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Snowscape is set after the end of Monsters of Men, so that’s when you should read it.That’s all I’ll say, I don’t want to give anything away. ;-)- Patrick Ness...

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Snowscape Reviews

  • Brigid ✩ Cool Ninja Sharpshooter ✩
    2019-01-05 06:25

    Attention Chaos Walking fans! You can read this story as well as "The New World" and "The Wide Wide Sea" by going here! Or see message 15 in the comments below (in fact, that would probably be the better option because it's faster, haha).Note: If you haven't read the whole trilogy yet, this story is best read after Monsters of Men. … And by that I mean, trust me, do not read this unless you've read Monsters of Men. Or you will like, spontaneously combust or something.Well, all I can say is … My little fangirl heart was not prepared for this story. I was just reading along and suddenly:THE ENDING. OH DEAR LORD.But I'll put that aside for a moment and try to just talk about the short story itself. The ending definitely made my day (well, and my life pretty much), but I don't want to ignore the fact that the rest of the story is amazing as well.First of all, we get to see some beloved old characters––Lee and Wilf! SQUEEEE! YES YES YES.I thought it was really cool to get Lee's point of view. He's a cool character and I always kind of wanted to know more about him. So … I loved getting his perspective so much. And what was so awesome about it––besides it being Lee––was this idea of him being blind, but using other people's Noise in order to see.That. Is. So. Cool. Patrick Ness you freakin' genius, stop being so awesome. Just stop. (Haha just kidding don't stop, I love you.)And then there was the monster in this story … the Snowscape. Holy hell, I was terrified of that thing, biting everyone's heads off and all. Yikes.But it's not just a two-dimensional evil creature, either. I won't spoil it––but I'll just say, there's actually quite a terrible and sad story behind the existence of this monster. And dang, it's not what I expected. Patrick Ness, your creativity always amazes me.Okay, and now I have to address the ending because it's killing me. (view spoiler)[;ALKDSJF;LSKJF;LSKJDFKLJSGHGHAK;FKLSDFJAL;SKDJF;LKAJSSSSSSGAKHGJLSAHGJHLSJGHLKJDFSKLA;GHAKD;GKJAS;LGJLS;DJFLSJD;FAJSDF;KGHAHDGJHSLAJHGJDKSHFKSJD;GAEOIGENG;AK;JFKAEJFH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Haha okay I think that about covers it.Just kidding. But really, though. I just … can't contain myself. I don't even know what to say.When Viola suddenly showed up I was just like:;AKDJF;SJD!!!!!!!And then there was a split second when it seemed like she was about to say Todd had died. And I was just like OH GOD NOOOO NOOO DON'T DO THIS TO ME. I CAN'T TAKE IT.And then … then she says … TODD IS AWAKE. TODD. IS. AWAKE. OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. WHAAAAAAAAT.I just had like a total meltdown, and was just sitting there squealing with tears in my eyes. And my sister was like, "Brigid what is the matter with you?" Ah hahahaha. It was just … too much. Too many feels.I mean, since I finished Monsters of Men I always believed that Todd didn't really die and that he would come back at some point. But still … it was just so amazing to have that closure, to know for a fact that he is alive. It's just … GAHH I'M SO HAPPY. It kills me that it just ended there, though. Mannn I wanted to see Todd again. I miss him so damn much. But I guess you can't have your cake and eat it too, eh? Haha oh well. I mean, that ending was still all I could have asked her. AHHH I just wish there was more. But yeah. It was amazing. (hide spoiler)]For those who didn't read the spoiler––there is one killer ending. OMG.So yeah, okay. This was utterly fantastic and I loved it and it gave me all the feels. The end. Oh yeah, also this happened:OMG PATRICK NESS ACKNOWLEDGED MY EXISTENCE. WE ARE PRACTICALLY BEST FRIENDS NOW, RIGHT??????["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Lotte
    2019-01-05 07:10

    That last sentence though.

  • Shannon (leaninglights)
    2019-01-03 02:35

    BLESS. If this novella didn't exist, I'd be a very unhappy lady. Crazy!! Never a dull moment in Chaos Walking!

  • Raeleen Lemay
    2018-12-22 06:06

    The last sentence was the only thing that mattered for me in all 40 of those pages.

  • Snezana BookWitch Gligorijevic
    2019-01-07 07:23

    Sada kada sam procitala i novele ove predivne trilogije i kada su se utisci malo slegli, mogu da kazem da je knjiga jednostavno fantasticna!!!Kada mi je kum doneo knjige i dok sam ga slusala koliko ih hvali, bila sam malo skepticna posto je u pitanju Y/A distopija. Ali, ljudi moji, ovo nikako nije knjiga za decu, omladinu, sta godi. U taj zanr se moze svrstati samo po stilu pisanja i godinama glavnih protagonista. Sve ostalo, tema koja Nes opisuje, medjuljudski odnosi i sukobi su preteski za nevine decije mozgove.Da postoji mogucnost da se da vise od 5 zvezdica, ova trilogija bi ih dobila 10!!!*Now when I read the short story of this amazing trilogy, and when my impressions shrugged, I can say that the book is simply fantastic !!!When my godfather brought books and while I was listening to how his gloryfing, I was a little skeptical since it is Y/A dystopia. But, folks, this is not a book for children, adolescents, whatever. In this genre can be classified only by the style of writing and the age of the main protagonists. Everything else, a subject that Ness describes, interpersonal relations and conflicts are too difficult for the innocent children's minds.If there is a possibility that this trilogy can be given more than 5 stars, it will won 10 of them !!!*

  • Tania
    2019-01-11 05:27

    If war is hard - and it is, forever and always -then after war is just as hard, in a different way.A glimpse into what happened after Monsters of Men ended. It includes one of my favorite characters - Wilf. I really, really miss Todd though. Mr.Ness can you pretty please write another full length installment in the Chaos walking series. And if it's not asking too much maybe you can bring Manchee back from the dead.

  • Katrina McQuade
    2018-12-28 07:17

    Not an official review but OH MY EFFING GOODNESS!!!! Spoiler coming up:I began to read this story out of the pure curiosity of what happens to our beloved Todd and as soon as I began to read, I realized that I'll never get the closure I wanted. I was 99.9% sure that there would be no mention of Todd because of where the story was headed....AND THEN THE LAST TWO PAGES HAD ME LIKE... OMG... I CAN'T EVEN...HE'S AWAKE!!! And those were the only words I ever had to hear. After having my heart broken for far too long because of the open-ended, leave-it-to-your-imagination ending of Monsters of Men... I was overjoyed to the ending of this amazing story by the astounding Patrick Ness. The tears flowed and it took a while for them to stop. I'd give this 43 page short story 6/5 stars if I could.

  • Max Lau• Maxxesbooktopia
    2019-01-19 08:24


  • Dannii Elle
    2019-01-09 08:22

    This is a follow up short story to the Chaos Walking trilogy and can be found here.This follows on from events that occur in the final book of the trilogy, Monsters of Men. I feel it was only fair that Ness chose to give Lee a voice in this final story, seen as he (view spoiler)[lost his sight (hide spoiler)] in the main series.Lee, along with a crew of nine others, have set off to explore their new home planet. They have travelled from Spackle group to Spackle group, until they reached the snowy reaches of the edge of the world. This icy region is thought desolate and uninhabited but the group soon learn, with devastating consequences, that this is incorrect.This was probably my favourite short addition to the series, as it brought back many of the original beloved side-characters. It furthered both the main story and gave the reader a broader perspective of the world. The utter magic of Ness' writing is that it never delivers the expected. Despite this measuring in at under 50 pages, it still managed to re-evoke one of my favourite fictional worlds, create believable characters and creatures and make the reader exhibit every emotion of the spectrum! I am only sad that reading this truly means I have reached the end of my adventures in this world.

  • Sarah
    2019-01-12 05:34

    Another intriguing look into a different part of Patrick Ness's world. I liked how it confirmed the ending of Monsters of Men and I felt very emotional at the last page. Just a very suitable ending. I want more short stories or books because I love what Patrick Ness has created.

  • Romie
    2019-01-18 06:07

    Omg that was angsty af.And also really interesting.I'm glad to know they're finally exploring their new world, and also glad the peace between them and the Spackles is working so well.But the story in itself made me feel like I was reading a horror story tbh ^^Also the end made me SO happy :DAround the Year in 52 books.52. A book set in a fictional location.3.75

  • Stella☢FAYZ☢ Chen
    2019-01-13 02:31

    OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY.My prayers/positive thoughts have been answered! Patrick Ness actually wrote two additions short stories set in the Chaos Walking world. Well it is real life and I can't handle what my emotions are doing to meOh right, the review. Ahem...right. Back on track.Without saying too much about the plot, I want to establish an already known fact: Patrick Ness knows how to write young adult stories. This was no exception. We all know how you felt reaching the end of Monsters of Men and this additional 40 pages will bring those emotions back but ooh guys, your questions will be answered.If you want to be kept in the dark, I don't recommend reading this book! I know some of you enjoy ambiguous endings and I do too. I have a love-hate relationship with the ending of Monsters of Men but as much as it hurt me, I still revisit it every year. I flip back to those last pages and UGH FEELS. It hurts but it feels you good, you know what I mean? Snowscape offers "closure" to the readers but if you don't want that, you can ignore these 40 pages exists.

  • Emily
    2018-12-22 05:19

    I’m not sure if I think this story added anything to the series or not. I’m leaning towards not. The bulk of the story was ok fun, but not necessary in any way. It added a little to the exploration of Noise, but nothing as thought provoking as I found most of the facets of the series. I didn’t particularly enjoy it. Now, the ending- (view spoiler)[I feel like the ambiguous ending to Monsters of Men was a more profound way to leave the series. This wrapped everything up more neatly, but I’m not sure that was a good thing. This is not the usual stance I would take. Usually I’m all for extra information, liking stories with additional POVs giving us a look before or after books, liking loose ends tied up and questions answered. However, I think it maybe detracts here from the deep feelings the enigmatic ending elicits without actually giving the reader more to go on. Readers hoped and assumed that Todd would wake up. It’s what is going to happen after or more of what happened in Haven while he was healing that would have been of interest, I think. This story gave us a little of the latter, but not very much. (hide spoiler)]

  • Buvenes
    2019-01-14 08:10


  • Denisse
    2019-01-01 02:14

    Sweet Lee, Lee sweet! Good story in general, interesting, thrilling all the way through. But more than that, just an awesome ending for the Chaos Walking trilogy in general. Great in all the sense of the word. Read it only if you have already read the main trilogy.

  • Ashley Daviau
    2019-01-12 08:29

    I honestly don't know what the point of this short story was. I thought it would at least provide some closure after the way the final book ended but it just left me with even more questions and an even bigger feeling of discontent. I thought it was utterly pointless and quite frankly a waste of my time.

  • Shakira
    2019-01-18 04:23

    the last sentence THE LAST SENTENCE I'M CONTENT NOW OK I WAS DEPRESSED MOST OF YESTERDAY i legit skimmed this whole novella i gather it was told in lee's perspective? idk who cares the last f*cking sentence XD XD XD.

  • Ayesha Syed
    2018-12-26 05:20


  • Crini
    2018-12-26 05:27

    YESS! That last page was exactly what I wanted! Perfect! <3

  • Marjolein
    2019-01-14 05:29

    Full review to come!

  • Sonja Arlow
    2019-01-09 07:26

    This short little novella is based on what happens after Monsters of Men and is for people who just could not let go of the story after the series ended…. It's told from Lee's POV which is interesting since he's blind but to be honest I did miss hearing the story told in Todd and Viola’s voices.I would highly recommend the entire Chaos Walking: A Trilogy as it is one of the most unique dystopian series I have come across in a long time.

  • John Velo
    2019-01-03 06:18

    Ahhhhh! What a great way to truly end this series!I already knew from the last sentences of Monster of Men that Todd was ok and about to wake up, but reading it again here just made things more concrete. Plus, reading another short story from this world is pure bliss. An enjoyable but also terrifying adventure told in the perspective of Lee.

  • Trisha
    2019-01-14 07:29

    "everything bought has to be paid for by somebody"There are some series that, when you finish the last book, you feel good - you're ready to move on and leave the characters.Chaos Walking is NOT that series. I was so excited to see there were shorts to finish out the books and the series. I could hardly stand it - waiting to read them - but I knew....once they were read, the series was over. But now that we have a movie coming out, I can read them and finish out the series. This is a wonderful addition. Interesting and odd, adding more depth to the story and then giving us EXACTLY what we need to finish the series at the end.I loved it. If Patrick Ness gives us more....I'll gladly read them. Otherwise, I'll see him 11/10 and listen to him talk about writing and I'll anxious await the movie!

  • Siobhan
    2018-12-30 03:10

    This was a nice little ending, a nice little short story to give us an idea of what went on following the events of Monsters of Men.For me the short story wasn’t quite what I had expected – I wanted more details about the lives of our main characters, and it was only really the final line that I had been on the edge of my seat to hear – but it was nice to get more of the world.What I really loved was the way in which we were given Lee’s perspective of the world. Lee quickly became one of my favourite characters and it was nice to see something from his point of view – especially given his disability. Honestly, the way in which we see the world through Lee’s issue is truly brilliant.In fact, quite a lot about this short story was brilliant. I think the fact that I was waiting for more in regards to our main characters from the series prevented me from realising that. We got to see a new side to the world as we’re given a really unique predicament. In all honesty the idea behind this story was wonderful, so much more than I’d been expecting.It was a nice little addition to the series, but still I find myself wanting more from the world.

  • Ro
    2019-01-02 03:07

    4,5/5Esta historia corta me gustó muchísimo, especialmente porque no sabía con qué iba a encontrarme tras el final de Monster of Men.Si bien Lee no es mi personaje favorito ni de lejos, me pareció bastante interesante ver las cosas desde su perspectiva y la trama que se nos plantea. En especial disfruté el hecho de que, si bien Patrick nos cuenta un poquito qué está pasando con nuestros personajes tras el final, sea muy, muy vago al respecto, dejando el resto a la imaginación y, sobre todo, al futuro.La idea de esos Spackle y su chivo expiatorio estuvo brutal, y si bien en mi opinión no alcanzó completamente para las 5 estrellas, me alegro de que nos diera un cierto vistazo a todos los aspectos de los Spackle, no sólo el que vemos en la trilogía principal.Y me encantó, me encantó, me encantó esa última línea, cómo termina la historia.Si ya has leído los tres libros principales, tienes que leer Snowscape.

  • Jean Claudia (Bookish Poetess)
    2019-01-21 09:14

    I find this novella unnecessary. It's not really what I expected. It's about Lee and Wilf and other people from the ships who have done some exploration in the new world and met a bunch of Spackles who were called the Snowscapes and then the story goes on and the last sentence was the only thing I've been expecting all along then that's it. It's done.Can you please write another novella Patrick Ness? It's still a cliff hanger. I wish I never read this one. I'm needing more.

  • Anton
    2019-01-11 04:06

    I think this was an okay read. The only character I truly cared about Wilf. I think the Snowscape monster was a bit farfetched for the Chaos Walking world, and did not make enough sense to exist. However, the ending which reveals whether or not Todd wakes from his coma bumped this up from 2 to a 3 star short story. Definitely my least favorite Chaos Walking short story, but thanks for the ending Patrick Ness!! We needed to know that!

  • Tasneem Jamal
    2019-01-08 03:33

    4.25 stars the last novella in the chaos walking trilogy .... it was a really good one, despite that it is small (45 pages) it was full of actions and with new ideas ...I really recommend to read this novella for all the people who read the chaos walking trilogy because most of the reader skip the novellas , but they are really good so read them people

  • Kaethe
    2019-01-20 06:06

    7 January, 201726 July, 2014I agree with Ness, don't read it until you've read the rest of Chaos Walking. It's disturbing.Free online:

  • Izzy
    2019-01-17 09:19

    That sentence, that one final sentence, was the perfect closure for the entire series.(If you'd like to read any of the short stories from the Chaos Walking series, they're available for free download here.)