just thought it all happened too quickly and their love was too sickly sweet at times.I did finish it as I love the KGI family so much and the whole series has me hooked. But this is the first one I haven't given 4/5 stars to and that makes me so sad :( Having said that the scenes with Rusty and Sean made me see hearts, butterflies and rainbows and I loved them together so much. I am dying in wait for their book :)

  • Francesca
    2018-12-28 01:47

    Le comportement mâle alpha m'a fatigué dans ce roman car beaucoup trop poussé à l'extrême. Il y a eu des moments où j'ai pensé que le héros agissait aussi horriblement que le méchant de l'histoire en terme de possession. Tout se passe très vite, Donovan décide de tout et l'héroïne ne peut au acquiescer puisque ses enfants se sentent enfin en sécurité.

  • Chitra *CJ*
    2019-01-08 09:34

    Around three years ago I was traumatized by "Shades of Gray" and decided to avoid KGI series for a while (I did read Forged in Steele though).I returned to it, after 3 years with "After the Storm", which is Donovan and Eve's story.Eve is a 24 year old Belle, on the run with her step siblings Travis and Cammie, until she comes across Rusty, and ultimately Donovan. We know Donovan has had a soft spot for damsels in distress and kids, and has always wanted a family- so when he finally looks at Eve and her siblings, he knows in his heart he's found them.What begins is an OTT-knight in shining armor-esque love story in which Van and the Kellys' literally rescue them from a storm and take them in.Mixed is sweet love making, nostalgic feelings seeing the Kellys brood growing and their family love, a perverted stepfather who deserves to die and FINALLY scenes of Rusty and Sean (which were AMAZING!)There is good angst around 3/4th of the book (its when the book finally gets GOOD), but it all culminates to a saccharine HEA.Keep your insulin handy for this one! It was quite monotonous and it took ME! 3 days to read this, but it does get interesting towards the ending.Safe3.75/5

  • Luzie
    2019-01-13 01:29

    3/5 stars

  • Mandy
    2018-12-27 04:36

    Hmmm. I'm bound and determined to get caught up with this series, no matter what.This series is not what it used to be for me but I want to read it, no matter how much skimming I end up having to do.With Donovan and Eve, I started skimming at around 56%. I love Donovan but his declarations of love and devotion at barely 50% were just too much too soon. And yet, I'm going to keep reading this series and I assume that they will be 3-star reads for me but I'm at a point where I have to know what happens with the Kelly family and friends.

  • Sunny
    2019-01-20 07:34

    When I started this story, I felt a little like Van's sisters-in-law when they first met Eve - a little nervous, a little hopeful and a little protective. Van is the MAN. He's the KGI brother who is the most sensitive. Don't get me wrong, he is all alpha - but with a heart of gold. It has taken Maya Banks eight books to get here, but we finally have Donovan's story.This week, Carolyn Crane, the author of the Disillusionist Trilogy and the Associates series, wrote an interesting article asking the question, "Why are man tribes so sexy and compelling?". I couldn't help but think of this article as I was reading this book. It reminds me of why I love man tribes. One reason is the joy of Patheticness. According to Ms. Crane, patheticness is "when one of the heroes or their hunky friends is in an emotional dilemma and the guys sort of give each other heartfelt, but sort of simplistic advice. Stuff like, you gotta go after her, man." With six Kelly brothers, Sean and Swanny, and Steele around, there are plenty of opportunities for Patheticness. Because everyone wants this for Donovan, there is a lot of advice given out by his pack mates. It is endearing to see these rough alphas give advice on the softer side of life. Unlike the stereotype, real men do give each other relationship advice and it's a part of their bonding ritual.The second reason this is the perfect man tribe book is Brotherly Love. The Kellys are literally brothers, but this circle extends to outside members including Sean, Swanny and even though she is a female, Skylar. Brotherly Love has less to do with gender and more to do with the trust that no matter what happens, "I've got your back." Events move super fast and the story is rife with misunderstandings, insecurities, and lots of distrust. As you would expect in a book about Donovan's love life, it is emotional. And here is my critique. It is almost too much of a good thing. I love books where the alpha shows softer emotions: love, fear, remorse, sadness. Donovan seems at times incapacitated by his overwhelming feels. It's fine if it happens once or twice, but over and over again? There are two main themes repeat, one dealing with insta-love and the other addressing Donovan's extreme care for women and children. Is Donovan in love or just the idea of being in love because can you really fan in love overnight? This question is repeated multiple times. Yet, despite this repetition, it works, for the most part, because it is our beloved Donovan, I can't say that I would have the same level of tolerance if it were any other character. Still, this is a KGI book so there is lots of action, lots of camaraderie, and lots of steamy interactions between Van and Eve.IN A NUTSHELL: Reasons to read this book: 1. It's Donovan's story 2. Man Tribe goodness 3. Classic KGI story.

  • Mateja
    2018-12-24 05:59

    Donovan has spent the last few years envying his brothers' lives when one by one they found their special someone and created a family with them. Recently the craving for his own happy ever after has become very prominent in his life, especially now that it seems like every Kelly woman was pregnant. His life is turned upside down when Eve and her half-siblings land in his hometown, terrified and broke. Eve, Travis and Cammie have been on the run from their deranged father for months now. When Rusty notices sign of a family in trouble, she involves Donovan. Donovan has always had a weakness for women and children in need. This time it's no different. He will do everything in his power to protect them and as he gets close with Eve, he realizes that he feels for them more than he ever did for any other person in need.I started reading After the Storm with trepidation. The pre-release reviews weren't exactly glowing. But for the most part my worry turned out to be for nothing. Donovan is my favorite Kelly brother. I can’t help it, I have a things for geeks. Especially ones that can also kick ass with one hand tied behind their back. I really liked Eve. She dropped everything for her siblings and has committed to a life on the run just to keep them safe. She’s incredibly selfless and devoted to the kids.The book starts out strong, during first half of it, it is simply impossible to put down. There's this draw that makes you keep reading. The pain and fear just emanate from the pages while reading from Eve's point of view, as does the yearning for a family during Donovan's POV. You can't help but feel for them and just know that they would all be perfect for each other. So I personally didn't have a problem with the fast developing romance in this book. I just wanted them to finally be happy.The middle of the book is where it got tricky for me. With Donovan earning Eve and the kids' trust, things settled down and with no action or imminent threat looming over them it became quite boring. There was a lot of talk and introspection for the next 70 pages or so. It seemed like all they did was talk about their feelings. Even sex scenes were interrupted with in-depth discussions which were repeated afterward. I guess to make sure no one missed anything while they were in the heat of passion.Things picked up back again when a terrible misunderstanding throws Eve right into her father’s path. Then it's time for KGI to pull every card in their pocket they have to save Eve and her siblings, and thus saving Donovan’s future. I absolutely loved this part. This is the reason I love the KGI series so much. It's the perfect blend of action and romance, though the balance was a little disrupted during the course of this book. I am eagerly awaiting for the sequel which will be Swanny's story.

  • Jewel
    2019-01-02 07:59

    I have a soft spot for geeks (I married one) and have been looking forward to Donovan's book for ages. I love the KGI series, overall, but am luke warm to this story. And that makes me sad.(view spoiler)[I suspect that even were I in trouble and hot, hunky, geeky Donovan offered me and my siblings solace, and then announced three days after meeting us that he wanted us to stay with him forever and be a family, I think I might just back away. I'd certainly be pissed if he brought it up in front of my younger siblings without discussing it with me first.(hide spoiler)]Maybe I looked forward to Donovan's story too much. I really liked him in the other books. But in After the Storm, he just seems to be obsessed with the idea of having a family and without even knowing Eve in any real way just latches onto her and announces that she's his now. Caveman much? I didn't see the romance in the story. It might have been romantic if they would have stayed up late talking about better times and one thing leads to another. Preferably, they would have gotten interrupted a time or two to deal with bad guys. (view spoiler)[Instead, he announces they would be a family and then just decides to have sex with Eve. (hide spoiler)]And Eve didn't really seem to have much in the way of personality at all. She comes from an awful situation where every aspect of her life had been controlled and she hated it and yet she lets Donovan walk right over her and completely take over everything. Did anyone else find him just a bit creepy? The other KGI women are strong in their own right and though they let their men be who they are, they don't do so at their own expense. Eve just seemed vacant. And when she does finally decide to do something, she makes the worst decisions all around. I liked Travis and Cammie, though. I can completely see Travis joining KGI when he gets older.Also, I really miss the action. This was the most uneventful KGI book and the teams were mostly absent. I kept waiting for something to actually happen. The last 15%, or so, do pick up but it still wasn't quite there.Hopefully, Swanny's story will be back to the quality of the other KGI books.

  • Pete
    2019-01-19 07:51

    After the Storm is book 8 in Maya Banks KGI series which I continue to love. This book resonated so well with in multiple areas, such as, Medicine and volunteer health support for the poor and abused, and surviving multiple direct hit tornadoes. One of the reasons I like this series is the KGI family members focus on attending to distressed and tortured children and females primarily led by Van.KGI stories are principally glued together using the backdrop of an extremely intriguing family to which I am drawn, drama and all. Were, I, a character in a series, I would be a willing Kelly brother. My equalist leanings would be challenged somewhat, but not as much as other series.This book was not about a team driven mission as much as an almost insta-love romance that turned into a family mission. Rusty hires Travis recognizing his desperation and anxiety. She instigates a troubled youth investigation into Travis with Van that triggers the story. Here’s where we meet Eve and Cammie in a tiny and shabby trailer that is destroyed in a tornado. Not wanting to spoil the story, Eve, Travis, and Cammie are fleeing refugees from an evil father. Eve trusts no one, and is ready to pack up and flee at a moment’s notice. The tornado changes the game, and this small family is rescued by Van.Mistrust, fear, and trust turned into distrust starts the action, melodrama, and intrigue. The rest of this story you’ll have to read. While not being predictable, the end is unique. There are some STEAMY scenes.If you like the KGI gang, you should read this book.Did I say I LOVE the KGI Family?