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The long-awaited sequel to Strawberries for Dessert.Families should grow, not shrink. It’s been on Jon Kechter’s mind since before he tied the knot with his millionaire lover, Cole Fenton. Now hoping to adopt, Jon and Cole search for a mother-to-be willing to let them love her baby, but the interminable wait is wearing on them both.Jon is close to his father, George, butThe long-awaited sequel to Strawberries for Dessert.Families should grow, not shrink. It’s been on Jon Kechter’s mind since before he tied the knot with his millionaire lover, Cole Fenton. Now hoping to adopt, Jon and Cole search for a mother-to-be willing to let them love her baby, but the interminable wait is wearing on them both.Jon is close to his father, George, but until Cole, he didn’t have anyone else. Now George is pushing Cole to reconcile with his estranged mother. When the three of them spend Christmas with her in Munich, the results are disastrous. Jon and Cole resolve to stay positive, but no hope exists without a tinge of fear. Jon and Cole can’t help but wonder if their dream of being parents just wasn’t meant to be....

Title : Fear, Hope, and Bread Pudding
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ISBN : 9781623805555
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Fear, Hope, and Bread Pudding Reviews

  • Exina
    2019-01-10 06:08

    It happened again. Just like in book 1, Promises. Marie Sexton charmed me with her captivating writing style so I haven’t even noticed the shortcomings of the story first.So, my problems:- Too much focus on Cole and the baby project. No, wait. All the focus is on Cole and his dream to be a father. As if that would be the only thing that makes him happy. As if that would be the only purpose of their marriage. Jon’s only role here is to narrate the story and to support Cole.- I disagree some decisions of the characters and their ways of doing things – but they are just characters, really.- George annoyed the hell out of me.- And I don’t give a damn about the affair of George and Cole’s mother.Otherwise I enjoyed it: there were some beautiful and sweet moments. Originally posted on my blog on October 19, 2015.

  • Heather C
    2018-12-27 02:56

    Finally, FINALLY, the long awaited sequel to Strawberries for Dessert is here! Can you believe it? We've watched their courtship, saw them fall in love, and even attended their wedding (in Paris A to Z), now we finally get to experience the happy ever after Jon and Cole both deserve. Yay!Here is what I loved about this book:♥ Cole gets his baby!!♥ We get George's POV♥ We get to meet Cole's frigid bitch of a mother. ♥ I cried for half the book♥ We finally get closure♥ There was no Zach and Angelo♥ We get more letters to Jared♥ The title was perfect!!Please read my full review at The Blog of Sid Love

  • Ami
    2019-01-08 01:54

    Marie Sexton's Strawberries for Dessert (still) is my favorite story from her. I think, along with so many fans of this one, I was waiting (often not so) patiently of the promise of closure, with Cole being a father. Because that last line from the book, Cole's "I’ve always wanted to be a father. in his email to Jared should never be unfulfilled. We did get his wedding with Jonathan, but no baby yet.Until now. Did it deliver?ONE. HUNDRED. PERCENT. YES.It was a beautiful story, trying up loose-ends, with FAMILY as the theme, in front and center. It was a journey I was so happy to be with. From feeling frustrated with fear during the agonizing wait for the baby news. To simply being frustrated because clearly Cole and his Mom were actually similar (as they were both pushing each other away) and I wanted so bad for them to reconciliate. To feeling the hope and happiness when Cole (and Jonathan) FINALLY got their baby.I admit, no dry eyes on my part! There were tears of heartbreak and tears of joy. The title? Perfect. The NAME of the baby? PERFECT. Plus we actually had one special chapter, written from George's (Jonathan's father) perspective (who play a SIGNIFICANT role in bringing Cole and his Mom together; I ♥ you, George). And it was also, perfect.A satisfying closure -- that made me hugged babyArthur (that's my Kindle Keyboard, by the way) after I finished reading it.Thank you so much, Marie...

  • Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞
    2019-01-06 02:09

    Jon and Cole want a family, well, more than the family they have and that means somehow adopting a baby which won't be easy. This is a story about hope...having a lot of hope and having a little Hope.It was sheer agony reading how trying to adopt affected Cole. My heart broke for him sooo many times. Thank goodness for Jon and his Dad or I'm not sure Cole could've stood it. I did love the times when Jon and Cole knew exactly what the other needed...even though we mostly got Jon knowing what Cole needed, it still was very sweet. I love how their relationship is. I was totally shocked about a situation concerning someone and Jon's Dad, George. Even though you see it coming, I almost couldn't believe it. Some of the things George thought about were quite funny. I did like how it enabled him to help Cole but I wasn't really crazy about reading things from his POV. Jon's reaction was priceless.The situation between Cole and his mom, Grace, was hard to read as well but totally believable. Again, my heart really went out to both of them but I was happy with the direction things went. The bread pudding story was really heart breaking. There are some nice sex scenes between Cole and Jon but not overly descriptive. I still really enjoyed the emotional connection between the two and how much love they have for each other. I did miss all the other guys though. I think the emails were a nice touch and definitely updated us a bit on them but I would really have liked some from Jared or any of the others. Overall, a sweet, emotional story about family and I'm really happy how things turned out. I especially liked how Cole seemed to settle down. Now I can only wonder if we will get any more? Favorite quotes:♦ "There is no hope unmingled with fear, and no fear unmingled with hope." ♥ "Let's do things that would horrify our parents."♦ "Not that it's any of your business, Jon, but I like to have help with the crosswords, okay?"

  • Macky
    2018-12-28 01:56

    The coda series is one of my most favourite ever and Strawberries For Dessert my favourite within the series. I really love Cole, he's my type of character. I love his unashamed flamboyance and snark but I also loved that it covered a very caring, loving soul who was hurting so it was used as a shield. A very complex character our Cole. So when Jon came into his life and broke through that shell I was a goner! Its seemed a long time waiting for more from the Coda guys ( except for the odd free short ) so for the next full one to be a follow on for Cole and Jon, was icing on the cake for me. Obviously the worry is that the expectation exceeds the product and I was slightly apprehensive because I knew from other reviews that this was going to be pretty emotional and I was worried that I'd miss the Flaming Cole from the earlier books and just for a split second I did...but then the story hooked me in and suddenly it didn't matter any more. Heartstrings were pulled, tears were imminent and I went into " I want to hug Cole so bad " mode.What a lovely lovely story. I really do adore Cole, insecurities and all and his protector and soul mate, the gorgeous Jon, and of course Jons dad who is an absolute sweetie! It was especially nice to get a small portion of the book seen from George's prospective. I thought that was a great touch. The baby side of the story is emotional, sweet, tender and poignant all rolled into one, but I never felt it was dragged out. The hospital scene had me all leaky and sniffy and finally Coles relationship with his mum and its final outcome also had me all teary eyed. But final thoughts when it was all over, were feel good, content and not a gloomy one in sight ! I am wholly satisfied and its made me want to go back to the beginning of the series and start all over again... it won't be the first time Ive re-read this fantastic set of books... and it won't be the last. I can't speak for any one else but for me it was perfect. Happy now!

  • Lauraadriana
    2018-12-27 09:04

    Out of all the books I've read since I discovered M/M Romance Cole is for sure one of the most memorable characters...He has that perfect combination of humor, mistery, fragility and resilience that just makes a character stick with you. I wanted Cole get a PERFECT happy ending more than I can say...This was a pretty damn close perfect way to say goodbye (I hope for NOW!!) to Cole and Jonathan.Cole wanted a baby from when we said goodbye to them in Strawberries for Dessert. It is a rough going for them to find a baby to make their family complete, and Cole is so sad and so scared he won't get that little baby he wants with all his heart, and Jonathan he just wants to see Cole happy.They broke my heart. Cole BROKE MY HEART. It was a very nice done follow up story, I really couldn't have asked for more.I cried a bit, and I laughed out loud, remembering exactly what it was about Cole that I loved so much in the others stories...And in the end I finished the book with a smile.Can't ask for much more than that from a sequel.Very nice. Very nice.

  • Ingela
    2019-01-05 07:48

    5 Huge Stars - a perfect sequel to a wonderful love storyWhen I "found" this sequel I was so happy because I really loved the first book Strawberries for Dessert (my review - 5 stars). AND all of my expectations were met - this is yet another deliciously tender story about the wonderful, fairly mm romance unique loving couple; Cole & Jonathan.Oh, Cole you're amazing ~ a true grand drama queen ~ and Jonathan you keep both of you on the ground ~ Thank you for that ~ I'm so happy for you both! I LOVE those lovely boys, I love their parents and I love Ms. Sexton who wrote their wonderful story for us. This is thus not a really sensible review but just a celebration campaign about these two strawberry books and the lovely guys in them.Cole and Jonathan has now been a couple for a while and now want to expand their little family. A struggle with hope and fear begins. Cole craves so much and which the somewhat unstable person he is, this affects their lives for better or worse.‘It wasn’t until that night, when we were alone in bed with the lights turned out, that he took a deep breath and said, “Have you ever thought about becoming a father?”The question surprised me so much that I sat straight up in bed and turned to face him, although his expression was hidden in the dark.“Have you?” I asked.There was a moment of silence, a soft inhale of breath, and when he spoke, his voice was quiet. Almost reverent. “All the time.”I'm just saying COLE. Oh, this wonderful and such a hassle complicated guy. He is a new big favorite mm-hero that penetrated my heart and has now taken up much space there. I suffer and cry with him, love him, have the urge to shake him and become so very annoyed with him sometimes. So it was the bread pudding and Cole's poor relationship with his mother Grace. That "it is as it is", is often explained by things that happened in the past. All the money in the world, and Cole has a great piece, can not solve the problems. But time and wise words from Jonathan's father resolves maybe a few?“Bread pudding?” my father asked. “That’s a change.”“I think he made it for Grace.”Cole froze, and I knew I’d made a mistake by saying it out loud. Grace stared down at the dish in front of her. She contemplated it silently for a long moment. Then, she pushed it aside. She looked directly at Cole and said, “I have no idea why. I’ve never cared for it, myself.”One chapter in this novel was from Jonathan's dad George's POV. It was so wonderful to follow the two laws' little fling.‘A slow blush began to spread up her skin. I was a bit embarrassed to admit I noticed it first on the skin that peeked between the folds of her robe’s neckline. It moved up her neck in inelegant splotches, then covered her cheeks.It was absurd. I was sixty-three years old. She wasn’t much younger. And yet here I was, making clumsy attempts to flatter her.It worked, though. She smiled at me, and I suspected she was thinking the same things. We’re too old for this.’I smiled, laughed and cried. I was just as hysterical nervous as the two guys and asked a higher power for help. Let them get what they want so badly.Will the dream be fulfilled? ~ Read to find out ...”There was no going back, either. There was no way to reclaim my heart. No way to take it and make it as small and unknowing as it had been before. No way to put it securely back in my chest.”I LIKE - enormously, these guys have got my heart

  • Virginia
    2019-01-17 07:58

    Perfection. Absolute perfection for this Cole and Jon fan. I cried as they struggled. The unfairness for gay couples trying to adopt was all too real. My heart hurt to watch Cole try so hard and to go so far as to change himself - he wanted this so bad. Jon was that steady love that got Cole back on track, was Cole's biggest defender, knew his husband so well and what he needed to do to get Cole his dream...and then everything fell into place.Jon and Cole's love was strong - as was George's love for the guys. It's clear how much he cares for Cole and wanted to better things for him. He maneuvered to help Cole address the situation with his mom instead of allowing things to continue to fester.Loved it. Mainly from Jon's POV but we did get Cole's emails to Jerod which gave his POV. Was nice to get George's POV (especially showing how well he knew Cole) and to get to know Cole's mom - wasn't a perfect reunion but it felt REAL. After all that time, misunderstandings and hurt feelings, it would be unbelievable for things to go smoothly. Going on the favorite shelf (have already read it twice). Simply loved it.

  • Emanuela ~plastic duck~
    2019-01-20 06:08

    I love Cole, I'm not rational when it comes to Cole and I am an accountant like Jon and I can relate. I love them, how they are always there for each other, how loyal they are to each other and the fact that they are a unit of love and commitment. What can I say more? The book was not all about them, there was that interlude with Cole's mother and Jon's dad and it was another story we got to learn, a different insight and a lesson that sometimes we perpatuate our own mistakes because we are afraid of making them right. It was a very emotional book, I'm all for that in this period, and... Cole, Cole is such a wonderful knot of everything, just watching him sitting at that window in that empty room, it explained everything. What I loved is that Marie Sexton showed what was going on, she never told, it was like watching a movie and trying to work it out from the outside, but in a book you are also a participant, not only a spectator, so it was just wonderful.

  • Cristina T.
    2018-12-29 06:08

    I'm not a kid person at all, so the reason I even gave this book a chance was because, truth be told, I wasn't ready to let Cole and Jon go after having read Strawberries for Dessert. I needn't have worried. I loved this."There is no hope unmingled with fear, and no fear unmingled with hope." ~Baruch SpinozaPart One – This was painful to read, because Cole is depressed and not quite being himself. His wish for a child and the adoption process is wearing him down.I have so much to give, Jared. Not only money or things, but love. I have so much love in my heart, and not enough people to share it with.The way Jon handles him and the patience he has is amazing, though. Then there was the whole debacle of having Cole's bitch of a mom over. Fail of epic proportions.Part Two – This was... erm... uncomfortable to read. It's written from George's–Jon's father–POV, and he gets it on with Cole's mother, Grace. So, ew.Part Three – This one's heavy on the hope and fear theme. Lovely, really. Especially the 69, if you know what I mean... ;-) And that heart-warming moment when George tells Cole he's going to be an incredible father..."You'll be fine, son. Don't you worry. You don't need to redo the nursery. You don't need another goddamn toy. And you don't need the wipe-warmer. You have everything you need right here."I couldn't have cared less about Grace reconciling with her son after being such a bitch, but at least she apologized, I guess. And the whole baby delivery scene at the end made me gag. But then Cole's happiness made it worth it.The way he gazed at her took my breath away.And last, but not least, this book made me crave bread pudding. *drool*

  • Kaje Harper
    2019-01-06 06:09

    Cole is absolutely my favorite character from this series, and I loved him here too. Loved his emails, as few as they were. This is a tying off treads book, in a way. The dangling issues from Strawberries - Cole's relationship with his mother, his desire for a child, his wanderlust - come into play here and form the plot threads of this story. Despite the occasional painful moment, the tone is warm and sweet.I was irritated with Jon's father, (view spoiler)[because when your fragile son-in-law has a tough relationship with his mother, then no matter how nice she may seem after two days' acquaintance, you don't complicate it like that. And then act all superior about it, like you were right and he was wrong. No matter how well it may turn out. (hide spoiler)] But people are people, and it added a variation to the sweet progression of the story that was probably good. I adored the first meeting with Taylor. Over all, a nice cap to one of my favorite flamboyant-guy books, and when I reread, I will read both books together.And FWIW, I would LOVE to see another one, with Cole and Jon as parents...

  • Gigi
    2019-01-12 07:09

    A perfect book in every way. The final chapter toStrawberries for Dessert. I loved every word.

  • Sheri
    2019-01-11 02:54

    Future fathers. Sensitive struggles. Desperate dreams. I have been anxiously awaiting the results of Cole’s last email to Jared since I finished the final book of the Coda series. The possibility that Cole and Jon would become parents fascinated me, and I watched the calendar flip down to this release. Was it worth the wait?Abso-freaking-lutely!!Was I expecting the emotional roller-coaster I stepped on? Nope. At least not to the extent of distress my heart suffered as it was tossed and tugged around. In the past, Cole brought sunshine and smiles with him everywhere he went. It was contagious and I admired him for it. The stress, the waiting, the unfairness gay couples face pursuing adoption brought a lot of dark clouds and tears threatened. Again, this was infectious and I found myself tense, worried and helpless throughout most of their journey.Cole needs to love like we need air. It’s what keeps him alive. The struggles he suffered to hold his baby, a child of his very own, in his arms broke my heart. Sitting in the empty nursery tore me to pieces every time. Jon’s pillar of strength and unconditional love for his husband only solidified my adoration for him. They are undeniably perfect for each other. I could read an entire series about just them!Jonathon tells us their story, well, besides a brief play-by-play from his Dad mid story. But we do have Cole’s emails to Jared, and I couldn't get enough of them. We don’t have any appearances from the rest of the boys, but Cole’s mom does slip into the picture. The drama she brings is frustrating and I couldn’t resist the ewww factor that came along with the surprising arms she seeks comfort in.I ached, I sniveled, and then I giggled hysterically in the delivery room. I could read that scene ten times over and still burst into laughter. I was left with bright smile, a bursting heart, and a craving for more. If you savored the evolving relationship between Cole and Jon, you definitely won’t want to miss this.*5 fretful-fearful-fantabulous stars*Marie Sexton and some of my other favorite authors swing by to chat every now and then....if you wanna play too, you can find us out at

  • Susan
    2018-12-27 01:57

    Some series are special to readers and this one definitely falls into that category for me (and judging by my friends reviews for a lot of them, too). So I was excited to see there was a new book but also slightly nervous. I'll be completely honest, Cole and Jon are not my favourite couple in the series and I had a little mumble to myself wishing the book was about Zach and Ang. In the past I've never been able to truly understand Cole but in this book something finally clicked for me. Maybe it was because in this book he laid himself wide open and I was able to see his vulnerability, his hope and his fear for something he wanted more than anything else in the whole world. He's always been completely non-apologetic about who he is, the clothes he wears, his mannerisms and yet here we see him totally prepared to change everything for one chance at his dream. I was with Cole every step of the way through the tears and the heartbreak and the frustration but what really blew me away the most was that the author was able to give me this whole experience with Cole without sharing the story from his POV (except in a few short messages to Jared). We see it through Jon's eyes, from the way he loves Cole and understands him and would do anything to help him through this difficult period and we see it through George's eyes and how much he too has come to love and understand Cole. Meeting Cole's mum was interesting as it helped me to understand why Cole tries so hard to protect himself emotionally... oh, and Go George!So, no reason to be nervous, then, for me this book was a perfect addition to a well-loved series.

  • Eva
    2019-01-14 09:11

    Heart-warming and tender and loved it... "There is no hope unmingled with fear, and no fear unmingled with hope."~Baruch Spinoza Fear Hope and Bread PuddingCole and Jon's story finale..."I have so much love in my heart, and not enough people to share it with.""Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body."~Elizabeth Stone...and so much more...It was beautiful and moving and made me drop some tears... Loved. Wonderful. Recommended.

  • Jenn
    2018-12-29 03:41

    So I finally got around to finishing this. And I think I realize now why I stopped originally. Strawberries for Dessert isn't a perfect book or anything, but I LOVE Cole and the combination of Cole and John is magic. All the emails to Jared, the differences between Cole and John, the slow build to love; I loved it.But thing with this book is everything is settled, in a way. The tension in the book comes from familial problems in more ways than one. The desire for a baby, the desire to rekindle a lost mother/son relationship, and a young woman trying to find the best family for her child. It's sweet, every day kind of stuff, but just not terribly interesting for me to read. I wouldn't necessarily say it was boring because there were quite a few passages that read lovely and heartbreaking such as the bread pudding dinner, Cole's treck to the bedroom and window, and John desperately wanting in and to help Cole. wasn't really this grande book about romance. John and Cole are solid, but Cole spends most of the book in a deep depression. Realistic and sad, but not something I really want to read and I"m still angry about not having a book surrounding their wedding and focusing on another couple.Also, I can appreciate why the Interlude was there and they way the author intruduced background in a non-infodump way, but again, where is my Cole and John?If I want to revisit this couple, I'll stick strictly to the first book.

  • Gina
    2019-01-19 09:57

    This was a wonderful short story sequel to Strawberries for Dessert Here we see Jon and Cole trying to adopt a baby, and Cole and his mother trying to work on their relationship. This was touching, sweet and I loved visiting these two again. I love Cole and Jon! This left my heart warm and melty!

  • Rissa (an M/M kinda Girl!!)
    2019-01-11 05:00

    NO WAY!!I'm soooooooooooooooo excited for this one! I love me some Cole :)I just wanted to wrap Cole up in the biggest hug and snuggle with him forever! To get to go on the whole agonizing...yet hopeful journey with them, made me seem that much closer to them. I always love the e-mails to Jared and talking about the guys in Coda, it gives the story that extra cozy feel. Can I cross my fingers and hope that we'll be seeing more of this family down the road?!

  • Elsa Bravante
    2018-12-29 07:00

    Continuación de la historia de Cole y Jonathan, solo para los que se hayan leído su historia previa. Es un libro muy corto, pero... está Cole, un personaje para mi maravilloso, solo por eso merece la pena su lectura.Bonito, muy recomendable para los que les gustó la pareja en su libro anterior.

  • Anna
    2019-01-12 07:47

    I would give this 3 stars for the first 50% and 5 stars for the second half, so 4 stars overall it is! I started reading and honestly before that half mark I was kind of sad cause I thought I'd end up disappointed with this book I'd been waiting for for so long, but thankfully it picked up so I ended up really liking it.The reason why I didn't quite enjoy the first half as much is because it was honestly a bit boring for me. Yeah they were traveling around the world but it was said, not actually shown, which I would'Ve preferred. Then they go to Germany for Christmas, and we finally get to meet Cole's mother, they spend some time with her and Jon's dad and that's kind of it. Oh and we get Jon's dad POV, which I wanted, but it ended up boring me to tears cause it was only when he and Cole's mom were left alone. Also during this first half there wasn't enough of Cole and Jon together. Even when they were together, it was usually Cole pushing Jon away, which I didn't really like. So yep, only 3 stars for this.But then they got back to Phoenix and it started really picking up. What with them preparing to meet their future child's mother, Taylor, for an interview, Cole not being himself and thinking he fucked up and then Jon comforts which lead to a very sweet scene. And in the end everything worked out for them because they got their little baby girl and it got me teary-eyed, especially because of Cole and how happy it made him.Ah Cole, God I love this character so much! Definitely one of the most memorable, most endearing and most loveable characters I've had the pleasure to read. The second meeting with Taylor had me grinning the whole time because of Cole being the person we, as readers, fell in love with, but also the person everyone in this series can't help but love. But there's also Jon, whom readers sometimes seem to forget because of Cole, but Jon is just as amazing with his unconditional love for Cole. He'd honestly do everything for him and it made me burst with happiness. He was also so endearing when Taylor was giving birth, not realizing that it doesn't just take two pushes and the baby is out. I was laughing out loud at his inner thoughts.So yeah, that second half was amazing and seeing them happy with their little girl was the best kind of ending I could've asked for.

  • Anne-Marie
    2019-01-05 09:09

    I'm very sorry to say I can't give it more than a 2.I'm happy to learn that Jon and Cole got married and are going to do what it takes to raise a child together. Even though I was taken aback by getting Jon's dad's POV all of a sudden mid-way in the story, however, it served a purpose in making us understand where Cole is coming from. What did bother me (and bothered me quite a bit) is that Jon is telling the story like he's on the outside looking in. He feels like a spectator in the relationship. I get that Cole is sensitive but Jon enables him to continue shutting Jon out the minute he truly feels something. Jon treats him like he's made of glass half the time, unsure of what to do and yet all it takes is for Jon's dad to say "Sit down" to Cole to stop him from running from the situation. I would have loved for Jon to grow a pair, personal growth like that would have added depth to the story. This all makes Cole come across as very self-centered. He is focused mostly on his own role in fatherhood instead of a shared parenthood with Jon. It's Cole's big dream and Jon often seems a by-stander, like when Cole redecorates the baby room for the umpteenth time without really including Jon. Jon is not getting enough love IMO. They have very few intimate, loving scenes together, so that may have been part of it. However, this feeling I had was emphasized in the last email, the conclusion of the story, when Cole is happy as can be and goes on about his love for Jared, how he is his best friend in the world, which is fine of course, but I missed a reference to Jon in the message. It almost felt inappropriate. This is going to end up in a dusty corner.

  • Silkeeeeee
    2018-12-23 06:57

    I loved Strawberries For Dessert.  This book did not compare.  It did bring us up-to-date with Cole and Jon.  I started sniffling about 75% into the book and that's about the time the book got decent.  So, if you want to know about the future in the lives of Cole and Jon, you will probably enjoy reading this book.  Just don't have a lot of high expectations.I had to edit this. I apparently typed Nick instead of Jon. I have too many books going on at the same time and made a mistake. I was told I apparently didn't read the book. I apologize for my error in getting the name wrong.

  • Debra
    2018-12-25 03:57

    A short but sweet HEA for Cole and John. This is the story of their attempt to become parents, which was alluded to in the end of Strawberries for Dessert.No Zach & Angelo or Jared & Matt, other than Cole's emails to Jared. We get a section of George's POV and time with Cole's estranged mother Grace. Would have loved it was longer, but that's just because I loved John and Cole from the previous books.

  • Nila
    2018-12-26 03:08

    Where is the review? Will do a fill-in and hope I find the review.This is a lovely story with a matchless MC in Cole, the beautiful, contrary, loving, loved-starved rich young man who is finding that a very stable, sober, accountant might just fill his empty heart and help him find his dreams.

  • Morgana
    2019-01-05 06:01

    YAAAAAY! I've been waiting so long for this book! Can't believe it comes out next month. It's like Christmas came early! :D

  • Tami (synchro from BL)
    2019-01-18 02:52

    Might contain spoilers!I didn't like this. One star is for "It was partly my fault for even choosing this book."It was not badly written overall, but for me it read like a boring, trying to be dramatic m/f book without much romance, to be honest. Cole mutated into a desperate wife who is fixated on procreation. Not sexy, not romantic. Actually sad and not very flattering for his relationship with Jon. Somehow Cole felt very much like a woman, through the first half of the book at least.I could have lived with this child-fixation, but I didn't find their approach comprehensible. Cole has enough money to go the surrogate-way. He doesn't want that, because "there are enough children in the world who need a loving home". Okay. But obviously those children are only acceptable for adoption for him if they are infants. I know that there are a lot of people who only want to adopt babies. But I cannot understand it. If it really is about how much love you have to give and so on, why not take a child that is a little older? It is heart-breaking how bad the chances of adoption are for older children. So I didn't like this approach. Not at all. I also think that if you have the child-wish as the center of the book, it might have been more interesting to have the child as an actual person in the story and not just an instrument to make the desperate want-to-be-parents happy.I also didn't like that the relationship between Cole and Jon was practically non-existent in this novel.As I said, one star is because this clearly was not my cup of tea, and others without my hang-ups might enjoy it.And I want to add, that I do love children though I don't have some of my own - it's just that I don't think that they should bethe only thing to make someone happy . I find it unhealthy if people don't love their life for what it is - the same with dream partner, career, car, house, jewellery or whatever people feel they cannot be happy without. I am a firm believer in self-reliance. And also in my experience it is 1. not working (and unfair) to make someone else responsible for your happiness and 2. if you manage on your own, the rest falls into place very often nearly magically...but I digress...

  • Wendy Ann
    2019-01-07 01:55

    Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews - 5+ heartsIf you even remotely liked “Strawberries for Dessert”, you are going to fall head over heels in love with this sequel! This was one of those books that might be worth the risk of covertly sneaking a glance at a few pages when things are dragging a little bit at work – just sayin’!!Fear and hope were two emotions that went hand in hand throughout this story. This was true not only pertaining to the possibility of Cole and Jon adopting a baby, but also toward the possibility of mending decades’ worth of misunderstandings, hurt and neglect in the relationship between Cole and his mother. The tension surrounding these issues was like a living, breathing thing that I could almost reach out and touch. I couldn't put this book down. I was helpless to deny how thoroughly engrossed I became after only the first couple of pages and how emotionally invested I became after feeling Cole’s vulnerability and Jon’s protectiveness overwhelm me. I spent the entire book trying to swallow past the lump in my throat and ease the tension in the pit of my stomach. The tears were actually welcome when they finally came. Not only were they happy tears, but whew, I could finally breathe normally again. It’s no wonder I felt so wrung out by the end of the book!This is a MUST READ!!! Cole and Jon took up permanent residence in my heart. There’s room for more, but no fear that anyone can kick them out. I knew the title of the book was likely to have a special meaning, but little did I expect it to feel like a sucker punch once all the pieces fell into place (*sniffles and grabs another Kleenex*). I am such a sap, but I’ll live with that. Simply put, this book is awesome! :)

  • Chelsea
    2018-12-25 10:09

    Oh my God I'm such a sap! The birth scene was just beautiful, i actually got teary. This book was full of intense emotions as Cole and his Mum make up and Jon and Cole's search for a baby goes from bad to good. It was the perfect epilogue for these two.However, I'm not usually a big fan of books that are JUST about becoming parents (I still can't help being teary, but that's more personal experience than any sort of unique writing or storyline) so I actually found this a little boring. But like i said, it was a good epilogue.

  • LiveYourLife BuyTheBook
    2019-01-18 04:03

    5 Stars - KAPOW!Wow! That book was adorable! I have this feeling after reading it that my heart is just bigger somehow. I’m so happy for the characters. To be fair “Strawberries for Dessert” is one of my favorite books. Jonathan and Cole will always be so special to me and revisiting them was such a joy...Read Whit's full review at Live Your Life, Buy The Book

  • Kathleen
    2019-01-12 02:08

    Sweet conclusion to Strawberries for Dessert by same author.