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Urban Fantasy with a Cyberpunk Twist What’s your life worth on the open market? In this gritty urban fantasy, debt collectors take your life energy and give it to someone more “worthy”… all while paying the price with black marks on their souls.Lirium plays the part of the grim reaper well, with his dark trenchcoat, jackboots, and the black marks on his soul that every debUrban Fantasy with a Cyberpunk Twist What’s your life worth on the open market? In this gritty urban fantasy, debt collectors take your life energy and give it to someone more “worthy”… all while paying the price with black marks on their souls.Lirium plays the part of the grim reaper well, with his dark trenchcoat, jackboots, and the black marks on his soul that every debt collector carries. He's just in it for his cut, the ten percent of the life energy he collects before he transfers it on to the high potentials, the people who will make the world a better place with their brains, their work, and their lives. That hit of life energy, a bottle of vodka, and a visit from one of Madam Anastazja's sex workers keep him alive, stable, and mostly sane... until he collects again. But when his recovery ritual is disrupted by a sex worker who isn't what she seems, he has to choose between doing an illegal hit for a girl whose story has more holes than his soul or facing the bottle alone—a dark pit he's not sure he'll be able to climb out of again.Contains mature content and themes.(The nine episodes of Season One of the Debt Collector serial are collectively 125k words or about 500 pages.)...

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Debt Collector Season One Reviews

  • Coco.V
    2019-01-22 07:57

    FREE on Amazon today (10/30/2017)!

  • Pippa DaCosta
    2019-01-06 01:33

    Really, really, good. I bought the entire season (this boxset) after downloading the first episode Delirium free on Amazon. I knew in the first few pages that this was going to be an awesome read. Lirium is a young debt collector - he absorbs life energy from the dying and transfers it to those who need it more. He's a mess. And with that job description, who wouldn't be?Every time he takes a life, he gets a hit, like a drug addict. But when he transfers that energy out, the high turns into a low, and he ends up drinking and sexing himself out of the funk, so he can carry on living, and doing what he does. We meet him at his lowest. But events take an interesting turn when a sex worker asks him for help. This series has a delightfully dark feel to it. We're dealing with adult themes here. Sex, drugs, murder, the mob. Lirium himself is an intriguing character, and I'd like to read more from him (I love the fatally flawed type). Okay, so maybe the sex-in-the-stairwell scene might have won me over. The writing is some of the best I've ever read, and it's told in first person present tense, which I don't usually enjoy. This was just... Bravo! It's poetic, flows at a beautiful pace, and is quite honestly, absolutely brilliant. I'd love to read more adult books from Susan Kaye Quinn.My only quibble, was Lirium's tendency to grieve one second, to falling in love again the next. One of the characters calls him, guppy, which he hates by the way, but it unfortunately suits him. He's very easily led astray. I'd like to see him turn into a shark and hope/wonder if the author revisits him in later seasons.I don't like serials. I freakin' love this one. I don't like first person present tense. I adore it here.Highly recommended, and I'll be watching for more adult works from this author. She has a new fan.

  • Shannon
    2019-01-14 02:28

    Synopsis:Lirium is a debt collector. When a person’s debt exceeds their life expectancy, he is sent in to extract their debt – in the form of their life energy – which will then be transferred into someone with “higher potential”. And for this reason, Lirium’s relationships consist of drunken, one-night companions paid a small life-hit from the 10% payout he receives from each job. Lirium is young, but he’s getting burnt out. His pscyh officer sets him up with Ophelia, a sexy spunky firecracker that gives Lirium a lift from the moment he lays eyes on her. However, their tryst is shattered when the mob abducts Ophelia. Lirium believes he was the intended target and, with some quick calculations, realizes he was set up. His rage leads him on a path to rescuing Ophelia and he finds himself on Madame A’s doorstep. What he discovers inside defies everything he knows about the debt collecting business. Dying children (who should be at the top of the line when it comes to receiving life hits) lie on makeshift hospital beds. And they desperately need his skills. Madame A and Lirium make a deal – she will help him infiltrate the mob to rescue Ophelia, and he will return and give life hits to the dying children. But when Lirium enters the mob, things don’t go according to plan. But rescuing Ophelia from the mob and holding up his end of the bargain with Madame A are only the beginning.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Review:There is so much action in this series, and so much going on. But it never feels rushed. You get just the right amount of information. I loved all the characters, Lirium especially. He’s so conflicted about his lot in life, but he really tries to be a “good guy” and to do the right thing.I’ve never read a series before. It was a new and interesting experience. And by that I mean, it absolutely SUCKED when I got to the end of an episode and had to wait for the next to be published. I say this because Quinn’s writing is SO GOOD that you get wrapped up in the story and, before you know it, you’re turning to a blank page. The final episode, Passion, released today. I have already bought it and read it.I feel like a purring kitty that just finished a big bowl of warm milk who’s sitting on a fluffy pillow in golden sunlight completely sated.Not sure if it’s for you? Well the first episode is currently FREE on Amazon! Go ahead. Try and read the first episode without getting sucked in.I dare you!

  • Thomas Cardin
    2018-12-28 01:40

    This worked really well for me. I got the first episode free (I put a review of it up around here somewhere). Then a backlog of reading swept me up so that by the time I was ready to read the next episode, the whole of season one was all wrapped up in a tidy package.So, I wasn't stuck biting my nails waiting for episodes to become available, but I wanna tell you, I would have bit them to the bone if I had been.Lirium grew on me. Initially I was kind of stand-offish to addict tendancies. There is a slick transition in there between that and me really caring along with him.People have already talked about the author's wonderful world building and I will second that wholeheartedly. Things run deep and they are well thought out. They systems work. I think if Susan Kaye Quinn were to write a fantasy with magic and spell casting she could show Brandon Sanderson how it's done.

  • Sabrina
    2019-01-12 03:34

    This is a completely different type of book for me so I wasn't sure what to expect but I'm so glad I gave it try. The series format and the fact the I was listening to an audiobook made it feel more like a TV series boxset. There was action all the way to the end.

  • Nikki
    2019-01-15 06:50

    Having finished season 1 of Debt Collector, I stand by my initial comparison of it to 2012's movie Looper. Except that while I hated Looper with an unbridled passion, I enjoyed the first chunk of the Debt Collector season rather a lot. The atmosphere was distinctly noir. Lirium had the whole tortured, trying-to-sound-apathetic hero thing down, and the world had that gritty, rundown sci-fi future feel that reminded me a bit of Blade Runner. I could feel the dust and grime against my fingers of technologies not yet invented now being obsolete and forgotten. I also adored the presentation of a future where people paid their debts with their lives--literally. For each person who had an oustanding financial debt that finally outbalanced the worth of their "life energy" (physical futures) that person's future was "collected" and given to someone else who would make better use of it ("high potentials"). What became frustrating was that most of Lirium's growth points backslided, then such a point that, in the end, it felt like he hadn't made much (if any) progress at all. Just because mercy hits and helping sick children replaced bought sex and booze as his addiction didn't make him any more admirable. There was also a point where he kept falling for the same things over and over and it became downright irritating. People would even tell him "you can't trust me" and prove he couldn't trust them, but he still made it his darn mission to lie to himself and be convinced they were, in fact, beacons of light in a dark world. Another bullet point of frustration that was each time he did the right thing, it was framed in a light that indicated I was supposed to be impressed. And I never was. It was more like, "Oh, why should I reward you for doing the right thing? Are you truly capable of doing something honorable? Or are you just looking for the feel-good kick of righteous fury?" Perhaps this would have been okay, but the other characters also treated him as a shining example. Something I didn't buy. But while the Debt Collector had its faults, I am looking forward to season 2. Perhaps the heroine of that season will have more character progression than Lirium, and I will be following Quinn's writing in the future. Her ideas are interesting, and her prose is delightful (even though I still dislike present tense). *QUESTIONABLE CONTENT NOTE* The Debt Collector series has a "mature content" warning on it, and while it was much tamer than I was expecting given the warning and settings, it's still upper-edged PG-13 maybe R. There are a couple of sex scenes (one brief, one longer), and the gay character enjoys making Lirium squirm with drops of innuendo. The theme of "sex workers" is heavy, though rarely detailed past a description of skimpy dressing and the title of, well, "sex worker." And, actually, the "sex workers" are less promiscuous than the women at the Debt Collector agency.

  • J.A. Belfield
    2019-01-22 04:40

    I was gifted a copy of Debt Collector Season 1 by Susan Kaye Quinn in exchange for an honest review. Seeing as I own every episode in Kindle format, and also the entire Season 1 in print, I think we can safely assume I was already familiar with the story. However, the audiobook brought something new to the table. Because I had a HUGE crush on Lirium whilst I originally followed him in his antics, and having a male narrator put vocals to Lirium’s story took the experience to a whole new level … or so I hoped.In all honesty, I wasn’t sure whether I would enjoy listening to the audiobook. I don’t own any other audiobooks, which is due to the fact that, whenever I’ve tried out the samples, the narrating voices have always sounded too mechanical for my liking. However, Max Miller, narrator of Debt Collector, seems pretty adept at almost all vocal tones, making this one enjoyable experience. Female … male … he did a decent job of them all. As for Lirium’s voice? Oh, yeah, I was more than happy to listen to him for the entire 12-ish hours of Lirium heaven.Anyone who has read my reviews for all of the Debt Collector Season 1 episodes will know how wowed I was by the world building and storytelling, and how wooed I was by this tortured and (naively) heroic MC. So, I really have little more to add on that front, other than to say whatever the format I’ve tried for this story, I have had hours of great entertainment and virtual/fictional company. The only minus that goes in the audio versus print/e-book match is the difference in time length it took for absorbing the tale. I can be a fairly fast reader, and listening to someone else tell you the story can be quite a bit slower than ploughing through paragraphs for yourself. That being said, it was also pretty awesome to be able to stick on my headphones, sink into my pillow in the dark, and allow Lirium’s masculine tones drift me into blissful relaxation.This is one audiobook definitely worth checking out.

  • Adam Heine
    2019-01-07 05:43

    Had trouble putting it down. Pretty much what I expect of Susan Quinn :-)

  • Robert Lovell
    2018-12-27 06:47

    Susan Kaye Quinn's "Debt Collector:Lirium" is an interesting read. The world she has created is a little unique which is a good thing. In a futuristic LA, we meet Lirium a "debt collector". When the Department of Health and Life determines that your debt exceeds your life expectancy, they send in the debt collectors to drain you of your life energy. That life energy is then given to someone with "high potential" to improve life... or sometimes just has the money to pay for it. Lirium it seems has a conscience. We follow him as he traverses the underworld then runs up against a secret organization called Gehenna. I will not tell you anything other than that for the storyline. You will have to read it yourself.Now, why only 3 stars? While the story, the plot, character development all are interesting, I felt it was longwinded and took probably a hundred pages more than it should have. Also, for me, the lead character is a man that has far too much feminism! This is an issue I find with most writers who try to create a character that is the opposite sex.This first book in the series was interesting, but not enough for me to continue with the next one

  • Jane
    2019-01-07 04:53

    In a future world a mutation has given some people the gift/curse of being able to withdraw and gift life force to others. The ever practical government has made use of that power by setting up a sophisticated accounting system where, when people's debts outweigh their continued life potential, a Debt Collector is sent in to remove their remaining life force which will then be provided to a scientist, corporate leader or other worthy individual. Lirium, the subject of this series of serial stories is one such debt collector.This is a rather dark series although Lirium's dry humor and sarcastic mene helps to keep it from becoming morose or depressing. Definitely worth the read.

  • Tina
    2018-12-22 04:54

    I enjoyed the idea. And I enjoyed most of the book. But the danger became nonexistent too easily and I felt like some of the YA tropes were forced. Gotta throw in a big sappy romance when it doesn’t make sense. I would have edited the romance to a slow burn. He shouldn’t have had the courage or believed he was good enough.

  • Donne Knudsen
    2019-01-14 02:44

    Omg! Sooo bizarre! A futuristic tale of a guy who collects dying people's life force and gives it to smart, rich people. The whole story reads like a tv show. Being that I'm not a tv watcher (die hard book reader), it's kind of weird I even liked it but I did. Definitely going to continue with book two or rather season two.

  • Billie
    2018-12-23 00:52

    Somewhat hard to read in places, but a good story. I liked the universe and the technology, but I found the pacing a bit weird, probably because I did it in one go rather than episodes.

  • Dale
    2018-12-31 07:31

    Good read with lots of action. Kinda scary to think about the collectors, but also sad to think about their loneliness from the kind of work they do. I can't wait to read the next part of the series.

  • Karlene Browning
    2018-12-22 02:47

    I really liked this story. Compelling characters. Action. Lots of things to think about. Warning: language, violence, and implied sex.

  • Monica Millard
    2019-01-21 05:56

    I've reviewed each episode separately, but I wanted to give an overall review to the full season too especially since it seams people give up reviewing after the first couple of episodes and the whole thing is so amazing!Lirium is a debt collector, one of a limited percent of the population with a genetic mutation that allows them to draw the life force out of a person and contain it within themselves and then transfer it to high potentials, people who are contributing great things to society. The bean counters/life actuaries calculate what a person’s life span is and how much they can make in that time. If their debt exceeds what they can pay back, they are transferred out, giving their remaining life force to those high potentials, allowing them to shine.As a debt collector, Lirium has to live a solitary life, lest he fall into the unsavory, brutal hands of one of the three mob families in the area. It’s a lonely, miserable life with a job that leaves holes in his very soul. He tries to fill them with his post collection routine of alcohol and anonymous sex with one of Mistress A’s sex workers.When he’s sold out by the same Mistress to a life hit seeker, looking not for a high but a mercy hit, he does it, but then uproots and moves to a whole new place. Now he’s stuck living his miserable life without the ritual that helps keep him alive and sane.The same mercy hit seeker sheds light on a terrible side of the world he believe impossible because he trusted in the system he works for, a system that is supposed to keep kids alive not kill them, no matter what.Now that he doesn’t have half his sanity keeping routine, that only leaves alcohol and the feeling of giving a mercy hit to a dying kid. He spirals out of control, nearly losing it. His Psych Officer, Candy Kane Thornton sends him a mentor to help him get a grip. Unfortunately, the mob is after the mentor and Lirium gets caught in the crossfire. This series is a breath of fresh air in a time when there seems to be a lot of books out there that either push the line or flat out promote questionable behavior and ethics as being okay or even good. Sure, these types of books are fantasy, but as they are read and accepted, they slowly erode the perception of what is good and what isn’t. I was afraid this book might be the same, as the title and the perceived premise match other series’ out there that are. I figured as they are short serials and Susan Kaye Quinn has a YA series she directs people to since this series has adult content, and the first of each is free that I’d download it and eventually give it a try. I’m guilty of being a cover junky, and since this cover was done by the wonderfully talented Steven Novak (he did one of my own covers), I of course loved it and it gave a different impression than what I feared the book series might be. Lirium is a hero that is flawed and broken, but deeply good. He’s in a terrible situation, forced to work for the system or fall into the hands of the mob and either do far worse or die a terrible death. He believes the line the company tells him, because he has to and has never looked to closely. But when the lie is revealed, he can’t live with it. He falls apart and in doing so finds a reason the get it together, a reason to live.Over the course of the nine episodes I watched Lirium grow and become the hero I knew he was, the one I saw in him in that very first episode. He is good, actually good, not that I’m not sure if he’s the hero or not good. I loved that about this book. It gave me someone worth rooting for and investing myself in. Every time I was afraid he’d disappoint me, he instead surprised me with his capacity to not give up or give in to the easy way.Every character in this series was interesting and I found myself hoping they would all turn out the way Lirium did. Even the ones that started out bad, they were heartbreaking and I loved them.I also loved that Lirium’s influence on them helped to elevate them instead of the other way around.I completely loved this series and cannot wait for the next season!

  • Sandy S
    2019-01-16 05:37

    4.5 starsDEBT COLLECTOR (Vol 1-9 Season I) by Susan Kaye QuinnABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date December 2013What's your life worth on the open market? A debt collector can tell you precisely.Lirium plays the part of the grim reaper well, with his dark trenchcoat, jackboots, and the black marks on his soul that every debt collector carries. He's just in it for his cut, the ten percent of the life energy he collects before he transfers it on to the high potentials, the people who will make the world a better place with their brains, their work, and their lives. That hit of life energy, a bottle of vodka, and a visit from one of Madam Anastazja's sex workers keep him alive, stable, and mostly sane... until he collects again. But when his recovery ritual is disrupted by a sex worker who isn't what she seems, he has to choose between doing an illegal hit for a girl whose story has more holes than his soul or facing the bottle alone--a dark pit he's not sure he'll be able to climb out of again.The Debt Collector serial is a dark and gritty future-noir about a world where your life-worth is tabulated on the open market and going in debt risks a lot more than your credit rating. What's a serial? It's a sequence of stories, like a TV series, where each episode is connected to a larger story arc. Each episode is 11-15k (40-60 pages) in length, and each collection of three episodes is the length of a short novel. There will be nine episodes in the first season.~~~~~~~REVIEW: DEBT COLLECTOR Volumes 1-9 is the first Season in Susan Kaye Quinn’s urban fantasy/sci-fi series focusing on a world where your debt is paid with your life. A Debt Collector is one who has the ability to remove the remaining life force from those about to pass on and transfer the energy to others -but- with death comes responsibilities and there are those who use their abilities for illegal and financial gains. Told from first person POV (Lirium) this is the story of Debt Collector Delirium (Lirium) Joe Miller. Originally released as a nine part serial series, Season I focuses on a few weeks in the life of Lirium Miller-a Debt Collector with a conscience-one whose guilt will eat away at what is left of his soul. The deeper Lirium falls into the program the more he discovers that not everything and every assignment are ethically or morally true. Our hero will discover that the people assigned to ensure his mental and physical safety are the same people who will betray Lirium when he needs them the most. DEBT COLLECTOR Season I takes the reader into a futuristic world where the human value is worth only as much as the debt that is owed and that debt must be paid with what remains of one’s life. This is a story that looks at the ethical side of the end of life; the termination of life forces; and the big business of medicine, government and life ever lasting. For those without the ability to pay for their medical care, a Debt Collector will take what remains of their life and give it to someone with the potential to do better.Susan Kaye Quinn pulls the reader into an imaginative tale where medical ethics and human morals are at war with one another. When humanity has reached a point where one’s debt must be paid with one’s life, who becomes the winner in a game of the haves and the have-nots?Copy supplied by the author.

  • Lola
    2018-12-22 01:31

    Before starting with this serial, I never had read a serial before. Basically it is a series released in episodes (short book from around 50 pages). While I read this serial episode by episode, after the release of the last episode it is now bundled in one book, so you can read it like a normal book too.This story takes the readers to a dark and grtty world where there are people called Debt Collectors who collect life energy from people who have too much debt and give this to so-called high potentials. The story is original and unique and from the first episode sucked me into the story. There also is a lot of action and the story is fast paced and kept me wanting to read more and eager for the next episode. The story takes some unexpecting turns and sometimes I had no idea how Lirium, the main character, would get out of the mess he got into. Beside the story the characters are another thing I love about this serial. Especially Lirium, he is such a great character. He tries to be a good guy, but with a job being a Debt Collector that isn't easy. Still he really tries and I kept seeing the goodness inside him, I love the fact that he is such a good character despite his situation. There are also some great side characters like Apple Girl, Ophelia and Valec.Most of the world building is done in episode 1 already, but there is built onto this in every episode. Every episode adds another bit of information to this world and it feels more real with each episode. Although I still think there could've been more world building. I didn't get to know all I wanted to know about the world, but there is enough to get a good sense of the world. I still want to know how the world became this way and how the world as we know it developed into the world in this book. I loved getting to know this dark and gritty world which still has some good characters inside it.To conclude: this is an awesome series, which I would like to recommend to everyone. Episode 1 is free so why not try and see if you like it. It has a great story, fast paced and original. The direction of the story surprised me more than once. I love the characters, especially Lirium. There is enough world building, but I still woudl've liked getting to know more about the world, especially about how the world turned out this way. The ending all wraps it up nicely while still leaving room for your own imagination.

  • Bekah Martin
    2019-01-17 04:44

    A deep and heart-wrenching story with a fascinating premise: what would happen if some people were able to siphon life-energy to and from people? A lot of moral dilemmas, that's what. I am quickly becoming a fan of Susan Kaye Quinn, with her dynamic characters and premises. ^_^ But anyways, I read somewhere that Quinn, the author, fell in love with her main character a bit as she was writing the story. I definitely fell in love with Joe (aka his debt collector name: "Lirium") too, as he struggles to keep going and make the best decisions he can amidst bad and worse options.One of my favorite passages in the whole story describes the moment when Joe fully takes hold of his destiny, refusing to be backed into any more corners. Sort of spoiler alert, I suppose: ---------------------------Joe is ordered to drain the life out of a 14-year old boy, and he pauses in the midst of following his orders: "I look back and the boy's face blurs. His mother probably doesn't even know he's missing yet. She will find his body later, but his life, filled with potential, will be long gone. Stolen by (Spoiler's) debt collectors. By me.It's him or me.Then a realization wells up, an idea from somewhere deep inside me, some secret place I didn't know existed: there is a choice. It's mine to make, and mine alone.And I can choose him. I keep transferring, but I slow it to the barest trickle. Only one of us can live. And the only right thing in the universe is for it to be this kid, not me. (Spoiler) may kill him anyway. I know that. But it won't be me that killed a fourteen-year-old kid... I don't know if (Spoiler 2) is right about there being nothing on the other side. But I'm sure he's right that there's no redemption for men like us, not after the things we've done. There are too many lives we've stolen. Too much death in our hands to have any hope for salvation. Sparing this boy won't save me.But it might save him."Joe is not even entertaining the possibility that he might get out of this act of disobedience alive. He refuses to kill the boy, despite the seeming futility of his defiance. He carves out his own free will, and simply says, later on, in his own words, "I had to make a choice. And I chose not to be a child-killer. That's all there is to it."

  • Francesca
    2018-12-29 04:58

    This series was fantastic. I read the first episode a while back, and I am a fan of Susan Kaye Quinn's other series, the Mindjack trilogy so when I saw that the first season of this serial was on sale I simply couldn't resist the draw and bought it.I couldn't have spent my money better. This series gripped hold of me from the very beginning and would't let go till I finished. I had other things I probably should have been doing, but I couldn't stop reading.Her characters are so real and their motivations and desires affect them so strongly I can see why they make every decision. Her characters are so real in her sci-fi world, and her world is so convincing that I feel like I am there inside the main characters mind experiencing what they are experiencing. Everything in her books is so real. Susan Kaye Quinn is not afraid to get her hand's dirty as an author, and it really helps push how real the story is. When I finished reading I was surprised to still find myself sitting in my room.If I haven't persuaded you yet to buy this book, let me try one more time. Buy it. Go up to your favorite bookseller's website (whether it's Amazon, Barnes n Noble or ibooks), and buy it. It will be one of the best investments in books you have made yet. And I am not one to give away praise too freely. If you're still reading, Stop. Go buy this book.

  • Shay VanZwoll
    2019-01-03 07:55

    Welcome to the future, where your life is measured by your potential. When your debt is greater than your potential, a Debt Collector comes for you. But don't worry... Your remaining life will go to good use, transferred to scientists and CEOs who will use the extra years to further their work.Born with the mutation to his DNA and gives him the ability to give and take life, Lirium finds himself in a despair. Taking the life of the sick and transferring it to rich and famous people, he finds his soul eroding death by death. When he finds out that his mentor was taken by the mob, he risks everything to break her free.The story of Lirium and the Debt Collector universe is really fun and interesting to read. It's obvious that the author put a lot of thought into how the people and politics of this world would react to Debt Collectors. Not everything in the book is perfect, and this may not be the Happily Ever After that readers want, but it's a really good and unique story, and is very well written. The characters feel alive and you can really understand their motives and emotions... And the best part is that the author is planning to continue writing about other Debt Collectors!

  • Josh Smith
    2019-01-07 00:54

    This felt like a YA with mature themes. By that I mean Lirium was this adult who got booty blinded quicker than a high school freshman. It was odd. The first girl, Odelphia or whatever her name is, visits the guy and gives him a peck on the cheek. Then he's so whipped that he's willing to risk his life for her. I mean at least hit it first. Then Elena and him falling so helplessly in love so quickly. He could have been such an amazing badass character but instead he just travels from vagina to vagina while stressing himself out. That whole thing is a bit odd in itself since you'd think a grim reaper is a tad more.....apathetic? Perhaps this is what the author wanted with the character and I'm simply projecting my desires but still...his childlike nature annoyed me. Especially since overseeing death would most likely make you more mature. Aside from that this was an interesting concept and a fun read. The world-building was done well but I felt like Madam A's house could have been a bit more descriptive. Her safehouse as well. A couple landmarks would have helped immensely with these settings.

  • Lady Entropy
    2019-01-04 02:39

    I am surprised I hadn't written down a review for this series, because I was stunned by the impression it left on me. After spending half an hour looking for it, I gave up and simply decided to write it. Ahem: Debt Collector is one of the best cyberpunk series I ever read, and damn if I wasn't caught by surprise by how well written it was, by how interesting the setting was, and by how original it managed to be, even as it hit all the typical tropes of cyberpunk(which I love with a passion of a thousand suns).I could spend a lot of time praising the setting, the protagonist and the characters, plus the plot, but I will simply say "nailed it". The perfect mix cyberpunk loves of sinner and saint, competent and flawed, victim and rebel appeared in all the characters, antagonists included.Each beat was perfect, heartfelt, and the plot was balanced, easy, smooth, and gripped you like no other. I rushed to buy the second volume as soon as it was out, and I will even pick up other books from this author, because I want to see what she does in other series and settings. I love her writing style and her ideas, and the richness of her setting.

  • Sharon Stevenson
    2018-12-25 06:32

    'Debt Collector Season One' is the story of Lirium, who works as a debt collector in this dystopian series of novellas. He is tasked with collecting life energy from the dying and passing this energy on to people who have been deemed as having high potential to contribute to society.This was such a cool idea I just knew I had to read it, and I wasn't disappointed. The characters are interesting and the plot is fast-paced and action-packed. The story is entertaining from start to finish, with some shocking twists and turns on the way to its satisfying conclusion. I thought the first couple of parts were particularly brilliant. There were one or two less believable moments further in, but overall this didn't impair the story in any way.This book is suspenseful, entertaining and very easy to read. I had to know what was going to happen next at the end of each part, and definitely wanted more when it was finished. I look forward to meeting another of Quinn's debt collectors in the next season!

  • Anna
    2018-12-27 03:45

    I hate to admit it, but I was disappointed in the rest of this series. The first "episode", which you can get on Amazon for free, was startlingly good. And the rest isn't really bad, but it's got some issues.The biggest issue for me (which probably won't bother most people) is that it felt very sensationalized, like I was watching a TV crime show. I enjoyed the grittiness of the first episode, but there was a *lot* of violence in the subsequent issues that just pushed me over the edge into not enjoying it.I am glad I read Debt Collector, though, because I'd previously thought writing a serial was a good idea. Make each installment 99 cents and you can develop a fan base for your novel as you write it. After reading Debt Collector, though, I realized that a good serial is extremely hard to do properly. It's tough to make each episode have a stopping point, but still keep the novel's momentum going. In the end, this ebook felt more like TV than like a novel, and I'm not a fan of TV.

  • Heidi
    2019-01-20 01:33

    I absolutely loved these serials and was so happy to get them all together in one collection! They are short, and you can read them very quickly. I think that Susan is an excellent writer with a vivid imagination and she is able to describe things in a way that bring you into the story. The debt collector world that is shown to us is very cruel. Lirium discovers things along the way that he believes are immoral and wants to change things. He has been described as immature by another reviewer, and yes, he can be. But I think most of us are rather immature when we are in are early 20's and just learning to think about putting others first. His "immaturity" is one of the things that makes this story come alive. It's his fallibility that makes him human and easy to relate to. Lirium has a lot of crazy things happen to him, and fortunately for him he has friends who help him along the way. I love everything of Susan's that I have read so far, and if you like her other work you will like this series. I am excited to start on the second part of this series!

  • Cherie
    2019-01-02 01:34

    Lyrium is a debt collector a reader can root for in Susan Kaye Quinn’s Debt Collector Season One.Quinn creates a gritty futuristic world where mobs terrorize people and debt collectors will take your life energies to pay off your monetary debt. The technological advances are spectacular and felt so realistic. I could believe we could have things like that in the future.Although I read this as a nine-part serial, season one is complete. The use of present tense throws the reader into the urgency of the situation, and Quinn has a fantastic sense of pace. I enjoyed reading each story as a serial because it reminded me a lot of a TV drama.Lyrium’s growth is so satisfying to read. He’s not had an easy life, but he rediscovers his soul throughout season one. Each character adds to Lyrium’s growth and the overall story. Quinn has a way of writing heart-breaking characters. You just wanted to find a way to protect so many of them against the evils in their world.I absolutely loved Debt Collector Season One by Susan Kaye Quinn and look forward to Season Two.

  • tracey welch
    2019-01-19 04:33

    Unique conceptI enjoyed this book. And at first I thought each season was going to be a completely different story. But after getting past seasons one and two I felt more comfortable with in the world the author was building. For in the beginning there seemed to be a lot that you have to accept as given without any background reasoning for why it was this way or that way. Although, something's were eventually explained. In my opinion, just a bit more detail of world explaining would have gone a lot way. The characters were kind of the same way to me. It was just,here they are, accept them. It is really hard to explain. But some key elements were missing that made me want to connect with the characters. Overall, this book is enjoyable like it said but I would be remiss to go higher than three stars.

  • Trisha Perry
    2018-12-25 08:49

    Lirium's job is to collect debt, but in the future that is done by taking life energy. He does his job for what it is worth, drinks vodka, and indulges in sex workers to keep him sane. That is until the sex worker sent to him isn't what she seems and sends his whole life into a whirl-wind, one you won't see coming and you won't be ready for it to end.What can I say but, wow! This was awesome, Susan Kaye Quinn has hit another grand slam with this series. Lirium is the bad guy you just fall in love with. I had the audiobook and Max Miller was a great Lirium, his narration was so good I will definitely be looking for more audiobooks narrated by him in the future. But whichever format you choose you can't go wrong with this series, it is that good. Now do I go ahead and get season 2 or wait for it to come out on audiobook as well?

  • Dawn
    2019-01-20 07:33

    This serial of nine “episodes” follows Debt Collector Lirium. In this world a Debt Collector is like the Grim Reaper with a twist. Lirium and his fellow Debt Collectors are sent to collect a person’s “life energy” when an individual’s debt exceeds his/her life expectancy; that life energy is then transferred to a to someone with “higher potential.” We first meet Lirium as he prepares for his post transfer ritual of vodka and sex workers; during this ritual Lirium meets a girl who is more than she appears to be and that sets him off on an adventure filled with intrigue, double and triple crosses, government conspiracies, mob hits, and a whole lot more. The series is well written, the characters engaging, and the action/plot moves along well. This is a very enjoyable read.