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Meet Erica Coleman: a gifted and quirky private investigator with a penchant for sleuthing and a passion for chocolate.Erica imagined that her trip to Florida would be a slice of heaven—a chance to get away from it all and catch up with her best friend, Wendy. But a mere day into her idyllic vacation, all hope of fun in the sun is dashed with a shocking discovery: the bodyMeet Erica Coleman: a gifted and quirky private investigator with a penchant for sleuthing and a passion for chocolate.Erica imagined that her trip to Florida would be a slice of heaven—a chance to get away from it all and catch up with her best friend, Wendy. But a mere day into her idyllic vacation, all hope of fun in the sun is dashed with a shocking discovery: the body of an unknown man on the driveway. A failed second homicide attempt hits even closer to home when Wendy’s fiancé barely survives poisoning. There’s no way to sugarcoat it—a murderer is on the prowl, and no one is above suspicion.Unsettled by the proximity of foul play, Wendy asks Erica to investigate. Erica is convinced that the near double-murder was no coincidence, so she accepts her friend’s request—with her skill, solving the mystery should be a piece of cake. But as she sifts through mounting evidence, one thing becomes clear: everyone had a reason for wanting both men dead. And as the plot thickens, it appears that Erica may have bitten off more than she can chew . . ....

Title : Motive for Murder
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ISBN : 18068266
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Motive for Murder Reviews

  • Wendy
    2018-10-16 19:54

    this was a fun easy read! the OCD of the main character made me laugh

  • Shauna
    2018-09-26 00:44

    I am doing a BOOK GIVEAWAY on my blog: ends 8/1/13)Mystery, murder, poisonings, lies, deceit, twists, turns, OCD's, teen-age angst, family troubles, investigations, and inquisitions...all the things that make a book SO WORTH READING!Marlene writes amazing mysteries!She gives you clue after clue on who might have done it...But she also gives you clue after clue of why that person couldn't have done it..Leaving you wondering during the entire book...Making you read frantically until the last few pages where she finally pulls a "Sherlock Holmes~ when the great detective gathers all the suspects and points out the guilty one!"This book had such a surprise ending!SO. SO. SO. GOOD!Erica has come to be with her friend, Wendy. But the party takes a twist when Erica finds the body of an unknown man in Wendy's driveway.Plot twists continue when Wendy's soon-to-be fiance, Stephen, says he know the man. And then the plot twists again when someone tries to poison Stephen.Are the two incidents connected?Wendy asks Erica, who is a private investigator, to stay longer and help solve the case.As Erica chases the leads she realizes that everyone at the party had reason to see both men dead....And leading that list is her friend, Wendy.Oh and wait until you see the full-blown OCD's that Erica has and how other's handle it...very FUN!I SO WANT her to borrow MY CAR and stay at MY HOUSE!Also included are recipes for some very tasty treats like:Eclairs, Twice-Baked Potatoes, Clam Chowder, Pumpkin Chocolate-Chip Cookies and Pollo Guisado!Please take time to read this amazing will LOVE IT :)

  • Julie
    2018-09-23 00:47

    Erica is a quirky former police officer and a current private investigator. When she goes to Florida to visit her needy friend Wendy, she literally stumbles over a murder scene. Her friend is very shaken and asks Erica to stay and investigate the murder, especially since it looks like her boyfriend may be involved since he knew the victim.Erica agrees to stay, even though she has a husband and kids at home waiting for her, and starts delving into the murder. Erica has OCD issues and sometimes comes across stilted in her conversation, but she is good at trying to observe clues that others have missed. It quickly becomes clear to her that almost everyone who had been at Wendy's house that night had a motive to murder the victim and I was led on a merry chase trying to follow all the clues and figure out who did it before I turned the last page. There were some pacing and editing issues that were hard to overlook, but the desire to know who did it in the end kept me coming back. Definitely a mystery that kept me guessing.Originally reviewed on

  • Peggy
    2018-09-27 02:59

    I loved the mystery part of the book. It kept me engaged and kept me guessing like a good mystery should. But there were things that bothered me. The main character who was visiting her friend just decided to stay for an extended time to help solve a murder. Really? A wife and mother just decides spur of the moment to stay for what appeared to be a few weeks? Seems unrealistic. I also felt like the LDS discussions were preachy rather than natural. I felt like I was in a Sunday School class rather than listening to two friends talk. I also felt like long held resentments/grudges were resolved almost overnight which also seemed realistic. I'm up in the air about the OCD of the main character. Initially it was funny but by the end I still hadn't figured out what it added to the book and why the author gave her that trait.

  • Diony George
    2018-09-21 01:38

    Motive for Murder grabbed my attention from the very beginning and I immediately liked Erica.Once the unexpected murder is discovered, she at the request of her dear friend Wendy begins helping to unravel what happened. I loved her attention to detail, and her calm matter-of-fact approach which soon wins her the admiration of the local police on the case. As the plot unfolds surprises are plenty. I especially loved the recipes woven throughout the story and included at the back of the book. This is a good read you won't want to miss!

  • Cathy
    2018-09-29 19:44

    I really enjoyed reading this book. I like Erica, she's flawed, like real people are. I thought that her OCD tendencies were endearing. I like Wendy, she's made some bad choices, but her life is on the right track currently, although her teenage daughter Megan is a bit of a challenge. I liked the mystery, I had kind of half guessed just who the murderer would be, but I was still a bit surprised as to why when all was revealed. I've enjoyed all of Marlene's books that I've read and can't wait to read more!

  • Nathalie S
    2018-09-17 02:59

    I was pleasantly surprised by this book on cd. I'm usually a bit leery of the "LDS" labels at the Provo Library because I usually tend not to like them, which is weird considering I am LDS. But I was really needing something to listen to and I have liked some offerings by Covenant Recordings, so I gave it a try. It was a good mystery and I did not see the ending coming. The only complaint I would make would be the whiny tone/voice of Wendy, one of the main characters. I just wanted to say "get a grip girl!". Well, I got some other Erica Coleman Mystery books on cd. That says it all!

  • April
    2018-10-07 02:34

    Erica goes to Florida to visit her friend Wendy and attend Wendy's son Brandon's baptism. The evening party after the baptism is halted by a strangers death on the doorstep. Wendy asks Erica to investigate and the mystery develops from there. Erica's OCD tendencies were a bit of a drain on the story. Convenient that Erica has a brother working for the airline so she can fly around to different places to investigate.

  • Scott Wright
    2018-09-19 21:49

    I had read one of these novels from later in the series. It's obvious here that Bateman was getting started with this series. There were a few times that one couldn't help but think that the characters were actors playing with lines rather than people. It was nice that the solution to the murder wasn't just that no one communicated as we've seen from other mystery writers. This was a good book, but not as good as later ones in the series.

  • Laurie
    2018-09-25 00:51

    VERY unrealistic story about a mother who leaves her family for a really long time to help a friend who seemed to be too needy and blind about some things and strong about others and not very realistic. the story had too much gratuitous LDS references that seemed to be plopped on here and there but didn't seem helpful to the story or even interesting. I am not a fan of this author's writing and will try one more book. but I expect I will probably give up.

  • Brenda
    2018-09-16 03:01

    I enjoyed this book - a book just for fun. The author is a personal friend. Obviously she loves flowers - as there are many mentions of various flowers in the book (although their mention sometimes felt contrived). I had trouble really feeling the anxiety and horror and disruption of life that the murder would surely have produced (except for the fact that Erica stayed there so long!). Lots of subplots.

  • Holly
    2018-10-13 21:46

    This is a great new series by the author of Light on Fire Island. Again, a well done mystery plot that will keep you guessing, and engaging characters that make you care what happens. The main character's quirks make her an unforgettable addition to the mystery detectives of the world.BIG plus--this is a clean read. No sex. No gratuitous violence (some murder--but it's a murder mystery!). No profanity. Nothing untoward to detract from the story.

  • Rebecca
    2018-10-11 22:45

    This was definitely a light read. I found it engaging, but the characters didn't have much depth and were never horribly convincing. I almost felt like the author tried a little too hard to make the protagonist quirky. It was also a bit preachy. I haven't read a lot of LDS fiction and therefore don't have much in the way of comparison, but this one felt at times like a sermon. However, it was a fun, quick read.

  • Kim Dennis
    2018-09-20 00:46

    The story line was decent. I must be in a pretty critical mood. Erica is a Monk-like PI. Things that I find funny about Monk, I found distracting in Erica. Maybe it's the difference between watching and reading. However, it was a pretty good story. I was a little surprised by part of the ending, which is a good thing.

  • Kelly
    2018-09-29 21:51

    I loved this book. Motive for Murder has a cast of interesting characters, especially Erica, who I thought was hilarious. The book is well written and hard to put down once I started. It has just the right amount of intrigue. It’s also clean, with no profanity and wholesome values) Good story line, exciting. Great characters, twists and an ending that will surprise you.

  • Debbie
    2018-09-23 20:40

    This is a good book. A murder is committed in a driveway. There are many suspects and twists in this story. There is also a love triangle. You don't know until the end of the book who did what to who.

  • Tia
    2018-10-09 01:57

    The mystery was great but the constant remarks about Erica's quirks were a bit distracting from the story. Every time I had to put the book down I couldn't wait to get back to it and find out what was going to happen next.

  • Lynette
    2018-09-24 03:59

    I liked Erica and all her quirkiness. But, for some reason the book didn't really grab me. It was a little predictable and I didn't really feel an attachment to any of the other characters. However, in spite of all that, I would read another Erica Coleman Mystery simply because I liked Erica.

  • Kelly
    2018-09-25 21:34

    This is my auntie!

  • Orlando
    2018-10-01 01:43

    LOTS of typos in the book...

  • Alex
    2018-10-08 23:52

    this book made me want to gouge my eyeballs out of my face...

  • Susan Lee
    2018-09-29 01:00

    Kept you in suspense. Cute, quirky main character.

  • Megan
    2018-10-15 02:51

    3.5? I enjoyed the mystery and liked it well enough; I didn't love this book, but would read more by this author.

  • Ann Marie
    2018-09-24 21:43

    This was an enjoyable mystery. The OCD issues drove me a little crazy. She was over the top OCD but I did enjoy the mystery part.

  • Laura
    2018-09-18 21:38

    I had half the mystery pegged pretty early. Otherwise, it was a fun easy read.

  • Lacey
    2018-09-29 01:38

    Found this book to be just okay. It was kind of boring at times. Didn't have a lot of action, just day to day thoughts and conversation.

  • Cheri
    2018-10-04 02:03

    Kept me guessing for awhile, but I figured it out, even though she tried to throw me off at the end.

  • Laura
    2018-10-02 00:44

    I wanted to like but just couldn't get in to it sorry.

  • Stephanie
    2018-09-29 20:42

    I liked the storyline and it kept me guessing who done it, till the end. But the OCD thing got a little tiring, we get the picture she is OCD.