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Over a series of three nights in December 1980 an extraordinary series of UFO incidents took place in Rendlesham Forest in the UK, next to the twin United States Air Force bases of Bentwaters and Woodbridge. This was not some vague sighting of lights in the sky, but a controlled landing and take-off. The UFO was tracked on military radar and left physical evidence at the lOver a series of three nights in December 1980 an extraordinary series of UFO incidents took place in Rendlesham Forest in the UK, next to the twin United States Air Force bases of Bentwaters and Woodbridge. This was not some vague sighting of lights in the sky, but a controlled landing and take-off. The UFO was tracked on military radar and left physical evidence at the landing site, including damage and scorch marks on trees, indentations in the frozen ground, and abnormally high levels of radiation. The UFO was seen by dozens of military witnesses, including the Deputy Base Commander. The object fired light beams at some of the men and, later, into the Weapons Storage Area, where some military personnel based there at the time allege that nuclear weapons were kept. Encounter in Rendlesham Forest tells the extraordinary story of the world’s most compelling and best-evidenced UFO incident – a case that is more significant than the infamous Roswell Incident. Co-written by former UK government UFO investigator Nick Pope, with John Burroughs and Jim Penniston, the two military witnesses at the heart of these encounters, this disturbing and compelling book tells the inside story of what really happened, and lifts the lid on the true role played by government, the military and the intelligence community in relation to the UFO phenomenon. This controversial new book is largely based on recently declassified government documents and is the only UFO book ever to have needed security clearance from both the British and American governments. Encounter in Rendlesham Forest will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about the UFO mystery....

Title : Encounter in Rendlesham Forest: The Inside Story of the World's Best-Documented UFO Incident
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Encounter in Rendlesham Forest: The Inside Story of the World's Best-Documented UFO Incident Reviews

  • Rachel
    2019-01-17 07:33

    I liked the book, but I was a little confused by it. (view spoiler)[I don't really understand the refusal to say it was an alien aircraft. At the end of the book, we finally read that one of the witnesses refers to "time travellers", so are we supposed to believe this was a case of time travel? Why would the beings on the craft use hieroglyphic type language on the ship? Why then transfer a cryptic message in binary code? If not time traveller and not an alien then what? The Russians? Again, why the hieroglyphic language? Doesn't make any sense. (hide spoiler)]When I began the book, the entire incident was described in few pages. I remember thinking, "Okay, how is this going to drag out into an entire book?" I was pleasantly surprised at what Nick Pope included, including a chapter that was a general overview on other unsolved UFO encounters. So, 3 stars for it being intriguing and well-written. But it definitely has lead me to more questions than answers.

  • Bmj2k
    2018-12-22 04:33

    Very interesting book, but after the story of the encounter meanders a little afield before getting back on track in the later chapters. Some of the middle chapters could be pruned without any real loss.

  • Erik Graff
    2019-01-17 05:32

    A page-turner, this account by the former head of the British Ministry of Defense's UFO-investigations, supplemented by the accounts of several of the principal experiencers, all retired USAF personnel, details what is known of the events at and around two joint RAF/USAF bases near the Rendlesham Forest during three days in late December of 1980. Author Pope draws no conclusions, but, interestingly, while one of the experiencers opts for the extraterrestrial hypothesis, another appears to be firmly convinced that the craft was manmade--though constructed by our descendants, far in the future. Published in 2014, this book has original material supplementing previous works on the subject. Pope's decades in the British military bureaucracy provide valuable insights into how its various agencies operate--and obfuscate.

  • Simon Rosser
    2019-01-13 08:31

    I'd heard about the RF incident - dubbed Britain's Roswell - some time ago, and recall finding it fascinating at the time. I was, and still am fascinated by UFOs, and always interested to hear about knew sightings and facts. I was only 15 years old when this story broke, but do recall the headline in the News of the World. But, like with most UFO stories, as time passes, and no more information comes out, you sub consciously file the story away, and it loses its importance and significance.Nick Pope's new book, co-written with Jim Penniston and John Burroughs, two of the primary witnesses, breathes new life into the events that occurred that December night in 1980. The two airmen were the first to out that night to investigate the strange lights seen over Rendlesham Forest, which lies between the then twin USAF bases, Bentwaters and Woodbridge, in Suffolk, England. Upon reading Mr Pope's new book, my interest in the event has now been more than re-kindled, excuse the pun!This book is well written, and sets out the timeline of the events in digestible bits of information, together with additional facts and testimony that has come out since the event. The book is written with the help of the two primary witnesses, Jim Penniston and John Borroughs.The important thing about this case has got to be the sheer number of trained military personnel who witnessed the events over the 3 nights, together with some photographic evidence, radar evidence, and radiation readings taken at the alleged landing site, after the initial event. The now famous Halt memo, released by the USAF, under the Freedom of Information Act in 1983, led to the story being broken by the News of the World back in the same year. This memo, written by Colonel Charles Halt, the deputy base commander, together with a recording he made, which can be listened to on YouTube, and which are transcribed in Pope's book, provide clear evidence that Halt, and his men, who went out into the forest on the third night, witnessed something very unusual - more lights in the forest, and the sky, which appeared to be craft, under intelligent control, performing incredible high-speed maneuvers, and which shone laser-like beams of light to the ground, and into the weapons storage areas. (Probably housing nuclear weapons.)Pope can't comment on whether there were nuclear weapons stored at the base, as it would be a breach of The Official Secrets Act if he did, but some brief research quickly reveals that the bases were storing a large quantity of the US's battlefield nuclear warheads, an interesting and worrying fact in and of itself.Although the story seems to have become embellished over the years, with contradicting accounts as to what happened, the original witness testimonies taken as part of the initial investigation, are perhaps the most interesting aspect. They leave no room for doubt that the witnesses experienced something other than just the flashing light of the Ofordness Lighthouse during the 3 nights of the event. Simply too many individuals saw something they could not explain.Having devoured Mr Pope's book in a few days, I needed to find more information on the event, and I located a load of information and interviews on YouTube, and even better, downloaded the late Georgina Bruni's book, entitled `You Can't Tell The People.' This book, unlike Mr Pope's, was written back in 2000, and the author carried out meticulous research, and tracked down dozens of witnesses, both military and civilian who all verify different aspects of the sightings. Anyone interested in this story, and who has read Pope's book, will be doing themselves a favour if they also read Bruni's book.The fact is, 34 years on, the witnesses still maintain that they said they saw back in 1980. To me, it seems incredible if the accounts of these trained military men, who had to remain silent until they left the USAF, were not genuine. Why put yourself through the hassle and ridicule of saying you witnessed such `outlandish' events, if they weren't true? It doesn't make sense.I'd be astounded if more information doesn't eventually come out on this case, but unless it comes from Colonel Halt, or as yet, some unknown, but verifiable witness, or higher ranking officer who was present at the bases in 1980, then it will be difficult to accept.So, did an alien craft land in the forest? Or was it a top secret military craft belonging to the good old USA? The secret TR-3B, would be a good contender. Especially as some of the witnesses described seeing what appeared to be something dripping off the craft.. perhaps a problem with the mercury-based plasma drive engine?? Or has a cover-up been orchestrated to hide a sinister accident of some kind? Whatever happened, the case is fascinating, and won't be going away any time soon. I suppose the only comforting fact is that if it was indeed an alien craft, no one was harmed by said aliens - at least not intentionally. If the men were harmed, the harm was more likely caused by fellow humans from the MOD or the USAF!The truth is out there! Watch this space!

  • Indrid Cold
    2018-12-26 05:41

    This is THEE book on this subject. It is well put together - and brings most everything together in a coherent narrative. It discusses alternate theories and squashes ridiculous debunking claims, i.e., "the lighthouse". ERF also covers the debriefing of the witnesses - and the Mod's claim, as well as every country's absurd statement "there is no defense significance", yet acknowledging that "something" occurred. The hypocrisy of authorities who investigate then claim .. nothing was found, when investigators discover that indeed, evidence was found. All manifested in "Project Condign". The book ends withfinal thoughts by Jim Penniston and John Burroughs - the principal witnesses. However, if you're looking for answers, there aren't any. This is an "event in progress" despite the actual experience(s) occurring in 1980. The repercussions still linger and vibrate with everyone involved. This book gets my highest recommendation.

  • Joshua
    2019-01-02 04:23

    Too much filler, for my taste. I could have done without all the peripheral information on rumors, government policy, and other classic (unconnected) ufo events. Personally, I think Pope's contributions hindered the presentation of evidence more than it aided it. That being said, nowhere else will you find these kind of first hand accounts, as recalled by the primary witnesses, to what remains to be an intriguing mystery. Worth mentioning is the appendix which lays out some of the evidence, unedited.

  • Laura Crean
    2019-01-21 03:30

    I thought this was a very well researched, organised and written book. I was especially impressed with the research of historic UFO cases and the official documentary evidence. I think the Rendlesham case is a particularly interesting one, especially because of the rank and professional status of those involved. I also think the evidence was very fairly looked at by Nick Pope and the overall linking to the UFO phenomenon and how officialdom has treated this subject was carefully covered. I was however a little disappointed with how little of the actual Rendlesham incident itself was covered in the book, and felt that it was more of a documentation of the history of the UFO phenomenon itself according to Mr.Pope, which although very interesting, did not really focus on the case per se. I would have liked to have seen more from other witnesses that were at the bases over the time in question. I would have liked to have heard about the evidence and what was discovered; the transcript of the tape was included of the investigation in the woods, but not the conclusions of what they found, the readings of radiation, the effects on the plants and wildlife, damage to the area etc. Also the relevance of the nuclear facilities at the bases! I am also very interested in the binary code - I think more should have been discussed about this. However it is a very important book to read if you are seriously interested in the UFO phenomenon as it does cover a lot of very serious points about how governments and the various military and official agencies treat the phenomenon as a whole. I hope this book will lead to a more open discussion by the British and American governments on this subject and that society will see how much deception and covert manipulation of evidence there is.

  • Fiona didlick
    2019-01-05 03:36

    Hy Brasil ruined itI enjoyed Nick Pope's examination of the Rendlesham Forest incident and I felt a great deal of sympathy for the witnesses. Undoubtedly, whatever it was that happened was thought important enough to cover up by the UK and US governments and the witnesses paid the price of that. However (spoiler alert) the revelation that the chief witness had received a coded message from the UFO stretched my credibility too far. For me, it threw much of the evidence into doubt. I am more willing to believe the claim that he and others were subject to drug-assisted efforts to alter their memories and perhaps plant new ones in a cruel and misguided attempt to hide the truth. I read this book because I saw a UFO a year ago and have been trying to rationalise it ever since, so I'm not a disbeliever. I'm just unconvinced that a UFO is at the heart of the Rendlesham story. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth reading this book for yourself and forming your own conclusions.

  • Owlseyes
    2019-01-04 06:16

    A well documented case. I am pretty much interested in the binary message Sergeant Jim Penniston received by telepathy while touching the spaceship (on December 1980). It seems the (translated) message points to several earth coordinates of sites of ancient civilizations (Egyptian, Greek, Peruvian...) and especially one of the mythical island of Hy-Brasil, off the coast of Ireland, which some maps, as early as the 14th century, had pictured.

  • Hal
    2018-12-28 08:45

    Not a lot of folks take UFO's or UFO books seriously, but if you buy into it you can get what you want out of it. The Bentwaters Rendelsham Forest incident of course along with Rozwell is the UFO touchstone. If what happened here was in fact real and not some distant "lighthouse" it probably is the closest encounter we have on record, or not on record as the case may be. If you are a true believer this book will fill your fantasies I suppose. If you are on the fence it will keep you there. Despite a lot of pages many are fillers. Boring recounting of conjectured cover up and blase intrigue. I found the recapping of some other encounters more interesting than what it had to say about Rendlesham. So one is left with what one started with, maybe this was real, maybe not. It is doubtful at this we will ever know the truth, the book does not offer much more.

  • Kevin Scott
    2019-01-07 05:19

    The best book written on a subject witnessed by over 80 military and security personal & by lots of civilian witnesses.The only UFO incident book that has needed clearance by American & British governments.Written by Nick Pope an ex member of the British defence ministry from 1985 to 2006, with the two major eye witness accounts of John Burroughs, USAF (Ret.) & Jim Penniston, USAF (Ret.)Not only was a UFO witnessed over a course of three nights over the Christmas period of December 1980, but it landed, it was touched and it took off.Accounts, interrogation, cover up's, but what ever this UFO was, military, alien or time travel, the evidence, the facts all show, that something was there and it happened.

  • Marlowe
    2018-12-28 09:24

    A rather dry but informative and seemingly unbiased account of a December 1980 UFO/UAP encounter in Suffolk, England and its aftermath. Its main interest lies in the apparent proof that the US and UK government have admitted to the existence of non-terrestrial visitations. It gets rather boring at times so don't expect one of those hyper-sensational reads that are light on fact but heavy on imagination.Really more of a 3½ stars than a 4 but I'm feeling generous.

  • Lori
    2019-01-14 07:18

    I arrived at RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge 3 1/2 years after this event. A very good friend, an extremely reliable, trustworthy man, observed this event but was hesitant to come forward fearing discharge from the USAF. I'm still not sure what to make of the event, but something unexplained did happen! Eerie.

  • David Bales
    2019-01-06 09:41

    Maybe one of the most well-documented, (by trained observers) UFO cases in history, (two incidents at a USAF base in England in 1980) became bogged down in boring background procedures by Nick Pope. The first and last few chapters are o.k., with a lot of stale mid-parts. Watch the "Unsolved Mysteries" segment for a better perspective.

  • Danielle
    2019-01-17 04:18

    One part of this book made me say a bad word. It blew my mind. I expected a standard UFO story (We've all heard hundreds, I have some of my own) but that was NOT what I got. Whoa.

  • Josh Oxberry
    2019-01-08 02:32

    Well worth a read, totally unbiased

  • Joshua Buhs
    2018-12-22 08:22

    And so, another book on UFOs. Why? Have we yet reached the saturation point? Rehearsed all the possible pros and cons?Nick Pope, the primary author of Encounter in Rendlesham Forest, insists that this book is different: it is definitive. He’s wrong about that—the book relies on linguistic legerdemain to makes its pints. But that doesn’t mean the book is without its charms. Not definitive, certainly—but suggestive of why flying saucer books continue to be printed, on the fringe and, as in this case, by mainstream publishers.The Rendlesham Forest incident—known in UFO circles as Britain’s Roswell—occurred the couple of days (and nights) after Christmas 1980 in a wooded area between two military bases then occupied by the U.S. Air Force.Pope details the events briefly, covering the narrative—and its documentary support—in the first 90 pages or so. According to him, his co-authors John Burroughs and Jim Penniston, both then with the U.S. Air Force, investigated mysterious lights in the forest. Initially, they thought a small plane might have crashed. Instead, they came across a craft, which moved away at incredible speed. The craft had hieroglyphic-like markings on it.Lights returned two nights later, this time investigated by deputy base commander Lt. Col. Charles Halt and a team of others—later including Burroughs. They didn’t see a craft, but Halt noted that the trees had been marked and found what he thought was the original landing sight. Measurements suggested the radiation level was higher than the background.Subsequently, the witnesses were debriefed by other members of the U.S. government, reports were sent up the chain-of-command, and British officials investigated, but were unimpressed by what they saw.The story leaked out over the coming years, becoming more urgent int he 1990s, after the principles retired from the military and spoke more freely. Burroughs and Penniston both developed health issues—never really described in the book—which they traced back to those events in late December 1980 and the radiation to which they were exposed. The Veteran’s Affairs department, though, has not satisfied their hope for treatment, and has even seemed to block access to medical records.Intriguing though it may seem, the story falls apart upon inspection. The back cover of the book promises the UFO was tracked by radar, but there is no evidence of that in the text. The radiation measurements—as skeptics have pointed out, but Pope notes evasively—were taken on instruments with tolerances so wide that the numbers measured were effectively the same as the background radiation. Halt made an audio tape of his investigation, but it is unremarkable. Witness reports are undated. Pope offers actual copies of a few of the reports, and no citations at all, so there is no way to know the provenance of the material.The witnesses, military personnel though they were, turn out not to be quite so sober. The quotations in the book attributed to Halt show him to be something of a crank, insisting that in the debriefings witnesses were “subjected to mind control efforts using drugs and hypnosis by British and American authorities.” Penniston’s story changed dramatically over the time, so that he did not see the craft for only a few moments, as contemporary documents had it, but studied the UFO for forty five minutes. Most recently, he said that he touched the craft, and it downloaded into his brain a binary code that he transcribed and translated it into a series of coordinates. He remembered the transmission only after hypnosis.The book ends with a welter of unrelated anecdotes and testimony of dubious necessity. Most of one chapter is written by Burroughs and Penniston’s lawyer, giving a cursory summary of attempts to obtain their medical records. There is also discussion of unrelated, but similar incidents in Britain. There is no conclusion as to what occurred on those winter nights, 1980. Penniston and Burroughs are of the opinion that a government is behind the event, using talk of UFOs as a cover. Halt thinks the craft came from outerspace. Pope is more coy, but seems to favor the extraterrestrial hypothesis.All the evidence amounting to naught, Pope’s argument ultimately rests on rhetorical tricks. The lawyer discovered that some medical records with the VA are classified—and then Pope concludes, “We know that the military medical records for John Burroughs and Jim Penniston are lodged in a classified-records section of the Department of Veterans Affairs.” There was a rumor that someone removed evidence—and this gossip, too, becomes certain fact. The U.S. government claims not to investigate UFOs since the closing of Project Blue Book in 1970—and yet memos about the incident were written and passed along, as if that proves the study continues.The routined activities of bureaucracies, of course, means no such thing—except that it gives us a clue as to why UFO books come out, and will continue to do so for some time.Possibly, as some skeptics insist, belief in flying saucers is just sloppy thinking: wish fulfillment and credulity mixed. Certainly nothing in this story suggests rigorous logic or lack of credulity. But, even if those elements are needed to believe in UFOS—and there is no reason to believe that they are—something else is needed to explain the continued fascination that they inspire.Part of the story, of course, is that people encounter weird things. It is very possible that the US Air Force members saw something strange those nights—maybe even something inexplicable according to standard scientific theories. But those inexplicable events are then given meaning by a surrounding story. And in the case of the UFOs, since the 1970s, that story has been about an overreaching and inscrutable government. Roswell may have occurred in 1947, but it didn’t became a cause célèbre until after Watergate.Encounter in Rendlesham Forest is full of paranoia about the government—not all of it, or even the most of it, unwarranted. Pope references the Iraq War—with its missing WMDs—and torture. He also reasonably muses that, if the government does continue to study UFOs, the best course of events for officials would be to have those studies done by contractors, where they would be shielded from Freedom of Information Act requests.Indeed, much of the story turns on Freedom of Information Act requests, how they made the investigation of the Rendlesham events possible by the Americans (and the Brits not so much, at least until they had similar laws). Which points to why these stories fascinate so. Governments are so large, and the handles we have on them so small, so slippery, that it is impossible to control the leviathan we have created, certainly for individuals. Nick Pope himself worked for the British government—in a section investigating UFOs—and felt frustrated at his inability to turn others onto the importance of this matter. If even those inside the government cannot control it, what hope those only its subjects?Stories about flying saucers allow readers to play with such concerns—while relating them to events that are not the prosaic stuff of everyday interactions with bureaucracies—taxes and medical care—but heroic, larger-than-life battles. Carl Jung once famously said that stories about UFOs were a new myth—about “lights in the sky.” That’s not the whole story, not anymore. Flying saucers are also myths about how individuals confront the expanding state.

  • Ivory Castle
    2019-01-12 08:18

    The Rendlesham Forest incident is one of the world’s best documented UFO incidents. In December 1990 USAF employees John Burroughs and Jim Penniston (now retired) were sent to investigate reports of a UFO landing in Rendlesham Forest. Penniston sketched pictures and recorded the series of ones and zeros aka Rendlesham Code which flashed through his mind after touching the strange vessel. Both men continue to suffer from various health conditions as a result of their exposure.In the days following investigations events were either downplayed or actively covered up. Some witnesses were threatened and/or administered truth serum. Some were left to get on with their lives with no counselling or any other assistance. I wasn’t surprised to learn that supporting documentation has disappeared and the British government continues to deny the two men access to their medical records. The incident occurred in Suffolk an area where scientific and military research has been carried out and two huge nuclear power stations are located in nearby Sizewell. I can imagine the amount of security in place before and after the UFO was sighted and the interest generated.Nick Pope is a former employee of the UK Ministry of Defence who also worked on their UFO project in the early 1990s. He collaborated with Burroughs and Penniston to record their eye witness accounts and detail the cover up by authorities in the days that followed.I have always been curious about UFO’s, aliens and life on other planets and found this book fascinating to read. In my opinion it would be a little naive to expect we are the only life forms in the universe. I particularly liked how the author set out the facts as well as balanced consideration to various possibilities in a very logical sequence.This riveting read is written in a factual and sometimes humorous way while divulging as much information as the writers are allowed to considering the ties to their former government employer.A digital copy of this book was obtained from the publisher via Netgalley and my review was freely provided.

  • MrsPyramidhead
    2019-01-05 06:40

    I feel that this book certainly covers the incident but sometimes it feels very long winded. I don't know if it has something to do with the authors past career (I read another book about aliens etc by a military Colonel and it was similarly long winded). Because of this I glazed over through parts of the book. I also think some of the information could have been organized better, still this book is overall decent and worth a read if you're interested in the subject. One other thing I don't like in this book and many others like it is the way in which the author presents and rebuffs various ideas/claims about the incident leaving the reader with a distinct feeling of 'its clear what side you're on.'

  • Igor
    2018-12-22 07:39

    I should start by saying that I learned about this incident from a documentary. So I was very eager to get more facts. This book does exactly that. If gives clear descriptions of all facts and then lists not one but a couple of conclusions based on those facts. So it's entirely up to the reader to form an opinion.

  • Phil Bouncer
    2019-01-09 08:21

    Excellent readA truly gripping insight into everything about the Rendlesham Forest ufo incident, with excellent interviews with main protagonists. Highly recommended.

  • Matt
    2018-12-31 05:29

    3/5Do you like he idea of "other intelligent life" but your skeptical? Would you consider reading a book that gives you just facts of a strange event which allows you to draw your own conclusions, including the conclusion that some UFOs are just military experiments or advanced tech we weren't mean to see? One of the best military cover-ups/UFO visit books I've ever skimmed. It all depends on how you interpret the events. It could have been aliens, or, in my opinion, it could have been an elaborate psychic-operation test or advanced flying-tech testing.More interesting than your average UFO book, and somehow, more authoritative. This is not about first contact, or being abducted or any stupid crap like that. I'm inclined to believe that most of these people believe they are telling the truth and rembembering what they honestly think they remember.If that makes sense.3/5MAY 2014 DNF

  • Judith
    2019-01-17 03:41

    I put this under fantasy in addition to UFO because the narrative does seem fantastical. I remain unconvinced that the UFO was a flying saucer (or whatever) from outer space. From the narrative I conclude it was some new air vehicle that was secretly being tested and that the two bases (USA and British) were either not in on its scheduled test, or the info was not given to the lower echelons of military personnel, or that something malfunctioned during the test and this "contact" was the result. One of the problems with UFO sightings by "trained" personnel is that even trained personnel can mistake what they see, whether in terms of size, speed, etc. One should read David Clarke's book, How UFOs Conquered the World: The History of a Modern Myth.That said UFOs were a lot of fun to "believe in" when I was pre-teen and teenager.

  • Annie
    2018-12-25 02:18

    Fascinating account of the alleged UFO landing between two U.S. Air Force bases in England. I really appreciated Nick Pope's attention to detail and numerous documents in the appendix. The event is still a mystery to me, but the very fact that records, including the medical records of two of the primary witnesses, were classified and now missing makes me think this incident was BIG. I have seen a UFO and have spent 30 years trying to find out what I saw. It is still unidentified, yet I am more of a believer now than 30 years ago.Why don't the hackers go after classified UFO documents? Are they that well hidden away?Very good read. Thanks to Nick Pope, John Burroughs and Jim Penniston for trying to get at the truth.

  • Debbie Mcclelland
    2019-01-16 01:43

    Getting closer to the truth!Among other new and old information updated, we have the unvarnished telling of the event happening itself. While the history of the USAfOSI and the British MoD investigations are lengthy it is better to understand them, in light of "The Rest of the Story". Since Penniston and Burroughs state " There is more to come", I will be waiting.Although parts of these airmen's stories may stretch your credulity, the strangeness of it pretty much indicates they are "letting it all out", whatever some people may think and whatever the consequences may be. These men are truly good, patriotic, men who have been treated shabbily treated, even though well supported by the entire chain of command above them. May God bless them!

  • Ron
    2019-01-14 07:44

    Nick Pope did an excellent job of chronicling this UFO encounter. People who don't believe UFO are real are just refusing to accept evidence both visual and eye witness. The encounter in Rendlesham Forest was made by US military personnel on several days. UFO encounters still often show capabilities far beyond anything the military has today. Some think we are just keeping the tech secret but it is useless unless it is deployed. Why build jets if you can instantly go from zero to several thousand mph? Exciting true story.

  • Jeremy Bonnette
    2019-01-05 07:35

    I had not previously known about the Rendlesham incident and happened upon this book while at the library. Being that this took place in 1980, I was rather surprised and decided to give it a read. I wasn't disappointed. The opening and closing chapters were terrific, with Chapter 18 being my favorite. I liked how the information was presented overall. It was easy to follow and I found it to be balanced. 3.9 out of 5 stars

  • Janice
    2019-01-13 05:31

    I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway. The book described and analyzed the UFO incident of December 26 and 28 in Rendlesham Forest in England. The incident happened between 2 US Air Force bases on English soil. Two of the book's authors actually witnessed the UFO sighting. The book explores various theories and explanations of the incident, some very plausible and some totally ridiculous.Factual book of a real life incident so not to everyone's taste.Very well written and thought out.

  • Susan Paxton
    2019-01-07 05:39

    Pope has a produced a sensible and non-sensational account of the still very mysterious Rendlesham Forest case. I personally suspect that this was some kind of psy-ops experiment that got out of hand, but it's a classic case with excellent witnesses and supporting evidence. Worthy reading for skeptical types and UFO enthusiasts alike.

  • Steve Russon
    2019-01-05 05:29

    A good book but was left feeling like there was more left to be said.