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Lots of people want to be Rock Stars, but the question is, can they handle it? Travis Dane has never wanted anything more than to be a Rock Star. He dreamed of being just like his father, Marcus. What the idol in his life never told him, is that the road to fame is paved with self destruction. Music, drugs, drinking, fighting and crazy stalkers all battle for his attentionLots of people want to be Rock Stars, but the question is, can they handle it? Travis Dane has never wanted anything more than to be a Rock Star. He dreamed of being just like his father, Marcus. What the idol in his life never told him, is that the road to fame is paved with self destruction. Music, drugs, drinking, fighting and crazy stalkers all battle for his attention. Throw in an uncaring mother and Paparrazi following his every step is disaster waiting to happen.Brittany Landers has never loved anyone like she did Trav. But his temper and drug use drove her into the arms of another man. Finally getting her life on track, striving for her law degree, can Aiden Bland take her mind off of Travis and what he’s going through? Or is he just Mr Wrong Right Now? The emotional rollercoaster of fame is never a Happily Ever After....

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Travis Reviews

  • Crazies R Us Book Blog
    2018-10-11 02:06

    [image error]Lots of people want to be Rock Stars, but the question is, can they handle it? Travis Dane has never wanted anything more than to be a Rock Star. He dreamed of being just like his father, Marcus. What the idol in his life never told him, is that the road to fame is paved with self destruction. Music, drugs, drinking, fighting and crazy stalkers all battle for his attention. Throw in an uncaring mother and Paparrazi following his every step is disaster waiting to happen.Brittany Landers has never loved anyone like she did Trav. But his temper and drug use drove her into the arms of another man. Finally getting her life on track, striving for her law degree, can Aiden Bland take her mind off of Travis and what he’s going through? Or is he just Mr. Wrong Right Now? The emotional rollercoaster of fame is never a Happily Ever After.[image error]I had the privilege of reading the ARC for this book and was so excited because I love love love Rocker books. :) Travis & Brittany are two characters that I could not get enough of. In the beginning I wasn't sure if I was going to connect with these characters, but low and behold....I connected!!!Brittany is from a wealthy family where she has to work for her money. Most people who knew her felt she was a spoiled rich kid including Travis. Brittany was far from spoiled. She was such a good heroine that I admired her. She was far from perfect and I loved that about her. Travis is the son of a Famous Rocker Musician who never really played a role in Travis' life. Travis looks up to his father and shares the same love for music. His dream is to become a ..."ROCK STAR" just like DAD...and ...NOTHING is going to stand in the way of his dream. Travis and Brittany deal with a lot of life situations including, love, break-up, drugs, alcohol and sex. Brittany gets her life in order per say while Travis goes down a dark dark the point of hitting rock bottom. Brittany's so called friend/co-worker, betrays her and gets involved with Travis leading him down the road to self-destruction. The question is ...Can Travis be redeemed and break away from the train wreck he has become a part of? Can he forget his one true love? Brittany, on the other hand, goes to college and gets her degree, she goes to law school, and gets involved with someone her parents approve of. The problem is that Brittany can't seem to forget the love of her life. Can she move on without Travis? This book was a book that I could not put down once I got started reading. N. Kuhn did an AMAZING job keeping me glued to my kindle. There were times that I was so angry with these characters and wanted to scream...REALLY!!! & then there were times that I shedded a few tears. I love when I become so engrossed with a book that I don't want to put it down until I'm finished. This was one of those books. Read it and you will NOT be disappointed. I give Travis(Buffalo Rocker Series) 4 CRAZIE STARS!!! ~KIM

  • Carver's Book Cravings
    2018-10-11 20:01

    Received an ARC for an honest review4 Stars This book is not your typical romance. This book goes through heartbreak, drug use and life destructing decisions. Parts of this book will have you wanting to scream out loud and throw your kindle against the wall.Brittany is a rich spoiled girl who is dating Travis, the bad boy wannabe rocker. She loves Travis, but her parents hate him. They think he is dragging her down. They get in a fight and break up again, but this time it is for good. To get over him she starts a relationship with Aiden. She also decides to go to Law School. Will Aiden be the man for her? Or will Travis be able to overcome all his issues and be the man for Brittany?Travis is a Rockstar. His dad is one of the biggest Rockstars and that is all Travis has wanted to do since his twelfth birthday. He has dated Brittany, but decided that she was holding him back and they broke up. He was doing drugs and drinking, but began a gradual decline. He started doing more drugs and drinking. He was sleeping with different groupies and just spiraling out of control. What will it take for him to realize he is messing up his dream of being a big Rockstar? Can he learn to be the man for Brittany? Or will he be too late?This book was really good. There were a lot of struggles in this book. If they want their happily ever after they have a lot of work to get it. This is a great read. I am guessing there will be a book two, but unsure if it continues Travis and Brittany's story or is a secondary characters story. If you like a good Rockstar book I recommend you read this book.

  • Amy Pro
    2018-09-29 20:06

    I’ve read quite a few rocker romance books but none that I feel were as realistic as this book. The drug abuse issues addressed in this book made me love it all the more. I was sucked in. Britt is just hard headed, stubborn and totally loves Travis but one heated argument tears it all apart. She now knows that she can’t be with him. Knows that he can’t give her what she needs. She decides to move on with her life, she meets another man and she decides to do the things that she’s always wanted to do. Aiden promises to be everything that Travis is not. But that’s not necessarily a good thing. Travis, sweet Travis, he’s grown up far too fast. His father was in and out of his life and he had a mother who never really showed him love. Travis’s biggest dream is to be just like his father with a destructively overwhelming desire to fill shoes that he was much too good to fill. His desire to be someone he looked up to, to be someone he’s not. Pushing Britt out of his life, he thought was for the best. He thought he could live his life without her. He thought he could handle the drugs, the alcohol, the fame. His destructiveness leads him down a path that he might not walk away from and all he can think about is getting the woman that he loves back. Walking this road with Travis and Britt was great. Being able to watch Travis go thru the healing process to get his life back on track. These may be words written on paper, but this is real life and I felt like I was right there with them. This book was over far too quick for me.

  • Emilie E. Faye
    2018-10-16 20:54

    While I am usually a fan of this author, I did not like how this book was written. The paragraph formatting was especially confusing. Sometimes whole paragraphs were clumped together and other times, there would be a huge gap of empty space before yet another giant paragraph.Next to that, the characters weren't even remotely likable. There was plenty of development, but even though the male protagonist turned his life around in the end, he still wasn't even tolerable. He went from being a drugged up, alcoholic loser with mommy and daddy issues to being a sober sob story with no personality. The female protagonist just felt largely unremarkable. Daddy's girl decides to be rebellious and dates a wannabe rockstar, rockstar hits her, she leaves him and immediately becomes her family's special snowflake daughter all over again. Then as soon as she leaves Travis, she starts dating a country club, control freak preppy boy before going back to her rockstar boyfriend and living happily ever after.This book was nothing at all like I expected it to be. Even the timeline felt rushed, mangled, and poorly managed. I am giving it two stars solely for holding my interest. That said, I am anxiously awaiting this author's next release.

  • Butterflies, Books & Dreams
    2018-10-16 18:54

    I was fortunate enough to be one of the first readers of this book...I loved it, encouraged it and i am very happy with this author and the outcome of this book>Love this author! and her series.

  • Tbird London
    2018-09-25 22:47

    At the beginning of this book, I seriously thought there would be no way I would connect to these characters. Drinking, drugs, sex, abusive behavior and language. No way would I care about Travis, but with each page I read, I became more aware of what was underneath the surface of this man. By the end of the book, I was hooked. Travis didn't have the traditional childhood of hugs, love and acceptance. His was filled with lies, separation, sadness and anger. A mother who was Bible thumping and shoving her religion at him, who kept things about his father from him. A father who was to wrapped up in being in a band, making money, doing drugs and having sex with groupies. Travis really had no one but himself, his band members and Britt.Britt, coming from a high-class family whose life was planned out for her, fell for Travis as a young teenager. A love that never let go of her heart even though she fought it for years. After a scene that went bad in the beginning of the book, she decided to focus on her life and go back to school to become a lawyer. Meeting a man who was in her social class and she was sure her parents would finally approve of, she stepped into a new direction, but still longed for Travis.This book, although not highly intense, does take you behind doors in the life of a rocker. The groupies who will throw themselves at you, tell you what you want to hear just to be able to say they slept with a big name lead singer and ruin your life was what Travis was faced with daily after Britt left. You see how a band can easily fall apart due to egos, drugs, women. How even your own family members will be more than happy to use you to gain money and lie and cheat to take whatever they feel they are entitled to. You will also see how important it is for those in the band to have people who love them and have their back.Travis finally saw the light and I love how we were invited to witness his transformation, from being at the lowest part in life, to rehab, making amends, receiving forgiveness and a second chance. We were there when he experienced the deaths of those he loved and had to watch him realize that he will never get the answers to his childhood he so longed for. He created a new family and I love how the author expressed the importance of loyalty, love and acceptance as needs Travis and Britt needed to experience.This is a quick and easy read, but an emotional one. I had a hard time putting it down once I started it because it was fast paced and kept me drawn into their lives. I think it has some important messages that we all need to be reminded of such as no matter what career a person has, they are still human and need the same validation and love that we experience in our lives. I really enjoyed going from thinking Travis was going to be a jerk to being a man who I was invested in. I loved how the author allowed us to see the feelings that Britt had to work out before she could decide if Travis was the man for her.

  • Ginnie
    2018-09-28 21:02

    This book was given to me for an honest review. Oh no look out, there is going to be a train wreck! Yeah that is pretty much how I can best describe this book. I don't mean that in a completely bad way, so please don't think horribly of me just yet. This book was just everywhere all at once, it was just honestly one bad thing after another. I was almost afraid to read the nest page sometimes.Now to the characters, first we have Brittany. She first comes off as a spoiled rich daddies girl but later you find out that that is not all exactly true. I liked her at first but then close to the end that like went downhill. And trust me I will explain why. But this leads us to her boyfriend, Travis. He is apparently the kid from the wrong side of the tracks who is just trying to become a huge rock star like his father. I liked him for about 5 pages and then BAM, it was done. After that first incident, I was just over him, although he does redeem himself a little later on. But regardless I still dislike him. So on a scale of 1-10 I give Britt ,maybe a 6.5 and Travis a 2.5 So the reason why I completely brushed this book off is because in the beginning Travis hit Brittany. I just can't do it. I don't care if it's drugs, about a monkey or if someone pays him a million dollars to do it. Unless it was accidental there is no reasoning for it. And he had no problem admitting he bagged her supposed best friend. Yuck! Plus the dumb girl goes back to him. No just plan out no. I don't care that he is all clean and may even play golf with Jesus. I just can't do it. But the him getting clean did raise him up a point for me. Did he ever apologize for hitting her? Or just for the stuff that was said? Now to the story. By this time the train has derailed and is in not so good shape. In the beginning the writing was just so stop and go for me. It was like the sentence would start going and wham! Luckily it did start to flow more the further you got into the book. This story really was just everywhere, kind of like a tornado. I wasn't quite sure which house it would rip up next. I mean love, drugs, rock and roll, nasty skanky sex, a parent passing away, a new love that turned out to be scum(what happened to him after he got the letter) loss of friends, starting a new life and there is way more stuff in it. I kind of wish some of the doom and gloom was maybe left out or this could of been split into two books instead of one. I would have to honestly say that the best parts of this book were when Trav got sober and the songs that were written in it. I really liked those. So characters I didn't really care for after it was all said and done, an all over the place tornado of a story, nasty skanky sex, some actual hot sex and neat little songs, I gave it 3.5 stars.My song for this book: System of a Down- Toxicity

  • Jacque
    2018-09-16 23:43

    If you have never read a rocker romance, Travis is the perfect example of what one is. When I first sat down to read this book I really did not know what I had in store for me. It has all the elements you would expect in one. You got the bad boys (and girls), the good girl, drama and let us not forget, sex drugs and rock and roll. Is how the authors spins all these elements that will either make or break the story and author N. Kuhn has made an excellent choice.Let’s start with the characters. When we first meet Brittany I actually thought she was a disposable skanky groupie in the story line. Turns out, she’s a main character and the good girl of the story. Who knew! Actually, the further into the book I got, the more she grew on me. Next is Aiden. Frankly, I did not like him from the beginning. By the time the book finished I was yelling at my Kindle I knew it. There are a variety of secondary characters that provide a rich and colorful backdrop to the story. Then there is Travis. His life is one hot mess. His self-destructive lifestyle seems to revolve around sex, drugs and booze. Frankly, I was waiting for him to O.D. at some point in the book. I was half way through the book not liking him. Of course, the author had to throw in a few curveballs that had my completely changing my mind by the end.Now on to the storyline…Hot, messy, steamy, surprising. The story was told in first person format from both Travis and Brittany’s points of view. With this offered insight to their individual thoughts, we get to see despite the choices they have made, they each truly love each other. The pain and despair Travis feels is very apparent in actions but with the access to his thoughts, we have a better understanding of the whys. Brittany’s choices in life at times had me wanting me to shake her. Really Brittany…Aiden?! Sorry…I digress. So yes, there are quite a few clichés thorough the story and it drag somewhat half way through. You can only sit through so many drunk, drugged out sex scenes between Travis and Ms Skank-of-the moment. Then suddenly things started picking up. The second half of the book is full of unexpected twist that I did not see coming. Some were heartbreaking; others had my pumping my fist. The book ends in one heck of a HEA but as with real life, there are a few moments that leave the reader with unfulfilled answers and this is what I think really made the book. Author N. Kuhn has done an outstanding job creating this series. Travis is most definitely a book worth readingI received this book from Stephanie's Book Reports in exchange for my honest review. The opinions and rating of this review are solely mine and in no way was I compensated.Stars – 4 Flames - 3

  • S. Policar
    2018-09-18 01:54

    As always N Kuhn weaves a tale that grips the reader from start to finish.Travis is bad boy musician who hits rock bottom and loses everything. Drugs and alcohol are no stranger in the music business and Travis was pretty much every celebrity any of us know.This story has a lot of moments that will make the reader angry, and even more that will make the reader want to cry. This is an amazingly told story and I cannot wait to read the next one.There are quite a few errors in it, but on Ms Kuhn's tight schedule they were probably just over looked. None of them will impede reading but they are there and are noticeable. I would suggest having Ms. White do another sweep of it though just to combat any nay sayers who would rate based on them instead of the story itself.I always look forward to reading Ms. Kuhn's books because even if there are errors, the story is so vibrant and alive that it pulls me right in. Travis has done this and for this and the powerful message it delivers,I give this book 4 of 5 paws. 

  • Obsession Is A Book - Terrie
    2018-09-22 01:52

    **I was provided with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review by the author**I found this an intriguing read. The book follows the lives of Brit and Travis from when their relationship ends.I’m not too sure about the break up of Travis and Brit for Travis to then go on and defend another girl from someone doing the same thing he did to Brit. However, with the drugs and booze is Travis really supposed to have a level head on his shoulders to realise how hypocritical this is? No, I don’t think so either.I really like Brit’s character and the strength she shows at times. I think the only reason she put up with Aiden is because she isn’t really around much with being off at collage. I wouldn’t of put up with him full time either.I’m going to be controversial here and say that I really, really, really liked Stacey. Her character is perfect for the book and the way it plays out. What can I say about Travis? Well his character although at first he was living the ‘rock n roll’ lifestyle, well before he hit the big time. He’s misguided and doesn’t have many positive roll models around him. He does however; show a real strength when he branches out and tries to take control of his life.The story progressed well, the characters developed well through the story. The only issue I have is with the way the book was laid out. It didn’t ruin the read but it’s something for the author to consider in the future.

  • Kelly Erickson
    2018-09-16 19:10

    Travis: Buffalo Rocker is a gritty no-holds-barred look at the young rising star Travis as he spirals out of control, the typical “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll”. But there is nothing typical about this book. Travis is haunted by his love for the straight-laced, law student. And she is haunted by the idea of a wild life. I found myself yelling at the characters, “No! Don’t do that!” and hoping they would be able to find a happy medium together. Throw in psychological abuse, blackmail, and an aging rock star and this novel is filled with anticipation. The writing is wonderfully descriptive, the characters easy to love and the story is engrossing enough that I only reluctantly put it down when real life forced me to. Be forewarned, the sex scenes are very graphic, and the drug use is pervasive. I would not recommend this book for anyone under the age of 18. I DO recommend it to anyone who wants a peek at the rock star life in a wonderfully exciting whirlwind story. There are a few misspelled words and grammatical errors that can disrupt the flow as you're reading, but this book is worth it.I give this 4 out of five stars.

  • Anna
    2018-10-04 22:55

    This was a 6.5 star book throughout the first 85% of it. WOW! I loved the depth and angst going on here. It was a true rock/destruction and hot steamy mess. But...somewhere around the time the story needed some definite rough edges and tough decisions, it was like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man pushed Kuhn away from the keyboard and took over. I didn't like it. At. All.The last 15% of the book was so unbelievable it almost ruined it for me. Time took on some sort of odd shape, in one instance "years" passed between two people, yet another group it was mere months. VERY difficult to follow and understand.Loved these characters and the story line, but feel like I got ripped off at the end. If you don't mind that the closure is weak and swiss cheesy, the majority of the book is totally worth it!

  • Vikki
    2018-10-17 01:43

    Wow What a hot steamy mess this couple was. This is the second book I have read from N.Kuhn and I was not disappointed.I really enjoyed this book. The characters were believable and the story had many obstacles placed in their way to keep me turning the pages. Great job!Travis is a son of a famous musician who stops at nothing to fulfill his dreams of becoming a rock star. Only problem is his priorities and his ability to trust the right people are clouded with drug abuse. Brittany, Travis's ex girlfriend has decided it's time to get her life on track. She has decided to go to collage, get a job and date a respectable guy. Only problem is she still loves Travis no matter how much she denies it. I can't wait to read about the next rocker in The Buffalo Rocker Series.

  • Myra Espino
    2018-10-02 21:10

    Love the story of this book! The concept and the way it was written is good. The characters are easy to relate with and you can easily get attached to them The author really did a great job in this book.About the story, it was inspiring at the same time interesting. The flow of the story was really good and I love the twist and turns of it. I'm happy how the story turned out. The characters' personalities of the characters are well written/made that you can easily get attached and feel them. The story let's us shows that even though how many times we fail, we can still have a second chance to make things and our lives right and we must learn how to fight.~Ms. ME28

  • Samantha Loving
    2018-10-01 22:41

    This was my first rockstar book and it was awesome. It has everything you'd, drugs, and rock and roll, groupies, stalkers, and so much more. It was very easy to connect with the characters. I love Travis and Brittany. I knew from the minute aiden said "is that what you're wearing?" That I wouldn't like him. This book deserves more than five stars abs the ending is perfect:)

  • Ariel
    2018-09-28 21:44

    I really enjoyed this book. I had a hard time putting it down

  • Jaime Buncie
    2018-10-04 23:02

    Oh, I LOVED this!!!!! Sex scenes were well written but not nasty. The story outside the sex was so sweet and romantic, with a rocker edge. WONDERFUL!!!!

  • Kimberly Talbot
    2018-09-22 02:45

    This book had me glued to my Kindle. The struggles and dialogs all made for one helluva read. Keep up the good work.

  • Kellie Maddox-Ward
    2018-10-11 20:54

    Hmm... I'll have to think on this one... Review to come