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In #1 New York Times bestseller Lisa Gardner’s latest pulse-pounding thriller, Detective D. D. Warren must face a new fear as a serial killer terrorizes Boston.My name is Dr. Adeline Glen. Due to a genetic condition, I can’t feel pain. I never have. I never will. The last thing Boston Detective D. D. Warren remembers is walking the crime scene after dark. Then, a creakingIn #1 New York Times bestseller Lisa Gardner’s latest pulse-pounding thriller, Detective D. D. Warren must face a new fear as a serial killer terrorizes Boston.My name is Dr. Adeline Glen. Due to a genetic condition, I can’t feel pain. I never have. I never will. The last thing Boston Detective D. D. Warren remembers is walking the crime scene after dark. Then, a creaking floorboard, a low voice crooning in her ear. . . . She is later told she managed to discharge her weapon three times. All she knows is that she is seriously injured, unable to move her left arm, unable to return to work.My sister is Shana Day, a notorious murderer who first killed at fourteen. Incarcerated for thirty years, she has now murdered more people while in prison than she did as a free woman. Six weeks later, a second woman is discovered murdered in her own bed, her room containing the same calling cards from the first: a bottle of champagne and a single red rose. The only person who may have seen the killer: Detective D. D. Warren, who still can’t lift her child, load her gun, or recall a single detail from the night that may have cost her everything.Our father was Harry Day, an infamous serial killer who buried young women beneath the floor of our home. He has been dead for forty years. Except the Rose Killer knows things about my father he shouldn’t. My sister claims she can help catch him. I think just because I can’t feel pain doesn’t mean my family can’t hurt me. D.D. may not be back on the job, but she is back on the hunt. Because the Rose Killer isn’t just targeting lone women, he is targeting D.D. And D.D. knows there is only one way to take him down:Fear nothing....

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Fear Nothing Reviews

  • Karin Slaughter
    2018-11-16 05:27

    Exceptional stuff! I love Lisa Gardner's stuff. She's a great storyteller and a real professional. You know when you pick up one of her books that you'll get a super twisty tale with an ending that makes sense. Cannot recommend her enough. Also, a very classy lady. She and I toured some military bases together a while back. She certainly got some salutes!

  • Patrice Hoffman
    2018-11-19 04:38

    I love Lisa Gardner’s latest novel Fear Nothing. Gardner always leaves readers guessing and rooting for the hero. In the interest of full disclosure, I am definitely a fan of Gardner’s and have been for a long time. Her novels, crime thrillers, are always fast-paced and full of sadistic nut jobs I’d never want to be left alone in any room with. Fear Nothing follows the same formula she is known for but still manages to seem fresh and engaging.Fear Nothing is the 7th in her D.D. Warren series. For fans of the Warren series, we all know that she’s Boston’s most influential detectives and never ceases to bring the goods. In this latest novel, she’s battling an avulsion fracture after she goes back to a crime scene and is surprised by an unknown assailant. D.D.’s captain suggests she speaks to Dr. Adeline Glen. Dr. Glen is a pain specialist who feels no pain.Imagine a world where you feel no pain. The fear of an impending blow to the face, or a broken arm ceases to exist. Sounds pretty lovely except when you have to constantly check over your body to make sure you haven’t injured yourself inadvertently. Or constantly checking your temperature because you're not able to sweat and the risk of overheating can cause you to pass out. These are the routines Adeline goes through to feel some little bit of normalcy.While D.D. is trying to cope with her debilitating injury, a killer is loose on Boston’s streets. A killer whose MO is similar to Adeline’s own sister is terrorizing the streets. Soon D.D. realizes that Adeline may be the key to breaking the case wide open. Since she has no memory of her own attack, she’s hoping the doctor who feels no pain, can help break the case.Fear Nothing explores a topic that’s always pretty popular with psychological thrillers. The nature vs. nurture debate. Adeline’s past is anything but ideal. She’s the daughter of a well-known killer who suggests blood is love. Adeline also battles her own demons that will leave readers wondering what is the whole story. What exactly is her deal?Fear Nothing will excite Lisa Gardner’s fans and make putting this novel down impossible. There’s misdirection, interesting characters, and gruesome murders. Basically the essentials for a great crime thriller. LIsa Gardner never fails her audience. Copy provided by Penguin Group via Netgalley

  • ♥Rachel♥
    2018-11-19 00:31

    I’ve been a fan of Lisa Gardner’s mysteries for years, and Fear Nothing has to be one of her best. If you’re a fan of a well-plotted, mystery that keeps you on the edge of your seat, I highly recommend this story! Detective D.D. Warren is out on disability after falling down a flight of stairs at the scene of a horrendous murder. She has no recollection of what happened, only that she fired her gun and woke up with one hell of a shoulder injury. Pain is now her constant companion, making her existence a nightmare. This is how she meets Dr. Adeline Glen, a pain specialist highly recommended. D.D. and Adeline soon find that they have more in common that just a doctor patient relationship when the murders continue and they discover a bizarre and suspicious connection to Adeline’s family. Two things about Dr. Adeline Glen are significant. First, she can’t physically feel pain, which makes her chosen profession ironic and second, she is the daughter of one of the most infamous serial killer’s in history, Harry Day, who died over forty years ago. As if that wasn’t enough of a stigma, her older sister Shana Day, is a convicted murderer as well. You’d think this wouldn’t have much of an impact on Adeline’s life given that her father committed suicide when she was just a baby and she was adopted by a well respected doctor, but nature versus nurture weighs heavily in Adeline’s mind. As you read the story it becomes evident why…One thing I love about Lisa Gardner is the fact that she delves heavily into her character’s state of mind. This story is told in first person for Adeline’s POV, and third person for D.D.’s chapters, which worked perfectly. Because of the first person narrative with Adeline, I felt an intimate connection with her and the interworking of her mind was fascinating! Her relationship with her incarcerated sister, and their family history factor heavily into the story. With the murders resembling the methods used by both Shana and their father, suspicions are swirling everywhere and as a reader I suspected everyone! With D.D. dealing with intense pain and complete memory loss, she is understandably frustrated, but she continues to work on the case unofficially with her team, her husband Alex, and with Adeline. In the previous books, D.D. reluctantly settled down with Alex, a blood spatter specialist, and had a child. It was lovely to see them as a couple still going strong even dealing with extremely difficult circumstances, and I thought Ms. Gardner did an excellent job portraying their struggles realistically. This mystery was a good one! Layer upon layer was slowly stripped away until we discover the secrets of the past as well as the identity of the killer. I was riveted to the pages, and bouncing up and down in parts from the suspense! Fear Nothing is part of a series, but it’s not necessary to read the previous books to enjoy this story.The brilliant narration of Kirsten Potter really enhanced my enjoyment of this excellent mystery. She has a low sultry voice which I found very appealing. I’ve listened to another book narrated by Ms. Potter (Never Seduce a Scot) and she is amazing with accents! A copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

  • Susan Kramp
    2018-12-03 03:34

    Ridiculous. Not even remotely plausible story line. The main character's most favorite dialogue is F F F and bite me? Forgive me but that's not the language a mature 40 year old murder detective would use other than to blow off stress. When I compare this book to Ian Rankin, Rendell, McDermid, LeHane, Grisham, Child etc. it is pathetic. I have no idea what all the 5 star reviews are about. Poor plot, silly dialogue, formulaic story development. Not even a sense of place, setting or character development. I hope spring brings a better crop of mysteries. It's been a long, cold winter.

  • LooKat23
    2018-12-10 21:46

    I look forward to the new Lisa Gardner book each year as I know I'm in for a good read. Unfortunately, this book is far from a good read!I nearly abandoned it several times, yet persevered, hoping it would pick up pace, however, it just dragged on and on and on...The characters were dull & D.D. Warren herself has turned in to a moaning big baby with a chip on her shoulder!I seriously couldn't wait for it to end. Let's just hope Lisa's back on form for next year!

  • Karyn Niedert
    2018-11-23 04:26

    I'm not going to fudge on this one...It might be that I am reaching a breaking point, having binged on Lisa Gardner through the holiday season. However, this is not the best work. Not the worst, but definitely not the best.D.D. is dealing with a threat to her future as a detective, having been injured on the job. Unfortunately, the damage to her shoulder/arm/back is pretty debilitating and the pain shrink she goes to just happens to be sisters with a renowned killer. Oh yeah, and they are both daughters of another infamous serial killer.I know that authors are always under constant strain to produce, produce, produce. Sometimes they trot out a meh book to make their contract requirements. Had I not known that Gardner returns strong with a FBI profiler novel right after publishing this one, I would fear that she's losing her touch. Again, her next couple books are really good, so I won't despair too much!

  • Jim
    2018-12-02 22:50

    Number 7 in the D. D. Warren series and it remains fresh, the characters interesting, and the story suspenseful. Lisa Gardner is a great storyteller and in this book she has come up with a twisty tale that keeps you guessing and turning the pages.While investigating a particularly gruesome murder D.D. is attacked and left with a severe disability. Six weeks later there is another similar murder and it appears they have a serial killer on their hands. The women have been killed in their beds, a bottle of champagne and a single red rose left as a calling card. Dubbed the Rose Killer by the media he appears to be recreating the crimes of Harry Day, a serial killer who kept the skin of his victims as a souvenir. The only person who may have seen the killer is D.D when she was attacked at the first crime scene.In previous novels D.D. always appeared tough and fearless. In this story we see a more vulnerable D.D. She is injured. She is on disability, she can't even pick up her son let alone fire a weapon. Her husband, Alex, is patient and understanding. He has to take care of D.D. and their son. For perhaps the first time D.D. has doubts and questions. She agrees to see a doctor who specializes in pain management. Not that she really has a choice in the matter.Dr. Adeline Glen was born with a rare genetic condition that results in her not being able to feel pain. She also happens to be the daughter of Harry Day and was adopted after Harry died. She has a sister who was not as fortunate. Shana appears to have taken after Harry and distinguished herself at 14 as the youngest person in Massachusetts history to be tried for murder as an adult. Since then she has killed two prison guards. D.D. works with Adeline to learn about her father and sister. Harry is dead. Shana has been in solitary confinement since killing the prison guards. So who is the Rose Killer? Why has the killings started now?Adeline and Shana are interesting characters but we get to meet a new D.D. Warren. She has insecurities and vulnerabilities. She doesn't handle these very well. Even if she is officially on disability she is on the hunt for a serial killer. The killer may have attacked her and threatened her and her family but now she is on the hunt. That is her pain management plan.

  • Diane S ☔
    2018-11-19 01:25

    The D. D. Warren series is another series I have avidly read for years. This case sees D. D. fighting a serious injury after her fall down stairs at a crime scene, or should I say a push. This one is exceedingly graphic, parts which I admit I skimmed. The story line was an interesting one, but this is where I felt a little let down. It was very plausible, serial killer, two sisters born of a serial killer father and where their lives had led, what effects they had from this birth. Interesting the whole nature against nurture debate. So I bought it until near the end where there were just too many things things that just were not believable. Also the ending seemed almost maudlin and I felt a bit let down there as well. Despite these momentary lapses I still look forward to the next outing of D. D. Warren. She is such an amazing character and I want to see where and what case she next finds herself involved.

  • Deborah Ledford
    2018-12-03 01:39

    I am a die-hard Lisa Gardner Fan and have read every one of her mystery novels. It pains me to say that I just didn't enjoy her latest very much. D.D. Warren is one of my favorite Gardner characters, and she didn't disappoint--always hard-as-nails, going beyond the call of duty, this time with a debilitating injury that restricts every action and decision. However, the numerous repetitive passages killed the read for me. This one could have used a good editor to trim elements that became quite annoying as the book progressed.

  • Mary Beth
    2018-12-09 04:28

    4.5 stars I absolutely love this series!

  • Aslı M.
    2018-12-17 01:38

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  • Michael
    2018-12-02 02:23

    Detective D.D. Warren is one of fictional crimes finest investigators. Fearless, meticulous and with a strong eye for detail she will always go that little extra to solve a crime. But in one moment D.D. will see not just her career but her future health put on the line. Staying back at the scene of a grisly murder she will hear a creaking floor board and soft singing and that is all. When she comes to she discovers she is badly injured and can't move her left are and is unable to work. All she knows for sure is she fired her weapon before ending up at the bottom of the stairs.D.D. as part of her recovery is sen't to a Dr. Adeline Glen to help her manage her pain. She has done her research on the doc and found she has a rare genetic condition feels no pain. Also she is the daughter of long dead serial killer Harry Day and her older sister Shana who is a notorious murderer who killed her first victim when she was 14 and is know behind bars. When the killer now dubbed the Rose killer thanks to leaving a card, a bottle of champagne strikes again D.D. will notice the similarity between these murders and the one's of Harry Day. What will take her out of her slump is being broken into by the killer who leaves a get well card and a rose. Pain or no pain D.D. realises her life and that of her family is at risk as a killer is instead of being pursued is laughing at the police and see Adeline as a means to an end.Lisa Gardner has done it again in this intelligent, sophisticated and unnerving psychological thriller. While D.D. even with her injury is her usual no nonsense self the real star is the villain who's greed and twisted thought process creates a wave of destruction that ruins the lives of many people. Just like her previous book in the series we see a strong and unusual sisterly bond being one of the main themes. The story is first class and brilliantly created to keep you guessing till the very end. Throw in a sad and harrowing ending and you have a book that will be enjoyed not just by long time Gardner fans but by all crime fiction fans.

  • Brenda
    2018-12-09 00:43

    After Boston Detective D.D. Warren was found unconscious and terribly injured at the bottom of a set of stairs belonging to a dwelling which only hours before had housed a viciously murdered young woman, she found herself struggling with the pain and the very real possibility of her career being over. In the weeks that followed that event, D.D. also found she couldn’t remember anything beyond entering the crime scene, completely alone and late at night. At the Boston Police Department’s urging, or really, their orders, D.D. was to see a therapist, a person who specialized in mental techniques for pain management. Dr Adeline Glen had a lot of experience with patients who experienced pain – it was a speciality she had been drawn to because of her own condition. Dr Glen had a rare genetic disorder – she also had a past she wanted to forget, but never could…After the second murder in which the killer left the identical calling cards as the first, D.D. realized she was the only one who had possibly seen the killer – but with her being unable to remember, her frustration was immense. The horrors of each crime scene left even the most hardened of them shuddering at the pure evil and depravity of the person they were desperate to find. As D.D. continued to work the crimes with her partner and husband Alex, Adeline was at her side – she was an intelligent and resourceful woman – her knowledge appeared to be helping with the investigation. But the race was on and it seemed past and present were set to collide. Would they find the killer before he stuck again? Would D.D. succeed in her toughest case to date?What an amazing thriller! I personally think this is one of author Lisa Gardner’s best books yet. The plot was intense, the twists and turns throughout had me tuning out of everything around me except what was going to happen next. Lisa Gardner never disappoints and I have no hesitation in highly recommending Fear Nothing to all.

  • Kelly Hager
    2018-11-28 01:49

    This book is ridiculously creepy. (This is not surprising, given that it's a Lisa Gardner book, but it's worth noting.)I love so many things about Lisa Gardner's novels---they're very unsettling and the villains are just so completely horrible. (In this book, for example, we have a serial killer who removes people's skin and a woman in prison who is one of the best examples of a sociopath ever.)One of the the most interesting things about this novel for me is the fact that it dealt with the idea that certain things are genetic---namely if your parent is a serial killer, is it possible that you will develop those tendencies, too? What if it's your father AND your sister who are prone to getting violent? I love thinking about things like that, even though it creeps me out, too.Bottom line, this book is the perfect example of why Lisa Gardner is one of my favorite authors. Her books are just relentless. Recommended.

  • Amy
    2018-11-16 02:33

    All of my reviews can be found on www.novelgossip.comOne of my favorite things about Gardner's books is that she doesn't shy away from hard hitting subject matter and she always keeps things fresh and interesting. This is told from D. D.'s POV as well as Adeline Glen who is a psychiatrist helping D. D. with pain management. Adeline doesn't feel pain at all and this was utterly fascinating to me. On top of a totally interesting premise, the characters are deeply complex and so interesting. D. D. is waylaid with a serious injury and she was so out of sorts. She's the type of detective that can't function without work so her seeing her struggle was another engrossing aspect to the story.I mentioned earlier that Gardner is a hard hitting author but I want to point out that her books are very graphic and violent. There's always a grittiness to her plots and this was one very dark. You have a killer using sick and twisted methods and sisters whose father was a brutal killer as well, so there are quite a few disturbing scenes. Think Karin Slaughter in terms of style, I love this type of writing but wanted to make it clear that this book is very graphic in case that's not your thing.There were so many gut punching twists that discussing the plot would just ruin things. If you've never read a Gardner book before, I can highly recommend this series if you're a thriller fan. She's a fantastic storyteller and her writing is captivating AND D. D. is such a great lead character.

  • Alex is The Romance Fox
    2018-11-30 04:42

    Lisa Gardner is one of my favourite authors and her Detective D.D. Warren Series is absolutely stunning.Fear Nothing has to be one of the best in the series.My heart was beating fast and faster with each page I turned......I just could not figure out how this was all going to end.It also has to be one of the sadder stories I have read lately...the ending just about broke my heart.If you enjoy fast paced, well-written stories filled with twists and turns and lots of unexpected surprises...then this is the book for you.

  • Rachel Hall
    2018-11-18 04:41

    Fear Nothing was my first read from one of the most recognised thriller writers in Lisa Gardner and whilst this is the seventh novel in the long running series featuring Boston Detective D.D. Warren, it also worked well as a standalone read. The good news is that this is every bit the high-octane, heart wrenching thriller that has won Lisa Gardner a legion of fans.When the Boston Police Department are sent to a macabre crime scene they discover the body of a murdered twenty-eight year old woman lying upon her bed with the sinister complication that her skin from the neck downwards has been flayed in ribbons. Given the single red rose, the champagne on the nightstand and the fluffy handcuffs at the scene it could perhaps be mistaken for a lovers' tryst gone awry, but the whole thing feels too deliberate and more like a carefully staged fantasy to D.D. Warren. That the removal of the skin occurred post-mortem means that pain wasn't the underlying motive and presentation was central. Venturing back to the crime scene alone, D.D. sustains a horrific injury after she interrupts an intruder and six weeks later she is still on the sidelines, nursing an avulsion fracture with no surgical options but just dogged hard work and physical training as the prescription. That D.D. has no memory of what actually occurred when she returned to the scene leaves her itching to get back to the front line. and as a second murder with all the same hallmarks as the first occurs, D.D. is never far from the action in her capacity as 'consultant', whist still not officially back on the squad.That these two murders appear to be copycat versions or those committed by a man now dead for over forty years alerts D.D. and she puzzles over what has caused the reprise of the technique of the notorious serial killer, Harry Day. That D.D. already has a connection to the Day family is discovered when the pain therapist who is treating D.D. and urges her to 'name her pain' is revealed as the daughter of the long dead killer. Whilst Dr Adeline Glen escaped the misery of her former home and became a much loved adopted daughter it is never lost on her that older sister, Shana, resides as a full-time prisoner incarcerated at the Massachusetts Correctional Institute after committing her first murder at the age of fourteen. That Shana is dropping hints and seems to know more about these latest incidents than a woman kept behind bars and in isolation for twenty-three hours per day should do convinces both D.D. and Adeline that she could hold the key to solving the latest incidents. As D.D. becomes increasingly concerned that Shana might have a friend on the outside who is carrying out these massacres at her behest she is drawn closer into the web of secrets at the heart of the Day family. The revelation that Adeline also has some peculiar predilections of her own that have plenty in common with her blood family is meanwhile something that she would prefer to keep out of the spotlight. Is D.D. out of her depth tackling both Shana Day and Adeline Glen and can she trust either?That D.D. Warren is a hugely likeable character with a real sense of humour and a will of iron was central to my enthusiasm for this novel. The relationships between her and the two leading men in her life in husband Alex and squad colleague Phil, are portrayed so naturally. That Alex teaches crime scene analysis at the police academy and occasionally works in the field means the case in hand is the continual focus for D.D. and occupies her every waking hour and adds a whole new dimension to the idea of taking your work home with you! Alongside D.D. is her oldest squad mate, Phil, an amenable family man and utterly dependable as he backs her up without hesitation. What soon becomes clear is that when the Rose Killer struck upon Boston's best detective in D.D. Warren returning alone to the crime scene they also found their ultimate archnemesis. Soon the case takes a personal level and a chilling delivery in the form of a 'get well soon' card to the bedside of D.D threatens to puts her whole family in danger. The fact that D.D. is already on the back foot and recovering from a potentially career ruining injury adds a real element of spice to proceedings.Gardner manages to weave two strong themes alongside the narrative as she explores what pain means to different individuals and some of the specifics of the nature/nurture argument. Gardner drives home the message that pain really does serve a purpose in enabling humans to protect ourselves and also forced me to consider how those that do not feel pain, due to the genetic condition which Adeline's suffers, have to adapt their lives. The complex relationship between Adeline and her elder sister, Shana, is well drawn out and whilst at times the tension between them is almost electric at others it feels more like sisterly bickering. As alternate chapters deliver Adeline's first person narrative with updates on D.D. and her fellow detectives in the third person. Fear Nothing builds to a scintillating climax.Fear Nothing really does keep you on the edge of your seat and Gardner manages to cast a credible amount of suspicion on all of the characters who feature, meaning I really was on tenterhooks until the final pages. A brilliantly tense, action packed thriller, which has an impressive amount of forensic depth on show and really does take you into the psyche of the characters. Gardner does more than delivering a relentless roller coaster in that she crafts believable characters and demonstrates the technical knowledge which can be the downfall of so many thrillers authors. It is evident that Gardner has throughly researched the topics she tackles and the stellar crime scene analysis kept me captivated. My only disappointments was the inevitable suspension of disbelief required for a frenzied finish as is common to pretty much all of the thriller market, and it did feel that at approximately three-quarters of the way through the story Gardner was treading water, and re-hashing ground that had already been covered. Otherwise this was an excellent thriller and a hugely satisfying novel and I will definitely be reading both Gardner and D.D. Warren again in the not too distant future.

  • Monnie
    2018-11-28 04:24

    Talk about grabbing your attention in the first couple of pages! My mouth dropped open about a foot when I read that the first murder victim in the latest in the series featuring Boston Detective D.D. Warren was Christine Ryan. Why was I taken aback, you ask? Because that happens to be our daughter's name!That jolt, of course, wouldn't be enough to keep me hanging on - or for me to award this book 5 stars. But trust me, what followed made me reluctant to put it down (to the point of my casting longing sideways glances at my Kindle as I was fixing dinner or cleaning the bathroom sink). And head games? Wow! If you're looking for psychological drama (accompanied by no shortage of gruesome murders), this one definitely falls into the don't-miss category.As the book opens, Warren is off the job recuperating from a devastatingly painful injury she incurred when an unknown assailant pushed her down a flight of stairs at an earlier crime scene. When a second woman is murdered in a virtually identical fashion (including leaving a red rose and a bottle of champagne and a particularly distasteful post-mortem action), it's clear they're dealing with a serial killer. When Warren consults with psychiatrist and pain specialist Adeline Glen (who, ironically, suffers from the total ability to feel physical pain) and the discussion turns to the murders, both women realize aspects of the murders are strikingly similar to the MO of the doctor's sister, Shana, who's been in prison since her teenage years after being convicted of killing a teenage boy (and, while in prison, has killed again at least twice). Both Adeline and Shana, as it turns out, are daughters of a deceased and well-known serial torturer, murderer and child abuser - from whom, apparently, Shana has "inherited" her killing tendencies. But did Adeline inherit them as well?Unraveling the connections and finding the new killer takes on many twists, turns and suspects - and provides an experience this reader didn't want to end. One of Gardner's best efforts - and one of the best I've read in a while.

  • Nihan E.
    2018-12-03 22:27

    Bu kitaba beş değil galaksideki yıldızlar bile yetmez. Lisa o kadar muhteşem kurgulamış ki aynı anda üzülüyorsunuz, tedirgin oluyorsunuz, gülümsüyorsunuz ve sonra merak duygusu sizi yiyip bitiriyor. Ve tüm bu duyguları en yoğun şekilde hissettiğimden son sayfayı okuyup kapağı kapattığımda kendimi yorgun ve üzgün hissettim. Ağlarsanız şaşırmayın çünkü yazar gerçekten kendini aşmış. Başarısının en büyük sebebi bence okuyucunun beynine girmesi. Mesela bir gelişme yaşandığında yoksa böyle olabilir mi diye şüphe duyuyorsunuz. Ve birkaç sayfa sonra tam da düşündüğünüz şey açıklanıyor ve bir sorular silsilesiyle daha karşı karşıya kalıp deliriyorsunuz.Son sayfasına kadar böyleydi ve en bitmesi gereken şekilde bitti bence.Ah bu kadını çok seviyorum.

  • Diane
    2018-12-10 02:48

    Okay, this was a great book. So well written, a really different subject matter, twists, turns, and everything else that makes it a great read to me. Basically 90% through the book before there was an inkling of who actually was the real bad guy - so many red herrings (and trout).Thank you Lisa Gardner for a fantastic read and to bringing to light on naming pain - I get that and will use that when I need it.2 thumbs up, 5 stars and if you haven't read this book, what is stopping you!

  • Maud
    2018-12-15 02:52

    Wat een geweldig mooi boek met een uitmuntend goed plot !!

  • Best Crime Books & More
    2018-11-21 21:32

    DD Warren is back in a new addition to this series and I was looking forward to catching up with her. The first few chapters actually gave me the chills and before you knew it instead of DD being at the forefront, she is recovering from a serious physical injury which leaves her in no state to work. This was the first thing that was odd, was that the DD of old was no longer physically present so it made for a different type of read. We see DD on the back foot as she desperately tried to piece together her last memories before entering her last crime scene. The crimes in question are themselves chilling when reading about them, and as usual Lisa Gardner has the ability to make you squirm when reading what the latest sick and twisted murdered has done. In this case bodies are turning up along with champagne and a single rose.The story has a few layers to it and we meet Dr Adeline Glen, who is a somewhat oddity to the norm as she has a condition meaning she feels no pain. The secret she holds is that her sister is a notorious child killer and is serving the rest of her natural life in prison. In addition to that their father was an infamous serial killer, and although dead for many years still has a rather sick cult like following. There seemed to be no room to breathe when I was reading this, as no sooner had one thing happened, the story took you to a different element and drew you straight back in.I was thoroughly engrossed from start to finish and although I had a sneaking suspicion (which proved correct) about who was doing what, the suspense and writing itself kept me hooked from beginning to end. Lisa Gardner has consistently produced great crime thrillers and this latest one is no exception. There is plenty of action, plot twists and suspense to keep you up until the early hours. She has once again left me swallowing the bitter pill that I now have to wait a whole year for the next instalment. Other than my ridiculous impatience, a first class book which shows just how talented Lisa Gardner is. This one is highly recommended.

  • Christine
    2018-12-06 05:26

    The latest DD Warren book sees DD recovering from a painful injury, after a fall at a crime scene. She still manages to get involved in a case of a killer, who removes slices of skin from his victims. Everything seems to be linked back to a dead serial killer from forty years ago and his daughters. Another great read from Lisa Gardner that has you hooked from the start. Lovely and gory, well written with tension to keep to you guessing and just the right ending. I love DD and it's great to see her back, even if she is in pain and a bit moany.

  • Teresa
    2018-12-02 21:47

    I have grown used to, and often enjoyed, the way Lisa Gardner writes from 2&3 POVs. The danger with that is, if I don't enjoy one of those characters, it really slows down my reading. And this mystery, and Adeline, weren't overly interesting to me. The best part about this book was watching D.D. deal with her circumstances.

  • Elvan
    2018-12-09 02:22

    Wow! Possibly the best thriller I have read this decade. Gardner is a master of the genre. Nobody better. This book is part of the DD Warren series but could easily be read as a standalone.Awesome read.

  • Wendy
    2018-12-08 00:24

    Really enjoyed this 7th book in her Detective D.D. Warren series!

  • Lisa
    2018-12-15 22:39

    Ok, I am having one of those moments .. You know the ones where you finish a book and then really ponder the story and think; "Holy Crap did that just happen." This was a great book. I was all over the place with who I thought the killer was. Of Course in one smooth moment Lisa brought it all together. I LOVED it! I hated the story to end and hated that Adeline had to keep her promise to her sister. Not to mention she felt the ending was her only way out. This is one of those books that will stick with me for a while. Great Job Lisa thank you again for snatching me back in to your warped mind! Ok what else can I read of hers..PS.. I had to edit my review. If you read my earlier one, sorry I figured out my problem. I was confused on something that happened in the last chapter.. I went back and read a little bit and now I completely understand what was said and how it was meant. Side note it was not the author's fault. I am just an idiot. (LOL)

  • Darcy
    2018-12-16 03:30

    This one was so creepy, the crime was gross. Plus I hated how off DD was, her injury seemed to throw her off. I did like how DD dealt with her pain with the help of Dr. Glen, I loved how they named DD's pain, Melvin, and how from then on DD would curse Melvin, even better was when Alex got into it too. I was worried about DD and Alex for the first part of the book. I liked that Alex was there to help DD, but it seemed like that was all he was a caregiver. Things seemed to change when DD sort of went back to work and they could talk about the case, that DD felt normal instead of helpless and a victim.The whole Adeline/Shana story line fascinated me, the whole nature vs nurture really hit home with them. I was stunned by a choice that Adeline made towards the end, even more stunned with the price that needed to be paid because of it, but with the letter at the end I understood her choice and was ok with it. I felt bad for DD and others that were becoming her friends, bad that she couldn't go to them for help. I also found myself feeling bad for Shana, was she a bad person, yes, but did she deserve all that happened to her, I don't know. This one will have me thinking about that for a long time to come.

  • Katie
    2018-12-12 00:42

    Received book through Goodreads First ReadsThis was a captivating read. The storyline was intriguing right from the start.I liked that the story dived straight into the murders - it didn't start off with getting to know the characters (probably because this book is #7 in the series) so there was no wasted chapters at the beginning where I could have possibly gotten bored and given up.The book is written from three POV's - Dr Adeline Glen, Detective D.D. Warren and the killer. I liked this however I would have preferred for there to have been more chapters from the killer's POV as there was only a few.I liked that I didn't know who the killer was until you were actually told - some people might have worked it out but I didn't, it kept me intrigued.I was surprised with how the book ended. To be honest, I'm not sure whether I liked the ending or not. (view spoiler)[ I didn't expect the Dr to kill herself or her sister. It was kind of a sad way for it to end for her but I suppose inevitable. (hide spoiler)]

  • Suspense Magazine
    2018-12-12 02:50

    Lisa Gardner delivers an intelligent, sophisticated, psychological thriller in her latest installment “Fear Nothing” in the D.D. Warren series. Gardner continues to show why she is on the short list of top thriller writers today. Her complex character development, especially with the creation of Adeline and Shana Day, sisters connected by their serial killer father, but taking different paths in life only to end up back where it all begin so many years ago, is further proof that Gardner’s hard hitting style is perfect for any thriller fan. D.D. gets caught up in a game of cat and mouse after she is attacked by the “Rose Killer,” a murderer that is taking what Harry Day, the father of Adeline and Shana, started over thirty years ago and continuing it, putting D.D. in the crosshairs right from the start. Gardner, using her own real life situation, brings the emotional level of D.D. and the Day sisters right into the heart of the reader. “Fear Nothing” is certainly something the reader should embrace and put on their reading list today. Reviewed by John Raab for Suspense Magazine