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“Good girls don’t mix with bad boys,” that’s what they told young, conservative Tobi, when she’s smitten by alluring, playboy Richard. Ignoring his background and an uncertain future, she plunges into his exciting world of romance. But Richard disappoints them all, giving Tobi an engagement ring before leaving for London.Tobi’s world is shattered when Richard brutally dump“Good girls don’t mix with bad boys,” that’s what they told young, conservative Tobi, when she’s smitten by alluring, playboy Richard. Ignoring his background and an uncertain future, she plunges into his exciting world of romance. But Richard disappoints them all, giving Tobi an engagement ring before leaving for London.Tobi’s world is shattered when Richard brutally dumps her. Can she ever love again? Or will the refined, self-accomplished Oba remain a distraction from her heart-broken stupor? When repentant Richard resurfaces, re-awakening her heart and all the buried passion, Tobi has to define what true love means to her.A Bouquet of Dilemma is an enchanting story about the love life of a Nigerian Undergraduate in the 90s. It's a simple narrative of values, prejudices and challenges that determine the choices we make about love and life....

Title : A Bouquet of Dilemma
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A Bouquet of Dilemma Reviews

  • Dhoopy
    2018-10-06 13:49

    A Bouquet of Dilemma/Tayo EmmanuelThis book is a simple love story of two girls set in 1990s Nigeria against a strong cultural and political background when Military rule was the order of the day.The story centres around Tobi and her best friend, Maggie, from Secondary school - two girls with similar career aspirations but with different personalities and backgrounds.Tobi, from a middle-class conservative family meets Richard - a matured, jovial and fun-loving man, with a string of ex-girlfriends and a love child in tow - at Maggie’s birthday and is besotted with him. Tobi’s wish is to read law at the university while Richard’s plan is to travel to the United Kingdom in search of greener pastures. Regardless of his profession of love and a pledge to change from his philandering ways, Tobi tries to date other boys when she resumed at the university, but she soon discovers that the other boys also have different issues to contend with, so she chooses to commit to Richard after he gives her a mind-blowing birthday treat. And they get engaged before Richard travels to London.Richard eventually jilts Tobi by getting married in London and things start happening from there.This books falls in the genre of the emerging new adult romance and Tayo has been able to skilfully highlight stereotyping issues Nigerians faced in the 1990s during a Military era, while trying to chart the courses of their adult lives. As a Nigerian, it is very easy to identify with each of the characters as even some of those social and political issues exist today. I find the inclusion of the Civil War highly educative, especially as it is explained from different objective perspectives. The analysis of the ‘June 12’ political impasse and how it affected various facets of life in Nigeria is another brilliant aspect of his book.That conservative Tobi was persuaded to contest in a beauty pageant reveals the extent to which we are willing to sacrifice our personalities to pursue fulfilment in love. Even though Tobi appears to be a victim of love in this triangle, the author gave me enough reason to identify with Richard’s plight.I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it

  • Lcdk
    2018-09-27 07:59

    I must say that I really am quite impressed with this book. I would definitely call this one of those 'hidden gems' that we are all searching for through the huge selection of titles available through amazon. It's evident to me that the author has spent a lot of time in creating this book to a high standard. The story stayed captivating and interesting for me from beginning to end and the characters all seemed special in their own way, each one of them playing their own special part in overall book. I feel that I should mention the writing style, as it really stood out to me. The author expressed the story through some really great, eloquent wordplay that really made the entire read enjoyable for me.

  • Jenell Diegor
    2018-10-02 08:55

    A highly engaging literary work, focusing on a young girl named Tobi who had fallen for the promises of a charming Richard. This novel is easily relatable because the protagonist goes through experiences that are common for most young girls. There are a lot of values brought about in the story as it explores deep levels of interpersonal relationships. It is also nice to read about some of Nigeria’s history, as before this I didn’t have much of an awareness regarding that culture. The author did a very well job in producing a novel that appeals to both the reader’s heart and intellect!

  • 8o's
    2018-09-21 14:55

    A Bouquet of Dilemma by Tayo Emmanuel features Tobi, a college-aged girl who falls in love with Richard. After Richard jilts her, Tobi moves on and meets Obi. But then Richard comes back apologizing and Tobi takes him back. Yeah I wasn't really feeling that part of the story-line but I will say the book is so much more then just the romance plot. I enjoyed the writing style, the subplots, and all the historical information.I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads.

  • Stephanie Noel
    2018-10-09 09:58

    Young conservative Tobi will soon be attending university, yet she's never been in love. That is, until she meets Richard, a dashing carefree man with a tumultuous past who is about to turn her world upside down. Their love story is Hollywood worthy until Richard leaves for London in the hopes of bettering his situation. Promises are exchanged but despite Tobi's efforts, it soon becomes clear that Richie boy is not coming back home. Time is running out for our heroin; she needs to find a husband before she graduates. With the help of her best friend Maggie, she soon finds herself in another man's arms. Little does she know that her real troubles are only about to start.A Bouquet of Dilemma by Tayo Emmanuel would be very similar to many romance novels were it not for its amazing setting: early 90s Nigeria. Through Tobi's story, the reader gets to experience a culture of which very little is known, especially to North Americans. It also it contributes to show that despite the many differences found in the political, financial and cultural context, young women have similar aspirations. I learned many things about Nigeria in this novel, and it has made me want to learn more.The writing style is very light and reflects well the main character's personality through her evolution. Speaking of characters, Emmanuel has managed to create a wide range of them, each and every single one of them having its own personality. I found all of them very credible and could not help but like them despite their flaws. They were very human. As for setting, the author skillfully uses concise description to bring this faraway land to life in the mind of the reader. It truly made me want to visit Nigeria.A Bouquet of Dilemma is a light reading, one in which the reader can easily identify with the characters and intensely feel their emotions. If you enjoy romance novels, I would strongly recommend it. Even if it's only to find one that is set at a time when people didn't have cellphones... and in Tobi's case, not even a landline!

  • Heather
    2018-10-05 16:09

    This is a new adult debut set in Nigeria. It turned out to be a simple, yet interesting story that got me hooked. I like the way the author wove together the lives of Maggie and Tobi without taking away from Tobi as the main character. Maggie, the bad girl fell in love with a good guy and ended up getting married while Tobi, the good girl, fell in love with a bad boy to get her heart broken. Ofcourse! But the story took an interesting turn when bad boy Richard staged a comeback to mend the broken pieces and disrupt Tobi�s attempt to find love again. I enjoyed reading this book as it realistically played up the good girl versus bad boy story. The character development was consistent and the author made it easy to understand how each character fitted into the role. I would have loved to see more passionate encounters between Richard and Tobi, although the writer justified this by quickly removing Richard from the scene.

  • Tora
    2018-10-08 12:13

    Sometimes in life you feel as if there are no choices, but at others choices abound, and that’s the dilemma. In A Bouquet of Dilemma, new author Tayo Emmanuel, weaves a story of love lost, found and conflicted. When Tobi is carelessly tossed away by the man she loves, she knows she can never trust––never love––again. But when her ex reappears, seemingly repentant and ready to make a fresh start, Tobi must come to terms with her heartbreak, her values and prejudices, and make the ultimate choice about love and life.Emmanuel has written a tender, thoughtful story about what it means to be young and in love. The story is rich in detail of the politics, culture, and socio-economic drama of Nigeria, as lived and understood by a young woman struggling to define herself.The pacing is good, the characters are rich, and I am looking forward to reading more of Emmanuel’s work.

  • Lynn Carden
    2018-10-02 13:03

    I really enjoyed A Bouquet of Dilemma by Tayo Emmanuel. I love reading new voices, but of course I’m always a little hesitant as you never know which way it will go. This book was a lovely surprise. Emmanuel’s writing style really pulled me into the story and made me feel as if I was living in the world with the characters. All of the characters (Tobi, Oba, Richard, etc) were fully developed and represented people that I’ve not met before. I feel I learned so much about Nigerian culture which was wonderful, and also completely enjoyable at the same time. My heart both ached and rejoiced for Tobi throughout the story. It’s a well-crafted novel, and I really hope to read more from this author in the future.

  • Justin Melter
    2018-10-20 14:13

    Bouquet is a new and different sounding love story which breathes youthful indecisiveness. From a male perspective some of the "back and forthing" was almost typical of a modern love story but the author was successful in keeping it interesting. The language used had a foreign feel to it which only added to the story and made the characters that much more intriguing. I did enjoy how it just didn't focus on two people and how other's factors/opinions were put into play to further along the story. This could very well be a strong new voice in fiction.

  • Beth
    2018-10-02 12:13

    I wasn't sure what to expect at first, but I thoroughly enjoyed this well written novel. The combination of interesting characters and excellent writing combined for an immersive experience that left you feeling like you really knew these people, and caring about what happened to them.The Nigerian setting was a nice change as you really got to experience the culture - with all its inherent political, social, and economic drama.I genuinely enjoyed this intelligent and heartfelt novel and highly recommend it!

  • Kelly
    2018-10-17 07:53

    I got a complimentary copy Who has ever had life so straightforward? That is what this book is about and I finished it in two days because I got so into it, I needed to know how the dilemma would be resolved. The story line is poignant and I could not help but empathise with Tobi as she transitioned to adulthood, confronting everyday issues and trying to make the right decisions in line with her belief system and family background. I can see this story playing out in the lives of many girls and the author has been able to deliver it as a work of fiction. Good one.

  • E Sheridan
    2018-10-04 14:09

    Outstanding WorkI enjoyed this book from the beginning, which is unusual for me as I have to fully understand the characters before i can really enjoy a read. I fell in love with Tayo Emmanuel character's from the beginning. The story appears so natural and believable. You are transferred to Nigeria in this Epic romantic novel. The story is so well written and delivered very easily.Much respect to Emmanuel!!

  • Delma
    2018-10-17 15:47

    Couldn't put it down - a total page turner and it is a long time since I have said that about a book, let alone the author's first one. It is a multi layered story, with choice and dilemma interwoven with a gripping story that cracks along at a goodly pace. As such it encourages you to second guess what is coming next based on what has gone before, drawing you into its fabric, but you never quite manage to beat it. Highly original.

  • Sam
    2018-10-16 10:02

    A bouquet of dilemma is one of those books you can’t help but keep reading, the characters are so well created, that you find yourself living and feeling every emotion they are going through especially Tobi.The author has done a wonderful job on this book; it’s a story full of dilemmas, heartache and hope, a perfect read for a long weekend

  • Kechell Jackson
    2018-10-08 12:14

    Well-written and developed story. This story takes place in Nigeria; you get a sense for the culture while reading this lovely story due to the strong detail. The characters are very well developed and the reader gets to watch them grow throughout the story and grows a bond with the characters. I recommend this book.

  • E Smyth
    2018-09-24 08:49

    Engrossing ReadTo say that this story trapped me almost immediately is so real. I just couldn't stop reading it. The story is fascinating so much details it will set all your senses alive. Tayo Emmanule the author is so descriptive its just outstanding.The plot just rolls out in a very pleasing manner and if you are like me you will be left wanting more.

  • Sharon
    2018-10-11 12:05

    I downloaded a free kindle copy. I enjoyed reading this book. It was easy to picture myself in the plots and see through the eyes of the characters. And just when I think the story is about to pan out, it picks up again. I look forward to another of Tayo Emmanuels novels.

  • Millie
    2018-09-23 13:11

    I received ARC from the author for my honest review.I'm sorry - I tried really hard to get into it but the lack of connection between the characters is what did me in.Full review at

  • Diane
    2018-10-18 08:06

    A Fabulous Book!