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THIS STORY IS A FREE READA gay kid, a monstrous bully, and a badass fairy.Meriadoc McDaniel wants to kill his parents. How they could name him after a hobbit is beyond him. Merry is shy, spineless, a geek of humongous proportions, and gay. Everyone at school calls him Merry the Fairy. To add insult to injury, puberty is taking its agonizingly sweet time with him. Now a senTHIS STORY IS A FREE READA gay kid, a monstrous bully, and a badass fairy.Meriadoc McDaniel wants to kill his parents. How they could name him after a hobbit is beyond him. Merry is shy, spineless, a geek of humongous proportions, and gay. Everyone at school calls him Merry the Fairy. To add insult to injury, puberty is taking its agonizingly sweet time with him. Now a senior in school, he touts five whole whiskers and hasn’t grown an inch since ninth grade. Typical. What is short on top of everything else?Rick Adams is big, mean, and ugly. His reign of terror has turned school into nothing short of a war-zone for Merry.Lord Quinn Malloy O’Cuin, pure Sidhe and born of the High Court of Fairy, is a watcher over humans, the silent defender of lost children, broken hearts, and dreams. His normal assignment is to protect babies from those who would replace them with changelings. Recently, however, Quinn committed a transgression. One serious enough to earn him a demotion from the Queen Mother. She reassigns him to watch over teenagers, of all things! Quinn’s new undercover assignment means he is the new senior at school. He can hardly keep himself from fading just thinking about it.When Rick terrorizes Merry and dares to call him a fairy, Quinn becomes incensed and all bets are off. Read the unfolding FREE story at http://www.fairybycodykennedy.blogspo....©2012-2014 Cody Kennedy. All Rights Reserved....

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Fairy Reviews

  • Deeze
    2018-10-04 06:48

    This is a wonderfully amusing story about Fairies, there is also plenty of mystery and a growing romance. Merry meets Quinn when Quinn steps in to stop Rick and his bullying. Along the way Merry discovers things about himself and about Quinn. The detail of the fairies is wonderful and there is also a kind of Dragon for me to love lol.Overall this is a simple but delightful read, ideal for anyone looking for a quick pick me up. I look forward to reading part 2. There is so much story left untold and I'm eager for everything to be explained lol.

  • Kazza
    2018-09-22 06:53

    There is nothing like a Fairy kiss....First of all, thank you to Cody Kennedy for this free ongoing LGBTQ YA story, Fairy. It covers timely teen issues in a positive way with some mystical elements amongst the contemporary theme of school bullying :)Okay, chapter 10 is now available. It is building nicely. I have Quinn and Merry love going on. And I am now addicted to this serial. So far this is SO sweet. Really looking forward to see where it goes. Love Quinn and his Fairy-Kissing ways :) Merry has to deal with being scared of Rick and coping with bullying. Quinn has his own rules to live by. Yellow butterfly fae, I like it! More Fae activity...and Quinn needs some fixing :( OMG..Quinn...that is all I can say after chapter 8.Chapter 12 is now out 10/08/2013 I like sugar. If I were fae it would be even better! :DUp to Chapter 14 now Sunday 11th Best chapter yet. Merry keeps growing in character and the demi-fae are wonderful.Just a lovely read and all free!More to come in October.

  • AnnaLund
    2018-09-30 14:55

    4.5 stars, rounded upFor my honest and true view of this book, please read …MORE Goodreads TOS-compliant review (I think, let me know when they tell us what the rules are):"The book I just read is about two (or three) lovely people, written in beautiful language, by a very good and prolific author. I liked it very, very much.It is for sale on Amazon.”DISCLAIMER: My reviews now all have this pretty face, so that all and everyone on Goodreads can stay happy and beatific. I’ll let you know if I change my mind. See the real review above for my thoughts on this book.

  • Tara Rose
    2018-09-23 13:42

    I loved reading Fairy, it's like a breath of fresh air on my stagnant shelf of books.Merry is a sensitive tormented character whom I think we could all associate with in one form or another.Quinn is the hero we dream will walk into our lives and help us stand up for ourselves and will fall madly in love with us. Sighs.Both are very believable characters, in the extract I've read and re-read, YES re-read, I want to read MORE of Fairy and can not wait.I'm truly enjoying the unique style and humorous writing from C. Kennedy, what could become dour and depressing is uplifting and enlightening. Hurry up C. Kennedy I want much MORE!!!

  • Jeanne 'Divinae'
    2018-10-19 11:02

    I was just looking for something to pass the time. Then I found this (FREE!!) :-) I read right up to the latest chapter(14) I am loving it fully. I am looking forward to reading more. Quinn and Merry are wonderful. I am so happy that they were brought together. At first you think Merry was in more need of Quinn, but as you read further along, you realize that Quinn needed Merry also. Poor Merry, he hasn't been thrown the best life. His poor mum is gone. Though his dad is still around, it is as if he lost him at the same time his mother left. His father is abusive and is rarely there. At school, people shun him and he is bullied/beaten by Rick. Merry has been living day to day, just floating on by. Then Quinn comes and things change. Also, loving how there are pictures/songs incorporated in with the story. It makes it come more 'alive'.

  • .Lili.
    2018-10-20 06:56

    5 Stars for Book 1 of Fairy... Review to come. ♥

  • Claudia
    2018-10-09 06:49

    What a wonderful trip to the Fairy world this story took me.Quinn has saved Merry from being bullied, and Merry couldn't fall fast enough for the gorgeous guy… Merry couldn’t believe anyone as gorgeous would take the time to save him, or spend time with him… From this point, their romance started to flourish, in the middle of bullies, funny demi-faes and demons…I must sadly confess that it took me until this last weekend to read Fairy, and just because I would have to read it online - How silly of me, because I simply new I was missing an amazing read, like all the other books from my dear Cody.Thanks Cody for a brilliant, funny and totally entertaining story – can’t wait for chapter 21.

  • Cjean
    2018-10-14 10:58

    If you want to read a story that will make your heart ache and then fill you with optimism, this is the story for you. (but it is not preach-y)C Kennedy blends the reality of bullying with the fantasy realm of the fae in a convincing story. With one foot in the "real" world and one in "Other" world, 'Fairy' strikes an excellent balance. Kennedy totally draws you into Merry and Quinn's world. Definitely a Goodread.

  • Serith
    2018-10-10 10:42

    This online series started off as a light coming of age story with darker themes of bullying, but it gradually developed into something colorful and enchanted. It’s ongoing, so who knows what way it will end up! This is my first time reading fiction straight off a blog, and I must say that it really enhanced the experience with Fairy. It was really innovative to have images to go along with the text. The author notes add an exclusive back-pass vibe and it is fun to read reactions to each chapter in the comments.I found this nice and easygoing …yet it was underlined with pain that highlights a very real issue in some teen’s lives. Cody came up with a creative solution to bullying by providing poor Merry with his own protective fairy. I wish every victim could have someone like Quinn stand up for them; he is such a charming character who always says the right things …though I admittedly struggle with written accents, but Merry could understand him probably as much as I could, so it had comedic value! The boys were really sweet together. I do wish we could have seen a little more interaction before they officially feel for each other, though I’m a HUGE sucker tension. Either way, they make me smile!I found myself enjoying it more and more as it progressed, especially after a few twists directed the plot towards the fae themes. So while the beginning felt a little slow moving event-wise, it made a lot of sense to set the foundation (especially for readers who are new to fae themes). Now that everything has been set, the pace is picking up fast the potential is endless. I’m excited to see what happens next!

  • Damian Bloodstone
    2018-09-27 10:51

    This story was the first of the YA M/M types I had ever read. I didn't really know what to expect, but I liked the idea of the Fae and from the posting he made on it, I was curiously intrigued. Once reading the story, it entranced me with the manner in which Kennedy used his abilities to make me see beyond the gender of the characters and to the more important problems surrounding these two unique characters and their love for each other.The Fae characters he has envisioned are unique and each with their own traits and faults which one can use as a mirror for real life people. The settings and surroundings are realistically viewed through the eyes of his characters.He weaves a tale that draws you into it and makes you empathize with his characters until you understand their points of view of the world. It deals with tough subjects, bullying and abuse, but does so in a manner and style that does not turn the reader off or make them uncomfortable, all the while keeping it realistic and true to life with the emotions and outcomes of the characters.The mystical qualities of the Fae and the unique qualities of the writing make this a must read for anyone. The idea it is YA M/M and about these tough subjects only makes it that much more important to read.

  • Dianne Hartsock
    2018-10-06 09:51

    A sweet, lovely story of a lonely, tortured young man named Merry and the fairy prince who will do anything to keep him safe. Ah Quinn, the last chapter made me realize just how much you had to lose by loving Merry, and how much you had to gain. Can't wait for part 2 of this story!!

  • Pauline
    2018-09-26 09:55

    This was one of those enjoyable, light reads. I absolutely loved part 1 and can't wait for part 2 to see where Quin and Merry go from here. LOVE IT, Definitely worth reading and re-reading.

  • Mia Kerick
    2018-10-14 09:57

    Fairy by Cody Kennedy should be a full-length novel. Now that I said that, I feel better and I can offer my honest review. I have never before read very much fantasy, as I feared I would not be able to relate to it. But because I enjoyed Omorphi and Safe by Cody Kennedy so much, I decided I would read his serial story, Fairy, from his website. Lucky for me, Cody had already written 20 chapters, so I wasn’t forced to wait for each of these segments to appear on his website. And I’m really glad that I got to read twenty chapters in only several sittings, as I was able to get a sense of Fairy as a more complete work.Well, I was wrong to worry that I mightn’t be able to relate fully to the experiences of the characters in this fantasy story, because, thanks to the main character Merry’s authentic voice, I found myself able to know and care for him from the very first chapter. Merry is a character with whom I, and anybody who has experienced bullying at the hands of others, in particular in a school setting, can relate to. He is a young man who spends a lot of time feeling as if he is in some way less than others. His internal language was exactly as I would imagine a shy, insecure, and persecuted, but somehow still self-respecting, teenage boy’s voice should be. (I am at my happiest as a reader when I truly believe in the character; when I can picture him thinking and feeling and saying the words I see on the page.) And, yes, there was fantasy… and there was world-building, but nonetheless, I had no problem connecting with Merry. Speaking of world-building, at different points in my reading, I often stopped to wonder just what the landscape looks like inside the author’s brain, because what he put down on paper was imaginative and colorful and sparkling and original. And in regard to his fae characters (I hope that is the right way to phrase it), each was rich and quirky and brilliant. I know them well, in particular Lady Sadb, and in her case, I know people like her and I will admit to not being their biggest fans. Maybe in future chapters she will redeem herself.Quinn, the fairy prince, leaves nothing to be desired as a hero. And he is the kind of hero I like best, tortured in his own right, but fully selfless when it comes to the one he loves. I like it best when Quinn reminds Merry to stop being so hard on himself.The greatest strength of Fairy, in terms of taking me to another place and holding me there, which is ultimately why I read, was Cody’s use of language. With the fairy language, which sounded to me Gaelic and old-fashioned, the writing was consistent and believable. I admired the intricacy and the flavor that never wavered. Writing in that kind of dialect must be very challenging.Fairy is a wonderful YA serial story--filled with color and imagination and problems we all can relate to that make us pull for the good guys. There is more than a touch of sweet and poignant romance. The story is simple, in some ways, but quite complex in others. And so, on that note, I will not conclude by labeling the first twenty chapters of Fairy by Cody Kennedy as a fulfilling portion of a “YA novel”, but instead I will call it a heartwarming serial story (maybe someday a novel?) filled with the hope for better days, from which all readers, young and old, can benefit.http://www.fairybycodykennedy.blogspo...

  • Pam Faste aka Peejakers
    2018-09-29 10:37

    This is an ongoing serial, so there is more to come, but I’m all caught up for now so I thought I’d go ahead and write a reviewI am really loving this story! I just recently discovered it & proceeded to read every chapter back-to- back in one day. Now I’m with the rest of the fans, can't wait for the next installment! This is a very touching love story, a fairy-tale in every sense of the word, but one with a message about bullying & intolerance. There are so many things to love in this. Main characters Merry & Quinn are adorable & I want to hug them both! I love that Merry is short for Meriadoc <3! I love Quinn’s slightly hard to follow but utterly charming Irish-Gaelic fairy-talk & his endearments for Merry. I love the idea that fairies would have this hilariously frustrating & convoluted reasoning that makes them nearly impossible to pin down in a conversation or get a straight answer from. I love Merry’s shyness. His OMG! moments. And his slap-stick klutziness (no, don’t think Twilight’s Bella revisited, this isn’t like that, and yes [sadly], people this klutzy do exist, as I can personally attest). I love that while, at first, Merry appears to be the needy "damsel-in-distress" & Quinn his brave, strong hero/defender/rescuer, there is more to it than that. Each MC is actually quite vulnerable in his own way, neither is a stranger to suffering, both are longing for the love & acceptance they have never had. The hurt & anguish of their pasts & which they must still endure made my heart ache. Quinn & Merry are so caring & tender with each other, & I like the way the story gives each character a chance to be the vulnerable one, then rise to the occasion, becoming the stronger one when the other needs him. I also like how the sexy stuff that happens has a sort of innocence to it, quite sweet & not too graphic or overtly erotic. I love graphic & erotic, but this is perfect for the YA population, this author's target audience. It also fits the fairy-tale atmosphere of the story. I also enjoyed a couple of highly entertaining supporting characters, who provided considerable amusement The message in this story is never presented in a preachy manner. It’s simply intrinsic, woven into the fabric of the story as it unfolds. Both characters deal with a lot of pain as they struggle for the right to simply be who they are & love who they love in a world (both human & fairy) that only tolerates conformity. Their courage & resilience as they deal with the cruel repercussions of trying to defy the status quo, to be true to themselves & fight for their right to happiness is very moving and, unfortunately, very relevant to real life. PS: Also wanted to say that I was extremely touched by the author's note (which I read somewhere but [naturally] cannot for the life of me find now) explaining how he came to be inspired to write this tale. As someone who also lives with the emotional legacy of long ago childhood bullying, it struck a chord. How easy it is, in vulnerable moment, to be temporarily knocked back to feeling like that kid again -

  • Amy Spector
    2018-10-17 12:37

    This story is still a work in progress. That being said, it is charming.Written for a rather young audience, it seems like the perfect school age escapist daydream. Meriadoc McDaniel (Merry) is a kid with a troubled school life and an even a more troubling home life. He is utterly alone. That is until Quinn, the new student in school, seems to take an interest in him.Of course Quinn is no ordinary student. And it turns out Merry isn't an ordinary student either.Very cute, and written with a very modern sensibility. Magical read for young readers and a fun read for adults who appreciated YA fiction.

  • Liz
    2018-10-07 06:55

    I am excited to see where this goes as well. Having a kick-ass fairy by your side when the bullies come out to taunt you (and try to hurt you) would be awesome! Here's hoping Merry finds a way to keep his fairy while learning how to defend himself. Now...I wonder if I can wait until all chapters are posted before I read anymore?? This waiting is a killer!Thank you, Cody. Once again you have my attention..

  • Sam
    2018-10-07 11:37

    This is an in-progress blog serial. It is not finished, but I have read what is there. I will definitely read more when Cody writes and posts it. Thoroughly charming.

  • Jessica
    2018-10-08 14:40

    I really liked it! Very cute start that led into a mystery of sorts. Intrigue and deception seem to be coming (as soon as the story continues). I would love an update asap!

  • Sandy
    2018-10-11 14:41

    I've been following along with this series by C. Kennedy and have been absolutely loving it.Do yourself a favor…check it out.

  • AliciaJ
    2018-09-25 15:02

    I just found this serial on Cody's website. It was sooooo good. I hope we get the rest of it soon.

  • Anna.E
    2018-10-14 14:51

    So far so good. I'm up to chapter 20.

  • Jade
    2018-09-27 09:38

    This almost read like Twilight fanfic(don't get me wrong I was all about twilight fanfic when I was a freshman and sophomore in high school), but instead of vampires it was fairies, and instead of Edward and Bella we had Merry and Quinn. Maybe it was the high school setting and paranormal aspect that gives off the Twilight vibes.It was an okay read, nothing amazing or terrible. Definitely not a memorable read, but something to kill time with.

  • Kitten Blue
    2018-10-09 13:35

    Well, it gets better as the story progresses - WAAAAY better - but it's incomplete, so. That's super annoying. Do you know what else is annoying? The fairies' weird, almost unintelligible accent! Dayum!

  • Sala Bim
    2018-10-12 10:33