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Kell McDonald isn't your average guy. He's a brilliant biologist and geneticist, a leading researcher in the constant fight against disease and death. He works in secret on a miraculous organism with the potential to change the world.But he isn't the only one.Victim Zero is a story about life and loss, self-awareness and the hard choices between what is right and what is nKell McDonald isn't your average guy. He's a brilliant biologist and geneticist, a leading researcher in the constant fight against disease and death. He works in secret on a miraculous organism with the potential to change the world.But he isn't the only one.Victim Zero is a story about life and loss, self-awareness and the hard choices between what is right and what is necessary. As the world spirals down and the dead begin to rise, Kell must learn the difference between surviving and living.Set in the world of Living With the Dead, Victim Zero tells the story of how The Fall began. From before the outbreak itself, during the crisis and beyond, this novel chronicles the journey of a man who holds the weight of the entire human race on his shoulders....

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Victim Zero Reviews

  • Colleen
    2018-10-15 09:04

    Well I'm pumped. Looks like there's like 5-6 more books to this series so I'll have to get on that. Looks like these books sprung from a blog and my copy has a very self published feel (super fucked up typesetting throughout kind of gives that away), but it's better written than like 90% of the zombie books out there. And I didn't notice a single grammatical or spelling mistake--so special shame to some of the more "professional" books out there that are riddled with errors. Even though he wrote the later series first, I decided to begin with this "prequel" because that's the benefit of catching onto something waaay after the fact. Kelvin, our hero, once a child prodigy with multiple doctorates in his early twenties, a 300 pound "giant" black man, with a newborn and doting wife, discovers a parasitic lifeform that has the potential to cure all ailments. Only flaw is when introduced into mice and monkeys, makes them go insane and murder all the other animals in the cage. But evil pharmaceutical company starts human testing without his knowledge, and well... cue zombie apocalypse when it goes airborne (zombie bites don't transform you, but if you die, you come back and the zombies begin to evolve as the mutation hops). I can see what other reviews complained about. He is a bit too perfect, with like no discernible flaws other than a tendency to moralize at terrible times--but I can overlook that. Once again, a giant chunk of the book is about rape when he rescues two women from a pack of rapey mauraders and this is of course something that's revisited multiple times when the two women take him to their safe haven (seemed pretty shitty to me, I don't know why they wanted to go back so bad) and the big finale is them fighting more rapists. As for my zombie trope list, it doesn't have evil clergy or saddled with plucky child like most, but since the rapists consist of cops & soldiers & assorted deplorables and the government response is super dumb/might as well spray infectious spores from plane, it still hits. The constant rape stuff in zombie novels gets a bit old--I roll my eyes when I realize well, here's the main plot point, since it's an easy way to make the hero a "good guy" and still sex it up, introduce a women (in this case 2), and have obvious villains--so it feels cheap & hackneyed and it did here as well to a degree. But I read last week that survey where 1 out of 3 men said they would rape a woman if there was no chance of being found out ("Almost a third of the men (31.7 percent) said that in a consequence-free situation, they’d force a woman to have sexual intercourse")--and the theme of this book is that in a zombie apocalypse who you really are gets revealed. Though there is something I think to be said that it's predominantly male authors that use this plot theme over & over again (not that I've read many female authors in this genre--maybe half a dozen--but oddly looking at women penned zombie books, not a single one deals with rape). Although to be fair, this book is NOT the worst offender and takes a much more humanistic stance than most (to a somewhat absurd degree). I'm just complaining in general. The end didn't make sense to me. (view spoiler)[ Why did the safe haven expel them for killing all the rapists? The marauders were obviously attacking them , stealing supplies, murdering the men, and absconding with girls and women--why did they get kicked out for ending that threat when not a single of the defenders was killed? Especially when one of the women went to head of the haven to get volunteers to fight back? So the book ended on an especially dumb note to me. Also, he lived for months in like Ground Zero of zombies, surrounded by hundreds of thousands when he discovered you just had to douse your clothes with corpse water and the zombies would leave you alone--why the fuck was this not used later in the book?!?(hide spoiler)]But the author has a great way with dialogue and action and I wolfed this book down. Will have to get all the rest!

  • Jett Cat
    2018-10-16 10:59

    Not just another zombie ride. Guess brings his usual style of making me, the reader question my excitement when our Hero's overcome the trials of a free for all society.Is there really justification for killing in defense of self and others?This was a great prelude to LWTD series, even though it left me wanting more.. A guilt ridden scientist semi responsible for the zvoe outbreak learns to survive his guilt and the zombies. Along the way he makes a few good friends, meets some people from the first series, and struggles to keep his humanity.While attempting to make a life in the new world he gets involved with rescuing people from bandits, bringing far too much attention to himself.Realizing that if anyone recognizes him his life may be forfeit, he agrees to leave his home and secret lab where he has been attempting to find a cure for the plague.If you haven't read Guess before your really missing an amazing look into the human condition, set in a zombie apocalypse!

  • Alexis Winning
    2018-10-10 10:51

    I had no idea that this Joshua Guess' Victim Zero was a spin off of a blog. How awesome is it, that in modernity, we can freely share our stories with the world? I wish I had known this preface before reading, as I would have interpreted it in a different light. Guess knows that the most important thing about the zombie genre, is the emphasis on people and humanity, not the undead. Guess introduces us to a strong, interesting, and "real" hero. Kell is a large African-American scientist with an affinity for rescuing those used for human trafficking. (I will mention here that there were some instances that race was unnecessarily brought into it-why you gotta bring race into it Guess?!) Victim Zero is an engaging read, but it is not without problems. My main issue with Victim Zero is it's lack of focus. It certainly reads like a blog or a podcast, with no linear or main conflict. It appears to be put together not unlike a traveling story (which is fine), but I am missing the main point. There are so many ideas that the author explored: surviving alone, morality in the end times, community conflict, etc. What I would have liked to see is a focus on ONE of these genre staples, and not a brief flyby of them all. Joshua Guess is otherwise a solid writer. He "gets" the genre, and is certainly capable of telling an engaging story. There is one passage near the end that captures the brutality of the end times mindset. He compares the dangerously immoral groups of people to a cancer, and the need to eradicate the cancer. In the old world, this would be seen as an immoral thing to do, but in the post apocalyptic world, it is a necessity, otherwise the immoral cancer will spread into the rest of society. Victim Zero is a decent read, I just wish it was more focused in its ideas. Guess has a lot to offer with his ideas, let's just get them sharpened.

  • Gretchen
    2018-09-29 15:52

    Victim Zero is the story of how it began. The end of the world starts with curiosity and greed--the scientist looking at a new life form, testing, trying to see what it can do and the people in charge, deciding to make money off of the new organism. Bad idea. Very bad idea. It spreads quickly, leading to the death of millions. Follow the scientist, Kevin McDonald, through his attempt to survive and to cure the monster that he inadvertently unleashed...I have been following Joshua Guess' Living With the Dead for several years now (I actually read his blog daily) so I was expecting to enjoy Victim Zero but was not expecting to be this impressed. My only problem with Victim Zero was that it was way too short... don't get me wrong, this isn't a novella or anything (I would guess it would be about 200 to 250 pages and covers a lot) but when reading, the end came way too quickly. I literally did not put Victim Zero down until I had finished reading it. More, give me more!!!!Victim Zero can be read as a stand alone novel. As a matter of fact, if you are not familiar with Living with the Dead, get this book first. It definitely ties in with the blog and its resulting collection of books, but you do not need to read the blog to understand the book. I think that they compliment each other, but reading and enjoying the book is not dependent on following the blog.If you enjoy zombies, human nature, action... get this book. Guess has become a master, a must read author whose insight into humanity--the good and the bad--is undeniable. He makes you think and question, "what if this happened?" It is so plausible, that I can't help but think that this is the way that the world will end, a combination of curiosity and greed. Way to go, Joshua Guess!

  • Donna
    2018-10-09 08:56

    Wow, a collaboration between Joshua Guest and James Cook? Who would not want to read that? This tells the story of the scientist who made the virus and knows everything about it. He does escape the lab knowing that the only way to kill the zombies is damage to the head. And he soon learns a lot more about how to defend himself. He is a huge man, very tall and big. He saves some women from marauders and they become his best friends. They know a safe place and they go there. I won't tell you details because I don't want to ruin it for you. This book grabs you and doesn't let go. I read it in a day and a half and it only took that long because I had other things to do also.Since this man, Kell, is the man who created the virus, he wants to find a place to create a lab to find the cure for it. So lets hope this happens. I am no on the second in the series. Here I go again, getting into a series that is not complete yet. I am hoping these authors are hot on the third one so I won't have to wait long, read other books, forget what happened in the first ones and have to read them all again. But I could not resist reading a zombie book by Joshua Guest and James Cook, both remarkable writers in their own right. This is one women should like too. I like books that mostly men like and also those that women mostly like, except for strictly romances. So if you like excitement and characters that you can really care about, this is the book for you.Oh, I wanted to tell you that if you have Amazon Prime you can borrow this book, so I did. Yay!

  • Pam ☼Because Someone Must Be a Thorn☼ Tee
    2018-10-07 08:59

    An interesting take on the end of the world and zombie apoc. In Guess' book we actually get to follow the man who found the nascent organism that would eventually be altered to become the Zombie maker.Now about the rating. Don't get me wrong, many people will find this book entertaining, but I can't give it more than 3 stars.The wordsmithing is good. Otherwise I wouldn't have finished it as I have a low tolerance for authors who can't string sentences together into nice paragraphs. What I found lacking is a personal thing. To me VICTIM ZERO is guy fiction. By which I mean there are some good details about the science and about weapons and action sequences; but not much depth to the characters. Kell has regrets and guilt, but there's no social drama. I would have loved this book when I was younger, I've just gotten more girlie in my old age and I need some dwama. (Note to review readers: I can't stand the Da Vinci Code. I tried three times to read that book and couldn't get past page 2; the writing seems that bad to me. Joshua Guess' wordsmithing is better imo.]

  • Anna
    2018-10-07 11:00

    This was a very good novel. Shows what could happen when mucking about with organisms and someone decides it is safe to use on humans. Also shows how a scientist can go from the lab and the loss of his family to someone who can survive and care about others again. Great characters and plot. Goes on my list of read again books. :D

  • Yvonne
    2018-09-23 09:51

    4.5 StarsReally exciting and well written zombie apocalypse book, but damn it was DEPRESSING.I guess I need a little HEA with my zombies. Still amazing, but really won't read #2.Recommend for hard core zombie post-apocalyptic terror lovers.

  • Ralph Meta
    2018-10-14 10:47

    Not bad.

  • Mary Lee
    2018-10-16 11:14

    Loved ItThis was an outstanding novel. No typos. He brought the characters and this world to full color life. The main characters shoulders a lot of responsibility and thinks a lot about his moral or immoral choices. He has heart and soul despite his terrible losses. I think he wears the guilt of starting the apocalypse too heavy. In fact, he has no responsibility for what happened. He told his bosses not to do what they chose to do. All he did was try to fix their mistake, so in my book, he is clean in that mess. It's too bad he can't accept that. No one who had the facts could blame him. It's that evil pharmaceutical company that should be carrying that blame. Outside of this though, it's a great story and I look forward to much more of it.

  • Cheshire
    2018-10-04 13:57

    This book is pretty good with interesting scenes and good descriptions of most things. The one thing it really missed was the part that made it hard to put down and not pick right back up.The biggest issue I had was our main character's incredible luck which never seemed to end. Granted he had a few hardships but how he handled the death of his family seemed unrealistic along with all his luck otherwise in what otherwise was a fairly realistic book. I mean let's face it Kelvin/Kell/K is a big black guy who is a lab nerd, and amazingly quick to adapt to fighting Zombies.This book is part of a series, but this book can be read standalone without issues.

  • Tina Cross
    2018-10-02 09:46

    A Must read, if you're a fan of this genre!This was my second time reading this book. It only gets better!Don't want to spoil this for anyone. But, you get so enraptured with the storyline. It grabs you almost immediately and doesn't let go.You can tell that time, research and attention to detail went into this book. I'd have to say that this is my goto author, for this genre.Well done Sir, well done!!!

  • Steve
    2018-10-09 13:04

    I continue to be impressed with this author. His writing style has pulled me into a genre that I don't normally read, and I'm enjoying the diversity very much.His characters are well-developed and likable, his detailed descriptions of less-than-pleasant scenarios paint a beautiful picture of the grotesque at times. The violence is a little much in some cases, but I can't help but respect the author for his writing even then.

  • Kara Su
    2018-10-19 13:01

    Excellent characters, intriguing storyline, solid pacing. I'll admit it - I'm decidedly not a fan of zombie stories. But this is so much more than a post-apocalyptic, zombie yarn! This is a story of survival & redemption, of self-examination, grief & the shared horror of humanness in a world where the rules have reverted to barbarity. Well worth the read.

  • Sonja McClung
    2018-10-14 12:11

    If you love zombies, this series is for you. But, its not just about the zombies. Think Walking Dead, you become very attached to the characters in this series and I am pretty sure I read straight through the night on several occasions because I just could not put them down.

  • Beth Wilson
    2018-09-28 11:48

    GreatWhat a great story! I very much enjoyed the plot. The struggles were realistic and engaging. The characters were like real people, written into print. I can’t wait to read the next book.

  • Joan Barstad
    2018-10-03 09:56

    This is the first book of a series of 6. It is well written, and the characters are believable . There are even a few new twists to how zombies act! I will be reading the rest of them in the near future.Definitely recommend these books.

  • keith rampersad
    2018-10-10 11:12

    Great read, excellent and very descriptive.Great read, excellent and very descriptiveCan't wait to follow the rest of this series. Huge fan of zombie apocalypse

  • BarbaraH
    2018-10-17 10:05

    Very good tale of a scientist who's experiment goes bad and as people die they turn into Zombies. Life as we start over anew.

  • Suki
    2018-10-17 13:53

    Book 1I enjoyed this book and the characters. It had had a few errors throughout but was a fun read. The plot was different and sometimes vegue. I look forward to book 2

  • Julie
    2018-10-05 14:06

    I enjoyed this series. Interesting strong characters.

  • J.J.
    2018-10-19 16:13

    Good bookThis was a good book. Good story, great characters. Filling in these last spaces for the words required to post a review, lol.

  • Cameron
    2018-10-06 14:10

    First time i have read a Zombie Novel, looking forward to reading the rest of the series

  • Kelly Burns
    2018-10-14 14:52

    very good story, onto the next!!!

  • Jan Warner
    2018-10-03 10:09

    Right up there with the Walking Dead!Couldn't put it down. For being just a normal guy K sure could fight! Zombies don't have a chance on earth.

  • Lesley Henry
    2018-09-19 07:49

    Clever turn on the zombie genre. This first in the series book follows an extremely talented scientist charged with working with a newly discovered lifeform from the ocean's depths called chimera; trying to manipulate it's healing abilities to benefit mankind but preventing mutations is proving to be a headache for Kelvin. A big company purchases the project and Kelvin services becomes unhappy with his slow progress and rushes a side project of their own leading to a human subject. Kelvin is only informed when the project begins to go south and his assistance becomes crucial. As intelligent as he is, it's not enough to stop the impending storm that crashes into life as he knows it, leaving him alone in this brutal new world. The question is how will Kelvin adapt (if he can) and can help overcome the immense guilt he feels regarding his part in the fall of the world as he'd known it.

  • Russell
    2018-09-29 14:01

    Pretty good. A quick read. Being a big Walking Dead fan helps with the imagery. I liked the plot lines. I like that the protagonist is flawed. Looking forward to the next in the series.

  • Olethros
    2018-10-08 07:45

    -Lo importante es cómo se acaba, no cómo se empieza.-Género. Ciencia-Ficción.Lo que nos cuenta. Kelvin McDonald, Kell para los más allegados, es un investigador casado y con una hija recién nacida que trabaja con un extraño organismo al que han denominado Quimera, de un enorme potencial en la regeneración de tejidos humanos dañados pero la investigación todavía necesita mucho tiempo antes de llegar a las pruebas con sujetos humanos. A pesar de eso, la presión por parte de la industria al frente de los ensayos, de los legisladores y de los financiadores, enlazados con el ejército, hacen que se pruebe con un soldado herido por un artefacto explosivo improvisado cuyo padre es un senador de los Estados Unidos de América. En menos de un mes, varias situaciones imprevistas marcan un futuro sombrío, que cada vez se hace más oscuro. Primer libro de la serie The Fall, ambientado en el mismo universo dramático que Living With the Dead del propio autor, pero que puede leerse de forma absolutamente independiente.¿Quiere saber más de este libro, sin spoilers? Visite:

  • Mya
    2018-10-10 15:50

    This is a solid tale depicting the zombie apocalypse from its start as a biological-engineered-manipulated organism that runs amok. The narrative revolved around the head scientist who is not necessarily responsible for the outbreak but who is there at ground zero when the shit hits the fan with...Patient Zero. Now, I am no scientist but the way that the virus/bug/infection goes airborne is a little suspect and not really explained in depth. Anyway, add in the typical world goes to hell scenario and the fact that main character, the scientist becomes an uber survivalist and warrior (no lie- he teaches himself martial arts, not expertly but decent enough to be a badass) and you have 'Victim Zero.' The author does a good job of showing the protagonist's guilt, the decline of human morality and the action is pretty decent. My only issue with this book is that for the main character Kel to be a scientist, with the idea of finding a cure, he doesn't spend much time on research, which really would have made the book stand out! I never really bought into the fact that he became the killing machine and noble hero that he did, still it was an entertaining book.

  • Cindy
    2018-09-25 09:48

    Joshua Guess's work gets better and better as he matures as a writer. this story has none of the semi-autobiographical aspects of his previous works. As a companion to the Living With the Dead series it is an enlightening look at the beginning of The Fall and life at North Jackson before it becomes North Jackson. as a stand-alone book it feels as complete as it can. Meaning that it is clear while reading it that here is definitely more to his world, and the end makes you want to know what happens next. unlike many first books in a series that is independently published however, it doesn't read as one big prologue for upcoming books. ifind that to be a problem with many authors and there is none of that here. The book has a satisfying and clear beginning middle and end. In all I think Guess has come up with a believable and touching look at the mind and heart of a man who feels overwhelmingly responsible for the end of the world. Oh yeah, and there are zombies which get their heads bashed in. That's always fun too.