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A secret she must never share. A secret that two warring species are determined to control. A universe's future at stake. Twenty-year-old Cassiel Winters joins Earth's new space academy in hopes of finding her brother, one of Command's top pilots and her only family, who's been reported MIA. But she quickly realizes she may not be cut out for life in space, where female caA secret she must never share. A secret that two warring species are determined to control. A universe's future at stake. Twenty-year-old Cassiel Winters joins Earth's new space academy in hopes of finding her brother, one of Command's top pilots and her only family, who's been reported MIA. But she quickly realizes she may not be cut out for life in space, where female cadets are outnumbered, competition's fierce, and she's already failed her hand-to-hand combat test once. Even the station's most respected officer, Lt. Damian King, probably can't help Cassiel pass the second time around-so why is he so interested in her progress? If only one of her freaky deja vu visions would offer an answer instead of mysterious messages like hide. When Cassiel's manipulated into a perilous mission, she encounters a warrior species bred to protect the universe from an even greater threat. And she learns that her secret visions are at the heart of it all. Now Cassiel must fight to control her own destiny and race to save her brother-even if it means pretending to be the pawn of Prime Or'ic, the cold-as-steel Thell'eon leader. Even if it means risking her life, facing hard truths, and making the ultimate sacrifice....

Title : Sky's End
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ISBN : 9781619352384
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 430 Pages
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Sky's End Reviews

  • Lynsey (A Bookish Life)
    2018-10-11 13:38

    Move over Urban Fantasy. Stick your vampires where the solar rays don't penetrate, and bring on the hot aliens!Wow. I can't get over how much I enjoyed this book! I picked it up on a whim, really, and after having a rather lacklustre reaction to another Sci-fi title earlier this year, wasn't overly optimistic that I'd enjoy it that much. Boy, was I wrong! I'm so glad I gave this a try because it was just so redonkulously entertaining and interesting and sexy and...gah! It was just amazeballs!Cassiel Winters is a space cadet with a secret. She experiences what she thinks of as "deja vu episodes" and strange glimpses of overlapping time sequences that she doesn't fully understand. The only thing she does comprehend is that her older brother Daz - a fully-fledged member of ESE (Earth Space Exploration) and her only remaining family - is missing, and that someone left her a note telling her to hide. Having joined ESE herself in the hopes of finding Daz, we join Cassiel towards the end of her cadet training on board a spaceship about to take her final tests for the second time. Being the first cadet ever to fail her original tests is not something she feels particularly proud of, so imagine her surprise when she is asked to undertake a special mission by her commanding officer.This mission is where it all kicks off and from here I was sold on the story hook, line and sinker. You couldn't have pried the book from my hands with a crowbar. You couldn't have enticed my eyes from the pages with the promise of naked Ryan Gosling. Seriously, it was just fun, ya know? Pure entertainment. I'm thinking SKY'S END is probably going to appeal to the ladies rather than any hardcore Sci-fi fanboys because it was very sexy and sensual in places with many a descriptive passage detailing the hotness of a certain alien race's male members (heh, I said members), and Cassiel's narration is also very female and girlish - wondering if her butt looks too big in her Spandex space suit, for example - which would probably drive guys nuts, but which I found funny. You would though, right? Head-to-toe freakin' Spandex or whatever the hell spacey equivalent there is? I know I would.These inanities and Cassiel's charismatic, lively narration in general, all added to her appeal and drew me into the story by giving me something recognisable to grasp onto amongst all the Sci-fi whoosimawhatsit which, as a noob to the genre, was all very alien to me (heh, I said alien). That's not to say of course that Cassiel was a perfect character. She could certainly be annoying at times, and unreasonable occasionally, and a bit immature, and possibly too impetuous as well. But she needed those flaws. If not for those she would have come off far too "Special Snowflake," because there was a definite theme going on here of everyone fancies Cassiel, which might potentially annoy some readers. It was explained away by the female-to-male ratio on board the ship being seriously out of whack, and later by the unusual mating rituals of the alien race, but I know some people will take issue with it. I just find that I don't care though. I see it, I recognise it, but I give no shits. Observe how many shits I do not give. I was entertained, and that's all I care about. The set up might have been a total ploy, but it was a fun ploy. In fact, discovering more about this alien race's relationships, or lack thereof, with its female counterparts was one of my favourite things about the story, and led to much contemplation on my part. Well, that and the pew pew pew pew spaceship racing! So like, joint favourites. 'Cause, you know, I'm a dork.Speaking of spaceships, I found all the Sci-fi stuff complex enough to be interesting, while at no point overwhelming me, and the finer details such as the technology, weaponry and cool gadgetry, all added flavour to what was already a pretty damn tasty cake, so that was great too.I suppose the best thing of all about SKY'S END was that it kept surprising me. I couldn't have predicted one single bit of it, and that was just so goddamn refreshing! Even with Cassiel, as much as I liked her and thought I had her all figured out, even she would surprise the heck out of me by doing the unexpected. I thought some of her decisions were very brave and admirable, and my respect for her grew as I read on. She may actually be a Special Snowflake! Stranger things have happened.I don't know much about book two yet other than that it's set to be called Sky's Surrender, but I can tell you one thing about it: When it's released, I will be reading it. Oh, yes I will. If you build it, they will come. So says the Costner.Can't wait.5 Stars ★★★★★ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

  • Online Eccentric Librarian
    2018-10-08 15:46

    More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog picture on the book and blurb are a bit misleading. What this is: a romance with light sci fi trappings. But more Mary Sue than romance since the main character ends up with a harem of hot guys, aliens and humans, all trying to seduce her constantly. As well, most of the book all she can think about is how sexy they are. As a trigger warning, there is also a LOT of swearing.Whether you love or hate this book (and I have a feeling it will divide readers) is likely going to come down to your age. The book is written with all the colloquialisms and feel of a 2013 teenager mindset. Which will either make a reader feel like they can be that girl (e.g., a teen reader) or make the girl sound like a vapid, sex obsessed, foul mouthed valley girl on the way to the mall (older than a teen reader). E.g., main character Cass has typical exclamations such as: "ewww" or "I am so not going there" or "whatever" or "lame" or "I mean, come on. Control the Universe?" It's hard to take a novel seriously where the heroine is in a military school but talks back to the instructors and avoids work. Where a new cadet who fails her assignments and moons over boys all day is all the Earth can come up with to send on a top secret mission to save the universe (yes, save the universe). And where the bad guys are sexy, alpha macho sex-mad males who are, yes, out the take over the universe - so they send vapid mooning teen to the alpha male bad guys for random reasons that don't really make a lot of logical sense. And that's within the first 60 pages. There's also a lot of swearing in here. E.g, here's a sentence from the book: "He's fu^%ing enormous on top of me, and in addition to some pain from landing hard on my boobs (they are not small) and my face, I experience the excruciating agony of being winded."There is other immaturity. The 'alien sociologist' doctor is named Dr. Xeno (get it?), the love interest and hottest guy in school is named King, and the instructor is Lt. Lazarus. The students have generic, very Americanized names like Todd Meyers or Daria Preston. You get the idea. It's high school in space (even though the protagonist is supposed to be 21).The story follows Cadet Cassiel as she is requested to do a secret mission because she's female and innocent - perfect to send in to a ship full of sex-starved alpha male aliens. The whole plan by the military school feels like it was thought up by Pee Wee Herman on a bad day - they transport her from their ship but forget to give her her weapon. She arrives and just starts shooting because the aliens look like they want to kiss her. She accidentally blows up the machine that can get her back. So she's stuck on the sex-starved alien ship. It's hard to concentrate on escaping (or anything else throughout the book), because they are sexy and keep distracting her.Truly, Cassiel spends most of the time thinking about sex or how sexy someone is (and nearly all the characters are sex toys - her harem). With her fellow cadets, with the aliens...really, with anything that moves. She even dismisses characters by whether they are attractive or not for sex. So most of the book is discussions by characters and her thinking about how sexy they are at that particular moment. As such, I would put this is the romance category and not really anywhere near sci fi. And even then, I don't know how much romance there really is here since it is all about sex and not relationships. But that's just a tease because there is no graphic sex in there.For me, it was just too silly and immature. I feel like I'm watching Beverly Hills 90210 in outer space. Cassie walks, acts, talks like a 16 year old. The guys are all built, sexy, available, and want to have sex with her (that's their only character). Everyone else is just filler. Yet Cassie, who fails at everything else, has an ability that could be special but ends up just being an excuse to throw her at the aliens. Since she has a harem, gets to try to kick butt, and has an adventure, I would have to categorize this as a Mary Sue.Received as an ARC from the publisher.

  • Ally
    2018-10-18 12:30

    I don’t read a lot of science fiction, so I don’t have a lot to compare this to. Set in a future world, in which Earth has made contact with extraterrestrial life, Sky s End postulates what it would be like to have contact with aliens, both friendly and deadly. I automatically began comparing this book to one of my favourite childhood reads A Wrinkle in Time. You can tell how much sci-fi/alien books I’ve read. Anyway, this book is nothing like A Wrinkle in Time, but I felt like it had the potential to be just as good.Cassiel Winters is one of few women training to be a part of the ESE (Earth Space Exploration), an agency dedicated to space travel, discovery, and protection of Earth. After failing her combat test for the first time, Cassiel is about to get a second chance. However, she didn’t join the ESE and move up to space to live in a space station for nothing. Cassiel’s brother has gone missing on a secret mission for the ESE, and she is determined to find out what happened to him. But she also has a secret; she has episodes called deju vu, where she has visions of things that have happened and things that are soon to happen. Nobody can know about her talent, or who knows what they’d do to her.Sounds cool, right? I was really excited too. But sloppy writing, poor verb agreement and generally bad sentence structure pulled me down from the beginning. I tried very hard to look past it, but the writing style wasn’t able to make up for the errors. The book is written in first person, but the writing seems almost schizophrenic. Despite being written in first person, I feel like I don’t know very much about Cassiel aside from the following: her parents are dead, she wants to find her missing brother, and she has NO idea how to describe steamy make-out session. No seriously…check it out: “His tongue –oh. He tastes so pure”“I can’t believe he kissed me! It was …awesome”“The heat from his body is welcome because the sun has moved, and a tree now shades our bodies” NO. Not what I want. I’m sorry, but if I’m finally getting it on with the boy I’ve been in love with for years, I am not thinking that his body heat is welcome because the sun moved and I was cold. NO. Also, the dude is a total douche. King acts like Cassiel belongs to him (shocker!) and that he has a quest to be her protector. Their love is so…deep…ahem, that she even says this:“I will never forget the way you say my name, the adoration you draw out of me like a sweet melody, how I would do anything to rise up and be worthy of your noble gaze”But wait, what about sexy aliens!? Yes, there are some of those too. And guess what? They are the epitome of masculinity and sex on legs. Do you like long descriptions about bulging pectorals, broad shoulders, and perfectly molded six packs? Well then maybe this books is for you. I could only imagine this:But lo and behold, turns out Cassiel isn’t so deeply and madly in love with King. Or as pure as she makes herself out to be. Suddenly she has this crazy libido and she doesn’t know what to do with it. In fact, her libido becomes so out of control that she even tries to seduce the alien commander, who just captured her from the ESE base and put her in this creepy shield thing. And shot at her. But he has a six pack and he’s such a lovely specimen!Anyway, what you need to know is that I NEVER dnf books. Ever. This is my very first ever dnf. Even if I hate it, I still try and get to the end. Check my shelves! I’ve made it through some pretty awful books, including Hush Hush and Beautiful Disaster. But I just could not get through this one. Even though I kind of still want to know what happens. Loved the premise, didn’t love the writing, unfortunately.DNF at 161 pages

  • Isa Lavinia
    2018-10-02 13:39

    arc provided by Soul Mate Publishing through netgalleyThis book is... difficult to rate. It has a lot of things in its favour, but then it also has a lot of things against it.Cassiel Winters' brother Daz disappeared during a military mission in space, so Cassiel joins the Academy to try to find out what happened to her brother.I liked Cassiel, she has a compelling voice, most of the time, but there are issues with the way she was portrayed in the beginning. She's a 21 year old woman in a military academy, yet she shows little respect for her superiors, especially in the way she addresses them. Her emotional maturity also seems at odds with her age. The way she describes her crush, for instance:"Glancing up into his dark blue eyes, like a stormy sea at dusk lit by the moon"I'm sorry, I suppose this was meant as romantic? It just made me start laughing uncontrollably. As did:"His tongue - oh. He tastes so pure."Stop it! I can't breathe! I'm laughing so hard I'm fighting for my next breath!I have this to say, though, the writing got much better as the book progressed, so don't let those examples stop you from reading it.One thing I liked about Cassiel is that she always, and I really do mean always, points out how creepy and wrong the male gaze is (particularly when it comes from one of her superiors). But she doesn't hesitate to judge people based on their looks, either. Yes, it's not the same thing, there is a power imbalance, etc., that is not what I'm addressing here. I'm just saying, for someone so conscious of how wrong and uncomfortable it is to be evaluated based on looks, she is pretty quick to dismiss or like people depending on what they look like.I appreciate that she tries to be strong and self sufficient, but then we get her crush saying stuff like, "I will take care of you" to try and convince her to drop her entire life, and instead of being upset she's all, "Gladness bursts within, the long-awaited hope realized, and I have to physically resist the urge to jump on the spot." Hold up, girl. You're in a military academy in freaking space. Maybe you should question his caveman proposal, I mean, surely we will have advanced past this stuff in the future? There were similar instances from other characters, and she hesitates a lot there, too.There were plenty of issues concerning gender roles, and I think the author, by the end of it, had the characters make the right decisions.Cassiel also possesses ~special powers~, which, to be honest, were handled pretty well, considering the potential they had to turn her into a Mary Sue.What was weird and definitely Mary Sue-ish is how every male (human or alien) Cassiel meets is enamoured with her. She's everyone's object of desire. What's most desirable about her? Her virginal innocence. I mean... I mean, really. There was enough writing talent here to preclude the need for this... whatever this is.But bad points aside, nothing could stop me from genuinely enjoying this book. It was, from start to finish, unbelievably entertaining, in a guilty pleasure kind of way. This always seemed to be veering into sci-fi erotica, instead of YA, which was confusing, but okay.I read Star Trek was an inspiration for this, and I can see it, the Klingons being the Thell'eons, etc. And just as Star Trek, it's great in the way that it's kind of cheesy but super addictive and fun.There were also some Æon Flux reminiscent moments near the end (the original animated MTV show, not the crappy movie), which made it all the more amazing.Could it have been better? Yes. But it was still pretty awesome. And I can't wait for the sequel!

  • Linsy
    2018-10-07 14:31

    First comment: I hate the title. This book is much too bad-ass for such a lame-ass title. Seriously. "Sky's End" sounds too sappy.Anyways, like I said, this book is bad-ass. Seriously. Bad-freaking-ass.The heroine, Cassiel Winters, is one kick-ass, don't-fuck-with-me chic. And on that note: beware profanity. Not that it bothers me any; I curse like a damn sailor myself. If I have offended you though in this review, you probably don't want to read the book. Just saying.But anyways, it is the extreme future and Cassiel is a human, you know, the kind from Earth?, in a universe, or multiverse, whatever, that is host to many species. Well, she is actually a little more than human. She is a hot commodity, really. However, Cassiel wants nothing more than to stay aboard her ship and continue her training with ESE (Earth Space Exploration) and catch the occasional glimpse of her missing brother's hunky bestie, King. Well, that and find her missing brother.But it seems the powers that be at ESE have their own agenda, and that includes her. But whatever, Cassiel doesn't care. She goes. Willingly. Does their bidding. Puts her life in danger. Goes to another ship of known dangerous inhabitants. (Didn't I say she was kick-ass?) And there she finds another type of being. The Thell'eon. And, oh my stars, are they supernova hot. And they want her. The story that unravels is action-packed, thrilling, and even included some romance. A love triangle, in fact. Although the book lost an infinitesimal bit of its otherwise perfect score for me when the romance just kind of fell off into the cosmos for a while. That really frustrated me. (Note: Romantically-desperate single chic here.)I also would have liked some evidence of either, or both, of the love interests' dismay upon "losing" Cassiel. The type where they are tearing rooms apart in agony and jumping down their friends' throats because they just cannot think straight with her gone. I know the book is told from her POV, but I still feel there are ways to work these kinds of moments in. Also, because the romance just kind of dropped off the face of whatever chunk of rock or metal they were on, I even thought an entirely separate love interest was going to be introduced at one point. And I was actually diggin' it, until his character became a bit less prominent and I realized I must have read it wrong.Which is ultimately the source of the only other almost point deduction for me. There were so many times when I was completely lost about what was going on. Cassiel would think things but it would not be explicitly said what was going on, or what she was seeing or thinking, only implied. And I could not follow her train of thought. And this would go on for paragraphs or pages for me. Unbelievably frustrating. But the book was so freaking good, I still could not put it down, despite my frustrations. I mean, seriously, I read it one day. It was so action packed and intense. And I don't mean it was chock-full of fight scenes or chase scenes, because even the everyday things were somehow more edgy and thrilling. I mean, shit, they carried around gamma ray guns (I would pee my pants if someone threatened to shoot me with those high frequency, smaller-than-the-nucleus-of-an-atom-EM-waves) and they flew clear across the cosmos in a matter of hours and days. Never mind their impossibly-faster-than-light velocity. It's science fiction, people, get over it. (But, on that note, are we to assume that every planet she went to, or ship she floated in, was under the same acceleration due to gravity as Earth? At one point the difference was briefly mentioned about the gravity on Thell'eon, but her weight never seemed to change. That would have been an incredibly easy piece of the science to accurately work in. Just sayin'.)There was almost always a lot going on. But, even if there wasn't, Cassiel's voice, her narration, was so provocative, it was beyond entertaining. I loved her take-no-bullshit attitude about everything. She was a very, very well-written, believable, and personable character.And the book itself was exceptionally well-written. It was not written in your typical style, either. It had a bit of stream-of-consciousness thrown in there and resultantly felt more realistic. It also had a really great vocabulary. More than once I was holding my finger on a word so my Kindle could show me the definition. So, THANK YOU NetGalley for hooking me up with this book. It rocked my planet. But, at the same time, DAMN YOU NetGalley for hooking me up with this book before the damn sequels are out.

  • Marissa DeCuir
    2018-10-11 11:41

    I'm not a big sci-fi reader, but no matter your level of interest in that particular genre you should pick this book up. It truly transcends through sci-fi, romance, adventure and self-discovery. That might seem like a heck of a lot to fit into one novel, but this author does it really well. The main character Cass tells her story in first-person, present-tense and it's an excellent choice for this series. Cass is a well developed character, not at all like many books where a character is so annoying in the beginning and then you grow to like them. The science in the book is based on actual research and real findings, which makes it all the more interesting!

  • Kayla (The Thousand Lives)
    2018-09-25 12:43

    My Initial Thoughts/Rambling: I don’t think I’ve ever been so divided by a book. I swear, while I was reading it, I was simultaneously rolling my eyes and having a fast heart rate because I needed to know what happened next. This is a serious issue for me. I want to say so much that I hated it, and assign a 1 star rating, but there was a part of me that really liked it – a lot. I’m so confused!!! Possible Spoilers Ahead.Disclaimer: I was given a free ebook of Sky’s End from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.What did I think about the characters? Let’s just get the minor characters out of the way first. Damian King was flat, necessary, and the stereotypical “I’m your brother’s best friend so I’m going to protect you now that he’s missing but oh no I fell in love with you along the way!” Que my annoyance and facepalming. HOWEVER, I adored the other love interest, Or’ic. He was humorous in a dark/strange way, a capable leader and confident, and he tried so hard to make Cassiel feel at home, even amongst the Thell’eon race, and to try for her affections in the human ways that she expected. He didn’t try to woo her with Thell’eon customs, he reached out in the way she understood it best. HOW IS THAT NOT LOVE PEOPLE?? Ugh. I swear Cassiel was blind this whole book.Which brings me to my rant on Cassiel. First of all, throughout the first 1/4 of the book, she was complaining about how tight the suits were, and how there were so few females on the ship that all the guys were staring at her “headlights” because they were horn-dogs. BUT THEN, throughout the rest of the book, Cassiel’s only thought was trying to get it on with one of her three love interests! THREE. And honestly – no one is that horny. Seriously. Never mind the fact that she discovers she can travel through space and time. Nooo that’s not important at all! What about your missing brother? Nah, he’s fine. No worries. And she’s so needy and irresponsible and whiny that I just wanted to scream, “You are twenty one years old and a cadet in the military!!! Shape up woman! The world does not revolve around you!”I feel better now. A little bit. Sorry for the caps lock.And the concept and plot? Concept: Holy moley this is why I was so split with this thing! The cultures that Young created, especially with the Thell’eon race, was so intriguing I was actually pissed when Cassiel escaped captivity because I just wanted to learn about them some more. I don’t care about you stinkin’ humans – give me aliens! Plot: Well-paced, and obviously it pulled me in enough that I finished all 400 pages even while hating Cassiel and the writing style (below.)What about the writing style? Meh. Cassiel had the voice of a fourteen year old girl, but I’m not sure if that was a result of the way Young wrote. There were several moments where Cassiel said, “Okay, let’s recap,” and would list the events that I just read two pages ago. There was liberal use of parenthetical asides, and it really interupted the flow. About halfway through the book, I turned off my inner critic and stopped paying attention, focusing only on the bits I did like. Anything else you’d like to add? I really liked the plot and concept - loved it, in fact! But the characters and writing style… I justThis review was also posted on my blog, and can be found here.

  • puppitypup
    2018-09-24 07:34

    Sci Fi Romance Loved it! What a well written story. Cassiel captures your heart within the first few pages. She is my favorite kind of heroine - far from perfect (she just failed hand to hand combat), but full of courage. The author draws you in to Cassiel's world effortlessly, so that I truly felt like I belonged there. In many ways, this book feels like Ready Player One, my all-time favorite sci-fi book. In fact, I would rank Sky's End as my second favorite sci-fi of all time. My only advice to the author is that your writing is strong enough to stand on it's own- no need for the over-the-top attractiveness of the alien species. That said, this book wins 5 stars from me, and I don't hand out many of those. There are some grammar issues and typos, but not enough to detract from the story (and I am one who hates editing errors). Adult only due to mild sexual content, one scene in particular. I highly recommend this book, can't wait for the next one!

  • -RadioActiveBookWorm-
    2018-10-05 12:49

    I'm done, I'm finally done! not that I didnt like the book, I just couldn't sink into it. sometimes I was stuck reading it for cool parts, and the other times I was skimming, waiting for something awesome to happen. not my favourite read of the year, that's for sure.

  • Margaret
    2018-10-18 13:58

    This book has been incredibly difficult to review. I requested it from NetGalley because I am currently on a quest for an incredible Sci-Fi book with a girl as the protagonist. I saw this one and the plot seemed incredibly intriguing, I knew I had to read it.The good about this book is the uniqueness of the plot. I can’t talk too much about it without major spoilers, but I like the plot. It’s interesting and it’s different. I enjoyed the Thell’eon’s (especially their leader, Prime Or’ic). I love the fact that she is doing all of this to find her brother and bring him home. It’s nice to see her loyalty and love for her family. It’s not something we see a lot in young adult fiction anymore, most protagonists tend to be orphans nowadays, or have bad relationships with their parents. Cassiel is very determined and one of my favorite things about her character is that she is not good at everything.The bad about the book is well...a lot. For starters when I started reading it I was having intense Star Trek flashbacks, which was good because I love Star Trek. The problem was that at some points it seemed way too similar. However, I will let it slide given that I understand that in the context of this world some similarities are bound to happen. The next problem is that Cassiel is a complete and total wimp and infuriatingly stubborn. That is an awful combination because she refuses to see what’s right in front of her despite overwhelming evidence that she should question everything around her, not just what she’s been told to distrust.From the very beginning, when he was first introduced, I never trusted Damien King based on everything Cassiel told us about him, yet she did not trust him at all. I also do not understand her loyalty to him after having gone on only one date and sharing one kiss and barely knowing him as anything but her brother’s friend who she spoke with sometimes. I don’t understand her feelings of being “torn between” when there was no real established relationship for her to feel that way and plenty of reason for her to mistrust him.In addition, I hate how despite everything she sees to prove that she might not have been given accurate information and despite all the times she realizes that things were purposefully kept from her, she still clings to all those half-truths and lies even though she has evidence to the contrary, even though she has lived something different from that. (Side note: I apologize for being so vague, I’m trying to stay away from Spoilers, but I highly encourage you to read the book and come talk to me about it!).Another very frustrating thing is that I hate the role of women in this book. There is a quote that asks why would you create a fictional future world that still has the same problems we’re dealing with right now, why not try and make it better? Star Trek did, racism and mistreatment of women still existed, but it was dealt with and frowned upon, rather than accepted as a part of society that we have no choice but to deal with. Despite that, Sky’s End is a world where women are constantly getting the short end of the stick and aliens are discriminated against and looked down upon. There are some many other problems that could exist, so many other ways for people to be scumbags, why reuse the biggest problems in the world today? Why not try and come up with different social problems? My only explanation was that maybe this was the beginning, before humans got used to not being the only ones in space, but that didn’t seem to be the case.My last problem was the point of view the story was told in. My least favorite POV is first person, however many young adult novels are told in first person and I barely notice it. In this book, the POV distracted me from the story throughout the entire book. The narrative should not distract me from the story, it should be invisible, helping me place myself in this world, in this person’s shoes, without getting in my way. It was frustrating that this was not the case. Perhaps a mix of first person and third person would have been better.Overall, despite finishing the book, the only reason I want people to read it is to see if maybe I overreacted, I want to know how other’s reacted to this book. I found it highly problematic which was such a let down considering the wonderful set up it had. Sometimes you can tell a book is going to be problematic right from the synopsis, and you still read it and hope you’re wrong. This time, the book felt like one I would automatically like, and it wasn’t until I read it that I discovered all the issues I had with it. Because of that, I still love the idea of what this book could have been, if it were rewritten/reworked, I would be willing to give it another try.Review originally posted on:

  • Georgiana Derwent
    2018-09-20 13:53

    his book strikes a good balance between reasonably serious sci-fi and swoony romance, and as a result, did a good job of appealing to both my geeky and my romantic sides. That said, it's worth saying upfront that the romantic (and sexy) side of things does take centre stage for large portions of the book, so I'd avoid this if you're a)male or b)really not into that sort of thing. The plot centres around Cassiel, a twenty-year old woman whose older brother is a top space soldier. When he disappears, she decides to train with his old regiment in an attempt to find out what happened to him. She's not the only woman on the space base - though females are vastly outnumbered and therefore subject to a lot of attention - but most of the others are dedicated military types, which she is emphatically not. As a result, despite giving training and testing her all, she's on the verge of being kicked when the book opens, and still has no idea what become of her brother. I really liked Cassiel. I liked that she was far from naturally talented, but that she tried her absolute best all the same. And I liked the fact that though she got a bit better, she never magically becomes top of the class. As someone who is equal parts malcoordinated and determined (and who has an incredibly fit and well-coordinated brother!) this felt like a quite believable portrayal of being somewhere that's really unsuited to your skills and trying to make the best of it. I also find the dynamics between siblings to be fascinated, so I enjoyed the fact that worry about her brother was a major driver. The plot really kicks into life when Cassiel, despite being subpar at fighting and survival, is sent to spy on a race of aliens called the Thell'eons. The defining characteristics of the male Thell'eons as a race are: being very attractive, being excellent fighters, and being pretty horny most of the time. The defining features of the women, on the other hand, are having no interest in sex or any ability to feel romantic or sexual attraction to the males. Perhaps you can see where this is going, particularly if I point out that Cassiel is a bit of a hottie, especially in her skin tight space suit. It did all sound a bit like some sort of seventies softcore porn scenario, only in space! And yes, there were plenty of scenes of C going "phroar, look at that muscly alien" or said alien going, "wow, a sexually interested and available woman" but though there were a few chapters were it felt like thing might go that way, it never descended into pure erotica. Things definitely got steamy, but there's lots of plot and adventure along the way. The two key love interests are the leader of one branch of the Thell'eons, Or'ic, and Lt King, Cassiel's missing brother's best friend and only equal, and pretty much a straightforward all-American space marine. Yes, there's straight-up love triangle. I still quite enjoy this ubiquitous plot device, but if it's a pet hate, you might want to steer clear of this. If I have a complaint, it's that the two of them are a little too similar. They are both well-built tough guys who can kill their enemies with their bare hands and wield enormous amounts of power, and they are both basically decent people. I think it would have been more fun if they were a bit more differentiated. I was also hoping that the alien love interest was going to be more of a borderline villain, or that there'd be some reason for a bit more tension. I should add that I generally prefer smooth talking and slightly sinister pretty boys as my romantic heroes, but the quality of the writing and the description did get me swooning over these ultra-manly types, and the hot scenes really are very hot. Towards the end of the book, the romance comes down a notch and the plot thickens and becomes more overtly sci-fi, with lots of talk of parallel universes and rifts and singularities, and lots of gun fights and spaceship battles. I loved this too, though there were moments when I felt like I was reading two different books that didn't quite mesh together. I guess I'd have liked some of this heavier duty plot little earlier in proceedings. Overall though, if you're a romance fan whose willing to embrace your geeky side, or possibly vice versa, I'd recommend this, and I'm looking forward to the sequel.

  • Christine
    2018-10-09 08:40

    Note: Some content may be seen as mature.Let me start with this: Holy crap I loved this book. LOVED it. The summary sounded awesome, albeit a bit confusing, but I haven't read any science fiction lately that involved aliens so I was all for jumping on the opportunity to review this book. It blew me away.Cassiel Winters' life dramatically changes when she finds out her only living relative, her brother, is officially missing. She literally will search the ends of the universe to find him, even if that means going on a super risky mission that involves sneaking onto an alien race's warship, seducing them, to find information. When that doesn't exactly go as planned, she finds herself kidnapped and being held hostage. She learns that nothing is as it seems on the surface and this is only just the beginning.Cassiel was such a big win for me. I loved her character. She's insanely feisty and sarcastic. She's extremely head strong and determined. She's also SUPER stubborn. She trusts some people too easily, she doesn't trust others enough. When she puts her mind to something, she WILL do it. Even if it isn't the best decision. She drove me nuts in this regard but I wouldn't have had her any other way. She made SKY'S END such an amazing story to read. I'll warn you, she's got a mouth on her. But honestly, it's what made Cassiel Cassiel.My goodness did this book keep you breathless. It was non-stop action straight out of the gate. Each chapter was filled to the brim with something exciting and/or terrifying. I had to stop and take a minute to rest after almost every chapter. The plot never slowed down, it was fantastic! You can immediately sense the type of outrageous atmosphere that Cassiel is immersed in. Young's ability to perceive this tension, stress, fear, loyalty, and determination was incredibly palpable. My poor heart just would not stop beating frantically for 90% of this book. I was worried going in that I wouldn't be able to grasp this world Cassiel lived in. Alien species, foreign technology, and any aspect of science fiction in general can be a real trick to create where the reader can comprehend. It's so very crucial to a novel of this caliber to be easy to visualize. I had absolutely no problems! I was immersed in a whole new world and was learning about it piece by piece right along with Cassiel, with not a single bit of info-dumping! I was so pleased with this. It made the novel 10x more enjoyable and helped keep the pace moving.Young also did a phenomenal job with secondary characters. I had a hard time trusting just about every single one of them! The humans would seem like they had only the best intentions. But then they would make some comment that had me freezing in my tracks. Most of the time, Cassiel didn't even notice. This frustrated me to no end. Hopefully in the next book she'll be questioning their loyalty more. I can't wait to see how this plays out. I don't even know what to believe! Prime Or'ic, the leader of the Thell'eons, was my favorite male in the whole book. He's an alien who is so used to his ancient species way of life that it's hard for him to embrace being near an emotional human girl. You can slowly see cracks forming in his built up wall. And while he was out of line the majority of the time, having no clue how to treat someone properly, I couldn't help but cheer him on. I loved seeing him soften up here and there. I'm excited to see what happens in he and Cassiel's story line next.If you are even remotely a science fiction or alien fan, go buy this. Right now. You will not be disappointed. SKY'S END was a whirlwind of an adventure that kept me on my toes and had me reading all through the night.This review can be found at The Bookish Daydreamer

  • Leah
    2018-09-27 14:58

    79%I went from the HOTTEST masturbation scene to sweating fucking bullets and a chest full of anxiety bc one of the craziest, intense scenes EVER.wttffffffff

  • Terri
    2018-09-30 12:44

    Uuuuuuuuuuuuugh. This book. This book was a chore and a half to read.Everything about this book put me off as a reader. Everything. There is so much wrong with the writing here, not the actual words, but the construction of the plot, pacing, and characterization.Cassiel Winters is a 21-year-old girl whose brother Daz has gone missing. She has a note that she believes is from him saying "hide," so naturally she does the exact opposite of that by joining the space academy. She is being formally tested for promotion despite her newbie status, and when she fails, the leaders give her a chance to go on a secret mission, because THAT makes sense. You shouldn't at ALL be suspicious of that Cassiel, don't worry. *heavy sarcasm* Cassiel herself is difficult to like or even understand. She's constantly putting herself down while others build her up. She has very strange mental arguments with herself, and her speech is just plain annoying, from her flippant attitude to her superiors, to her fondness of random swearing and use of phrases like "horn-dog" and "he really creams my corn." The academy officials send her on a very poorly explained mission: she's supposed to get information because they lost her brother or something, and the best way to do that is to send an untrained girl into an alien spaceship because, and here is the real kicker, Thell'eon females experience no pleasure during sex and so Thell'eon males have kidnapped human females for years. So you're sending her there to basically be a sexual object, despite her status as a virgin, having no particular skill and no experience, so that she can ... what? But while Cassiel is terrified to do this, she's also eager to do it. From the literal moment of her "abduction" onto the alien ship, she's drooling after every member of the Thell'eon that she sees. She has mental sex with one of them, feels bad for betraying King, whose dubious intentions toward Cassiel didn't have me exactly sympathetic.There are all of the futuristic terms like "com-tab" and "Lightvision" with an accompanying "TM 33" which we assume means "trademark 33," which doesn't add anything to the story except to make it feel like an awkward attempt at advertising. Cassiel has an unexplained "deja vu" ability which is Super Secret, though we don't know why or what exactly this ability does until she's kidnapped and the Thell'eons tell her about the Sift. The plot and pacing are very erratic: she jumps from place to place and activity to activity with very little explanation about what is going on. As a reader, I was terribly confused about why this plan to send her into space would work, and then suddenly after one chapter, she's back on her home ship, BUT WAIT then the Thell'eons re-kidnap her. Seriously?This book was a complete waste of time. 1 star.

  • Patrice Caldwell
    2018-10-18 07:48

    This was a great book :D I watch a lot of sci-fi but I’m just now getting into reading sci-fi and I can honestly say I think this was a great way to start. I mean, I’ve been reading Dystopian books since before they were popular as well as Urban Fantasy etc…but straight sci-fi not so much.One of the things that drew me into this story was the voice. I’m a big fan of voice. Like a character’s voice can make or break a story for me. With Cassiel, I was in LOVE with her voice from the very beginning. It popped off the page in such a way that I felt like the scene was unfolding in front of me. I thought her voice was fresh, young, and I loved reading all her inner thoughts and such.I also really like the world Young created. I felt it was believable and I didn’t feel like she watered things down. Sometimes sci-fi can be such a tough genre since it’s so rich that it can just go right over people’s heads but Young did a great job of balancing the backstory and explanations of the world with the present.Oh, and the action. Boy was there action. I thought Cassiel was such a boss. I love me some strong/kick-ass heroines and I definitely thought Cassiel fit that bill. Plus she was funny, maybe she didn’t mean to be but there were definitely some very funny situations throughout the book (or at least things I thought were funny).The only thing that didn’t quite jive with me, yes I said jive, was the romance. That’s probably mostly because I’m a real nitpicky romance in books person. I often would prefer the kick-ass heroine without her needing to have a love triangle. For me, some of the romance seemed unnecessary. I didn’t understand where it came from, its purpose, and so forth. However the action, plot twists (oh, yes), and of course Cassiel overshadowed that part enough for me to still love the book!A huge thank you to Samantha Lien from JKS Communications for letting me read and review the book. This is a 100% honest review, and I’m so glad I got the chance to read it. It’s truly wonderful.So, go buy yourself a copy today (the link takes you to the author’s page). I don’t have any comp titles for you but if you’re looking for a fast-paced read, a great, funny, and realistic, kick-ass character, and some Sci-Fi elements then SKY’S END is the book for you! Also, FYI I felt lie this was a YA/NA crossover. Oh, and there’s going to be a sequel!!!Note of clarification: This is technically a 4.5 rating!Whimsically Yours,PnC

  • Roxanne Kade
    2018-09-26 15:41

    Holy stars! Space travel has never been so HOT!If, like me, you’re not a huge fan of sci-fi, this is one book you cannot miss. It will change your opinion of the genre. Not only was all the sci-fi, space jargon easily pronounceable, but the aliens encountered in this story are a far cry from the tiny, green men with large heads and oversized eyes. They are drop dead gorgeous with smoking bods, and any warm blooded, human woman would easily forget their allegiance to their fellow earthlings with these guys around. Well almost any woman. Thankfully, Cassiel is determined, kickass, and she doesn’t allow her attraction for these other beings blind her. In the beginning of the story, Cass is painted as a bit of a weak character. She’s not a great cadet, and struggles through the ESE tests, but she’s driven by her love for her brother, and the mere fact that she joined ESE on a hunch shows how strong she really is. She also has a really awesome but strange gift, one she’s always tried to hide, except from Daz, and I was excited to see her in action with it. When her first mission reveals so much more about her than anyone would have ever expected, she really came into her own, and her character continued to develop with each hurdle she faced.Her relationship with King is very new, but I liked Cassiel’s loyalty, not only to King, but to ESE – even though they were a shady organization. There were a few moments when that loyalty seemed to wane in the presence of Or’ic and she actually seemed to be enjoying her time with the Thelléons, but then she’d remember why she was with them and it would bring her back to reality. This didn’t mean there was nothing between Cassiel and Or’ic. The sexual tension was off the charts and it was obvious there was a mutual attraction, one that wasn’t the result of the high levels of pheromones present. Or’ic was so sincere when he approached Cassiel after the Candidacy that my heart broke for him. Even though his way of thinking and feeling is so very different from the human way, he was really trying to connect with her in the best way possible. I think it was just a little too late. This story was well paced but I did feel it lost some of its momentum towards the end. It did end on a high note though and I cannot wait to see where this story will go. I only hope it involves more Or’ic.This book is filled with adventure, mystery and romance. It is sexy and exciting. Simply put…it is METATABULOUS!!

  • Vicci
    2018-09-27 09:42

    OMG ! This is a great new Sc-Fi Romance book!This book will make my list of Best 2013 Summer Reads! I enjoyed every part of this book. It was well written, you are pulled into Cassiel's world right away. She is one of the most likable characters I have ever come across; she's a really down to earth kinda girl. You really like Cassiel and relate to her and her journey right away. I was rooting for her the whole time! She slowly starts to come into her strength and courage in this book. I can see her becoming truly kIck-ass in the next book!This book is really what I love about Sci-fi romance. It has everything you can want in a good read! It has a great heroine and great backup cast of characters that are just as likable as the main characters! It also has wonderful action and adventure, with just the right amount intrigue and romance! I was just swept away in the world that the author created. This will be a series, which is good thing because I want more of Cassiel and her world! I am not going to give anything away about the story. It really is just such a good book, I want to you to get lost in the world like I did. This is a truly fun read that will take you on a wonderful out of this world journey!

  • Sydney
    2018-10-17 15:00

    Loved this book! I'm so glad I decided to read it!! The characters were great and the protagonist was freaking hilarious at times and quite courageous at others. I seriously loved almost everything about this book :-) Whew. . . I cannot wait for the next book in this series!!!!!!!

  • Deborah
    2018-09-20 13:31

    I did not like this. Didn't like any of the characters. Didn't like the world. Didn't like that there was basically only one female character. Didn't like how women were viewed or treated. There was nothing redeeming about this book and I do not recommend it.

  • Erin Arkin
    2018-10-03 07:54

    Sky’s End is the first book in the Cassiel Winters series and takes you on a ride that includes, intergalactic warfare, good looking aliens, and a bit of mystery. Overall I found the story to be quite engaging and pretty action packed. Cassiel Winters is a cadet with the ESE (Earth Space Exploration) and needs to pass her H2H test in order to continue in her studies. She joined mostly because of her brother Daz. He is considered one of the best pilots ESE has and although he is supposedly on a secret mission, Cassiel is worried something has happened because he has stopped responding to her missives. Cassiel also has a little bit of a secret as she just happens to have an ability that she refers to as deja-vu. There is more going on here than Cassiel just trying to find her brother. When her test ends disastrously, ESE proposes a way for Cassiel to stay in ESE as well as potentially help figure out what is going on with Daz. Her mission is to infiltrate a Thell ‘eon ship and find out everything she can about a supposed weapon called a Sift. Also, Thell ‘eon’s are a race of aliens that just happen to be pretty intimidating for a number of reasons…including the fact that they just happened to kill the spies that were sent to their planet.At times I found myself cheering Cassiel on and there were other times where I was thoroughly annoyed with her. She is smart and loyal and really wants to protect the people who are important to her. This includes not only Daz but King and eventually, Or’ic. Does she always make the right choice? Definitely not but she has good intentions so I give her credit there. She struggles with who she is and what her role is in the whole scope of things. I don’t want to give anything away so I won’t get into the details but it is clear Cassiel has a very different future in the works than she was originally thinking. The Thell ‘eon horde is an interesting dynamic. Where things may make perfect sense to them, that isn’t always the case for someone not familiar. Additionally, we see them all making some adjustments to help Cassiel fit in. I had a bit of a love/hate relationship with these guys…mostly because of the way they treated Cassiel at times. I liked seeing the change in Or’ic just after the Candidacy and definitely appreciate what he did at the end of the book for Cassiel. I will be interested to see what happens next for the horde as well as between Cassiel and Or’ic considering how the rest of the story progressed.There were a few editing issues and to be honest I didn’t care for the trademarking and how much content was italicized or in parenthesis but overall it didn’t hurt the story. I just found them slightly annoying. I would have also liked to know more about why the races didn't get along - it felt like it was just assumed that because they were all different and they had their own agendas that they were all warring with each other. The end definitely opens up the story to address the many questions I have left and I will for sure check out the next book to see what happens. I’m curious to see what is next for Cassiel, King, Daz, and Or’ic as well as the Aeons and the Ires - this one didn’t end on a cliffhanger which always makes me happy. If you enjoy a story from the science fiction genre you may enjoy this book. At 400+ pages it may seem long but it moves quickly and is definitely an interesting take on Earth’s future with the alien world.

  • Marybeth (Manhattan Reader)
    2018-10-15 15:52

    Cassiel Winters is on a mission to find her brother, and the only place she can do that is Earth’s Space Academy program. The odds are not in her favor though as secrets and lies are found on every corner, and Cassiel may not be able to trust those that are closets to her. She’s then thrust into a war that she may have little chance of getting out of, unless she plays her cards right.Honestly, I read this a few months ago back in the summer time, so this review may not be as faithful as I would like it to be, as so much time has gone by, but I do remember my general first impressions. I have this thing about science fiction books that revolve around alien invaders, and so far only one book has been able to get passed that little barrier I have against them.This novel almost made it through, but not really.I was a little hesitant to read this book because it did remind me of that one Science-Fiction-Novel-About-Aliens-But-Not-Really-About-Aliens-That-I-Enjoy-So-Much but I liked the fact that Young didn’t make it exactly the same as the SFNAABNRAATIESM, since there were some difference that didn’t end up grinding my gears as much.Overall, I enjoyed the strong female character. There were moments when I got completely lost, but Young brought me back, which helped the novel get its fourth star. I was a little let down by the end, but luckily this is a series, so hopefully great things will come that way.I would recommend this novel for sure, especially for those that enjoy science fiction novels. And for those that don’t, I mean, why not? Time to break out of the shell and experience new things, as I always say. But Cassiel was the exact type of heroine I expected her to be. I especially love the way that the story was vivid in detail and just made it come to life.Absolutely loved it!

  • Hermine
    2018-10-03 07:52

    I usually read a lot of books between Christmas and New Year's Eve, since the day to day life an work does not leave enough room for reading.This year I decided there should be no crime novels or Contemporaries, why not something futuristic, with a female protagonist and a bit of romance? Well what should it be? After a long search, a trilogy and some excerpts later - I found „Sky 's End" at GoodReads.From the first sentences on I was drawn into the story. This is probably due to the first-person perspective. Cassiel Winters is 21 years old and is faced with something that seems " to grow over her head"(as we Germans say). The fact, that beeing 21 is not always easy and one tends to act without prudence or foresight, makes the story believable and curiously alive. Cassiel is not a one-dimensional super-heroine; good decisions, karate and Co were not placed in her cradle. She is someone who is about to grow up.A very exciting and original plot frames all this. When you want to learn more – read the story. (At 1:23 in the morning I read the last sentence, unfortunately I was wide awake after that. How does the story unfold from there? Lesley Young left me hanging and has done so very cleverly. The bad thing is, there is no release date for Part 2. )

  • Kaiti
    2018-10-05 07:34

    I'm not gonna lie, I'm not usually into the whole space futuristic thing, but holy crap!!!! So glad I read this book!! I fell in love. I honestly think I'm going to have to give the whole sci-fi branch another chance. Most of them are annoying in my mind and are all "oh god alien sex" or "it really isn't what you look like that matters." This book was amazingggg though. Start off with a girl, who of course has a few secrets, who will do absolutely anything for her family. Throw in manipulation, betrayal and drop dead gorgeous guys and you can absolutely count me in. Not to mention you are definitely thrown quite a few times. I don't want to give anything away but I will saw Cassiel is a bad ass, even if she can't always show it. She's also smart though and while not all the time, most of the time, is capable of thinking for herself. Between her, her powers, and all the secrets and options available, I absolutely can not wait for the next book in this series, although I'm hoping it doesn't have an ending that drives me insane with want.

  • Cj Martin
    2018-09-27 08:32

    This book is an amazing adventure. And Cassiel is an extremely likeable character who is perfect for taking us into the world Lesley Young has created. If you're like the one-star reviewer above who wants a formulaic read, Sky's End is not for you. This book has edge, and will appeal to a more mature reader. It explores sibling relationships, parental loss, coming of age sexually, self-confidence, male dominance, girl power, self-worth, friendship, and more. All within a fresh narrative style that uses pace, unique writing structure, first-person perspective, and stream of consciousness to elevate the sense of reality for the reader. You don't just read this book. Like all good books, you get to be in it. When Cassiel is insecure and confused , you feel insecure and confused. When Cassiel is kicking ass, you are kicking ass. And when she is crushing on King, so are you. I loved this book. You should read it because its a perfect example of artistic genius masquerading as a great story.

  • J.R.
    2018-09-19 09:41

    I am giving this adventure five stars because it's precisely what I was hoping for. FUN. From the moment I read the book blurb on this story I was excited to read it. Cassiel is funny, fearless and flawed, three of my favorite personality traits in a character. She's not perfect and that makes her realistic to me (despite the sci-fi genre) ;) But she also never stops trying. Period. Even when she wants to. I loved listening to her thoughts - I even loved getting impatient with her at times. The whole thing was just great in my opinion. I can't thank Lesley enough for writing it all out for us and I can't wait to get my hands on the next adventure!XOXOXO

  • Stacey
    2018-10-18 08:32

    Wow!This book was a fabulous. I stayed up all night on a weeknight to finish. The plot was engaging and fast paced and the characters were extremely realistic to me. I loved that the author included a glimpse of what it might really be like if a young woman encountered an alien culture as bait then was rescued...the fact that she was locked up and observed like an exotic animal. Also the culture differences were well written. I felt like I was right there the whole way. I am definitely a new fan...waiting on pins and needles for another book in this series!

  • Min
    2018-10-06 13:31

    the main character's voice sounds like she's hyperventilating all the damn time and this was incredibly annoying at first, but it smooths out and becomes pretty entertaining. this sort of sits between 3 and 4 stars for me, had to knock it off a bit for the data dump toward the end. i do like the fact that she keeps bouncing back up even after shit hits the fan twice, three times, four... x 100. for some reason i picture eric bana ala nero in star trek for the thell'eon. i'm sorry.

  • Gabika
    2018-10-18 14:34

    This book was a great surprise...very well written and the story was fast moving. Strong heroine with all her faults and weaknesses. I was really sad to see that this is only book from the author. I hope the second book will follow shortly.

  • Alarna Martin
    2018-09-29 07:37

    DNF. I got bored around 80% finished and I couldn't read anymore. The h seem to think her situation was the worst when it wasn't even bad just inconvenient. :(

  • Miriam Danquah
    2018-09-28 09:50

    I loooove this book . So surprised it would turn out so good ! Waiting on the edge of my seat for book 2 !