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Elf prince Kort Elias journeys to a new world in search of a stolen royal dragon egg and discovers a lost elven princess, a prophecy, and danger; and only true love--and an erotic magic he's never experienced--will set them free....

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Dragonstone Reviews

  • Karen
    2019-05-30 20:51

    An extremely quick yet enjoyable read! I liked this book, but man it was short, more like an appetizer rather than a meal. The characters were great, Kort and Mia were both interesting and I loved little baby Magnus (but I do have a soft spot for dragons) so that's a check in my book. I also was dying to know more about Chalvaren the world they all came from. Normally I would want more world building in my fantasy books but because of the length I felt I got an adequate amount of info. I'm eager to read the novel and see how it delivers.The author was very kind and provided me with a free copy of this book for my honest review.

  • Katherina Neko
    2019-06-01 15:00

    Originally posted on Book-o-Craze, on a tour hosted by Bewitching Book Tours.I read this short story as part of a review I wanted to write for a blog event!It is the prequel of The Kingdom of Chalvaren series! And, my only regret is that I only picked the prequel to read in order for a review to be up, and not the actual first novel in the series, as well!This was short, but also, hot, steamy, with lots of chemistry between the two characters, and a lot of events taking place in only -less than- 40 pages!There were dragons, amazing ones that could tell between the good and the bad people -and eat the second-, and an enraged village coming to blame an innocent young girl for something she had no idea about!When the Elf Prince arrives to find the dragon, he ends up not only rescuing the girl, but doing so much more!I loved the sweet, innocent heroine, the brave and strong Elf Prince, and I even loved the little village girl that rushed to warn her friend of the impending threat, in spite of the danger she put herself into.I found myself anxious to actually start reading the first installment in the series, in order to see what other adventures await the heroes!All in all, 4,5 stars to this prequel, because it was a short, but very enjoyable, teaser for the actual series!

  • Ciar Cullen
    2019-05-30 17:42

    It's been a while since I've read straight romantic fantasy, but I used to be on a strict diet of it. Dragonstone reminds me a good deal of many of those stories--magic, elves, kingdoms, fated unions. But Ms. Millhouse imbued this short with a hefty dose of sexiness, a mix of classic tropes and contemporary language and reactions, and the thing I liked most--humor. It's not a comedy, but a sweet sexy romance, and yet, the descriptions of Magnus, a dragonlet not quite able to fly (or do much of anything right) really drew me in. I really loved the description here, how quickly the story moved, and how tightly interwoven all the pieces were. Kort and Mia are extremely likeable, and while you know they'll get together, it's fun to go along for the ride. Well, not on the back of Magnus just yet. It drew a giant "aaaaawwwww" from me, and I've never even been a big dragon fan. I look forward very much to the next in this series, and I really hope all the dragons aren't grown up! The babies are too cute. A really fun, sexy fantasy short!

  • Boundless Book Reviews
    2019-06-05 16:39

    Love this book! I read book 2 first by accident but was not disappointed at all. Both books are fine as stand-alone novels and are equally entertaining. I absolutely love Millhouse, she has quickly jumped into my circle of favorite writers.I love her imagination and the imagery she creates for readers. I was smoothly brought into the story and enjoyed every minute. Book one is much shorter and a faster read than the second but written brilliantly! I give this book 5 stars, I absolutely loved it!...Bethhttp://www.boundlessbookreviews.com

  • Bambi Unbridled
    2019-06-05 20:01

    3 stars / 3 flames.

  • Brooklyn Ann
    2019-05-30 15:34

    This was a ton of fun, but too short. Thank heavens there's a full length novel that comes next. I am so snagging it on pay day.

  • Sapphyria
    2019-06-12 20:36

    Please note: Dragonstone is intended for mature audiences!!The Dragonstone is a fist-sized amethyst that has been spoken about as purely a mythical treasure.The Queen of Chalvarens, however, has paid a mercenary to locate the treasure, thought to have been taken to the land of humans ~ a one dimension hop from Chalvaren. This is where Kort, Prince of Chalvarens, has tracked the mercenary that double-crossed his mother and stole a dragon's egg ~ the first theft in over 10,000 years. It made sense that the egg was stolen since the best way to locate the Dragonstone is with a dragon. Dragon's have an affinity for both valuable objects and the arcane. Kort is the eldest son but has no interest in securing the throne or choosing the future queen. His heart lies with dragons and building up the defenses of the kingdom he is one day rule over. He must find the dragonlet, that has since hatched and is now roaming free. As Kort is tracking the baby dragon, he named Magnus, he happens upon a cottage that all but has a sign outside screaming "Elven" ~ in a world where elven things couldn't or shouldn't exist. And what he sees while trying to located said baby dragon, takes his breath away. An elven female from a long lost family of elves that disappeared has somehow managed to survive alongside the human world. Traitor or friend? Kort must now figure out why she's here, where the Dragonstone is, and locate the starving, scare dragon before alerting the humans to their existence.This is a very short little novella but the story is told so well. The plot is well defined and it's easy to keep track of the storylines withing the pages. Dragonstone is a fairytale for adults. Fantasy abounds (elves, dragons, etc.) and is tied up into a nice little romance, complete with spice and sensuality. Kort is a well-written hero that, although he's not looking for a mate, finds one in the beautiful Mia. That's how it usually works in reality, too. I met my husband during a time when I wasn't looking for a relationship. Mia is a strong woman, left to fend for herself after an unfortunately accident claims the lives of those she loves. She lives among people unlike herself and manages to continue to do so....until a Demon Dragon comes flying into town. Now, Kort and Mia must work together to safely transport the baby dragon and the Dragonstone back to Chalvaren before the local villagers kill all three of them.Dragonstone is an easy, fast-paced, enjoyable read!Review Copy Courtesy Of: The Author, Paula Millhouse, via tour host, in exchange for an honest review.

  • Maghon Thomas
    2019-05-28 20:34

    This is the prequel of Chalvaren Rising where we meet our main characters- Prince Kort, Princess Mia, and Dragon Magnus. They are important to this series and you get to see upon meetings, and things get chaos-y, how much you're willing to do and give up to save something that has meaning to you. It's a short story, but is not missing or lacking. It's complex, hawt, and magical. When baby dragon Magnus is stolen in his egg before he's hatched from Chalvaren, Prince Kort crosses portals and worlds to rescue Magnus. And surprise, Magnus has hatched and took off in the forest. And he stops at Mia's house. She's an elf hiding in the human world. And none of them knew how important Magnus's decision to bring Kort to Mia really was. And to make matters worse, the humans don't like the elf, so they are coming for her. Kort must make some choices as well as Mia. Is Kort willing to give up much to help rescue both Mia and Magnus, and is Mia willing to give up her home and everything she knows to help Kort and Magnus. Mia is sweet and innocent, Kort is generous but of course Alpha and dominant, Magnus is just awesome!! It's definitely a beautiful addition to help add to the series. 5 Dragon PAWS!

  • Sylvia
    2019-05-28 17:56

    When Kort's love for dragons leads him to a more serious love for an Elven Princess, everything changes.Kort wants to get a dragon back that is attached to an appealing Prophecy of leadership that may mean him. Only the dragon hatchling can lead him to the Dragonstone, and he's travelled from another dimension to get it back. Little does he know that his goal means that he will have to cross paths with the daughter of a traitor, and one whom he is instantly attracted to. To Mia though, he's just a piece of a fairytale that her father used to tell her, so they start off on an interesting foot to say the least. Things get even more complicated when the village mob comes after them and their dragon.This is a great short fantasy tale with solid characters, an imaginative plot, and a spice of erotica.

  • Samantha Macdouglas
    2019-06-16 19:56

    Dragonstone is a fantasy romance short story. Super steamy with a wonderfully strong and protective hero and a very feminine and yet fierce heroine, this story does not disappoint. If anything, it leaves you hungering for more.Kort races across worlds to save Magnus, a very special dragon who has been stolen and discovers Chalvaren's lost princess. Determined to save them both against mobs of angry peasants, he must convince her to trust him so that together, they can use powerful magic and return to Chalvaren.The chemistry between Kort and Mia is unbelievably hot. Magnus is a wonderful addition to the story. The action is fast and furious and the characters grab the reader and pull them into this beautifully detailed and captivating world.

  • Julie Ramsey
    2019-06-15 20:57

    Elf Prince Kort travels to a different world to find a stolen Dragon Egg. What he finds is the egg has hatched and the baby dragon has no other dragons to train it. Oops Dragon on the loose and eating livestock and a Vicar! Korts finds An elf Princess alone in this world with a town against her. Now they must race to find the and ancient artifact and the baby dragon before the town comes with their fire and pitchforks.This was a good story. The Plot was fun and the erotic scenes were hot. I look forward to reading more from this author.5 STARSPatchescomplimentary book given for a free review.

  •  Patches Braz
    2019-06-12 20:52

    Elf Prince Kort travels to a different world to find a stolen Dragon Egg. What he finds is the egg has hatched and the baby dragon has no other dragons to train it. Oops Dragon on the loose and eating livestock and a Vicar! Korts finds An elf Princess alone in this world with a town against her. Now they must race to find the and ancient artifact and the baby dragon before the town comes with their fire and pitchforks.This was a good story. The Plot was fun and the erotic scenes were hot. I look forward to reading more from this author.5 STARSPatches

  • Leona (Books Inside The Keep)
    2019-05-19 16:34

    Disclaimer: I received as an APC courtesy of the author in exchange for a honest review Science fiction is really not a genre that I read frequently or even on occasion but I am so glad that I had the opportunity to read his book!Dragonstone was so amazing. Even though it was a short read it packed a big punch, it's very steamy too. This is the prequel to Chalvaren Rising, which I'll be reading next. I can't wait to see what's next in this new, and unique world.

  • Beverly
    2019-05-23 20:51

    My thoughts:This is a super fast read. The story is short, but very worth reading. You get a feel for the characters straight away and can't help but get emotional. The storyline is entertaining and complete with an ending that leaves you both pleased and anticipating more. I am looking forward to reading more from Paula Millhouse.

  • Bonnie Gill
    2019-06-15 18:59

    I enjoyed this fun and magical short story so much that I hope she continues to write a series. I didn’t want the story to end. Mia and Kort have great chemistry and I absolutely love the dragon Magnus. If you like fantasy and looking for a fast moving shorter read pick this one up.

  • Stacy McKitrick
    2019-05-29 16:44

    This short (39 pages) story was very entertaining, and I'm not a fan of fantasy. But I do love me some romance and this didn't disappoint. Except, maybe to be too short! Haha! But for a quick romantic read, it hits the spot.

  • Katherine McIntyre
    2019-05-17 17:51

    Sweet and steamy foray into fantasy! Also, Magnus is quite precious <3

  • Gemma H
    2019-05-18 19:02

    Dragonstone is a short introduction to the story of how Kort and Mia meet along with the lost dragon Magnus. I found that right from the beginning I was very drawn into the story which was being played out before me, written so intricately by Paula Millhouse, that I settled down and began to devour the first book; Dragonstone (prequel to Chalvaren Rising) and then the second; Chalvaren Rising, one straight after the other.We begin in Dragonstone with Prince Kort Elias searching for the missing Royal Dragon Egg on Earth after coming through a portal from Chalvaren chasing after the mercenary who stole it from the palace. It is believed, due to prophesy, that the dragon who hatches from this egg will be the one to find the missing Dragonstone, a heavily coveted and important relic that belongs to the Royal family which was stolen many years ago. It is said that when the Dragonstone returns to Chalvaren that peace will return to the kingdoms. Chalvaren is rife with danger and a darkness due to a particular wizardess whose heart is black as night and as cold as ice, she wants to rule all of Chalvaren and Kort believes that it is due to her that this mercenary stole the dragon egg thinking it would lead her to the Dragonstone. But so many years have gone by since the prophesy was made that no one believe's the Dragonstone exists, Kort certainly doesn't.Kort finds the remains of the dragon egg and parts of the mercenary, the egg has hatched and the dragon was hungry, it seems the mercenary misjudged the timing and became the dragon's first meal. This leads to another problem, the dragon is now on Earth where humans don't believe they exist, alone and confused without other dragons to show him the way. Following the signs of where the dragon has been Kort could never have foreseen what and whom he would run into next.....Mia has been living on her own for a few years now after her parent's died trying to help the local village. She is different from everyone else because Mia is an Elf and she is not accepted by the local humans even though her parents made such a huge sacrifice and some of the village's women come to her to ask for potions, lotions, salves and medicines which her mother used to make and now Mia does too. The local Vicar has tried everything in his power to make her life uncomfortable but she has refused to let it get her down. She is a very strong and determined character but you can also see she has a softer, feminine side that is delicate. Meeting Kort is like nothing she has ever experienced, as she has never met another Elf before, she has always had to hide her ears to try and blend in. Little did she know when she got up that morning that her life was going to change so dramatically; Kort - the Elven Prince who stirs a fire deep within her soul like she has never felt before. Magnus - The Royal dragon who shows her that not everything is what it seems, that the story's she heard as a child were more than just fairy tales.Ghostfire rages, Elven words written long ago change history, hidden truths are reviled and a journey together to retrieve the Dragonstone, return themselves, it and Magnus back to Chalvaren via a portal are just the beginning to this amazing story that captured me for hours. It really is the perfect introduction to the series and is fully recommended because the world that Paula Millhouse has created with Chalvaren is highly unique earning her this month's Fantasy & Romance Reviews Fantasy February Special.4.5***** Stars

  • Cherri-Anne
    2019-06-17 14:47

    how better to find a treasure 5 DRAGONSTONESthan with a dragon? Dragons had affinity for all things valuable. He knew dragons, and dragons responded to his gentle, firm hand. It was women who were dangerous. GREAT GHOSTFIRE!! What a DRAGONLICIOUS story!! Elves, dragons & magic, what more could you ask for? Well besides more story, of course! But this book could be 5,000 pages and it would STILL be too short! It truly is that DRAGONTASTIC!! I was so mesmerized by the storyline, Kort, Mia, Magnus, the magic, the history of the characters, the fairy tales and legends, and.. well, every little scale!! Right from the start it had me stepping through the portal into a magically beautiful & wondrous story where I got to live it as both Kolt & Mia!! Of course, the storytelling itself is the true magic!! Told by Queen Paula, her tremendous talent and genuine gift for weaving the exact kind of fantasy stories that I love has me captivated and eager for more! I HIGHLY recommend reading this book BEFORE reading Chalvaren Rising. While this book is short and sweet, a lot of what happens in here will give you the background information for what happens in book 2!! Besides… don’t you want the most out of your reading experience?

  • Merissa (Archaeolibrarian)
    2019-06-06 15:50

    This is a short but sweet prequel in the Kingdom of Chalvaren series, giving some details into how Kort arrives on earth, why he is there and how he needs to get home. Mia thinks that Chalvaren is a myth, stories that her father made up, even though she knows that she is 'different' to the rest of the village. Their connection is instantaneous and certainly raises the temperature. With a mob of villagers, a young girl who helps to save the day, and a few-day-old dragon who helps to get rid of a nasty vicar (am I the only one with a wicked smile about this part? I doubt it!) everything is here for a fantastical adventure, and it seems like the fun is only starting. Quick, hot and to the point, this is a wonderful start to the Chalvaren series that I am looking forward to. Definitely recommended.* I received this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review. *MerissaArchaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!