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CIA counterterrorism expert Manuel Ramirez has spent the last three years looking for the woman he loves, who disappeared while on a trip to France. Then Jules Trehan suddenly turns up in a Colorado hospital bed, and Manny is shocked by the change in the woman he once knew. Kidnapped by a shadowy organization, Jules has been forced to become a terrorist assassin. Manny racCIA counterterrorism expert Manuel Ramirez has spent the last three years looking for the woman he loves, who disappeared while on a trip to France. Then Jules Trehan suddenly turns up in a Colorado hospital bed, and Manny is shocked by the change in the woman he once knew. Kidnapped by a shadowy organization, Jules has been forced to become a terrorist assassin. Manny races to get her to Washington, knowing her testimony will finally bring down the organization. But Jules must pull off one last job or Manny's life will be forfeit. It's a mission she must complete even if it means betraying the only man she has ever loved....

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Long Road Home Reviews

  • Keri
    2019-01-22 02:07

    2 STARS - IT WAS OKAYAUDIOBOOKI don't have a lot to say about this book. It was ok for the type of book that it is. It's a very simple romance, not complicated or original. The heroine beats herself down throughout the book and our hero just wants to know what is going on so he can fix it all.He wants to know what has happened to her in the last 3 years since she disappeared but he never really asks her. They start to talk about it but then they are too tired and need sleep, or there is a phone call that interrupts them, or they are hungry and need to eat first, or somebody starts shooting at them... they never get around to really talking about anything. It takes most of the book for the information to finally come out. I wasn't really invested in the characters, there was nothing original about the story and the story wasn't believable at all. It's a CIA / assassin book but it feels ridiculous because real CIA agents would never act this way and I can't imagine that a highly trained assassin would cry all the time. So the CIA/assassin thing is obviously just a silly backdrop for this couple to get together. It was an okay read. If you want a mindless, simple, contemporary romance you can find it here.

  • Ellen Shannon
    2018-12-23 06:54

    I love reading anything by this author. She always brings the characters to life. I haven't found a book by her that I haven't loved.Jules has had a rough three years. She left for a vacation in France and now she is running for her life. She leaves her parents and the man she loved in order to protect them, Manny and Jules meet up again and it's a race against the clock to save each other and their future together. I highly recommend this book and this author to anyone.

  • Amanda Sheila
    2018-12-23 02:07

    Uhwow. Manny's in shock when he found out that his parents are gone and his long lost woman are injured along with them. Jules was gone missing three years ago and Manny's frantically searching for her until he found her. Different and somehow, darker. Jules in danger and she knows that. She needs to get away from Manny before they hurt him. But apparently Manny won't let her leave again, not without him.. One of my favorite Maya Banks! The suspense, the romance, I don't understand why people find this story boring and worth less than three stars, I mean.. Come on? I was instantly in love with Manny. He's tender and sweet, unlike Maya Banks trademark's Hero. He'd die to protect Jules and I find that very adorable. Gosh, he's adorable! Jules, on the other hands, I didn't really like her. I mean, I did understand the reason why she did all of those things but still, I found her kind of stupid. But then, I still love this book so much. Nailed it again, Maya Banks!

  • Darcy
    2019-01-19 02:08

    I normally really like this author, but for me, this one was a huge miss. I had a hard time buying into the whole premise. There is no way that I find Jules to be believable as a spy/assassin. The way she was indoctrinated into the organized not believable either. Manny seemed like a dup in more than one way. How is it that he has worked for the CIA for many years and yet Jules, who has only 3 years "experience", was able to get the better of him more than once. The ending was so anti-climatic. I am not even sure why I kept reading this one, other than the book read fast and I kept hoping the story would get better.

  • Sharon
    2019-01-05 07:14

    http://obsessionwithbooks.blogspot.comJules Trehan is on the run from a man she knows only as Northstar and from a terrorist organization she was forcefully recruited into when she was on a post-graduate trip to France, what was meant to be a vacation turned into her worst nightmare. Manual Ramirez is a CIA counter-terrorism expert and has been searching for Jules since she disappeared three years prior, only leaving him with a vague message and not knowing one way or another whether she was safe, using all the resources he has on hand he finally locates her but is surprised by the person she has become and the links she has to the terrorist organization known as New French Revolution (NFR). Trained as an assassin, Jules had to perform some unthinkable acts whilst employed by the organization and struggles to forgive herself for what she has done; she spends a lot of time trying to protect Manny and accepts one last job to try and free herself from the clutches of the organization but it is a job that could ultimately mean her demise. Long Road Home is heavy on the suspense, there were a number of twists and turns that kept me captivated and wanting to know more – I was surprised by who the villains were and was thankful of the outcome. I truly felt for Jules and the predicament she was in. I liked her as a character, she had courage and determination but I wish she had of trusted someone from the very beginning and more so when she knew of Manny’s connections and capabilities. I adored Manny, he had always been protective of Jules and became even more so when he found her again after being separated for so long, he was torn over whether she could be trusted but he never faltered in his protection, love and care. Long Road Home has all the things I enjoy in a Romantic Suspense, mystery, betrayal, action and of course a healthy dose of romance – I loved Jules and Manny together. Tony was a wonderful side character and was the perfect partner to Manny, the sort of person you would definitely want covering your back. It is a fast paced and engaging plot, the action is ongoing from the very beginning and didn’t let up. I enjoy Maya Banks writing; she has a way of pulling me in, I was engrossed in Long Road Home. This novel was previously released under Ms Banks pen name Sharon Long.

  • Nichole ~Bookaholic~
    2019-01-02 00:51

    Narration 4 stars ~ Story 2.5/3 starsTitle: Long Road HomeAuthor: Maya BanksNarrator: Rebecca EstrellaPublisher/Date: AudioGO, 10/01/13The blurbCIA counterterrorism expert Manuel Ramirez has spent the last three years looking for the woman he loves, who disappeared while on a trip to France. Then Jules Trehan suddenly turns up in a Colorado hospital bed, and Manny is shocked by the change in the woman he once knew. Kidnapped by a shadowy organization, Jules has been forced to become a terrorist assassin. Manny races to get her to Washington, knowing her testimony will finally bring down the organization. But Jules must pull off one last job or Manny's life will be forfeit. It's a mission she must complete even if it means betraying the only man she has ever lovedI actually found Jules to be very irritating and at times just TSTL...I mean..really you don't think you can be tracked and/or your location found by turning on your cell phone??? You really never considered that a tracking device was put on you???And Manny...seriously you have been in love with Jules (view spoiler)[ and planned on asking her to marry you when she came back (hide spoiler)]....yet she had no clue you had feelings for her of that other than a brother/best friend... and both of you with the secrets and thinking the other could never understand and you had to protect the other....For me the story was kinda "meh" not bad but not great, I just did not find myself liking Jules or Manny a whole lot. I did think Rebecca Estrella did a great job on the narration which made it much easier to finish a book that, had I not been reviewing I most likely would not have finished it.

  • Jeni Clancy
    2018-12-22 09:18

    MELODY ANNE'S BEST BOOK YET!!!!I have read almost every one of her books - I LOVE her writing style so much!! But there was just something about this book that set it apart from all the others...The struggle Manny and Jules have to go through to be the together is at times gut retching but always amazing because no matter what is happening they are both so committed to the love they share. Manny is committed to keeping them together and alive and in the end married with the white picket fence and kids - you know that picture! Jules love is so very strong for Manny that all she cares for and wants is for Manny to stay alive. Too many people she loves have been killed around her because Northstar wants to keep her active in his world. But she just wants out so to control her he threatens Manny's life. I never wanted to put this book down but, I was on vacation when I started reading it so the first 2 chapters took 2 days of going in and out of the book on my Kindle whenever I had the chance because let me tell you I was hooked from the start of the book!!! Luckily the end of the trip was the next day and on the ride home I was immersed in the book while my daughter drove home and finished it that night staying up till 5 am!!! I JUST COULDN'T PUT THIS BOOK DOWN!!!!

  • Jane
    2019-01-04 06:03

    I read the reviews and saw that this book didn't get the best of reviews. Don't quite understand why. I loved this book. Yes, the plot is a little (ok more than a little) far fetched and unbelievable. But isn't that why we love fiction and romance novels? I know they are an escape from my hectic and stressful life! Anyway, I really loved the chemistry between Jules and Manny. I wouldn't hate seeing a story about Tony! If you like suspense and romance, give this one a try!

  • KathyB
    2019-01-01 08:54

    3.5 StarsTriggers - (view spoiler)[ Heroine recalls her rape in a flashback scene. (hide spoiler)]

  • Karen Burroughs
    2018-12-23 07:54

    Fast moving, good story!.. Enjoyed it! Surprised at the ending. Love story plus intrigue. Keeps your interest .Recommend it for all who like Maya Banks

  • Michelle the Romance Witch
    2018-12-27 05:14

    Awesome romantic suspense...certainly tamer than I'm used to from most Maya Banks... Felt a little like a precursor to the KGI series

  • Laurie Craig
    2019-01-06 00:53

    This book was originally written under the name Sharon Long. It has lots of plot twists and was really hard to put down. If I could give it 6 stars I would.

  • Tawnya
    2018-12-30 07:11

    Long Road Home was a fantastic book. Filled with a lot of action and as you can come to expect from a Maya Banks novel, plenty of romance. I'd highly recommend this book.

  • Laura Kane
    2019-01-11 02:15

    Didn't like it Did not care for this book. Did not like the main character at all, the book was aggravating and frustrating. Too much bad stuff, too depressing, not enough romance or character development. I typically enjoy reading books by Maya Banks. I look to her books for a fun escape from reality. This was not it.

  • jessica albert
    2019-01-13 08:54

    Great suspense Good read I thought this book was a bit more Muldoon the romance side but great suspense action packed and a good twist on who the bad guys are

  • Dee
    2019-01-13 01:16

    2.5 StarsGot bored a couple of times but struggled through.....Definitely forgettable and I won’t read again!

  • TinaMarie
    2019-01-07 08:53

    Fluffy, lots of action, damsel kills to protect family and love. I just thought it was a bit fluffy.

  • NV
    2019-01-11 01:00

    CompellingCompelling storyline with scary believable characters and storyline. It is a good look at how absolute power corrupts absolutely. Wow!

    2018-12-25 08:12

    3.5 stars. There were things I liked and things I didn't like about this book. First off I liked Manny. He was definitely swoon worthy and sexy. I love his love for Jules. I also like Jules but more so at the beginning as she is a bad ass. But As the book went on she kinda showed no personality. I like the originality of the story and the absence of stupid romance novel cliches. I was so happy that this author made her female lead into a kick ass woman who knew how to fight and escape and hide out and just many of the things that are often only reserved for the male characters. I also liked all the action and mayhem up to a point. It did border on becoming a bit too over the top James Bond-ish. But not too bad. At least the author made stuff happen! There are so many books where I want to say to the author, 'so, you know you can literally write anything that you want in this story right? Why would you write such mundane drivel?' I definitely didn't think that with this book. But there were several things that bugged me. For starters, The people jules works for always know where she is. And have for 3 years. At some point you'd think she'd ask herself how they know this. Especially if she's a highly trained assassin that should know everything about espionage and everything. When she meets up with manny, he also doesn't stop to wonder if he should check her for bugs. Or have her tested or just whatever. I mean, he is CIA for crying out loud!!! it takes jules/manny way to long to finally have the light bulb moment of thought that maybe there is a tracking device on her person. So manny immediately becomes discredited as a good agent to me. Also, they both seem incredibly ignorant when it comes to figuring out what is going on. In fact, they don't do any figuring out together as far as I saw. They ask themselves why certain things are happening, but never show that they are thinking of all the possibilities. They take everything that is happening at face value which should be the exact opposite of how an assassin and CIA agent thinks. Like at one point Jules asks herself why north star is trying to kill her when they want her to do an assignment and she literally thinks of the dumbest, most obvious straight forward reason as to why she thinks they'd be trying to kill her. And she only thinks of that one reason. In my mind reading the book I'm thinking of at least 3 possibilities so she should be thinking of like 10! They never work through anything together. The only thing they do is call mannys friend, tony who is always able to tell them everything that is going on. It's just too straight forward and easy. Also, while I love their love for each other, I don't feel as invested as I'd like to be because it feels so one sided because Jules is keeping things from manny. They are never a team. She's always working against him the whole book, even though it's to save his life. This is okay at first, but I would have liked it better if halfway through she would have put her faith in manny and they became partners in fighting North Star. I also didn't like the abrupt back and forth point of view writing. Doing it chapter by chapter would have been fine, but the author jumps back and forth from person to person within the chapters. It's jarring and ruins the flow a bit. But overall I did enjoy this book. It held my interest and the romance was satisfying for the most part.

  • Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews
    2019-01-09 05:09

    originally posted at http://longandshortreviews.blogspot.c...No matter how long you run, or how far you go, the one thing that never fails is that the past will catch up with you. If you run from someone determined enough, they will find you. And after three years, Manny finally found Jules. What can be done when the one she harbors feelings for is on the opposite side of the law as she is? It brings trouble, and lots of it. Who is Jules? The question haunted me as I read this story. She appears in the book and left me with many questions regarding the secrecy of where she'd been and what she'd been doing in the past three years. She'd been running from something, that much is obvious, and Manny thought he'd never see her again. What is it about their past? The angst begins to build from early on, keeping me interested and yearning for more. Both Jules and Manny have a strong need to protect the other, but there's plenty of secrecy and lies in the conflict to keep it interesting. One by one, the answers are revealed, and the action starts. Dodging bullets, staying ahead of danger which Jules seems to have been a part of at one time. Her determination to keep people out of her life (and safe) begins to crumble when she realizes Manny is in it for the long haul. The pair are strong, dynamic characters that stand out. Their qualities are the kind one would seek in a romance novel. Long Road Home is an adventurous romantic suspense novel. The plot moves quickly, and I never knew what would happen next. There's hardly a dull moment in the story. I was breathless as If I were running with them, literally sitting at the edge of my seat, anticipating the next move. I have the confidence in knowing that when I pick up a Maya Banks book, it's going to lure me in right away, and sure enough, Long Road Home does just that. The love scenes aren't nearly as intense as most of her other works, but they are definitely there. Do you love romantic suspense? Pick up Long Road Home, and prepare for an emotional reunion between two people that have strong feelings for one another but have to fight to be together.

  • LaurLa
    2019-01-12 02:02

    Just meh for me. I have to say I was a little surprised at the lack of smexy times considering this is a Maya Banks book, but that didn't really affect my enjoyment of the book. I liked the suspense story but the romance story left me a little frustrated. Intellectually I know that if someone went through the things the heroine went through, her ability to trust or rely on anyone else would be close to zero. I also realize intellectually the desire her experiences left her with to protect those she loves no matter what. But when I'm reading about these things and at every turn the heroine is pushing the hero away or giving mixed signals, it's just frustrating to me. If the author is going to put her in the situation where she is in the presence of the one she both loves and wants to protect, have her deal with things honestly. I really get frustrated with tropes where the MC either hurts themselves (playing the martyr) or hurts the one they love all in the name of their supposed love. Okay, mini rant over.Anyway, I pushed through and felt the end was satisfying, though I'm not sure what purpose their separation at the end served. It may have made the whole story more believable because yes, she did act as a terrorist, but it really didn't add anything to the suspense story or the romance.Not my favorite Maya Banks but it wasn't a horrible read either.

  • Pete
    2019-01-07 02:58

    The Long Road Home is a Maya Banks non-series book previously released under Maya’s pen name Sharon Long. It is packed with a lot of great convoluted suspense which evolves all the way to the end of the book. Jules Trehan left the family and great friend Manual Ramirez 3 years and has not been in contact in order to protect them. She had been purposely been recruited into an French assassins ring and under threat of her family being killed if she did not comply and was raped by one of this organization’s supporters.The plot was marvelously vacillating to keep the reader in doubt of who were the good and bad guys. It was obvious from the beginning Jules not only loved Manny, but was highly protective and secretive. Their romance was quite steamy.Secrets felt like betrayal between Jules and Manny. Danger lurked throughout the story and trust was always in question.I very much enjoyed this adult read.

  • Erica
    2019-01-20 06:06

    Nice solid read from Ms. Banks, but definitely not the hot erotic read that I'm used to from her. You can tell it's one of her earlier books. But the plot is very good and very solid. It's well-constructed...usually with these books that have to do with terrorism, I'm always a little worried that I'm going to have trouble keeping up since I read pretty quickly but this one was set up well and the story flowed great. Very sad in parts. Manny is a great character. Jules didn't annoy me at all like she did other reviewers...just sounds like someone that was put into a really bad situation and didn't know how to get out of it. Definitely one tough chick though. Very entertaining, but vanilla more than erotic.

  • Brenda
    2019-01-10 03:04

    I listened to this book while doing a few projects around the house. I might have read this author once before, but I can't remember the title of that story. This book really did hold my attention, so I did many projects to be able to listen a lot to the story. This author did not put a positive outlook on our U.S.A. government, but she did create a very action-filled story. I will recommend this book to others. There is a very good chance that I will seek out this author again in the future.

  • Andy
    2019-01-03 04:52

    I'd give it a 2.5 score. It was a decent story with more depth and less drag than most of Banks books. It was a decent story but I just found it very hard to like the characters. What should have been a fairly heart wrenching story was instead something more in the abstract. Tony the "supporting character" could have been written in way better into the story. In summation loads of potential but just doesn't reach it. :(

  • Lisa ~ Books Are My Drugs ~
    2019-01-08 08:18

    Jules Trehan is part of a terrorist organization that she's trying to get away from. They recruited her against her will & they killed her adopted parents in an effort to get her to do "one last job" for them.Manny Ramirez is a CIA agent who's been trying to track Jules down for 3 years since she disappeared telling him she could never come home again. He'll do anything to be with her, even turn his back on his values.Not my favorite Maya Banks book.

  • Academicsupport
    2019-01-09 07:01

    This is another novel I failed to list as read. It is the tale of CIA counter-terrorism agent, who hopes to rescue the woman he has been in love with since childhood. She has become a terrorist and brings trouble to the agent as they try to escape from the clutches of the terrorist group. The agent wants her to testify against the group. Many surprises make this an intriguing, suspenseful novel.

  • Charm
    2019-01-04 05:50

    Well my fault with this one as i always read the previews and not sure how others feel but if a name in a book is the same as someone i know i tend to put their face to the people in the book and thats what happened in this book i just wanted to finish it, which i did in one day...i have a good friend called jules and as for manuel i just could not get manuel from faulty towers out of my had a great story line and i didnt not like it but i just could not get into fault

  • Dorel
    2019-01-12 00:52

    This is the 7th book I read by Maya Banks. This book started off really good. I loved this book's story line. I loved the action in this story. This story had the right amount of action in it. I loved the surprises in this story. I loved Jules's character. I felt sorry for Jules. I thought Jules was very strong for what she went through. I loved Manny's character too. I loved how Manny protected Jules. I loved ending. Awesome job Ms. Banks.

  • Lynne
    2019-01-06 07:00

    This was just a bit too far-fetched for me...even for Maya Banks, who, I typically grant a bit of latitude, as she tends to compensate for flimsy or unbelievable story lines with hot, if not simply creative and innovative sex scenes. Long Road Home was just too light on everything for my taste. It wasn't terrible...just, well, kind of boring.