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This book was inspired by the Baal Shem Tov, a great teacher who lived in the Ukraine in the 18th century. It is a story about how all of us have the ability to unlock the gates of heaven--no matter how unworthy we think we are. For when we go against out selfish natures, we make miracles happen, in our lives and in the lives of others. We must never forget that hidden behThis book was inspired by the Baal Shem Tov, a great teacher who lived in the Ukraine in the 18th century. It is a story about how all of us have the ability to unlock the gates of heaven--no matter how unworthy we think we are. For when we go against out selfish natures, we make miracles happen, in our lives and in the lives of others. We must never forget that hidden behind a large amount of darkness is a large amount of light. --Madonna...

Title : Yakov and the Seven Thieves
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ISBN : 9780670058877
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 32 Pages
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Yakov and the Seven Thieves Reviews

  • Linda Lipko
    2019-01-03 08:23

    I was skeptical when I saw the author listed as "Madonna!" Then, I opened the book to find lush, lovely images that enticed me to purchase it.I need not have worried; the story is lovely and Gennady Spirin is one of my favorite illustrators/artist.A cobbler by the name of Yakov has one child, a son who is gravely ill. Despite all attempts to cure him, Yakov and his wife, Olga, grow increasingly frightened when their son is slipping away. Hearing of a man of healing who lives in the last house of their village, Yakov goes to seek his guidance.Attempting to give all his money to the learned elder man, his coins were refused, stating that if he is successful in helping, perhaps the cobbler would make a pair of shoes for his grandson. The next day, he visited the wise sage only to be told that when he prayed, the gates of heaven would not open. Thus, Yakov was told that his son's death is inevitable. In distress, Yakov begged the wise man to try yet one more time.The elderly man told his grandson to go into the village and find all the thieves, pick pockets and criminals and bring them back to the house. Among the lot was Vladimir the Villain who could bend metal and punch holes through stones, and Boris the Barefoot Midget is successful at grabbing the purses of old ladies and the toys of little ones. Among the lot were Ivan the Arsonist, Petra the Pickpocket Stinky Pasha and a large host of near do wells.When the old man asked the beggars to pray, they all got on their knees and followed his directions to pray. Amazingly, a miracle occurred. The prayers of the man who previously robbed by opening gates, helped to open the gates to heaven so that the child could be healed. The next day, Yakov came with a new pair of shoes for the elder's grandson. His son was alive and well. It was the prayers of the gang of crooks that made a difference.

  • SmokingMirror
    2019-01-18 08:02

    Maybe an extra star for the illustrations.Gennady Spirin is an illustrator I love, and it astonished me that he had worked on a book with Madonna. The story is not the worst book I have read but it desperately needs editing. The tone is all over the place, at times suggesting a mode of self-consciousness which is anachronistic. The descriptions of the thieves are cloying in an attempt to be humourous: one thief's attributes rhyme in a sort of triplet, and the rest are depicted in ordinary prose, so that the intended effect is puzzling. Questions:If the story is based on the Baal Shem Tov why are all the character names Slavic?Why does the wise man explain the miracle through a kind of third hand Jungian metaphor?Is it okay to refer to someone as a midget?Can there be only one "naughty" female thief amongst of all the males?Will a disgruntled reader ever go on a pyromaniacal rampage at the warehouse storing these and all other poorly edited but best-selling vanity projects?Should I acquire this book for Spirin's sake or not? (Answer: probably not.)Madonna gets some credit for being more literate than she had to be, and for choosing a first rate illustrator, and for giving him credit on the cover.

  • Elijah Park-Rosser
    2019-01-14 01:08

    Artwork was good.

  • Tory Haberman
    2019-01-07 08:05

    Yakov and the Seven Thieves by Madonna and illustrated by Gennady Spirin is about a man named Yakov who had a young son named Mikhail who was very ill. His illness was a mystery and only a miracle could save him. So, he and his wife Olga decided to seek advice from a wise old man who lived in the last house at the edge of the village. Yakov arrived at the house and met both the wise old man and his grandson Pavel. The wise old man then told Yakov he would pray to heaven, not realizing that his prayers will only reach the gates of heaven. The following day, the wise old man would try again but asked Pavel to find all the thieves, pickpockets, and criminals in the village and bring them back to the house. With that, all seven of the thieves, after much rambunctiousness, all closed their eyes, bowed their heads, and prayed with the wise old man. Then something miraculous happened, the very next day, Mikhail was cured and healthy once again.This book is simple, yet a heart-warming book that has a very good message. The thieves in the book provided the key to opening the gates to heaven because they represented the sins in us as human beings that are bad, and parts in us we need to change to be happy. That is when miracles happen, because we accept and acknowledge our bad traits. We embrace good deeds while turning away from bad behavior to receive good fortune. That is why the wise old man himself was not able to do it alone. Not only that, but the amount of details and the array of colors the illustrator uses in the book is quite extraordinary. Each character was represented in their own unique way as they showed each thieves’ traits of stealing from being a master jewel thief to snatching old ladies’ handbags and small children’s toys. Also, the clothes worn really represent the time period back then as ladies wore bonnets and long gowns; primarily set somewhere in the years 1720 to 1750. That aside, the letter used to start each new page makes the text really stand out and bring its own type of uniqueness and take in the time period. It really helps enhance the illustrations as well. This book is another well thought-out book written by Madonna herself.

  • Jaimie
    2018-12-24 08:57

    This book was slightly better than The Adventures of Abdi, but I still found it rather unappealing. The fairy tale inspired story is a wonderful start (it channels a certain Hans Christian Andersen vibe with its focus on prayer and a child protagonist who must be saved by its caring parents), but I found the choice of illustrative style to not match well with the story. By naming the protagonist Yakov, they immediately place the story in Eastern Europe, a setting which is further compounded by the small town setting, the superstitious townsfolk, and the kindly village magician (an old man who does magic, but who the townsfolk seem to accept without negative judgement). Yet, the illustrations seem to be influenced by the fashions of France and Germany, as we see many a curled ponytail and high-heeled shoes on the male characters. I would have expected a more Russian style of illustration at least, if not an even more specific style to depict potentially Jewish characters.

  • vaugnfreech
    2019-01-13 09:23

    I've been hearing this rumor about Madonna. Why has she remained famous all these years? Oh well, coz she paid the devil her soul. I dunno if it's true.But then, after reading one of her children's books, I think it's not true. She just emphasized on the power of prayer.Set in a European place, Yakov and the Seven Thieves, is a story that gives us a lesson...that no matter how bad a person is, the gates of Heaven can still be opened. The main character is Yakov, who is having a sick son named Mikhail. He sought the help of an old man in their village, believed to be talking to angels.The old man prayed for Yakov's child not to die. But the gates of Heaven was closed. With this, he requested the seven most dangerous thieves in the place to pray with him.Yakov's son got well and truly, it's a miracle.

  • Nancy Freund
    2019-01-11 01:09

    Very cute, with wonderful illustrations by Russian-born, New Jersey artist Gennady Spirin. The front flap explains that the story is inspired by the Baal Shem Tov, a great teacher who lived in the Ukraine in the 18th century. The tone of the story seems to match this other-era, other worldliness. It's not quite a fairy tale, but there are definite elements of that in both the story and the illustrations. Anyone who listens to Madonna's lyrics must recognize an open-minded spirituality at the center of much of her music, and this children's story aligns with that interest as well.I was given this book by a friend, and it was a pleasant surprise.

  • Nichole
    2019-01-11 08:02

    Each of her stories is as precious as the rest. Madonna writes these stories in a wonderful way which appeals to adults as well as to young children.In this story, Yakov and Olga’s son is very sick and Yakov does not believe he will live much longer. Heeding the direction of Olga, Yakov headed to the house of the Old Wise Man, needing a miracle. Ultimately, the man needed the help of seven thieves from town in order to heal Yakov’s son.The old man said that it is only by acknowledging the faults we have in ourselves that we can perform miracles. So true.

  • sofwan rizky
    2019-01-02 07:00

    ISENG. Penasaran awalnya. Ingin tahu bagaimana seorang Madonna menulis sebuah buku -sekalipun itu buku anak-anak.Dua bintang untuk kisahnya. Klasik, simpel, tetapi sayangnya pesan moral yang disampaikan kurang nendang. Padahal saya mengharapkan pesan moral yang lebih di balik tujuh pencuri unik ini.Total untuk buku ini tiga bintang. Satu bintang datangnya dari ilustrasinya yang cukup 'wah', pas dengan porsi cerita di setiap halaman.Salut untuk Madonna yang terjun di bidang penulisan seperti ini. :)

  • Alyssa Thomas
    2018-12-25 01:00

    I have had this since I was probably thirteen. My mom bought it for me and I thought it was the coolest thing but never actually read it. I finally have read it today after so many years of staring at it from my bed. It was an interesting book,very different,style-wise for myself. Not something I am use to reading. It had more of an 'old time' feel to it. I enjoyed the book for what it was. Probably not something I'd go to again unless reading to my little cousins. But it was a nice little read.

  • Tia Hall
    2019-01-05 06:16

    My children and I absolutely LOVE this book. Yes, I know, I know, it IS by Madonna. She simply has retold and old Ukranian story...but with fantastically beautiful illustrations that make one want to cry! This story itself is so redeeming and sweet and has a wonderful message. I bought this at the book fair, and paid $20 for it, which is out of my league for a childrens' book, but we have been very satisfied, and I have NO buyers remorse for this one! I recommend this book to everyone!

  • Francisca Olivia
    2019-01-21 03:06

    This is one my favorite childhood story ever. Yakov, as a loving parent, afraid that the grim reaper might take his son's life for eternity. He struggled to find a way to free his son from the gate of death. However, the way to cure his son is really strange and considered 'dangerous'.I found The Seven Thieves are really, really unique. Too bad there's only a little description about each characters mentioned in the book. Anyway, the graphic's great.

  • Sweetdhee
    2019-01-06 08:04

    rrrr...masih ngeraba dan atau sedikit ga setuju sama the old man yang bilang kemampuan para pencuri yang akhirnya bisa membuka gerbang 'langit' dan membuat keajaiban menyembuhkan Mikhail..tapiiii..jadi lihat ke diri sendiri..InsyaaAllah tidak berkelakuan senakal ketujuh pencuri di cerita ini, tapi masih sangat jauh untuk dibilang shalihah..Doa2ku, apakah yang termasuk bisa membuka gerbang langit?Anyway, love the illustration..classic..

  • Courteney
    2018-12-28 09:00

    I have to say I like Madonna's children's books much better than I like her musical career, or even who she presents herself as in public. The pictures are fantastic, and even though I am not Christian in the least I did find this story cute in a way I never thought I would say about anything in connection with Madonna.

  • Tom Franklin
    2019-01-19 01:23

    Retelling a folk tale is harder than it might seem. As well, you need to have experience with the craft of writing, especially if it is a book for children.The illustrations by Gennady Spirin are beautiful. They are rich in color and detail, helping to keep this book from sinking farther than the author's writing should have allowed it to sink.

  • Vaishali
    2018-12-31 03:17

    Long, devoid of magic, and an ending whose moral was needlessly spelled out. If this is based on the Baal Shem Tov - which I haven't read - then I'm even more disappointed because Madonna's task should have been that much easier.

  • Gina
    2018-12-22 05:24

    Not my favorite, but my young daughter was able to explain it's message as to why the wise old man would seek the town's thieves and pickpockets to help him unlock the gates of Heaven and save a small boy from death.

  • Laura
    2018-12-28 05:19

    Liked the story (and again, the artwork is great), but the 'power of prayer' thing isn't for me. I even think this book sends the wrong message (i.e. 'prayer can heal the sick'). The introduction of the thieves was very funny, so still three stars.

  • Sarahfnm
    2019-01-20 04:58

    This was a horrible book. The only reason I am giving it one star is because of the illustrations, which deserve many stars.This is a presumptious book without much thought. Bleck, bleck, bleck.

  • Tiwik
    2019-01-18 03:04

    Buku ini dipersembahkan oleh Madonna kepada semua anak-anak nakal dimanapun berada.Apakah aku anak nakal? Emang.

  • Mrs. Watts
    2019-01-13 04:04

    gorgeous illustrations

  • Anastasia
    2019-01-20 03:16

    I am not a great fan of Madonna, the singer, but I really like her voice. I must say this is a delightful book, well thoughtout, good story, wonderful illustrations. it is well worth the read.

  • Amber
    2019-01-20 05:16

    The story is worth 2 stars at the most, while the illustrations are worth 5. I'll have to average that out to 3 I guess!

  • RobesonBoys
    2018-12-27 09:22

    Tanner gave it 5 starsLogan gave it 3 starsMax gave it 1 starWho knew Madonna was a children's author?

  • Lori
    2018-12-28 08:19

    Outstanding illustrations rate 5 stars. Madonna's retelling of what reads like a folk tale is good but not outstanding.

  • Lobstergirl
    2018-12-28 02:08

    Because Madonna is just the person to write a story about people named Yakov, Olga, and Mikhail.

  • Gem
    2018-12-24 01:06

    I was actually looking for a good story since it had a good start, but it suddenly ended. Would have been better if the story was longer. Great artwork. Still think the story could have been better.

  • Missy
    2019-01-01 01:02

    A good message, but a little weird.

  • Ангѣлъ
    2018-12-26 08:11

    Притча съвсем в руския дух, която е за по-малките читатели или слушатели :)

  • Jana
    2018-12-24 06:12

    BeaUtiful illustrations!!!!